“You’re pretty much sitting pretty for the week.. and after this week you will be alone”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not Fes, Haleigh, Kaycee

Big Brother Spoilers Power of Veto Results – KAycee did not use the veto Fes and Haleigh remain on the block. Fes will be evicted on Thursday. There will be a battleback.9:26am Kaycee Haleigh
H – you’re not planning on using it
K – No
H – I just want to be mentally prepared
K – Yeah I plan on not using it
H – ok, Obviously I want it to be used on me but if it’s not (she doesn’t what it used on FES)
K – You’re pretty much sitting pretty for the week.. and after this week you will be alone.. the numbers are dwindling down.. how do you feel
H – I feel ok.. I.. it’s just hard because it’s like it’s just another person I care about and I’m friends with how do you..
H – when I was upstairs hanging out and stuff he was by himself
K – it’s just hard.
H – it’s hard to balance
Kaycee says it’s getting tougher now that the numbers are going down.
H – I signed up for this expecting this.. it’s not something I’m shocked that’s happening
K – it’s hard when you are in the middle of it and actually playing the game
H – yeah yeah
H – I just wanted to make sure that is where you’re head is at so I’m not surprisedThey quickly hug it out

9:30am .

9:50am Bun Construction

10:12am Tyler and KAycee
Kaycee – so I think I might use it
Tyler spits out his water and laughs
Kaycee – you know me too well
Kaycee – you are both amazing people but game wise It’s best to keep the nominations the same
Tyler – perfect..
Kaycee jokes she’ll say “I decided to use it on _____ (fes)
Tyler – because i’,m in love with you
Kaycee – because I’m in love with you and I don’t want you to leave.. I will never let go..
Kaycee – please accept this veto and stay in the house
Tyler- and accept my showmance offer
Kaycee – only if you dump Haleigh and take me
They joke about demanding a proposal from FES right now before the veto is used on him
THey laugh (HAHAH)
Kaycee – propose to me now..At around 10:30am she tried the same thing on Brett but he just laughed. They all know she’s joking…10:50am HOH KAycee, Angela and Brett Laughing about KAycee telling FEs she’ll use the veto if he proposes to Kaycee
They talk about Brett’s GBM..
Angela – don’t worry fes I’ll take good care of Haleigh
Brett mentions if they are not in a showmance he’ll look like a idiot
Kaycee says Fes is totally in a showmance with Haleigh they mention to Brett how uncomfortable he gets when Brett talks to her.
Brett mentions when he was swinging on the hammock with Haleigh the other week Fes and Rockstar would walk out side like 30 times to see was it going on outside. they were the only ones out there at the time so it looked super awkward.
K – it’s the most obvious thing.. I don’t know if he’s trying to be sneaky about it
Kaycee says the thing that will get under FEs the most is he’s leaving Haleigh behind with Brett, “you were one of his targets and he left before you” (wait until Scottie comes back ;0 )
Brett – I don’t do anything.. I don’t know how he’s going to act in the real world
Angela and Kaycee agree Fes is the type of guy that is so overly protective
Angela – shes the one that’s on top of you
kaycee – exactly
Brett – neither of them have tried pitching anything to me yet
AKycee – probably after this veto
Brett – fes was saying in the pool, you know how how like this game like is stressful and you want to be here.. like.. like you know it’s going to come to an end..
K – the obvious
A – he literally just stats the most obvious facts.. we’re in a game right now we’re playing with 8 people.. this is a competition, it’s stressful ..
Brett- are you saying you want to leave.. he was like NO NO.. I was I know man it’s stressful you want to go
K – he said that
Brett – yeah.. he was like NO… I said yeah the game is going to end..
Kaycee – he pitched to me in the bathroom.. he was like you won it fair and square you want to do whats best for you. I know the numbers are dwindling down.. it’s either going to be me or haleigh staying in the house..
Brett – no sh1t
Kaycee – one of us is going to stay in the house this week for HOH it’s a 1 in 6 changes of winning which is better than 1 in 16..
Kaycee – stating the complete obvious
A – someone will be HOH on Thursday
Kaycee – think about your own game.. do whats best..
Brett felt bad because Haleihg was crying in teh corner so he was trying to comfort her last night.
Anegla and Kaycee say Haleigh knows Fes is going.
Kaycee mentions that HAleihg feels bad because Fes is alone and she will be alone
Brett says Fes does a lot of that self loathing

Brett says Fes has not said very much to him. they were in the hot tub sitting in silence..
Brett mentions when he was on the block he pitched to Fes, “the only person I didn’t pitch was ROCKS.. no I think I did pitch to ROCKS ”
Anegla – I think you did
Brett – you’re throwing sh1t something might stick.. throw Sh1t against the wall..
Brett – Haleigh hasn’t tried either..
Kaycee – maybe after the Veto ceremony
They agree it’s tough for someone to campaign at this point because the chances are remote.Brett – It is tough, It’s hard to swallow your pride and pitch.. I know this person is going to tell me to f* off and run to their friends tehy are going to tell them what I said and they are going to laugh at me. that’s how I felt when I talked to ROCKSTAR I knew that everything I said would go back to bayleigh and they will laugh
Brett says when Bayleigh nominated him they ran into the storage room and were laughing. He was in the Diary room at the time.
Brett – wow F* you guys
Angela – it’s stuff like that I don’t feel bad for putting them up
Kaycee – she felt like she was on top of the world when they did all that sh1t

Kaycee – remember when she sneezed and she hit you she was like Say excuse me.. WHAT THE F*
Kaycee – remember that sh1t.. she sneezed .. it was when you guys were picking Veto. you were standing next to her
Brett- I’m like I’m not f*ing saying excuse me f* you
Angela – I was like damn..They bring up Bayleigh liking Fes the first week…
Feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony12:05pm Feeds back .. veto not used

12:14pm Brett and Haleigh

Haleigh saying that Fes is pissed off at her because she’s been hanging out with all of them.

She plans on laying out in the sun all day.

12:21pm Haleigh and Fes.
I’m not hanging out with them becuase I sdon’t want to be with you.. One of use has to live with these poeople for another week .
Fes – I’m on the block with you I’m not campogaining
H – I’m not camopgming but I am hagining out with everyone
H – why are you made at me..
F – I’m not mad at you
H – are are you acting like this
Fes – We’re on the block together and you’re are hanging out upstairs with the person that put us on the block
H – it’s part of the game
F – do what you have to do
H – I’m not going to roll over and die FEs.. I don’t think you should either
Fes – I’m not campaigning..
H – I’m not either..
H – you want to sit in this havenot the entire week together.. what do you want to do
Fes – nothing
H – this suck but I don’t want this to be how we are acting towards each other.
FEs – its all just a game
H – this isn’t.. I mean you act like that and treat me like that you make me think it is

Fes says the moment they are on the block together haleigh is upstairs, “Makes me think all you care about is teh game”
H – it’s fair for you to think that but it’s not true.. and the fact you think the way I act towards you this has not been beneficial for my game me liking you was not beneficial..
Fes – I dunno .. I just feel like.
H – use your words.. I can’t read your mind

FEs – the yard is closing for either a double eviction or a battle back
H – why is it closing it so early.. they are closing it Tuesday..
FEeds cut..
When we’re back .. Halegih says she’s going to lay out side she’ll leave him pout here for a bit but then he’ll come out and be with her because it’s the last day they have the yard, She leaves.


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Pathetic fandom

It is interesting how everyone has forgot about Angela’s racist comments at the beginning of the season. There is a black void where her heart should be. But you know keep crushing on her for her looks.


Simon you crack me up. Love you!


Lol that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day

Festicular Logic

LOVE this site, Dawg & Simon’s humor and comment section…. gonna hit the tip jar “ boyz “. (channeling the Fessball)

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Awesome Simon LOL.

i hope Rockstar wins the battle back. Fez and Scottie need the reality check.


.@simon… very insensitive and not funny, if someone mocked the lgbtq community’s issues it would be a problem… ugh most gay white men are verrry prejudice and insensitive it’s annoying?

Fraggle Rock bottom

Based on your comments, your skin is rather translucent. If you are still confused….Why do a certain group of people who bark the loudest and say the nastiest things have the thinnest skin…

Eh eh

That. was. perfect.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

As Mel Brooks so aptly put it, Blazing Saddles could not be made today.

And I loved someone’s reference to it the other day in regards to Fessie, “Mongo only pawn in game of life.”


Hi My Name Is Scott

Now, when it is show on any venue besides HBO or Showtime or the like, they cut out all the stuff that is in original that makes fun of racists. That was the point of the movie. Just like All in the Family. They cut so much stuff out that censors say is racist that it ruins the intent of the movie. By the way, new new Sheriff is near! At least that is what I thought Gabby Johnson said!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Oh yes! When it first came out everyone laughed at it. Today the culture of outrage would have a melt down.


IMO in order to be racist there has to be intent of believing one race is superior to another race. She does not have that (as far as I know). What she said was racially insensitive but was far from being racist.


Explain that to all the people who said Bayleigh was racist (rather than racially insensitive).

Anyway, to Pathetic Fandom, Angela is not one of my favorites to win, but she is definitely playing a good game, it’s not about her looks. Give the girl some credit.

Butters Mom

Im pretty sure Baleigh straight up said “I hate white people”. As did, Rockstar.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

That was during her conversation with RS, and before her not wanting to be around the crazya$$ed white people any longer.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Imagine for a moment if Brett said, I need to get away for those “black” people, referring to say Fraggy C and Bail ee. Racism is damn racism. The original term did not specify that only certain “races” could claim racism against others….If us whites didn’t have such thick skin, we would be burning the place down and beating up helpless parked cars. Someone needs to be the adult.

Eh eh

Sure, but isn’t Bay black? From what I’m told, that means she couldn’t have been racist.


Small difference…Bay said “I hate white people.” Even though I argued it was a stupid comment, she wasn’t truly being racist

Is Tyler my daddy???

Top be honest with you, at that point in the game Angela was blending into the wallpaper, so I am not sure what comment you are talking about. But, I will agree that she made a comment, whatever it was.

That having been said, folks were all “poor Bayleigh, cry for Bayleigh” and she was on a nearly non-stop racist tyraid once she got her HOH, fueled by Rockstar and her jealous, dillusional rants. But, ya, let’s say that everyone is focused on Angela’s looks and not the fact that she is an active part of an alliance that has dominated the game since week one. Oh, and not always in the most quiet of fashion.

Hi My Name Is Scott

I believe it was when she and I think Rachel were looking at their tans and were comparing their dark skin to Bayleighs skin color Angela said her stomach looked “ghetto”. It was very early in the game. Bayleigh got inter her argument with JC when JC tried to say some one using the ‘n’ word was like using the ‘f’ word to a gay person or midget or other derogatory names to label a little person. She of course said the ‘n’ word was far worse and dismissed that whatever words that offended JC could not compare. She went on afterwards to refer to JC as a munchkin several times while she was the HOH.

So yes, Rachel and Angela said some insensitive things but so has Bayleigh and others. People can and do say stupid things but that does not necessarily mean they are bad people and hate people of other races, creeds, colors, genders, or sexual orientations. Just means they are stupid and do not think before they open their mouths.

K...bb fan

One correction…JC was trying to explain that short people consider the term “midget or dwarf” as a derogatory and likened it to using the n word. Sorry for any offence for the usage of words but wanted to make sure that the words were known. I didn’t realize they were to that level. However, I guess JC would know more about that than myself.

I do agree with the premise, using insensitive words at times does not make someone a racist or bigot by themselves. It does require a belief of some level of superiority. And in no instance in this season do I think holding such sensitivities is fair to the moments that many are holding against any of them.

Eh eh

The “n” word? Namaste? I thought JC was just trying to explain how calling a short person a “midget” or a black person a “nigger” for example is completely different from explaining how specific words used as epithets toward them can reasonably be understood to bother different people in comparable ways; however, as I recall, Bay wasn’t listening, so she never came close to seeing the big picture. Words aren’t magical. People are just either rational, or irrational. Taking an offense that isn’t given is the petulant choice of someone wedded to being a victim no matter what. Coddling someone like that doesn’t do anything but reinforce their immaturity.



Swaggy's Missing Brow

Folks, it’s just “weaponized language”. When all else fails, scream racism because most people will back away and are afraid to confront it. It’s the last resort for those who have nothing else to offer.

As far as I’m concerned BB has simply been reinforcing the phenomenon and actually encouraging it when they air some conversations and scold some contestants because of this culture of outrage.


Well said.


You’re a douche bag. Go home.


It’s disgusting that she gets a pass because of the horn dog fans of hers which are mostly male, if you ask me just like last season with Jessica. They would be more mature if they moved out of their parent’s basements but that’s just wishful thinking at this point. So we’re sol if we expect rational people to make adult decisions with their commenting in the big boy world. 🙁 and that is putting it nicely.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Well, the majority of fans in my family are female… We all know how different house guests will say stupid insensitive things. Several house guests have said stupid hateful things over the course of the show. Can’t stop watching though……. 🙂

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Outstanding! Finally a t-shirt idea from this season that isn’t narcissistic.


Thanks noestabien! Should I put you down for a couple?

Brett's Butt Plug

Yes, its so much worse than the stuff Bay and Rock say about White people…..idiot


The conversation was Angela/Rachel said she was getting as dark as Bayleigh. The other one said her (other girl) tan was ghetto meaning bad. My guess as to why she wasn’t liking the tan was the tan lines. Most likely the suits they were allowed to bring provided much greater skin coverage than they were used to and now they had something similar to a farmer’s tan.

That’s the whole racist incident as I recall it.


I notice the past week there have been more losers like this posting BS. Simon/ dawg may need to add a warning message something like: “This blog contains content that jealous girls, insecure boys, and self righteous snowflakes will find ‘triggering.'”

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

And, “Don’t Feed the Trolls”. I though school had already started in most areas.

Hayleigh's Huge Mole

Maybe have an Online Big Brother safe space for snowflakes?


And that’s exactly why I think we see some of the over the top posts about Angela. The writer then sits back and laughs at the responses they have initiated.


Are you insane? You think that bc she made an off handed comment that was blown out of proportion about her “skin turning ghetto” means that she is racist? Are you that insecure and sensitive that something like that would bother you. This country is becoming too PC. So you’re telling me you have never ever in your life made some comment similar to that. I’d not congratulations you’re the most perfect passion in the world. I know everyone I have ever met has made comments like that and I’m rarely offended by it. She has literally never said anything else remotely similar to that ONE comment. That was not said out of malice and was definitely not racist. She has expressed no anatagonistic chews towards other races and I find her to be very accepting of the other people in the house.

Melted Snowflake

Your name should of just been Pathetic.


Why don’t we talk about how baleigh’s sister keeps calling JC a midget?


Get off it already, she made an ignorant comment. But, I noticed something. You didn’t mention anything at all about Bays racist comments or was that acceptable to you. 6-7 weeks later and you bring it up about Angela. Funny how not one of the Angela is racist commenters said sh1t about bay making comments about white people. Guess we aren’t supposed to say anything about that though right. hypocrite


racial comments that should have been not ’racist’

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Kaycee – so I think I might use it
Tyler spits out his water and laughs

I love that lady!

Sasuke Uchiha

Kaycee is a BB20 Legend

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, this season has been good for creating legends.

Popuko and Pipimi


I saw that everyone was asking about the palm tree tattoo. Well the tattoo is 2 years and 1mouth old. it was created on 9/23/15. This year the tattoo is gonna be 3.

At this moment I don’t why he has it but I’ll try to find out.

If anyone has anything to add feel free to reply.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I believe it’s because he calls Hilton Head, South Carolina home (same as Angela); palms, particularly the Palmetto, are symbolic of the state and area.


Hawaii on his mind maybe

Brett's Butt Plug

Lots of men on men action on that Instagram page.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, you do seem to see homoerotic themes everywhere. Is that what inspired your name?


Now Fes is jealous of her hanging out with the others? This guy wants to totally isolate her and make her into an attachment of his own. This is bunny boiling crazy stuff “I won’t be ignored” and she needs to get away.

Hi My Name Is Scott

No worries……Fes will implode the moment Scottie wins the Battle Back and goes into the house with Brett and Haleigh. He will be devastated at the thought.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It will be interesting watching Haliegh’s face when whoever wins the battle-back enters the house; in particular if it’s Fessie.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Never really considered what Hal’s reaction would be if Fes won the battle back..She won’t be happy. 🙂

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

He’s a big baby and a bad boyfriend. All about him. Notice, the only time Hay cried was when he was cold and sullen towards her. I hope this gives her some distance from him. She’s 21; but HE needs to grow up.

Eh eh

Also he had the insolence to ask her to let him talk to Tyler when she came in, interrupted him & started accusing him of speaking “for her” — and he wasn’t even groveling & contrite the next day when she still had her pout on. He just asked if she was all right, as if he cared. Despicable.

Fez Goes Bye Bye

I think Fez and Hay deserve each other.

The 2010 United States Census

Instead of just Brett…. They should all fuck with Fes in their good bye messages. Tyler, JC and Kaycee. Really rile him up. Tyler can be all, “Fes, I have had a final 2 with Hayleigh since day 1, she has been playing you this whole time”…. JC can say “Fes, you big maroon, I am actually NOT gay, I have just been using that as an excuse to shower with the girls.” Kaycee can say “Fes, I have been working with Tyler and Hayleigh since day 2. Its been hard keeping our relationship a secret from you all this time, but it was necessary to keep it in the closet until you were out of the house…”


Fes sure reminds me of Jethro (Beverly Hillbillies)

Hi My Name Is Scott

Na, Jethro was smarter 🙂


Jethro9Max Baer Jr.) is a multimillionare at age 80 now.


I feel sorry for Fes, one to many blows to the head during football.


Poor Faysal reminds me of “Willoughby-Lennie” of “Of fox and Hounds…””Of Mice and Men”
Which Way to We Go George, Which Way.
George(JC) says that way…doh!!


I luv Jethro Bodine with his 5th Grade Education! ! Lol!!


Well Jethro did go to Oxford…

Hi my name is Scott

Actually he done did gradiated the 6th grade, I think ?


And Sam reminds me of Ellie May. She really wants to wrassle with them boys…

Charles Bronson

Sun bathing is awesome yo….

Hayleigh's Huge Mole

You like that shot of JC in his marble bag don’t you?


Hayleigh is only slightly more intelligent than Fes. If I were in Hayleigh’s shoes I would be talking with Sam. Tell her about the celebration of the Brett, Kaycee, Tyler and Angela. Tell her I don’t trust JC 100% he might be in it with them. It is 100% crucial they win HOHs if they’re going to stay in the game. Nominate one of the four mentioned above. I know we had our differences in the game but this is our game’s survival Sam. Come up with a plan one of them would come up to JC and pitch the plan. If he wants to get to final three it would be beneficial to work with me. See if JC goes to the other player (Sam) but if he goes to L6 first then you know JC wouldn’t be working with you. It would be an easy way to see if JC would be someone you can work with. JC’s only chance is to work with Sam and Hayleigh going forward. If JC, Sam or Hay win an HOH target Tyler, Kaycee and Angela. Leave Brett alone. JC can work his magic later if the threesome where to win HOH again and leave Brett alone. JC pitch that Brett is working with Hayleigh and Sam. All I can say the game isn’t over until it is over.


I can’t wait until these douche bags start turning on each other. This week is SOOOOO boring. *YAWN* Wtg, Angelo. You had the most boring HOH reign so far this season beside the programmed robot as your fellow contender.


Actually she had two very successful hoh reigns got out the brains and the brawn of the hive alliance


I beg to differ. That’s not saying much considering she had help from all the doorknobs as allies in the season. And I never said she only had 1 hoh reign. I implied it that it was 1 of the most boring hoh reigns. This week, I am referring to is BORING. Don’t tell me her fans are also doorknobs too??? *gasp* 😀 hahahahaha.


If they are closing the yard so early I wonder if the battle back will be a separate contest. It could be the giant swing and they’d need the time to put it all up and ready for all of them.


I was personally waiting for that bc they haven’t done that as a HOH comp yet


So poor Haleigh feels sad because she’s all alone and Fez will be all alone. What? The whole jury house is full of her friends. When Fez gets there he certainly won’t be alone. After eviction, neither will she. One of her friends is coming back to be with her…hopefully Scottie!. Won’t that be fun. Maybe when Fez goes off about it we will finally get to see some jury house footage? About time too.

Paul Treffinger

I don’t think they have been all staying together at jury, we would have seen some footage already. I don’t think any of the jury knows who else is out because it would unfair for them to collude and talk before one of them goes back into the house, so I think they have been separated.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

In which case they all know a battle-back is looming and have been mentally preparing, whereas Fessie will walk into it cold.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

No amount of time could help Fes mentally prepare for anything. It took him 60+ days to come up with the idea of aligning with Angela and Tyler. And he thought it was such a novel and brilliant idea!


Grodner just gave an interview saying they are all in the jury house together and we will get footage of each of them arriving this Thursday when Fes arrives. She said it’s a good amount of jury house footage and we should be pretty satisfied. (I think it was Hollywood Reporter but I’m too lazy to go get it for you).

Brett's Butt Plug

Hay needs to get her shit together and dump fezzy. she can still win a HOH or a POV and she is back in the game! WTF! Why roll over? She literally has had a lobotomy. Look around and feel out the house. houses flip all the time. Some of these people do not deserve to be on the show.


Just made another donation. Keep up the good work, guys! Would hate it if I ever logged in and this website was not here! Thanks for keeping me informed!


Will Fes have a chance to battle back too?

Hi My Name Is Scott

Fes, use your brain……oops, my bad…. if you only had a brain…….



Haleighs Booty Shorts

I am praying fess doesnt win battleback…he is not worthy of a second chance

Im over his constant moping, whining, stupidity, negativity and non gamer mentality

He has weighed down and stifled Haleighs game for so long…he doesnt deserve her attention and is more often than not putting her in a bad mood for ridiculous reasons…he expects because he doesnt really care about the game and has a poor social game that Haleigh should just quit playing and socialising as well

I want a mental comp for battleback and Bayleigh, Rock or Scott need to win so Haleigh gains a number without having to deal with so much extra drama, and the ‘showmance’ rumors/target on her will be gone in the process

It will be fitting karma if Scott comes back in at the expense of fess, who so stupidly and needlessly targeted his own alliance member due to jealousy over Haleigh


I agree with you on Fessy not getting a second chance. I’d rather see Bayleigh or Scottie to win, hook up with Haleigh, win HOH, put up Angela (the target) and Kaycee. Try to win POV, take Kaycee off, put up Tyler, he’ll use his power app (by doing that, L6 will wonder why he didn’t tell them about it and making L6 doubt him), take himself off, and maybe put JC, Sam, or Brett up, or leave the nominations the same and push for Angela to be evicted, but you know Tyler will manipulate L6 to sacrifice Kaycee to save Angela.


He can’t use his app it expired this week

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’m not a fan of the battle back. Bay, for instance, has had a power app and now a possible do over. Unfair advantages and rewarding their bad game play.


Brett – don’t worry fes I’ll take good care of Haleigh
Fes – Thawks, Brett. Once the show’s over, I will sure take care of you

Brett's Butt Plug

Brett – don’t worry fes I’ll take good care of Haleigh
Fes – Cmon, Brett. Lets be honest with ourselves. Neither one of us is straight. Why don’t we go down to The Ramrod Leather Bar for a drink? Your pecs are looking tight, bro.


Not too sure Fes would win that one. Brett is much more defined. Fes looks a little flabby.


Simon, what happened to Brett’s name on the HG picture board? Are you foreshadowing his eviction this week? 🙂

On a more serious note, it’s time for JC to step up this week and win a comp if he expects to go much further in the game.


Fes is being ridculous. Fes “yes give up your whole game for me” and hang out with me. Lame….if you really cared for the girl you would want her to go further in the game. Haleigh probably would have gone further without Fes, he dragged down her whole game she would have never gotten out Scottie! I will laugh so hard if Fes goes to the jury house and she starts hanging out with Brett all the time. I really hope Scottie comes back in the Battle Back, Fes just sucks to watch playing this game.


The whole game the Hive sequestered themselves in the HOH. Maybe if they didn’t they would have seen how the others were bonding.


I guess Jury Management hasn’t even entered into these people’s minds. Tyler is the only one leaving decent Good Bye Messages, but lying to the other HG’s saying his messages are mean


It’s just interesting bc they (Brett & Angela) have talked about how they need to be nice in their GBM but so far I haven’t seen them go through with it.


Faysal, you need to face facts. After the show, Haleigh will not be with you because you’re too smothering, cocky, making her feel like she’s not allowed to mingle with other people, not allowed to have fun (mind you, she twerks like a boss!), like she can’t think for herself, and your jealousy is scary! One day you’ll find the girl of your dreams, to be happy like Dominic/Dani, Jeff/Jordan, Bremen/Rachel, and Cody/Jessica, but it’s not with Haleigh!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I love that Haleigh told Fez, ” Use your words.” LOL His vocabulary annoys me. He must have a degree in secondary education.


Sam and hayleigh need to have a long talk.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

Tyler is playing a great game but Angela, Brett, Kaycee and jC are all playing solid games. i think they all have a shot at winning this year.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

JC was really funny on last nights show talking about his cooking making everyone else fat.