Operation Throw Rachel Under the Bus! “We are going to ask for forgiveness not permission.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

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9:20pm Bathroom – Angela and Kaycee. Kaycee – she (Rachel) asked me if she had my vote. I said yeah, I heard its supposed to be unanimous. .. I just feel so bad. Its sucks but.. Angela – I feel bad because I feel like I’ve been so loyal to Rachel but you can only do so much for someone. Kaycee – I know how much this game means to her. Angela – the other thing I am going to do before Thursday is I want Bayleigh to say to me that Rachel was the one that said the only way Tyler was going to use the veto is if I went up. I will go to Bay and say I just want to figure something out to see if I can trust Tyler. I will say I just want to get the story straight .. because I have heard something else from Tyler .. that Rachel told me after the veto that Tyler was going to use it. I need to get Bay to tell me that straight up. I need to do it so that I am questioning Tyler’s loyalty and not Rachel’s. Kaycee – that’s good. When are you going to do that? Angela – Wednesday night. Bay heard that Brett told all the guys about the girls alliance. So I am going to tell Bay that is was Rachel that told Brett. And then whatever day Rachel made a deal with Bay .. I am going to say that she came to me and made a final two deal and she also make a final two deal with you .. and we figured it out. Kaycee – and then she threw us under the bus. Tyler – I’m not hiding who I am voting out because Bay told me that she doesn’t care who goes. Angela – then we need a reason why JC is voting out Rachel. Tyler – I covered it up by getting Brett to hang out with Scottie a lot so then we can blame it on Scottie. And Sam said she would vote however I tell her. Kaycee – then do we want to tell Bay now? Angela – we are going to ask for forgiveness not permission.

Angela – then we throw Rachel under the bus one more time saying that Rachel told one of us that Bay had a power. Tyler – because she did. Kaycee – after, okay!? Angela – because if she catches word of this before the eviction she is going to out everything! Kaycee – you’re right. Angela – she would go crazy! Kaycee – If Bay asks who were voting for we say Brett? Angela – just avoid the conversation. Tyler – just stay away from Bay. Kaycee – f**k I’m staying with her Wednesday night. Angela – just don’t talk game. Brett needs to act like he’s not safe. JC always comes to be the day before and tells me what to do because he thinks I’m stupid. Tyler – I told him (JC) that I am saving him because he would be the one to go up. Tyler – Okay, we’re good. Angela – we just need to win HOH next week.

9:55pm – 10:20pm Scottie and Rachel continue playing corn hole.

10:38pm Haleigh and Rockstar. Haleigh – eyes are weird!

11:25pm Tyler playing pool with himself. Tyler – Kaitlyn I hope you’re watching. We talked about karma Kaitlyn. You did me dirty! Or you tried and it didn’t work. That’s why I don’t trust girls like you. That’s why I don’t date. Sam comes out. Tyler – I was talking to Kaitlyn.

JC comes out and tells Sam – I am going to take you to a city with a lesbian club and I’m going to get you f**Ked up there and I’m going to get you a girl friend. That’s my pinky promise. Sam – because you think I’m a lesbian? JC – no, because you need to embrace life more and enjoy it. Tyler – He wants you to understand if you’re a lesbian. Sam – I don’t .. like so many people.. why is that such a thing? JC – its just a joke right now. I don’t really care. Sam – I know but in my hometown or any situation I’ve just felt really uncomfortable with that. JC – what? Sam – just that I used to feel really self conscious of my arms. JC – your arms? I don’t think there is nothing wrong with you. Sam – I don’t like people thinking I’m a lesbian .. and I’m not. JC – I tell that to all the girls. Why are you taking it personally? Sam – because its been a personal thing in the past and because you out right asked me one time sitting out here if I was a lesbian. Tyler – JC tells me I’m gay everyday. Sam – you just like to push people boundaries.

11:45pm Brett heads inside. JC – did you talk to him (Brett)? He hasn’t been hanging out with Scottie at all. Tyler – eyes he has. Tyler – dude! We’ve got to keep him. JC – I am going to keep him. You don’t have to try and convince me. Tyler – I will let him know that you need to hang out with him.

12am Backyard – JC, Brett and Tyler. Brett – do you think she (Kaitlyn) is watching? Depends on if there is a battle back or not. JC – if they took her home she is probably watching. Brett – I don’t know if I leave… I don’t know if I would watch. JC – but in her case she had a good social game she just went crazy with the boys and doing f**ked up sh*t. Tyler – I honestly just hope America does not hate her. I don’t wish that for anybody. Brett – I really hope it wasn’t depicted that way. Tyler – she just played kind of dirty that’s all. Its a f**king game. And I hope if she does have a boyfriend. I hope that’s fine. JC – which is very nice of you because she didn’t think twice to f**k you over. Or say thank you when she was leaving. Tyler – but to be honest she didn’t even ask me which way I was voting .. she just asked about everyone else. I will be happy to see her outside this game just to see if that’s how she really is in the game.

Tyler and Brett. Tyler – Fes is on to me apparently again. So we need to get Fes out soon. Brett – I didn’t even speak to her. Brett – I just don’t know what more I can do. Tyler – just Scottie.

1am Hammock. Haleigh and Brett. Brett – I gave Bay my pitch that night which I thought was good enough. I told her Bayleigh I have never tried to go after you. I am trying to extend an olive branch here and again I have no one in this game right now. I am 100% a free agent. Don’t look at me as an enemy, look at me as a potential asset. But she obviously didn’t take.. Part of me thinks its not an original thought of hers. Part of me thinks its someone in her ear but I don’t know who. I really thought we had a good… I thought she was receptive to it and she was open to the idea. I do feel like I am the target but I don’t thinks he is gunning for me. Haleigh – have you talked to Angela? Brett – a little bit but I feel like she is going to go with Rachel. Its sh*tty does everyone not want me in the house? I really don’t know where everyone’s head is at. Haleigh – Do you know who flipped? Brett – for Kaitlyn? Haleigh – that too but for you? Because maybe if you can find that person. If they flipped once maybe they will again. Brett – I think one of them was Kaitlyn. When you’re on the block everyone tells you yeah, yeah, you’re good. Brett – you know who was the biggest campaigner for Kaitlyn to stay? Rachel. Brett – who do you think is maybe willing to keep me? Haleigh – Rockstar, I wouldn’t even waste my breath. I will bring it up to her. Brett – we made amends. Haleigh – I think she thinks you’re still coming after her. I would need a really big con for Rachel to stay. I don’t know if I would approach Fes or not. Brett – yeah he is close to Bay. Haleigh – you might want to talk to JC? Brett – he is just so close to Rachel. Haleigh – Scottie? Brett – every time I have pitched to Scottie he has done the exact opposite.

1:38am Fes and Rockstar playing pool. Fes – do you know where your head is at if you win HOH? Rockstar – I think so .. I am thinking Angela & Kaycee (who she would put up on the block). Fes – because they’re skating by. Yeah, I’m with you on that one. Rockstar – so if you win, that’s what I would like to see as well. Fes – oh if I win, it won’t be my decision it will be our decision. Rockstar – I do also think that to get Tyler out of here we will need to backdoor him. Fes – I think I will smoke his a$$ in the veto. I will smoke anyone. I think we have a real shot to go the the top five. Rockstar agrees.

4:45am Hammock Brett and Haleigh. Brett – I will try and have a conversation with Bayleigh. Haleigh – and tell her that you’re not her enemy. You would never go after her. Brett – then maybe talk to Sam and Scottie. Haleigh – maybe Fes is a good one to talk to and JC.

5:15am Fes is up playing pool by himself.

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As everyone strategizes around knowing Bayleigh has the power, they seem to have forgotten that there is yet another power out there. They’ve forgotten because Tyler was smart enough to keep his mouth shut above his Cloud App!


Yep. Tyler is one smart cookie. Has told absolutely no one.


I remember Bayleigh told her Hives alliance, she wasn’t putting Tyler up bec she strongly believes he (Tyler),have the 3rd power app, that’s probably why Fes & RS will not put him up for their HOH.


Yeah Bayleigh suspects him for sure. the other though… I think the main plan for Rocks is to Backdoor Tyler but with Brett still in the house dunno.


Sam on Survivor would have built a 2 story shelter with bath and removable shower head. An outdoor kitchen..a vegetable patch and chicken coop.
Tables, chairs, pillows. Fish poles, nets and hooks. Ladders to climb for coconuts,
String bikinis for the girls.
Mosquito nets,,rope sandals,, curtains…combs..and loofahs.
Girl Friday to Friday, She makes me look like a sloth.


Sam as a robot: cries for a week because she’s locked in a room by herself.
Sam as HOH: locks herself in a room by herself. Does crafts and plays with bugs for a week.


Love to see Sam on Survivor


HAHAHA yeah she would set them up nice. Would be the easiest season of survivor.. lol..

For Sam the detachable shower head would be her first thing.

I don’t think she would be making string bikinis maybe dresses below the knees .

Douchey C

Would be hilarious if Queen Bay was bd’d on her own power app! Can’t wait to see Rockbugeyes and Hay-Hay find out that others knew abt the queen’s power app before them! Hope Rachel doesn’t pull a whiny Winston move and try to blow up Level 6 on her way out the door. I’m liking the covert L6 alliance… hoping for another Foutte blindside…,#5 hahaha


I’m hoping it blows up in Level 6 faces and Rachel stays instead. Angela sure turned on Rachel quickly. Yes Rachel mentioned Kaycee and Angela but she mentioned everyone else to find out why Bay couldn’t put each person up. Rachel was thinking about Tyler’s game when she said not to use the veto.


Agreed. How does Tyler leave two of his alliance on the block. So disgusted by Angela and Kaycee’s lack of loyalty as well, and who have NO game. Why did Tyler win the veto. Throw it to Brett or Rachel if he didn’t want to use it. You were my number one Tyler…


If he took one of his alliance members down they would put up another one.


Also he needed to win to avoid being backdoored. It ensured his safety


A-men for that.
Bay is now even more anoying and worst player than rockstar!!!
This season the only one to play his hoh right was tyler. ( even thoght he shouldnt of put sam from the get go… )


Scottie did a good job, he put both bros up, won Veto ??????. and got 1of the bros to go. I guess If u rooting for L5, u would think only Tyler did the right thing during his HOH reign.


Scottie didnt got out the bro he wanted .
And didnt make any alliance or deals from this.
No one trust him as far as they can throw him..


Other than Tyler Level 4 needs to win competition. If they don’t well…

Lets say Fes wins the HOH and takes out anyone from the other side.. Kaycee. so Level 6 is now level 3.

the following week we have THE HIVE (5 members) Level 3 + (JC/SAm) (maximum of 5 members) . Lets says someone from Level 3 wins the HOH. for this example we’ll say Angela. She puts up Rocks and Scottie.. Baylegh uses her power app and puts up Tyler/Brett. (lets assume no cloud app)

Veto is used and a nominee is pulled off the block. Angela puts up Bayleigh as the renom.

Tyler,Sam,JC are a voting block

Scottie, Fes, ROCKS, Haleigh are a voting block.

Level 3 becomes level 2.

Unless Tyler can pull some wizardry off this coming HOH is very important for Level 3 to win. they won’t have the votes to counteract Bayleighs power if they don’t.


Tyler can use it at either noms or veto right?



Make themselves immune from nomination during one Nomination or Veto Ceremony of their choice

we could get multiple powers going on next week.

White Persian Cat

Angela plays cold & ruthless! Good game play. However it seems to come rather easy to her…


You are 100% correct! Angela is a bad ass chick and appears to know life is not fair. She does not seem to play the victim unlike the other girls. I am sure she is carrying around some baggage because of how she is. Difference is she will never expose her real life and how she got to be how she is unlike the other girls that need the attention.


Angela seems very focused. She’s playing the game with no emotion. She’s preparing herself to go to the end. She has what it takes to win. (Tyler also)

Hayleigh's Enormous Pimple

Angela is becoming a strong smart player


Angela, hasn’t really done anything all season except throw comps. Look, lets wait to see how she reacts to getting put on the block. Will she stay cold & ruthless or turn victim? Somehow I think Kaycee will handle it better than Angela. Right now, she just doesn’t seem very loyal and seems like the type of girl to always choose a guy over her girlfriends. If those 3 girls ( Angela, Rachel, Kaycee) stuck together they could actually get Tyler to do what they want him to do this week and future weeks. They have more power than what they think, but like most women instead of joining forces they would rather fight each other. Those girls don’t stand a chance against Brett or Tyler in a final 2 but they want to keep them?

But, um

True. And I don’t like the lying about other people stuff Angela wants to do (well pretty much the whole L5 alliance!). I say lie all you want about your game and what you are going to do but i hate when they make up lies about someone else (like Brett’s lie about Angie) To me, it is just LAZY and not “good game play”.


Omg once again (except kayitlin eviction) level 6 gonna blindside the other side…
I thoght rachel could win!!!
This season is so good
Just win hoh already level6! (Now 4 ….)

And level 6 need to reel j.c and sam to a real alliance now that they are only 4


I hope foutte wins the next HOH once again… make the sides as even as possible for the most interesting gameplay overall. :)


I read yesterday They changed their name to the Hives, and the hoh will be call Queen Bee. Fes came up with the name, and of course Bayleigh thought abt the Queen Bee part. ??? ?


Scottie came up with the name and Bayleigh came up with her being queen bee since she’s hoh.. It reeks like 2018 friendship.

Hayleigh's Enormous Pimple

Fezzy will make a great queen….bee


Well, unfortunately, despite blindsiding the other side, it’s already the second time L6 will lose a member.
That whole “HOH – yeah, I guess we should start trying winning those” comment from Tyler a few days ago shows L6’s problem: their comp beast didn’t want to win because the other side is so clueless. (#PoorBrokenBabyBird)
If there was just one “FOUTTE” member that wasn’t completely clueless, Tyler may have actually felt the need to win an HOH sooner.
At least now, I think this next HOH, he’ll try and win.
Seriously: I could totally picture a F3 situation in the very end where Tyler wins the final HOH and whispers to the person he’s evicting: “sorry, but I have to evict you, or X would find out that you and I are actually working together!” ;)


Tyler throw the hoh only to sam which was smart and she protected his side (like he said in the episode kaytlin wasnt realy a thing for him)
They are trying to winn and tyler is capble of
The last one was a stupid hoh anyone except fessy and mabey j.c could won
I belive they gonna winn the next one hopefully


Is it really a blindside if level 6 is still losing a number? Rachel has also proven to be more of a comp threat than Brett so this is really a blessing in disguise for the other side.


It is cause they planning on getting brett out so they gonna be pissed


PISSED I tell you! :) I’m already smiling at the prospect of another Brett speech on thursday…
Maybe something along the lines of “Hey everyone, If you don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of MANEATERS, please keep me! At least then, Bayleigh would have someone to put on the block next week when she uses her SECRET POWER and changes the noms!” ;) ZOING!


HAHA I hope Brett lights them up. :)


That would be so awesome if he mentioned Bayleigh’s power, since the only few people who have no clue she has it or what it does, are some of her “closest allies”! :O #awkward


I can’t wait for the fireworks:) tick tock

BB Addict

Yes it’s still a blindside to the other side. Cause they don’t see it coming. It’s obvious they are going to lose member since 2 members are on the block.


Fessie and Rockstar shooting DAGGER looks at Hay and Brett on the hammock. Fessie shooting the pool balls OFF the table and scratching. LOL.
Listening to Hayleigh talk…I sympathize. No wonder she looks so stressed.
She was in a very uncomfortable situation with Fez and Kait. All the time.
Now..because took her off the block..he is expecting her to be all over him. He did it to have her in his power.
Then…he berates her for having wine and playing a game. Not what HE likes.
She’s 21 years old. She’s having fun. He does not own her. He wants her to be beholden..and behave the way HE wants her to.
Is she flirting? Yes…and that’s part of her strategy. She’s not married..and neither are the guys.
They can refuse to play the flirty game with her. But why should they? A gorgeous girl..pretty smart and mature.
Feeling quite sorry for Hay. She needs to focus on the game. Fessie is bringing too much drama. Because truth to tell..HE wants a showmance. Has from day 1.


Fess requires “his woman” to be completely subservient and obey his every command and it drives him nuts that he can’t get that. He keeps telling her to stay away from other men and it motivates her to go spend time with other men; Good for her and too bad for him. He doesn’t even know there’s a game, he’s happy to let others tell him what to do while he concentrates on being all grabby and handsy with H.


I do agree but Fessie did state his terms for using the veto on her- he asked her to be his ride or die and that he didn’t want her to be playing with other guy’s hair etc. If she agreed and he used the veto, then she should act accordingly. You can’t blame him for being upset if that’s the case. I don’t think flirting is good gameplay because it can backfire on her.


Fes needs to give up on Haleigh and figure out he’s not getting any showmance in the house this year. He’s just making himself look bad and damaging his game and the people around him.

I don’t mind Haleigh’s flirty game.. It’s not like what Kaitlyn was doing.

Botox Pelosi

Well Fes can always have a showmance with JC.

Brett Needs a Real Man

Fezzy should forget about Hay and move on to Brett or Scottie if he wants a showmance. Its getting late in the season for showmances and I dont think there is a strategic advantage at this point.

BB Addict

She flirts and has some sort of relationship with all the guys. She is using this as strategy to play the game. Fess needs to get over it!


Still trying to figure out how the heck Bay got the third power app.


Jessica from last season told all her followers to vote for Bay since she lost Swaggy.

Not a Rockstar fan OR Bayleigh fan

The funny thing about that is Jessica is now regretting that decision. After Bayleighs true colors came out after she’s been acting like a tyrant during her HOH reign, she has said that now she doesn’t realize why she liked her in the first place.

BB Addict

I agree completely! I loved bay until this reign as HOH & her “I am better than you” has come out.

Gigi Tomasa

Sympathy is my guess when Swaggy was evicted. It is kind of funny, not funny to watch her as the HoH. She is demanding loyalty and not going to get it. HG are appeasing her until Thursday. I sure hope she evicts herself with her own ap.


Yeah what I want to happen is L6 wins HOH, Bayleigh uses her app and puts up Angela & Brett. L6 wins the veto and HOH puts up Bayleigh. I think with her attitude this week, it would serve her right if she went home when she used the app.


Yup.. Lvl 6 has to win the HOH this week to be able to remove Bay’s power. Will laugh so hard if Rachel goes home on Bayleighs watch. everyone knows Bayleighs power because she told Rachel. bayleigh goes home the following week..


2 theories
1) SwaggyC getting evicted made people want trend her on whatever cbs app
2) it’s all just BS production picked Bayleigh because it would give decent drama.


IMO it was definitely the work of shady production.

BB Addict

Jess also promoted her followers to vote bay but there was also a huge push for people to vote bay because they thought swaggy and her were being targeted because they weren’t white. Which was ludicrous in my opinion. People loved bay but didn’t like swaggy. Plain and simple.


Really depends on what platform you go to. The BB community is really showing to be fragmented along platform lines this year.

Twitter peeps are for the HIve
Reddit/fan sites are for the Level 6er’s


A lot of it is the fact you don’t have anyone who is just hated. No one is just occupying space in the house even if they are horrible at the game. Sam would be the one with the least active game and she’s already won HoH, been a robot and got a special power. Hayleigh’s play is getting the guys to do the heavy lifting, Angie thinks she’s got influence, and poor Fez…he just got got. Considering how sloppy they are it’s surprising they have L6/5/4 on the ropes.


Maybe people just liked her?!?!?!? She just got HOH and nobody saw this side of her until now but before that is it that hard to imagine that people just like her? DAMN! She is power tripping but trust me she will come back to earth right after the vote.

Botox Pelosi

Bay got the third power app for one reason only…….Allison Grodner rigged it.

another name

If Craycray hadn’t been evicted, the feeds right now would consist of a whirling dervish of whining and babyvoice. By now she’d be convinced she and ants have a secret evil genius alliance, and that fes and jc are secretly brothers. the never have i ever game would have ruined at least two alliances, and caused three arguments by now one of them possibly between her and her spirit guides. the entire house would be bustling with activity (90% of that activity being how to avoid crazypants). ah. good times. if only the puzzle had been three pieces.


I miss Kaitlyn for exactly that reason.


You remember those awful dolls back in the day, where you pulled the cord on the back and it just kept repeating the same line? That’s Angela saying, “Rachel was the one that said the only way Tyler was going to use the veto is if I went up”….

She’s literally turning on her closest partner in the game, not just voting out but leading the campaign against somebody who would take her to the end…all because as best I can tell, Rachel simply misspoke….she meant Tyler would only use the veto if he could ensure Angela WOULDN’T be the replacement, but that he was certain she WOULD be Bay’s pick.

And I though Fez was dopey not making a Tyler-esque cursory effort to save Kaitlyn, but at least he had a litany of reasons to distrust her…Angela takes the cake though…

Gigi Tomasa

I was thinking the same thing. She was never going to go up and when Rachel watches this back, she will be hurt. Too bad, they could have went far together.


You got it all wrong, cause Bayleigh did tell Rachel that Tyler said he would only use the veto if Angela went up. Rachel instantly said if that is the case then she did not want Tyler to use it. So Angela has turned on someone that was willing to stay on the block for her. It will not matter though, cause Rachel will not get evicted. Wait and see, the votes will be Haleigh, Fessy, Scottie, Angie and JC voting out Brett. No doubt in my mind Brett gets evicted on Thursday.

BB Addict

Porky what’s the time stamp for that? The way I understood it was that bay lied about that. I would just like to know the truth. Thanks!


Bayleigh did lie about that. Which I don’t know why l6 didn’t talk amongst themselves and realize Tyler never said it but bay did say it to Rachel so she would volunteer to stay on block. Neither Tyler nor Rachel made up anything. It was bayleigh so good play by her because it got them to turn on each other. About the only thing she did well this week. Worst case of hohitis I can remember.


It’s gonna be tough not seeing Rachael’s sexy ass not in the house anymore. She came in shakin that money maker but he since backed off and become a little more innocent. That has hurt her ability to stay in the game unfortunately. Some people in the game were picked by Casting to be eye candy, a little bit racy, and flirty. Based on her bio and background when entering the outside it’s clear that CBS thought she would generate male ratings in the key 18-34 demo. But the sexiness just hasn’t materialized. Maybe Angela has a much better ass and wears much less clothes, maybe Rachael’s a sweeter girl than she put on during casting, maybe the guys were too preoccupied with some of the other brauds in the house to be concerned with Rachael, but whatever the reason, it’s hurt her stock in BB and she’s become dispensable. CBS isn’t even trying to throw her a bone. And before anyone claims sexism, let’s remember that every guy in this house, except Steve and Scottie, has abs for days and a nice glowing tan. I work in construction and I see less hard abs in the summer than this show lmao it works both ways.


Rachel was always attractive to me but it was her goofy personality that really rocked. out of the level 6 girls she was the most interesting and fun to watch on the feeds.


She was the silent and deadly vixen…then she just let it all blow out when she went on the block.

::toot, toot::

3s a Crowd

SIMON! Thought I was the only one lol. She’s pretty, but it’s her personality that made me pull for her. Seems like a genuinely nice person. I could go on and on about Rachel. Too bad she’s not the best BB player.


Rachel definitely is more spirited and has a bigger personality. Not that it’s either a good or bad thing. She just makes herself known more and puts herself out there.

Brett Needs a Real Man

The lack of thongs hurt Rachel’s game. She just failed to work it like she should.

Like literally

woman are have no loyalty ever for one another…is just sad all over

Skanky Bro

Tyler complaining that “Kaitlyn played dirty” followed up later by “This is just a game” is ridiculous. Tyler is playing dirtier than anyone else–and that’s what makes him so brilliant at this game! Tyler’s mist is getting legendary. His ability to balance his lies and manipulate ranks up there in the top 5. His Teflon coating is superhero-like. I’m in awe of his powers. But what made Kaitlyn’s style of play “dirtier” than his? She lied, she manipulated emotionally, she played both sides…she’s playing the same game as him, only he’s doing it at the Olympic level and she’s doing the Little League level. She’s a case study in how NOT to do it, and he is a case study in mastery. But her game isn’t any dirtier than his. Big Brother is a dirty game! That’s why we love it. I never understand these “I play with honor and integrity” people. That’s a different game than Big Brother.


He is just trying to make America love him. He doesn’t really think that he is talking to her. He knows how he used that lost soul without any hesitation and is now trying to make it look like he was getting played.


And the players I appreciate are the ones who own it. Not the ones who play like that and don’t own it.


Join the discussion…Kaitlyn did play dirty in my book. All that crap using Tyler’ s Dad saying his spirit told her that he wants them to be a team…who does that? And it wasn’t so much that her game was bad, it was just that she was so weird. Getting visions that powers had already been played and all…just crazy talking and acting.


I know this has probably been discussed already but can someone please clear up Bay’s power app for me. So it’s my understanding that the power has to be played before VETO and Bay can take off who ever is on the block and put up 2 people or HER choosing. But if the VETO is used and someone comes off the block can one of the two original noms be put back up? Can Bay be nominated?


I know for sure Bay can be nominated that is why her telling anyone about this power in particular was ill advised. I am not sure about the original noms but I suspect they are not safe. Good question.

The line “This does not affect replacement nominations” leads me to believe the original noms don’t get a reprieve from the block unless they win the Veto.


I’m sure they said that her power had to be used before the nomination ceremony. The HOH turns the keys and Bay’s noms show up, not the HOH’s.


“At any point during the first half of the game, you can secretly steal the identity of one Head of Household at the Nomination Ceremony! This means that you will secretly make their nominations. The reigning HOH cannot be nominated and will still control the replacement nominee at the Veto Meeting. When only 8 houseguests remain, the Identity Theft power is no longer in play.”

Bay said on the feeds that the HOH can’t say those weren’t their noms… but I think she’s making that up.


Correct, there’s no way they’d make it so the HoH can’t call shenanigans. If I were HoH, I’d call shenanigans on my own noms just to see the reactions. I’m a horrible liar so it’d be terrible but I’d tell them that those weren’t my picks! I’m not telling who I meant to pick but those were not the ones! Tyler could pull it off.


I was just about to post along those lines… HOH nominates any two people, blames Bay, gets an almost automatic bloodless backdoor. She’s not even guaranteed to play in the veto comp. Great power, terrible if you tell anyone about it.
I wonder if production had that in mind when they created it? Sam’s power had the negative aspect of saving a random non-idiot player if it wasn’t used… did they actually put some thought into these powers?

Chick in Louisiana

Her power lasts that long? Until 8 people? She still has a few weeks…. How long does Tyler’s last?

Botox Pelosi

I think Tyler’s app is good for the first eight weeks.


Brett said day 3 Rachel made it known to him she liked him.

Brett Needs a Real Man

Operation Get Angela in a Towel went quite well!!! Thanks guys!
Also has JC been disciplined for smacking the women around. The vicious karate chop to the mouth busted Rachel’s lip wide open. Seems like he skated on this one. Last week he was taking some utensils to their vaginas.

JC's Tiny Shirt

Uh, “wide open?” Exaggerate much?

Brett Needs a Real Man

Perhaps the next time you get smacked in the mouth you will be able to discern a split lip from being busted wide open more accurately

Miss Conception

JC is one really weird dude.He thinks all of the men are gay or(gay inclined) and then says he wants to take Sam to a lesbian bar.This weirdo needs to go!

Brett Needs a Real Man

Miss C,
I am more concerned that he has beaten up one girl and is sexually assaulting other women with kitchen utensils.

Brett Needs a Real Man

Level 4 splinters. Who peels off and where? The rats are gonna jump off the ship after the eviction. They are all gonna gravitate to Bay. I know most of you jabronis hate Bay, But she can basically re-set the game. She can form a legit girls alliance and pick off the remaining men. A good move. She can can target JC, Sam and scottie and I dont think anyone will complain. She has the numbers and Brett, tyler, angela and Kacee just want to avoid the block. Right now, there are a lot of floaters who want to play duck and cover and avoid being a target. If Bay can solidify a solid 4 person team with 2 dupes, she can coast for several week.


Super disappointed in Angela I really thought she was loyal to vixens and sticking with their act mad at each other plan. I dont understand how keeping Brett benefits her more.


Same.. I was hoping for a vixen August. Now I may have to go BRO



There hasn’t been a lot of movement this year. Last year’s we saw larger swings.


Last year we all hoped one of the morons would shut Paul up.


Ugh last year was horrible..


Interesting we have Baleigh near the bottom where Twitter polls have her at the top…


Would it be a fair assumption that Twitter has more ppl who only watch the CBS shows, as opposed to watching or reading the recap of the live feeds?


correct. by a factor of thousand probably


Sorry I don’t trust twitter polls. More often than not they aren’t accurate with the majority.

another name

over five hours in a hammock. unless you’re fes. he’s going to be seeing that image for days.

Josh Cooke

Why is everyone everywhere I read SUPER DUPER in love with this season? Nothing has happened really at all. There are so many floaters I can’t even keep count. There is potential but I mean there should be a lot more going at this point in the game.


What was the last season you liked of Big Brother?

Josh Cooke

Derrick’s Steve’s and my pick Josh actually won last year


If you’re looking for drama and fights I could see not loving it. I think most of us just love that the house is actually split and a lot of people are lying about votes instead of voting with house


And there are actual blindsides, not everyone voting with the house.


I think people use the word “floater” for someone who hasn’t done anything in the game. That is not a floater. A floater is someone who “floats” from team to team.
Everyone this year has an alliance except for JC and Sam.


I can see a floater as someone who’s going to suck up to whoever is HoH or pulls a Veronica.


^^^^ This. It drives me nuts when “superfans” don’t even know the terminology.
Also: you’re not “backdoored” if you get to play in the veto, regardless of when you were nominated. Dammit.

True Dat

Thank you Rocky. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine when people use the term wrong but there was only so many times I could correct people without sounding like an ahole. It’s an easy mistake to make as even some of the past houseguests use the word incorrectly though.


Rocky, I understand that a a floater is someone with no alleigences, who can masterfully drift back and forth to secure their own safety. And in this case a floater is a master manipulater with only self-preservation in mind. But in the BB world a floater is generally spoken of with a negative connotation, and even the hg’s seem to refer to those that drift through the game without really doing anything as floaters.


Join the discussion. It’s worth watching just to watch Tyler fool all of these people. His game play has been extraordinary. He’s as good if not better than Dan Ghesling.

Houka Inumuta

How can i share my tyler eviction invite?


So is everybody sleeping or what? you guys haven’t posted since 5am and it’s now 2:30 pm


They woke up at 9ish.. nothing really has happened. I’ll be pumping something out in a couple hours.


Okay cool just wondering

Smitten by Haleigh

This is perfect because L6 still lose a player this week. I predict JC will be kicked off the show.

Hayleigh's Enormous Pimple

We should refer to them as Level4 going forward. If JC snaps even more I could see a major lawsuit. What if he tries to smother someone with a pillow?


I’m so mad Angela and KC are on board with voting Rachel out. It doesn’t help them at all. Keep Rachel, keep your soft girl’s alliance, and win a damn HOH already!


If I won HOH I’d totally lie to Bay as to whom I’m putting up and then I’d put up whoever I wanted and backdoor that biotch.