Power of Veto Ceremony Results “I’m A-OK”

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett Kaycee & Scottie Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Brett used the power of veto on himself. Fes nominates Kaycee in his place.

9:47am houseguests waking up

10:09am JC and Fes
Fes – it’s going to be smooth right
JC – yeah ..
Fes – you always freak out before the vote..
JC – everythign’s going to be okay
Fes – you don’t want to keep Scottie
Jc – no, What the f* why would I keep Scottie

10:38am Scottie and Tyler
Scottie says Sam has been playing them she’s the one goin gup.

11:46am Feeds are back..

Hugs all around.
Scottie – I’m a-OK

11:54am Angela and Brett
Angela – I thought you were going to say more to fes
Brett – I wasn’t allowed to
Angeal a- really? It’s probably a good thing
Brett – I wasn’t really given the opportunity

Brett says he knew Fes was going to put up him or Tyler so he ‘forced’ Fes to put him up with SCottie so he could win the veto and Fes ..
Brett mentions he was egging Scottie on to pitch Haleigh as a replacement
Angela says only Scottie and SAm were doing that
Brett – yeah go ahead and do that.. that’s a good idea.. again his only votes. his only Guaranteed 2 votes..
Brett says Sam and SCottie approached him a couple nights ago and they roped him into the conversation about backdooring haleigh.. They also asked Brett to use the veto on SCottie. BRett adds that SCottie told Fes that Brett was in on the plot about taking Haleigh up
BRett – I didn’t think they were that dumb.
Angela says Sam was trying to get her to pitch Halegih to Fes..
Brett – no..
Angela -no absolutely not what do you think i’m dumb
Tyler comes in..
Tyler – just be happy you are not on the block.

Tyler says SCottie is going this week it’ll be a unanimous vote.
Brett – it’s going to be the first unanimous vote
Tyler warns them that SCottie isnt’t going to take this laying down he’ll have some angle
Tyler and BRett are going to make Scottie think he’s go their votes just so he leaves them alone.

12:20pm chit chat Brett is talking about how much JC is squatting.

12:31pm JC and FEs

FEs – I need you to make sure votes are locked..
JC says the only 2 votes he could possible get is Haleigh or Sam.
FEs says SCottie went to Haleihg after he threw her under the bus saying that he knew he was going so he wanted to sever their link before leaving to help her game.
Fes says Haleigh believes him
Fes – we just have to watch Haleigh that she’s throw him a vote and something happens..
Fes – if these people keep ihim in the game they are f*ing stupid.. I don’t see 4 people wanting him in the game
JC – Tyler and Angela want to keep KAycee.. I want tot keep Kaycee.. you have three votes and break the tie
Fes says haleigh knows if she goes against him with this vote she doesn’t have him in the game anymore.

They start laughing at Rockstar’s game.. Fes brgins up whtn Rockstar and Bayleigh were on the block together and they were all in the geometry room and Rockstar said
Fes – WE have three Bayleigh we just need one more..
They laugh

Sam hugs Fes tells her she’s done playing the game. “thanks for not putting me up like you said you would”

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Houka Inumuta

Faysal postponed Tyler’s eviction party to August 30. I’m sorry guys.

Scottie for jury buyback and AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trackin the Kraken

Unlikely, but even so, YOUR GUY is going home THIS week !!!


Charles Bronson

Thank goodness Angela didn’t go on the block.

BB Fanatic

Are you a member of the Hive? You have been wrong for how many weeks now?

Maxine Watters - Space Alien

JC was great on the CBS show last night. I love when he talks about how stupid Fessi is.

JC actually has some game.


how can tyler get evicted on the 30th when he can use the cloud app next week still.


No one is against him now.
Sam is hay target .then brett.
Hay and fess are targets for anyone else.

Looney Libs

Level 6 Hit L;ist

Fes/Angela (Fes first if he doesn’t win veto)

Tlyer, Angela, Kaycee, Brett final 4.


Good to see you’re still around and taking it in stride. I salute you, Scottie’s mommy.


Usually when a party gets postponed as many times as your Tyler Eviction Party has been postponed, then the party planner just cancels the event altogether. Just sayin’… it’s worth some thought. 🙂


Remember when they kept putting Vanessa’s eviction party off? Same thing.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

The discussion the other day regarding something updated to call The Hive reminded me of some old military acronyms I thought I’d share. These originated during WWII…

FUBAR (F*ed Up Beyond All Recognition/Reason)

SNAFU (Situation Normal, All F*ed Up)

TARFU (Totally And Royally F*ed Up)

and lastly, a Vietnam era entry…

BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again)




I’m sure all us vets are getting a big laugh on this one because we know it’s true. It’s the first one that made me laugh in over a week.

I’m sure there are those out there that have used at least one of these terms and had no idea what it meant.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yep, when it comes to long separations from friends and family, being crammed close together with a wide range of personalities, no privacy, rampant boredom inter-spaced with periods of panic…sounds like boot camp with a possible bonus at the end.

Right now Scottie can just say FIGMO.

Scottie is off to the little house

Have you looked at the numbers?
After this week there are 8 HGs left, 7 if a DE. Then only 3 Thursdays left before finale on 9/19. How can there be a battleback, especially since evictees have seen their goodbye messages?
Time to give it a rest.

Scottie Pilgrim vs L6&Hive

Finale is on 9/26!

Scottie is off to the little house

You are correct. I was going by the date posted on goldderby, but now see hamsterwatch has it for the 26th. That accounts for the extra person that needs to go.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

Well at least Shaggy will be free to film more episodes of Scooby Doo.


I don’t see how it could be a double eviction when Tyler still has his power for one more week. Production has their hands full doing a live full hour show. They would want his power app to come into play on that night. imo


There is NO jury buyback. They have seen the goodbye messages. Just stop with the nonsense.


Are you going to have a party for Scottie? He’s not coming back in the house, there is no Jury Buyback…but keeps dreaming of Scottie!


America’s Favorite Player? Lol, yea right. I doubt he’ll even be in the Top 3.


no playback this season…junk


Tyler has multiple side deals which if kept hidden should allow him to sail into the final 3. Even if Hayleigh wins HOH next week at least he has the cloud app. Anybody in L6 wins HOH Fes or Hay will be going home. If double eviction they might be going to jury together which would be priceless. Can we see the cam footage of the drive to the jury house? LOL


Id rather seperate them. Hay with scottie in jury or in the house with brett. Fess would go nuts


Only problem is that if Thursday night is a double eviction, Scottie will be the first evicted then another HG will follow him. I would rather double eviction was to come week after this. Then Hay and Fez can leave together.

Botox Pelosi

@ Houka

Is your name really spelled Hookah? Even Rock in her Head knows Scottie is history.


Didn’t you get the memo? There’s no buy back this season. There’s usually two DE but since Kaitlyn failed to stay there’s only going to be one.


there is no playback this season.
Scottie played duma$$ game.
Gone Scottie Gone!!!


As far as Sam’s involvement in this, doesn’t she have a tattoo that says “Ruthless”? Can’t say they haven’t been warned.


Sweet Sam who would never ever lie except when her lips move but that doesn’t count right? Ya she’s my #1 target now. 2 faced lunatic that she is.


Now Sam’s pouting and vowed silence until tomorrow at 1:30. Attention seeker and full of drama. Claims to be so down to earth and “normal “ Between her and Rockstar I’m not sure which one is more wacko. Sam has now isolated herself again and quit playing the game again… Boo Hoo back on the pity pot.

Bozo Bernie the Socialist

Sam’s act is old. People are sick of it and I think we will see her get voted out soon.


God I hope so. After her saying to tyler that she is working on something and he will be proud of her, only to find out that she is trying to get fessieboy to put up haileigh, shows how dumb she really is. If she had a brain she would know that fessieboy would not go for it nor would tyler have supported her in that bid. Atleast they are starting to figure out what sam is up to. Looking forward to her being on the block, the girl will lose her mind, well, whats left of it anyways. LOL.

another name

ruth was her granny.


And Less was her gramps.

another name

i’m sure in pre-season interview she said ruth was her granny, and she got the tattoo a while after she died because it would annoy her mother.


What craziness did she pull now?

Just Here So I Don't Get Fined

L6 still runnin’ the show.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

“If you put Haleigh on the block I will kick your f***ing a$$!”

Congratulations Scotter…you put the fear of RS in Fessie.


As if ! All Fez would have to do is sit on Scottie. No contest!


I hope Fes is the next one out the door. I want him to see what they actually think of him.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’d “almost” believe live feeds from the jury house for the rest of the season would be better watching in “some” ways.


Please no, how many times do you want to hear Rock repeat “Those entitled pieces of s*** and b******!

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

I would rather watch Honey Boo Boo on a loop.


Yep, I agree. There’s a point where you can only watch so much dumb shit go do. For me, it reached that point last week. It was funny while it went on. Yeah, it still continues but, please let someone with some brains take control of the house! Enough already. It’s become boring.

Kid Donny 07

I want to see jury house live feeds. when will see see Rock star arrive


Level6 should evict Haleigh first because Fes will then choose to self-evict since he won’t want her to be alone in the jury house with Scottie. All they need to do is evict Haleigh, and then let JC have a conversation with Fes. Game over.

Just Sayin...

Umm….if he self-evicted he’d go home, not to the jury house.


I am hoping it is Haleigh and it will finally click in to Fes that Scottie & her are in the small house together and he will be asking to go on the block.


Oh, I’d piss myself laughing if that happens!!

Everyone Needs a Sam

I pissed myself just at the serious contemplation of the mountain of “Are you fuckin kidding me?!” thoughts/moves by BB’s All-Time Dumbest HG everrrr!!!

Haleigh next. She’s got a couple active braicells… so bye Hay Ho.

Dirty Harry Reid

Why would Level 6 dump Fez? He is their MVP.


I hope they show his conversation with Rockstar when she tells him about Brett’s goodbye message.


Is there going to be an actual jury battle back or is that just rumor? (Or wishful thinking on the fans part) If there is….. I really want to see Scotty back, as Fes goes…..


No, because they’ve showed the GB messages.

Fessy's little brain

How many times does this need to be said? It’s not happening………….in jury house, have seen goodbye messages. They are not coming back except to vote on Tyler’s win.


So if there isnt going to be a buyback (and I agree with you on this), then what are they going to do? They are short a person, arent they? Either they are going to move the finale up a week, or they need to kill a week in there somewhere, right?


After this week, there is 4 weeks till Final and 8 people left


What makes u such an authority on the matter. Expect the unexpected, remember.

If something funny happens and Tyler gets voted out there will 100 percent suddenly be a battle back.


Bay and Rock have seen the GB messages, if there was a buy back they would not have shown the messages as it shows the players game.


What makes you think Tyler is a sure thing to win??? I love the way Tyler is playing the game but, JC is playing just as hard as Tyler playing both sides. Not to mention JC has really stepped his game up this Week. Sure JC doesn’t have the Comp wins but you don’t always need those. Remember they are evicting half a stupid house to the Jury to Vote for them. MY Guess is IF JC makes it to the Final 2 it would be a really close Vote especially when you have members of the Hive deciding the Winner !!!!


I can’t see Tyler losing in F2. JC was manipulative yes, but only got away with it as well as he did because of space-for-brains Fess. Tyler did much more in the game, I think HIVE will actually give him the votes. JC not so much.


I was just asking….yeesh…….whoever posted that response above was after me, so……..


Bbfan I thought the same thing. Some people act like we read every single comment. I ask a question and was talked down to also. You know how people can suddenly be key board warriors, when they aren’t answering you face to face. Most of us aren’t like that, so let it roll off your back.


Your right…THANKS JAN:)

Roll Tide

If Kaitlyn could have put a 5 or 6 piece puzzle of herself together, maybe, but it is not going to happen.


Oh crazy Sam. Looking at Scottie like she may have him for breakfast !! Then 30 seconds later. Sam…please go to the diary room. Made me laugh. Guess they think she needs a dose of her meds before she hurts him too. Lol.


Sam says at 1:30 she is going to stop talking for 24 hours. More attention seeking behaviour. So over her b.s..

Fessy's Left Nut

Thank you! Exactly! ATTENTION. SEEKING. If I were the other house guests I would embrace her 24 hours of silence with pleasure.

Finally a good season

Forrest Gump to Fes…stupid is as stupid does. Hope you’re looking forward to jury. Bye Fessy.

Roll Tide

Yes it is a big stupid move! Who votes out their alliance members? I think he likes JCmore than Haleigh. Everything JC says is the gospel to Fes.
It is so frustrating!


Exactly. I was hoping Hayleigh would have used that against him to avoid Scottie being put up.


I was confused by that too. When he said he wants to make a big move and hopes everyone will support him. UMM, putting an alliance member up is a big move is his little head I guess. I just found that funny. Even still fessieboy thinks scottie is lying to him because he voted out scaggy weeks ago. But, atleast he has caught on to haileigh wanting to keep scottie because its good for her game but not his. Haileigh is only looking out for herself (which they all should) but sadly fessieboy is looking out for both of them and I think he would throw away his game for haileigh just as she did for bay and as rocky tried to do as well for bay. Just shows how dumb the hive really is. I can not wait to see how haileigh will vote and if fessieboy means it when he said he would be done with her if she goes against his wishes of wanting scottie out. Going to be interesting to see how this plays out. LOL


Sam says “she wants you to put your girl on the block” and you nominate KayCee? Yup, that Fessy thinking again.


I was hoping he would have put sam up, just to see if she loses what is left of her mind. I have a feeling the house will be torn apart when she is put up. I can not see anyone being able to prevent her from spilling everyones secrets. She will go completely insane with no one being able to talk her down, not even tyler would be able to pull that off. LOL


bye bye scottie.


Sam is so playing all the HGs. Her craziness is an act.

Everyone Needs a Sam

Yep. When someone asks “Have you ever watched the movie ‘Wild Things’ ” in BB? Get. Them. OUT.


Empathic master manipulator for the win.

Ray Duquette

Please make it so.

<3 Scottie

Scottie gets my votes for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Maxine Watters - Space Alien

Hi Scooby!

Houka Inumuta

I only pretend to like Scottie. I’m really a Tyler cult member.
I love to use reverse psychology.
It’s working huh?
Tyler will win and Brett will cry.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

That’s very perceptive of you Houka. I can see where you are a Scottie fan; from your name to your posts. Very reminiscent of his playing style. He didn’t know when it was time to give it a rest either.


I’m a Scottie fan too, but now that he’s out, it’ll suck if Tyler somehow loses this thing.


I’m glad Faysal sees that Scottie wouldn’t have four votes. It’s just sad that he can’t put it together. If everyone not named Haleigh wants him gone, then he wasn’t woeking with those people. If he was able to flip votes against Faysal and the Hive at whim, wouldn’t he be valuable to the people who were pushing Faysal to get Scottie out?

Which leads me to this: majorities kept Brett in the game twice — and the Hive knows Angela and Kaycee had to have kept him based on the numbers. When Brett claimed the vote against Rockstar, shouldn’t Kaycee and Angela have been mad at his betrayal rather than defend him — which is what they did? (Oh, and the sheer brilliance of putting two people on the block — one for lying and one for voting with you — when there’s a great chance that your true ally is voted out and your own numbers dwindle to two.)

I know it’s hard being in thst house. But it’s not that hard.

They will realize soon enough when they are on the block together, without a target like Scottie there to take a fall.

PS — Somebody might know better than I, but this is the first time I can remember — and I’ve watch 15 seasons — that three alliance members have been sent out the door by an HOH in the same alliance. IN THE FIRST HALF OF THE GAME! I mean, it’s bound to happen when an alliance dominates and has to knock out it’s own members at the end. But this has all happened pre-halftime. Unbelievably stupid (although the hacker twist got Haleigh). Kaitlyn and Faysal are just gullible, naive — and petty.


Season 6 hawie put james and sara
Season 13 kayla put leon they both wanted him to go home they were sure he is coming back :/
In bb canada zack put j.p is ally on the block


Fed is the stupidest player ever!

No Small Sister

And the really sad and scary part is he’s a SUBSTITUTE TEACHER… Based off his stupidity in this game, I can’t picture him teaching anything!! But then again, the students are likely very similar to the hoe he’s trying to bang. (And he’d probably go for them, too, if they weren’t so young.) I think his “career” is just made up, though.


I agree. Fez and teacher don’t belong in the same sentence. Even if it’s a substitute.


Love Scottie! Can’t believe the dumb dumb Fez believed Scottie was against them! Come on! Let’s see how many HOHs the hive can win but still go home 2 members left Haleigh and Fez


His best friend JC keeps voting against him but he trusts him 100%


I hope L6 win the HOH and take control of the house. Someone with some brains this time. I want to see Haleigh go next. Fez will worry himself to death about her and Scottie being there together. JC would be a great one to take her out. Fez would be PISSED at him, but who else does he really have to work with?
They need to bust up the showmance!


Let’s see if L6 can win the HOH this week since they now comprise the majority of the players. If they fail to win again, but manage to get Haleigh or Fes out, I’m gonna LMAO.


I hope Fez goes next not Haleigh!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

LOL! I couldn’t help but chuckle over your name and post.


I hope Fes & Haleigh both go in a double eviction.

Ten cents

just a thought..Kaycee goes this week. Next week Fez goes to the jury and join Bay and Rock. He will go crazy thinking Haleigh is still in the BB house with Brett and Scott and he is stuck with the beehive.


Faysal…Marcellas and Lawon called, they said thank you for making them look smart, you dumbass!!!!

Worst Alliance Ever

It’s going to be hilarious to see Fes and Haleigh on the block next week. What a complete, utter moron Fes is.
It’s almost a lock he’s going home one way or another next week….
So blind to what’s going on and his strategy (or lack there of..) is shit.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Sam says she’s done??!! Would she self-evict in order to save Scottie? Is that what happens? If she self-evicts, does that mean there’s no vote?? Or would Fes have to put up someone else?

I’ll tell you, if she saves Scottie that way, he’ll b a target for EVERYONE! And it’ll sure be a bone of contention between Fes and Hay. She’ll have to draw a line.

Not sure, but. . .

I think they would still do the vote and eviction, even if someone self-evicts. They would probably just have another double eviction in a few weeks. But, the chance of Sam self-evicting at this point is close to zero to none. Remember, they lose their stipend if they self-evict, so not only would she be going home with her tail between her legs, but also broke. I don’t think even Sam would do that.


It’ll come down to who is craftier…JC or Tyler…JC for the win!!!!

Faysal’s Big Move

I wonder if Faysal ran the wrong way and scored touchdowns for the opposing team when he played football. If he did, he probably celebrated his big score afterward as well.


I don’t understand. When you are recruited like Sam. Do you by pass all the casting process, conversations, evaluations? Did they not see red flags or the recruiter thought she was a manipulator? Or good entertainer with her stories, personality?. Her recruiter needs a new job.


Maybe we’ll all find out that Sam has just been acting this whole time and we will all have been fooled!


Sam works with Donny doing covert operations.

who me?

“Fes says haleigh knows if she goes against him with this vote she doesn’t have him in the game anymore”….well thank God for that…maybe his stupid will stop rubbing off on her. Vote to keep Scottie Hayleigh!


Watching the live feeds. Sam refusing to talk. The only negative about her talking boycott is that it is only for 24 hours.

Honey I Shrunk JC

Haleigh’s Honey Hive caused Fes to make a really bad decision.

who me?

Once and for all…people asking about this and idiots saying “they can’t battle back they saw their GBM’s” stop being like Fessie! There has been a lot of speculation whether there is going to be a jury battle back. Evidence that supports it include there being four jury battle backs in a row – from seasons 15 to 18. People have also done calculations based on the schedule showing that in order for there to be a double eviction this season there would need to be some kind of battle back or reset week (thanks, Kaitlyn).
The biggest claims towards there not being a battle back seem to be from people in the live feeds threads who time and time again purport that because the evicted houseguests are seeing goodbye messages that there won’t be a battle back.
I’m not sure where that rumor started or why it’s gaining traction, but I’m here to dispel it.
I’ve done the work and gone back and watched the jury evictions in seasons 15 through 18.
Season 15:
Jessie and Helen were shown their GBMs.
Candice and Judd were not due to being evicted in the double.
Season 16:
Nicole and Zack were shown their GBMs.
Jocasta and Hayden were not due to being evicted in the double.
Season 17: This season the houseguests were told openly that there would be a ?chance? to get back in the house.
Becky and Johnny Mac were shown their GBMs.
Shelli and Jackie were not due to being evicted in the double.
Season 18:
Da’, Paulie, and Victor were all shown GBMs.
Zakiyah and Brigette were not due to being evicted in the double.
GBMs are shown to houseguests in seasons with jury battle backs unless they are evicted in the double eviction.


I read somewhere (I think Allison Grodner interview) that the evicted houseguests are shown all of their goodbye messages when they get to the jury house.


I thought it was the ones that julie revealed who was a vote for them or not- that they wouldn’t be coming back (that’s what i thought people meant)-prejury people were told not any of the jury ones


Julie has also told them they had a chance to get back in the game. She didn’t tell Bay or Rock

True Dat

People are not idiots for pointing to the goodbye messages as evidence of no battle back. It’s not that there were goodbye messages played, it’s the type of goodbye messages played. The years that you speak of that had goodbye messages played for the jury members were simple little innocuous messages that didn’t reveal gameplay revelations or unknown votes. So sorry you’re leaving, hate to see you go, hope we can friends after this…blah blah blah. Brett’s goodbye message to Rockstar outlined how he infiltrated the hive, had them all fooled, and confirmed that he was definitely not the one vote to keep her. She can not come back into the game with that knowledge.

Cray Cray

agree, she knows his game now


Thank-you! I was thinking that, also. I remember Victor was so angry at Natalie because in her GBM she said he didn’t respect women and they talked about it when he came back. I was beginning to think I was imagining things!


Well Victor is the King of evictions. He hold the record for number of times evicted of every single house guest regardless of number of season played. Which is amazing considering he only played in one season.

another name

based on game play… why would anyone want either of them back?

BB Fanatic

Fessy is the new Adam smh can’t wait until he gets out and see how JC played him lol

Roll Tide

Last night JC said he is Fes’s puppet master. He also called Fes dumb. I don’t think that is going to go over well with Fes.


Ya. I keep saying Fes is going to be the for sure bitter juror. I can still see everyone else voting based on game play.

who me?

6 weeks left (they made it a 99 day run this season). If you do the math, there are 6 weeks left until the Finale. 1 evicted on the 22nd, 2 evicted on the 29th, 1 on the 5th, 1 on the 12th, 1 on the 19th, then the Finale. That leaves 3 in there for the Finale to do the battle for the final 2. So even though they CAN do a battle back from jury, the numbers don’t add up.

Cray Cray

If they do a battle back it would be next week when there are 4 people in Jury which according to your calculations is the double eviction, so then it would be the 4 competing in the HOH and then would probably be leaving right out the door at the 2nd eviction of the night.


You have Wednesdays listed as the eviction days. Is that an error or are they changing evictions to Wednesdays instead of Thursdays?

Paul’s Beard

They need to get rid of JC. I think he is floating his way to victory.

BB Fanatic

JC is not a floater. He’s doing plenty of work in that house. Just because he hasn’t tried to win any comps doesn’t make him a floater.


Whats your definition of floating?? Cuz I think he’s playing a great game. He is orchestrating a lot of moves in that Hive group! Just because you don’t win veto’s or comps doesn’t make you an automatic floater.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

The B.B. definition of floater is “Floaters- a houseguest who hasn’t chosen a side, and has no real alliance to which they are loyal. They tend to shift sides as the power shifts in the house.”. JC has infiltrated the Hive but has always sided with The Level 6 alliance on who to target/vote out and has always been loyal to Tyler.

BB Fanatic

Your name and your definition are both spot on!


Agree with you on definition, but I see JC as he infiltrated Hive, but is loyal and part of L6 Has never voted with Hive, shares his info with L6


Nobody in their right mind would hire Fes with the exception of McDonalds. Even that might be too much for him. You know getting orders correct.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Rockstar’s ears must be ringing like mad. Her other best friend Haleigh is sucking up to Angela and telling her that Sam told her RS was always complaining about Angela AND Haleigh, in their bathing suits and such.

Scottie is off to the little house

Wouldn’t be surprised if JC anonomously votes to keep Scottie just to mess with Fess’s head. He’ll then convince Fess it was Haleigh.


Lvl 6 should have s rogue vote and blame Hayleigh to drive a wedge between Fayleigh.

Haileighs inhibitions

The Smart move is going to be a unanimous vote against Scotty that way it solidifies that he has been the rogue vote all the other times and Fes and Hales feel safe going into double evection.

The real rockstar

Sam is not going anywhere. She plays the same card every time she thinks she is going on the block so everyone feels for her. I think she has cried more then Hillary Clinton did after she lost the election


They should have two people come back during jury byeback


They should have two people come back during jury byeback at the same time so they have a better chance, that should one of the twist this year

Reality Show Junkee

They will definitely have a rogue vote Thursday. They won’t have Scottie to use anymore so they will have to have Hayleigh to blame. Besides, you know you want to see Fessy say, “I just don’t get it”. LOL

Kid Rock

FES has to be the worst player in B.B. HISTORY!!!! Hands Down… He tells folks that’s not on his side everything Scottie says! Like dude they are not on your team… It’s sad to say but Swaggy was the most intelligent person on the other side…

Stevie J

Fessie would not make a good boyfriend at all… Hope hay doesn’t date him after the show. I didn’t see hay throwing him under the bus and not having his best interest while hoh. But then again he doesn’t even have his own best interest, so what should expect! Lol…. What a loser


If Tyler doesn’t win, hopefully he’ll be AFP.


If Tyler doesn’t win, hopefully he’ll get AFP.

another name

I guess i’m one of those don’t let the door hit you types.
Once someone is gone, stay gone.
Obviously they made a tactical error or a social error that led to their demise.
Too bad. So sad. Next victim please.
Was bayleigh robbed? No. she was a fool for divulging her app power. she acted a fool as hoh. She killed her own game.
Was rock robbed? No. her social game was a joke.
If Scottie is evicted was he robbed? No. he was tactically inefficient, and had some pretty rotten reads of house dynamic.
If Kaycee is evicted was she robbed? No. she volunteered to go on the block.


Agreed. They should never have a Battle back comp


Every time Faysal opens his mouth ………… why? Just why?


I am literally annoyed watching Faysal’s stupidity. Jealousy is a mofo. That fool doesn’t realize the prize is $500k…he thinks it’s a girl.

Dumb @$$.


The complete stunned look on Tyler’s face when fez nominated Scottie was absolute priceless. It was my favorite scene all season.. well except for fez stating he was ruling the house and make big moves. That was HILARIOUS