Power of Veto Ceremony Results “The song we just made is called The Real Tyler”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Sept 15th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Sept 17th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Sept 20th
Noms: Sam & JC Have Nots Havenots are done!

9:57am wake up…

11:33am Veto was not used Nominations stay with JC and Sam. The feeds were down for awhile today. The construction of the REal Tyler song is taking up all the time.

12:40pm Sam and Tyler
Sam – I want to leave on a positive note if I leave..
Sam – I have to believe that Gods plan for me is bigger and everything happens for a reason so If I’m meant to leave right now I’m meant top leave here right now
S – there’s no sense in pestering the hell outta anybody .. you know me as a person you all outta know i’m not bouncing off the walls and being hysterical but.. i’m not sitting in a corner crying either
T – I know
S – I’m doing the same thing I’ve done everyday.. I’m not gonna hang around y’all acting crazy laughing at everything
S – I’m not going to beg and plead and try to convince you because I have nothing to offer expect what I have already been doing which is be honest and by myself and doing the best I can
S – like I’ve said a million times I still feel the same with all y’all. No mater what
T – we’ll talk more in a couple days I guess.
S – I have nothing bad to say about JC I don’t want either one of us to waste any time or feel any bad stuff
T – I don’t think JC would do that to you either..
S – it’s somethign to feel happy about the people I said in the beginning I felt closest to and I would have chosen are all here right now
S – could you have imagine if we got wrapped up with a different group
t – we would not have been here
S – we’re all very lucky
S – like I said in my Veto thing I just kinda pissed I didn’t do better for myself by myself..
Sam makes clear that she was in a group of athletic smart people.
S – In the next 9 days am I going to turn into an Athletic life guard ball catching whatever.. NO I’m not..
S – it’s no like why bother at the same time it’s kinda like why bother.. I’m not going to start running back and forth across the breeze way all of a sudden
Tyler – you do know you wont he hardest physical competition this season
S – Haleigh was hanging in there liek a hair in a biscuit.. she was right there with you
T – I’m talking the tree
S – I’m saying the rope thing was harder
T – no

4:17pm Jc and Kaycee are working on a song. Something they’ve been working on it all day.

Kaycee – the song we just made is called “The Real Tyler”
JC – by Jc and Kaycee
She, she’s just so beautiful, she fills up all my soul.
Tyler you know that I love you so much
She.. She walks into a room, sometimes I just can’t breathe .. maybe it’s her perfume
She.. she loves to fliping her weave when guys look at her they call her Ai Mammi
ai Mammi
MMMMMMM.. chex mix is all she eats while standing on her feet

She.. she loves … flipping her weave when guys just look at her they call her ai mammi
Ai mammi
mmmmm.. chex mix is all she eats while standing on her feet.. wearing her dirty “shot glass” ? dirty chanclas (flip flops) (thanks Granny!)
Maybe she’s just in heat
We.. we know she’s a lifeguard she makes my heart so hard .. but damn she’s so crispy..

(it’s a work in progress)

Jc – I literally just came up with that rhythm in my head
Tyler – you’re an artist..

4:30pm Sam making the beds in the have nots room

5:57pm talking about how they had a cake on Day 50
Angela talks about one season her parents were watching one night. She was “really little” she couldn’t wrap her mind at the time what it would be like to be in the BB house.
Angela – one of the first seasons.. it looked like their was an exit to the outside.. it looked like a home more than a studio.

They start talking about the book “the alchemist”

7:23pm zzz. .. .

8pm Kitchen. JC singing and drumming on Kaycee’s peanut costume weight.

8:40pm Bedroom. Kaycee and Tyler. Kaycee – I really think that she (Angela) feels comfortable that we will take her. Tyler – I know. I think she doesn’t want to talk about it until she knows which one of us wins. Kaycee – I think she thinks if she says something what happened to Brett will happen if she says something too soon. I am surprised she didn’t say anything to you. Tyler – I am too. I am not trying to get her to. Kaycee – either way she thinks that we will take her. She is really confident. Tyler agrees. Kaycee – we have 3 of us so if she wins she is good and if one of us wins she is good. That’s why she’s not saying anything. F**king win this sh*t! Tyler – what is he (JC) saying? Kaycee – nothing. He’s not really saying anything to me at all. They both agree they don’t want to bring it up to Angela. Kaycee – she only ever says 3, nothing after that. I can’t wait to talk to Derrick after. Tyler agrees.

9:21pm – 10:04pm Lounge room. JC – and I can’t even win the f**king HOH and now I am on the block! Kaycee – win this next HOH. JC – you know how I am. I work for one group and stuff… even if we’re top four I would never be coming here and telling sh*t about anyone. Or going to them and telling them sh*t about anyone. I would rather get out 4th and keep my .. like game how I was playing it. Like being loyal to one group and stuff. So you don’t have to worry about anything sketching or anything like that. I promise you I am not going to do anything sketching or anything like that. I am 100$ not top tow or anything else with anyone in the house. Kaycee – I agree. I think that is where everyone is at. JC – we don’t know if they’re going to reverse this week and who knows maybe Sam wins HOH. Just be cool and treat Sam like nothing is wrong. We will talk more about this when this week is over .. hopefully Tyler gives me his vote. If I get HOH, I am going to be so happy. If I get HOH, you are going to be totally fine. And you don’t have to promise it back. I already know what I am going to do. The strongest players don’t take out the weakest players. Don’t say anything about this. Kaycee – I won’t. JC – You know I don’t have private conversations with Tyler. Tyler joins them.

10:12pm – 11:14pm Lounge room. Kaycee, Tyler and JC chatting about random things. They talk about going out drinking when they get out. Meanwhile in the kitchen Sam cooks her dinner. When she’s finished she sits on the stairs to eat. Up in the HOH room – Angela goes to sleep.

11:27pm – 12:05am Bathroom. JC and Kaycee. JC and Kaycee talk about having tea. JC – Sam is such a bitch to me. She is talking to me like this (see photo below). I was like okay! Kaycee – yeah, lets have tea time. They head to the kitchen and have tea together.

11:40pm – 12:05amHOH room under the covers.. Tyler and Angela making out. After they lay in bed and chat about random things.

Feeds will be down until Tomorrow evening..

*** Twitter Spoilers ***
Evicted House Guest: Sam
HOH Competition: What the Bleep
HOH Winner: JC
Nominations happening tonight…
JC Nominated: Tyler & Angela (big surprise)
Source: @REALvegasbackup

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Elijah Clueless Cummings

JC you can sing that to Rocks in the Jury House.

Big brother fan

Was Josh from big brother 19 the biggest loser in big Brother history ? Like literally as a winner


hard to think adam jasinski isn’t the biggest loser, what with the drug arrest and all.


Oh that visual of Adam Jasinski, winner of Big Brother, running from the cops with a sock full of illegal pills that he was peddling…lol

No Doubt

Dawg For The Win!!!!!!!


Thanks for the support!!! I need all the votes i can get!


We all know who the biggest loser is.




i was gonna say gina-mari then remembered, that she didn’t win (thank the lord 4 small mercies)

Bret's Butt

JC won HOH…ugh-So now it going to get interesting who is getting put up and most important who wins VETO…T/A/K will not be final 3. If JC wins another comp and wins this season…I’ll be mad as hell.

Butters Mom

Oh for Sh*tz sakes… I might not sleep tonight worrying about JC winning this season. If he ends up in the final 2 .. what the heck was the contest that JC won??? The Limbo? LOL… How mad is JC at Tyler ?! Who clued JC in .. in the DR on how to win a comp and told him what was going on with L3?! What did Sam say on her way out the door… thats what I want to know!

Monica Hernandez

@Butters Mom – the limbo.. OMG this made me laugh so hard and almost made me spit out my drink.

Janey Haze

What the what?!?!

Stacked Court




San was evicted.

HOH Comp: What the Bleep
HOH Winner: JC

The game is getting interesting AGAIN. LOL

Janey Haze

Is this true???


JC’s TARGET is ANGELA. He wants her gone. The Veto winner will get the only vote to evict. But JC is angling for Angela to be gone.

source is the twitter account : REALvegas4sure backup

Nomination ceremony happening soon.

JC about to go lock in noms now. //

Diary room was asking him which two he wants to nominate and he just kept focusing on angela and saying: it does not matter, so long as Angela is gone. He must feel if Angela is gone then Tyler WILL take him to final two.


source: the twitter of REALvegas4sure backup

Long ceremony, had to re-take more than usual. Probably will be subtitled. Oh boy.

Noms are: Tyler & Angela.


I sure hope it is not true.


Of course they had “what the bleep” n JC won cuz he was pretty much in on every1’s convos!!! I cld careless if Angela leaves but not KC or Tyler cuz I want one of those two to win it all…

**KC for the veto win but if its “Days” which it usually is than I think Tyler or Angela win it… Don’t they usually do “What the Bleep” for 3rd part of HoH finals?


Tyler suks,he’s a crybaby,my daddy oh my daddy,fk Tyler,what a piece of trash


Nope because JC won hoh and nom’d tyler and Angela ?

Fessi Has a Snoopy Lunchbox

That song is weaker than The Hive’s alliance.



“her dirty “shot glass” ?” is actually

her dirty chanclas (flip flops)

These 4 HGs (Tangela, Kaycee, JC) are keeping things really light hearted and fun. I wish Sam would join them. They have tried to include her, but she declines and just stays by herself, probably because she hasn’t had her whisky yet (her words). LOL

Sam’s internal dialogue is really disturbing these days. I used to think her curb stomping comment was for shock value….now I’m not so sure.


I have heard her reference cult classic movies a couple times. The curb stomping comment was from American History X… At least thats what I assumed.

Brett Kavanaugh's Prom Date

WWE Seth Rollins


I think much of what we have heard is the real sam. I don’t think she is this sweet funny girl that she wanted us to think she was the first couple of weeks, I think this crazy sam is the real her, sadly. If she ever has a man sleep over with her in her trailer, I pray he is a very light sleeper. Disappointing that BB actually approved her coming into the house, still say whoever did her psych evaluation really failed and should be fired.


At least she never had a t-shirt with her nickname on it. That’s crazy

Dirty Harry Reid

Don’t quit your day job jC.


did i read somewhere bb is on wed with the eviction?

Dirty Harry Reid



Also another eviction Thursday.

Double Ds

Could be a Wed/Thurs eviction. That gets them to 3 for next week


Yes. Wed/Thurs back-to-back evictions. That gives us final 3 and final week begins.

The Hive is Compost

Damn Sam is really in No Man’s Land. I wish they would include her some how.


Hard to include her when she keeps walking away from them. The non inclusion is from her not them.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Yeah, last night when POP gave them an ice cream maker and ingredients to make it, she wouldn’t participate. I don’t get it. It’s one thing to say you aren’t going to be fake with people you don’t like (although bad game); but she claims to love all these people. She clearly didn’t want to leave the house or she would have. Others have self evicted for various reasons.


Exactly. The thing is she has been fake. Her *sudden* hanging out full time with the person she knew was going to be evicted for example.
The absolute eye opener for me..was going against the house..gives Bay the vote. And screams out * I gave you the only vote*
Cut, paste and dried.

Tyler Suck As a Person

Everyone is there for money. Even though she hates it there, why self-evict when she wasted her whole summer to try to win money? She will get something for going to the jury house.


Sam is completely drifting into la la land most of the time. I don’t know what amount of Valium they are giving her but it’s gotta be a bunch. Look at the way she’s starting into space most of the time.

Haleigh's Melanoma

When POP sent in the ice cream maker, not only didn’t Sam participate, she actually went in the freezer and pulled out a Ben and Jerry’s carton and scooped out a bowl and ate it by herself. It doesn’t get more passive-aggressive than that.

Botox Pelosi

I get the impression that Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are going to be friends for years.

Michele M Monfils

It sure would seem that way, but at the same time their life styles outside of the house and their homes will make that unlikely in the long run.

Botox Pelosi

Production can you please do something nice for Sam? She could really use something to go her way about now. Have a heart.


Yes CBS….Send her out with a bag of tranquilizers and recommend a good psychotherapist. Help Her!

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

God and Bob only know what they’ve already done for her. She’s had plenty of help, including being carried to Final 5 and everyone walking on egg shells around her; taking her jabs and not jabbing back at her.


I’d give you 100 thumbs up for the clarity of your post. Funnily enough, Rockstar blaste her for calling her Blockstar. And Sam says Rocks is her BFF. (She knew Rocks saw right through her)

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Her becoming so tight with Blockstar was my first “aha” moment. It just didn’t add up. She’s eating on the staircase now. What the what? AnyONE in the house would gladly hang out with her, talk, tell stories, anything. They’re all bored to tears. If she TRULY is having mental issues (depression, whatever), then REALLY self evict. Hasn’t she pretended not to understand or know the game? Then she mentions random past seasons with clarity. If it were strategy or you are keeping some things to yourself, that I understand. But refusing to truly hang out with anyone, hating all the girls in the house. I don’t get it.

Brett Kavanaugh's Prom Date

An industrial strength vibrating shower head


They have been already very nice to her. Giving her the greatest edit ever.

Haleigh's Melanoma

A swift eviction and a short time in the jury house would help immensely.


JC sure does seem like he is in a better mood. He must think he is staying.


He is staying Sam is leaving tomorrow


with his ego he probably thinks he will win the game now. He is relying on tyler dragging him to the end. He has won nothing and in his DR he said he can now come for Angela, he is so clueless as to what is going on around him. Even going as far as telling Tyler that if he won veto he must take him down, wouldn’t happen, he wouldn’t allow Kaycee to go up on Angelas HOH. Tyler I believe even laughed when JC said it. He will learn on the next HOH either Tuesday/Wednesday that if he doesn’t win veto (which he won’t if the past is any indication) that he is going out. Even if Tyler gets HOH, JC will still be OTB, but no doubt JC will scream and jump around actually thinking that Tyler wont put him up. Even when Tyler told Jc it doesn’t matter who is on the block at 4, its the veto that matters, JC argued with him, telling him that’s not true. Only in JCs mind is JC smart. I was hoping that they would have got JC out first because he would lose it if he went out without an audience, I just wanted to see the look on his face. lol. Sucks that it wont happen. I look forward to him walking out the door Thursday though.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I haven’t thought about Tyler taking him to Final 2 because I’ve never thought he would. To keep all of L4 from being bitter, he sort of has to be chosen for F2 or he has to choose an L4 member to get THEIR votes. But if he DID end up in F2 with JC (please no); I see JC being arrogant about being the Puppet Master and that would tick everyone off. A dose of humility goes a long way in the speech to Jury. I see JC being defensive and arrogant (and difficult to understand).


Tyler must be giving him some attention today

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

Of the 11 people voted out so far Brett is by far my favorite.


AFP: Brett!!!


10/10 personality perfect face/body too


The house guests have tried to include Sam. As she said..talking to herself..she’s a recluse.
It should be noted that Sam hibernated in the HN room before even going on the block. Her choice.
Always gets angry when there’s a delivery from POP and the guests are pumped.
This is Sam’s choice. The same as it was for Fess.
Here’s the thing..for me at least. When someone keeps telling me they’re a good person…and goes on and on about all the good things they do for everyone…it just sends up red flags for me.
The reality is this. Sam’s plan did not work out for her. And she’s livid.
Hopefully she will soon be with her bestie..Rockstar..and they can spend their time bashing the entitled Feckin Bitch Angela. According to them.
The more i see and hear Sam..the more I appreciate Haleigh, She tried hard. She left like a lady.
And when Rocks wasn’t being the bitch..she was fun and campaigned hard. Props for that.
I think Sam knows she’s going. And couldn’t be bothered to clean, cook for others or any of the things she thought would keep her in the game.
She leaves tomorrow night..and I think she will enjoy Jury House.
It will be better for her state of mind.

Mount Rushmole

I was with you until the Hayleigh comment. She was a mean girl.


I do think the jury house will be much better for her. No cameras every second. She can be outside as much as she wants I assume. And I know her insecurities about not being healthy like most everyone else was made her decide to quit smoking. But dang. That house wasn’t the place to do it. That’s hard enough to work through without being in an environment like that. And I know for a fact those nicotine patches affect people differently. Then add whatever they may be giving her for anxiety or whatever. Meds like that can cause so many different issues until you figure out what works best. Anyone would be struggling. But especially someone with her insecurities. She needed to go a long time ago for her own well being.

Botox Pelosi

I hope you are right. I’m not a huge Sam fan but I do want her to be ok and she seems to really be under a lot of stress. Hopefully not being on camera 24/7 will relax her.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I HATE the “I’m a good person” comments. The Hive always thought there was some battle between good and evil and that they were “obviously” the good ones. There is good and evil in every person; it’s irrelevant to the game. No one should win “because I’m a good person”. It’s so stupid, irrelevant, and I suspect every person in the Jury House thinks they are a good person as well.

Sasuke Uchiha

Kaycee is an Uchiha. I cant wait until after she wins. She has this game in the bag. She will put the entire Uchiha clan on to great things. If Angela or Tyler even think about double-crossing her she will take out her Mangekyo Sharingan and use the Amaterasu on them. Kaycee is tough, beautiful, independent and loyal young princess. She is also the first Filipino to win the game. I cant wait until she comes outside the house to see how she became a BB legend that everyone is going to look up to for years to come.

Kaycee FTW

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

I like Kaycee but this game is far from over.


TBH, I hope Kaycee does win out of everyone left.


Kaycee is a good player, just sucked that it took her til almost the end of the game to actually win anything, though he social game was on point, IMO I just think the winner of BB should also have wins under their belt . If T/A get the chance I have no doubt they will take her out. Not seeing anything she has done that would warrant her having “legend’ status. But then there are still people who think (about to say the hated name) Paul is a ‘legend’, which he is, a legend for screwing himself over not once but twice. Hopefully BB has learned and will never bring him back again.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

Now a Paul Ban is something we can all get behind. I don’t want him to be lonely so lets add Frankie and Mr. Pectacular too.

JC Meltdown

Yes, I wish they would stop bringing Jessie on to host. He was annoying on his season.

Roll Tide

I think Kaycee was trying to blend in, be in the middle, so she would not be seen as a strong player. Strong people normally get voted out early. Kaycee was holding back, win when she had too. At this point she is the best player left in the house. Tyler will flip on her.

War Eagle

Im not so sure he will though..If he wants to win 500 k he better


I’m thinking Kaycee could have more comp wins if she wanted but that would have brought unwanted attention to her and made it where she HAD to win comps to stay safe. Similar to how Tyler had to win a couple vetos to make sure he wasn’t backdoored in the middle part of the game. He didn’t want to rely on the power app for protection in that case. She was willing to trust her alliance and her social game to keep her safe which seems to have worked quite well for her so far.

Who said that!

Wow!She sounds amazing.I wonder when she’ll make a game move worthy of your worship.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I like KC alot; BB Legend is a stretch.


This seasons has been the best in years…yet oddly enough it has not produced and will not produce any BB legends.


Tyler. A guy that brought 4 final 2 and a showmance to final 6. Who was the leader of the greatest alliance ever and still came across as a “lone wolf”. Legend.


Lol. Tyler played an unremarkable game. He is no Derrick or Vannessa that’s for sure.


Derrick’s skill is yet to be determined. If they actually put him in a house with people who wanted to play. Derrick might not have faired as well even if the Hive was in that house. Derrick got his way because no one cared about playing the game.


Not fake like Derek and Vanessa, they were guided by production.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Swaggy C would be so upset with you.


Two legends: Tyler (for obvious reasons) and the alliance Level 6. Though their numbers dwindled down to 3, at least the alliance in any number made it to the end. And it includes Tyler!


Hate to break it to you but Level 6 didn’t make it to final 3 in fact. They are losing another number tomorrow.

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Long live Sam. My precious robot hang in there or sit in there.

Cory Never Read a Booker

i appreciate your loyalty but Sam is on borrowed time.

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Maybe she gets a last minute pardon. Long live Sam.

Botox Pelosi

I have to give Sam credit. She went out classy.


Watching Sam in full crazy mode. Talking erratically. Seriously disturbing. She needs to be checked in somewhere to get help. Now she’s shredding her shirt?

Brett Kavanaugh's Prom Date

Sam has those runaway bride eyes. Cray cray.

Brett Kavanaugh's Prom Date

Wed Sam goes. then JC goes up with a pawn. If Tyler win HoH I can see him putting up JC and KC. And then he has a real discussion with angie about getting rid of KC and taking JC to final 3. It makes sense. JC cant win and they can take him out easy. Its a Ty Angie final Two. They will think about it. Do Ty and Angie want to go up against KC in a final 3 and up going against her in a finale??? Nope. They are gonna take her out and take JC if they have a shot.


I hope Kaycee wins HOH. Tyler will win the Veto 😀 Then BATTLE!!!

Mounr Rushmole

That will be epic.


That’s what I’ve been thinking. Even if Angela wins HOH he will convince her if needed to put JC and KC up if she’s at all thinking of him going up with jc. Then if KC doesn’t win veto. He finally talks to Angela saying they will not beat her. I really believe that happens if Tyler or Angela wins. I’m just wondering how Angela will feel about it. I haven’t heard them actually come out and say anything. I heard them once talking like. Man. KC is killing these comps. But the way they were saying it. Sounded like they were thinking we have to do something if we want to win. But neither said it out loud. How badly does Angela or KC want them top 3 vs winning it all. I am pretty sure Tyler will vote kc out before 3 if he has a chance. It’s going to be fun to watch how it all unfolds.

Brett Kavanaugh's Prom Date

Agree. They are both thinking about the final 3 and final 2 possibilities and jury votes. Angie and Ty have a much better chance with JC and then they have a final two vs each other. If they take KC to final 3 they could lose. And they know KC is more popular. JC is gonna start planting seeds that he is the best final 3 option for any group. He is gonna work it after Sam is gone. and the funny thing is that he could actually pull it off.


Since Angela is the current HOH she won’t compete. And who goes on the block is entirely irrelevant since the POV winner is the lone vote to evict. The only variance to that is if the HOH also wins POV – so they would save the person they want to make the final eviction.

If Tyler wins HOH & does see the danger of taking KC then expect that conversation, although he’ll need to tread lightly. The POV certainly will be better suited to Angela or Ty winning since it’s a combo of analytics/speed/memory. KC is a beast but she’s performed poorly in comps of that nature.

Should Ty win both comps he can’t be seen to be turning on KC so he’d have to make Angela make the cut. It couldn’t be JC anyway b/c that would be too revealing, plus he couldn’t trust him not to cut Angela. Still, I don’t see the trio shifting, going F3 is ALL they’ve talked about.

If either KC or Ty win both HOH/POV the biggest nugget we’ll get is who they pick to evict JC. This b/c the smartest move is to have your ride or die cut make the eviction so F4 is mad at them & not you.

If we take them at face value & previous DRs then KC-Ty are going F2, but Tyler may still surprise in a last minute move to take Angela given the choice. If he does, won’t that be the first time in North American BB history a showmance both reach F2?

Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh

Can you imagine how upset the Hivers will be if it is a Tyler/Angela final?


I was wanting Tyler and Kaycee final 2. Just because I love Kaycee. But want Tyler to win. Which would be tough against her. But now. I have to agree about the showmance making final 2. How awesome would that be. Either way. I won’t be upset in the least if any of the three win. The only thing that could destroy this season for me would be JC or Sam winning. And I don’t see a universe that happens in. And I honestly do not believe even if one of them was in final 2 that they would get the votes. I may be giving the jury more credit than they deserve. But I just don’t see them voting for either of those 2.


It could be a knock down drag out for this HoH and veto no one wants to be at risk right now.

Fessy's tiny brain

Tyler needs to win this HOH so that he is not the voter for eviction. Best scenario for him is that Angela wins the veto and takes out Kaycee. That allows Tyler to say that he was going to keep his F2 promise to Kaycee, but the decision was out of his hands.


That would be great but if also could go kaycee wins and takes out Tyler. We have some drama coming either way.

Boring week ahead

So after watching sundays episode i find it hilarious on the way Angela told Tyler “I love you” then nothing no sparks or fireworks just a long pause then he finally went over to hug her. Then followed by Tyler’s DR session were says “I guess I love her too” come on man! No in-depth conversation on how or why you love me I mean come on basic nothing deep there. He’s a fool if you don’t see that this basic chick is using him to further her game for final 2.He’s using the wrong brain kick this bitch to the curb man!

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

It could be a production stunt. They don’t have Sparks and it seems to be forced.i would be boning her if it was real.


Pretty sure she has more respect for herself than to bang a guy on TV knowing the cameras and crew are watching everything.

Dirty Harry Reid

No way Angela lets you near her if you have been with Maxine and Hillary. in fact you had better get tested ASAP. Good luck.


It was easily misunderstood for someone that wasn’t paying attention. He whispered back, almost immediately that “I guess we have the same secret”, meaning ditto, or I feel the same, or whatever you term you kids like to use. THEN when he said “I guess I love her”, right immediately before it he says, “I said I would not get into a showmance!” So, if you put those sentences together, “I said I would not get into a showmance!… I guess I love her.”

Context is important.

This is fun

I disagree, they have said it multiple times to each other on the live feeds and he said it back to her that night, they just didn’t show it. Also, when she said now what, he responded with, we win and tell the world, they only showed him saying we win. They cut and paste dr sessions to creat a certain narrative, you can only take the shows content for about 5% of what is really going on in that house!

Boring week ahead

Again there relationship is just surface no in-depth conversation no real reason to why they love each other after they say it. Everything is just flat they think they love each other but being in this confined space I don’t really think they love each other. Body language and emotions say otherwise so it is just more than context you have to read in between the lines. Why do you not think that she doesn’t talk about it final two to Tyler all the time cuz she automatically thinks he’s going to take her since they’re “so in love” LMFAO! Hope KC drops this bitch if she wins HOH this Thursday.


Kaycee’s chances to make it to final two just got reduced dramatically. I do think Tyler and Angela will wait but after next HOH they will talk about getting rid of Kaycee. Kaycee has to win HOH or she might be going home.

Brett Kavanaugh's Prom Date

Sam goes on Wednesday

Ty wins HoH and he puts up JC and KC (pawn). KC does not win POV and they double cross her and vote her out. Another bitter juror for Tyler.

Final 3 Tyler Angie JC


Kaycee is the veto beast mode champ.
Win veto and she’s in final 3.
Enough said.

Let’s go!


F M her task would have been so much easier if this week she used the veto on JC and forced Tyler on the block as he was the only one who could be put up. Kaycee and JC could have voted him out. NOW. Now Kaycee has to deal with Tyler and Angela. This HOH and if she makes it pass next week by winning HOH or Veto. The both of them will take each other to the final. It almost has to go perfectly for Kaycee and I don’t see that happening. 🙁 sorry FM


Unless she or JC win hoh and if turn on Tyler. You just never know 😉

Just Sayin...

Considering that Kaycee has won four out of the last five vetos, I wouldn’t bet any money on your scenario.


Tyler also won 4 vetos that one of them he gave to angela, but still. They both have a fair chance to win that final veto.

That would make for a very bitter jury but it is possible. It will be tough to beat Kaycee in a veto but Tyler and Angela will have two chances versus Kaycee’s one.


There’s no way Tyler would take JC to final 2. He’d take Kaycee or Angela. That’s your final 3. The three of them have been loyal to each other. Brett NEVER should have taken the shot he did in trying to form a final 2 with Tyler. I’m glad Tyler let Brett hang himself. Was perfection.


I don’t blame brett, because Ty has always seemed sneaky to me. I watched off the block with Brett, and he said Ty would have gotten Angela out if Brett or JC wouldve won the veto. I believe it. Ty was in a swinging position, and the DE an L6 was going home no mater what. IMO


Sam is a typical passive aggressive.

Is Tyler my daddy???

Tyler! Given the chance, Kaycee is taking JC to the end. She has stated over and over again how loyal she is to JC.


She said that to JC though. Her real loyalty us with the alliance she’s been with the entire game. Plus I can see all three of them seeing that they havea great shot at winning but taking one of the non-L6 you have uncertainty because the jury may just hate L6 and vote against them. Two of Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee need to be in the final 2 in order for them to not completely screw it up.


She has never said she is taking JC to the end. She is taking Tyler. I think you are watching a different show then the rest of us

Is Tyler my daddy???

She has said that she doesn’t want to go against the LGBTQ community several times through the game, and not always directly to JC. It’s why she wouldn’t cut him loose earlier.

I’m watching the same show. Sadly, the problem is I am just throwing thoughts out there sometimes and they are being picked apart by you “experts”.


I’ve stayed at several Holiday Inn Expresses…

You are throwing thoughts out there just like everyone else. Relax and don’t take the responses too personally. For instance, I don’t think Angela is smoking hot. She’s attractive but not amazing…some responses even if they aren’t posted could be contrary to my stance=) It’ll be ok.


I agree Angela is not that pretty.

The Hive is Compost

How long have you been blind?


Yup – and when JC told her if I win HOH next week you’re fine i.e. I’m putting up Tyler/Angela. She said thanks. After a long uncomfortable pause she said you don’t have to promise me that. This b/c JC was waiting for her to return the promise but she wouldn’t.


JC may be the only one willing to take out Tyler maybe Kaycee would be also if she’s smart. It will be crazy if JC wins the HOH. I think he’s putting up Tyler and Angela. I think Kaycee may put up Angela and JC but again if JC wins veto it’s game over for Tyler. It’s getting tricky. I am not completely convinced Tyler is sure he is taking Angela even though that is probably his best bet. I think Tyler will gun hard for this next HOH it’s really his onlyway to ensue his safety!


IF JC wins and Puts up Tangela, KC HAS to win veto or she goes home.

Bama Nation

Sounds good.


Julie Chenbot leaving the Talk, so I’m guessing next week is her last week of BB. Who will be the new host? Former player like Jeff or Derrick?


This stuff with her husband will be long forgotten old news by the time she needs to make a decision about next season. Julie will be back!


I’m not thinking so. Les was too much of a power in the CBS house. There is no way Julie will be a faithful employee after they fired her husband/boss. She’s not used to being a rank and file employee any more.

Zingbot Fan

Derrick would be terrible. We need someone with personality.


As long as it’s not Frankie, Paul, Big Jeff, or that muscle guy idiot (Jessie aka Mr. Pectacular), i’m fine with whoever becomes the new host if Julie does leave.


Rachel Reilly?


TMZ is reporting that CBS will not demand that Julie resign and that Julie is saying she wants to come back next season. Less (Les?) demanding schedule… leaves time for family.

Honestly… I was hoping they’d find a fun, new host at the same level as some of the out-of-US hosts…

Oh well

Stacked Court

I think Julie does a really good job as host.

Kavanaugh loves to grab them by the P.........

The only way tyler can win the game is if he takes the most hated player which would be plastic angelo
and during his final speech to nail the winning he should point angelo is not only fake but she has issues with people of color.
I would give the america vote to Rockstar or Haeligh
and the dumbest award to Fez

It looks like you are going to be disappointed twice. LMAO

The Blue Wave Is Coming

It’s interesting how so many of the digs on Angela are initiated by guys who would drop to their knees with gratitude if Angela or someone like her showed any interest in them whatsoever.


I’m gay and still hate her. Nice try.

No Duh

Had you taken the time to read that post carefully you would have noticed that it said “many” not “all”.

Roses Are Red Losers Are Blue

Angela is a model for a reason. People are just jealous.

Angela = Smoke Show


Hi, Can you guys add a poll for America’s Favorite Player?

another name

a few opinions before Sam goes to the little house:
Sam or JC? Which would be better to evict for the level people’s game? If you’re tyler you are hoping to send a sure thing vote to win to jury. If you are Angela you fear Sam winning a comp more than JC winning a comp going forward. If you’re Kaycee you think JC would keep you around if he won a comp before Sam would. I’m not 100% convinced that any of these suppositions I’ve made regarding motivation are the reality.
Sam in jury for a week with the some of the more bitter jurors is going to hear the dirt. Sam has been swayable in her opinions of people in the past. the sure thing vote isn’t a sure thing (it’s still a 75% thing). If either of Sam or JC won a comp, Angela would be equally unsafe. Sam thinks Angela is the slattern interloper that pushed her out of her ‘thing’ with tyler and kaycee… but JC thinks Angela is the manipulator that took away tyler. Sam would be more loyal to a pinky promise with Kaycee than JC would be to his word. JC has already mentioned getting rid of Kaycee. Sam has never mentioned it. But, sending either one to jury is getting the three closer. Giving JC less time with the jury to be spreading bile might be better for each of the three… but it’s only by a day or two, so it’s mostly irrelevant.
I’m trying to discard my bias. I dislike JC more than I dislike Sam, but hey, they don’t play according to what I would prefer.
The jury will be predisposed to think Angela was the move maker; Tyler was the easily led snake; Kaycee didn’t do anything to move the game forward. It’s not factual, but from where they sit and what they saw… it’s pretty much what they will believe. I’m not sure how that would affect a vote.


I thing for Kaycee’s game she would be better to go up against JC in the final 2. She played better than JC BUT there are more people in the jury that like her.

I don’t think it really matters for Angela as I am not really sure she will win against either. I think this jury will be a bitter one and most everyone in jury house doesn’t like Angela.

The one I can’t figure out is Tyler. I really don’t know who would be better for his game. Maybe JC? I think JC has really pissed off some members of the jury, but then again, so has Sam. I don’t really know.

I think the winner will either be Tyler or Kaycee. If they both make final 2 then I am thinking Kaycee will win.

another name

just re-read myself to see if i made sense… when i said tyler would send sam because it’s sending a sure thing vote to win, i meant she would vote for him, not that she would win against him. lol. not sure that came through. I’m conspiratorial… but i’m not of the opinion sam would win.


Wheels are turning for JC and Kaycee. They know very well that Angela and Tyler need to be separated.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Imagine an unspoken alliance LGBT representing? Just as Tyler and Angela have an unspoken final two 😉

Expect the unexpected!

JC feels betrayed and Kaycee wants to win.

Can’t wait to see how this plays out!


I agree with most of what you said except the last part – b/c Brett will make them aware of L6 and who pulled the strings. In the event Brett doesn’t lay it all out.. Tyler CAN prove his actions/relationships were directly responsible for:

* Steve evicted 7-6 (Tyler got Kaitlyn & JC to vote with L6 saving Sam which bought her loyalty)
* Swaggy nomination (Ty took Scottie off block & convinced KK to put Chris up)
* Winston evicted 6-5 (again Ty got Sam/JC to vote with him saving Brett)
* Rachel evicted 5-4 ( JC/Sam votes – saved Brett a 2nd time & JC was super close to Rachel).
* Bayleigh evicted (Ty had to win POV even though he gave to Ang – so she could nom Bay)
* His HOHs took out Steve, Scottie (2nd time) and Brett – each move either gave L6 the numbers or protected his alliance/best interests.
* of his 4 F2s every single one of them got to F6 plus all 4 members of L6 & his showmance

In contrast:
While Angela took out some big fish (Bay/Fes) she needed Ty to win POV for Bay to happen. Notably, Ty giving Ang the POV is what started the narrative she led him around. Yet, her biggest move was winning DE POV to help take out Brett.

Kaycee won four POVs never using one & took out Hal with the bigger threats (Fes/Scottie) gone.

The reality is the biggest moves were made by Tyler. He is the one that secured Sam/JC’s votes which is how L6 kept the numbers. What can Angela or Kaycee say they did to influence or manipulate? I like them all & while Kaycee has played the cleanest game via lying low until week 9 and never taking out a big target or using her POVs while utilizing excellent social game. Still, Tyler is the reason L6 had the numbers right from the first eviction.

I doubt Angela can do anything to remove her ice queen perception or that Kaycee can show anything she did strategically other than picking a good alliance & F2 partner (although her social game is stellar). Tyler may not be able to win them over, but there’s no denying L6 excelled via his efforts.

another name

i don’t see brett doing much to help tyler’s game chances with jury.
no matter what the jury is told, they will walk in with the predispositions i was listing, because that was their impression of character they got from being in the house. They thought Angela was a bitch. They thought tyler was a poor wounded baby bird. They forgot Kaycee was there.

Miss Conception

To TTOT and another name: Even though your summations have given me a headache,I feel that you both could qualify to be writers for soap operas!(and that is a good thing!)


Take an aspirin


I get this jury is predisposed and think of him as a wounded baby bird — what I don’t understand is how KC or Angela can take credit for Tyler getting KK to vote out Steve, nominate Chris (Swaggy), & constantly get JC/Sam to vote with him. Neither KC or Ang can take credit for those moves.

Nor can they lay claim to getting out Brett b/c it was Tyler that knew Brett wanted to flip. So, even if Brett is angry the jury will learn it was Tyler who blindsided & took him out.


another name

my thing is final speeches mean nothing. The jury round table means nothing. Any of the “i’m undecided so convince me” people are saying that for the camera. The winner choice comes from the preconceptions the jury has. How they thought the finalists were playing while they were in the house are the basis for their decision. Jurors and finalists from season after season have later said that the finalist’s explanations of game were nice to hear, but held no weight to what they had already decided before the last jurors even arrived in the jury house. Given foutte couldn’t even figure out how to go a week without infighting, let alone figuring out what was happening in the game and why… they’re going to go off their preconceptions of personality.


Another name.. that means they are gonna see kc as a follower . fessy left thinking she is a floater.
(He didnt even want to “waste” an hoh on her )


Ahhh, sweet memories of Clueless Fes. Thanks for reminding me.

Carolina girl

Simon/Dawg have y’all heard any inside scoop on realvegasforsure account being suspended? This is the time of year for those leaks we need… The timing seems suspect.. new CBS CEO maybe.. :/


hamsterwatch was taken down as well, think somebody’s going after those that post photos/gifs of the show (he said he has permission to use them though) as an excuse to get them booted…maybe swag has his panties in a bunch since he’s not the center of our attention…

Swaggy's Missing Brow

For some reason Hamsterwatch’s account was suspended a few days back. I know that RealVegas had been encouraging people to contact them and complain. Could it have something to do with that?

another name

more likely a hyper vitriolic fan/stan nutjob has been reporting spoiler sites that haven’t been kind enough to their house guest obsession. But then again, in the current viacom / cbs ‘negotiation’ maybe somebody has decided to play a game of get the nutters on twitter riled up about their favorite shows by complaining about affiliates in order to increase feedback to the network. Either is a distinct possibility.


This is a fun place where people can gather over a common affection for BB no matter what they affiliate with otherwise. Good for you for keeping an eye on it, so many sites have fallen to the angry trolls and this one just keeps on being the best!


So I guess I can’t take “President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho is my precedent”

Who said that!

You wait until the end of the game?



The Hive is Compost

I’m thinking they will have to show us some jury footage tomorrow.

who me?

Noticed this earlier: CBS Scrolling Alert: The Houseguests are filming something awesome that you will see soon. The feeds will return after 9 PM PT on Wednesday, Sept. 19th.

JC's Tikitiki

Probably due to taping (not live) of Sam’s eviction on Weds and HOH / Veto comp (for JC’s live eviction) on Thurs.

JC's Tikitiki

I take that back….realvegas4sure backup (twitter) is saying JC won HOH! If this is true, then I have a feeling he will put up Ty (for payback) & Ang. KC will vote Ang to evict. (as she has F2 with Ty) I can’t wait until Thurs!!!


The veracity of that is suspect. Now it would be interesting that they got shut down just as JC finally wins a very crucial HoH. I’d call shenanigans.

Botox Pelosi

Thanks Simon. i voted for Tyler.

Red Wave

Sam in 5th place is shocking to me.


Some people like crazy.


I think Sam should have gone before Brett. It would have made the house so much more fun. Here’s my take on who’s left:
Sam just needs to go, she’s got nothing.
Angela has done great in the competitions. That’s it.
Kaycee has been good with her social game and competitions.
JC has been good at his social game, strategy and manipulation.
Tyler has been good at the competitions, strategy, and manipulation. His social game hasn’t been bad. But it all depends upon how bitter the jury is about the manipulation (pour wounded bird).


And that’s why this is a great season. Anyone can still win, it all depends on them selling their game to the jury.


Not only did brett swap places with JC, he did exactly what brett would have need to do at that point….won HOH.

double D

Brett’s mistake was going to Tyler

Be cool. Don’t be all like, uncool.

Hold on to your horses, kids. It’s about to be a wild ride! Sam was evicted and JC won HOH.


Seriously wins nothing all season. And now !! I I don’t see him really wanting Tyler gone. Even if he did get mad at him. So my guess is. If Angela doesn’t win veto. She’s gone. Wow. Just wow ?. Just when some people were saying the season is boring now and so predictable. Buckle up.


If tyler wins the veto , angela still can stay.


That’s what we need to see. Tyler wins veto, has to choose within his alliance. Bwah ha ha.

My Take

Not sure if it’s true but somebody in the know is saying that Sam was a evucted and JC won the HOH. Comp was What the bleep


Vegas is back on a backup twitter and said that Sam was evicted and JC won HOH. Of course. They finally found a comp (it was called What The Bleep) he could win…so either Tangela gets broken up or Kaycee goes home on JC’s watch.


Rumor is that JC won the HOH after Sam left (from someone in the audience).

Boring week ahead

That would be great for drama in the house! Lets go JC! Cause some chaos make them sweat! Hopefully KC wins veto and mustache face is a outta of here!!

Walter Sills

More interesting if Tyler is evicted. Then watch the fur fly and Angela becomes unhinged and makes Sam behaviors look tame.


Have they had an audience for the non-taped eviction before? I didn’t think they used an audience for the non-live shows. I could be wrong, it’s happened before.


So what’s happening today and tomorrow ? I haven’t been so into a season in so long and things are a lot different. Assuming Sam goes first. When will HOH and veto be ? And is anyone out there able to find out before the televised show. Seems like last year we found out some info prior to the show.


Twitter has it that Sam was evicted, JC won HOH and noms are tonight.


Oh sh!t! Dawg or Simon do you guys have any confirmation on Vegas’s tweet? If that’s true, this will get CRAZY!

another name

so. if any of the three separate spoilers (from two sources) are correct: JC is the hoh. What the bleep hoh comp. one point win over tyler. he has yet to make his noms but has to make them tonight. his target is Angela. he doesn’t care who he puts on the block with her.
Private ticket holder tweeted to two spoiler affiliates, one of whom is calling it unverified. they third was the vegas spoiler.

Who said that!

It’s all about the veto.The question is will Angela and Kaycee turn on eachother If Ty doesn’t win and who would he evict if he does?

another name

true. veto is what matters in making up the final three. I just didn’t want JC in the final week at all, I’ve been tired of him for a while. lol.
Basic character: Kaycee doesn’t turn on Tyler. Tyler might turn on Kaycee. Who knows what Angela would do. If JC wins veto as he told production he was going to do… Kaycee has the only vote now that Tyler and Angela are the nominees.


If JC wins HOH Angela of Tyler are gonzo and it finally changes some ppls predictions about Tyler this and Tyler that.

JC could really throw a wrench in Tyler’s
so called flawless game.

Payback is a biotch! Karma.

Buckle up folks! 😉


It’s not up to JC unless he wins VETO and even then he won’t be the one voting to evict. His noms mean NOTHING.


HoH right now just means he can’t be evicted.

who me?

And since he can’t be evicted he makes it to F3, and the others have to pick one of them off…finally some excitement


JC winning HOH and not nominating Kaycee means everything as they build trust and may have an unspoken final two potentially cutting Tyler.

They know he has been a strategic ,strong competitor and don’t want to risk losing to him.

It will also send a strong message LGBTQ Unity support for each other representing

Can’t wait to see how this plays out but
definitely one of the most interesting, exciting seasons in a long time.


Honestly I think JC winning was best case scenario for Tyler & worst case for Kaycee (especially now that JC didn’t nominate her).

Plus I don’t see how JC wins against anyone, except his emotional blind spot Angela. If he were to reach a F2 chair he would try to say he was the one who ran the season which loses him every one of L6’s votes (as they simultaneously break into gales of laugher on stage). And, when F-Hive learn he continually referred to them as stupid dummies, puppets & losers while running to L6 to vote with them & laugh about it how likely do you think he is to gain Bayleigh, Scottie or Fessy’s votes?

Like I said the only person I think whose hated enough in jury for him to win against is Angela. If he faces Kaycee I’m not sure he gets a single vote and against Ty maybe it’s more interesting with three, maybe four bitter votes falling his way (but I doubt that too b/c JC wants to use his dummy – puppet speech against Tyler which others know isn’t true). Then again this is the F-Hive who’ve not been able to navigate with logic all season so maybe they would award someone who called them all out for being idiots on National TV all season their champion.

I kind of think it’s a moot point, b/c it’s doubtful he’ll win another comp. But, what we can guarantee is he’ll be all over the other two F3 players on why they HAVE to take him to F2.

I wanted a Kaycee – Tyler F2 (even knowing Tyler who I felt played the most complete game would lose). Now, I won’t be mad if JCs plans get thwarted just b/c he’s won once all season & is back to his over the top “I’ll win now that it matters” crap. He doesn’t even seem to recognize even if he won POV he doesn’t get to evict Angela, he only gets to pick the person who’ll select the other finalist. Would JC trust KC to pick Tyler over Angela? Probably not. But, will Tyler recognize despite upsetting Kaycee b/c JC is F3 he has to vote out KC?

And for those of you who thought Tyler might not have a shot of winning, this situation could actually play into his perfect scenario to win. Although Tyler will gun for POV it might be better if Angela wins it, so she has to remove Kaycee (Tyler can say he was always taking Kaycee F2 in that scenario). Then the couple take out JC who has to exit on stage to join the jury without time to blow things up and even if Tyler votes him out I still don’t think JC could bring himself to vote for Angela.

I love Kaycee, but this may have been her worst case scenario since she doesn’t tend to do well on logic comps. She’s great at visual – but the F4 POV requires recalling dates & logically figuring out who to rule out. Apparently she bombed in What the Bleep which is recalling what people said. She may know the dates, but how will she do having to logically pair similar players?

What I do know – if either Kaycee or Tyler leave on F4 they will be my AFP vote – and if Angela leaves then Brett will be. No offense to Ang it’s just my ranking Ty/KC/Brett/Ang. Although JC made me laugh (particularly early in the season) I simply can’t reward someone who constantly called and DELIGHTED in calling people stupid, dummies and idiots.

Butters Mom

Can you imagine the trouble The Hive is going to have figuring out how to vote in the finals without having to read subtitles to understand what each final 2 is saying… put JC in the final 2 and the Hive will need extra help … will get confused and vote incorrectly and the winner is definitely a toss up based on the hive making a mistake with their key and lack of understanding what the hell JC was saying due to language barriers. His speech would be something no one would completely understand including the audience.


Yay for JC. Goodbye Angelo!!

Boring week ahead

Fucking love it! KC wins veto and mustache face is outta here! Watch all the tumbs down for angelo and mustache face! LMFAO! The BB gods have answered part of my prayer!!


You really sound obsessed with her. Attacking someone based on their looks, particularly which have been proven untrue (mustache) shows how ugly your character is, as well as those with the thumbs up.

So why do you really hate her–that she’s been a successful athlete, model, business person by age 26, or because she works hard and eats right to have a great body, or her intelligence and logical thinking, or she personally rejected you? What’s up?

Maybe try getting some exercise yourself and getting out in the sun will make you feel better about yourself and make you a happier person that doesn’t need to bring down others to feel good about yourself. Meeting other people in the real world would also help you not to be so obsessed with a person playing a reality game on TV.


Very well said. As someone else had posted earlier, most of these guys hiding behind a keyboard and slinging insults at Angela would be first in line to date her if ever given the opportunity.

Boring week ahead

Sorry don’t date below-average chicks! sorry you can’t do better then mustache face! You and dale should keep drinking beer and watching nascar! You mad bro!! LMFAO!!

Boring week ahead

Aww looks like i got someone’s panties in a twist! Get over it!! LMFAO!! She’s not cute way better looking white woman out there sorry that you can’t get one better looking than Angela! stop drooling over her and get over my opinion of her!! You mad!! LMFAO!!


She definitely has a mustache though that’s is why sam wanted to shave her face! So your wrong there and she talked about it on the feeds!


Vegas reports that JC nominated Tyler & Angela………………..Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JC – HOH!!!! Come on Kaycee for the VETO


I realize any of the 3 could be evicted now but I think this is worse for Kaycee than the other 2.. She is probably the most likely to be evicted in this scenario (JC HOH) because Tyler and Angela decided to “fall in love’…


That’s exactly why Kaycee must win the VETO.

Who said that!

Tyler’s most impressive feat of the season is that he has managed to control every eviction,eventhough he has lost control of JC if he looses the veto he’ll still be able to control his girls to save him from eviction.

Double Ds

Maybe he is controlling this one. He might have thrown the HOH to JC so he didn’t have to pick between the 2 girls. Just a possibility.

I hope they show L6 freaking out after the HOH. They were so cocky this past week.


Tyler needs KC to go. I would expect him to throw the veto comp to Angela so she can take out KC.

who me?

Cocky gets the walky lol

Who said that!

Tyler would never have thrown it.Maybe he’d have thrown the veto if he had the safety of the HOH.


I was wondering about that too


I wonder if JC told Kaycee about his Final 2 with Tyler. Not knowing about Kaycee and Tyler, but simply explaining to her why he (JC) is so mad that Angela got in the way. Kaycee may not like that LOL and if she wins VETO, Tyler may go home. This season was the best in a long time!

another name

last feed convo between the two jc lied to kaycee and said he has never had any private game talk with tyler. kaycee knows this to be a lie. that’s a far cry from informing he has a final 2 with tyler.


But, did you also notice when Ty asked KC what JC said she didn’t tell him? I gave Kaycee big props for that as she shifted into end game. Yeah, she knows, JC is lying, but I found it interesting she KC didn’t tell Ty.


In his mind he still has a chance that tyler can take him so he wont screw that. Also he wants to be seen as not realy playing the game so that kc can trust him and took him to the end.


What if JC wins VETO too? He’ll boot Angela right?

JC Meltdown

It’s not up to JC, final 3 is up to whoever is not on the block. If JC wins, I hope it is the girls on the block just to see who Tyler picks. Wouldn’t be surprised if he picks Tyler and Angela and gives KC the ability to choose.

If they were smart they would evict Tyler.


Basically whoever wins the veto decides which of the non-HoH will vote.

Walter Sills

Word is that JC did win HOH and nominated Tyler and Angela. Hope its true, and if so, very well be the highlight of the season.


Its up to kaycee. Or tyler can convice him to let him vote and its in tyler’s hand.
Any way j.c cant vote.


Funny . Im just saying facts and getting thumbs down.


I think it’s because they don’t think JC will choose Tyler to make the vote knowing he might save Angela, his nemesis LOL Thumbs down to that idea only is my guess.

Walter Sills

If Tyler wins Veto and takes himself off, Kaycee would go up. Since Tyler is the only one to vote, it would be a fine line if he took Angela off the block and put Kaycee up. All the rumors of a romance would then come out as well as his final 2 with Kaycee as he told her would surely make her bitter also. Tyler if he wins veto would surely be walking a tightrope for votes and the votes of the jury. Best to stay and go with sending Angela to jury as so many wanted and then he might secure votes. It would surely decide Sam and Brett, and Angela?


Thunderstruck. In the event that JC wins veto, Kaycee would vote to evict because JC being HOH can’t vote 😉


Sam deserves to win something, because of her this is the first season without ants in the kitchen….you go Sam!!!


Got your wish. Sam went. 🙂

Kitchen Ant Commander

At last! She’s gone! Chaaaaaarge!

Mud hole victim

There were a ton of Ants in the kitchen a few weeks ago!! Crawling all along the wall and in the cereal. Sam just kept all of them as pets….