“It doesn’t matter what we do every week the main plan is keeping the house divided “

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel is leaving it’s going to be sad .. BRett’s got a speech planned that will surpass “own it” in awesomeness.

2:07pm Rachel and Angela

Rachel goes on about how they need to win HOH. “if we win this week we’re safe basically for the next 2 weeks”
Rachel wonders why Brett won’t talk to her.
Angela says Brett is going to throw Rockstars name out in his speech again.
Angela – I was encouraging it..
Rachel – I was starting to get paranoid that he was going to say something to me.. Because he hasn’t talked to me
Angela about Brett’s funny speech (that’s mostly about RAchel) “I’m going to pee myself.. if he does what he says he’s going to do.. with Rockstar.. it’s going to be hilarious .. ” (I think he’s going to say ROCKS is his sister)
Rachel – oh my god I’ll die..
Rachel says she gets nervous talking to Sam..

Angela asks if anyone on the other side knows about Bayleighs power
Rachel says no
Angela – I feel like she had to of told Fe.. because of the way they have been acting
Rachel – she told me that Fes thinks that she has it..
Angela – they all have been acting so safe it’s just annoying me.
Rachel – I just hate having to be this vulnerable.. I’ve been vulnerable all week.

Rachel says it can’t get back to Bayleigh that RAchel told her about the power or BAyleigh will go ballistic and put her a$$ back up with the power in a second.
Rachel – If I was Tyler I would want to keep Brett.. it’s better for his game.. (sigh)
Angela – three girls one guy now..
Rachel – we’re next on the hit list..
Angela – yeah .. I think Tyler is a bigger target though..


3:13pm Bay and Scottie
Scottie tells her that Rachel is definitely worried
How has Sam been acting to you
Scottie – pretty normal.. the only game talk was yesterday when she asked me who I was voting for
Bay says Sam has come to her multiple times telling her everyone hates her and they want her out of the house
Scottie says Sam is just a pawn at this point in the game, “Unless Haleigh gets it”
Scottie asks what the status of the ROckstar and Kaycee
Bay says they haven’t been talking a lot of game.

Scottie says he’s on the same page with FEs on who goes up. Scottie adds that JC is voting Brett out.
BAy – this week could be the first unamious week in BB20 history
baye ohh well I don’t care..
Scottie – as long as we get what we want
Bay – we will Scottie

3:13pm JC and Tyler

JC – after TOmorrow it’s going to be crazy.. it’s so peaceful right now it’s going to go out or proportion
T – we have to win HOH it’ll be amazing
JC – I don’t know if I want to in HOH
T – you have to try
JC – ohh yeah .. I’m not going to throw it.. i don’t think anybody wants to get me out so if I win HOH I have to pick people from different sides so that will target me
Tyler tells him the rocks wants him out.

Tyler tells him Haleigh, Bayeligh and Rockstar are all working together sharing information
JC – that’s a chilly a$$ group
T – I know they f*ing suck
T – that’s alright I’m just making sure you know that
JC – no I didn’t know that thank you for telling me
Tyler is saying because JC threw the rocks name out to bayleigh she told Rocks and that is why he’s being targeted by her.
JC – I can’t wait to tak them all out (Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rocks)
T – I know .. Haleigh is the most f*ing irreverent person in this house
JC – Haleigh i don’t give a f*
T – Scottie and fes are the same kind player but Scottie is trying to play both sides and fes is stuck on that side.. I don’t want fes to go because I know you control alot..
JC – I want Rockstar out.. I wanted Rockstar out this week.. f** she’s going to be in jury ..
They agree Rocks will be a biter jury member
T – if any of her dumb a$$ girls in in the end she’s going to pick them over any of us.
T – that’s why me and you gotta be there.. that’s why you gotta stop saying our names
JC – I just said it to bayleigh and Fes..
JC – Bayleigh talks to Fes like she’s the owner of Fes.. at least I talk to him joking ..
T – she on a power trip man
JC – she literally has the power thing in her head
T – She knows she has two consecutive HOH’s pretty much she doesn’t care
Tyler says if they win HOH they have to work with Bayleigh and let her know his plans, “after you win HOH.. if Rachel is gone than tell her she told you”
JC – if it’s memory Scottie has a big chance to win it
T – I know that’s annoying as f*.. Scottie will put up Angela and Brett
JC – I don’t know about that
T – it’s going to be crazy.. I can hardly wait

Tyler says he never thought Bayleigh and rocks were working together but Rocks has been in the HOH camped out 24/7 all week.
T – if Rockstar win and put you up maybe you can convince Bayleigh to use the power..
Tyler says his votes doesn’t need to be covered this week but JC’s does.
JC complains that Brett and Scottie haven’t been spending a lot of time together. Tyler says they have been.
JC – I told Fes and Haleigh I saw Rockstar and BRett talking in the have not..
Tyler – hell yeah .. that’s perfect.. plant that seed to get them not to trust Rockstar

JC – It doesn’t matter what we do every week the main plan is keeping the house divided
T – next week we take a shot at the other side.. hopefully ROCKSTAR
T – there’s so many people on that side that are so irrelevant.. it doesn’t really matter

3:41pm Angela and Tyler
Angela is clearing up the duration of the power (2 more weeks) and says Bayleigh has to use it after the nominations. (they still don’t have it all figured out)
T – Brett’s speech is going to blow everything up
Angela – he’s the biggest shield ever

Tyler – Rachel’s such a idiot .. why would she tell you that. guarantees I won’t use the veto.. if I used it you would go up of course you are going to tell me not to use it
Angela – she’s stupid.. she’s a f***Ing idiot.. (ouch)
Angela says Brett speech is going to include that Rachel told everyone she had the power.. Adds that this will put a HUGE targets on BAyeligh because any one on their side goes up will be pissed unless she uses it on them.
Angela – its a HUGE target..
Tyler – she’s going to be scrambling after this just like she was last week.. put her a$$ up that’s so beautiful..
Angela says she’s talked to Sam and Sam is 100% voting Rachel out, “I said she doesn’t cook she doesn’t clean, Sam was like I KNOW”
Angela – it’s like she’s playing house..

Angela says Rachel talked herself on the block

Tyler says Scottie wants to put her up on the block.
Angela laughs says Brett is going to pin the all girls alliance on Rachel and Rockstar
They both laugh
Tyler – I love this game.. you and I we are going to the end.. you, Brett and Kaycee we are..
They laugh..
Tyler says the other side is going to want to watch this whole show because they have no clue.. we don’t, because we knew..
Tyler wonders why the hell Bayleigh and all them wouldn’t think they would keep Brett over Rachel. Brett is a HUGE target.
Tyler says he guarantees Bayleigh and her whole side knows.
Angela believes Tyler ‘She just lied to my face” (she told Angela nobody else knew)

4:16pm Feeds go down..
4:47pm Feeds come back they were shown a video for the HOH tomorrow./

5:09pm the groups are off in the corners studying what they saw.

6:09pm Sam and JC having a conversation about him “throwing HOH” She’s pissed because she thinks she only won the HOH because the house threw it to her. Says JC didn’t want Kailtyn here but didn’t want her on teh block so Sam had to do it.
JC – I didn’t even know who you were putting on teh block ..
Sam – stop yellin g
JC – this is my voice
Sam – I’ve heard you whipser to people
Tyler walks by.. Sam yells she wants to be left alone..
Tyler – Sam you are making something out of nothing,..
Sam yelling – I don’t care.. it hurt my feelings
JC asks who mentioned this to her
Sam says she made it up on her own
Sam starts crying.. says JC is one of the people that she trusts in here.
Sam thinks the house tossed the comp to her and nothing JC is saying is changing her mind
Sam – that whole competition made me really proud of myself.. if I find out it because other people made me win..

6:14pm Brett telling Kaycee and Angela about his speech
Brett – Rachel told me about the all girls alliance
Brett =- so fun little fact before we got into this situation Rachel thought she was only a pawn so she told me about the all girls alliance in teh case I ended up staying here and she got pulled off the block.. Oh and she also told me about Bayleighs power app so here’s the reality guys i could be placed .
Angela – you have to say about the power app the nominations too
Brett – Bayleigh has the power app she has the ability to replace nominations without being the HOH so if you keep me around guess who the power will be used on? ME\

6:20pm Have nots Level4 plus JC
JC gave them a rundown of the conversation with Sam.. Says she’s getting paranoid. Tyler says it’s because she sits “out there” all day with these thoughts in her head.
Angela – she should know we saved her ..
Tyler – we still need her though
Angela – she’s mad at Rachel .. for being a nuisance

Rachel comes in…

7:21pm Fes and JC
FEs says if ROCKS wins sh’e putting two girls from the other side up
JC – 2 girls?
Fes – I dunno..
JC – listen.. i’m not going to talk serious game with rockstar
Fes – don’t she talks too much
JC – the other day I saw ROCKSTAR talking to BRett
JC goes on about Rockstar..
JC – hopefully Brett goes.. I talked to Scottie he said unanimous.. I know Brett is coming for me
JC warns him that BRett would put the two of them up and he thinks he would stay over fes.
Fes – i’ll probabaly win the veto
JC – I don’t want you to go home..
FEs says that is why they have to make sure he goes
JC is still nervous with Scottie flipping votes and Rockstar talking to Brett in the have nots, “twice, In private after all like Brett’s sh1t”
JC is worried about BAyleigh telling Rockstar what he said about her.
FEs – I’m telling you BAylegih doesn’t tell rockstar sh1t
Fes – where’s Tyler’s head at?
JC – he’s very weak he doesn’t have a lot of thoughts like talking game..

Fes – I trust Bayleigh
JC – good for you I trust her 85%

JC says Haleigh and the Rocks all stopped talking when he entered he’s worried about it and says he feels alone
Fes – I didn’t even see that
JC – it ticks me off because I’m always offending her
JC asks him if he’s in a showmance with Haleigh
Fes – What.. she hangs out with the other guys as much as me
JC – c’mon.. I mean I don’t care just make sure they don’t see you or they will target you..
JC – I thin she likes you
Fes – she hangs out with all the other guys
JC – I think she likes you she hangs out with all the other guys they’re her friends..

7:40pm Sam and Tyler
during the feed outage they saw a series of gifs. one of them was JC slipping off the log after adjusting his googles. Sam thought he threw it for a bit.. Tyler and Sam talk it out..

Sam says she’ll be in the house as long as they want her in the house.
Sam – I’m here for you I’m here for her that’s all that matters (Kaycee)
sam crying says she’s so blissfully unaware about the game she doesn’t want it to hurt her or Tyler
Sam – I don’t know I don’t understand it..
Sam – I’ve never felt anything but love toward you
SAm – In the purist way best way.. I’m not interested in f*ing you I’m not interested in f*ing your game.. I genuinely want you to succeed..

7:53pm haleigh and ROCKS whisper studying

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No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Sam should totally be open for business nth the end of this season. Her tomato crop will be ripe. Her jewellery line ready to launch. Home Depot will pick up whatwver she’s welded from those bra wires. Bass Pro will publish her Cookbook featuring Slop Cookies and Skinny Puppy Chow. Capitalism lives in the BB House.


Omg. That’s the best !!! Don’t forget about her honey bee business. She doesn’t need to win BB. She’s going to be just fine.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Honey! yes! I catch some of her projects on After Dark but OBB posts little projects we don’t even know about LOL. Last night I thought she was building a Terrarium in the kitchen but I think it’s for her tomato plants. I’m wondering if all that s*** that Rock wears in her hair is from the dryer lint that Sam has concocted into hair ornaments?


I wouldn’t be surprised. Lol. I’m fascinated by all her little projects.

My Two Cents

It looks like she welded the bra wires into a little round frame for a dream catcher that she’s making from the dryer lint yarn. She’s like a female MacGyver.


Sounds like a memory challenge for the HoH if they were shown a video.

Botox Pelosi

I’m really looking forward to Brett’s speech tomorrow.

Sam's Shower Head


Golden machine

Well aren’t Angela and Tyler so very special?
Cocky much!?!?


they dont like to hear the truth bc tyler is their favourite. he is becoming like paul. L4 is super cocky. the way angela dogged her bff rachel is sad. i feel bad for rachel. and then hear goes tyler being cocky calling people dumb***. he is really feeling himself. i hope that scottie takes tyler out soon


Hive is EXTREMELY more cocky especially bay and rockstar and even faysal to a certain extent


I don’t see Tyler as cocky at all and DEFINATELY not like Paul. Tyler is just a down right nice person playing this game to win it.


What I noticed last night on the feeds. Rockstar copies Bayleigh all the time. Bay started to dance in the kitchen. Rockstar was walking behind * The Queen * and IMMEDIATELY started doing the dance with Bay.
Copies her moods and expressions. If Bay gets snappy with Hay…Rocks emphasizes the point.
Here she is..supposedly marching to her own drum..with her purple hair etc..a * Free Spirit *.
Not at all.
And….how she goes on and on about how people have to do something..like PLAY ther game..win comps. i.e. Rach..Angela, Hay..JC.
Oh..and her list of who she’s putting up…WEEK AFTER WEEK.
I switch when she’s droning on. It’s the same damn thing ALL the time.

Todd Falkenberg

Usually people like that lack self confidence and try to be all “different” to pretend that they do have self confidence. Those hippie glasses are the worst, too. So dumb looking.

Raegan Revekka

And those dirty balls of yarn that she sticks to her head.

Finally a good season

Less than 24 hours to hopefully hear a good speech from Brett. And Bayleighs HoH reign will be done


The Hive…Scottie, Fez.Hay..Rock plan on studying for at least 8 hours tonight.
The problem with that is the brain goes stagnant. The next day…it’shard to remember the small details.
Everyone studying the same things..one question could have them all getting the wrong answer.
Brett should be really good at this comp. Scottie as well…but Brett will be calmer. Scottie gets too intense.


Haleigh seems to be doing really good though at remembering even the smallest details. Her group Is reviewing it from every angle even including punctuation and plurals. Sadly, L5 is less cohesive in their studying, but hopefully Brett will pull out a win.


Also, with no time to recover from Brett’s revelations and not getting voted out, Haleigh, Rock and Scottie’s brains might implode.


I hope so
Scottie did won after steve left …
Plz be right


No.. stupid me.. scottie won after swaggy eviction.

Tyler's Grey Matter

My money is on Hive v. the cool kids. L4 is a bunch of dummies who suck at mental comps, At the last mental comp, with the exception of Rachel they were all eliminated by the 2nd question. And JC knows he will bomb. That’s why he’s saying he will throw it. That’s what happens when the cool kids form an alliance. Revenge of the Nerds!!


So. Memory comp. Tyler..scottie..Fessie.. girls of level 6 are going to have to step it up !! Maybe since Angela’s name has been all around this week she will actually try now. Can’t think of anyone else who has shown memory skills. I have a feeling Brett’s speech will be epic !! Can’t wait !!! So what is everyone thinking about bayleighs app. Does the HOH turn the key and bayleighs noms pop up. Or does HOH name their noms or start to name noms and BB interrupts with power app details and it names the nominations that the winner chose.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

She has to decide before the noms


The HOH’s nominees got to come up first, which makes them have skin in the game. Then BB changes the images to the replacements.


That’s evil. I like it tho. Lol


“you can secretly steal the identity of one Head of Household at the Nomination Cermony! THis means that you will secretly make their nominations.”
I don’t think it’s “secretly” if you see the HOH nominations. I think the HOH turns the key and Bay’s noms pop up.


It’s too bad the only people who don’t know about her power are Haleigh and Angie…there’s a guy in Nepal listening to wax tube on a phonograph who knows more than Bayleigh’s allies.

Miss Conception

It appears that Sam was fashioning a portable lie detector out of a tin can,some string,paper towels ,some paper clips,bird feathers and the lid of an old pizza box. I do believe that she wants to catch someone lying. She reminds me of a female Macgyver.


Tyler is getting a bit cocky and rude himself. He talks about people being irrelevant on the other side, but until people win something, his side also has many irrelevant people. The longer this goes, the meaner everyone is getting.

Gigi Tomasa

I think he adapts to who ever he is speaking with as a ploy to win!


He won 30% of the competitions, a Power App, convinces non-alliance players to make big moves and barely has a target on him. Yeah, he has to be getting over confident but at the same time, he’s only talking like this with “his” people.

Sam's Shower Head

Level 9 game play by tyler


hes been hiding it. true tyler will come out. sam pretty much handed him her game by saying i will be honored to lose to you. this os why i cannot respect sam. she has no game play. its almost like she is in space. he is becoming paul day by day.


Then she makes jury and stomps a mudhole in Tyler’s chest and we find out Sam’s been welding her a dungeon.


I agree with what you say about Sam. I asked week 3 when she won HOH (or whatever week it was) why is she even in the house? Definitely not a BB fan or player. I’d almost give my first born child to be picked to go in! Sorry, Tyler is my boy.

Finally a good Season of BB

I don’t think Tyler is getting cocky. I think he plays a role according to who is speaking to. It is smart and will take him far in this game.

another name

i think the irrelevant line about haleigh is his way of keeping jc from targeting her… for some reason i think he wants to keep her around for a while. I’m not sure why.

Fly Agaric

he’s just talking about her position in the game.

irrelevant = non threat

Can You Guys Give A Girl Some Love?

Tylers game is solid. comps, social, diversion. He got it going on b@tch!

Smitten Kitten

From the recap, it looked like Tyler used the word “irreverent” not irrelevant.

Irreverent means showing a lack of respect for other people – so based on what else he said, it definitely looks like he was saying irreverent, not irrelevant. Just wanted to clear that up! 🙂

Patsy Davis

Really Trump


Omg Brett’s gonna blow up this house lol

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

So….Rachel goes home. Bay hijacks the next HOH and puts up 2 L6’s, attempts to backdoor Tyler. Tyler uses his power so HOH then puts up Bay. She goes home!


I’m okay with that!


Namaste, a big possibility that happens unless she figures out her Power App is almost useless unless she thinks she should use it to get herself off the block.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

If she uses it to save her, she can still be the replacement nom.

Patsy Davis

Nobody knows that but her


The problem is it’ll only prevent her from being the initial target. She or her cohorts would have to control the veto to keep her safe. If she pull herself off and she isn’t picked to play she could end up backdooring herself…


she basically turned it into a self-backdooring app at this point. its power relies on no one knowing who has it. now she might as well nominate herself (if she can) just to guarantee she can play in veto.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Love your name “Nah Imma Stay” LOL. Live show tonight, Bay looked SO pleased when Baby Bird kept the noms the same “per Bay’s wishes”. It’s all a couple days behind real time but she didn’t get a great edit tonight. She’ll be P#SSED!

another name

jeepers, someone give sam a nicotine patch. every week a few hours after indoor lock down, the same emotional thing happens. i call nic fit.

Miss Conception

Nicotine and hand held showers are evidently her stress relievers.


Bay getting a real awful edit on the show. No..that is not a frown from me. I’m just hoping it will shut up Swaggy for a bit on twitter. How GREAT that everyone is scared of her.
Yep. But only if The Hive win HOH and veto.
Bay on the block will be a WHOLE nother thing.


yeah, that was a real bad edit. it made her look like she had one of the worst cases of hohitis i’ve ever seen (though it is a pretty bad one).


Its not bad edit.. its how she acted. You cant make a good edit for her.

Sam's Shower Head

JC asked Rachel if she was transgender! How the f@ck does this midget keep getting away with this shit?


So you counter his offensive talk by being offensive hypocritical much?

Stevie J

I really don’t think he meant it in a mean way he probably sincerely wanted to know even though it’s not a polite question to ask i just don’t think he understands that in his culture. I was kinda wondering the same thing about angela but would never have asked… Theirs just something different about her.


This season is sooooooo great!


It sound like Sam tried to join Survivor instead got big brother instead just like Cody.

Bayleighs Mood Swings

If I have to listen to Rocksack say “YAAAHHHSS” for another week I am smashing my television. My skin crawls every time. I cannot do it anymore.


Cant wait till tomorrow when the whole house goes boom.. Best season in years because of no vets. Love the fact that production is struggling to drive the ship the way they want.

Sam's Vibrating Shower Head

I dont want grodner bum rushing the game and telling tyler and bay what the other is doing. FU Allison grodner. stay out of the damn game!


hoh comp is a pretty easy one to fix though, especially if each side studies as a group. just find a question one side is studying right and the other is studying wrong and boom, the fix is in.


Memory hoh not looking good for level 4


In the beginning of the game I thought JC was clueless but he’s smarter than I thought keeping level 6 and the hive after each other and floating in the middle but making it clear he’s not ok with being a pawn and going on the block

another name

my d/r monkeys sense is tingling.
anyone else getting the feeling that there’s something hinky going on after sam’s bawling in the d/r thing?
she goes to tyler and says she really does want him to succeed and would never hurt him.
she goes to bayleigh and says i really hope brett doesn’t do any big speech to crack rachel.
senses tingling.
call me a conspiracy theorist. i usually try to keep it under control. but it’s calling out to me right now.

Ms. Intuition

Kaitlyn? Is that you, Kaitlyn?! lol j/k

another name

lol. i have a phobia of grodner’s flying production monkeys asking weird questions the night before eviction. every time someone flips perspective after leaving d/r i get the irresistible urge to get conspiratorial.

Jay Crimsion

Ok so come eviction night will be interesting because I’m wondering if this will happen. Rachel gets evicted but before she walk out the door, she mentions there is a Level 6 alliance and will call out members including Tyler. That would definitely be bad Tyler if Fez, Hals or R.S. & Scottie wins HOH.

Also if Brett goes first and expose Rachel will this cause Rachel to expose the alliance? Those two scenarios I also want to see if it will happen later on during the live show. Will see


Tyler says That side is so irrelevant but yet hes the only one in his core alliance that has won anything.

another name

did i imagine this: while the hoh crew were studying, and Fes was covered with a blanket, and came out from under the blanket with what looked like a wrapper and eyeliner pencil?


kinda odd that sam thinks people threw her the hoh. kaitlyn got out fourth and clearly wasn’t throwing it and sam herself screamed at tyler to drop so sam could win. only one sam can possibly be mad at is kaycee who clearly did throw it once kaitlyn was out, but everyone else was either trying or at least didn’t throw it to sam specifically.


Ugh. The conversation tonight between Sam and Bayleigh is painful to watch. Bay’s holier than thou persona is beyond ridiculous given the way she has been treating people and the ugly things she has said. Play the game but get off your high horse! Sam is just talking in circles.

BBUS Fan in Berlin

I feel this house is full of idiots this season, which is great because they’re constantly making bad moves which is making for a great season. I still can’t understand why Bayleigh told anyone about her power app.

Allies Mom

Anyone else think that Sam may be turned off by Brett’s speech and throw Rachel a vote?

another name

i really think his speech would work better if he said ” guys, you know, unlike rachel, i wasn’t at the meeting of the maneater’s women’s alliance, and all of you know i don’t have the power ap that allows me to comandeer the nominations away from the hoh, but if you keep me, i’ll tell you which person does have that power ap. if you keep me, i’ll be one of the people nominated by the person with the power ap now, so you have greater odds that it won’t be used against you. i swear, keep me, and i’ll tell you all the dirty secrets. Save me, or only the people i may have told already will know, so let me show you i can help your game.”
retains the theme, gives enough info to be valuable, but not enough that you’ve already given away the milk when trying to sell the cow.


He is not realy calling her out badly.. he will tell about the power app and the women alliance… sam dont care
Last time she voted for him after the rockstar thing which was more personal then today ..and protect him in her hoh following that eviction .


So nothing has happened since 8pm? It’s 1am what happened in that 5 hour span?

another name

if it helps… a few cliff notes:
during study time it appears that one or two of the hive might have possibly been trying to write down study notes. i believe that was stopped. even without notes, hive is studying in far more detail than level.
fes and scotty talked about wanting to make sure they are on same page with tyler. scotty says he thinks the vote will be 8-1 and no matter what anyone says, he is voting out brett, he isn’t the flip vote this time.
scotty and tyler talked about getting rid of brett and rachel in the next two evictions. tyler told scottie he wanted to talk to rachel again, because he thinks they need to clear the air (or create a reason for voting against her).
fes in shower asks haleigh about vote concerns. haleigh is not amused. fes says dr questions had him wondering. haleigh still not amused.
bayleigh told sam she’s heard that brett is going to verbally destroy rachel tomorrow to get her to crack before the eviction. sam expresses concern because they’re friends and hopes it doesn’t get too mean.
bayleigh haleigh and fes see tyler scottie and sam sitting around in the kitchen. h& b decide scotty has turned on them. maybe they should keep angela and rachel around to vote out scottie or backdoor tyler or scottie. bayleigh is more for vote out scottie. haleigh is more for back door tyler. fes is not amused.
brett and angela study for ten minutes before being convinced by sam to get some sleep. scottie fes and tyler are studying or talking. in have not. they aren’t wearing mics or are stealth whispering so i stopped paying attention.


Why is Sam even on BB? She is the worse player and completely goes against her “female empowerment” speech. She is nothing about the females and all about the boys. It’s pathetic to watch. And, Bay….WTH? I can’t wait to see the look on her face tonight. I hope a double is coming up soon and they both get booted.