“Nobody said this was going to be fair.. Throw her [Rachel] under the Bus Hardcore” – Angela

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

Big Brother Spoilers It’s still super early but it’s not looking good for Rachel.

1:05pm pool time..

1:03pm Sam and Bayleigh
Bayleigh thinks the house is going to keep Rachel she wants everyone to vote their own way. Sam says it comes down to who makes a better roommate.
Bayleigh – if Brett stays in this house he might come after me.. since I put him up he hasn’t spoken one word to me. Not even so much as a high ..
Bay – even at the ceremony when everyone was Bless you i was like are you going to say bless you to me
Sam – I never said bless you
bay – everyone was saying Bless you I was like say Bless me I was joking.. but he has not spoken to me (ZOMG)
Sam – maybe that is him trying to respect you because he knows that Rachel was straight up your a$$
Sam recommends she goes to Brett and tries to make peace.

Sam has made a counter for the backyard. 31 pieces of cardboard attached to dental floss. to the wall and back 31 times makes a mile

1:41pm Kaycee and Angela
Angela asks if she’s talked to Rachel today. Kaycee hasn’t. Angela says she’s not doing well.
Angela – doesn’t make any sense.. I’m like ok Chill the F* out.. she says the same thing every time why was it me .. did you ever think this was going to be fair and even
Kaycee – I didn’t, I though it would be diplomatic for awhile..

1:48pm Suntanning

1:51pm Kaycee Tyler
talking about getting rid of Rachel is what’s best for them.
Tyler says Sam is always saying she has their back
T – I know you and Rachel is close and sh1t
kaycee – it is what it is.. .
Kaycee says Brett is more level headed than Rachel.
T – if it’s you and Brett on the block you’re good if it’s me and Brett on the block I have a better chance to stay
T – Rachel did it all to herself

T – Rachel threw your name out did Bayleigh tell you that..
Kaycee – yeah.. should I say something before or after..
T – maybe the night before.. JC is solid..
Kaycee – for sure for sure..
T – I told Brett to keep hanging out on Scottie, I told JC that I told BRett that we can pin the vote on Scottie.. and JC won’t freak out

T – did Angela tell you that bayleigh has the power..
Tyler says that Rachel found out from bayleigh she has the power to change the nominations next week..
Kaycee – I thought Bayleigh had it..
Tyler – if one of us win HOH then she’ll change the nominations.. Maybe it would be good to put her up so she changes the nominations..
T – it would also be good if Angela or Brett win HOH but then hopefully you and me don’t go up
Tyler – it’s going to get real tricky

2:04pm The counter in action…

2:00am-3:00am Sam also made a corn hole game..

3:14pm Angela, Brett and Kaycee

Kaycee about Rachel “she’s struggling”
Angela – dude, she comes at me she’s like .. basically it’s not fair
Angela snorts – “nobody said this was going to be fair
Kaycee – the sh1t already happened there’s no going back
Angela – she’s like Am I supposed to be OK with this
A – do you think Brett’s ok with this .. do you anyone that’s been on the block is ok with it
Angela laughs..
A – she’s like (snarky voice) I’m not ok with it
A – I’m like i don’t even know how to respond to that comment (LOL you had a final 2 deal with Rachel and a elaborate plan to fool the house into thinking you two ere enemies.. )
A – that’s literally what I said like I don’t know what to say
Kaycee – we just need to figure out what we need to tell Bayleigh
A – I say we ask for forgiveness and permission
Brett – 100%
Angela – so Rachel can’t defend herself I am going to tell Bayleigh Rachel had a final 2 with you and me
Kaycee – right before not after.. by 10 minutes
Angela – she’s going to be shocked..

Brett – honestly it’s not a good environment to live in she asks like a crazy person running around..
Angela says Bayleigh thinks it’s unanimous and Rachel is staying .

Angela – sh1ts going to hit the fan..
Kaycee – we have to tell her right before..
Angela – He’ll have to go to her and be like Rachel did this, this and this, I Don’t trust her.. Throw her under the bus hardcore ..
Kaycee – she threw our names up there..

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Fezzy's Gay Life Partner

Angela looking as hot as ever and not an interested/straight male in sight. Brett and Fes slowly oiling each other up before they lift weights……


No wonder Angela think her and Bay would have been BFF’s if not for Swaggy…two nasty, self-involved sociopathic peas in a pod..


Do they even have the votes to keep Brett?


i am holding out hope that jc will flip to get rid of bret. if jc was smart he would flip the vote, bc with bret in the house, jc will never be Tyler’s #1. the fact that bret is being saved by the block yet again shows that hes a huge target. i want rachel to blow ish up


and Scottie has screwed himself throwing one hinky vote already…. but, it is much different than a close vote where one person flips to change it, like Steve. Bayleigh is full on expecting a unanimous vote… this one *SHOULD* be easier to sniff out…

I said should… these people though… who knows 🙂

“sweet wounded baby bird”


What Simon said….although as a Team Chaos member, I’m still hoping for Rachel to just pop off and blow up everybody, throwing all vote counting in disarray.

But, um

And for Team Chaos, if Rachel is voted out, I hope she sells out the L5 alliance on her way out the door!




Having not seen much from Angela, and not having an opinion on her, I really don’t like her this week. It puzzles me that she stays atop most of the houseguest polls. She claims to have thrown the HOH (did she really?), thereby screwing her entire alliance over and the vixens. Now is the time to step up and you throw the HOH? And then she turns on Rachel. Logically, Brett is a better teammate for the four of them, but to completely screw Rachel over, just seems wrong. I think Rachel would have stuck to the F2. I don’t believe Brett will be around to take her to F2.

Fezzy's Gay Life Partner

Yes. But they are both hot as f— so who cares?


You’re watching the wrong show dude.


I thought Rachel would be more chill. And Bay at this point is a let down. Her ego is running rampant and it’s really unattractive.
Her comment last night to Fez…* Go back to Pakistan and find a virgin * was really unnecessary. It’s no different really than someone saying * Go back to Africa *
Personally…maybe someone would like to go back to their country…and certain countries simply don’t apply as to being an insult.
i.e. Someone telling me to go back to England. 🙂
I think Bay just talks in the moment. I don’t think she means to be malicious..perhaps it’s just ignorance.
The midget ref. Etc. But people on twitter are always looking out for the slightest thing to rant about…so repercussions will raise it’s head.
After the veto ceremony..Bay telling everyone to Bess Her. Come ON !
The next 3 days are going to be LONNNGGGG.


She’s really beginning to show her true self…..


It is different, she is NOT from Africa, but he IS from Pakistan. Ignorance at it’s best. How the hell you gonna tell someone to go back to a place they know nothing about, is not thier birthplace, but because they are black you tell them that. SMH, you people are something else with you ignorant assessments of others that are not “WHITE”. So, perhaps you should go back to wherever you people hitched a ride from, Mayflower, smuggled in maybe, but one thing I do KNOW! UNLESS YOU ARE A NATIVE AMERICAN, ALL OF US CAN BE TOLD TO GO BACK SOME PLACE OTHER THAN HERE!


Fez isn’t from Pakistan either. His grandparents came to the U.S. The thing is…it wasn’t meant in a good way..vis a vis the conversation with Hayleigh and Rockstar bashing Fez. So the INTENT was meant to be insulting.


Do you have a right to speak for Fessy and people of his ethnicity? No, you’re probably black. And unless Fessy was born in Pakistan your reasoning here is stupid (I was going to use a weaker word here, but screw it, it’s stupid), and even IF he was born in Pakistan, it’s an offensive thing to tell him he’s not welcome here because of something that happened in the stupid Big Brother house.


I love how you’re criticizing other people’s “ignorant assessments of others that are not ‘WHITE.'” Fessy’s not white either, genius, and somebody who calls themself “Winealot” is probably not Muslim. Maybe you meant Whinealot.


You’re focusing on the “go back to Pakistan” and forgetting the “and find a virgin” part. That makes it much more ignorant and narrow minded. She needs to understand the parallels in what she says and the hateful words and phrases that her own race has to deal with. It’s easy to pull the race card when your race is the one who has the history dealing with racism but if you only focus on yourself (which is Bays top characteristic) and don’t take in consideration that other races also deal with prejudice then you are shallow, imbecilic and naive


Oh hey Swaggy!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Winealot, ignorance is bliss. Perhaps no one should EVER say to ANY one, “go back to where you came from”. It’s disgusting when directed at anyone.


Fez wasn’t born in Pakistan, idiot. Do you detect an accent? He’s as American as apple pie. Before you go spouting off you need to get your facts straight!


It’s definitely not the same as someone saying go back to Africa. For starters, which part of Africa are you talking about? Because I certainly don’t know which part of Africa I’m from. I did a dna test on myself, and all I found out was that I was mostly from West Africa. At least he can trace back his roots.


It is NOT my connotation. It could be go back to China..or Italy or whatever. Telling someone to go back to their country or to their roots is not a nice thing to say. It means you are not welcome here..or don’t fit in. I added that i didn’t eel Bay was being malicious. It’s just that sometimes people talk in the heat of the moment..or are unfiltered.
I don’t think Fez was feeling complimented. Enough said.


But she DID say it with malicious intent…that comment as well as quite a few others.


If was Hispanic and she said “Go back to Mexico” would you be defending her?

BB Fanatic

Of course it’s not the same because there’s always different rules for black people. They can say whatever they want to whomever they want, just no one can do it back or the racism card is pulled…and all that does is keep racism alive and strong. Very sad actually.


So very true…I said the same exact thing in another post concerning Bay’s remarks and several responses that I got from people that were black. Slavery was so long ago and they need to suck it up and get over it. EVERYONE has been discriminated against for some reason in their life…this is 2018. Get with the program and stop using your cop-out, blacks.



Brayleigh is my horse (I mean donkey). I dare say she has not lived up to her full greatness. I was in awe of Kaitlyn’s greatness…but before it’s all over, Brayleigh may make Kaitlyn seem subtle, thoughtful, and well adjusted.

Brayleigh making Big Brother great one bray* at a time

bray: the cry of an a$s or donkey.


It’s still a racist thing to say! If someone said that about b there’d be hell all over the place.


I didn’t really take it as if he was Pakistani, I thought it was more of a religious connotation. Isn’t there something in the Koran about vestal virgins?

Haleigh's Melanoma

Religious slurs are just as bad.


In the Koran, Muslim martyrs (and no, not the ones that blow themselves up) are said to receive 72 virgins in paradise for their sacrifice to Islam. Bayleigh was not referencing that. Her comment basically referenced the power dynamic in Pakistan being one that suppresses its women, and should Fessy want a submissive, virginal girl…he should go to his ancestral home and get himself a covered bride.
Her comment was bigoted, ignorant, and entirely out of hand. She could have made her point (that Hayleigh doesn’t need to change herself for Fess) without bringing in his race, or referencing a culture he does not live within. Bay is a MESS.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She SAID that??? Oh my gosh. That’s the problem with social justice warriors like Bay. They don’t live up to their own standards. That’s BAD.


How is she getting away with saying all this? Are they addressing it in the DR? I
don’t think it’s ignorance at all. I think she’s very self absorbed. Sadly that’s why the relationship with Chris won’t work long term. Can’t have two of those types in one relationship.


Sorry. Bay said to BLESS her.

Bayleighs Mood Swings

I hope Rachel blows up everyones game. The drama would be fun to watch. Plus I want to see how players recover.

But, um

Yes, she should do it if she gets voted out! I would still love to see Brett go though.

Double Ds

Sam McGyver


Don’t you think this game would be much better played if you weren’t allowed to talk about noms and votes? That is how it is played in the U.K. and it seems to make a big difference in the relationships between the housemates. They give out funny, sometimes disgusting punishments if they (Production) hear you talking about who you would nominate, who you would vote for, and even who you have already voted for previously.
It seems like there was a time in this game (U.S.) that you weren’t allowed to say but I think that was when it was on many years and maybe just the HOH wasn’t allowed to tell who was going on the block.
Regardless, I do think that rules about how people regard other people should be instated and enforced.


The US version always allowed talking about noms, even the first season.

The UK version has many times allowed Housemates to discuss noms, and even vote each other out.


“Don’t you think this game would be much better played if you weren’t allowed to talk about noms and votes?”

Games are better played when the players can talk about the game they’re playing.

imagine playing Battleship and not being able to talk about where you are going to strike


It’s hard to play the game much better when people in the UK version who try to “play the game” or are known as “game players” are looked at very negatively.

The game is a game of elimination. Being able to take about how to eliminate other players IS playing the game!


I made the arguement that the uk version was hands down better than the us version, in every aspect, for wks, a few yrs ago. On this site. It wont stick with this crew. Let it lie. Focus on this game. Uk starts in a few wks, and Emma Willis will pump us up, and show us what a true host is… until then… I’ll reserve my observations for the next post ?


One of the older season of The Real World was set in England I think. One of the guys commented early in the season about how boring it was going to be because they are generally reserved and polite all the time. It was a very boring season.


You’ve never watched BBUK then. You will find them anything but reserved and polite. Check out the playlists on YouTube.com. The 2014 season was epic!


Simon, where is Granny?


Thanks…must have missed that, and I was getting worried about her!


I love the U.K. version! Really sad to think that this year may be the last…


Angela believes bay would be her best friend LOL wait til this season is over and bay reads all the controversy about angelo and rachel trash talking lol
Wait is tyler hoping brett or angelo could win hoh LFMAO

War Daddy

Baleigh is a racist hypocrite. She has a sob story of how she was the only black woman in school yet she is calling JC a miget and telling Fez to go back to Pakistan. I HATE the double standards, and I hope it goes viral so she can understand that there are more races who experience racism besides black people. Bay the racist gotta go. #baytheray

Haleigh's Melanoma

I really enjoyed her story about showing up for the interview with the airline. Applicants were supposed to bring resume’s and references but she showed up cold with nothing and out of 63 applicants they picked her. Isn’t it a tough life?

hernanday oleary

She is neither a racist or a hypocrit. Isn’t JC a midget? He is short is he not?
What was the context in which she said fez can return to pakistan.
There has been real racism in the house this summer, and you defended it. So now you are some moral leader on racism?


No, JC is not a midget. That is a slur that little people do not like. (Please don’t tell me it’s in the dictionary, so is negro…but that word is not used nowadays ‘by any normal person’…so just stop with defending a slur against another minority).

She didn’t say Fes could “return” to Pakistan. She said if he wants a virgin he should “go back to Pakistan.”

I’ll sit right here while you tell me all the ways in which that isn’t racist.

What Angela and Rachel said was fascist. Kaitlyn singing lyrics to a song was dumb, but we know there was no malice…get real. Next?


Right On !!!


Actually… she said that if he wants a virgin, he should go back to Pakistan… “It’s what they do”. Blech.
He was born in Orlando. Two time All American tight end at UTC.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Exactly. I frankly don’t care what your ethnicity is – or mine. I care about how you treat people. Bay isn’t looking so good right now.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

If Sam doesn’t get either a huge endorsement deal form Michaels Crafts or her own show on HGTV after this…..