Neda and Jon decide they can’t risk throwing the HOH to Sabrina. We’ll just tell her she’s safe..

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots Neda

BBCAN2-2014-04-23 14-54-35-724
5:25pm In the bathroom – Neda and Jon talk about what to do tomorrow. Jon says that Sabrina is driving him nuts .. its just her voice and how needy she is .. she just always has to be around people. Jon says we will just tell her that we are going to win it but that she will be safe. Neda says she will have to go up. Jon agrees. Jon says we just don’t know what will happen or if there will be a twist. Neda says I’m just scared of jury votes. Jon asks Adel what he’s doing standing right near the main door. Jon says that Adel said he saw people standing there. Sabrina and Rachelle join Neda in the bathroom. Sabrina says that Adel saw the camera point to the door and he was hearing noises outside the door. Sabrina heads to the bedroom and tells Jon to just tell her if they can’t do what they were talking about. Just don’t do that to me I can’t handle it. Jon says he promises he will tell her.

Jon tells Neda out in the hot tub room that the more he thinks about it is that HOH means nothing, its who wins the veto. Neda says it just means you’re 100% safe. Jon asks do you think Heather would take you? Neda says no I think she would take Adel. Maybe if he was gone though. JOn and Neda agree that they can’t throw the HOH to Sabrina and decide to tell her tonight. Neda says Sabrina’s going to be like but you promised me. Jon says yeah but we’ll just tell her she’s safe. Jon and Neda head inside to the bathroom and both lay on the benches. Neda says she hopes her mom starts calling her “balls”.

6pm – 6:30pm Sabrina and Rachelle head out to the hot tub room. Sabrina starts name dropping again about all the celebrities she’s met. Neda, Jon and Adel join them. They wonder if the missions are over and remember the ones from last season like when Emmett had to drink milk until he threw up and how Peter had to eat a salad. They all sit around and talk about random things.. Jon and Adel head inside.
BBCAN2-2014-04-23 14-46-28-636

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That “Yes Big Brother” Mission last year was fun!! They haven’t done a lot of those this year!! The competitions have been pretty boring too!!


Jon and Neda are over thinking things. Hope to GOD that Heather wins and puts them up and I hope Adel wins the veto….I know that’s a lot to ask of him but miracles happen .


I don’t think that scenario would happen….Heather and Adel are waiting for final 4 to make a move…and that only works if one of them wins the veto at F4 if Jon or Neda is HOH


So Neda and Jon are going back on their word again….big surprise…not…would be poetic justice to see Sabrina win the next HOH and put those 2 up…would be so entertaining to watch them squirm for a change.


This is Big Brother! Not Brotherly Love! You have such a short memory with regards to all of Sabrina’s non redeeming qualities! Jon and Neda are making game moves, they told Sabs they would let her know one way or the other later …. They are now going to be honest and let her know. And even if they lied … I’ve got no problem with that. This is the game. Sabrina is cleverly playing the victim now and you are falling for her act hook, line and sinker!


ayesha im with you on this one….. i want the house to blow up during double eviction,,,,, i hope heather and sabrina are smart enough to take out jon and neda….


I don’t understand people who were rooting for the sloppy seconds to succeed, now complaining about Jon and Neda.

What did you think would happen if they won?

So far, they’re still taking out a gremlin. It’s the gremlins vs the other side – did you think they would just abandon playing as they got closer to the end?

It doesn’t make sense.

They’re still playing the game.

I understand if you don’t like them personally, maybe; but if that is the case, why was everyone rooting for them before?

They’re just better game players than those who are left. Might have been the best all along since they’re the power couple left, along with Heather and Adel.

To complain that they’re still playing is kind of ridiculous.

Just so i’m clear – i don’t mean on this particular post; i’ve seen it on others all day, for the past few days – and it just kind of stumps me. If you’re rooting for the game, they’re playing it. If you’re rooting for them, they’re playing it..

Why change your mind when they start succeeding?


I’ve rooted for Jon and Neda since week one. At first it was simply because they were the only ones that entertained me on the live feeds but then I also saw the game they were playing and thought they could seriously take it all the way. Honestly the feeds are starting to get boring with so little people left, if Jon or Neda go it won’t be worth watching them anymore. A lot of people will disagree with me but this is just my opinion.


That’s because they are now the ones to beat. Almost everyone hates the person in power but after this season ends and especially if they did end up in the final two, for sure people are going to like them back again for how great they played the game. An example of which is dan during season 14, people hated his game during the season is airing because he has lied his teeth and swore on the bible to get to the final but after the season everyone is now saying that he has been robbed.


It’s because their true colors didn’t come out until they got power and became comfortable. Now that we see who they really are, we don’t like them anymore.


They’re STILL less obnoxious than the first five.

Neither of them is addressing each others families in the cams – Sabs – hey Janelle, Jon got a yeaster from Neda’s dirty pusy – or whatever the quote is.

Yeah you’re right – Jon and Neda really showed they were terrible people when they got power – as opposed to the other saints.

I think you’re watching a different game than i am.


We’re not talking about Sabrina though. Your question is why people’s opinions changed on Jon and Neda, and I told you why.

If I’m watching a different show than you, then so are half the viewers, because A LOT of people’s minds have changed on those two.


Speak for yourself Michael.


To much success is a bad thing when fans are in the mix. Why put the 2 up when Canada was HOH? They were running the house. Because most of us like competition. The thing with Joneda is they have locked the game down if they don’t go after each other. Saying things like “I hate Heather” while Heather genuinely believes they be “friends forever” because Neda said it to her with Jon is how people jump off a winning ship IMO. That said in Neda’s case I don’t see her needing Canada’s vote in the finale except versus Jon. Bitter jury would have to be very bitter. There are HG’s that just plain don’t like other HG’s and won’t vote for them. My best guess 3 weeks out on the finale.

Jon, Neda, Arlie, Allison, RoRo, Heather, Adel, Sabby

Jon- Arlie, Adel…..needs 1 more to get Canada’s vote. He might get both Gremlins or neither. I think Allison is his 3rd vote
Neda- Heather then who knows if she can get the Gremlins or perhaps Arlie. Her only potential F2 lose IMHO

Neda- I have Jon voting for her in every Neda scenario and Heather to if she is in the jury. Gremlins make 3 as they hate Heather.
Heather- Has Allison, needs Arlie and Adel to get to Canada. Arlie won’t respect Heathers game(lack of game) I like Neda here

Neda-Jon, Gremlins, Heather this thing is done 100K
Adel- played for second forget the golden rule… do unto others what you want them to do unto you(paraphrasing) 😛

Neda- see Sabby below as she never loses to Sabs F2 IMO
Sabby- Allison and Roro 5-2 unless folks are super bitter

Jon-Beats them all but Heather and deli need just 3 jury votes I like them both to get Canada’s vote FTW if 3-3
Anyone not named Neda- Jon likely loses Canada to Heather and Adel. He needs 4 votes from the jury. Heathers lack of game and Adel’s stupid nasty strategy will likely cost them the money versus Jon

Adel- Arlie, Jon and maybe Neda as she hates Heather. A 3-3 Canada vote should favour Deli. Nasty strategy costs him 100K
Heather- Gremlins but Allison if she knows about Deli’s nastiness since she left. 4-3 thanks to Canada

Sabby has no shot against anyone as she gets RoRo and Allison and Canada never gives her their vote.

So to me it looks like Neda is a lock versus anyone but Jon. Jon though not a lock should be considered a front runner versus anyone. Heather beats Deli. A season where social game has been in the crapper and when folks need votes F2 relationships are the opposite of what they each need. Hating HG’s is generally a bad strategy. As long as Heather doesn’t find out Neda hates her til after the vote only big Jon can keep her from the money.

Neda 8:5
Jon 3:1
Heather 20:1
Adel 50:1
Sabby, Vegas wouldn’t put her name on the board no one would want that action at any price!


I don’t think Heather believes Neda. She has proven she isn’t stupid. She is smart enough to know that for now it’s best to keep Neda close, but if someone else put her up she might vote her out. I thought Heather was the ditzy airhead when the show started, but she’s not. She might be Neda’s biggest threat in the house, even more than Jon. I want the sloppies in final four and then see who wins. I wouldn’t mind any of them winning. Neda is my fave, but her and Jon are very vulnerable at the final 4 stage. Crazy things can happen because the best friend of the HOH can go home, like Dr. Will in season 7. If they make it past that eviction, at least one of them is final 2. I think a Heather, Neda, Jon final 3 would be great, may the best player win!


I agree. They strategize, plot, scheme, and run thru all the angles. They are also spending a lot of their time studying the days, and to wins and all that. They are the ones working hard, as is Heather and of the 6 in the house remaining, those are the 3 working hard to be there and stay there. R and S and Adel basically sit in or near the hot tub and chill. adel works a bit, but as he says, he has a hard time studying and it doesn’t help him. so be it.

As for them flipping on their word, well i saw the POV episode, Neda got her coaching session, and it had her thinking about some of their plans and decisions. As Emmett said at a certain point you have to win everything, not winning is not an option, if you actually want to get to F3. Winning means controlling. Basically it would be foolish to throw it to Sabs, it would also be foolish to tell her ahead of time that they aren’t. If she wins it let her think they gave it to her.

I could see the wheels turning in her head about what they said about being nice to the HGs, and the farewell messages. I could tell she was thinking they are talking about how she said goodbye to Arlie, a jury member, and that it was a mistake doing it the way she did it.


I’m really hoping that Heather goes hard for this HOH. How did she go from being in the best spot to target #1 that quickly?


Why does everyone think Heather is so sweet? Is it because she walks around with her phoney smile and is reverting back to that very irritating baby talk? Or her constantly being petulant about how much she hates Rochelle and Allison? She’s allowed Neda and Jon to make all the moves and literally haunts Neda, following her EVERYWHERE …. she is so needy. Neda/Jon are not stupid, they are so on to her ‘game’ and the fact that she has no blood on her hands. She’s so complacent that she’ll get to the end with Jon or Neda that she hasn’t bothered to game talk with Adel! She doesn’t even contribute any game ideas or moves to her alliance. This girl’s only game has been to have no game, hopefully get to the end and then brag that her brilliant game move was not playing the game. As I’m writing this I can’t believe that I’m actually thinking that I’m liking Sabrina’s game play more than Heather’s …. At least there’s a passion to play!


Jon and Neda are better to watch than Jemmit last year. All they did was make out and exercise!

Glad to hear that they aren’t throwing HOH. That would be a stupid move.

another name

I don’t actually hate jon and neda. for that matter I don’t actually hate Sabrina and rachelle. and I don’t hate heather or adel.
follow my thoughts here:
Neda is Sabrina. they both do all the thinking for another player, manipulate and lie.
Jon is Rachelle. neither can make a move individually without someone else giving them the idea.
Heather is Adel. both depend on playing up the nice guy role. they both play the role of victim for the support of others.
adel is Sabrina. they both lie, complain about liars, refuse to take responsibility for their own transgressions.
Heather is rachelle. they both act clueless to fly under the radar.
if you analyze strategy alone, you can’t actually respect one and hate the other because essentially they have utilized the same strategies in the game.
so strategically who do I most respect: neda and Sabrina. they have both controlled massive amounts of the game. go ahead and hate that someone respects Sabrina for strategy, but don’t forget, it took outsider interference to blow her game to hell. and of the two of them, she’s been the more loyal. I’m not talking about personality, I’m talking strategy. the two of them have been the most strategically minded course manipulators left in the house.


I think heather is faking her knee pain .after sneaking out and listen to jon/neda conversation her gameplay has changed.remember she’s a wolf . After all I believe rachelle knew something about her that we would never know.