Power of Veto Ceremony Results “F***ing Spoiled b1tch.. such a b1tch.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Kaycee Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler used the power of Veto on Angela. Haleigh Nominated Kaycee in her place.

10:00am Rocks and Sam backyard
Rocks grabs a smoke “Stupid b1tches.. Stupid b1tches”
Sam – Stupid b1tches, why .. everyone?
Rocks – what if.. Angela was the hacker.. freed Kaycee and Picked Tyler because she knew Tyler would take her down (LOL)
Rocks – they have a final 2
Sam – I guess it’s possible I don’t know.. I wouldn’t think that
Rocks – I want Tyler to take me down
Sam – calm

Rocks says she needs to review the days with Fessy. (for mental competitions)
Sam – ok
Sam – he knows them all
Rocks – fes is really good at that..
Sam – fes is my favorite. Is there any possibility that he’s gay or is that just my imagination
Rocks – it’s JC saying.. he’s not gay he’s very straight
Rocks – then theirs the possibility that the hacker was Scottie
Rocks – Scottie knows my strategy, Scotiee is best friends with Haleigh, Scottie might want to break up me and Haleigh
Rocks – there’s all these possibilities you see..
Rocks – The one I’m sticking to is me and Anegla are mortal enemies..
Sam -mmmmm it’s a beauitful morning..

Angela walks in ..

10:09am Kaycee and Tyler
KAycee says she knows she’s going up as the replacement nomination. She spoke to JC last night and he’s pretty solid.
Kaycee says JC is voting to keep her it’s not a question.
Tyler heard that to from JC
Tyelr says he was talking to haleigh and Brett told her that whoever is the replacement nomination is going to go. (Level 6 fooling HIVE)
Tyler is not sure where Sam will vote. KAycee doesn’t care they only need JC.
Kaycee says Rockstar told JC if you don’t use the veto on her this weeks she’s coming after Tyler
They laugh..
Kaycee – that’s adorable.. I’m not the hacker kid

10:11am Tyler and ROCKS
Rocks – nervous as ever.. manic Monday
Rocks – don’t take your aggression of anybody else on me
Tyler – ok
Rocks – a lot of people are rooting for you to stay. . you are a beautiful gentile lamb

JC comes by they smile..

10:30am Chit chat outside..

Rocks goes out side with Sam for a smoke “F***ing Spoiled b1tch.. such a b1tch.. ”

Sam – you have the votes.. I mean I don’t know for sure..







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Houka Inumuta

Who do you think would be in the final 2 with Scottie?

Scottie FTW

Me ted

Give this scottie Final 2 B/S a rest! Its not gonna happen L6 will clean him and Haleigh out in short order..c Ya Rockstick

Big Brother

You mean level 3? It’s cute that Kaycee thinks she’s a part of their group.


Why would Kaycee not be in Level 6/5/4? She has played along and been involved in their strategy sessions the entire game.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)


Swaggy's Missing Brow

Easy, it will be Swaggy.

Baby Daddy Swags


Goony Burd

Your mom.


He’d take Hayleigh to the end so that 1. He could finally be the only man in the room and 2. most of the jury would probably feel he had played the game harder. But she won’t be there that long so it’s all hypothetical.


scottie’s only hope is fes winning the next hoh and then he or hayleigh winning the following week. if they can knock L6 down to 2 members before losing another of their own, he has a shot, but that’s a really big IF.


Yes. Scottie for the win


I genuinely cannot stand RS. First…the nickname. Seriously? How embarrassing. Then her constant victim mentality. Everyone is spoiled, pretentious, entitled, rich, etc…and its always “why me?”, “poor me”.
For the oldest person in the house and as someone responsible for multiple children, her attitude is troubling.
She sees oppression everywhere yet never takes responsibility for her own actions and choices.
She needs to go to jury where she can smoke cigarettes, whine and bitch with Bayleigh and sit on her butt all day.

Barbara Allen

You are absolutely right on I I cannot stand her for that and also her mouth, pure filth, of course she probably doesn’t have the vocabulary for anything else, I would be mortified if my children heard me talk like that. Very Stupid woman.


Don’t care about her nasty mouth, but she needs to quit smoking, and stop the cry baby shit, she’s just lame, Stop blaming everyone for your shitty game play, and to say someone is your mortal enemy is just plain stupid, it’s a game, get over yourself! Please send this Silly woman home, or to the jury house, next Sam or Hayleigh, Please,


I agree! You know her two older kids are seeing & hearing her! But I’m sure that’s how she talks at home as well. I’ve never thought much of people who feel the need to use constant swear words. I absolutely feel like it just makes you sound too stupid to use a better vocabulary. I’m not saying I never curse! But hers is out of control. Just imagine what her children are learning from her!


I’ve thought the same way. It blows me away how often she can resort to cursing but kaycee is not supposed to curse. So entitled sore loser look people it’s not the death camps your just leaving the house not dying what happened to I just need to make it to jury for my family. Now they should just let her win cause she’s doing lousy in life? Cmon woman have some self respect . You have won nothing unless u count the punishment that they took easy on you stand there lifting tiny little weights. Cause you can’t run anymore so sore. It’s because you do nothing but lay around. Walk the yard at least u may find a muscle u could use in your backbone.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agree. She’s the most judgmental, intolerant person there. She hates Angela because…. She’s beautiful and calm? Stink attitude.

Smitten Kitten

But, but, but, she know how to delegate responsibility & logistically manage a strip club, remember??

Goony Burd

She’s not setting a good example for her children. Imagine if you will…
(repeating myself from a previous post)

Her Daughter: MAWM! I want this blouse!
Rocksalt: You can’t have that. It costs too much, and–
Rocksalt: Now honey, please don-
Daughter: (*Bangs pots and pans that she inexplicably brought with her from home*)


Whose motherf*cking d*ck do I have to s*ck to get this blouse. But Hey, this is a woman who abandoned a 3 1/2 month old baby, 1 1/2 months ago to come to the BB house. Maybe RS’s daughters hardly know her and they’ve been saved 🙂


And If she was as good at running strip clubs as she claims to be, she should be rich herself. She’s either lying or pissing away all of her money.


She doesn’t run a strip club, she is a house mom, meaning a gofer for the strippers. House moms aren’t employees, they are independent contractors and only receive tips from the strippers. She is giving herself way to much credit for the position she holds. Oh, and she just generally sucks at life.


It must be a strip club with very ugly women/ lgbt or whatever to not be able to make money. managers of strip clubs generally make more than the strippers and usually get bonuses if the club makes money or they wouldn’t be able to get cooperation and direct the clientele’s to spend more money with the girls and on booze. Bragging on her abilities to impart knowledge and not understanding why these people don’t get to know her. Did she try and get to know anybody ? No she was secure in her delusional side she didn’t want to know them she hated Bret and he Was a privileged white rich kid. Not a cyber engineer w skills and a degree until she needed his vote now he’s ok if on her side.


I’m not into politics, but RS is one of those crazy hippie far left liberal woman with a victim mentality and plays off of intersectional gender, sex and race divides. Just an angry woman who wants things given to her. And her mouth is terrible. I can’t belive this woman is raising children.


100 P

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Poor delusional Rock! How the heck does she go from “we’ll backdoor Tyler” to expecting he’ll use the Veto on her?? And then the magnanimity of thinking “she” has 5 people who will (she speaks for them?) keep him safe for 3 weeks?

Will she turn to pots & pans again when Tyler doesn’t use Veto on her? Will she turn into Bayleigh and spew blood from her mouth yelling at Tyler for “lying” that he would use Veto on her?

Finally, will JC need counseling after the whole “mudhole” kicking convo?

BB20 is great TV!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And immediately the two self-made athletic women who are kicking their asses are “F***ing Spoiled b1tch.. such a b1tch.. ” whereas her girls Hay and Bay had it so hard in life.


Let’s not forget “he’d be stupid not to use it on me…. we’re promising him 642 weeks of safety!” …all the while talking about backdooring him. Because Tyler is the idiot lololol. They’re so stupid and delusional it’s mindboggling.


But Hayleigh has eyelashes and boobs. They thinks she can get the guys to do anything.


FAKE boobs

Is Tyler my daddy???

JC – That…was terrifying!

I haven’t laughed that hard in long time. Yes JC, that was slightly terrifying.


I laughed so hard when he said (exactly what I was thinking) I woke up my husband who was upstairs sound asleep!


Omg!! Sam was friggin Terifying!


I can’t believe that Rockstain thought, up to the very last minute, that Tyler would use the veto on her. She needs to join Bailey in the little house so she can tell her What to Expect When You’re Expecting”.


How do you think THAT will go? RS doesn’t even know how long pregnancy is. ’10 months? 9 months? All that conception stuff confuses me, i don’t know…’ when bay asked before. God help these idiots…


I am sure a stork will come up somewhere in the conversation.

The 2010 United States Census

How bad at this game do you have to be to join the Hive alliance? Is there some secret level of suck that you have to obtain to be the grand poobah?

Big Brother

I agree they have played a disturbingly stupid game however, JC, Scottie, Sam and Kaycee have to at the very least start to consider if they are numbers 4,5,6 or 7 after Tyler, Angela and Brett and stop voting with them. They will be picked off after they help the theee of them get the rest of the house out.


Unfortunately, I think Scottie and JC are as fooled that Kaycee, Tyler, Angela and Brett are actually a real alliance rather than just conspiring against the other side. So they may be playing the other side as well to a degree by playing the middle, but they are no less fooled.


yeah, i’m really curious what jc’s game is. from his perspective angela and scottie are way closer to tyler than he is, and the only other alliance he’s been courting all that actively is with fes. at what point does he realize he will very quickly be on the wrong side of the numbers?

Crazy T

LMAO. Totally


Haleigh is the poobah. And Faysal is the poo in poobahs bath 3 hours in a bathtub cmon 3 different conferences ala tub soak I think she liked the way she looked there


Haleigh’s upset because the hacker ruined everything. Hypocrite much? And she’s counting up who will vote out Kaycee. Delusional much? All the while RS is whining & complaining about Angela getting what she wants. RS is a child having a temper tantrum because things aren’t going her way. Pretty positive she (and Haleigh) believe in the “everyone deserves a trophy” crap. Seriously. You hate being on the block? WIN SOMETHING. Change things for yourself. Stop expecting people to save you and live life for you.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And stop thinking you are smarter than your opponents.


Agreed. It’s big brother not Barney. If you want fairness and everyone taking turns go back to elementary school.

Smitten Kitten

And stop giving the greatest competitor in the house answers to the veto questions!

You know it’s going to stick in her craw FOREVER that she almost won the veto, but she hand delivered the win on silver platter to Tyler instead.


I HEART this thread :p

Hi My Name Is Scott

So Angie (oh sorry I forgot she hates that name) Rockstar does not get her way and proceeds to stomp her feet and have a temper tantrum and Angela is the “F***ing Spoiled b1tch.. such a b1tch.. ” Rockstar is clueless….she is without clue…..Needs start posting signs around the house saying she is looking for her lost clue….. 🙂

Hi My Name Is Scott

Maybe, just maybe if RS went into the DR and asked real nice, someone in production might just giver her a clue 🙂


wondering if she offered them “something else” for power and they refused.


She (and her fellow HIVE girls ..i/e.. Blahleigh and Hayleigh) have talked more shit about people than everyone in the house. Now they can do it in the jury house 😉

Gentle Gentle Lamb with a man bun

Bye Bye Smelly Rocksocks. Crying is not a good look on you.

trackin the Kraken

hey Rockstar,

The tour just got cancelled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Hive are so mindnumblingly stupid it’s starting to annoy me. I wish we could fast forward like 4 weeks, we need double evictions ASAP.

Rockstar literally wants everything handed to her in this game because she thinks she’s a “good person”. That’s not how this works


Yea…and let’s pretend she IS a good person. Ok rockface…I hear what you’re sayin, but you’re on the wrong game if ya want things handed to you just because you’re a good person. But she’s NOT!!! She’s as far away from a good person as there ever was. Comical!

trackin the Kraken

Tyler’s new nickname is paper

Because paper beats rock


LOL @ paper


Nice one

King Silva

F*ck the picture of Rockstar’s face used for this post is scary AF! O_O

I am so happy Hayleigh’s HOH is going to be a bust.

Karma is a bitch! 🙂


Karma was a b*tch last week when she tried to change Angela’s HOH and it backfired and Bay went home. This week Karma is a MF and is letting Haleigh know that whatever her plans are she’s not having it.


At this point Karma is a sociopath.

another name

so the actual votes this week should be 5-1.
it’s monday.
i expect by thursday there will be a 4-2 situation.
between jc throwing out chaos votes, sam trying to court jury votes by being the opposite, or brett trying to maintain cover… i expect a hinky vote.
what could go wrong:
revelation of haleigh / tyler pinky promise.
revelation kaycee is the hacker.
revelation that level 6 exists as more than a trio.
revelation that kaycee mentioned sam as a possible nominee.
on the flipside of the coin what could go wrong:
revelation of the showmance, losing scottie and brett.
fes goes threaty on scottie and jc. (could happen).
someone decides to get cute.


also sam knows tyler’s power which could blow up tyler’s game to the point he no longer controls the vote and sam, jc, and scottie finally realize voting with him is not in their best interest (i fully expect kaycee to cancel faysal’s vote).

another name

if d/r is to be believed, and i never know if i believe d/r given it’s no longer a testimonial booth, but more of a scripted plot device… she doesn’t believe he has it. that’s the only reason i didn’t include it.


I think Tyler can lock up Scottie this week by telling him that if he really is going to work with him to the end, then he has to vote to keep Kaycee, because Hay, Fes, and Rocks is coming after him so hard. Its time to really put the pressure on Scottie to vote with him when it actually matters.

Smitten Kitten

Listening to the hive “strategize” makes my brain hurt.

Bless their hearts, they’re still completely clueless.
Not a single one of them prepared for a show centered around psychological warfare.
They look like complete simpletons playing next to the likes of Tyler.
The moment they walked in the house with him, they never stood a chance.


Yes, bless their poor little hearts.


Never stood a chance with the gentle, poor lamb…


wounded baby bird


Excuse me, I forgot my Brain at home …. Hang on while I search the House for some Smelling Salts and Fessy to run strategy by. – Haleigh and Rockturd in a nutshell all game long.

The Three Stooges

The difference between the 2 sides is night and day the way they handle loss. The Hive is constantly name calling them saying horrible personal attacks. L6 puts their heads together and works on strategy. Rockstar truly believes she should be there over Angela and Kaycee because she needs the money and has kids. Holy smokes are they absolutely clueless and self absorbed in their own bubble.

Smitten Kitten

Don’t forget lacking in any self awareness whatsoever.


Sam has become a hive member. Regardless there are still enough votes to send Rockstar home on another birthday. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!


Yes but Sam has promised her vote to Kaycee. She is still with Tyler and Kaycee no matter what she says to Rocks.


Wouldn’t it be funny if Rockstar went out with a unanimous vote on her birthday and while her alliance member was HOH!


The Fun part is , Tyler wouldn’t have won the veto if it wasn’t for Rockstar, she gave him the win, DUMBASS!!!!


Yes, that was the cherry on top of the sh*t sundae that is the HIVE.

JC is Pervy

Yep it’s funny. Karma’s a bitch!

who me?

Wait…what?! Just a few days ago all of you were saying she didn’t give Tyler the win. Now you’re all saying she did? Can’t make up your minds?

Smitten Kitten

Rocks – “then theres the possibility that the hacker was Scottie”
Rocks – “Scottie knows my strategy, Scotiee is best friends with Haleigh, Scottie might want to break up me and Haleigh”

Good God are they blind… this right here is a perfect example of why the hive is so frustrating to watch.
Rather than question if JC or Tyler could potentially be the wonky flip vote every week, they’d rather place doubt in someone in their own alliance. They haven’t even considered that it may be them.

Other than the one Swaggy vote, Scottie has voted with the hive every single week & when he did actually change his vote & vote out Swaggy, he confessed to them right away!
He wasn’t “caught” doing it, he straight up said to Baleigh “it was me”.

They keep accusing someone who’s done nothing but be loyal to them, but they haven’t even considered expanding their brain cells & wonder if JC or Tylet could possibly be lying.
THAT my friends, is the reason that they’ve been blindsided every single week since day 1 and THAT is also the reason none of them deserve to win the game.


furthermore scottie’s flip vote didn’t change the outcome of who was going. tyler’s did.


One minute RS is crying, then she’s going to save Tyler with “her” five, then she is crying again, then she’s going to backdoor Tyler, then she’s crying again………….Time for her to go.

Double G

hahahaha all I have to say is LOVE this crazy drama….what a delusional bunch of fools! HIVE is going to cringe when they figure out what has really been going on.

Bubbles pop

Every last one of those houseguests have said some mean and stupid things.
Including- saint Angela
About hayleigh and Rachel and others.
Brett- with what he said about Scottie and others.
Tyler- calling bayleigh a bitch and the girls skanks.
I can go on and on..but Rockstar vents in frustration… And…” Oh my goodness… She’s blank blank blank.”
All I’m saying is, it’s not all one sided.

BB Fanatic

You are correct, ALL the houseguests have said stuff. What I have to disagree on is that RockabyeBaby is the worst. Everything she says about the others is who SHE is. She calls them spoiled white bitches…she’s white, a bitch and the way she acts like a two year old brat when things don’t go her way…spoiled!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…oh am I a racist now?

Smitten Kitten

Rock star is SEVERLY lacking in self awareness.

She’s going to be distraught when she leaves the jury house & finds out that America isn’t too fond of “your girl”.


That sounds right…vote out a loyal alliance member and keep a person who is targeting you. You’d make a great Hive member.



Smitten Kitten

Finally a week where JC is forced to draw a line in the sand and show his true colors.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Now that is a Hive worthy assessment.

BB Fanatic

Tyler told JC that Kaycee CAN’T go home.

Fessy’s Brain

Big Brother Daily (@BB_Updates)
8/13/18, 1:57 PM
Haleigh- It could have gone worse. It could have gone better, but it also could have gone worse.
Scottie- Yes. For example, there could have been an avalanche and it could have crushed the building. A dinosaur could have marched in here and started eating us #BB20



Finally a good season

Cannot wait to see how these houseguests battle it out for final 2. I honestly do not know who I want to win right now. Good season and cast.


Me too. Enjoying the ride! Rooting for L6, Hive is beyond stupid.


Yes, finally a decent decent season with no BB vets. Some of the houseguests are annoying and many use fowl language far too frequently, but it will be interesting to see who wins. I think Tyler is the best player but probably will not win.


Every time I start to think RS may have the tiniest beginning of a game started, she goes off and cries and spouts off about spoiled, privileged bitches. Oh girl, it’s you that looks spoiled and privileged when you say everyone ought to take turns and fight fair. Life is not always about making sure everyone is treated equally, and this game sure isn’t about that.


He is playing the JC by selling him that Brett is with the other side of the house. Just my guess. There is no purpose of Tyler switching sides or changing a game strategy that is working so well.


What’s with the nail chewing, Haliegh. She’s actually eating her nails so gross


You must not be watching the same game that I am.


I hear ya…but there is such a thing as focusing on jury too soon. If he starts thinkin that way…then he doesn’t even make it to the end. L6 needs to keep laser focused on eliminating the other side first.


yeah, i’ve been curious what tyler’s endgame is. i think he wants his alliance in jury, not sitting next to him. and then you have the stupidity of the hive where he needs to make a big move they actually recognize despite their being mindnumbingly stupid. i don’t think bay, hay, or fes will be bitter and will grant him the win over a floater like sam or scottie whose game they have shown nothing but contempt towards (they’ll also have production in their ear suggesting that bitter jurors don’t get invited back, even though they’re unlikely to be invited back anyway).


I don’t think he wants anyone other than Angela, Kaycee or Brett sitting beside him. He can completely share the blame of voting out the Hive and the middle, and then win based on his competition wins.


Good analysis…but next time leave out anything fuzzball says as support for your thesis. He hasn’t got a clue what’s going on inside the game…or outside lol

Rockstars dirty black feet

I miss Paul…


She needs to stop picking her ass it’s fucking gross

Angela’s used g-string

Is anyone else excited to hear Brett’s farewell speech when Lamestar gets the axe?


the problem with most of these ppl is that they aren’t playing with originality, its mostly them trying to emulate what they may have seen or heard about past seasons.

Instead of speculating, just observe the house. Who is coming to talk to you? Whats being said to you? who hangs out with who and most importantly if the guy you rely on for a vote is the same guy everyone trusts for a vote?????????

Lord save me


Last season the comments here were more entertaining than the show. This season the shows stupidity Rocks.


I literally never thought Id say this but I miss Paul and Josh and last year’s cast….Tyler isn’t even trying…at least mean awful Paul I loved to hate…I feel like any idiot with a brain could catch on to Tyler…he wins everything all the girls hang on him…I dont get it


Everyone is laughing how dumb Rockstar and the rest of her alliance is but level six member I hope realize they will have to knock each other off. I am ready to laugh at this situation.


hmmm. I was wondering too, what Tyler meant about making it equal, but didn’t give it a second thought. Didn’t think he would want to vote Kaycee out. I feel like she might be his main F2 for the win.


I said it before, Rockstar’s biggest threat in the game is her self-esteem. That’s prob what caused her to talk out/give Tyler the hint, rather than be confident, mouth shut, win.