“A lot of people have no clue what’s going on… the odds are in our favour”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel is still getting evicted from what I can tell. Bayleigh and Rocks don’t seem to have any clue that the vote has flipped. Maybe they will later tonight 🙂

11:10am BAckyard gets closed

11:30am Rocks and Bayleigh
Bayleigh saying that “the holy spirit” was compelling her to read a passage in the bible. It’s really help her deal with the stress, “It’s really good”
Bayleigh – don’t worry about anything and pray for everything…his peace will gaurd your hearts and minds”
Rocks – I like that..
Bayleigh – I had a bible study with Rachel last nice which was nice..

Bay – she has no idea about anything that is going on
Bay – like she has no clue
Rocks laughs
Bay – she was like why would Tyler win this veto i’m so confused
Bay – she has no clue.. poor thing
Rocks – A lot of people have no clue what’s going on.. a lot of people (LOL)
Bay – we got to watch Scottie.. he’s sneaky
they agree Scottie is on everybody’s radar so those people can take him out
Rocks wants Fes to win HOH to take a shot at kaycee and Angela

Bay – we need somebody to get Scottie because if they’re not here who gets Scottie
Rocks says they can, “the betrayal the backstabbing”

Bay – Tyler’s here too.. and he’s not going out without a fight
Rcks – I want to backdoor Tyler
bay – he’s not playing No games Girl
Bay warns about Sam, “If she makes it to final 2 she’s taking it”
Rocks – I’m thinking of putting up Sam and Angela and Backdooring Tyler
Bay – they still have to be around to make that happen
Rocks and Bay both want Tyler gone, “I like him as a person”

Bay says Rachel is gunning for this next HOH, “whatever it is it can’t be too extravagant.. it’s going up in less than a day”
Rocks – they might do that Majority of the house thing…

Rocks – somebody;’s got to put JC up
Bay – I wanted to but Fes wouldn’t let me
Rocks – Fes thinks he’s a 10 year old kid
Bay – I know it’s frustrating .. JC is the same age as I am so…
Rocks says she has her own reason to not put her up.
Bay – he’ll put you up in a heart beat.. it’s frustrating why you protect him

Rocks – I would put up Sam .. Sam I’m sorry I really want you to win the veto you put me up thought so now we’re even

Rock – the odds are in our favor.. things have gone so terribly bad.. finally
Bay – finally we get something we just need to keep it
Bay – I don’t know how double evictions work.. do you just point out the people go?
Rocks fills her in

Bay has no idea who the other side would put up in the double eviction.
Bay wonders if Brett is going to try and make Rachel freak out like he said he was.
Bay also wonders if next week Rachel will go up again and Freak out
bay – if Angela goes on the block I don’t know what will happen
Rocks – she hasn’t had to feel that at all
Bay – she’s had 1 bad day but that’s family related other than that she’s been having a good time in here..

Bay wonders who has the power asks if it’s JC
Rocks says JC is now denying he has a power. He told Rachel and she was like JC, you told me
Rocks now suggesting she’ll put JC and Sam up Backdoor Tyler

Rocks starts talking about leaving her family and the last night they spent together. “First I thought even if I made it to Jury it was a nice.. whatever for that amount of time.. IF I could pull off final 2 that’s a down payment on a house.. ”
Rocks – we make like 50K in a year so like..
Bay – that’s a major thing
Rocks – damn.. if there was any bonus things along the way..
Rocks – even making it top 5 it’s a big deal… I told Chris there’s no way I could do this in 3 months.. (make that much money)
Rock – when I was going to send in the tape.. my mom said YOu get on that show and I’ll figure it out..

12:26pm Angela, Bay, Rocks
Angela – it’s weird Wednesday
Angela – I’m going to try and convince Brett to give me one last massage..
Rocks – that’s good we’re still on the same page..
Bay thinks if there was a battle back it’s today or tomorrow
Rocks – if Kaitlyn comes back can we all agree to evict her
bay – duh.. .

Angela – i’ve been trying to figure out Tyler now that Kaitlyn’s been gone..
A – Rachel told me after the veto ceremony that the only way Tyler would use the veto is if I was the replacement she told you that too right

Bay – he said If I used it Angela would be the replacement right.. I was like I haven’t even thought of a replacement
Bay – it was him saying if you are going after them you go after all of them.. it wasn’t like I’m going to throw Angela up
A – ok
Bay says Tyler would have taken Brett off if he was going to use it
Bay makes it clear that Tyler was just probing her and it wasn’t like he came up and told her that is what he wanted. (poor wounded bird)

Angela says she can’t figure out who Tyler is working with
Bay – even Tyler I don’t know what he would want to target you
Angela a- exactly.. it doesn’t make any sense..
A – Rachel told me that..
Bay – he probably said something.. to her..

Bay says she thinks Tyler was just trying to see where her head was at
Bay mentions Rachel asking her if they can convince Tyler to use the Veto on her. Bay – “No because he’ll want Angela to go up”
Bay – I don’t think he’s targeting anyone.. I just think he’s not generally afraid of anyone because he has nothing to be afraid of
Rocks- he’s won everything ..

Haleigh comes up with new tampons.. it’s organic ..

They go into talking about blood and absorbing and stuff….

12:44pm Rachel and Sam
(Rachel starts campaigning to Sam)
Rachel is talking about creating bonds with Sam. “you’re a fighter and you are an awesome kind hearted person .. I am someone working for you not against you”
Rachel – I’m gunning for you to get to the end of this game
Sam – is that how you felt about me originally or about me now
Rachel says all along..
Sam says it’s terrifying that she has to make decisions that are game related.
Rachel – my whole pitch to you is I’m working with yo not against you I consider you an ally in this house..

12:47pm Rachel and Bay
Bay – you’re in trouble..
bay brings up Angela coming up to the HOH
Bay – why would you tell her that
Bay – I was telling that to you for you not for Angela .. if Tyler thinks I was the one that said that he’ll be made
Rachel says she was worried.
Bay – it’s fine..
bay just wants to make sure that Tyler doesn’t get freaked out (Poor wounded baby sweet sweet bird)

12:50pm Rachel is back talking to Sam

Sam – you are an incredible women you are winning battles every day inside of yourself I am so proud of you doing that.. we can talk more..

12:56pm Rachel goes up to the HOH asks Haleigh and ROCKS if she still has their votes. They say yes. She grabs bayleighs bible for a read.

1:00pm Haleigh and Rockstar

Rocks thinks Kaitlyn won’t have any soul mates
haleigh – Tyler will fall right back into it.. Guaranteed.. She’s like a witch she casts spell on people
Haleigh – he’s really easy to manipulate..

Rocks asks about her and Fes
Haleigh had told Fes that they are too different to work because if the things she was talking about in the hot tub got him freaking out..
Haleigh – I do act stupid.. I do say stupid stuff. .I do drink … (cut from the same clothe)

Haleigh – it ended well.. we’re over it lets just do our thing.. we’re friends
rocks says she’ll put up JC and Sam
haleigh – Sam would probably go … good

Rocks says she wants to backdoor Tyler with JC/Sam as the noms
Haleigh – what if he wins the Veto.
Rocks – than I’ll tell him not to use it .. since he seems to be so accommodating with what people want (he still can’t go up)

1:30pm Sticking together

1:32pm Angela and Kaycee

Angela brings up Rockstars reply when she was in the HOH an hour ago and said she wanted to get one more massage from Brett. (read up above)
Angela – do you think Bayleigh cares if it’s brett or Rachel
Kaycee thinks bayleigh does care she wants BRett gone

KAycee was going to sleep in teh HOH tonight but now it’s Haleigh, “Rachel missed her night and had to do it last night.. ”
they talk about how irritated they are at Rachel
Kaycee – she just thinks about herself
Angela – she’s sop selfish..

Angela says Rachel came up to recently and told her they shouldn’t hang out as much and should talk a little bit of crap to ea ch other so the house doesn’t see them as a pair.
the laugh
Angeal – this will come naturally
Kaycee – she’s a loose cannon we can’t have her around.. JC is like man this is so hard..
Kaycee says JC cares about Rachel.

Angela – she has no idea it’s coming
kaycee – oh my god..

THey blame Rachel for two of them being on the block.
Angela – she’s going to blame the all girls alliance on her.. her and Rockstar..
Angeala doesn’t want BRett to go after her too hard in case she gets up and sells out LEvel6
Kaycee is worried too,.
Angela – if BRett throws her under the bus she still thinks she has the votes..

Angela adds that BRett is going to say that Rachel told him Bayleigh has the power..
Angela says bayleigh told her Scottie was going to put up her and RAchel.

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“Rocks – A lot of people have no clue what’s going on.. a lot of people (LOL)”
And Rocks you are one of them. I like how she knows who she will out up, the problem is she actually has to win HOH to be able to out 2 people up. She is living in LaLa Land! And she is only there from last week, is because Kaitlyn was Bat Sh** Crazy and the guys wanted her gone.

Just sayin'

Every week they say the same thing, “finally this week is going our way and we are in control”. Its never true, and its always funny!


Don’t worry, they got sweet, wounded baby bird on their side.


I believe B is turning into Kaitlin. Wait is Swaggy coming back to the house this week? LOL

double D

Which is funnier

“Rocks – A lot of people have no clue what’s going on.. a lot of people (LOL)”


Rocks-When I win HOH I’m putting up…


I think the only person RS didn’t say she’d put on the block is herself, dang she’s planning on winning all the HOH’s.


And I like how she thinks she gets to decide if the veto gets used….she thinks even if Tyler wins the veto and she doesn’t let him use it, she can still backdoor him? How does that work? No flipping clue!


Bay!!! Swaggy’s NOT coming back! Give it UP!

If Rachel really does go tomorrow nite, Bay’s face will be priceless!!!

Hope Brett really does do his eviction speech!!!!!!!!!

Looney Libs

Bay will lose it when Brett outs her power app. i hope she lies so everyone knows she can’t be trusted.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Can’t even own it


I really feel bad for Rach…
I think if she gets evicted, she’ll be kicking herself about two things…
1. Why she said it was okay for her to be used a point…
2. How she misinterpreted what bayleigh said about Tyler using the veto and freaking out about it.


And not probing about Bayleigh’s power app – she could have been smarter about it and used it as leverage in some capacity


The Power App is such a big deal, cannot for the life of me understand why she isn’t doing anything with this knowledge.


Sorry meant pawn


C’mon Rachel. Figure out that it’s weird Angela would ask Bay about it, confront her, have a blow up…then freak out on everybody and blow up all their spots.

Forget yourself and Brett…Team Chaos needs a win.


B , fez and their side should change their name from the hive to the clueless LOL
I mean dude the other side flipped their vote last week and kept Brett and now B believes the other side would follow the house vote and evict brett? LOL
THink B why Brett is not campaigning at all LOL
Would Angelo realize now pinky poor little sweet bird is playing both sides? LOL

My Take

Good luck with impeaching 45. #walkaway


Thanks but shouldn’t you focus on the BB LOL


Exactly, so why the political screen name?

45 for life

#walkaway #redwave

Botox Pelosi

Thursday’s HOH is so important. Level 5 needs to win and flush out Bayleigh’s power. If they can win the HOH and the veto they can override her nominations and backdoor a Hive member by the Level 5 HOH breaking the 4/4 tie.

double D

I would tell Bayleigh…”If you use your power during my HOH, you will be going up as a veto replacement “

Buh Bye

I haven’t heard Bayleigh give any clue that she realizes SHE could be a replacement. Sounds like she feels safe.

But, um

Yeah, I was wondering if the HGs know she can be used as a replacement, probably not. I’m sure the DR will clue in Tyler! lol


I think Bay will only use the power app if she is on the block. She doesnt strike me as a person to put her azz on the line for someone else (i.e Hayleigh or Fes on the block)

Looney Libs

If you were Head of Household who would you nominate for eviction?

Bayleigh & Scottie for me.

JC is Pervy

Rockslide and JC

another name

In consideration of the knowledge each group has:
Rock and Haleigh making it clear through suggestion that Bayleigh is the renom if veto is used right up front if i’m level 6. If Bayleigh plays in and uses veto, Fes. if i want to cause the most drama to the hive. That would destroy them by fracturing their alliance completely. Their pecking order is exposed.
Scottie and JC with Tyler as renom if i want to win the game and i’m on the women’s side of the spectrum. house knowledge has them all as swing voters.
JC and if he stays, Brett with Tyler as renom if i’m pro hive. swing votes and they’d be thinking Brett is the head of the snake more if he stays twice.
If i’m Sam: whoever didn’t finish their brussel sprouts along with whoever left the toilet seat up.


Angelo vs Brett and backdoor Tyler

But, um



Bay and JC

Douchey C

Rockstink & Bayleigh….. whoever leaves is sweet imo


I would pull a RS and nominate everyone and then accidentally backdoor myself, ooops!


Racel may be out but L6 still won’t win anything. They are a dying breed. Tyler is the only one who has won anything. I think Angela might be able to win she might be throwing stuff to float by. But that’s it. I like Fez even though he is clueless to this game. Game wise I see Tyler outplaying all of them(Rockstar is the only one after him and she ain’t winning anything unless its a random chance competition.)


it’s not L6 anymore it’s L4. Lol they keep losing people


It’s disrespectful to put Holy Spirit in quotes

another name

in the face of possible women’s alliance, Fes and Scotties reaction of they will be fine as long as they have three guys ( vs. seven women) is confusing. i know math is hard, but my head is tilted to the side trying to figure out the logic. that’s some hive mind… considering the number of various bees on the endangered species list.
that hive. they’re planning final five. in week five. when thus far, they haven’t controlled a vote yet. yeah, it’s nice to have goals, like when i imagine that the island of diamond toothed people are going to find me and make me their king (no volcano on the island).
I still expect a little bit of vote weirdness. because why change pattern.
does Bayleigh actually believe that the oaths of loyalty she asked for before making her nominations as hoh will still be honored next week? really?
they’ve been foolish in terms of jury selection. Who actually believes that JC or Rockstar would be able to see anyone’s point of view other than their own? Have they never spoken to either? given the obstinance in each of their character, anyone thinking finals in first stage of game positioning, really didn’t think ahead. those two should have been the first two taken out if you want to have a shot at having your final arguments heard.
Wednesday night madness is still forthcoming. so maybe my logic issues will change.

Finally a good season

Lol Rocks. She reminds me of the sloth named Sid in the Ice Age movie.


Dont insult Sid like that!

Douchey C

Spot on! Poor sweet, ugly baby sloth

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Rockslug has been strategizing who she’s going to put up and backdoor for weeks. First to jump the tree ledge; not even cLose in one comp. On the wrong side of the votes AGAIN. Poor baby slug. Sweet sweet baby slug.

But, um

Thanks to Dawg & Simon for their hard work…I made a donation.

Looney Libs

i’m really looking forward to see if Hayleigh is different once she gets away from Fes.


Bayleigh is ANNOYING. She let HoH go straight to her head. I hate that America gave her a power. I hope someone sends her out the backdoor SOON.

Botox Pelosi

I don’t think America gave her the power. It was Production.

I would love to see Bayleigh get backdoored after using her power.


i don’t think Production did it. I believe they relied on America’s voting. I don’t think Production meddles with America’s votes. At least I hope they don’t.


Bayleigh has a strong following on Tumblr who campaigned to get her a power to avenge Swaggy because they believe the other hg’s targetted him because of his race. They also hate JC, even though Bayleigh doesn’t yet still keeps calling him names, and they hate Sam for slut shaming and Brett and Tyler for existing, really.


Did Bay ever start her period? She keeps making little comments, but I haven’t figured it out. Did Swag ask for the plan B?

another name

he did. he was told SHE had to come ask for it.