“This is not The Bachelor! This is not The Bachelorette! I’m not going to confess my feelings for you.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

8pm Scottie and Bayleigh in the HOH room. Bay – at this point there is no one in the house that Sam doesn’t like .. so I don’t know who she would put up. She put up Kailtyn and Haleigh because she felt they were bullying her. Scottie – of those three if Fes won which one do you think he would go for? Bay – I don’t think he would care. I think he would put up Angela and Kaycee and have Rachel as the replacement. Angela and Kaycee haven’t had to do anything yet. Scottie – and of the three, Kaycee is the most dangerous if she gets rolling. Bay – and even though Angela has been laying low she is a physical beast. She is capable of doing anything she wants in the veto. Scottie – I think if Rachel won she is putting up a combination of me, Fes and Tyler. Bay – definitely and that’s a problem. But that’s not something we need to worry about. Scottie – she’s not going to win. Scottie – we’ve got to win these comps. Bay – one at a time. In a perfect world. Bay – and you think there’s no possibility of a battle back? Scottie – I don’t think so until Jury. Bay – and you think there will be one then? Scottie – I think so there is usually a battle back or something that you can save yourself. This is supposed to be 90 something days. There is no way it will be that smooth. And we still have another twist coming. Last year was that safety, third nomination thing. Bay – and we still have two powers out there. Scottie thinks two of them have expired and the other will this week. Bay – everyone thinks you’re threatened by Tyler so you are keeping him close but not too close. Scottie – that’s cute that people think I’m threatened. Bay – no threats. Scottie – no.

9pm HOH room. Scottie and Fes. Scottie – we were just discussing the three week plan. Fes – which is? Scottie – Angela, Rachel, Kaycee. Don’t care what order. Fes – and you’re on board with it? Scottie – I’m on board with it, you’re on board with it, Tyler’s on board with it. And until Rockstar and Haleigh start pulling their own weight they have no choice but to be on board with it. Fes – true dat!

9:18pm HOH room. Fes and Haleigh. Haleigh – what’s up? Fes – nothing. Haleigh – I obviously need to talk to you. I don’t know what I did or why you’re acting the way you’re acting but I’m sorry. I think we need to work on being friends because it is very hard to work together when someone is hurting your feelings consistently. Fes – I agree. Haleigh – do you not want to elaborate on what I did? Fes – no, I just think we need to distance ourselves to make sure we focus on just the game. Haleigh – so does that require you to ignore my existence and act like I’m not there? And literally get up any time I’m around you? Fes – no. I tried to come talk to you but Rachel walked in the room. Haleigh – What were you going to come talk to me about? Fes – to see if we’re still cool. Haleigh – no we’re not cool. You didn’t speak to me yesterday. Fes – you were talking to Brett all night. Haleigh – its really hard to work with someone that makes you feel like a piece of sh*t. Fes – how do I make you feel like a piece of sh*t? Haleigh – you literally didn’t speak to me for an entire day and a half. I am not going to continue to try and talk to you and I am not going to feel comfortable working with you when you don’t speak to me. You literally act like I don’t exist. You were trying to distance yourself. You don’t see how that could be hurtful? Fes – sorry. Haleigh – you don’t have any opinion or anything to say? Fes – I just came to a realization that we should keep it strictly game because we’re in a good position. I don’t want to come off mean. That’s the opposite of what I want. Haleigh – okay. I don’t understand your shift. Fes – I came to the realization that you are right .. we are in two different places in life and that’s okay. Its just not compatible. I just needed to take a day to move forward in the game. Something needs to change. Haleigh – why does anything need to change if nothing is wrong? Fes – I just want to make it strictly about the game moving forward.

Haleigh – I thought we were on the same page. And now you think this is not going to work at all so you’re just not going to speak to me? You said that I’m not the type of girl that you would mess with .. girls that are openly freaky. Fes – I did say that. Haleigh – that hurt my feelings yesterday. You made my day yesterday terrible. Fes – you so pretty! Live Feeds you see what I have to deal with everyday.. this is bullsh*t! Haleigh – I actually came up there to tell you that I’m not f**king with you anymore and that we’re just going to be alliance members that don’t talk anymore. Fes – I can definitely agree with that one. Haleigh – fine. We’ll do that! Problem solved, cased closed. Fes- you do a bad job a expressing your feelings. Haleigh – I don’t do a bad job. I just choose not to express them. This is not The Bachelor! This is not the Bachelorette! I am not going to sit here and confess my feelings for you. How is that going to be helpful!? Fes – solve this whole problem we’ve got going on. Haleigh – Fes I don’t want to talk to you for the rest of the summer. Fes – I think we’re going to make top five. Haleigh – shut up. Don’t question me. Fes – oHHHH.. GOD FORBID I QUESTION YOU? But I can use a veto on you and send my best friend out of the game and then you can question.. Haleigh – OHHhh.. send your best friend out of the game?! Is that what happened?! Fes – meaning my best friend. The person that is supposed to be my best friend. Swaggy is gone and now the other person besides you I was close with leaves. Just because I try to keep JC off the block… Haleigh – do you have a final two? Fes – I don’t have a final two with you or anyone. You probably have a final two with Brett after last night.. 5 hours .. how does that not come up? Haleigh tries to smother Fes with the pillow.

9:11pm Backyard. Sam and Brett. Brett – on Thursday we will be almost half way so another big decision here is who do you want to cohabitate with? Sam – I have already said that. I am playing a personal game. I see you when you’re on the block and when you’re not on the block. And when your back is against the wall. I don’t think there is any need to go around campaigning for anything that is personal and so that’s why people don’t campaign to me. You don’t need to. So just trust me. You’re pleasant conversation, you’re pleasant to be around. Brett – I appreciate that. Sam – I think that you can win more competitions than me. I think I want to be here to take care of people as long as possible. As long as y’all want me here, I’ll be here. Brett – I’ve been nothing but honest with you. Sam – what about Haleigh? Brett – I’ve tried to pitch to her and hope that she will vote my way but she didn’t last time. Sam – I thought you had a thing? Brett – we’re friends but its not a thing. Sam – moving forward I’ve thought about in the event that I win HOH what do I do now? Also the black hole that come from you and Kaitlyn. She has become one of my closest friends and look to have a friendship with her outside of here. As far as Bayleigh I am with her a lot but I just want to reassure you that. Brett – yeah there is no changing her mind. Sam – I think I will be the first one going there (jury).

9:50pm Scottie and Brett playing pool. Brett – what do you think? Like I have no idea what Fes is thinking. Scottie – Fes wants to play as straight up as possible so pitch that you deserve to be here because you can win. Have you talked to Sam at all? Brett – a little bit. Scottie – what did she say? Brett – its hard to say .. she just wants to make everyone feel comfortable. Scottie – when she was HOH she said she would put up the people that didn’t do their fair share. So talk about cooking and cleaning. Brett – I’ll keep working. I am going to keep trying to work the angle. She (Rachel) has some clear allies.
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10:12pm HOH room Haleigh and Fes continued.. Haleigh – I think we have so many issues because I am not openly .. lets have a showmance! And lets let everyone down there know that this is a thing. So then you in this little head of yours .. in Fessie world.. Fes – I have a big head. Just have fun with it. We’re not promised another week. Just have fun. Haleigh – you came in here wanting a showmance. Fes – no I didn’t. Haleigh – you proposed to Angela day 1! Fes – no I did not. Haleigh – I think you want a showmance and you’re mad because I’m not giving you what you want. Fes – when I saw you I wanted to F**k with you. Haleigh – you didn’t F**k with me.. lets make that is clear. You didn’t f**k with me because you chose to .. lets make sure that is straightened out! You f**ked with me because Swaggy brought me into this. You were f**king with Kaitlyn. Is that false!? Fes – yes! Haleigh – no its not! You and Kaitlyn ride and die. Whatever the f**k y’all said and did .. that is still up for debate. That’s who you were f**king with. Fes – I didn’t stay up in the hammock until 5am. Haleigh – but you stayed under the covers until 5am! Fes – no we did not. Haleigh – If I have to speak about her one more time I am going to throw up! Fes – why!? You brought her up!?

10:15pm HOH room Scottie joins Fes and Haliegh. Scottie – okay, real quick Brett just had a conversation with me. We are definitely voting his a$$ out but that’s not what I told him. He is convinced we’re good. He has no idea why I put his a$$ on the block two weeks ago. Its blowing my mind. He is going to campaign hard tomorrow and I said I don’t think we have a shot. He said what if I make Rachel blow up? I said that’s a good idea. Fes – wait, that’s bad though .. Scottie – no because we have the votes. If she burns her bridge with her alliance then next week we put her up again. Don’t let JC in the loop at all. If you guys see Bay .. let her know. Scottie heads back down.

10:45pm HOH room. Fes, Rockstar, Bay, Haleigh and Scottie. Scottie – so Brett is talking to me at the pool table and for some stupid reason he trusts me.. he was like so how is it looking? I was like I don’t know, people don’t tell me much. He was like but if you had to guess. And I was like not great. He was like do you think if I get Rachel to blow up that would help? I was like yeah that’s probably the only way. He is going to campaign tomorrow and talk to these two (Fes and Haleigh), Tyler… No matter what happens we are voting him out. If he can’t get their votes he is going to try and make her (Rachel) blow up which will make next week even easier. Fes – if he survives the block two weeks this early .. that’s not looking good. Bay – he’s not going to! Are you going to vote for him to stay? Fes – maybe, I haven’t heard his pitch yet. Bay – Fes, you’re not funny. Rockstar – I have PTSD from his last speech.

The HOH crew call themselves the HIVE and give each other nicknames. Bay is the Queen Bee. Haleigh is The Pollinator. Fes is The Stinger. Scottie is the Honeycomb. Rockstar says she will think about what her nickname will be.

11:20pm – 11:30pm Hammock Brett and Angela. Brett – does Scottie every talk to you about game? Angela – no, he is just like so where’s your head at this week? Brett – I hate that! I’m going to snap if I hear that again. My head is right between my shoulders. Angela – its above my t!ts! Brett – I think he thinks all the girls are voting for me. We have been chill and bullsh*t… He is just trying to get information out of me. He is doing what he did before .. and then run back. Angela – he is a little informant.

12am HOH room. Bible study with Bay and Rachel.
Rachel starts crying. Its a constant battle with ups and downs. I knew it was going to be hard. Angela joins them because the backyard conversation is all about farts.

12am – 12:40am Backyard couches Fes, Tyler, JC, Sam talk about their intros. Fes says the was doing a lot of cool stuff and then they told him to so certain things and they said they’ll use that.

12:45am Backyard Fes and Brett pool game.

12:50am Havenot room. Scottie and Tyler. Scottie tells Tyler about how Brett is going to campaign tomorrow but that if he feels he doesn’t have the votes he is going to do something in his speech to get Rachel to blow up. We are voting him out regardless but wouldn’t it be great if Rachel is frantic and then we win and put her on the block on top of that .. she is over! Tyler – she is done! Scottie – tell him whatever he wants to hear.

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So what happened after that because it kept going to commercial on after dark, how did they finish the conversation and make up?

My Two Cents

“Bayleigh – in my head I feel like I have power over people.”
It IS only in your head, Bay. In two days you’ll be sleeping back downstairs with the “commoners”. The way she talked down to everyone this week, INCLUDING her own alliance members, completely changed my opinion of her. I hope after she uses her power to change the nominations, she’s backdoored and sent packing.


One can only hope they have enough sense to see this…….her and Hayleigh too…..that girl acts like she’s 15!

Survey Says

Angela at 11:30 pm last night about Rachel (seen on Joker’s): “If I was 30 and in the position she’s in I would reevaluate my entire life, just look at her.”

What a vile, judgemental piece of sh*t.


I didn’t mind her before this week but I don’t like the way she’s treating one of her closest friends in the house. Everyone in their alliance should be questioning Angela at this point, if she treats Rachael that way, she’ll treat them that way.


Some people just walk away from a friendship, others piss all over it and set it on fire to watch it burn.


They were never friends. We just didn’t know bc she had no one to be honest with that Rachel was never her cup of tea. Now that others have shared their distaste for her and there’s an opening for Rachel to leave, she’s finally able to voice how she’s most likely felt all along. And remember both sides were pretty much dragged into an alliance right after the first HOH, not nearly enough time to see if you’ll even like them, let alone want to work with them long term. And clearly the final 2 was just talk on her end to shut Rach up. Watching the feeds from the beginning, it seems as though Level 6, mainly Wins, Brett, and Ang, have always been irritated by her (and apparently irritated by Winston as well). If CBS doesn’t show their honesty in the diary room or if they don’t talk directly to the cameras, if someone is playing their social game right, you don’t always get to hear them voice how they truly feel about someone or their alliance.


Hopefully Tyler or Brett is smart enough to see the opening Scottie the Rat has given them. Brett needs to make sure he also tells the Hives individually everything from the Scottie talks….but shift a few details, like Scottie said you should roast Rachel.

If they hear everything Scottie says from Brett, then it’ll feel more like strategy…and if some key details are different, that only stokes the paranoia of “what’s the angle?”

I feel bad for Haleigh, trying to play the game with 6’2 and 220 lbs clinging to you. And Huck Finn…I mean Sam stewing in the dirt, jealously plotting to make her pay for Tom Sawyer’s..I mean Fez’ infatuation. I pretty sure those bra wires she was welding are some type of brand that she plans to mark Haleigh as a wh*re..


The whole Fes & Hal conversation was awkward, annoying, immature and fake as &$#* just to get air time! Was very bad acting..I love that this season only had one showmance and it was shut down early


no vets .. no showmances.. wow what a season.

Byaleigh's Big EGO

Did you forget Bayleigh and Swaggy having sex on camera and Swaggy discussing it with Fez?!?


I remember that.


Like I said the 1 showmance was shut down early, thankfully


This site leaves out a lot of info from the feeds. i wish simon and dawg would use the caption as what angela said about rachel last night to bret. she dogged rachel out. if bayleigh said it i bet you all would post it and caption it. smh.


I wasn’t watching the feeds last night I ended at 8pm and up until that point I didn’t hear what Angela said. I’m at my day job right now so can’t backfill the site with a missed conversation but If you give me a time stamp i’ll try and take a look when I get home (provided the feeds aren’t on fire with new stuff)


Well one good thing abt Bayeligh, she got her alliance stronger and together this week, minus all her smart , Queen bee talking, and Rachel just got spit on by her alliance member.

another name

Bayleigh has been the architect of the strife in her alliance this week. She encouraged Haleigh to continue playing flirtation strategy knowing it would push Fes’ buttons. She encouraged Fes to give Haleigh space. The argument tonigth was about Haleigh continuing to play a flirtation strategy and Fes not talking to her (giving her space). Bayleigh’s reason: to get each of them more tied to her than each other. the long term effect: probability that one of them is going to rogue within two weeks has increased.
Rachel got spit on after she suggested her alliance mates as pawns after she volunteered to be a pawn to get rid of one of her alliance mates. If you spit on someone that just horked a loogie all over you…. who gets the sympathy?


So True Thea!