Josh “He [Paul] is forcing me to turn on him. He is forcing me to take him out!”

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9:50pm HOH room. Josh talking to the live feeders.
Josh – for me to have Paul and Christmas’s back this entire game and stand by them and never cross them… Paul is literally putting all the blood on me and Christmas so that each person that walks into jury .. he hasn’t pissed anyone off. He has no blood, he hasn’t done anything. For you to put it on somebody that has had your back and has been your ride or die in order to secure that you win this game and not to give a chance. I’ve been nothing but loyal, honest, truthful, direct, straight forward… even when I nominated people. Yeah I’ve told white lies here and there but who doesn’t lie in this game. But for you to orchestrate all this in order for you to win, for you to put all this blood, all this heat on me so that you can secure your jury votes and Christmas is so naive where she is literally eating everything she says they don’t even let me speak, they don’t even let me get in a word. Now I can’t take a shot, now I can’t do anything. He won the veto. Now I have to go to final 3 with them but you know what he thinks that he is going to go out with his hands clean .. and I might just blow up this f**King house.

I’ve earned my f**king spot here. I’ve protected those two, I’ve had their back and now what do I do? They think that I’m stupid?! Do you not think, that I don’t think that Paul went to Kevin to throw that f**king comp so that it looks like me, Kevin and Christmas are working together? Are you f**king kidding me?! Do I look like its f**king stupid written on my f**king forehead? And F**king Christmas thinks I don’t know how to connect the f**King dots?!?! Such a smart person that she is.. she doesn’t see things clear as day? What the f**k am I Jesus Christ? I’m not Jesus Christ. I don’t have super powers. I’m not stupid! I am not naive. I don’t buy bullsh*t! Don’t feed me bullsh*t when all I give you is the dead honest truth. You know if I don’t make it to three and I don’t make it to two.. I don’t give a flying f**k at this point because I have not turned on anybody. And he is forcing me to turn on him. He is forcing me to take him out. He is forcing me to take a shot at him!
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Josh – Not only won’t I win against him but now he is trying to taint my game either further now. He thinks people in jury don’t know we’re in a final three but I am pretty sure Jason is spreading that like wild fire in jury. I’ve played a clean game and now I am going to have somebody that I’ve had their back, somebody that I’ve looked out for .. an alliance that I’ve stood by this entire game. An alliance that I’ve literally .. even when they didn’t f**king trust me I stood by them. Now they’re f**king up my game. If I win, I am in a house full of f**King snakes. I am not willing to throw sh*t on an ally for me to secure my.. I will sit there and let the best one win. I am not going to dirty you on my way to the top. And sh*t on you, on my way to the top to secure that I win. It’s not my style. I would have played it out. Christmas is mad about a rogue vote but she is not mad about how Paul is protecting his game and looking out for his own game and F**KING SH*TING on us on the way to final 3 to secure his spot. He didn’t play me, that’s for sure. I’ve been on to his game for weeks. He’s played the f**k out of Christmas. I stood by this kid the whole game. And for me not to be the one to taint my game but for an ally to taint my game and to f**k up the game that I’ve played my heart out all f**king season.. I’ve called people.. made enemies not only for myself but to protect you… I’ve fought with people over you two. This is f**king wrong dude! I don’t give a f**k if I loose .. I won’t change. I’ll stick by him. I’m a be loyal. I’m a stick by her and be loyal..

I’m going to go to the end and if I f**king get that scale .. I am taking Paul out. If I win that scale, I am taking him out. I am going to final 3 but they better beat me. And in my speech you better believe I am exposing the 3 of us. Nobody has to know the game that we’ve played until they watch it back (That’s what Paul has said).. no f**k that everyone is going to know when I sit up there in final 2 that I’ve played a loyal game and I never turned on you because I gave you my word. And even in the midst of all the fire I never turned on you. And people never gave me that in return.. so either the jury respects my game play for being straight forward, fearless and loyal or f**k the jury too. I don’t give three f**ks at this point. I didn’t ruin my game, thank my allies for that. Josh heads downstairs.

10pm – 11pm Josh joins Paul and Christmas in the lounge room. They start studying the days / events of the season. Josh – he (Kevin) isn’t going to survive this lock down. Paul – you need to say things that are going to unearth him. Josh – I’m going to pots and pans this motherf**ker. Paul – more than pots and pans you’ve got to attach his character and sh*t. Christmas – I am telling you, if I start this.. Josh – then you can finish it. Paul – you’ve got to add the cherry on top. Christmas – when you plug in, he will turn bright f**king red. Paul – and I’ll be in the corner just doing pushups and he’ll be like (staring at him). Christmas – what I have to say will strike a nerve faster and harder than you attacking him first. Paul – and since he is already on edge.. Paul – then you come in and.. Christmas – follow through. Does that make sense? He won’t be able to retaliate against me and it will get him more pissed off. He won’t get to say anything that he really wants to say. He will be boiling inside. Then you say something and he will blow his f**king cool.

I’ll set him up and call him out for being the old man pervert. Paul – we can do this guys … we’re there. Its literally me, you, him and Kevin. This is what we’ve wanted fool and we got it. No skimping out now. Christmas – you have to put me up beside him so that his ego will shatter when I stay over him. Paul – okay. Josh – laughs. Who am I working with?! Paul – or do you (Christmas) want to be the one to put him up. Josh – what? Paul – because if I win, one of you have to go up. Christmas – yeah it will be me. Paul – but one person is the deciding vote. Josh – whatever. If I’m the deciding vote I’m going to say we’ve busted our a$$ to be here and you (kevin) literally did nothing but hide under people, float to get here and you played it safe. I just don’t respect that. This season people played with balls and you left yours the f**k home. Christmas – “Kevin, the bank called and said they’re collecting on some debts youre outstanding of your f**king di*kery, have fun with your 25k motherf**ker!” Christmas – we swept the f**k out of this house. BB should put this in the play book .. the apple snatcher (Josh), miss boot girl (Christmas) and don’t even know what to call you .. the grimelin (Paul). Christmas – I hope they do ask me to come back next year because I will be unleashed .. not quiet in the corner.

11:32pm – 11:45pm Christmas and Alex leave the HOH. Josh talks to the camera again. Josh – Alex is a beast of a competitor but she has always protected me. She has played a straight forward, truthful game with me. Jason was her ride or die but Alex has never crossed me in the game. And Alex isn’t trying to pull all this shaddy sh*t. Alex is trying to go to the end against good competitors and win, you get me? She wants to win and I know she will pull a shot. Oh god I am so mind f**ked! If I were to tell Alex everything she would wake up… it would click and then I would turn on these two (Paul & Christmas). I feel bad because I see Alex’s heart and the woman she is and the type of friend she’s been. In my nomination speech I’ve been straight forward with her but she thinks I’m crossing her when in reality its just a game move. The way that Paul wants to paint it, it looks really shaddy on me. She is a great person with a great heart. She’s played a great game. She’s played a straight forward game. Paul has played the f**k out of her.

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“Do I look like its f**king stupid written on my f**king forehead?” YES MF, yes you do have f**King “stupid” written on ya forehead.

“And F**king Christmas thinks I don’t know how to connect the f**King dots?!?!”
Too late to connect the dots… You BIG DUMMY .

“I’m not stupid! I am not naive. I don’t buy bullsh*t!”

Josh is EXTREMELY naive, & buys bullshit*t with cash he borrowed from mommy.

Josh,Raven,Matt & Xmas whole gameplay was to lead Paul to the 500k, & everybody else just wanted to make it to jury. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Stupid etched in stone on forehead

Lmao… cracking up…oh yes mf we see stupid in neon.


Last week when Josh was not happy with “the plan” because it didn’t get blood on every ones hands (Paul’s). Paul said that this week they would be able to drop the charade after veto and he would get all the blood on his hands with Alex. Now he needs to tell Alex that he is being forced to not use the veto. Time to call Paul out, he needs to force them all to have that conversation together that way nobody comes out clean.


He’s not being forced not to use veto pal is finally getting blood on his hand by not taking Alex down. Paul got veto and by hm not taking her down and then her talking to Jason in jury house Paul is probably f**ked big time

Kevy Kev

I think Josh may be developmentally disabled. It’s just from professional experience. He is acute to his environment & has intelligence. But socially he’s awkward. If he takes a shot & makes this .01% chance of being an enjoyable season, he deserves the title. I hate though Xmas for being a bitchy bully sheep, Alex for being the wretch shit for brains mule diablo, and Paul for instigating from fucking week 3 a gameplay that’s not to be respected (I fucking hate that prick)… God we all saw this coming 2 MONTHS ago. Paul, you look like you got unshaved pubes on your face, Just go fuck w/ your nose some more.

Cindy Withanesse

Its OK, you can say it….the guy is retarded.


And you’re a Bitch


So unclalled for to call someone that. Be more respectful.

Cindy Withanesse

Uncalled for? Retarded means slow or delayed development. I was agreeing with the previous post. Josh does in fact seem developmentally challenged. SO YES, HE’S RETARDED.


You could find a different word. That’s all.




Special needs is the proper name asshole

Cindy Withanesse

“Special needs” is a retarded word.

Josh's Undropped Testicle

Take him to the zoo – they love the zoo (ROCKY)

Test Me


Franks Fumes

Josh has no brain……Paul is his brain since day 1 when he took that apple…..Paul knew a sucker when he saw one and has used the Gorditahead ever since!


A sucker is born every minute. Josh just scored the biggest lollipop ever.

Go home Paul

I’m sick of lil’ gnome’s face and voice. Please….waiting to expect the unexpected and somebody evict him.
Cody for AFP.

Josh's Dismembered Prometheus Head

Josh recounting his convo with Kevin to Assmas and Paul and hes says he feels sorry for Kevin being isolated. Paul immediately jumps up gets in Joshs face “Do you need to be slapped again you idiot”…… seconds later he has Josh saying what a liar and a POS Kevin is. Paul has such power over Josh its disturbing to see… I mean this is real mind control shit.


Yes… I feel the same ,Puke Paul is nothing but a wanna be Manson.


These people are pathetic ! The only argument they have is to bully!
They didn’t stop for long now did they ?!
I really hope they feel it from the fans and everyone when they get out!

Jessica's Birth Control

Paul vs Xmas is the final 2 . I have maintained for weeks that Allison Grodner scripted out this entire season. Paul wins and xmas takes second and comes back next year. From Xmas own mouth:
Christmas –” I hope they do ask me to come back next year because I will be unleashed .. not quiet in the corner.”

She throws the game this year, gets a bonus, and is guaranteed the paul treatment next year for the win. Josh is not making a big move. That is BS talk becuase most of us know this season is rigged and its getting to CBS. He is bought and paid for and will accept an extra bonus for 3rd place. He may be back next year too.


That’s quite the imagination you have.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I think you are dead wrong. Xmas will never be brought back. She didn’t add any fun to the house and is really disliked.


Talk about rigged . . . wait for the celebrity BB. That’s going to be a hot mess.

Paul's mom

Paul is a winner. He proved it already. Josh is a loser. My advice to him, stfu and let Paul win the money.

Christmas exposed!

I just looked up Christmas Abbot on the interned and saw some info on her diet and exercise plan. For 70 days she has eaten like a pig- almost all junk food. Everything she cooks is cooked in bacon fat. She was unable to exercise for weeks. Truth is she is a scammer just like Raven. She’s obviously predisposed to have a good body. I agree she likes to exercise . But a role model of any kind- she isn’t. Everyone that buys her products is being fooled.


I loathe and despise this vile, despicable, filthy cast. (Xmas, Paul. & Josh) Why pick on Kevin……(no I am not a Kevin fan, I have no respect for his gameplay.) Why do these people think they have to gang up and humiliate other people? This is not gameplay…………this is just being vile, &nasty, for fun. They really think they are the greatest players that have ever played BB……………not even close…………the great ones, never humiliated, bullied,
threatened anyone, they just out played them, They actually had to use their brains, personality, and brawn.
If AG brings back that vile Xmas, I hope people boycott CBS, and than CBS fires AG. One year of Xmas, is more than enough to stomach.


Thanks for the laugh. Seriously?


Even if Josh wanted to change the course of mighty rivers he didn’t have the votes to(ever) take out Paul. Credibility in the house is essential, sadly for Josh it’s something he never attained.


Josh has been trying to turn this game. He tried with Christmas who shut him down every time. (His ride or die). He started to broach the subject with Alex the other night but right between ‘this is just between you and me and goes no further’ and him clueing her in….out of her mouth comes ‘I totally trust Paul’. He hasn’t had much of a chance. He only has one option now and that is to win final HOH and take Paul out. He plans to take it.


I’m really getting pissed off at Xmas. A motivational speaker calling Kevin a pervert (which is a lie) when she was the one that kept cuddling (with a married man) with him and then with Paul? I’m sure that wasn’t scripted ! I’m disgusted with her and I wish that Kevin could sue her.


I appreciate thay Dawg doesn’t call HGs potato Head or shitmas or tell them to Die.


I’m not the type to wish bad on others but I’m so glad that Paul is upset that the was portrayed as a “potty mouth”. That’s going to be the least of his problems!


All of them, even peg leg Christmas, can beat Kevin. Why at this point in the game are they personally trying to destroy him? I don’t care if Josh flips the house. He is still that same insecure boy that cried the first two weeks because he had no friends in the house. The only reason he has made it this far is because Paul saw an opportunity to mold him into the season’s running joke. You guys might be drinking the Kool-aid with all of his private camera talk, but I’m still not rooting for that pot banging neanderthal. Bring on Celebrity BB!

Franks Fumes

Kev and Josh hanging in the apple room addressing the camera Kev says he had a embarrassing 45 min in the comic comp….Josh interrupts “Kev you can’t say thaaat”. Kev says” f#ck that (pointing to camera) their paying for this (us feeders) and it’s live so f#ck that! Love Kevin!


If Xmas comes back I will not watch! Can’t stand these idiots who thinks they’re all playing an honest game! CBS SUCKS!


I don’t understand all the hate they have for Kevin. All they ever say is Kevin’s been talking shit this whole time. Kevin has said some stuff, everyone has, but nothing on level they have talked about him. They are constantly talking shit about kevin and I honestly don’t see why. I feel so bad for Kevin right now because they are being so rude to him by not including him. They can at least let him hang out with them instead of making him spend hours alone. And Paul’s tripping out about his comic being called potty mouth haha. These people are so blind to their own behaviour.


They’re the worst


Not defending their actions at all but nothing was worse then the treatment Elysa received. I felt so bad for her. I remember watching the feeds after she was evicted at DE and Andy, GinaMarie and the other pos (I can’t even remember his name!) had to pack her cloths. They were throwing her luggage around, calling her every name in the book. They went on for hours. I had to stop watching. It was horrible. I do feel bad for Kevin too. He seems like a nice enough guy. He did make those remarks about Christmas to Jason and of course Jason had to go blab about it. Christmas was not an innocent party though. She used Kevin by stroking his ego, cuddling up against him. What’s a guy to think in that situation? He’s human after all.


let paul get 2nd place again, the burn of that hahahahahahah

Franks Fumes

I really am continuing to get the vibe Paul will take Kev final two……can you imagine if Assmas and Josh get cut before Kev (lol)…..and the jury has to choose Paul or Kevin….Kev has a chance. Paul outsmarted himself last season I think he may take the guy who did nothing this season. And it would make this shitfest a little less shitty.


Omg I love Kevin ..I would rather have a Kevin that stands in front of the mirror loving himself then Michelle who would lay in bed hating herself. I think Kevin is really bored so at least he can entertain him self

Franks Fumes

Kevin was running around the backyard like a dog let out of his cage after a week locked up (lol)…..he could hardly contain himself with excitement. Paul and Assmas were talking to him he was so happy. Sad they treat him so shitty they don’t even have a real reason……..Kev for AFP!…….ad paid for by Kev for AFP.


They’re the worst

Josh's Dismembered Prometheus Head

The wursted of the wurst.


I’m so sorry. I accidentally hit the thumbs down. I’m in Florida and my Wi-Fi is slow and delayed. I wish I could change the rating.

Glad I'm not in that house!

Be safe!

Glad I'm not in that house!

Praying your safe!

Ravens semen storage device

Paul and Shitmass are classic textbook sociopaths. Visions of Grandeur….complete lack of compassion , empathy….compulsive liars ect. They will be very disliked when they get out and rightfully so.


Why does Kevin wear that scarf on his head?


what if the jury’s revenge is to not reward Paul with the money. That would be hilarious.


If this cast is so terrible then why are Cody and Jess getting high marks? You prefer the “Jess and Cody” porn show? He’s a single Dad, left his child for the summer to hook up on national TV. Why is that admirable behavior? No I am not going to praise him on a reality TV show because he is a vet. He did not act with honor and dignity. He walked over the furniture to exit the house (very mature) and then told Julie he “hated” all of them. His social game was terrible. And Jess and Alex were the battle of the exposed boobs. I’m for Cameron for AFP, send a message to CBS.


My first time commenting, could not hold back anymore. I have watched since season 1. Have never seen such intentional cruelness on bb in all the years watching. Not in a mob mentality. And then not to show what is REALLY going happening on the regular show. Knowing what they plan to do to Kevin, AGAIN, is nauseating. WHY???!!!! There is NO point to it. That horrid hag shitmas is going to call him a pervert? Doe’s anyone realize what this is going to do to this man? Long after this show has ended I believe these vile things are going to screw with him emotionally. Just a game my ass. And my Heart still breaks for Mark. One more thing. When Josh was making his speech before Jason was evicted, did anyone notice Paul having a complete anxiety attack on the couch? Josh was saying he felt like a misfit and did not fit in with anyone, and for a minute that coward sh#tbag thought Josh was going to go against him. I really saw what a weak, spineless prick he is. There is something seriously wrong with Paul. How I wish Josh had taken that shot. Disgusting season.


Yes, Paul’s a big man when he’s got slack jawed, spineless, stupid mob propping him up. Let’s see him on his own with worthy competitors. That’s a game worth watching. Not referring to the bed layers of last year.

One Really Big Dumb Meatball

Josh you are a blubbering fool. If his praise of Alex being a saint doesn’t say it all about his mentality, nothing does.
Next one out after the Potato please.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Josh = Fredo


Christmas is so rude and just mean to Josh! She has a nasty side that’s been coming out the past week. She and Paul both bully him and talk so rudely. Ugh I hope neither wins


Josh, don’t turn it up on Kevin. If you do, you’ve lost his his jury vote. It’s too late in the game for this shit.


Josh doesn’t have a chance to win BB19. He played Paul’s dirty game for him this whole season. He has ALL the blood on his hand.


Let’s vote for Cody for AFP, and passed them all off. I wanna see their faces when Cody wins.