“we’ll be just fine.. I promise.. I got you Haleigh, Bayleigh I got You all.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

Big Brother Spoilers It’s been slow..

4:36pm Brett and JC
JC saying he’s got a clean criminal record. JC keeps sharing drunk stories. JC asks him if he’s ever been in a fight. Brett says no
JC – no ones provoked you..
BRett – 2 or 3 years ago, it’s when I lived in Alabama, there’s a guy behind me with a sombrero .. I kept flipping it off .. (Hiding that he was doing it)
every time the guy turns around Brett would act like it wasn’t him
Brett – he’s getting pissed.. and BOOM bottle in the back of the head..

BRett says a BIG brawl started

4:35pm Cornhole and Chit chat

4:42pm Fes and Rockstar
Fes is talking about Haleigh and Brett on the hammock until 5am
Rockstar – do you think you guys are in the same life phase.. the right person at the wrong time is the wrong person
Fes – yeah I agree

Rockstar says Fes is in need of a baddie and settle down where haleigh is about partying..
Fes – I agree..
Rockstar stresses they need to still play the game together
Rockstar – have the sex and move forward no reason to be mad at each other

Fes – she’s 2 years younger than my youngest sister who’s a baby
RS – you cares if she’s hanging out with Brett, brett’s not staying..
Fes – if she’s getting attention by him like that I don’t want to be all over Haleigh
RS – you can still be friends with him
Fes – we’ll be just fine.. I promise.. I got you Haleigh, Bayleigh I got You all..

Fes – I hate this game
RS – be friendly
Fes – I am friendly ..
RS – she thinks you have an attitude..
Fes – it’s just weird she bounces around.. I still know we’re playing the game but I’m still good..
RS – you can still be friendly
Fes – I guess..
RS -you’re having a hard time drawing the line between friend or flirt..

Fes – you and I are friendly and we don’t flirt..
Fes talks about Haleigh flirting with Tyler and Brett.
Fes – don’t come to me after you’ve done and try that sh1t.. that’s not me..

Fes in the outside world if a girl was chilling with another dude he would cut her off..

RS says Haleigh was in a relationship for 5 years and she’s only 21.
Fes – I’ve been single my whole damn life..
Fes lists off his last 2 were 6 and 8 months.

RS – I had three major relationships..
Feeds switch

When the feeds come back.
FEs – we got the votes right
RS – I think so.. I think it’s weird neither of them have campaigned at all .. I hate the people that don’t f*ing play this game.
RS says haleigh and BRett are in the same maturity level.

5:00pm Backyard
chit chat about pregnancy .. wisdom teeth.
Bayeligh mentions her mom being pregnant with her second baby at her age.


5:08pm HOH Fes and Tyler
Tyelr asks him about the girls alliance. Fes isn’t sure it’s a real thing
Fes – the house is voting BRett out you think?
Tyler says he hasn’t really talked game much but he thinks so

FEs is talking about they are always being seen as a physical threat.
Fes – I know this game is all about bluffing and manipulating but I’ve been straight since the jump
Fes makes clear that they’ve won an assortment of comps, Memory, Puzzle, “we’re just good at comps”
They dance around working with the 3 “reamining” guys in the house..

Jc comes in.. Tyler leaves..

Jc – you think it’s going to be unanimous ..
JC says the people that flipped last week might do it again for fun
Fes doesn’t think “They know people are starting to f*ing talk about it”
Jc – ohh makes sense..

5:17pm Bayleigh and Brett
Bay saying she’s tried to get to know him but she can’t say the same thing about him to her.
Bay says the only person that was friendly to her was Swaggy then everyone decided to attack him.
bay – it makes me feel like I did something to you and I want to know why we are here

Brett says he’s sorry about that.. he starts explaining himself..

Bayleigh says that Rachel has brought her a lot of stress she didn’t want.
Brett says he understand her game move.
Bay doesn’t want anyone to hate him..
Brett – I get that.. I do appreciate you coming to me..

Brett points out that this is a pressure cooker and Rachel can’t really hack it
Bayeligh – pretty soon the stress will get to her and she will break..
bay – if I do change my strategy and start advocating on your behave I need to know
She wants to make sure he’s not after her
Brett brings up the island analogy how they are two islands coming together
She tells him this is serious..
Bayleigh – I don’t like the idea of control the vote because you have a lot of people..
Adds the point of her HOH was to make sure there’s no Sides.
BAy – I want everyone to have their own opinions..

bay – for me everything needs to be calculated for the long term..

Bayleigh tells him she’s going to have a few conversations and if he ends up staying he’ll know.
Bay – in my head I have a feel like I have power over people.

6:02pm Kaycee and Angela
Making a fruit loop castle.
Angela – I think Bayleigh is smarter than we think she is.. She’s doing a lot more.

Kaycee – is there a front door in this thing.. Backdoor only

6:45pm chit chatsssss

group fitness..

7:30pm pool and chit chat.

7:38pm Sam trying to fuse two bikini wires and A close up of Angeala’s cake.

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Can You Guys Give A Girl Some Love?

Here we go again! JC and Brett oiling each other up again. The girls will be forced to use the detachable shower head yet again.


RE: “Can You guys give a girl some love?”

Kaitlyn is crazy and a cheater, Bayleigh is angry and crazy, Rockstar is delusional and feels the world owes her, Hayleigh uses men and disposes them like they were cheap tampons, sam the welder behaves like a 12 year old tomboy who loves the smell of dirt and collecting critters, Angela seems like the white version of Bayleigh, Rachel wants to be a star (with the ego of a star that few men can afford to feed). The only nice person in the bunch among this female cast does not play for the straight team. But Kaycee will make some lucky girl very happy some day.

Miss Conception

As I am also sure that someday,someone will make JC happy but his friends will have to put him up for it.


Angela is nothing like bailey!!
Crazy? Angry? Even angela haters won’t say that about her.
And hayleigh shouldnt get no hate i dont feel like she use brett and tyler!?? They have no deal toghether .only fess that is trying way more than she is from the very begining.


angela sat there and bash her bff rachel like a dog. i feel bad for rachel come thursday. angela and bayleigh both said was it not for swaggy they would be bffs. bc they are just alike.


Angela about Rachel:

“If I was 30 and in the position she’s in I would reevaluate my entire life, just look at her.”

(rachel exits and angela mutters): “Don’t worry. Soon it will be over. Soon it will all be over”

It’s easy to mistake Angela as part of the furniture. But if you take the time to listen to the garbage that comes out of her mouth and her ability to go cold and cruel with somebody that was her best friend in the house…you’ll understand why Angela and Bayeigh get along so well and feel like they are so similar.

But it will be Wednesday

I need Thursday to be tomorrow


Bayleigh’s ego and arrogance had reached Kanye level! Listening to her on live feeds is crazy.


You know what would be funny, is if Fes won HOH and put up Haleigh lmao

Double Ds

Fes – I know this game is all about bluffing and manipulating but I’ve been straight since the jump

That laugh you just heard was Kaitlyn

Can You Guys Give A Girl Some Love?

Fes – I know this game is all about bluffing and manipulating but I’ve been straight since the jump

LOL!!! Fez is not straight.


He fell for Haleigh really fast, makes me wonder if I’d fall for a women that hard if I was locked up with her for three straight weeks or if we’d end up killing each other?

The Beef

This THIS!!! A thousand times THIS!!!

another name

my brain when i read, ‘i want everyone to have their own opinions’…
I can almost read the proclamation now: commoners, as part of their standing and binding oath of allegiance, will line up to be given their very own opinions. Anyone choosing to not receive their own opinion should line up in a secondary line to be hunted down by her royal highness.
in my brain that was narrated by john cleese.

The Beef

“The floggings will continue until the attitudes improve.”

Bayleigh thinks she has so much power she can change the entire nature of the game. She doesn’t want it to be about “numbers” anymore, she wants everybody to have their own opinions.

Clearly she has never watched a single episode, much less a season of Big Brother. At this point in the game you have to have numbers in order to survive and to eliminate players to get down to the point where individual opinions matter more. That’s not to say that one person can’t swing a vote, as we’ve seen already this season, but without those other votes going along with them, that swing vote means nothing. It’s all about the numbers right now toots.


Great! When Brett stays, Bay will think she had something to do with it.


Join the discussion Even if she doesn’t think it she will sure claim it!

obvious tr@ll

Haleigh looks really pretty with her sunglasses on she should keep that lazy eye covered up all the time


Angela, KC, Tyler, Sam.
Fes, Rocky, Haleigh, Scottie, and JC.
That’s 5-4, Brett leaves.
What am I missing here? I admit I’ve been out of the loop since late Sunday, but this is a big one. Thanks a lot everyone, especially Simon and Dawg. Love what y’all do.

Can You Guys Give A Girl Some Love?

If JC votes to keep Brett, Bay will be pissed at both JC and Fez. They will both be targets. It would be insane for Fez not to lock down JC’s vote. Like her or not, Bay has the power right now. JC should see that. Unless JC, Fez, and Brett want to make a big game move and try to form a boy alliance.


The people with the most numbers are the people with the power now. Bay has no more power. She just doesn’t know it yet…dumb.


J.c is not fess puppy!
They havent voted together like even once.
He is not planning to tell them ge fliped
And even so.. what fess as to do with it..

My Two Cents

Bayleigh does NOT have power now….she just thinks she does. Her power ended when Tyler didn’t use the POV and she didn’t have to put up a replacement. Sleeping in the HOH room doesn’t allow her to dictate who the others vote for. This week is out of her hands now.


From what I can tell jc is voting to evict Rachel but is planning on pinning his vote on Scottie which is why he is telling the other side of the house he is voting Brett out but then again it’s jc so you really never know till the vote happens but I think he is going to vote out rachel


I want no more sides. I want everyone to have their own opinion. Everyone should vote for themselves………. as long as it’s the way I want them to vote!

SMH… HOHitis is REAL!


You would think Bay is Better than Janelle ! Talking to Scottie about how Rocks and Hay BETTER win and pull their weight.
Bay won a luck comp after 40 something days. WHOOT !
I’m really over Bay at this point. Like a tyrant…running down EVERYONE. She absolutely thinks she’s all that. And more.
I want to see her on the block. And voted OUT. I’d rather have Kait crying and petulant than this.

My Two Cents

I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said — except the part about Kaitlyn. SOO glad she’s no longer in the game.


I really wanted to root for Bay. I still do want to… but I just can’t anymore. The HOHitis is too much for me. Maybe after this week and whatever week she uses her power, she’ll be back to normal again n I can get back on board. But her attitude n personality now? Ugh no. 🙁


I really liked her as well. But her real colours are coming through. In her intro..she said she can be very rude to people flying. And her stories where she was rude to someone in 1st class.
Absolutely people can be drunk and rude. But stewards and stewardesses are hired because they are tactful and cool and calm. We have Swaggy on Twitter CROWING about how Bay is intimidating everyone and how scared they are.
Alrightee then. I bet she’s singing a different tune soon. Can’t wait. I am annoyed right now.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yeah, that Bay ship has sailed for me too.


I was team Bay as well. But her narcissism is too mentally draining for me.

Finally a good season

Can her HOH week be done already. Hoping Tyler the so lonely sweet little bird takes the next HOH.

3s a Crowd

Is Angela making the correct move for HER game by voting Rachel out OR is this Tyler controlling the game yet again?

another name

her ride or die rachel sold her out to be a pawn after agreeing to be a pawn herself. Her backup final 2 bayleigh told rachel secrets bayleigh didn’t tell her fellow amazon angela. rachel flipped out, showing she’s going to crack under pressure. the people targeting angela are targeting her as part of the angela rachel pair. getting rid of rachel, from the information that angela has… isn’t the worst move.


Anyways she should get closer and make deals with j.c and sam. (Sam did said angela is her no.3)
They all should .. sam will ve loyal and doesent like alliances i think;) buy why not make it official with j.c?
And let him think this is an alliance he created.
Tyler.. you can pull tht off.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Rockslug: “I hate the people who don’t play this game” (they are playing the game… right under your nose.)

another name

The fes haleigh conversation is making me want to take motion sickness pills. around and around they go. makes me want to pop a third eye and give them a hit: one of you is a jealous goof, and the other is overplaying the callous flirt game, all my spirit guides told me, so shut up, i’ve got a puzzle to finish.


Rockstar creeps * galoomps* into EVERY conversation. Just plumps herself down.
She does * Not go gently into the good night *.. (Dylan homas ) 🙂

another name

If Brett actually plans another shock and awe speech… there is a higher level of probability that he shoots himself in the foot than ensuring votes.
outing the women’s alliance… that everyone knows about is superfluous.
outing bay’s power… might push jc to stay on her good side last minute.
following angela’s direction to make rachel freak out, could make sam question brett’s character.
outing bay’s power is something you do after eviction, and before the next hoh comp if you are going to out it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Okay, watching AfterDark. What is this, Day 41 or 42? HOH room, they are Hay Bay Fez & Rockslug are giggling and jumping up and down, working on their alliance name STILL (The Bees, Buzz, ZZZZZ, Fez’s Angels, The Dumba##es – I threw that one in) – so proud of themselves for being stealthy and owning the game! In the yard, L6/5/7 (whatever) cracking up at their 4th eviction blindside in a row, discussing whether Brett should toss out in his eviction ceremony speech, “Oh, by the way, Rachel told me that Bayleigh has the 3rd Power App – next week’s HOH is worthless. Peace – I’ll be here all week!”


Bayleigh says to Rachel…I just want to stay humble. I don’t want to be cocky.
(insert eyes wide open emoji)
On a good note…Fessie, Tyler, Sam and J C had me crying with laughter. They were doing their intros. Tyler having to be the surfer dude. Fes and J C were taking the Micky out of Tyler. Sam was rolling.
It was the best 10 minutes of feeds EVER. ( Tyler was laughing at himself as well. )