Big Brother 21 First POV Results! “I’m going to tell him that he’s the pawn.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV  Host was Tommy.  Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam used the Veto on Cliff and Christie nominated Ovi as the replacement.

House Guest alternate names:
Analyse AKA Sis
Jackson AKA Michie (Jackson Michie)
Isabella AKA Bella

11:08am – 12:05pm Big Brother blocked the feeds for the POV ceremony.

SAM used the Power Of Veto on CLIFF
As HOH Christie nominated OVI as the replacement

When the feeds return everyone is hugging each other in the living room. Cliff has the power of veto around his neck.

Bedroom. Ovi and Nick. Nick – you have to campaign your a$$ off now bud. Ovi – I know. Nick – I think you could get the votes. Ovi – yeah bud, I appreciate it.

Other bedroom. Kemi and Kat. Kat – I am so glad that Cliff got off. I wish I could just have a week off the block so people can see that I’m cool. Christie – I’m going to go talk to Ovi because I’m sure he’s blindsided. I’m going to tell him that he’s the pawn. I just need you to trust me. It sucks but I am playing my game and I want to keep this fair. He is the best option to A) keep you here, keep the girls here. And I am going to tell him he’s the pawn. I’m sorry. Kat – its okay. Christie – you’re good I promise but stay social. Stay present. Trust me. Kat – I trust you.

12:08pm Bedroom. Christie and Ovi. Christie talks to Ovi about how she had a conversation with Sam last night and how he said he didn’t think he would use the veto. She tells Ovi that Sam said an hour ago on the hammock that he wasn’t going to use it. Jack joins them. Jack hugs Ovi. Ovi starts to cry. Ovi – I have y’all’s back. Christie – kat is going to dig a hole. Don’t do what Kat is doing. I love Kat, its not personal. I keep telling her to stop. You are okay. Be Ovi. Be you! Let her become a thorn in peoples sides. She’s talking about calling house meetings. I feel blindsided because last night the plan was for him not to use it. I was scared to put up Kemi because she has angry people behind her. She has Nick and Bella behind her and I’m not working with them. Ovi – I get it, I get it. Christie – I am not going to directly tell her that you’re a pawn. Let her paint her target. Be you. Ovi – I trust you.

Backyard. Jack and Bella. Jack – a little birdie just told me that I would put you up on the block if I was HOH. That is absolutely false. I never put up any names if I was HOH. Number 1, I am not trying to win HOH’s so that’s my reply to everybody whenever they ask so who would you put up. Number 2.. Bella – when I heard that I was like that was weird. Jack – I know, I would put up Kat and Kemi .. if I would. (LOL you just said you don’t throw out names.) Jack – this is the whole reason I wanted to get rid of Kemi because she is toxic. I will not talk to her this week.

12:25pm Jackson tells Ovi – I want you here. I would rather you be here over Kat. I am tired of babysitting her. I am not going to jeopardize my game for her. You’re probably only going to have one vote against you. Its going to be from me. I want you to know it was me and why. I want Kemi gone. She has run her mouth about me and I want her gone. I am voting for you to leave but I do not want you gone. Ovi – I totally understand that but I might need your vote. Jackson – if it gets close to it I will vote to keep you. Ovi – I’m all in for you. You know I have your back. Jackson – I don’t want to cast a vote to evict you.

12:20pm – 12:50pm HOH room. Christie and Sam. Christie tells Sam about her conversation with Ovi. Christie – I will be a little salty with you today. Sam – yeah okay. That’s why I wasn’t even looking at you. Sam – you could take little stab jokes at me today .. and then tomorrow we could get over it. Christie agrees. Christie talks about how she doesn’t want pick a target so that she is good with no matter who stays. Tommy joins them. Christie – To be honest he (Ovi) will probably go. Its sad and it sucks but he seemed like the best option to play a pawn. Sam – if Ovi goes then Kat could be a 24/7 pawn star. Christie – during the veto when we weren’t supposed to talk .. Kat asked me if I was backdooring her. I’m like you’re on the block!? She really doesn’t understand. Sam – when we were all hugging she said thank you to me. I’m like why? And she said oh I don’t know.

Nick – Kemi is so stupid. Kemi told Bella that Jess told her that Jack said he was going to put up Kemi and Bella next week. Ovi joins them. He tells them that he has their back and if he gets anything down the line .. just know I have your back. I don’t forget.

1pm – 1:18pm Boat room. Jess, Kat, Christie, Nicole and Kemi. Jess – I just want to say before anyone else comes in if I win HOH none of the girls are being touched. Christie – I’m never touching a girl again because now that I know everyone and where everyone stands.. I am not putting a girl up until we literally have to. Jess – I know that this has been incredibly stressful. Christie – I feel like the guys play too strong and hard. I am never going to do something that doesn’t feel good in my gut. I also feel that a girl being you (Kat) has the best chance at staying over Ovi. I’m a girl and not that the Lesbian thing is a thing but I’m like girl power. I am not going to put up another girl. I’m not. Kat – I respect that you did that so much. Jess – it would be so amazing if all the girls just f**king took over this sh*t. Christie – that would be AMAZING!!! Jess – it would make BB history if all the girls just supported each other. Christie – Guys play more with their d!cks than their heads. He (Jack) isn’t counting anything or memorizing anything.. he thinks he can just get by with his big d!ck energy. Its going to be a really small window of opportunity to take a stab at him, I just hope that the opportunity arises.

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Poor Ovi…
I think that a girls alliance might actually work this year!

another name

no way. the moment they try to put jackson on the block Kat goes bazookajoenutballs. Holly will be in full backstab mode.
kat holly and sis don’t like bella. the feeling is pretty mutual.
the shoegazer wallflower girls that didn’t think there was an alliance in the house: they don’t trust the girls that hang out with a guy.
the moment a guy wins hoh every feminine wiles player in the girl alliance ditches them to flirt for safety.


Well Christie did what she wanted and the boys better look out

another name

sometimes my brain goes places it should not, and i know it. Case in point:
when Jackson is giving Ovi his i want you here but i’m voting you out spiel and he says ‘Kat’s opened up to me’… was that double entendre?

another name

how soon before one of the guys says holy crap we’ll be down 2 guys, the womenfolk planned this from the start.


Is that the same thing is double secret probation?
Sorry just a bad joke…

Tom A

Well….Ovi got completely screwed. Officially made up and is liked by basically everyone in the house besides the Jacks, then gets thrown up on the block for no reason. Smh.


Umm, Christie that small window of opportunity to get rid of Jack was yours at the Veto ceremony to backdoor him and you closed it. Could you imagine Jack’s reaction…he would have gone into full bersek mode.


The question is did she think the votes were there over Kat. If she failed to get Jack out she’d have both Jacks after her, probably Holly as well. Who knows where the others would fall. The gr8ful 8 were never a real alliance and by the time Christie figured it out she was too far out to totally change directions without a lot of effort. She played it safe to allow her to readjust the strategy. I’m hoping Kat goes out the door though.


Absolutely – for sure she feared Jack had the votes but with such a long HOH she probably had a chance but it is not formulatic enough to be a safe move. I love your reference to the gr8ful but is that a real aliance or a feed aliance? I do think Kat should go – she is not a BB gamer so I don’t feel any alliance to her. And i’m ove the crying indtead of action.


I kinda like Ovi and I’m glad he can use his power and save himself.