BBCAN7 Power of Veto Ceremony results

Damien used the power of veto on himself. Adam selected Mark as the replacement. Este and Mark are up for eviction. There’s been no game talk that I ran into. Mostly arts and crafts etc…

2:00pm – 3:50pm Just a lot of guys with their shirts off..

4:30pm HAve nots

4:35pm Anthony tub time

4:48pm Pots and pan music. Mark juggling, Este dancing with Damien playing the music.. (Damien has some drumming skills)

5:30pm – 9:30pm Cam 1-2 feeds down

10:35pm – 10:50pm Havenot room. Adam (is drunk), Anthony and Kyra.n Adam – we were hyped tonight. I am going to either have zero voice or all my voice. Mark is another human being. Mark is something else. Kyra – when he’s drunk? Adam – just everything man… Mark in competitions. Just everything Mark is different. Seeing Mark walk into this house I thought he was a different person. But seeing Mark now, I’m like f**k Mark.. where did you come from man!? Anthony – he feels good. He is with his family. Kyra – he’s weird. Adam – when I first met Mark I thought I was going to look up to him. I was like f**k man, this guys a genius .. I’m going to look up to this guy. Not now!

12:34am The feeds return to the havenots sleeping..

Tuesday morning Houseguests start waking up around 9:30am .. Some are rougher than others.

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Club H.O.H

That was some drumming!

another name

so, adam comes off the medication that has kept him from drinking for weeks… and the house / hoh gets alcohol three times between thursday and monday. that’s… something, i’m just not sure what.
so is production trying to impair judgement hoping the script will flip, or are they trying to make sure everyone is so comfortable that no campaigning or plotting happens that might flip the script?

side note i’d never mentioned before: did anyone notice just how much the hoh favored those with larger wingspans? watch the parts of the comp they showed, it’s visible multiple times. while everyone was pressing the end box against their chest, the taller competitors were able to lay their arms at the side of the box at a slight angle with their forearms extending to the second box, while their hands were under the second and third box. this means while the shorter were able to hold the first box with their hands extending at most to the second, the length of the taller competitors arms gave a significant advantage. scoff if you will, but holding ten boxes where the length of your arms stabilize the first three is a great advantage over those that can only stabilize at most two depending on their arm length. Just saying.

Barbara Babish

Yes I thought that at the time too.


Bye mark ? bye Anthony ? bunch of losers! One talks a big game but is a lil biatch and the other is an aggressive asshole who can’t even win a comp! Until you can walk the walk shut the hell up with all your talk! That’s all the both of you are! byeeeeee ?


Adam PLEASE grow some balls and start acting like a man and not a sensitive sally!!!!!!!!!!! Your need for approval from other MEN in order to play YOUR game is pathetic! You’ve put in work so please get a backbone and make some grown a$$ moves!


Just watched Sunday’s show . . . at this point, if anyone allows Anthony to stay in this house, they all deserve to lose ! He is an egotistical asshole who thinks he is top king . .and NO ONE is telling him otherwise !!!!! He has not one a single thing, and lays around telling everyone very aggressively what they have to do ! People come on . .grow a set of balls . . .put Anthony up and vote him out now !!!!


yet look how godfrey egos look what happened!sure did final for no reason right?


ive been saying all season kyra and anthony final 2 just watch this how season 3 bb canada

another name

Dane worries about keeping Este’s vote if he gets to final two. He knows the boys have been outing the alliance every week in goodbye messages, so a better jury vote manager would be preparing her for leaving, not playing dumb. She’s going to find out she’s been a moron anyway, but blindsiding her with her moronic behavior isn’t going to keep her vote.
What Dane should want is a tie that Adam breaks. It puts more of the weight of broken trust on Adam. The way it looks now, a 3-1 vote when Este knows the boys compare notes during nightly discussions? Implausible to Este that Dane didn’t know. A tie vote means it was Adam that chose. A 3-1 vote means that Dane knew and didn’t do anything about it.
You just know that Anthony’s gbm will be ‘you should have put your faith in me, i’m better at this game than anybody.’ You just know Mark’s gbm will be ‘ it’s all Dane’s fault, he’s been playing you since week two. I tried to warn you.’ You just know kyra will make the gbm all about how this effects kyra. Your just know Adam’s message will be some dumb lesbian sign plastered across his chin. Does Damien even do goodbye messages?? Might as well just be ‘hi, my name is Damien. i’m the house guest that doesn’t talk. or plan. or really play.’


dane reminds me of bobby all cocky think they know it all!