Brett “I promise you’re going to love my speech! She will freak the f**k out!”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

12:48am Backyard. Fes and Brett. Fes – What are people saying when you say you’re a bigger target? Even though I don’t know why people view you as a target? You haven’t really done anything. Brett – trust me I know. That’s what doesn’t make sense. I don’t have any resources in the house. Keep me around as an asset not an enemy. Fes – its kind of stupid how this game works sometimes. Fes – what did Scottie say? Brett – I didn’t ask him where his vote was at. He just said I had some valid points. You just never know who is receptive or who is thinking you’re an idiot. Fes – where do you see yourself now that Winston is out of the game. You’re close to Angela. Brett – not really she is closer to Rachel. Before noms I told Bay that .. I am alone right now. Fes – the only scary thing is the way the game has gone and how scary these evictions have been. Brett – they really weren’t that random though. Swaggy and Winston played the game fast. Brett – at the end of the day .. you’re good with me and we could go far. But at the end of the day if you were on the block would you rather be next to me or Rachel. Fes – I know if you do leave then its going to be me next if a girl wins. Stay cool .. when its time to pop off .. then pop off .. I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

1am Havenot room. Tyler and JC. Tyler – Bayleigh is on a power trip .. hardcore. JC – you’ve got a point. Tyler – I just wanted to make sure you know she has a power because I didn’t want you openly talking. Bay keeps telling me she’s being annoyed by Fes. She is trying to get me to talk sh*t about Fes but I’m not doing it. JC – don’t do it. This week I am not going to do any work. Last week I did all the work and Fes took all the credit for it. Tyler – of course. JC – this week I am going to sit back. Tyler – none of them are telling me where they’re voting so right before the vote I am going to tell Bay that Rachel was the one to do that flip last week and that I don’t care if I’m the only one voting her to go .. I am voting her out. JC – we need that HOH. I need it for you but for me.. Tyler – with Bayleigh’s power she can change the nominations next week. That’s what I heard. JC – from who? Tyler – Rachel. She told Rachel that to get a little trust from her. And then Rachel f**king told me. I am going to tell Bayleigh that I am voting Rachel out because she is spreading that she (Bay) has the power. Makes her have two HOH’s in a row. Scottie joins them. JC changes the topic saying that in the DR he was told if he continues the singing they will give him a penalty.

1am Bathroom. Fes is showering. Fes – I can see all y’all’s n!pples when I walk by… I’m joking, I can’t. Haleigh gets up on a stool to get up to Fes’s height. Haleigh – oh my god you can so see! HE can so see! Fes – no… It gets lonely in this house!! Haleigh – I mean I paid a lot of money for these badboys. Angela – same.
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1:10pm HOH room. Bay and Rachel talking in bed. Bay talks about Swaggy – day 6 we kissed .. he says because we got too close. Rachel – I held Kaycee’s hand one time in the middle of the night. Bay – that’s so sweet but that’s okay because its Kaycee. She is fine! Rachel – girl! You want to hook up with Kaycee! Bay – no, I don’t. Me, yes I do. But I’m not going to. Rachel – you would. Bay – Oh I would have done it. Kaycee is FINE and I am clearly Kaycee’s type. So that would be a win / win situation. But that’s a no from me because Bayleigh is taken. Rachel – did Swaggy have a talk with you before? Bay – he said don’t embarrass me. Rachel talks about how she can’t even hold a conversation with Brett. Bay – do you think its him or you? Rachel – its me.

1:15am Havenot room. Scottie – Brett is going to campaign hard tomorrow. Agree with whatever he says and then vote him out on Thursday. Try hard for the HOH. JC – yeah I will.

2am Bathroom. Brett and Tyler. Tyler – Scottie told me that you asked him if he thought it would be a good idea to make Rachel blow up. Brett – DUDE! No that’s what he said to me. I said where do you think the votes are at? He said to be honest I think the only way you’re going to get it is if Rachel blows up. Its going to have to be something big to make it happen. Which I was planning on doing anyways but I need to delay it till as close to eviction as possible.. where she doesn’t leak anything. I am not going to do anything .. I am just not going to answer her. And she will freak the f**k out. I am going to start half way through tomorrow. I am not going to answer one thing she says. Then she will freak the f**k out. Tyler – that’s what I’m doing. Brett – I promise you’re going to love my speech! My plan is to just throw Rachel under the bus completely. First of all they only reason you will get votes is because there is a girls alliance call the man eaters alliance. Rachel told me about. Rachel also told me that Bayleigh has a power app. Tyler – I’m thinking of going to Bay a few seconds before and say that Rachel told me you have a power app. Brett – I wouldn’t do that because then she might think that you told. Tyler – oh right. Brett – the house is going to blow up. Tyler – then you’re going to win HOH. Brett – I hope so..

2:50am Brett is in the backyard playing pool by himself, laying on the couch and doing laundry..

3:17am All the house guests are sleeping..

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My Two Cents

For the second week in a row, I honestly have NO idea who’s leaving tomorrow night. Best BB cast in a several years, IMHO.


You don’t know who is leaving tomorrow night? Well, I do, and you can take this to the bank. RACHEL.


I hope so!!!


As of right now it’ll be Rachel. I would be surprised if it flipped tonight.

Can You Guys Give A Girl Some Love?

I think Brett goes.


It’s going to be Rachel, but it should be Brett. Additionally, I AM SO SICK of the backdooring of people. That’s the cowardly way out!


its not a back door if they had a chance to play in the POV. Rachel had a chance to pull herself off and didn’t.


Right . And it also part of the game!

Just Wondering...

Simon/Dawg – Have either of you ever seen Kaycee with her hair down? She’s always wearing that bun that’s so tight it looks painful.

Gigi Tomasa

She had it down one time and it is long and beautiful. It was close to her waist in length.


I remember it super long but yeah she should try having it down once.


I think I saw it down once in the pool and the bathroom


Poor Rachel 🙁 I actually feel really bad for her this week.


Unlike this point last year there’s nobody I want see go REALLY bad.


At this point last year I wanted Cameron to come back and be the only one in the house. I couldn’t really stand any of them and I’d rather watch the feeds with him sitting around just eating cereal. Sorry Matt, I prefer his cereal eating to yours.


Simon your lucky. I cant stand bailey ,scottie and rockstar. Fess is realy annoing also and not deserve to go far ( i think he will.. i hope not to the finale!)

Double Ds

Scottie – I think so there is usually a battle back or something that you can save yourself.

Um Scottie, I believe that is what Kaitlyn was doing


Oh, I can’t wait till eviction night! Brett is gonna blow the house up! He’s so good at it too. I can’t wait to see Bayleigh’s face when he does. Then, shocked again when Brett stays! Gonna be a night to remember!
Wonder when, or even if, she realizes that her HOH was for nothing! I don’t think it will hit her for a while…maybe never since she really thinks she’s all that. Haha!


Oh, tomorrow night is going to be epic. Just hope it all plays out the way Brett is planning it. This is too much. I am loving this season.


she got a L5 member out. it wasnt for nothing. i actually dont mind rachel going bc she is the one that is the brains of the 3 girls and good competitor. bay said from the beginning she preferred bret to go but she doesnt care. Rs will lose her mind


If Brett does stay, I hope the cameras zoom in on RS again…she has such a ugly shocked look and its funny!


Forget Bay’s face…she’s literally snapped at everybody for innocuous stuff ..she’s going to make RS’ tantrum look like child’s play…Brett says, Rachel goes, but especially her power exposed. She was never going to use it on anybody but herself, but now Fes has company in expecting it to be used…especially since Haleigh and RS are totally going to distrust Bay for telling Rachel but not them. Excellent stuff….

Can You Guys Give A Girl Some Love?

If Brett stays then the sh@t gets real! You will have Bay v Brett and it will be a girls v guys alliance. Holla if u hear me!


The Hive will stick together. Just like L5 will stick together.

Can You Guys Give A Girl Some Love?

You mean L4


I can’t wait either. Brett definitely knows how to bring the drama. If his side doesn’t win something I think Thursday will be his last time though. Bayleigh really shot herself in the foot telling Rachel about her power, I think it’s the dumbest move so far this year. Plus her whole attitude this week was a real bummer, she was in a good spot but has obliterated it this week.

I really like Fes, but his game play is so dumb. Unless he just kills the comps he should be gone soon. I’d love Tyler, Brett and Kaycee and maybe Hayliegh be the last four. This can all change though, because every week I root for someone else which makes this season so entertaining.

Scottie's Pink Thong

And 2nd dumbest move was for Rachel to blab that info to everyone.


why? Rachel wasn’t working with Bay, so why not tell. It now makes Bay power weak because if L5 gets HOH they know who it was and most likely how to play with it.


Tyler for the win… CBS will make sure of it. Brett needs to leave. He is a non-sociable brat and he doesn’t confront anyone strong. I’m so over Bayleigh – I was rooting for her, but what is she doing. And that power-trip of hers is bananas.

Who Me

I honestly think he will woos out…again. He said he was going to tell all the last time and all he did was tell a lie about RS and make fun of Kaitlyn. He didn’t “blow up the house” like he said he would…so really doubt he will/would this time either.

Scottie's Pink Thong

He needs to chill if he has the votes. Or he will be going back up again. When rachel is imploding, the best move is to remain silent.


Brett needs to go!! He can Bayleigh both.


Simon and Dawg
I just left a donation. Thanks for all yall do. Hubby and I are faithful readers and love this site!

Also can you not post the last comment? I didnt realize it linked directly to my facebook and posted my real name.

Thanks again for all yalls hard work!


Thanks Gidg, MNuch appreciated! I can’t find the comment you are talking about so I’m assuming Dawg already removed it.

thanks again.


Rachel, stop lying around in bed with the HOH and start campaigning! Save yourself! I’m so mad that Tyler and Brett are turning on Rachel this way.


It is reminiscent of Paul. Turn on the one going home that week. They really don’t have to be that mean about it. Sheesh, they have the votes and the girl is gone, why throw her under the bus and roll over her a few times. It is overkill. BUT…tomorrow night should be good.


This is the first time they’ve tried to freak someone out though. Kaitlyn freaked herself out even though folks were trying to calm her down. This week seems to have thrown in quite a bit of viciousness in folks who hadn’t displayed it prior. Perhaps Kaitlyn was the only one capable of containing the crazy and now she’s gone and it’s all over the house.


i said this but no one believed me. tyler is turning into paul. the bros have always been jerks.


When I heard the story about Brett flipping the guys hat at a party until the guy hit him over the head with a beer bottle I knew Brett had some real frat d1ck tendencies.

double D

Paul was a jerk. Tyler is controlling the house like Derrick did. Quietly behind the scenes.


I ve been saying that Tyler is playing Paul’s game just not as mean. I think some people are blinded by his looks.

Scottie's Pink Thong

Yes. I think the other men want to get with Tyler and his lifeguard body. They need to snap out of it and play the game.


he’s not playing like Paul. Paul had everyone listening to him, Tyler doesn’t. Tyler knows when to back off and not push to hard.

Haleigh's Melanoma

They aren’t just trying to freak Rachel out, they are trying to drive a wedge in the Hive between those that Bayliegh told of her power and those she didn’t. They will wonder why she told someone from the ‘other side’ and not them, and Bayliegh will find out L5 knows her plan in advance. It isn’t gratuitous like Paul did last year, it is actually a tactical move.


She’s been told by everyone in her close alliance to calm down and stay quiet. On Saturday/Sunday she was bouncing off the walls and everyone started using that as a talking point to get her out..

If she gets whiff that she’s going home hopefully she starts tossing grenades.


How does Bayleigh get away with making threats to kill people, cut them open, and so on? I thought in the past production called HG out for “making threats”. Just sayin’!


It’s a fine line but they have to look at intent to actually attempt to carry out the threat.


I’m not bothered by these slasher movie threats.


Christopher (Swaggy) in a dress.


That’s my thought, her hyperbole may be jarring but it’s not like anyone, including Scottie, actually thinks she’s going to gut him. Much like with Brett and Winston’s posturing to each other.


call 911 if you feel so strongly about it. while you are at it mention the bros wanted to bash scotties face in and that sam wanted to stomp a mudhole in kaitlyns chest. serial killer bay on the lose. she wants to cut up her friend scottie. hurry up and call 911

Scottie's Pink Thong

Even more weird is that Les Moonves is being accused and yet BB lets a lot of shit slide. If anyone ever gets hurt in this house its lawsuit city for the way they close their eyes.

Haleigh's Melanoma

The knives that BB gives them can barely cut bread much less eviscerate a bony specimen like Scotty.


Just wondering I vote everyday on this page for favorites. Then I looked at daily results, but it never shows everyone’s name? Such as where Bayleigh ranks


I’ve wondered the same


trying to understand what you were talking about bayleigh is listed on every chart or list just down so far you probably can not find


You can see where everyone ranks daily on the ranking grid.


I always vote quick rank, yes everyone’s name is there to vote. Then I go to daily results and there’s always 1 name missing, I noticed this last year and all this season?


Really hoping Brett does blow Bay right out of the water and off her self designated throne. Hate that Rachel will suffer for it, but Bay really needs to be brought down and humbled. Can’t wait to see her scramble. She is riding high right now in her own mind and her words and actions are downright ugly. Looks like karma may be getting ready to kick her ass.

King Golden

Karma been kicking Bay in her butt all season starting with Steve, Swaggy and then Winston. Her whole alliance even when they win they lose. Except for when Rockstar was saved but hey they lost Kaitlyn. So this will be just another over confident Hive mistake. They will take out another level 6 member but not their intended target. Until they get out Tyler and JC due to them continuing to screw them over and they cant even see it. They will never have a clear victory.


Simon & Dawg, thanks for all the great work you do!
Must be very time consuming, and when it comes to monitoring the forum posts, often mentally draining. You do an excellent job in what is basically a Sisyphean task. With some people, you can’t win.
Just keep in mind that a few very vocal people are here to blow off steam in a way that would just never fly in the real, physical world. Some comments are meant to insult and irritate just to stir a reaction.
Some people resort to inappropriate name calling as soon as someone doesn’t 100% agree with their opinions, even when those opinions are extreme.
I’m willing to listen to someone I disagree with if they’re willing to explain their point of view objectively. When they rather go and throw random insults at everybody, including telling you that you using a very flashy statement made by a HG as a post title means that you’re biased, I’m done. And it’s ok for you to be too.
I commend you for remaining so calm and polite in your answers (Canadian, eh?).
Keep up the good work, and thanks again! 🙂


Thanks Frenchie!

Not true for me

Every single insult and inappropriate comment I’ve ever said/written on this site about Amanda, Frankie, Raven, and Paul, were never meant to stir a pot or to get a reaction from other commenters.
– my comments were 100% spot on, I stand by them, and did not care who agreed with me.
However, I totally get what you’re saying and understand where you’re coming from.
But one would think that the most time consuming part for Simon & Dawg comes from folks that post novels. If anything, people should be more conscientious and limit themselves to a certain amount of characters. Some are so long, I just can’t even read them anymore.

P.S. I think the highest up-voted comment ever on OBB was a post about how vile Amanda was.
And again, it wasn’t meant to stir up tension, it was 100% true. lol Have a good day Frenchie 🙂


You are correct the most popular comment ever was one directed towards Amanda being vile


I was more referring to insults directed at other posters and simon/dawg. And by inappropriate, I didn’t mean merely curse words, but rather deeply insulting accusations regarding one’s moral values. We all like to be liked, and even if Simon/Dawg know better than to let a troll’s insult affect them, I can’t help but feel some part of them feels frustrated at being called “racially biased” or stuff like that. Not because the person accusing them actually feels that way, but because it’s just about hurting them or us as much as possible.
Call me “piece of shit” or “MFer”, and it won’t affect me. But call me racist on a public forum with people reading it who I’ve known for years, and I’ll be frustrated at the limited possibilities to let everyone know beyond any doubt the entire situation, and that there won’t be any doubt as to just how unfounded and unfair that insult was.
You’re fine with me, as long as you don’t write stuff like “Simon/Dawg/Frenchie/insert random poster name is a racist/bigot/xenophobe/insert random insult because 1+1=2”.
I know that 1+1=2, and I agree with that. But for some people to pull the stuff they pull and think they can get away with it just because they display an “absolute lack of doubt” just makes me very mad.
It’s almost like people have gotten used to the fact that facts don’t matter, so as long as you throw any insult at someone, and sound sure of yourself, the truth doesn’t matter, and even bringing forth your objective arguments doesn’t matter.
But hey, I live on the other side of the Atlantic, and here, we haven’t made it official that “facts don’t matter”, so I hope anyone living in the US can indulge me and my lack of understanding that “Alternative Facts” are now what many people live by… 😉
I wish you all a wonderful day! Be kind, and remember to look at yourself in the mirror every now and then, and ask yourself: “is this ok? would I be able to justify my actions or lack of actions if I was held accountable for them? am I fine with what’s happening around me?”


It’s really unnecessary for Brett to throw rach under the bus. It will basically outs l6 in the process cuz mentioning the power has nothing to do with keeping him over Rachel…

Plus Rach could always blow up and reveal everything on level 6 afterwards, cuz she would be pissed at angela for telling the entire group about the power…
And it would paint a big target on Bretts back..

Either way this if the hive are finally smart enough to think, they would finally realize that Tyler is for the outerside


This can’t be real, that the HIVE are not seeing their alliance is by itself, I need To believe the DR is throwing them off Tyler butt, ugh, they can not still be this blind to this L6 alliance, WTF.


he’s going to do it in his speech. Not much time for Rachel to blow up if she wants to stay. And if Brett is second to speak then nothing Rachel can do.

Can You Guys Give A Girl Some Love?

Lots of manscaping going down. In the after dark episodes, is Brett gettiing frisky with any of the other dudes under the covers?


Again I still don’t get it why pinky sweet bird is keeping Brett LOL Rather than keep a low profile and offer his loyalty to both sides he is trying to keep a target on hi back LOL I mean don’t get me wrong we love drama and cat fight lol but from a game perspective Pinky little sweet bird is burning his chances of winning.
Let’s pretend pinky little sweet bird is planning to take brett to the final 2 do you think all the chances would vote for pinky sweet little bird over brett good looks? LOL


by keeping Brett, he know Brett will always be the target…Rockstar can’t stand Brett, so he know she’ll always be gunning for him. Rachel isn’t a target and he knows he’ll be pick before Rachel because of the “I want a girl to win” mentality of some of these floaters.


It’ll be a split vote and like all the other votes, they don’t suspect Tyler to be flipping. They actually believe he’s voted with them each time.


Sam’s app power has been used and Bayleigh told about her Identity Theft power so now everyone knows about it. That’s two of the app powers. I know Sam knows about Tyler’s power, but hasn’t anyone else figured out that someone in the house holds the other power? Kudos for Tyler for keeping his mouth shut. Like a hidden immunity idol on Survivor, it is usually better to stay quiet about it and surprise the others by using it at a strategic time.


people keep saying the 2nd expired. they don’t realize it is still in play. only a couple are trying to figure it out


I know is a game but is kinda sad to see how much disregard for someone who has been loyal to them since the begging… Human being’s are really disgusting sometimes. Why kick more out someone who is already defeated? How you call that kind of psychology? It’s hard to be a decent human

Haleigh's Melanoma

It’s dog eat dog but the higher purpose is to hopefully sow discord in the Hive.


what surprises me is that they all remain friends after all that backstabbing. I’d be soooo butt hurt.


I think I’m voting Fess wins it all. Join the discussion…

another name

it’s weird that the majority of one alliance throws everything in the vain hope it will keep them from being a threat or target. by process of elimination, they’re targets already.
it’s weird the other alliance is thinking they’re unbeatable, but know that the majority of the others are throwing. It’s pretty easy to be unbeatable against an opponent taking a dive.
it’s weird that fes wore the veto necklace for two days straight after a comp that he knows was thrown to him. That’s a sure sign of an over inflated ego.
if the first four to five evictions are stage one in the game (positioning), the next four or five are stage two (assault), followed by the third stage (mad dash to the end)… these people had better adapt quickly.
Greatest weaknesses on each side: not a showmance drama on one side thanks to fes/haleigh vs. uncertainty of reliability due to throwing and jc being on the outside of the inside of the other side.
I assume this week’s hoh will be a luck comp. it’s just a feeling i get.


last weeks hoh was a luck comp

another name

last weeks hoh, if rumor is to be believed was competed twice. the first run was called a practice run after it was completed. okay, i read it, but i haven’t been able to verify it on feed discussion, that’s why i call it a rumor.


I just cant wait for Zingbot to lay into Fes & Hay… Glorious moments ahead