Rachelle says I don’t even know any more.. I forget that I have a v@g!n@!

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots Neda

BBCAN2-2014-04-22 10-09-40-953

1pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a backyard lock down. They’re all sitting around the pool talking and wonder why they’re on a lock down. Heather says that she thinks something big will happen today ..because Easter is something you do with your family. Sabrina says oh like a message from home? Heather says I don’t want to say because it might not happen. They start talking about the past events of the house and all really want to know why Allison came into the house late. Rachelle says we’ll find out in jury. Neda says there still might be things we can’t talked about. Rachelle says I don’t even know any more .. I forget that I have a v@g!n@! Neda asks what?! The house guests chat about random things and try to sleep until big brother tells them that nap time is over..

2pm – 2:15pm Big Brother lets the house guests back into the house. The house guests comment on how they’re excited to do something today. They comment on how they were told to pee and think that something must be happening if they were told that. Big Brother only gives them a few minutes and then tells them again that the house is now off limits. They all head out into the backyard. Rachelle lays in the hammock and flips off it when Sabrina tries to get on it. Rachelle says it only hurt because she fell on the bar. Sabrina says it has to be videos from home! It has to be, it has to be, it has to be!! Meanwhile over by the pool Neda, Jon, Adel and Heather chat about what could be happening. Heather thinks it will be something big. They all think it will have to do with their families in some way.
BBCAN2-2014-04-22 11-03-17-693

2:25pm – 2:55pmSabrina comments to Rachelle – maybe they’re cleaning the hot tub.. nasty a$$! Sabrina comments that they’re (Jon & Neda) getting on each others nerves .. but maybe its a tactic of hers so that she doesn’t feel bad when she evicts him.

Meanwhile Jon and Neda bicker over people asking what’s going on. Jon hates it and Neda doesn’t mind it. Adel comments on how he thinks he played a really good game at the start but hasn’t now. They ask him what he means. Adel says never mind just drop it. Heather and Neda tell him he’s played a great game. Adel says oh okay great thanks! Sabrina and Rachelle join them. They talk about random things. Big Brother then blocks the live feeds..

BBCAN2-2014-04-22 11-48-51-141

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Go Adel #TeamAdel


We know you have a v@g*n@ Rachelle. You manage to flash us with it every day. Audition for Maxim on your own time. We’ve seen enough.


Shame on me for saying this, but I’m kinda hoping Sabrina gets to stay to final 3 just for entertainment value. The house will be so boring if she’s not there spewing her crazy…I don’t want her to win, any of the other 4 will take that, I just don’t want to be bored to death when it gets down to the end (which usually happens). I wonder if any of them got the Jillian/Emmett punishment yet?


I have to root for a Sabrina HOH because she is only who would put up Neda/Jon.


No way, no how, that broad needs to go, and the sooner the better, she needs Mental help and fast,,,


Do you think Marge will make an appearance this season? She could school Adele in how to speak to a moose.


She is getting some fixin done, so she may be making an appearance reeaaal soon. Check out bb’s twitter page.


Still Team Adel, Heather, and Neda….. and I guess Jon.

Really hope Adel makes it to Final 2.


just an opinion

Yes, Adel was really RUDE to Marsha. Moose or not – he was threatening a “female” – jokes notwithstanding. Poor Marsha – And PETER – YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STICK UP FOR MARSHA! I don’t care if you are chasing after Rachelle “pee pants” (ew!), you still owe Marsha some loyalty. (Yes I know this isn’t a real entity).


Really sad that Adel has taken such a dive in the polls this week. I don’t know why people are harping on him. Sabrina has tried to use religion against him all game so he was absolutely right about that. As for Rachelle I dont think he meant to make her cry, i think he wanted dramatic effect and might of gone a bit too far. He didnt say anything that most of us havent said on the feeds or OBB. Regardless I’ll forever be #TeamAdel because he was put through hell at the beginning of the game and managed to weasel his way to final six and win an HOH.

People have been very critical of Neda too on the Live Feed chat and that also irks me. She’s payed a great game.. stayed undercover for the first few weeks and really came out strong when it matters. She has two HOHs and a Veto under her belt so far and I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins one or two more competitions. People think she’s become a bitch but she always had a bit of an attitude, its just comes out more now because there are so few people in the house and she can be herself. She’s by far one of the smartest female bb players the game has seen. Just the fact that she was able to deter the plan to save Arlie was brilliant enough to win her the game IMO. And unlike Jillian from BBCAN1 she’s not lying to lie, she only lies for strategy.

Neda, Adel, or Jon ftw


I agree with everything you said. Adel didn’t say anything that bad. We allhave said worsein the comments. Rachelle cried but she is OK now. Think about what her and Sabrina did to Heather in the beginning of the season? Just because she cried now she is the victim?
Adel has shown so much restraint and patience with the Sabrina. When he cooks he always calls her to eat. Just last week Sabrina was complimenting Adel about how nice he is. Now that she is on the block she is spewing hate again. She makes no sense and at the end of the day, the houseguests have all said and done things that are rude or mean and as long as they are able yo forgive each other and move on once they leave the house then who are we to be so concerned?
That house is stressful and I hope they all make peace one day.

US Deli

Don’t get me wrong, I root for Adel and I’d like to see him win. If he’s not there then my order would probably be:

1. Neda (because she played a good late game and controlled Jon and Heather)
2. Sabrina (don’t care for her, but she played a good early game, worked the 1st5, and still controls Rachelle)
3. Heather (because just like Adel, there was a real possiblity to be sent home and she’s lasted this long, and won HOH)
4. Jon (played the middle, he’s benefited from the 1st5 and Sloppy Seconds, but any power move he made was controlled by Neda)
5. Rachelle (honestly I think she is getting sent to jury this week, and nobody except for maybe Allison and Sabs would vote for her if they were in jury)

Still though, I’m surprised that the others aren’t talking amongst themselves, and letting a power couple like Jon and Neda slip to the final. Like if only Adel/Sabs/Heather would come together and see that there is a high chance that if anyone of them were in final 3 with Joneda, Joneda would probably take each other to final 2. Now I know it is unlikely that Adel/Sabs/Heather would work together, but don’t they even want a chance at winning. They are just sitting back and letting Joneda do all the talking.


yes, but everyone also knows the best way to ensure they are in F4 is to be sure they don’t do anything to J/N up to this point. you leave the grems and allison to take out J or N, and you know you are up next, by one of those 3, so one by one off they have to go.

Once those 4 are in the final 4 i think everyone knows that it is going to be skill and luck to get to each level after that, and none of them are going to for sure have an advantage over anyone else. i suppose leaving sabrina in with 4 instead means you know you can beat S, but all 3 also know there is a 90% chance they can beat Adel at anything, plus he can’t compete for HOH anyway, pushing that even higher. Once S is out, it is everyone for themselves. which is how it should be. F4 HOH pretty much safe for F3, and almost decides who is going home by which 2 go up, and no one gets POV. F4 is always a risky spot, but i think they are all mature enough to know that it is every one for themselves, no friends, no prisoners any more. lol


Whats happening live on youtube tomorrow night? 23rd at 10pm? Says live from the War Room with Arissa. Anyone know?


Maybe Canada gets the strategy session with Jemmett.


It says… Arisa Cox is taking your questions LIVE Wednesday, April 23 @ 10:00 PM ET immediately following the Power of Veto episode! Join her LIVE from the War Room inside the Big Brother Canada house and get your questions answered!


Off topic for a sec. Does anyone know what ever happened to those Racist fools on BB-US 15? I can’t seem to find anything on them on any site,,,


Ha ha, speaking of Jemmitt, remember last year Talla and Andrew had to watch Gillian and Emmet’s make out sessions on tape for a punishment? LOL


Maybe next year Manitoba (specifically Winnipeg – cuz that is where I am from and I’m being selfish) will finally have a houseguest on the show instead of all East coasters and a cpl Vancouver-ites/Edmontonians. We have some major BB super-fans here it would be nice to see someone from my home province for once. Lammmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeee


Also….throwback to few spoiler posts ago – Rachelle genuinely shocked that the boys all thought Anick was a bombshell??? Are you kidding me?? That girl was beautiful it seemed both inside and out (although I guess we will never truly know as she was only in the house for like 8 days) but what a bitchy thing for R to say….she obviously thinks she is this years “bombshell an no one else can compare. Side note – I do not fine her attractive at all. She’s got good boobs that’s about it, but she’s got some serious bitch face all the time and its clear now she’s a mean girl on the inside too. End rant.


Would have liked Annick to be in the game longer. Quirky, but she showed more personality than others currently in the game.

bbcan acts like its top secret

She picks her nose and eats it, she pees in the hot tub she is disgusting


I’ve never seen someone so attractive and unattractive at the same time.

another name

why haven’t they thought that maybe the house is in lockdown in order to change out furniture for 6/5 instead of 15? it happens in most seasons.

why has adel dropped in polls? not only was his nomination speech a pose for the camera moment that was far too over the top for exposure, but his big chance to make a big move was wasted on people that don’t win competitions. no. really. since everyone brings up going for weak targets instead of strong as a reason to put down gameplay… there you go. reason why he dropped in polls.

I really believe that it’s stupid to turn on your alliance before you get rid of all your enemies. but now that they’ve already broken the alliance to get rid of arlie, they can’t go back to claiming fidelity to alliance. that’s hypocricy. plain and simple. so everyone is fair game. getting rid of people you believe have played weaker than you in order to keep people that have played stronger? not a winner move.

any fan

ADEL is a joke, mean and stupid. Any one who would swear on their holy book, inside or outside of the house cant be trusted and has no morals and values. It is a waste of his time praying 5 times a day, as I said before, a joke!


Adel has no chance on winning, period, not once they get into jury room.and tell them what he had said when he put them 2 up. start voting someone else, because your vote will be wasted because he will not win it.