Paul “I took all the heat for it but I told her I would try & convince you guys to keep her.”

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10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The house guests stay in bed till after 11:30am. Kevin starts working out. Alex, Josh, Paul and Christmas are on the backyard couch eating breakfast and waking up.

12:25pm HOH room. Josh and Paul.
Josh – it pissed me off his smart comment. Like oh now its time to turn it up. I’m going to win the HOH next week. Shut the F**K up, you don’t do sh*t all season and now… Paul – get him all gassed and then I’ll be focused mode. Get it and then we’re done. Josh – I can’t believe it. Paul – I told you we would do it.

12:45pm Backyard. Paul and Christmas.
Paul – I talked to Josh.. to be sturdy. I don’t want to prolong it. Christmas – then talk to her whenever you need to. It’s going to affect you either way. We’re going to have to deal with some backlash and somethings that aren’t true. And have to continuously try and find a way to make it work. Paul – do you think Josh is ready for that. Christmas – I don’t believe anything. It’s like he knows what she’s doing. Listen to her and then believe her and be conflicted. Now Kevin is being nice and she is being nice. Paul – they suck! Christmas – super suck. If it feels best, then go ahead and do it. Paul – I am definitely going to say that I talked to everybody and thought about it… and I think this is the best move for me because had you won, I wouldn’t expect you to pull your self off. I would never ask that of you. Which means that I would have gone up and I would have gone home. She was like if you had gone up we would have campaigned and I would have tried to make you stay. I’m like okay we can try that route. I’m not going to use the veto and you’ll be up there with Kevin. Go see what you can do. And I’m not going to make it a tie because then I’m sh*tting in my own bed. Christmas – and my position is that I cannot beat you collectively. With all of our games we’re not hying. Were being straight forward. We’re not making it personal at all. Paul – I’m just going to go tell her.

12:55pm Paul asks Christmas to come to the lounge room to talk.
Paul – alright .. I’m in a little bit of a pickle. ..So I think that if I use the veto on you I am pretty much throwing my game in the trash. Just listen to me real quick because I want to exhaust all options. I trust you. I’ve made an insane connection with you in this game and I don’t want to compromise that. Josh nominated tto get one of us out this week. I’ve talked to Josh telling him I am taking him to final s… obviously I am not. If I pull you off, then I lose their jury veto. We sweep and go to the end and I loose their jury veto. If you had won the veto and used it then I would have gone up and gone to jury. I never thought Friends and family are watching and they would be disappointed if I made the same mistake. I am not going to blindside you. I don’t know what to do. You have jury votes already. I would vote for you. The more I see these motherf**kers walking around and smiling .. it f**king pisses me off. Its been a really rough, tough journey for me. You would beat me. Mark and Cody are not voting for me over you. As much as I want to use it on your and sweep, I secure my loss. I think that I actually have a chance to win this year. If I did this I would be the next target. If you can work Christmas and Josh then we can send Kevin out.

Alex – to be honest I didn’t want to throw that other competition to you. It secured you and I but I was going to save Jason. I was going to win that and pull Jason off. I put you before Jason. That’s what’s been killing me and why I’ve been so upset. ALex – we should have sent Kevin home that other one too. Paul – I hope you don’t think I’m trying to screw you because I am not. If I make this move then I am screwed. I’ve talked to them and they’re not going to budge. Alex – if one of them make it to the final 2 they’re going to win. You do what you need to do.. outside the game we are cool but inside this game this is sh*tty. Paul – I am torn between myself and the situation. If I take Josh to the end I think I could win. Alex – that is exactly what Cody said he would do. Paul – Cody isn’t a mind reader because even I didn’t know I was going to do that. Paul – I could take kevin but he doesn’t deserve to be there in the final 2. The only people that deserve it are you and I. Alex – if things were reversed I would have saved you. Paul – I’ve just been mulling it over and its killing me. I wasn’t just going to do it and take the coward route out .. you’re my friend. I’m torn because I would lose 3 votes automatically. Paul – they don’t want me to use the veto. Alex – they said it? My problem is that one of them are going to win second place over me. Paul – we allowed them to get as far as they got. They don’t know they didnt do it on their own. Alex – I want you to know that if the situation was reversed I would still take you even if I was going to lose. Paul – I am going to see what I can do and see if I can get in their heads and somehow convince them to keep you.

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12:55pm HOH room. Christmas and Josh.
Christmas warns Josh that Paul is telling Alex that he is not using he veto on her. If she talks, just let her talk.. don’t talk back. Josh – we have to win next week. Christmas – I know and all we need to do is beat Kevin. I hope it is something that I can fully contribute to. If I have to sit out and watch you and Paul beat Kevin again .. Josh – I am going to mentally break him. He has literally done anything and for him to say now is the time to turn it up .. dude you floated to final 4. I am going to f**king crack him and be like you haven’t done sh*t all season. You don’t have any blood… you think someone is going to give you 500k? You f**king played yourself. And they will give it to his a$$ and that’s the scary part. Christmas – I know because he hasn’t pissed off anyone. Pots and Pans.. I’m bringing those motherf**kers out. I am not going to let him.. Christmas – expect her to come up here raging. Josh – he needs to make it seem like he is going to take a shot at me next week to Kevin so that Kevin throws it and then we will secure top 3.

1:25pm Backyard – Kevin is suntanning and Christmas is on the bike.
1:45pm HOH room. Christmas and Josh start studying the days and events of the season.

1:55pm – 2:05pm HOH room. Josh, Paul and Christmas.
Paul comes up after his conversation with Alex crying. Paul – I took all the heat for it but I told her I would try and convince you guys to keep her. And she said there is no way they will keep me. And I said I would try. Josh – why would you take all the heat? Paul – because what the f**k else am I going to say to her. I lose if I keep her. As much as I would like to see you (Alex) win I can’t keep her. She called me selfish but she doesn’t know I am protecting you two. You guys have to give her a straight f**king no and not give her any hope .. because that will hurt her even more. (lol Paul is such a great guy he took all the heat for two seconds and then transferred to back to Josh and Christmas.) The way that I made it, I don’t think she will even ask you. I made it my decision. She said if you make this move you’re the one sending me out. And there is no way I am not making this move (To not use the veto). I said if I make this move (use the veto to save Alex) I am losing 3 jury votes. That was tough dude. That was tough. Paul – it hurts because she’s not my enemy. Josh – she’s not mine either. Paul – basically we have to say that get Kevin out next week will be easy and getting her out won’t be.

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2:10pm – 2:45pm The house is pretty quite. Josh, Paul and Alex are acting all sad. Alex tells josh in the kitchen that Paul told her he isn’t going to use it on her. Josh – do you want to talk? Alex – no. Josh – why? Alex – because I don’t want to cry any more. Alex walks away saying she doesn’t want to talk game any more. Josh cries at the counter.

3pm Josh is under the covers in the HOH bed crying.

3:25pm HOH room. Josh talking to the camera.
Josh – they want to keep playing selfish, I might just ask for a split vote and keep f**king Alex. Keep being selfish I’ll flip this f**king house up side down in 9 days. I’ll tell them in front of Alex, make it a split vote… I’ll send Kevin out. F**king selfish. I play for these people the whole f**king game and they want to be selfish. I am going to blow everything up. She is taking Paul because she won’t beat me. Paul is taking me because he will beat me. I’m taking her because I want to beat her. She is not going to win.

4pm Paul talking to Christmas – I can’t win either way. I didn’t even think I would make it this far. Christmas – you’ve done everything that you can do. You’re not blindsiding her. I’m taking it away from her.

Christmas – I am having a really hard time seeing his perspective. Everyone is having a hard time. I really wish I had taken the HOH. I can have hard times but I wouldn’t question my position. But then again it would have left him making that vote… and I would have been the tie breaker. I don’t think he processes emotional trauma very well or at all. Paul – I don’t see why he needs to talk to Alex. Christmas – its like when you guy goof off and hit each other .. he always has to be the one to have the last hit.

4:20pm Kitchen. Josh and Christmas.

4:25pm Josh – you guys will never understand how much you’ve helped me. Its hard because I don’t want to go against me. I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart I just really do love you and I appreciate your friendship. I a really sorry tiger. I think when you get out you will see. I have been honest and I am in a really f**ked up position. Alex – you guys don’t need to cry. I’m the one that should be crying. You guys want me out. Alex starts crying and leaves the room. Josh starts crying. (OMG what a bunch of cry babies! This is a game!!) Alex heads into the havenot room. Josh follows her and says I’m sorry. Alex – stop crying, you don’t need to cry. Josh – I really do love me. Alex – it doesn’t matter you guys are not our friends. Jason and I trusted you and you f**ked us. I will give you a fair vote. I don’t want to talk to you any more. Alex – do you go to the Olympics to play the sh*ttiest players .. no! Just vote me out. I don’t want to talk to you guys any more. Just go! Alex continues to cry. You guys have all shown me what kind of people you are and I don’t like it. Just focus on winning. You can win against them.

4:35pm Kitchen – Christmas and Paul.
Paul – what is he doing. Christmas – he is trying to talk to her and she doesn’t want to. He is sitting there balling like a baby. If he wants to play this victim role I will force him to make the decision. I have to shut my mouth before I say something I regret. Paul – why is he doing that? Christmas – he is sh*tting on both of us right now. If he wants to make things more difficult I will make things more difficult.

4:40pm Alex and Paul in the havenot room.
Paul – did you have any luck? Alex – I told josh to get the f**k away from me. They’re sending me out because they know I’m better than then and they want to just coast by. I want you to take Jason to the Me, Myself and I. Paul – I’m going to figure out a way to give both of mine to you two. I’m super sorry I let you down. Alex tells Paul that she doesn’t want to be his friend after. Paul – its a game. Alex – I will give you my vote and I will try and convince Jason to give you his too. You’re going to win it.

4:35pm Lounge room. Josh comes through the kitchen. Christmas tells him she needs to talk to him for a second. They go into the lounge room. Christmas – do you want me to go home? Josh – no. Christmas – because we can make it so she stays. Josh – no. Christmas – here are your three options. Josh – she is leaving. Christmas – let me talk. We have three options. One, we leave things the way they are. Two, Paul uses the veto and I go up. You’ll be the split decision and Kevin or I will go home. Three, Paul uses the veto and I am the split decision. Thank about that and tell me what the f**k you want to do! Make a decision and stick to it. Christmas leaves. Christmas comes back to talk to Josh and tells him to give her (Alex) her space. Let her come back around. Paul comes in and tells Josh that he f**ked up. She is pissed at all of us. I told you if you’re HOH you need to make a decision and stick to it. She would respect that more than crying. I gave her no hope and you just gave her a little bit of hope. Josh – I needed to have a conversation with her. Paul – no you didn’t. Now she is looking at me to remedy the situation. Josh – do whatever the f**k you want at this point .. do a split vote and I will send her home. Paul – I tell you not to do something and then you go and do it. You just made this situation worse. Josh – do a split vote and I’ll vote her out. Send me out next week. Paul and Christmas – no! Josh – if I f**ked everything up, then send me out next week. Paul – she is going to go to jury and f**k everything up.

4:50pm Alex alone in the havenot room. Alex – f**king counterfeits! All of them f**king counterfeits.

4:55pm Kevin sitting pretty.

5:35pm Backyard. Paul and Alex.
Alex – this is the way I see it, we’re friends and you’re f**king me right now. I don’t want to talk about this any more. You can’t have it both ways. Paul – I am sorry for letting you down. I am going to try and win because I think I have a chance. Do you want me to leave you alone all week and then we can get stoned? Alex – I don’t want to get stoned. Paul – do you want me to try with the split? Alex – its not going to work. They’re wanting to go with you because at least they get second and that’s what they’re all aiming for.

6:25pm Josh – we’re done, we’ve got one more person to go. Paul – I am telling you that its going to be me and you on the balance beam. You’ve got to win the veto. Josh – I’m going to bring out the pots and pans as soon as Thursday drops. Paul – you’ve got to bring out more than that. Josh – it can’t be anything personal. I wouldn’t feel good about that. Paul – talk about his game. Sh*tty game. I am not going to trip any more. I’m going into the zone!

7:05pm Kitchen – Alex is telling Paul who on the jury would vote for who. Paul – Dr. Will will hopefully eliminate any saltiness in the jury. Meanwhile – Christmas and Josh study in the backyard.

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YUCK, YUCK and YUCK!! So we have Xmas, Paul and Josh perhaps in the final 3. Literally one of the most vile, disgusting, and hideous seasons I’ve ever watched in the history of Big Brother. What a shame that it has come to this. I literally cannot stand looking at Paul any longer. As much as I am excited about Celeb BB redeeming itself as long as Grodner and company is running the show, I am not going to get my hopes up. The last few seasons have gone downhill and this one takes the cake. It’s obvious AG does not care about the integrity of BB nor does she give a flying rat’s ass about the fans that kept the show going all these years. All the things that production turned a blind eye on this season and not address was really sad. It’s been a free ride for Paul and a frustrating watch for us. IF THEY BRING FRANKIE GRANDE back for Celeb BB I am literally not going to watch this shit show ever again.

Deez Nutz

I am with you in regards to Frankie Grande!! I am hoping that Celebrity BB will redeem CBS for this disaster of a summer!


Frankie was on another season of celebrity big brother I thought…please tell me his time is up.

Amy in FL

Yes he was on celebrity big brother United Kingdom.

Im LIke

Sorry if this is off topic ..but I couldn’t watch live feeds tonight ..I was just wondering if Paul brought up Michelle Meyers again aka the big meech he did it last night and the night before. I find that so Fing interesting

Im LIke

I find it interesting because he acts as if no one has ever gotten to him …I think that must be a lie

Franks Fumes

Alex fighting thru tears “don’t worry I’ll give you guys a fair jury vote (pauses) except Kevin”………what has he done to her for her to have this nutty obsessive hatred? They all except Kevin have screwed her but they get the benifit of the doubt in her f#cked up reasoning.


they may just as well called it pauls show…they put the biggest morons (stupid stupid people) up against him ..they pretty much handed him the win at the beginning when they gave him a free ride for 3 evictions… BB who are you trying to fn kid here….fack you handed him the win at the beginning just disgusting…he is so smug aand full of himself…we will not watch this stupid show again


You are so right!!! I agree with you completely!!


Totally agree – worst casting ever. They should be fired. All of production should be embarrassed at this season’s people. They are clueless. Expect lots of C celebs on BB Celebrity aka Housewives that you probably have never heard of even once in your life.


With Celebrity Apprentice off the air there are plenty of has been and never heard ofs available. The few times I watched CA they didn’t mind bashing each other and creating drama. At least with Celebrity BB we can all quit pretending this isn’t mostly a bunch of never heard ofs playing a part for air time.

Not Alec

Probable BB Celebrity cast will include at least one Baldwin brother


Or bachelor/bachelorette casts *eyeroll


I agree it has been an exciting season. I hope for some good celebs as well.

I guess the best we can hope for is Paul to pull this off but he sure is in a pickle.

Smart players they are.


Did you mean exciting as in enjoyable? Cannot aree on that one.


I didn’t like Paul in the first season he played and, if anything, I dislike him more now. I know how the game is played but Paul is a guy who encourages people to trust him and become emotionally invested in “friendship” just so he can stab them in the back at a time that’s convenient to him. He encourages other people to behave abusively to those he’s trying to get to so that he doesn’t look bad. Seriously, not every winner has had to be such a f’n douche.

sunny dee

people so quickly forget:

steve, liz, vanessa f3

andy and gina marie in final 2


Agreed. BB 17 was 100% the $hittiest. Austin, the twins, Steve, the loud dentist (forgot his name)…


Dentist was Johnny Mac

Franks Fumes

Shut up Josh you aren’t keeping Alex you’ll do what mommy and daddy say…….

Infected nose ring hole

And he’s beggining with the split personality . Pyhsco!!!!


It was obvious weeks ago that Paul had total control and his final 3 would be with an escaped mental patient who almost got assaulted by four different house guests and a trashy gimp who is so domineering and spews so much venom that’s it’s hard to be in the same room with her. The Paul-Josh-Christmas final 3 was obvious weeks ago.
I understand that some of you think the ending is predictable. You’ll just smile when you hear the words: “and the winner of Big Brother 19 is… Josh Martinez” Paul offered FAKE friendship to Jason, Alex, Matt, Raven and Christmas…and even these idiots are going to figure it out in the end. I predict the minions/ hyena pack (choose your label) will turn on him in the jury house.


I’m worried that Alex will give Paul her vote and try to convince Jason to do the same. Hope Josh blows Paul’s manipulation up in Alex’s exit interview. Can’t understand Alex’s reasoning to vote for Paul even though she hates him now. Good game play? Paul didn’t win all the comps. People threw HOH’s and vetoes to him all season long, or to one of his minions.


Jokes on you celebrity BB is all the former people who were in the Revengers skit Frankie included.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I think you are wrong. The people in that skit are not considered celebrities but merely former BB players. Frankie is quite hated by America, they’d never bring him back.


Hate to disappoint but he’s been on quite a few tv shows since leaving the BB house. This blog isn’t representative of all of America.


It’s the same thing every year. Nothing but negative comments on all the houseguests and constant bashing of production and casting. I have my favorites like everyone else, but I don’t hate any of the houseguests, nor do I want anything bad to happen to any of them once the show is over. It’s pretty easy to sit there and judge while you’re not actually in the house. If you were in the house, you probably wouldn’t act any better than they do. If you don’t want to watch, then don’t watch. I guarantee you the show will go on without you. And if they do bring back Frankie Grande, I’m pretty sure you WILL watch and come on here and complain about it. Just like most of the people who ragepost on this site.

Paul sucks

Look you have your opinion & people have theirs. If people want to bitch about it they can. Even Simon does. People don’t need a mom or dad on here bitching at them. If they do they can go on BB & let Paul tell them what to do & think! 🙂


It’s not being against expressing ones opinion, it’s being against the over the top hate, vitriol, violent, perverted comments. And it’s about the repetitive whining. There are other sites where people dislike the same HGs being bashed here, but the majority manage to do it without attacking, for example, people who support Paul or Christmas or whoever. They manage to do it without wishing death or violence, without using disgusting language. They actually have respectful dialogue. OBB has become a repository for malicious hate and that’s sad. And I don’t know why Simon not only condones it but eggs it on by participating. It’s a game. So haters will attack me or down vote this post. But maybe some who aren’t normally so hate inclined will stop getting swept into it. Because some of these comments are a million times worse than anything any HG in the history of BB has ever said or done.


It was one of the most hateful, cruel seasons ever. And I can’t believe that Alex doesn’t see that Paul is behind it all. Does she really think love struck, Paul’s friend outside the house, evil Xmas and Paul’s puppet Josh were the masterminds on getting her out? Come on Alex, have some backbone and don’t reward Paul’s betrayal and his outrageous conduct by giving him your vote. Stand up for something Alex.


You are absolutely correct. Everyone should have shown their displeasure by not watching. Let the ratings go down the toilet.


Hurry up finale, we already know who wins, get it the f over with.. Survivor need to start..


They all suck.
The witch is outta here,Yes.
Now Xmas and Paul next.
Please BB do what you do and get it riggin for a josh & kevin final!

Fast Forward For Finale

This next couple of weeks will be a boring shit show..Oh Wait…thats the entire season. Josh keeps going back and forth and regards to what he plans on doing, but we all know that he’s not going to cross Paul whatsoever. Even though that’s the only thing that would probably redeem this entire season, as if somehow Josh grow some balls and flips on Paul.

Down with Friendship!




When Paul sent Christmas downstairs to see what Josh was up to, I could hear eerie music in my hear. It was a scene from the movie Misery. Watching her walk down those steps reminded me of Kathy Bates.


Maybe someone would not prefer off like Kathy Bates


Watching this play out, one can almost see the celebrity Big Bother casting meeting now:

“OK guys, what we need to do is get one of those dudes from the show about the autistic gay guys…what?..that’s right, The Big Bang Theory. Anyway we just get one of those guys then we can get a bunch of faded stars and never were’s. You know this crew will get that the CBS star needs to win, just like the fools this year knew the vet needed to win. Scott Baio knows where his bread is buttered and if he wants 15 more minutes, that sorry son of a b*tch will play ball. And if Carrot Top wants his next fix of botox injections, he’ll do right. Now one final thing. We gotta keep Julie happy, give her somebody only she can relate to, so give Heather Mills McCartney a call and if she passes, try that Russian chick who baby daddied Mel Gibson. Julie will love her.”


I thought this post was stupid I just had to let you know.


Let’s hope they don’t bring back Ronnie the rat, the red rat, Ratcole or any other rats….


I liked Nicole


Feel free to return to taking all this seriously, railing about this HG or that HG being vile or deplorable…and do so in the good faith that I think your post is stupid as well.


I don’t believe in taking all things seriously. But a stupid comment is a stupid comment.


I thought the post was funny and clever. Different strokes.


The daughter of a friend of a Housewife of Orange County that appeared on one episode in 2005 but didn’t have a speaking part.

Backseat Driver

Don’t forget Tanya Harding……Todd Bridges……


O.J. is available….

Paul's left nut

Shannon Doherty


Tanya? Too…volatile…Todd Bridges on the other hand would be fantastic, but only if he can bring his celebrity boxing dance partner Vanilla Ice


Danny Bonaduce… he’s pushing 60 but a badass with a short temper. Not sure how long he can go without some sort of mind-altering substance though.

Mr & Mrs Dog

I heard Dog the Bounty Hunter. At least its not his nasty wife.

So predictable

Paul’s crocodile tears. Get over it! Oscar winning performance. Not 😉


Oh my! I nearly passed out laughing at Josh’s face on the show tonight when Paul stopped “crying”. “It was like I saw the devil” lol! Josh is pretty funny sometimes.


Josh has made a deal with the Devil and his Wicked Sidekick Witch and now it’s too late for Crybaby Pussy to do anything about it even though he likes to play The Man so he can sound like a dude who can call some shots. What an asshole pretender. He’s as powerless as a powder puff and is too much of a coward to make a big play at any point in the game. Completely impotent excuse for a man. Way to represent Meatball Dude. You played yourself.
On another note, if I see Heidi & Spencer Pratt on Celebrity BB, I will vomit.


When did he cry?

He's only 2 away

Paul is an accomplished actor. He’s been on the Bold and Beautiful. He is only two soap opera cameos away from becoming a movie star.


I turned on BBAD to hear Pail say he hates that he was forced to play the game he did this season and doesnt like how he will be portrayed..really??? Can the remaining HG not see he is doin what he has been slammin kevin for? He is tryin to shore up his jury votes with them by trying to make it look like he had no choice but to do all he did…or rather made everyone else do to keep his hands clean.

They are all so sure he is going to that each of th to final 2 they cant see it

Goin for the sympathy vote 24hrs after walkin around saying I did it we got it smooth sailing now….deplorable piece of crap that is what he is who still lives with mummy and daddy.

Oh and then swinging right back into inciting harrassment and bullying from josh to kevin the only purpose being us to make josh look bad and throw kevin off SOOOO not needed. He sucks just sucks.


Paul is a piece of shit.alex should of spit in his face and i hope she tells everyone in jury that paul was behind it all so he doesnt get one vote.then at the end everyone can say fuck you paul

Mad Bum 49

I am enjoying Alex’s fall


Alex fell off her own ego. She was so darn full of herself and cocky. She never let Jason have an was all about her. She had all the insight right? Goodbye Alex. She’s not relevant and is in for a rude awakening.


Yes!!! Alex played for the fool!!! Hey Alex, all that bad karma you sent out is coming right back at ya!

Fake tears….if she even had a slim chance…you know rip someone’s face off to stay.

Paul set this up…Josh HOH this week: sends Alex out & he can’t play in next HOH. Xmas: HOH next. Paul will send Josh home-Xmas will play along. Josh is too unstable & that leaves Paul with 2 who have done nothing in the game. Xmas’ HOH wins were all handed to her. Kevin has done nothing. I don’t think Paul wants to go to F2 with a woman. Shades of last year.

Paul will go with Kevin for F2.

This Season SUCKS!

Paul will only take Josh out if he is a true mastermind, which I do not believe he is! I fully believe he got lucky with a 90% douchebag, idiotic, stupid, moronic cast this year and took advantage. With a different cast, perhaps people with actual character and integrity that are not horrible human beings, Paul would not have stood a chance. What’s the most entertaining to me is watching Josh “p#ssy whinet!t b!tchf@ce” tell everyone over and over again how they played themselves all the while he is the one who is playing himself! Shitmas is a disgusting, nasty, soulless c^nt. All 3 of these asshats have a rude awakening when they get out of that house. They are all pieces of smelly sh!t !!!


After the comics comp all the vile mouth bullies realized that they aren’t loved by everyone and now they all want to cry over everything to get our sympathy…we saw through Ravens bullshit and we will see through yours..

Rough Kneecaps

Kevin is making it further than Alex… hahaha! Oh the sweet irony!

If I was inside Paul's head

Shudder at the thought of being inside Paul’s head but…. if Paul wants to win he takes Kevin.

I think somehow he will either try to win or throw the next HOH to Kevin. Josh can’t play, and hopefully it will be physical and Xmas can’t compete/keep up. this way he can try to get rid of Josh first and then Xmas during the finale. He knows the process, and both Xmas and Josh have been HOH. Despite Xmas winning by default, she won, and I think everyone knows she is a strong competitor.

Josh has looked more and more like someone who has lived a sheltered life and has a good heart. The last people leaving will put it together that he was the only one who really didn’t like how they were being blindsided, and he may get the jury’s sympathy vote.

If Paul takes Kevin, what has he done, other than be entertaining. He hasn’t won any competitions, hell, he hasn’t even cooked a proper meal. He won the $25k already, so let him finish second.

It could backfire though as jury will be bitter, and Kevin was liked by Cody, Jason, and I’m pretty sure Elena and Mark would vote for him as well. Alex, Josh and Xmas will be extremely bitter…well not Xmas because she thinks she is returning next year.

Having said that, I hope somehow Josh gets Paul out before then. And please PTB don’t let Xmas, Paul, Raven, Matt, Alex or Josh …did I miss any one…back

sunny dee

paul can win against anyone, if alex is gone. she’s about the only one with a case, and the only reason he wants her out is because he can’t guarantee he can beat her, and then be the one who chooses. he feels he can 100% beat the other three, and xmas isn’t going to sway him on that one since she has literally been handed 2 HOHs by paul because she DID NOT know the correct answers. she has no chance of winning an hoh on purpose

which means paul will be hoh in the comp coming up unless he hands it to xmas again, but maybe he shouldn’t because at this point if josh is the one voting, for the sake of winning the pov, i kind of think josh will vote paul out on f4

Infected nose ring hole

Didn’t paul have a secret final 2 with Alex ?
And she still for him to win.. wtf Alex?

Paul's final two

Paul had a final two with everyone, including the pound puppies


Under no circumstance shout messmas be allowed to sit out of a final comp and go forward! Not only is is completly unfair to remaining HG but what about everyone who has ever played hard to get through previous finals? Or set a precedence for future seasons? She should not have been allowed to sit out of any and continue but finals? They wanna think twice before they let her do that waaay to unfair and shes a nasty piece of work to boot!

Paul wants to stab théir backs

I think Paul does want to take Kevin, but he does not want Kevin to have even 1 win. The best way to do that is by Paul winning both HOH and POV this week.


lets get 1 thing straight…….. Paul is not tanking F4 HOH. He’s gunning for it as that gives him F3. He cannot get voted out. Who ever he nominates does not matter as the 1 vote to evict is the POV holder. He’ll only try for POV if 1 he is not HOH. Or second if his target(likely Josh) is still in the POV comp.

Franks Fumes

I agree I think Paul is already laying the groundwork for Josh be next……good post!

Jen city

Josh is going to flip it and keep alex. Then alex wins hoh. Then….Paul convinces her to target josh. Lol


That would be epic. Except for one small detail. Paul owns Christmas and there will not be a split vote this week. Alex is leaving and he gets to compete against Christmas and Kevin next week for HoH. Can you guess who’ll win that one?


Josh doesn’t have the balls to flip anything


Alex – So Jason, like I know I am dumb and like stupid and like ignorant and like REALLY ugly on the inside and I didn’t like listen to a word you said and it like cost your game and like it cost me my game but like……
I REALLY wanted Paul to win!


…actually Jason, like he still can win if you vote for him. I’m voting for him, and like you should too.


I still think the vote will be a tie, forcing Josh to send Alex out. Josh will cry, Paul will shout “friendship” to Alex as she walks out the door and Xmas will take credit for everything that happened this week.


Can you please help me pull my head out of the wall? I think you are right, and I couldn’t be more exasperated.


Paul is such a coward such a coward .he sucks the fun all out of this game because the way he told Alex she doesn’t even go off on him it sucks it just sucks .And man Christmas has to be the worst I’ve ever seen in my life .I think there something wrong with her brain.seriously you just have to ask yourself what has happened to you to make you this way..her stupidity I think is even more stupid than Alex because at least Alex wanted to win ..


I can’t believe these people are this ignorant to the game. Worst season ever. No respect for Paul and the way he’s playing.


She wants his dick- that’s why! The witch is looking for fame- clinging desperately to the little man! She’s vicious – Behaves like a dude, evil as fuck! This woman is n for a rude awakening when she’s outta there- she deserves to crash and burn along with Alex and the gnome! The ugliness that oozes out of her and that guy is mind boggling! Josh- has a good heart like him or not….


I can honestly say in 19 seasons of watching this show I’ve never hated 2 hgs more than I hate Paul and shitmas. The way they are treating Josh right now for trying to talk to Alex is disgusting. Paul and shitmas are two of the most vile, nasty, atrocious pieces of garbage that have ever stepped foot in that house. I really hope one of them gets evicted and are met with a loud chorus of boos because they absolutely deserve it, I also can’t wait to see the look on their faces when Cody wins AFP. The only thing left to enjoy about this season is maybe seeing Paul come in second place again, but most of all, them leaving their bubble and Paul and shitmas seeing just how much America absolutely LOATHES them!!


How quickly we forgot about that gyspy ass Raven..

You get me

Josh is the perfect example of bad casting and people who think this game is about being loyal and winning competitions. He apparently doesn’t see more than 1 week ahead. Josh this week was your last opportunity to go after Paul so shut up about how you’re going to turn on him. Alex goes home this week then Paul, Christmas and Kevin compete in the HOH. Clearly the odds are hugely in Paul’s favor. Paul wins HOH then if he’s smart he goes after Josh because then final 3 is Paul, Christmas and Kevin and clearly again Paul has odds hugely in his favor. Paul can take either of them to final 2 and he wins. Neither Christmas nor Kevin is going to win 2 of the 3 final competitions so again Paul makes all the decisions. Bye Josh. Congrats Paul.


I mean Paul did win veto so Josh really couldn’t do anything about it. I’m not giving up hope yet


Alex, stop talking with your mouth full!!!


Alex, please stop talking with your mouth full. Thanks.


So, didn’t Cody try to get Paul and Christmas out right away?? Haha. So you think any of these idiots will realize how smart that was? My guess is Jason might see the light finally.

The Voice Of Reason

Easy is knowing who is going to be tough competition. Smart is knowing when you have the votes to get them out. So no…Cody was not smart.

Slimy Jew

I hope Alex stays. She is awesome.


Nice name, but it should really be Asshole.


Tonight’s episode is so hard to watch. Where the hell did BB find these dingbats? They all look like a FOOL!!! Future BB houseguest take note and learn from these idiots!! Josh is going to have the hardest time when he gets out because he is the #1 fool!!

Ted Marie

Kleenex brand will be raking in the cash with all the tears Josh will be crying when he gets out & sees the true feelings that people have towards him.


BB should have rules about purposely throwing comps. They threw almost every comp this season. All fixed by Paul the pathetic. This was never a game this season. It was a script.


Ibagree with the person that said there should be rules about throwing comps. If yoi can be penalized for not sleeping in have not room when you are one you shouldnt be allowed to throw comps and/or inciting everyone else to do.

Sad fact is Paul said on BBAD that he told production hr wad going to them all to throw the comp AND production congratulated him afterwards and said ” why did we even bother setting up the comp”
so they were well aware.

Here we are stuck watching it CBS should start making rules about just how pathetically fixed a reality show can be!

Watched first season of BB and they were told to pretend cameras werent even there and to not look at them whatsoever this season people spent half their time talkin to them and I hated it.

Time to get bacl to basics and rules that keep HG from throwin comps abd bullying PLEASE!!

Amy J

I love how salty Paul is about his comic book making him look like a villain. Truth hurts, don’t it?


Oh boo boo. I took the heat. I told her you m…f..ers told me it was either her or me and I didn’t like it but its all your fault.


Josh is like the girl you been dating for 2 months and tells you tonight your lucky night …but then she doesn’t put out ..


Seriously, is Paul shrinking? Every episode he looks smaller. He has to have a crick in his neck by now from always looking up at everyone.

Judgmental Judy

I’m actually shocked they are showing on the live show tonight a play back filling in the blanks for just the tv viewers. I wanted to punch Paul through the TV SCREEN when he started fake crying next to Josh real crying to pretend he’s emotionally hurting for deceiving his friends. Then the minute Alex walks out the room, Paul stops crying and smiles at Josh – the look on Josh’s face is like he just saw the Devil standing in Paul’s body for the first time LOL.


I don’t know what to think of this season


I’d love to see Josh on the block next week if Kevin or Christmas is HOH, then Josh win POV, then Paul has to be Josh’s replacement on the block, and then finally glory Hallelujah, Josh send that evil little troll Paul to jury! Then Josh fight like he’ll to win Final HOH, send Kevin to jury, expose Christmas and all her treachery, and hopefully the Jury will vote for Josh to win!


Only problem with that is that Paul is playing for HOH ant you think he is going to let Shitmas or Kevin win. Fat chance.


The ONLY time I laughed this season….Josh with his eyes bugged out looking at Paul and saying he thought he was looking at the devil!


What I thought was funny was day before Paul told Josh Alex is playing you she told me she can turn on the tears on demand and then he does the same friken thing in front of Josh.


Josh should have started yelling Diablo….his face was priceless!! Omg

Franks Fumes

Allison Grodner eats giant turkey legs in bed while rubbing Paul’s back careful to get between the pimples. “Paul don’t worry honey we’ll fill the house with your followers on instagram no way you’ll lose this time I promise….Burrrp!

Paul If You Can't Take The Heat, Shut The F**k Up!

Man can you believe how much heat Paul took! He took it so hard…and then pushed it back on Josh and Xmas as fast as he could.


Could Josh pull a Steve? Could the final 2 be Josh and Kevin? There are no good scenarios left. My only hope is next season…

Jessica's Birth Control

Allison Grodner and the writing the team are getting stale. This is about the 3rd time that Josh pretends he is going to take out paul and never does. It was interesting the first time, but now its just boring. Allison we know that paul and christmas know each other outside the house. You already wrote the script that paul wins, xmas has a phony broken foot, and she comes back next year. F@ck you Allison!

It never ends

Just watched Paul and Alex have a discussion about her getting him votes in the jury house after he orchestrated her eviction. Did they modify the comics game so that Christmas could play? The only thing worth seeing tonight on the show was Josh’s reaction to Paul doing a 180 from crying to laughing.


What has Kevin done he hooked up with Paul from the beginning. He has done what everyone else has done let Paul decide what should be done. He does not have to win any HOHs or veto. All he has to do is sit back let everyone else do Pauls dirty work. If he makes it to final two with Paul if he tells everyone he has been with Paul from the beginning and has worked with him to get to the end and everyone remembers how Paul instigated all the crap that was thrown at Kevin he could win it all.


I wonder how Kevin,and some of the others, will feel when they watch back and see how Paul really felt and talked about them. Do you think they will go the Halloween party at Paul’s.


Friendship….ha ha hav


Does anyone know how many HGs from 18 went to his Halloween party last year. He played it up last year too.


There was at least two from 19. Raven and shitmas…he he


OMG…..Kevin, play your own game and stop doing with Paul tells you.


Anyone throwing comps at this stage of the game is just stupid.


Josh saw a demon. One of Lucifer’s minions. PAUL.

Martha Stewart

Wednesday is a surprise eviction. Thursday is an eviction. Paul, Xmas &Kevin play in HOH.. Paul will probably win HOH. If Kevin wins POV, Josh & Xmas will be on the block. That would be nice.


I just don’t see Kevin winning ANY comps at this time. It just won’t happen.


Nah that wasn’t the Devil Josh was looking up to, that was Josh’s conscience laughing at him saying “JOSH, YOU BIG MEATBALL, YOU PLAYED YOURSELF”….


Josh is still making me laugh.
Tonight’s episode, Josh’s expression.


Is it confirmed that X and Paul knew each other prior to BB19 or is this a rumor?

What happened to Paul?

After seeing Paul cry in front of Alex and then leave the room and start laughing is head off, I can only wonder what his parents did/ or didn’t do to him to make such a horrible human being. So sad. His family should be so ashamed.


Josh, grow some balls, you freakin’ cry baby! Had to be said.


My comment penned under your name, WTF!

Paul sucks

So I don’t like Paul. I’m sure you think you know why but you don’t. I don’t blame him for playing the game. It’s not his fault that theses idiots didn’t come to play BB but to become famous. What I do blame him for is the attacks. Some of the best, all time great ones never had to attack anybody. Or get someone else to do it for them. I can’t respect Paul because he doesn’t do the dirty work. He hides behind people & gets them to say terrible things to people. He can’t even be straight one time with someone he claims to really like. If I was the jury & he tried to tell me he controlled everything but didn’t get dirty, I would tell him to get the hell out of here. I just don’t understand why they think it’s ok to attack people all for money. And they are going to think every body will be ok cause this is a game…..NO they won’t be ok. Social media is going to kill them. And Paul, Josh & xmas are so fake.

True character

I didn’t like Paul last season….and I can’t stand him this season. His true character must be really ugly in the outside world.

Go Kevin

It is so incredibly unfair for Paul to ask Kevin to throw these comps. Such BS. BTW, what is this vacation at the end? Who gets to go?


I detest Paul, but it’s up to Kevin to use his head, refuse, and finally win at least one damn competition. Kevin doesn’t deserve any reward for how poorly he’s played this game.


OMG Josh – he is so emotionally unstable. Cry cry cry. Seriously. If you want to win play the game but stop feeling bad about your decisions or hurting people’s feelings. It’s Big Brother not Let’s Sit Around a Camp Fire and Sing Kumbaya!