Jon – “I can’t give you 6 inches I can give you 3 inches twice”

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots Neda

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 17-01-07-276

7:55pm Living Room
Jon drinking a beer.. says he might save one of the beers for later.

8:00pm Adel and Jon Share a cigar
They are happy Big Brother gave them beer, Cigars and pizza.
Adel – “I’m going to be hacking all night tonight I love it”
Adel mentions if the gremlins had won HOH Big Brother wouldn’t have given them anything.

Jon says they made a fake final 5 with Allison and the gremlins and told them they would target Adel/Heather. Jon adds how surprised him and NEda were that Allison agreed to it.

Adel says if he wins HOH and needs someone to sit next to Sabrina he’ll do it.
Adel thinks the only chance the two of them have to win the game is to take each other.
Jon says if he takes Neda out in the game she will vote for Adel.

Adell tell him final 3 with Heather is safer than with Neda. They both agree taking Neda to the end is giving her the win.

Adel tells him the gremlins and Allison will vote for Jon

JOn says Adel will get Heather and Arlie

JOn says as soon as he send Arlie home he realized the only way he’s going to win this is if he takes Adel with him.

Adel tells him if Heather wins the HOH they really need to stir thing up between her and Sabrina.
Jon – “If Sab’s wins HOH it’s not going to be me and Neds going up”
Adel – “It’s going to be me and you”

They start running scenarios for next week. They want Heather to win the HOH and to put up Sabrina and A pawn. This opens them both up to play in the following HOH against Neda.
Adel – “You’re the brains… I can do other stuff”

Jon brings up how important the next power of veto is if they throw the HOH.
Jon – “If we win that Veto we go to final 2”

Jon leaves

8:17pm Kitchen
Jon telling the girls about the cigars.
Jon – “He’s (Adel) attacking that cigar like a boss”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 17-18-11-673

8:23pm Hot Tub Adel, Rachelle and Sabrina

Adel telling them how they have to make sure to get as many pictures of themselves taken with fans because it will boost their social media presence. He suggests to Rachelle they hit up 3 to 5 charities right in the beginning.
Rachelle brings up when Adel said he wanted to be a star, she asks him what type of star he wants to become.
Adel “I’m a welder I can barely speak english what kind of star will I be”
Adel explains when he said star he meant just in the show, he wanted to make the show fun and entertaining.

Adel says nobody from Big Brother Canada or US has ever become a “star”.
Rachelle says Rachel reilly was a bit of a star.
Adel – “Is Rachel married to that hunk.. he’ so cool, good looking, smart and weird”


8:29pm Kitchen Jon and Heather
Heather and Jon agree it’s a very good looking season.
Heather – “You know usually when you watch on a TV show and as soon as the good looking ones are out you are like… OK i’m done watching”
Jon – “The best looking are left”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 17-38-57-881

8:45pm Hot tub Adel and Jon

Adel says outside of the house he always preached to his friends not to drink.
Jon – “As bad as it sounds I love an alternated state of mind”
Adel -”I’m addicted to Percs.. I came here and two weeks prior… ”
Jon -”shows you are not addicted”
Adel – “Oh I know I’m not addicted.. we have a holy month called Ramadan where we fast I drop it completely.. Before every job I detox for two weeks.. Boredom will kill you bro”
Jon – “And you’re never bored when you are f*** percing”

Girls getting ready to go into the hot tub.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 17-53-09-740

9:00pm Hot Tub THe bottle of rye is going down FAST

(Talking about pen1s size)
Adel – “I have a 6 banger”
Jon – “I can’t give you 6 inches I can give you 3 inches twice”
Jon says the national average is 5.5 1nches
Rachelle – “Thats small”
Jon jokes that Neda would only need a l1ttle 2 incher
Adel – It’s not the size of the worm it’s how you wiggle it.
Rachelle says Size matters.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 18-33-02-253

9:27pm Hot Tub
Jon Asks Sabrina knowing what she knows now would she have made up a 1st5 Alliance again. Sabrina says the alliances that are made in the beginning are risky but can pay off. Sabrina says the 1st5 were in the house for the first 25 minutes until the other players came into the game.

They start talking about what they thought of everyone based on their first impressions.

Adel brings up the argument Sabrina had with IKA when Sabrina got called out by Big Brother for stretching the truth.
Adel keeps bringing things up that Sabrina did. Sabrina starts to cry says a lot of people did sh!t in the house why is she the one that is always singled out. Jon leaves.

Neda says Everyone is drinking they should drop the subject.
Sabrina tells Adel he always goes after her.
Adel – “Through this entire game you’ve been after me”

Sabrina says Adel is mean
Adel – “you are so fake it’s no even funny.. you are being fake right now.. I don’t give a sh!t about you”

Adel -“I’m as f***ing real as you are going to get in this game”

Everyone leaves the hot tub

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 19-10-43-298

10:00pm Backyard Neda, Rachelle, Sabrina and Jon
Sabrina marches into teh backyard “he’s so f** mean.. he’s so f** mean I don’t need this bullsh!t it’s my dream to not just you guys.. Yes or no though he always does it in a crossing the line way”
Neda suggests Adel and Sabrina never stay in the same room together.
Rachelle – “Sabrina he’s going to do the entire time”
Sabrain – “He lied 20 thousands times on his own bible and I’m the bad one”


10:10pm Sabrina freaks out

She screams out that she wants to go home… runs amok throughout the house.

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sabs will have to be admitted to the psych ward Allison works on!!!


If there’s anyone out there that is computer savy, can you please put Sabrina’s freak out to auto tune! That would go viral quick! Then Sabrina can dance to it at all the clubs that she has VIP to when she gets out.


The way she lied about Ika wasn’t cool. I mean why does she have a problem admitting she lied about Ika. Does she realize that smearing someone’s reputation and painting them as a violent persons who threatens people (FOR NO REASON) is not something you can sweep under the rug. I were Adel I would just avoid her completely.


Come on. It was a stupid trap set up by Jon/Neda to ensure that Sabrina/Adel/Heather would not hook up. Specifically to ensure Adel is voted up. Sabrina is going F4, not Adel.
It is unfortunate the gremlins, Adel, or even Heather do not see what is going on and how they are all being played.
Watching it live I became nauseated.


HOt tub event: That was one of the most repugnant ploys of Jon/Neda’s. I hope some one, anyone is sitting next to them in F2, Neither will get my vote, especially Jon.


It was very Dan Gheesling – manufactured drama.


From 2 months of observation, it is quite clear that Sabrina is suffering from some sort of psychiatric disorder. She lies so much that she starts believing them and she plays the victim card so often whether it’s saying I am the number 1 target or everyone is being mean to me blah blah blah. Adel figured her out straight away and that’s why she hates him so much. She is a trainwreck.


Yes-the saddest example of her self-obsession/vicim complex was this one:
“Go ahead! Self-evict me!”
I fear the closest she might get to getting money out of BB is if her parents sue Slice; surely production had a psych eval?! As much drama as she’s created, she really shouldn’t have been cast.


As of now she is going F3, unless Heather get’s a sniff. Adel is to locked in to even think she is not going next week. Wake Up Heather/Adel!


Lmao this is hilarious!

A Name

Sabrina is a lunatic. She blows up because Adel called her out on her OWN LIES?! Hahaha. She dish it far worse but she can NEVER take it. PLEASE SELF EVICT


She really should just self evict, shes going on and on saying she wants to leave, and has been for weeks now. She should actually do it then since she so clearly wants to go!!!


It’s just another one of her psychotic rants, she will lie to the pope, she’s a spoiled brat, and wants nothing else but to get to the finals and win, PLEASE get her out,,,

You Reap What You Sow

Wow, Sabrina. None of this would have happened to you if you didn’t always pass the blame onto someone else. JUST OWN WHAT YOU SAID AND DID! The other houseguests would respect you more if you didn’t keep lying to try and save what ever image you think you have. Adel never said anything mean when he called her out. Just trying to sort the fact and fiction that Sabrina has created. That’s is all he did. Finally just calling her out for all the personal attacks and lies she has spread through this house. I know other HG are not innocent but we all have to agree that she took it to the next level. Most HG that demonstrated similar behaviour were mostly influence to get there when Sabrina was around. I know Adel isn’t that popular but I do like the fact that he’s saying what everyone it thinking. He isn’t afraid to just call it how it is. Which is something I can respect. Sabrina is going to have a rough ride when this is all over. If I was her I’d avoid everything Big Brother for awhile, really spend that time with her family and jet setting is actually a good idea, especially somewhere remote. Get as far away as you can from people who have watched the show, especially from the live feeds.


I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for Sabrina at all, and normally I would.. But in this case, I just remember how she was the first 5 weeks when she thought she was the Queen of the house and when she talked nasty stuff and made fun of everyone, when she lied about personal stuff and when she called Heather, Ika and Allison the most horrible names!!!! It made my blood BOIL!! I’m never a fan of bullying the bully, I normally lean towards kill them with kindness.. but I wanted her to get hers soooo bad!! Nope.. I don’t feel sorry at all!! ..


What I found hilarious was Sabrina looking to get sympathy from Jon and Neda knowing the disgusting things she’s said about them like ‘Hey Janelle, Jon got a yeast infection from Neda’s nasty ass vagina’. I prefer that she self evict too, killing 2 gremlins with one stone, so we can get down to the nitty gritty with the final 4.


I hate Sabrina and I truly believe she is a liar however, Adel is always going to look like a bad guy if he is the only one that decides to call her out all the time. She wont change and at this point, there is no point in trying to aggravate an unstable person. I just hope she gets the help she needs and Adel needs to just leave her alone. I know he has some built in resentment because when she was in the first 5, she used to tell people to banish Adel and not speak to him so I get where he is coming from but I’m over her. She is clearly not okay. I hope her family and friends get her the help she needs.


Go Adel!!! One can hope, huh, that she actually does self-evict? What a useless excuse for a Big Brother House Guest that woman is.


I really am not sure if Sab did that for game play (take me to the end, you can win against me) or if she truly is that sensitive and cries on demand. Never in my life have I seen a person so up and down. She’s barely cried since her 1st 5 alliance left. She also seems to forget how nasty she’s been and the stuff she’s said.


Sabs is more aware than you all think.


if your that unhappy just self evict sabs ur getting called out on things u did


That has to be a top freak out in BB history. That scream was frightening.


Sabrina is SO emotionally unstable, it’s crazy!! She constantly needs some sort of validation that she isn’t a shitty person, when in reality she is..


Lol, I think that spray tan has soaked into Sabrina’s brain. Guess the truth hurts. Way to go Adel. Jon actually told her the way it was just as much as Adel did. Heather and Neda were thinking, ” well I have her vote now if I take Adel to final 2″. Poor production!!! Wonder how long they were contemplating opening that door for.


Wow — I’m REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY trying to make it through the full season BUT … this BS with Sabrina is really, really getting to be TOO MUCH. Is there a particular reason why they won’t/don’t let her go?????????????

Nana Jo

I have to admit when I saw the meltdown on the live feeds, my first response was to laugh. Sabrina can dish it out but she can’t take it. She has a complete disconnect in her head regarding her own lies. She has no sense of self whatsoever. “I’m a human being!”, she whines! What about when Heather cried by herself during your 3 weeks of bullying and no one offered her any solace? What about when you initiated the shun against Adel and Ika? What about all the mean, pointless petty lies you have told that have nothing to do with game playing? Seriously, this girl has a psychiatric disorder. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Just wait until she finds out what Canada really thinks about her!

God bless, Heather. Despite all Sabs’ meanness towards her, she is still able to show grace and kindness. She is a truly good person. Jon is drunk and talking complete bullshit, but I suppose he has to placate Sabrina the best he can.


THIS is what happens when HONESTY meets DisHonesty. Adel was being truthful, (as was Jon, who managed to escape blame) and The Evil One was still trying to spin the details to make herself the victim. I don’t blame Adel one tiny bit (or Jon) for calling her out on her BS, and if it’s too much for her to handle, so be it. It must have been excruciating for the rest of them to have to be in that house with her for all these weeks.


Honesty or dishonesty aside, Adel just got had. Since he won HOH Jon has been pointing out problems with him. This was all a set up by Jon to get Deli out while maintaining jury votes. I am surprised Deli can’t see what is going on.


Just curious as I rarely watch the feeds, has the DR ever called her in after one of her freak outs? It’s almost like BB needs to take her to the DR to have a ‘time out/calm down’ period, make sure she’s okay.

I agree with the person who said she should avoid anything to do with BB once the show is over. Sabrina can’t handle what’s been said to her face to face, imagine the emotional tail spin she’s going to go through by reading stuff online – And some comments about her are not nice at all.


We need a twistos power shift with Jon/Neda on the block otherwise just fast forward to final night J/N have been running every HOH for weeks now.
I need J/N on the block and not them winning the POV.


it’s so easy to make fun and say Sabrina is bat shit crazy. But imagine having someone constantly beating you down mentally and emotionally and picking on you on a daily basis. It would make anyone react this way. Adel is a cocky instigator and a pathetic excuse of a man to pick on an easy target like Sabrina. He knows there won’t be anyone there to defend her other than Rachelle so it makes him feel like the big shot going after her like that. Adel has become my least fav houseguest of the season. I’d even take Andrew over Adel at this point. I hope he re watches this all and takes a serious life re evaluation and change his ways.


Sabrina has done the same thing to other people in the house. Adel’s actions aren’t excusable, but I don’t feel bad for her one bit.


Think your in the minority with that view, people can only take listening to so much bullsh*t for so long. I think Adel, and the other houseguests have held their tongue pretty well. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. You reep what you sew. Obviously she’s had a very sheltered life. What’s she gonna do in the real world. People will rip her to shreds. She’s in need of serious psychiatric help or she’s gonna have one tough life!


Jon and Neda wanted Sabrina to completely want Adel out in case she wins the next HOH. So their plan is working


Now they are considering F3 with Sabrina. Adel…Heather are toast. If so, and Sabrina pulls this off, she deserves to win.

Russ from Van

Watching Jon trying to make moves tonight drunk is like watching a good poker player get drunk at the poker table, and start playing for higher stakes. It’s just not a good idea. He’s likely to put himself in risky scenarios that aren’t well thought out, even though they may ended up working out in the end, like the plan to get rid of Arlie.


Throughout the season Jon has been lucky with all his game talk/moves. He will come out of this one unscathed…Adel and Heather not.

little mouse

bb should evict her immediately and get Sabrina the help she needs

team adel

About time she got exposed for the psycho she really is

another name

as I’ve said before, I respect your family loyalty.
when you encourage your cousin to play harder and congratulate him on his successes, that is absolutely commendable!
it must be difficult for you to read when people say less than kind things about your cousin. for that you have my sympathies.
knowing how that feels (reading less than kind things about a loved family member), please try to moderate your insults about other houseguests.
I don’t know Sabrina or any other player from a hole in the ground. but what if a member of her family is reading these threads? why would you want to inflict the same pain on them that you have felt in reading something unkind said about your cousin?


Watching the live feeds right now, 11:52pm eastern, Sabs went to the DR and they have to be medicating her as I am sure someone in her state has multiple prescriptions. How do you melt down like that then come out and come all game at Neda, and back to her talking a mile a minute trying to save her ass again. If she needs to medicate like that then she should not be in the house.


When she came out of the DR Marsha came out and said “Sabrina, I have a task for you, these guys in white coats are gonna put this jacket on you and lets see if you can get out of it, if you do you will get this bottle of Xanax”

slobrina fakedashian

Best freak out ever. She needs medication. Good job Adel. Keep calling her out on her bullshit.I hate that jon neda and heather humor her madness. I guess they have to live with her but come on…it makes excellent television!


Holy crap i respect heather so much! She put up with the shit from this psycho and now when Adel is simply telling her the truth she can’t handle it. It is also painful to watch bb seriously needs to get her some help. But on the flip side if they dont do anything Adel can just keep telling her off.


Adel has become a real jerk since he got HOH, what he said when he put Sab and Rachel on the block was uncalled for and rude and he been rude again to Sab. He has not been no angel in this game. Neda has turned into this self centered nasty little witch half the time she pissed by something someone said about her but she and talk the way she does.


Sabrina got what she deserved. She’s the one that wouldn’t shut up or drop the subject even after heather and neda and adel told her to be quiet. I couldn’t be in that house with her without taking her by her ears to the door and say there now you’re evicted and lock the door. What a psycho


Be realistic. Jon spurned it on. He even stated that he couldn’t believe that went so well following the hot tub exchange.


What a liar Sabrina is! Watching the hot tub fight and she still can’t admit anything and is creating more lies that nobody believes. Doesn’t she stop to think that the cameras caught it all? The people watching the feeds saw it and we can rewind, and the other HG will see it when they go home. If she just came clean and apologized and laughed at herself she might find someone willing to work with her, but if she is lying without caring that the others know she is lying, how can she expect anyone to trust her? Doesn’t she know that she is almost for sure gone next week unless she starts damage control? She is a horrible player, but at least she is entertaining.


As it stands, Sabrina is not going home. Adel or Heather are, unless they wake up.

secret fan

just walk out you whining slob


People need to realize this is a game and not everyone is going to like one another Sabs and adel r like oil and water they dont mesh or like one another.They just keep pushing each others buttons ! Its entertaining actually! At the end of the day they will all blame it on production like that blond chick from Bb Usa last year. No accountability for their actions lmao hilarous

BB Canada is like a slipnslide without the water..

All the good looking ones are left?! These house guests are delusional obviously… Ugh. Even if I didn’t know their personalities which makes some of them really ugly, I wouldn’t say they are good looking.


I think Jon decided he’d had enough when Neda kept mentioning that he and Adel ganging up on Sabrina was getting to be too much then when he took her advice to pipe down she started to pile on (in a nicer way)