Easter EGG HUNT “We have to clean the house now after it just got destroyed!”

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots Neda

BBCAN2-2014-04-22 07-26-44-272

8am – 10:20am Big Brother blocked the live feeds.

10:20am – 10:35am When the live feeds return to all the house guests in the HOH room. They talk about how Rachelle was a hot god and how the only slop pass was never used. JOn says alright lets have sour keys for breakfast! Adel says straight up this was the best morning ever! Jon says oh yeah I am going to have an Easter egg hunt with my buddies when we get home with 26’ers. Sabrina bring up how Jon had said $1200 was way too much for a loptop. Jon says he would much rather have a kegger. Heather says it reminds me so much of home. Jon says he doesn’t like being cooped up after all that excitement. Sabrina says we have to clean the house now after it just got destroyed! Rachelle says oh my go so much chocolate! Jon says that was fun. Heather agrees.

10:35am – 10:45am Big Brother blocks the live feeds again..
11:20am The live feeds are still blocked..
BBCAN2-2014-04-22 08-29-03-054
11:30am The live feeds return – Adel comments on how he hope big brother gives them cigars .. he says we should save them and just us 4 smoke them. Heather tells him that she won’t smoke it. He says just hold it in your mouth. Heather says I won’t even do that, I don’t want anyone to see me smoking. Adel says I hope no matter what Sabrina goes. Heather says she will. Adel tells her to go all up on her if you want, we aren’t getting her vote no matter what.

11:50am – 12pm In the kitchen – Rachelle says that if it was for a family thing she would have lost her sh*t but it wasn’t so I don’t care. Rachelle was 1 egg away from winning. Jon and Heather are working out in the backyard. Jon comments on how she should’t work out to much today because we’re getting burgers and pizza today. Heather says I like fast food and I like alcohol. Jon says yeah we’ll get drunk tonight. Heather says I’m so glad that you won. Jon says me too. Heather says can you imagine if Rachelle won. Jon says oh I know. They talk about putting some in the fridge and saving some for Neda.

Neda is on slop till Thursday night. Not sure if she has to sleep in the havenot room. She is on slop because of the Easter egg hunt. Not sure why, either she found a something that put her on slop or she had found the least amount of eggs.

Big Brother zooms in on the mess left in the corner on the floor of the kitchen..

BBCAN2-2014-04-22 08-55-18-644

12:10pm – 12:35pm Adel says I was pumped when I read that it was one of our names that won. Meanwhile out in the backyard by the pool – Sabrina says she would have put calamari, your & my starbucks drink of choice, fast food burger and sushi. They comment on how Jon was only able to choose five food choices for the winning the Easter egg hunt. Sabrina starts cleaning up around the pool. She says she can’t wait to leave, I can’t handle this pig sty. Rachelle says I can’t believe I was one behind. I almost won. They make fun of how Heather was concerned about eating healthy. Rachelle and Sabrina talk about how Heather eats Nutella for breakfast. Sabrina comments on how Jon used to hate Heather. Rachelle asks do you think Canada thinks she’s (Heather) hot? Sabrina says Canada put me on the block, I have no idea. Sabrina talks about how much she hates Adel. She says my parents are going to buy me a horse because they’re so proud of me that I haven’t been evicted by battery. Sabrina starts crying .. she says if they say one more word I am going to f**king lose my mind! Self-evict me I don’t care!!!

BBCAN2- 2014-04-22 09-19-39-790

1pm Adel comments to Jon on how he wonders if they will all get a meal of if it will be just him. Adel says I did something good for big brother.. I defended the person that I hate the most so I just hope that they don’t throw it back in my face. Adel talks about how he never really thought about how big a difference there is between first and second place. He says that trip alone is worth almost as much as second place. Adel says I like how you keep reiterating if someone breaks the alliance they don’t get our votes. Jon says there’s a difference between making a stupid move and a big move. Adel agrees and says I don’t think any one of us would think of doing that. If Sabrina stayed longer than me I would lose it. Jon agrees he would too. Adel says if Canada get the chance to give the you know what .. it would be me or you! Jon says it could be any of us. Adel says Neda made some big move too it could be her. Final four holy f**k .. I can’t wait to go out there and see all our photos lit up. I really wanted Sabrina to go home this week but Rachelle is a better player.

Big Brother tells the house guests they will be locked out in the backyard.

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Re: Exit interview with Allison

In one hyphenated word…………….WISHY-WASHY.


I watched her question and answer session and I really wish I hadn’t voted for her. She says that she didn’t have a strategy going into the house because she didn’t think we would vote her in. She didn’t really try to figure out from the feeds what was going on and how she would insert herself, so I ask what was the point of watching the house all week. She also said the hardest part of being in the war room was having to ask to pee and dealing with Nate???? WTF? Nate seemed like a pretty easy going guy, the one that would have made me crazy is Scott. She says that getting rid of Arlie is her only regret, and that if she had to do it again she would still use her veto on Sabrina, because she wanted to use it. She loves Sabrina and says that her showmance was real. She still doesn’t understand that Canada didn’t like the 5 and we wanted her to break it up, and she still thinks she let us down by being evicted. Sigh. What a waste of a good twist. She had so many advantages but she sees it differently, she thinks she had it so hard and stayed as long as she did because of her game. What an idiot. If she had gone in with a strategy, made efforts to talk to everyone alone and use the insights from the silent feeds instead of isolating herself with Andrew she might have gone very far. She wants gremlins to win. Pathetic game play.


Chloe, ” She really didn’t try to figure out from the feeds what was going on…” So basically Allison continued in that format once she got into the house.


Agreed. Admitted screwing up in voting out Arlie, kind of a stupid move for a “super fan”
But if she’s a fan of ..gulp…Peter, I didn’t expect any strategic moves from this girl.
Have to admit, I don’t really care from this point on what happens.


Consistent with her gameplay.


She’s a moron. The absolute best, I mean BEST scene this season, maybe one of my top TEN of BBUS/CA all time; is when she pulls out the veto after Arlie is nominated, Jon and Neda look like they’re ready to vomit/shit themselves/cry. Jon is staring at Allison with that holy shit I’m screwed sombre look on his face, then Allison says I choose to use it on……………………… Sabrina!! and IT’S RIGHT THEN, Jon looks at Neda and instant relief washes over him, and he shoots Neda a “what the fuck is this girl stupid?” look. Only he catches himself part way through and still tries to act surprised, knowing full well that was quite possibly the STUPIDEST move maybe EVER in BB history, maybe not stupid, but definitely BOTCHED/MISSED OPPORTUNITY to almost assure herself a top 3 finish. I can’t believe she isn’t catching ANY flack for it. Had she removed Arlie right away, shit would have hit the fan and she would have been sitting pretty. Alas, she screwed the pooch ROYALLY on this one.


Totally agree. If she had used her brain and saved Arlie, Adel would have gone up. Rachelle, Arlie and Allison vote to evict Adel. Neda and Heather vote to evict Sabs. Adel goes home and Allison suddenly has the numbers 4 -3. I did see Neda and Jons faces when she used it on Sabrina. Priceless. Allison could have ruined their game, instead she ruined hers, Arlie’s and Rachelle’s, maybe even her beloved Sabrina. What a waste. Even though I am a Neda fan, I respect good game even when it messes with my faves. There is nothing about Allison’s game I can respect. The only smart thing she ever did was pretend she thought she was the first one in the house. After the first 5 minutes it was all downhill from there.


I am not sure Arlie would have voted out Adel…maybe.


does anyone know if neda has had her session with jemmet?


I didn’t watch her exit interview and won’t now. Allison appears to be a very poor judge of character. Scary for a nurse working on a psych ward. No wonder she’s only been hired on casually. As far as her assertion she didn’t think Canada would vote her in, most Canadians I know didn’t vote her in. We suspect BB voted her in to satisfy BB’s agenda the same way BB put Andrew on the block first when Sabrina got more than 50% of our votes, not Andrew.


Most forums and fans seemed to like and gravitate toward her, because it seemed like another queen was being jammed down our throats, so most people were then forced to support either the sheet metal worker “Nate”, or a semi attractive (though I don’t find her attractive at ALL after watching that clusterfuck called “game play”) Allison. Most supported and picked the latter. However, I think that since Canada is really shifting to a liberal country and especially the younger generations (the large Big Brother voting block) it wouldn’t surprise me if Scott did get the votes but BB just decided on Allison for whatever reason, take your pick. Scott really came off as overbearing and annoying on the feeds, maybe production didn’t think he’d be a good fit, maybe having him put into the house would steal Kenny’s thunder of being secretively “gay” and if the big bozo entered everyone would of said “oh there is the token gay guy”. As a producer I would have wanted to see how the Kenny thing played out, and it provided them with a nice little piece for television.


I am not sure what fan’s were seeing from the players in the war room. I saw that Nate was the only one really trying to figure out the HG’s on the screen. If you are correct regarding production (I am not fully buying it), then perhaps Nate’s story line or potential game would mirror Adel’s to much.


No Sabrina, they aren’t called ‘Blood Beauty marks’. They’re called Campbell de Morgan spots or hemangiomas. Did I miss something? Is Sabi now a dermatologist in addition to being a lawyer, teacher, flight attendant, model, hairdresser, make-up artist and liar?

Nana Jo

You forgot digital technology expert and sales wonder-woman!


… and PERFECT 1950s Housewife…


Her resume is almost as impressive as Danielle BB14. They are so alike it is scary. I can see the two of them becoming friends and sharing stories about how mean and unfairly the house treated them.


What is up with Heather? Heather just stopped playing after she won HOH and is up Neda’s arse. Both Jon and Neda promised Heather final 2. I do believe that if given the choice Neda would take Heather 100%, because she has a better chance of beating her. I also believe that Jon has a better chance of beating Heather in the final 2, but I’m not sure if he would really take her over Neda. The only two players that Heather has a chance of beating in the end are Adel and Sabrina!

Heather should want to take Adel and Sabrina to the final two! Because Sabrina would never take Adel and Adel would never ever take Sabrina. I can’t believe Heather wants to throw HOH, and let Sabrina win….this benefits her in no way unless Adel wins veto, ( and Neda becomes a nom’d). But Adel winning veto, is unlikely given his track record in comps.

Would someone wake Heather up……I know Adel is playing for 20K but is Heather playing for second place also? At this point the check might as well have Neda’s name on it.

Also Neda, should want Jon to win HOH , not Sabs. Sabs will nominate Adel and Heather. If Adel wins veto then, Heather and Neda will be on the block. Jon would vote to evict Heather, and Adel would vote to evict Neda. Sabrina is the tie breaker, and she will evict Neda!


Neda was talking to Jon earlier about how she can’t stand Heather. “She’s so fake. I’d rather hang out with the gremlins than her. She’s so needy!”

I feel bad for Heather. She has no idea who her real friends are in this game; if she even has any. At least she’ll have some fans when she leaves the house.


I believe Allison genuinely liked heather

Nana Jo

They obviously just had an Easter egg hunt. That seems to have included some sort of luxury prize which Jon won …. a lap top? The HG’s had better hide all their chocolate or Sabs will eat it during the night when the rest are sleeping.

I watched Allison and Arlie’s question/answer thing and she came across as so lame. “I shouldn’t have played the middle, and I should have stuck with Arlie.” Yeah, hello, welcome to the school of the bleeding obvious! She also expressed her love for Sabrina, and said that she wants the gremlins to win. I can’t believe that she even admits that she didn’t bother to workout some sort of strategy by watching the houseguests when she was sequestered in the secret room. My biggest disappointment, thus far, is the fact that I voted for Allison. I wish I had voted for Nate.

I think production is doing everything they can to influence the houseguests to keep Sabrina in the house for as long as possible. If she makes final 2, you’ll hear my primal scream all the way from BC!

Ro Ro your time floating your boat along Sabs’ petulant, tearful stream is almost over! Bye, duckie.


Allison in that exit interview came across as she did within the game. NO clue. That was painful to watch and I regret doing so.


I think Alison was voted in because of her accent. Production seems big on that. Trying to make the show more diverse. Just made it boring instead.


They cast a disproportionate number of people from the least populated provinces. I’m not sure what that’s all about but they did it last year too.


I have noticed this as well this season and last… They should have a proportionate representation of Canadians!


Agree with Altagirl’s post. Don’t really care who wins anymore. I might crack a half smile if Jon ends up taking it but there won’t be any excitement from me as there was last year.

Adel – I know some people really like this guy but he definitely does not represent a BB winner. He is 3rd or 4th place material at best! I will forget about Adel 5 minutes after the show is over.

Heather – I give this girl props for surviving her few weeks of terror that the other girls put her through but the bullied has become the bully. She has 3rd place wrapped up though.

Sabrina – Nothing to say. Unless this gremlin can win a comp she is pretty much guaranteed to leave next week.

Neda – She is this years Liza but unlike Liza, she kept quiet and didn’t play two guys. For the first few weeks we saw a little sheep but now we are seeing the wolf behind that mask. I respect her game play but I just can’t like her. Her ruthlessness and outright backstabbing and lying comes a little too easy for her. Is this game play or a glimpse at who she really is? Scary thought.

That leaves us with Jon. Like I said, if he can watch the Trojan horse that is Neda, he may survive and make it to the end and if he does make it to final two, this Canadian viewer will be casting my vote for him. Not because he is the best BB player but he is best of the worst.


Earlier on the feeds Neda was talking about how she hates Easter, and doesn’t like Christmas. She was laughing about how in grade 4 she made a girl cry by telling her that Santa Claus wasn’t real. Which doesn’t surprise me in the least.


So even though Neda has played this game 100x better than Jon, you’ll be voting for Jon? Really?


Yep! Allison was a disappointment right from entering the house to her exit interview on google! She was useless at this game! Alcohol is her game while watching and claiming to be a super-fan! Well she didn’t represent superfans at all. She proved she knows nothing about the big brother game ultimately.


Somehow I missed it?
Does anyone know why Neda is on slop???


Thanks Dawg
much appreciated!
Best BB site online


there was nothing special about her, but compared to Nate (an average “joe” and that drag queen from hell…yeah she got our votes.
Please BB don’t ever pull a stunt like this agin!! or if you do, not with these type of characters.


I regretfully voted for Allison. It should have been Nate.

But the game was rigged from the start. It’s like a magic trick where you have to pick a card, but one is sticking out more than the rest. She was always gonna be the one that everyone picked, so let’s not beat ourselves up too much over it.


I agree. I voted for Allison too. She seemed relatable and made a genuine plea for our votes. She said she was a super fan and that to compete on Big Brother would be a dream for her. She made us want to help her fulfill her dream!

I thought Scott was going to win based on entertainment value. I didn’t vote for him because it seemed like he just wanted to be on TV, not necessarily Big Brother. Nate didn’t really stand out and didn’t seem like a good choice since there were already so many guys just like him in the house. But if I could go back I would vote for him, maybe even Scott.


comparing Neda to Liza? or you effin serious right now?

Neda >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Liza!!


*are you
LOL I can’t type today !!


“You’re done shopping for me” Too funny Jon.


Cant help wishing Andrew and AJ were there. They were such interesting conversationalists. I do enjoy Jons hockey convo though.


“Rachelle asks do you think Canada thinks she’s (Heather) hot? Sabrina says Canada put me on the block, I have no idea.”

Sabrina thinks she’s pretty hot stuff! lol. Her parents are going to be proud of her for not acting like a violent maniac… that says a LOT in my opinion. I am quite surprised that neither she nor Allison were taken away in the special vans this season. Some of it was frankly very frightening to watch.


Maybe next year Manitoba (specifically Winnipeg – cuz that is where I am from and I’m being selfish) will finally have a houseguest on the show instead of all East coasters and a cpl Vancouver-ites/Edmontonians. We have some major BB superfans here it would be nice to see someone from my home province for once. Lammmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeee


heather is annoying & she does act fake like who talks like that with that squeaky voice & that fake pagent girl smile no way i could handle that at allllll & truth is none of them really like heather i sooo dont hope she wins….Jon For The Win