Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers DOUBLE EVICTION

Power of Veto is played.. Toms wins

Tom uses the veto on Ricky pulls up LOCO

Kandi votes to evict Natalie
Tamar votes to evict Natalie
Rick votes to evict Natalie
Dina votes to evict Natalie

Natalie is evicted..

As Natalie walks out “FO SHOW FO SHOW… GET IT.”

Breaking Celebrity News twist … A extra “safety Competition” the winner is safe but doesn’t get to play in the Head of Household competition

Natalie thought the twist was for her to come back into the house.. LOL

Tamar has won safety from tonight second eviction

LOLO wins the Head of Household

LOLO nominates Kandi and Tom

The power of veto goes to a tie breaker.. Tamar wins..

Tamar doesn’t use the veto.

Dina votes to evict Tom
Ricky votes to evict Tom
Tamar votes to evict Tom

Tom is evicted

Tamar dances as Tom is evicted..

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Guano Loco

Wow, Craymar dialed up the crazy and mean tonight. I felt she treated Tom like shit, hard to believe she has fans at all. She made Lolo look good tonight imo

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Lolo, Natalie and Ricky faked it real good for the show tonight. Pretending to be all light and love after being bad sports and complete jerks all week. Tamar dancing for joy at Tom’s eviction and snapping off “I pray for you anyways” – will those prayers bounce right off the ceiling? Who knows. Just stop. Don’t profess it. Live it. It’s easy to love people you like, just sayin’.


I can’t stand Tamar, She is one crazy chick!!


Why was it should got play POV. She was safe anyway. That was not right


Well I have now just lost interest in the rest of the season….but I’ll keep watching.

another name

credits scene as Loco and Ricky are already planning on cutting Tamar loose. Uh-gain.
Those loyalty based good guys.
Can’t even side eye or eyeroll, because who didn’t see that coming. Okay. i managed a little mmm-hmm.

Roll Tide

Tamar and Kandi have a final two. Tamar would cut Lolo, but might keep Ricky.

another name

tamar has final 2 with ricky and with kandi. but nobody knows that. (legitimately i think ricky was always stringing tamar on with that final 2 on his part. anybody that seeks a final 2 when they know full well they are going on the block is sketch).
all they know is tamar and kandi are afraid to make a legitimate move against each other because of their social circle back home.
Ricky and Lolo have been hemhaw she’s not really one of us but we’ll let her think she is since before Kato’s eviction. Last night it was prayercircle and a rousing chorus of we shall overcome. now that one of the two of them is in power it’s back to fiiiine, we’ll let her sit with us, but we don’t have to like her.

Roll Tide 2

The only thing Tamar will cut is kandi’s back!

Same Ole Same Ole

Why would Tom be rooting for LoLo? I don’t get it.

another name

because Tom had a terrible, terrible read on other people, and because tom had convinced himself that she’s somehow America’s sweetheart, and saying anything against her would be bad for his image. and because he bought every one of her sob stories that she has been using for a decade to play victim.


He won’t be after he watches the season and sees the DRs. I think he’ll be voting Kandi if she makes it to the final two.


Tom likes Lolo. Tom also sees this as it is, a game. Even though Lolo is crazy nuts and turned on Tom, he never took it personally. Plus with remaining, not like there are many to choose from.

Feeds Gold

Tom was my favorite houseguest, by far the most entertaining on feeds, in the diary room and in episodes. Without Tom the season would have been majorly lacklustre. I hope Dina or Kandi win the season and Tom wins Americas favorite.


Sad to see Tom go to bad LoLo won HOH! I really hate seeing people like her Ricky and Tamara going to the finale they are such nasty people.

Jonathan Fan

Tamar is stupid to be dancing during Tom’s departure. The evicted houseguests are not sequestered so they will all see this. Not a good look for someone who may need their votes if she makes it to the Final 2.


She probably lost the former HGs votes, if they were ever going to vote for her to win. The ones still in the house probably didn’t care.


Tamar the least classy bb contestant ever wow why did she even feel that her behavior was acceptable just plain tacky. Natalie too she was bested by a better player and to ignore Tom tacky player and no sportsmanship


i thought Tamar was a superfan? Did she miss the part about Jury Management? Geez!


Tamar makes me SICK!!! She’s has ZERO class, that woman.

Roll Tide

Why does everyone ignor Dina? She could win, do they think she is just loopy?

another name

Think about her speech to the jury for a minute. Half way through she might go off on a tangent about poptarts.

Franks ex-Girlfriend

I’m out…no one left to root for. Looking forward to BB, thank you for the updates!!


Terrible how Tamar acted, but she’ll keep her followers because they don’t care about bad behavior. They’ll see her as being justified no matter what. That’s how it is today, disrespect is respected.

Mom of 3 Boys

So, let’s all show Tamar, the tap dancing Christian, just HOW MUCH America LOVES Tom Green!!! Vote for Tom as AFP!!! I can’t stand a #FakeChristian


Yes that’s the best payback. Everyone should vote Tom AFP!!! He left feeling like he was the bad guy. He was respectful the whole way through, til the very last minute being treated the way he did. He has gained my respect, walking away from trouble and ignoring ignorant and hurtful behavior.

Mom of 3 Boys

Well said!

Just me

You talk about disgusted, of all people to win the HOH…and Tamar…I wish I could post a vomit emoji to express how she acted during the live eviction. At this point, I may as well root for Dina. ( insert the most disgusted emoji here).


It’s sad to see that the three athletes on the show were the biggest sore losers. You expected Tamar to be exactly what she showed herself to be rude, crazy and hard to get along with. But I’m most disappointed in Candy, I’ve always thought she was a nice person but when I saw how she lied and said that Tom was threatening her when he wasn’t . I saw that she is not the person I thought she was.. I won’t be watching the rest of the show because I don’t like how either one of the ones left have played the game or rather how they haven’t played the game but just showed they are of low character.

another name

the new hoh is. ricky.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

My heart sunk tonight, too. Kandi is the only one I can stomach winning and even THAT seems wrong. If she was EVER going to win something it should have been tonight’s HOH or Power of Veto, seriously. The others I just can’t STAND the thought of any of them winning. Either horrible sports and hateful, or just complete dip wads (sorry, Dina; I’m sure you are a wonderful mother and person and a great girlfriend to some big chick out east pretending to be your Boo the last 5 years but in this game….. just no.) Dang it, we had some decent characters to work with this CBB season, too. Such a disappointment.


Done with the season. Such mean spirited people. Tamar is the worst. I hope Kandi or Dina wins. I can’ wait for them to get out of the house and see just how much love they get.

King Silva

Tom was so dumb.

He should have used the Veto on Eva, after making a deal with the ladies for safety in the next eviction, and put up Tamar. If Ricky and Tamar were on the block for the first eviction of this double eviction he would have got Ricky out for sure. Idk why he didn’t do that since Tamar went crazy to him the night before too..

It would have worked imo because Kandi and Dina would have for sure voted out Ricky and that is all he needed to break the tie should Eva/Lolo vote against Tamar (I think they would have sided with the house just like how Ricky/Tamar did when they voted out Eva).

I really do think Lolo/Eva would have honored the deal for the double eviction, especially since Lolo won HOH, because they had other people to target (Dina/Kandi who both are major floaters with ZERO blood on their hands). Instead of him leaving the game after Eva it would have been Kandi after Ricky.

His second HOH reign was another total failure smh.

Mom of 3 Boys

No way. Loco and Natalie would NEVER have kept a deal with Tom. He made the only move that gave him even a sliver of a chance. Kandi would have been pissed if he put up Tamar. In the end, looks like the sore losers have a red carpet to the end.

Mom of 3 Boys

Ricky won HOH??? It must have been a “taking a nap” or “who can ignore someone the longest” competition…