Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Tom uses the Veto on Ricky

9:00am Houseguests are woken up.

12:30pm Tom used the Power of Veto On Ricky

12:50pm Natalie and LOCO in the storage room
LOLO – it’s frustrating.. you know.. we played really good games.
Natalie says Tom saving Ricky as game play and it was smart
LOLO mentions that Kandi and Dina aren’t really against Tom.
LOLO – he had other moves.. the fact is they didn’t like each other
LOLO – I always try to see the goodness in TOM (ZOMG)
LO again – I’ve always tried to see the goodness in TOM
LO – I was always teh first to fight for him

Nat – you’re right
LO – I don’t want to hold ill feelings to anyone and I’m trying to see the goodness in everyone
LO – I can still see the goodness in TOM .. If I try to understand TOM at this point.. I can’t
Nat – no..
Lo – he’s honestly.. yeah.. yeah.. I Dunno
Lo – It’ll happen when it happens..
Nat – yeah..
LO mentions when you are on the block “you become instantly invisible”
Natalie says she’s felt that way for the last couple days.
Lo says she’s always been by Nat’s side.
Nat agrees says it was more the “awkwardness” of walking around the house while on the block.
Lo – Ta thought she was going up I thought.. there was still options.. now I am on the block there’s no options they either vote for me or they don’t
Natalie says Tom’s goal was to split up them three and it’s sucking they lost the HOH.
Nat – that is why Big BRothe ris big brother
Lo – or the veto.. I didn’t even play in the veto..
Nat – even if I won the veto you would have been up
Lo – it would have been up against Ricky.. this is not an easy decision for the house.
Nat – I feel like… like the house will do a split so we have a tie it’ll go to TOM
Lo – the house has been against the split the whole season
LO says that Tom told her he’s not going to backdoor her.
Lo – he’s told me 2 times things he is going to do and didn’t
Nat – same.. whatever..
Lo – I am going to have a conversation with him..
LO plans on talking to TOM asking why he told her he wasn’t putting her up and wasn’t backdooring her and did.
LO says it really hurt her the other day when her “personal stuff” was brought up ..

1:36pm Chillin…

3:00pm Ricky and Natalie
Ricky says this game helps you process disappointment..
Natalie – homeboy said I was safe.. (Tom) Then when we sat down at the table within 2-3 hours of our conversation and i’m up being able to like um… not not freak out.. WHAT! YOU SAID !!!
Nat says her not freaking out was “Solid.. for me”
R – yeah I get it I 100% get it.. anbd being able to go through all this and keep your heart open
N – Totally and not be so ….. the only person that I think I was kinda shunned I guess you can see mean mugged was Kandi.. I already told her.. I squashed it..
N – It was because she wasn’t on our side that’s on me not on her
N – and I’ve leaned to shut my mouth I’ve put it out in the universe he was going to use the veto on you last night I should have just let it sit.. (LOL)
R – it’s so crazy to me the way things work out.. little choices we make in the spur of the moment creates a chain reaction
R – even the veto competition that was trippy for me
N – part of me thought you threw it
R – well.. uhh… yes and no.. when it came up I have really good short term memory I should have done really good at .. I knew I was spent.. The voice in my head said (?click launch? ) . I just trusted in it and did it.. and I guarantee if I competed more or went longer it would have been different
Ricky – I would have preferred it if you won it over me I felt confident in my chances.. I had a really good speech.
R – the thing I love about games.. it’s not the winning or losing it’s awe inspiring how things change and move and they all lead to an end result..
R – the beauty is the synchronicity and the process
Nat – You see how affected people get by a drop of a dime.. one minute they’re safe .. Tamar is a perfect example.. That is SO interesting…

3:51pm Cards and Healing Magic

5:28pm Chit chat
Kandi, Dina and Tom in one room Ricky, Tamar, Natalie and Tamar in the other

6:55pm Tamar and Natalie
Nat – what would you do in my position
Tamar – I would talk to Rick and Dina and ask them straight up because I would like to stay and I would like to fight.. you’re going to have to suck that up

Tamar – why do you feel bad fighting for yourself?
Nat – They’re right there..
Tamar – go talk to them …
Nat – exactly that
Tamar – exactly that do I have the votes to stay
Nat – what do I tell LO that I petitioned against her
Tamar – not that you petitioned against her you’re asking do you have votes!

Nat leaves.. to talk to Ricky and Dina
Nat – I don’t have much time because lolo is in Diary .. I just want to put it out there and I don’t want anything to be weird or awkward
Nat – I want to stay and compete. I like this game I like to stay.. I wanted to come and just know face to face if I had your guys votes to stay
Dina – I’m kinda shocked right now because you guys are like best buddies.. I just can’t give an answer right now.. completely honest I’m like WHAT! like you two are like like sisters
nat – yeah totally
Dina – It’s gotta be harder for you guys
Nat – it is.. I was going to give it to her. .I feel bad I have a husband i’m walking out to she doesn’t but then TA was like that’s not .. you shouldn’t that’s not no..
Nat – so then i’m like… that inner… ugh..
Rick – I get it
Dina – it’s crazy…
Nat – it’s one of those things I would rather know.. like we told JOE before.. so we’re not both sitting up there .. we already know what’s up that way it’s easier.
Nat – I really had my mind made up.. and essentially take one for the team but then…
Ricky – it goes in and out
nat – Tamar was like why should you take one for the team that’s not fair either.. SO … I dunno..
Dina – Breath.. you just gotta breath..
Ricky tells Nat he’s leaning to keeping her but he still wants to talk to everybody “85% unless there’s some craziness in the air”
Rick – I’ll tell you before
nat says she wouldn’t want to it come down to a tie breaker.. “it gives TOM the power to decide on the spot.. I think he would pick LO but I don’t know and I don’t really want to have another conversation with him”
Nat leaves…. “thank you ok cool”

Ricky asks “real talk” what is Dina thinking
Dina says she has no relationship with the girls they’ve never really talked, “She rents old properties (NAT).. and she told me about her husband a little bit”
Dina goes on about how she’ll base her vote on who the better player is

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It just occurred to me that we have seen Lolo bat-sh*t crazy this entire time and she’s never even been on the block. Now that Tom saved Ricky and put Lolo on the block, could we actually see her insanity reach new heights?!

Tom green all day

its like legit roid rage, she needs to get laid badddddd

Lolo is short for Louis

It’s testosterone ragers she got .


Don’t worry She’ll win America’s fav


Poetic justice – Nat and Lolo wanted to keep Ricky safe this whole game, Fine! Tom will keep him safe too! LMAO!!


Lol hahahaha

Grumpy chat

I take it by the way everyone in the house has weirdly been protecting Ricky, that Ricky is the designated winner of BB 2.


And Lolo is the designated winner of AFP


Well, I have to admit I have a hard time following what’s going on but at least it’s entertaining.


That threw me as well. I think Tom is making decisions based on what he thinks the viewer would find entertaining rather than what’s good for his chances at winning. It’s almost like he thought, well this’ll get folks talking; let’s do it!

Roll Tide

Expect the unexpected. I think that TOM is hoping to get a tv show. All the acting like a bird, dancing, etc.


Go Tom! Didn’t think he would do something like this. Great game move. Does anyone know what changed his mind? He was so intent on getting rid of Ricky.


Well Ricky is taking credit for the move, telling tamar and Natalie he went to talk to Tom and was planting “seeds”, but i think tom came to the realization that he wasnt going to get the votes to get out Ricky.

double D

LO – I was always teh first to fight for him

Was that for him or with him?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Delusional. She saw the good in him as she hated him, said he was a bad mf’ing person, ignoring him, screaming at him, turnng on their alliance, talkIng about him non-stop for hours? Whatever.


You just don’t get it. She’s been doing all that to build him up and shield him. Her actions have always, at the core, been to help Tom win this game. You just need to know the rules of the Locoverse and it all makes sense…with enough herbs and in the correct mind state.

Guano Loco

These people have zero self awareness…… Craymar telling Kandi earlier that America hates Tom, and that’s why he made the move he made. I still think Ricky is the sleeper ( literally) and will be F2. I may skip the final this yr, it’ll b another CBB with a non- deserving winner

Mom of 3 Boys

TOM! TOM!! TOM!!! I am flabbergasted!!! Now THAT is a move I did not expect him to make! He’s really using his remaining ball, LOL! I actually like this move bc I think it’s more important to break up Loco and Natalie and Natalie needs to go first, even though I can’t stand Loco. Now let’s please address Loco saying how she ALWAYS sees the best in Tom and is always standing up for him?!?!?!? BLAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! GIRL PLEASE!!!! And Tamar thinks America doesn’t like Tom????? Oh I can’t wait for that reality to hit her in the behind!

Mom of 3 Boys

Think about it, this move by Tom was SMART! He knew he couldn’t get the votes to vote out Ricky and he knew Ricky would still be here GUNNING for him, so turn it all upside down! SAVING Ricky gives Tom a better chance, even though he still has a huge uphill battle.

Mom of 3 Boys

Simon, that pic of Tom chillin at 1:36… DYING! LMAO

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I used a face mask like that the other night and my husband called me “Freddie Krueger” LOL

Mom of 3 Boys

Try having a completely normal last name and marrying a guy with the last name of Krueger! Every time I was pregnant I would hear, “Are you gonna name it Freddy?” My reply was always, “Gee, I haven’t heard that one before…” LOL


I am disappointed that Tom used his veto on Ricky. That’s going to be his biggest regret!

Oh, but I forgot! Ricky has so many brainwashed. He is mighty masterful! LOL

*granny giggles*

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I don’t know; I”m beginning to think it’s 6-1 an half a dozen of another; Natalie or Ricky either one would be a good target. Ricky keeps saying he’s the strongest competitor in the house. I think Tom has proven that to be false. Breaking that power of three up is a good thing. Lolo is still an explosion waiting to happen. Ricky is petty. Never EVER thought I’d think this; but I’m hoping Kandi, Tamar and Tom make it somehow to the final 3. Not Dina because God bless her, she’s just a ditz. Don’t want Tamar to win. But for the sheer fact that she secretly wised up and discovered Kandi is a better bet than the Toxic Trio… I’d like to see her make it further than those three. That said, not one of those three would honor any deal with him anymore than they did when they were supposedly aligned.

On the show tonight, Natalie made a big stinking deal over Kandi choosing her over Tom to compete against in the HOH; how dare she not be with them even though she’s been expendable from day one. And not one of them could beat the older dude with one testicle.

Mom of 3 Boys

The fact that Tom only has one testicle makes me like him even more! One less to have to give attention to… LOL

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I know; the fact that he jokes about it all the time makes it even funnier. He’s alot smarter than I assumed before BBC. Strange; but smart.

Good grief eh

Bahahaha granny giggles. Bahahaha. OMG. I think I found my new name. . . With your permission, I shall from this day forward, be known as . . . Granny Giggles


Yes! He definitely regrets it.

Guano Loco

I loved the look of disappointment in Loco/ Nat/ and Ricky’s faces when Tom won HOH, lol !


On a side note, I saw an article in the paper today about the T-shirts Tom has been wearing on the show. They’re to support a friend’s business, that friend’s wife is dealing with cancer, so it’s to indirectly help with paying her medical bills.


LOLO for Americas fav!!!!!!!!!!!

Arya Stark Badass

Favorite what??? That was funny when Kandi told her not the breathe fire.

another name

When Loco says, “This isn’t how an athlete should go out.” (shakes head in disbelief and coughs) Ryan.
When Nem and Loco are discussing how to decide which one of them is leaving so they can tell the others how to vote (rolls eyes and says yiddish curse words to self) Nominees don’t get a vote. Did any of the others evicted this season get a head’s up or a choice?
When Tamar says she would keep Lo, but she’s afraid they might get in another fight (purses lips, tilts head, side eye) shhhh, don’t give anyone a fringe benefit to keeping the whiny, delusionally self righteous professional victim.
Nem is going to be one of Loco’s bridesmaids? Guess they need someone to wrestle this phantom groom to the ground in case he chews through the restraints.


chews through the restraints! LMAO omg i’m dying here

another name

dear Tom,
No, America would not be mad at you for getting rid of Loco because she’s an Olympian. You had no problem voting out Ryan. And he won medals.
The voice of reason your paranoia tries to smother.