“My plan is to take Josh all the way to the end.” – Paul

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HOH Winner: Paul

POV Winner: Paul

Nominated: Christmas & Kevin

9:02pm When the live feeds return – Paul, Christmas and Josh are in the HOH bed sleeping.
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9:48pm – 10pm Lounge room. Paul.
Paul – Well ladies and gentlemen, Hello! Hi! I made it! A few things, this season was super difficult. I enjoyed the fact that I was forced to play a different game. It pushed me to be… I had to be strategic. There was no other option. I couldn’t play the same game I played last year for many reasons. One, everyone already knew my game play. Two – I couldn’t constantly be in survival mode. What I mean by that is last year I was on the block so many times I had to be in survival more. I constantly had to think about 10 steps ahead. If somebody nipped me, it was already too late. If somebody caught me, it was already too late. I could never be caught. I always had to be steps ahead. I had people do my dirty work. I had people blow up. And I blamed people for certain things, I had to play a different game. Pretty much everything in this game I wanted to happen, happened. I had a good social game. I had millions of conversations. And it payed off. I don’t know how the jury feels but my plan is to take Josh all the way to the end. And hopefully its a clean sweep.

I have 8 competition wins. I won the last HOH and I won the last veto. Now I win Part 1 of the last HOH, that would put me at 9 and if I win the last one that’s 10. And I never touched the block. I went the entire season as the only vet and the biggest target and I never touched the block. That is f**king tight! I didn’t think I could do that. Its super bazaar, its crazy.. I miss my family, my friends, I miss my little burrito. I’ve spent over 6 months in the big brother house now. And I’ll make it to the end of this season and hopefully I win. That will be 191 days I’ve spent in the big brother house. That is F**King crazy! I am crazy. My brain is for sure ruined. To my fans that have supported me, I love you! I can’t believe I made it this far and I thought it was impossible. I have two more comps to win. That puts me at 10, that’s 3 more than last year. Hopefully the jury votes for me. I think Josh is my best bet to win. And if I don’t win I don’t know what else to do. Would I do it again… Yeah! I would! What the f**k Paul!? I love it! I’m a for sure psychopath.

10:13pm – 10:30pm Lounge room. Paul and Christmas.
Paul and Christmas talk about Kevin and how they don’t think he will be pissed when the evict him. Christmas – he’s happy to be on a tv show. He is just really happy to be here. He really hasn’t done anything but thinks he has. Kevin joins them.

10:45pm Josh & Christmas are in the kitchen chatting about random tings.

11pm Kitchen. Josh and Christmas are talking about past events of the season and the evicted house guests. Josh comments on how Mark was such a coward that wouldn’t own up to sh*t. That’s on a game level but on a personal level we would be cool. I could see us being cool in real life. Christmas – he’s just a little b***h!

12am – 1:15am HOH room.
Christmas and Paul talk about what they miss in real life. Christmas heads to the diary room. Josh joins Paul. Josh and Paul talk about their Instagram followers. Paul hopefully I’ll be over 300K, maybe even 400K. (He’s at 337k) Christmas joins them. Paul jokes that he is using the veto tomorrow. Josh – don’t even joke about that. Paul gets called to the diary room.

Kevin …

1:35am Josh, Christmas and Kevin are all sleeping…

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358 thoughts on ““My plan is to take Josh all the way to the end.” – Paul

    1. Yup. He killed it this year and people just wanna complain becayse they dont like the way he played. Id say pauls biggest move was convincing everyone to throw comps. He took total control because of that

          1. He should not have returned as the only vet with 3 weeks protection like a coach. He does admit he would return again be ause he is a psychopath, not a masochist but a psychopath and that is why he enjoyed his game and would do it again. Why would anyone brag about being a psychopath? Why would CBS promote a psychopath? Sad sign of our times!

          2. I agree, I posted a few weeks back that Paul aka cousin It and Josh aka Shrek would be the final two, but Paul’s game play would cause the cast to vote for Josh. Karma for BB and heartbreak for Paul which will be 2nd place for him again. BB producers STOP bringing veterans back with rookies and giving them so much power in the house. Paul was allowed to pick cast safety first night, than he was given a temptation for two weeks without being put on the block………Paul was a set up to win from the very beginning. Paul was placed in the house with weak players (except Cody) for an easy win. I truly believe BB felt Paul should have won last year, and to give him the win now to make up for that loss………..I didn’t have a team or person to cheer for this year. This year was boring, no excitement, the best season for me was with the brigades.

            1. If it was so boring with no excitement than why do you think you know so much about the season? For all the Paul haters, I have watched Big Brother for 19 seasons. He has played the best game since Dr. Will. It’s a game people!

              1. cause I read the blogs Duh and others comments. There is more than one way to obtain information. I also have family members who still watch and tell me what is going on. BORING SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Agree. If any HG ever won 1st or 2nd place in a previous season they should NOT be eligible to play in another season. Yes, they could come into the house as a guest for a day, but NOT be allowed to play for $500,000. It would be the fair, legitimate, and right thing to do NOT to allow a previous winner, even 2nd place to win. Paul probably BAMBOOZLED, FINAGLED, BULLSHITTED and convinced production to let him play this season. Paul Is so shrewd and sly that he CAN sell the London Bridge; he is an expert on how to manipulate people and get his way. The cunning tactics that he uses on HGs are the same tactics he used with production to play again. Paul is a narcissist and feels he is ENTITLED to anything he WANTS! Pip-squeak Paul brags about his (bullshit) fan base and what a good player he is and how hard the game is – that is a testament to his massive ego, conceit, narcissism, and big head. That pip-squeak sold his evil soul to the devil! Pip-squeak Paul is the devil in the flesh! Also, on another topic, Pip-squeak Paul claims that he is a T-shirt designer, but he never wears any T-shirts (barely wears clothes)! The creep won $50,000 last season, that’s not pocket change; and he dresses like a bum, and he still lives in the basement of his parents home. He doesn’t have a job, his occupation is to bamboozle, manipulate, steal, lie, and deceive people. Pip-squeak Paul is a BIG LOSER! Also, he mentions that he has girlfriends, (only in his dreams), no female would want to be his girlfriend (he is an ugly, filthy disgusting narcissist creep)! Did you see on BBAD when he was making coffee he spilled coffee grains on the floor and did not clean it up, he’s a nasty slob! That conniver will “assign” someone else to clean his mess. Pip-squeak Paul progresses in life by dictating, manipulating, lying threatening, aggression, and hurting people! Pip-squeak Paul feels that he is extremely entitled and clever (NOT). Pip-squeak Paul is an evil, despicable MASTER MANIPULATOR and DICTATOR!!!

            Also, when Elena took the $5000 in a game, Alex practically ate Elena alive and was revengeful to Elena for taking the money. In many ways, Alex is no better than Pip-squeak Paul. Alex is just as evil and deceitful as Paul, just in a different way. Also, when Mark was playing chess with Jason, Mark told Jason in confidence that Paul needs to go, and that fucking Jason went to report to Paul everything that Mark said about Paul. Jason was a snake in the grass, and it served him well when Paul booted Jason out. Jason betrayed Mark, and KARMA bit Jason in the ass! As for Shitmas, her broken leg was a blessing in disguise for her because she glided thru the game without having to play many endurance comps; she needs to go! Actually, she should have been voted out at the first episode (she is a mean evil bully). She has many of Paul’s evil and horrible traits. I voted for Mark as AFP because he was a good player, legitimately won comps, was pleasant, honest, and was aware of Paul’s bull. Paul knew that Mark was intelligent and was on to him, so Paul had to get rid of Mark. Anyone who does not “obey” Paul’s commands is doomed! Unfortunately the pea-brain sheeps were following and protecting Paul; so Mark (and Cody) didn’t stand a chance under Paul’s vengeful wrath!

            Josh started to see the LIGHT, now Josh, take that “light” and PUT IT OUT!

            After viewing the September 13th episode FARCE toward the end of the show I’m convinced that Big Brother is RIGGED!!! There is definitely something fishy going on, there’s no doubt in my mind. AWFUL SEASON

        1. Pitter- patter! Paul he said it himself his brain is ruined! Karma will work wonders! This seasons game will seal his fate…. curious to see where he is 10 years in life “the the dice will roll”! Wouldn’t trust him ever! Money plays everyone the game is an excuse “cha-ching

          1. Isnt it the whole agenda in this game is to win? Has everyone forgot that? This isn’t the first time a vets return. Why is everyone banging on Paul? His Tats? His Beard? The fact that he has money already? The purpose of this game isn’t to make life long friends, its to win a athletic, endurance, and mental. Paul has played this game to a “T” I would dump josh and keep Kevin. What has he done? 25K first night and that is about it. Pawn as well, but I wouldn’t take Josh, Jury will give it to him out of spite of Paul. All of you saying Paul is horrible, he maybe, but he has played a hellofa game.

            1. We hate he fact that Paul is the sole vet back, had the power to select the 8 people along with himself to be safe from that first eviction, as the only name known to the majority of BB fans was almost guaranteed the first fan voted prize and it’s really the only one with any teeth so he was safe for nearly a third of the game. The first HoH had that safety apple meant for Paul although Josh was paranoid and snatched it. Production clearly shielded Paul and that obviously affected game play. Everyone seems to get paranoid if anyone even includes Paul’s name as a potential target. How many of these idiots are hoping to curry favor with Paul/production for post-show fame or career opportunities? That’s why Paul is controlling the game, not because he’s that good but because people aren’t looking to win the game but rather see this as an audition.

            2. So Matt M,

              I went into the house and killed the other contestants that would be cool? My goal was to win the game and I accomplished that, so in your words that justifies my actions right?

              I hated Paul before this season but he wasnt that bad. This year was a whole nother ballgame. He was bullying, trying to get people to self evict, etc. That would never be stood for in another facet of life. If Cody had just broken his arm none of thr viewers would have suffered through any of his BS. Youre obviously not following the feeds or can interpret whats been going on.

        2. Paul did NOT win everything CBS states, they can quit the hero act, Paul was handed several wins, he does not deserve to be worshiped, OK CBS, the HOH was given to him last night, X threw it to him every time. Paul is not a winner, even if he gets the win he is a dispicable human being. X is beyond vile, last night she said to Josh, I will murder families???? What the f###. Now Paul thinks he is a celebrity, well news to him right now in society the word celebrity is not what it use to be. They make me sick, I really hope we get a better season next year, and no returns, or BB may as well stop…. You’all may dislike Cody, but he was handed nothing. He beat Paul at every turn, until CBS stepped in for Paul. Why oh why CBS, what’s up, who is banging who for this garbage.

          1. Why would everyone turn on Cody for keeping it a secret about nominating Paul when Paul kept his having amunity for three weeks a secret! They brought Paul back to make sure he wins! And he will!

          2. BULLSH*T Cody was handed the maze comp he obviously got to practice in that comp before the taped show, he did far too well for doing it the 1st time PROOF? Watch how terrible everybody else,Dom, Jillian,Paul,& Cameron) who was clearly playing that maze comp for the 1st time. Cody tried to play it off in the DR that it was hard for him but he’s a terrible liar, he didn’t flutter once in that maze comp, in fact he was flying through it. Even in the ball breakers comp Cody played dumb like, then when it looked like Cameron was going to win he quickly knocked the plates down like he knew where to throw..

            Production clearly wanted Cody back in the house to compete with Paul, because he was the only HG that could stand toe to toe with Paul in comps, but Paul’s manipulation of the HG was too strong & Cody gave up.

        3. Paul didn’t kill this season—all the Cody-lovin’, “they shouldn’t have attacked his military record”,” production rigged it for Paul to get those 3 free weeks”, blah..blah…never-ending whiners who killed this season!! It’s a friggin game where contestants use all their wits, moral or immoral, to get to the end & win the money! Ya’ll moaned all season about Paul, Josh, Christmas, & Alex bullying the others–SO WHAT? They’re not your friends, neighbors, or co-workers—they are on TV to entertain us for 90 days. I supported Paul during most of this season cause he was KICKIN’ their butts right & left, and if he wins it all, I’m fine with that because he PLAYED them all……BUT……I’m pulling for a Josh win now because he does have a big heart and HE FIGURED IT OUT ON HIS OWN!! It would conclude BB19 with a final twist! And that’s why I love & watch this great show!! It’ll NEVER go back to the old days that we all loved so much. Your Cody-idol will probably win AFP….so quit your whining!!

          1. You have a right to your opinion, just do not push it on Cody. You said it yourself, its a game, however, Paul/X and Alex played way to dirty for a game, when someone says, I’ll slit her throat or kill families, not game plaly, gross misbehavior. Lets see what Karma does . I could care less about these people. Just want an even playing ground CBS, casting could be better. Face it production played a huge role in this season, it was way to apparent.

        4. Wow sour jealousy
          Paul destroyed everyone
          Only jealousy that is stopping everyone from appreciating Paul’s complete mastery of this game
          Safety ha save it they had all season to get rid of him
          Cody had multiple chances too and he went right back out bc Paul is the best player this year
          Thumbs down if your jealous
          Otherwise Paul IS the man (this year anyway)

          1. Paul is a man in sheep clothing…why would anyone in their right mine be jealous of Paul. Sounds like you jealous of the amount of viewers that do not care for Paul game and why should any of us stand by the backseat bully. Not I.

          2. Jealous lol that’s a good one, no one is jealous of that mini gremlin with the over grown pubic hair, and the only reason he set others up to do his dirty work is because he is a coward………only a pussy would be afraid to get his hands dirty

        1. Paul was definitely a “back seat bully” which is why I truly believe Josh has a fighting chance if he makes it to final two.

          The jury is already bitter to begin with.
          Josh will expose Pauls game once and for all.

          He will focus on how Paul orchestrated his dirty bullish game and ppl may just buy his bull$hit too. Just because they cant stand the fact that “friendship gnome” duped them.

          The votes will be way closer than Paul imagines.

          Very perdictable season. Yawns …bring on survivour and bb can ;)

          Thank you for the updates Simon and Dawg.
          Much Appreciated.

            1. Expose what? That Josh has the emotional maturity of a 6 year old and runs head first into a fire because someone else says he should (repeatedly even!)?

              We all have choices. Josh chose to be an immature, manipulable, asshole week after week. He only recently reached the part of puberty where he has teensy little blips of a conscience, or even basic awareness.

              Paul rocked this game of psychological chess. All emotions aside, he dove in to each HG’s psyche deep enough to know EACH of their own personal cause/effect personality types and Svengallied all the human chess pieces he knew he could manipulate and marked the strongest of mind to go immediately, utilizing his mental midget “pieces” to do the job.

              It IS the game. It is ALSO life. After watching how well he has sized up, orchestrated and manipulated all these people using their own egos and emotions as his tools… it would be wise to take this season as a life lesson for all viewers.

              There are so many power of perception and persuasion wolves like this all around us and WAY too many people are clueless Joshes in their own friggen lives.

              Paul is just one of many intuitives. Myself included. I choose to use these powers of perception for good rather than evil. But, I’m also not playing a human chess game for 500k.

              ***And yes. I HAVE watched his tireless work myself on the feeds all summer. He handled everyone according to their own personality vulnerabilities brilliantly, to the point of absolute exhaustion. No way could I have been so smooth with Josh, and Raven especially. Master manipulator right there and then some… he deserves the win. This. Is. The. Game.

              Paul: Checkmate.

              1. Dude. If you give a 5 year old the same test twice, chances are he will do alot better the second time around. Furthermore, if you give him one quarter of the answers. Well, chances are he will do even better. In a fair fight, Paul wouldn’t of lasted past that week Cody wanted to put him up. Period.
                Paul was afforded more than all the other houseguests . That in itself is huge . And why is dr. Will gonna coach the jury? Another push in Paul’s direction. Show was heated for him to win. He is a good manipulator to the weak but in no way too 15 who played this game .

              2. Maybe that was Josh’s to be a crybaby a whiner and never be a threat and apparently it worked , Josh did play the game , congratulations he deserves to win over Kevin Christmas and Paul ,

          1. Agree, 100%, but Josh too was a bully, loud, rude and disrespectful at times. Another thing that may work in Josh’s favor is he was apologetic and sympathetic after he did something or voted someone out whereas Paul on the other hand allows each jury member to walk out believing his lies and he never owned up to anything not even in his goodbye messages. He continued to hide his hand and throw others under the bus. BUT Josh admitted the truth to Jason in his goodbye message, and no matter how hard Christmas may try, Jason will remember he told her to not trust Paul and may vote on his own and vote for Josh to win. On another note if CBS is going to bring Vets back and let them win, they need to have two winners for the grand prize. It’s not fair to the new house guests when it’s their first chance to only have a chance at number 2 or AFP. Just give the vets the money and call it a day. Why bring them back and rig the season for them to win. Just like last season, they voted Nicole out and brought her back when Paul most likely would have won that season had she not returned and been forced to take her to final two.

          2. Paul has gotten almost everything he wanted all season. You have to give the douche bag props for that. I’m at a loss as to why he want’s to take Baby Huey. If he wins POV Huey likely takes Shitmas IMHO. So Paul has to be thinking that he’ll win part 3 of the finale to choose who he sits beside. He keeps Kevin he has F2 locked.
            If Paul takes down Huey F4 and has him evict Shitmas instead of Kevin gonna have to consider him one of the 5 best and that makes me puke to just think about it.
            I guess Kevin is going instead of Josh, I’m surprised.
            Paul-(if you believe him) takes Huey
            Shitmas- takes Paul(see Derrick BB16 chosen F2 for more stupid game play. Oh I almost forgot the complete IDIOT Godfrey, BBCan 3. Worst decision ever IMHO)

            Josh- think he could pull the trigger between sobs and “clip” Paul and take Xmas F2. But no one is winning part 3 other than Paul. It sure looked like Paul had every answer to that HOH true/false last night on CBS don’t you think?

            1. I agree that Paul seemed to have answers to HOH comp fed to him especially as he started celebrating getting them correct before being told he did.

              I think its possible that the plan is is for Shitmas to be evicted so she can go to Jury and do clean up and damage control for Paul and she is fine with it. She has said over and over that she does not care if she wins anything! All we can hope is she is as hated in jury house as Paul is and no one listens. She should be as she has taken part in all of his shitty moves and bullying!

        2. Paul was a Hitler spreading fear of unneeded attacks on HG after HG who then turned on their friends to be included in Pauls elite squad.
          It wasn’t game play it was because he could and still look like he had nothing to do with the unnecessary cruelty.

          1. @ THEY AREN’T THAT NICE…….Comparing Paul, the tv reality show contestant, to Hitler is absolutely hysterical BUT scary on your part!…”spreading fear of unneeded attacks on HG after HG who then turned on their friends to be included in Paul’s elite squad”…HAHA!! I guess you could say the same about every female on the Housewives’ shows—you need to separate reality from reality television ASAP!!

        1. Every year fans online hate the one who played the best game and gets to final two, and EVERY year they complain that it is the worst season ever. Then, those same players go on to become BB legends. Remember Evil Dick, Mike Boggie, Dr. Will and Dan? All hated and despised by the majority of online BB fans. Evil Dick was relentless in his cruelty, in your face cruelty. This year the bullying was mild compared to years past. This year some behavior was obnoxious and over the top, but bullying? Everyone gave back as good as they got. No one cried in a corner about how they were treated, they fought and screamed back. These are not children who do not know how to defend themselves. Players have isolated THEMSELVES, mostly as a game move to stay under the radar, or because they gave up, NOT because of the way they were treated. They were all easily manipulated with the exception of a few, but those few could have rallied against Paul as soon as he no longer had safety. Did they….crickets. No one had the know how to get a group together and execute a plan to get him out. He never was even put on the block. Can’t blame him for that. Personally I am not a fan of his, but have enjoyed watching him execute his plan week after week. He played the game to perfection. I am still not sure that he is actually going to win this though. It’s not over till it’s over.

          1. I guess Meghan self evicting because of being bullied doesn’t count..Also if you had a poll of the top ten hated players of all time five would be from Bb19..

            1. Oh I did forget about her, my mistake. But who was it that bullied her to tears enough to self evict, oh that would be the golden boy Cody, the favorite. Thanks for bringing that up.

          2. Have you seen EvelDick’s Twitter? He hates this season and thinks Paul’s game was crap because of all the advantages he got. Paul didn’t get this far on his own, it was production helping him.

            1. Oh my god this is call big brother and big brother controls the game. Did you think it’s called evil dick Game. Big brother will always be in control of the game. If that’s too real for you you shouldn’t watch. But you can’t help it you can’t take your eyes off it it’s like watching an Train wreck.

            2. Evil Dick is only one person.

              Dan Gheesling and and Dr. Will have both commended Paul’s game play.

              (Then there’s a ton of others, but these are obviously not seen in the same light as someone like Dan Gheesling: Rachel Reilly (who actually thinks Paul is top 2 in ever playing the game, right next to Dan Gheesling), Jason Roy, etc etc, I could go on.)

            3. Evel Dick hates everyone, especially players that are basically better than him. Lol. Actually a lot of alumni are coming out on twitter saying Paul played a good game, even if you don’t agree with the way he did it.

          3. Paul will never be a BB legend….the other legends don’t even think he played a good game. He only got lucky with the idiots he played.

            1. “The other legends don’t even think he played a good game.”

              Evil Dick is only one person.

              Dan Gheesling tweeted: “Whether you like him or not, Paul is husting and playing the game hard. Gotta respect it.”

              Rachel Reilly actually tweeted that he is one of the two best players to ever play the game!

              This is from Dr. Will:

              “While some may say that the personal attacks have gone too far, I say that all is fair in love and war. And in Big Brother. And this isn’t politics. It isn’t an elementary school. Each contestant is an adult who willingly signed up to play. Is hate present on the show? Sure. But isn’t that why we watch? What do you think the ratings would be like if the houseguests all sat around at night and sang ‘Kumbaya?’

              Paul is implementing a dirty version of Derrick [Levasseur] or Dan’s [Gheesling] strategy – preying on the naive and impressionable. And that strategy can obviously work. See, those guys mastered their respective season because they crafted alliances with people they knew they could manipulate. Just like Paul, they weren’t born with good looks or charisma so they sharpened their predatory skills to trick the mentally vulnerable. It works. And kudos to all of them! Mad respect to them and all winners!

              Anyone who is unhappy with Paul’s game is, again, jealous.”

              1. It doesn’t matter what Evil Duck, Rachel or Dan thinks but Paul has already been told (and told Kevin) that Dr Will is going to be the jury coach and he will explain the game moves to the jury and make everything right. Never understood why BB thinks they need to send someone in last minute to influence the jury. Can you imagine how that would look in a criminal case for some interloper to come in at the end of a trial and coach the jury on their votes?

                1. I think its utter crap that they bring in a Jury Coach. Dr. Will had his time in the sun and he mists these jurors I know last year he got in people’s heads and the year Derek won (a super bitter jury) he got them all to basically come around that Derek deserved to win. I wish they would just let the jury do their roundtable minus Dr. Will and his “agenda”. I can see it already him singing Paul’s praises :(

              2. A legend is someone who won the first time, not given a second chance. So Rachel is not a legend. That is why Paul will not be considered a legend. Win first time around then you are a great player….not 2nd or 3rd time around.

                1. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you wrote the definition of what a “legend” in regards to Big Brother is…

                  My apologies.

              3. FACTS tho, people are not happy because their favorite didn’t get the chance to do it… Cody & Jessica are not in any way angels after some of the vile comments they made, if given the same opportunities they would play the same a Paul controlling those idiots. Paul got in the HG heads 1st..

          4. Actually, the cruelty this season was by far worse than past seasons. I rooted for Dr. Will, Evel Dick, Mike Boogie and Dan (his first season) to win. Wanted Ian to win on Dans second season.
            The biggest difference was that all the other winners you mentioned were men who devised a plan and executed it themselves and none of them rallied an entire house to attack someone with the intent to incite violence. Paul did fool the majority of the HG’s but so much of his vile gameplay was not even necessary to achieve the outcome he desired. He comes off as a little, insecure man child that doesn’t have any balls to do anything himself. I give major props to the HG’s who were strong enough of character to avoid reacting. When you involve a mans child and his military service for our country and are hoping he cracks and gets violent then yes, you are a bully. I’m actually holding out hope that the jury is bitter against his crappy group mobbing and gives him 2nd place instead. Unless of course Josh clips him at 3rd place. A girl can dream.

            1. Very well said!! I too routed for Will, Dick, Boogie, Dan, Ian, and as you said, they didn’t need an entire house to attack in order to win. Paul is only 23, and while he’s quite sharp brain wise, he’s extremely immature.

          5. I’m usually the one person who loves who everyone hates…but this season with Paul i just can’t. I think it’s not his game play it’s his ego. hr played a good game yes. But comparing him to evel dick , will or dan ..no. They played back when Bb had competitors, not Wannabe Instagram
            Famous people. They played against some great players, and earned their titles of being the best. Paul….?? He played against the dumbest cast ever. If he played against all Allstars ..or even just a smart cast..he wouldn’t be in this position. Hate him but it’s not his fault the cast is dumb so good for him. Just don’t think he deserves some of the praise he gets

          6. It was set up from the beginning for Paul to win. Just like nasal Nicole last year . He’s been protected from day one. The house is filled with posed psychos and a giant man child cry baby. This game use to be great and extremely entertaining. Now parents have to have their kids leave the room every time it comes on due to the psychotic shit that comes out of their mouths. Let’s look at the cast Evil Christmas the bullying ” motivational speaker” 2) booger / scab eating, ass sniffing, dying any minute ,scammer Raven, 3. Alex the amazing Catholic who prays and signs the cross after she spews wicked hate. And so on . Disgusting people who’s careers are ruined

          7. People aren’t just disappointed with Paul’s style of play, they are also frustrated the other hgs who let him steamroll his way through the season. Aside from crafting multiple alliances, which was smart, Paul relied on campaigns of lies and petty nastiness to distract his minions from comparing notes. But it was a nastiness which he and they reveled in, and that was kind of gross. So we basically got to watch a bunch of shitheads shit on eachother week after week. IMO better seasons aren’t reduced to that.

            Personally I didn’t like the predictability of always knowing Paul’s target would go next, and you could even see who that would be 2 weeks out just by who he would start shit-talking next. Fans complained about predictability Derrick’s season too, but at least Derrick used more finesse in his strategy–he didn’t simply use hate as a tool. Dick acted terribly but at least he did it on his own, and he owned it.

            Paul pretends to be this great guy, Mr Friendship, with his crocodile tears and claims of being the underdog in constant peril. In fact he came in with production advantages and a group of bizarrely starstruck hg’s who fell right in line behind him and never challenged him (with the exception of Cody). He was never a serious target, he had very little to overcome. I don’t think Paul will own the truth of his game–not even to himself–but if he does in my opinion he should win it all. If not I hope the jury won’t give it to him; I’d rather see Josh get the win. At least Josh has a conscience and grew a little as a person, whereas Paul regressed from last year.

          8. Damn right, Paul played the best game. it’s not his fault if everybody was so gullible to believe every word out of his mouth. That’s the game. It’s not called the big brother make new friends be best buddies game. This group was so lazy they didn’t want to think for themselves. So Paul stepped up and did all the thinking for them without them realizing it. I don’t know about you but that’s call playing the game.

            1. Gloria,

              Youre missing a huge point that multiple commentators have said time and time again; BB intentionally casted HGs that didnt want to win and were just looking for an Instagram following. I dont know why you keep ignoring this.
              Its as if I told you I defeated 5 three year olds in a basketball game and I stated Im so good I should be in the NBA now. Can you say I played a great game against children?
              Paul was given every advantage plus a house that wasnt interested in winning. I would be embarrassed for him if he didnt win.

        2. I agree with you Mudluvin!! Paul was a master at his game and people on this site just hated. Not only hated Paul but everyone else. Tisk Tisk. Use to love this site with Simon and Dawg being awesome at putting hard work into it for us. Loved hearing the crazy game play comments, but this years group is just as mean if not worse that the BB house.

        1. Yeah that John guy killed it! We’re talking about BB here lol . But it’s probably better you like someone who wasn’t in the season I’m sure they are better than the Ass hats CBS casted this season

      1. Again with all the help he got not many people could screw that up. He is no Dan but like Dan if you have the persona and really piss people off they have good reason not to vote for you .Last year it was very similar and someone on this site predict when they had 8 players left who would be the finale 2 and that they would sh!t on Michelle Meyers and make her look bad and they were right. This year was just more blatant than last. Paul looks like the greatest guy on earth to the viewing audience too disgusting

      2. Actually, you’re wrong!
        He only killed it by getting help from production and getting a second chance at writing the exact same exam!

        1. Funny! Now that the end of the show is nearing and it’s adamant that Paul will win, all you Paul fans are out from under the bridge! Where the heck were you guys months ago?

          1. I’ve been here since day 1. Just like I have every year for the last five or six. And imo Paul outplayed everyone, in fact ran circles around them.

            People complain that Paul received the safety temptation, while seemingly overlooking the fact that all the houseguest except Cody, (yes even Jessica in the beginning) listened to everything he said. Why anyone thinks they would’ve voted him out, even without the temptation, is beyond me. He manipulated them into throwing comps, high jacked every single hoh, he got them to do whatever he wanted. The first three weeks were no different, other than Cody tried to nominate him. He wouldn’t have been voted out. Every last one of them have been manipulated by him. AKA he was playing Big Brother.

            Paul shouldn’t be blamed, the other houseguest should be blamed to be honest. They are all grown adults, with minds of their own. The problem is not a single one of them used the brain God gave them. I was shocked all season, even Paul was shocked all season.

            And Cody may have disliked Paul from the get go, but Cody didn’t have the ability to do a single thing about it even if he got him on the block. He lacked the social skills needed to campaign and flip things, period. He seems like a somewhat decent guy, but he was no match for Paul in this particular game. Winning comps at the right time is important, but probably the most important aspect of this game is social, that’s just not Cody’s forte.

      3. Well I don’t like his manipulation tactics- but he is good at it, obviously. I don’t know if I could ever trust him seeing how good he is.

      4. For the person who thinks Paul Garden Gnome is awesome because he got everyone to throw comps. Do you honestly think they wouldve done it without Production telling them to? Alex even talked about how they had to stop and reshoot the race comp that everyone threw so shitmas could win. This was no out of control cast going rogue…this was production directing them on what to do right down to stopping and reshooting parts of comp.

        We need real ” live comps ” that start and finish on live tv like they use to so at least some part of the show is not scripted.

    2. I HATE THIS SEASON!!!!!!!!!!! The producers ruined this season with all the advantages handed to Paul, h*ll Bacon Boy Adam from BB13 could’ve done just as good. I do not respect his game of being a BULLY and cult leader A$$hole, you sir are no Dan or Dr Will. Either Cody or Kevin getting AFP will be the ultimate middle finger to these f**kers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Paul will take credit if Kevin gets AFP. Can hear it now..’see Kevin you won AFP because you did what I, Paul, told you to do. You sat in your room not talking to anyone, not winning any comps even if you could, disrespecting yourself everyday and it worked, Kevin. You have me to thank!’

        1. That is another reason to vote for Cody. I adore Kevin, but he already got 25k and was misted with all the others by Paul. Cody was not perfect by any means, but he is the only one with a backbone who saw the mind control for what it was. Horrible season.

        2. Kevin won’t get AFP. At the end of it all, Kevin is merely another minion of Paul’s. It would be worth $25k just to see all the HGs face if Cody got AFP . Raven, Alex, Paul all think they’re in the running so they won’t be Pissssssed!

      2. CODY for AFP. If he won it would give me a tiny bit of satisfaction to watch those vile people turn green. Maybe then a light bulb will go off in their pea brains.:) At some point they have to realize how disgusting their behavior was.

      1. It’s a game, a cut throat game at that. Preying on the weak minded is part of it. And lack of ambition? He was one of the only people there that had the ambition to win.

        Your comment makes no sense.

        1. Oh and your comment make sense…I don’t think so. CBS destroyed the HG chance of playing to win…when production gave Paul 3 weeks safety. Game over at that point! Anytime your in BB house that long of a time and can’t be put on the block for 3 weeks that is plenty of time to setup the slaughter house and that is what Paul did with CBS help. Most of the comps were given to him…nothing special with Paul game. Backseat Bully.

      2. Ah…that’s just mean..paul isnt a basement dweller..he sleeps with his momma not in the basement silly…paul a man? Ugh legally i guess that is considered a man based on age and dna?? Paul is confident that when it gets down to xmas and josh that he will still be top 2…what if josh wins hoh and he sends paul packing?

    3. Well guys, if you did not know WEEKS AGO that Paul would be in the final two and his pick to join him in the final two would be a certain escaped mental patient who almost got assaulted by four different house guests for his insanely obnoxious behavior, now would be a good time to go for that brain transplant. LOL
      Now brace yourselves for the words… “and the winner of Big Brother 19 is…Josh Martinez” LOL

      1. I think hearing Josh is winner would be the highlight of the season. Then Josh can look at Paul and say “You played yourself fool” lol

    4. oh yes he Killed it, when you are playing with morons that is expected! final three is a nightmare Paul/Josh/Xmas since Kevin will be evicted tonight!
      on one hand I know Paul should win since he played the best game (nasty as it was), on the other hand I will like him to get 2nd again just as punishment for his nastiness. I know every person in there were grown ass people that allow him to take charge and used them, but it was over the top mean. in any case if he gets 2nd I hope Josh gets 1st place, but if he does pull the win I guess he deserve it! CONFUSED, SMH, UGH…

    5. YES! No matter if you agree with his game play or not, he is by far one of the, if not the, best player in the history of big brother. No matter how he got there, as a fan of Big Brother, his game play has been masterful.

      1. Well then, I guess the Harlem Globetrotters are the best basketball players to have ever walked the earth. I wonder why they don’t make the big money in the NBA…

    6. first off i dont know what i watched this summer it was not bb first off you set Paul up with the bracelets and 3 weeks free from block that,’s a long time to get to know people then you have Christmas she cant play in most comps if she cant play she should not have a vote i call her HO HO HO because she acted like a slut when Kevin would not go for her she moved to Paul ugh if Cody would have played his ass would have been gone then we have the bullying Paul rallied everyone one to the back yard and told Josh to take it up to a 30 because someone said something he did not like boo hoo then the other day when he slapped Josh in his face he should been evicted not because that was bullying to an other degree you better look at what happened this year so if Paul and Christmas win you have a SCUMBAG and a HO for winners way to go bb

  1. I liked Paul last year when he ditched Paulie for Victor (enough to follow him on Snapchat…ya I know its lame fight me). He absolutely deserves to win this season but the game was despicably played. Instigating fights and bullying isn’t what I wanted to see this year. I didnt need to see a bunch of sheep follow his orders and berate a veteran, ostracize an old man, and bully a nice gullible grandmas boy (Mark).

    The fact that the entire house was too f*cking dumb and allowed themselves to get played is a joke. Alex was the worst. Jason was a fun moron. Matt and Raven are jokes. While Xmas and Josh did what they should to get to the end so bravo I guess?

    But to give Paul a month of safety ruined this season. Plus he literally played the season before and was given the same comps to win…..Did he play well? Sure. But it was a dirty, dirty way to play and he had such a hand up it was unbearable most of time. To top it off, these HGs are the DUMBEST to ever enter the house.

    My dilemma is this…. Do I really want to see Josh or Xmas win? Not all. But do I want to see Paul be considered the best BB player of all time over Dan, Will, Dani D, etc? Nope

    Awful season .. Congrats on your W, Paul.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more with the exception of congrats. How do you congratulate someone who had practically everything handed to him. In fact how does he have the nerve to claim victories for competions that he convinced people to drop out of? And the same competitions are so lame. In earlier BB seasons a lot of the competitions were more ‘games of chance’. This made it more difficult for the more physically stong players to run the game. It even made it difficult for people to fake losing a competition. In any case Paul has nothing to brag about. Actually quite embarrassing ……

      1. Agree – none of Paul’s tactics would have worked with a different cast. Paul knew exactly was he was doing in goading everyone else to bully/harass people – to make them look bad and lose jury votes. If these idiots had stood up to him and said no, that’s not the right thing to do and realized that not only was it morally wrong but not good for their game – and refused to cave in to throwing comps – we would have had a totally different game.

        I would like Paul to lose because I don’t won’t his tactics to be used by future houseguests who think what he did was acceptable and the way to win BB.

    2. Dan Gheesling himself tweeted “Whether you like him or not, Paul is husting and playing the game hard. Gotta respect it.”

      If Paul makes it to final 2 twice, that’s pretty unreal.

    3. If I or you or any other BB fans were in the house with Paul no way would Paul be taking the win. Wrong people in the BB house. First of all I would not listen to HG coming telling me what someone else said. They believe everything someone come tell them. If they say don’t talk to this HG something is wrong red flag…maybe you telling the HG you don’t want me to talk to something else. Just maybe you think. Throwing comps toward the end never would happen with me. I might throw one comp in the beginning of the game but that’s it. Crazy stuff!

        1. This is to A Nicely Folded Towel at 7:50am…The reason you don’t have many replies….go head and guess…cmon you know the answer….sure you do…we don’t care about your comment or Paul game.

  2. Great so Paul takes piñata head Shitmas falls on her sharpened crutch tip for her true love( barf ) and that’s the thrilling final 2….the end. Never saw it coming!

    1. Hard to reconcile that Paul, Josh, Xmas will be final three and Paul will be rewarded with 500k. These degenerates were extremely cruel by their belittling, manipulations. lies, mixed signals, rationalizations. No matter how Paul & the other 2 degenerates try to rationalize their game play, they used dirty tactics. CBS should not have tolerated their behavior.

      1. Josh did tell them no many times and that’s when you see Paul and Christmas ganging up on him and bullying him. When Paul told him to go after Kevin by bringing his family into it, he said ‘whoa, no way I’m going to do that’s. When Xmas revised the plan to destroying Kev by calling him a perv and when she starts it he was supposed to jump in and finish Kev off. The second time she brought it and said when I start it…Josh said You finish it. Yes he is a grown man and he could not listen to them which is what he started doing in the end. I’m not excusing his behavior. It was wrong but I also think it goes against his character and he is already suffering for it.

    2. All of the HG are losers in this game nobody win here not even Paul…the real prize is when the HG go back home and see the faces of their families and friends and be told how they let Paul use them… that they were merely his puppet on a string. Paul will see a decline in his fan base. Paul along with other HG crossed the line in many ways. Some of their game plays became a personal attack on HG. You can lie, backstab and be dirty… I get it…it is a dirty game…but not to level the HG went. I am not in agreement with the behavior of the HG this season.

      1. I don’t watch the live feeds and am not able to catch up here as often as I like but the only HG I liked was Mark. Most of the HG’s will be so ashamed by their behavior when they watch the season. The lucky ones got out early before they had the chance to embarrass themselves!!!!

        1. I don’t mind men showing a sensitive side like when Jason cried when he found out his wife was pregnant…but Mark Paul and especially Josh should lose their “man cards”

    3. Paul thinks he set up Josh aka potsandpans to be more hated than him and Josh let him! The only reason Paul is taking Josh is because he thinks he set it up so the the Jury hates Josh more than Paul just like a raving psychopath would do. Hope Paul is wrong! Cannot respect the play, cannot respect the player, cannot respect the edits, cannot respect CBS.

    4. Hopefully Josh wins last HOH. No way he takes Paul. Taking Xmas alone will solidify his win! I so want to see Paul go out before final 2.

  3. On after dark last night Shitmas was recounting a story that she was in a department store and got in a fight with a clerk. The argument escalated to the point she was removed from the store. She said she was so mad she pulled out her phone and made a video of the store location and details of her alleged mistreatment. She proceeded home and about a hour later the police paid her a visit they said the clerk was receiving death threats from her followers and she needed to call them off this poor guy. Shitmas then claims no responsibility and says all I did was film the store and it’s location “I didn’t give any names” she said. These are Shitmas’s following people who call in death threats on her behalf. Keep it classy Shitmas!

  4. I’m a bitter juror! If Kevin doesn’t find a way to win something at this point, then the “Pa-Jo-Mas” alliance will have bullied their way to F3. And for that, I would vote for the most undeserving player in the end…Josh or S**tmas. And Cody for AFP just to see their jaws drop!!

    1. I agree…Cody for AFP! It would piss them all off the most. Plus, I just can’t vote for Kevin. He just played the game so poorly, and at least Cody tried. Kevin is still stupidly loyal to Paul…even told him about Alex telling him to study. CODY for AFP will be the most entertaining part of this season.

      1. Pfft No Cody just out of spite for AFP. Stupid comment. He did nothing. It makes you a sore loser because you aren’t happy with the outcomes. I voted for Kevin 310 times last night because it kept taking my votes. HA!

  5. Shitmas recounting to Josh all her accomplishments and personal attributes. Shitmas would make a excellent SS officer (lol).

  6. If I was Josh I would come out with everything. No holds bar. Just say poor little gnome didn’t want blood on his hands so I did it. I know I was last on the totem pole. I did what I thought had to be done. If Paul came in second again and Cody won AFP that would be the funniest. That boy Paul freaked me out. Last season I loved Victor and he screwed him over. I still have to argue with you Simon that this was the worst season. Don’t argue with a 47 yr. old women. Please Paul come in second and Cody wins AFP. Nothing would piss him off more.

    1. It would be even better if Josh wins the final HOH and takes Christmas to the final 2, leaving Paul in 3rd place! Definitely – Cody for AFP!

  7. Paul taking Josh guarantees his victory, nobody is going to vote for Baby Huey… Let’s hope Paul never comes back before All-Star 2, when he can go up against other vets.

  8. Poor ol Kev lying in his carnar having to listen to the mean shit coming out of Shitmas’s pie hole all the way from the kitchen…..he makes a quick finger to the side of his head movement (suicide lol) looks at camera and shakes his head dejectedly. Cheer up Kev at least you’ll be liked when you get out……..Shitmas won’t fare as well.

    1. Yes poor Kevin, just wanting everyone to hang out and have fun and play pool tournaments. He goes in to the kitchen last night wanting a pizza and Xmas loudly snipes at him “HOW DO YOU WANT PIZZA??? WE HAD A NICE DINNER!!!” so the guy shrugs and shuffles back to his corner. Shut up Xmas, let Kevin have his pizza in peace!

  9. Are you voting for AFP? It just keeps letting me vote over and over, way past 20, 50, 80…WTF? Been voting Jason and Paul. Paul still lives at home with Mommy and Daddy who have money, plus I think he’s sure to win, so I only threw him a few votes. Who doesn’t love Jason? He was the funniest one in the house and he really needs the money. Congrats to Paul for playing the perfect game so far. Paul for the Win!!!!!

      ya me too about voting!!! it better not be rigged too!!!!!
      and no way should Paul place in top 10 for AFP whatsoever

      1. Jessica on Twitter is saying that only those with All Access will have their votes counted, and their’s aren’t going over 20. But I read the fineprint rules , and it says anyone in the States can vote, so that would be kind of messed up. I’m thinking there some kind of snafu from the the summer OTT thing that they need to get straightened out, but I don’t think those votes are counting

        1. It says anyone in the States can vote, and they can, right after they purchase All Access. Otherwise, you can pretend vote. Only Access votes are counted.

    2. Same with me. Went to vote last night and was able to keep on clicking the votes, got up to about 90 for…well I wont say lol. But they have to have the fix in for someone for it to just keep on letting you vote way past the 20 a day.

    3. When I voted AF it stopped me at 20. I am signed in to all-access, idk if that makes a difference. I hope everyone’s (first 20) votes are being counted.

    4. Did you actually watch the season ?Who doesn’t love Jason ? The majority of people who stomached watching the season for starters. Yeah the rape comment was hilarious. The only thing I think would be funny about Jason is that bull he owns stomping his ass

    1. Two thing we didn’t see last night were Goodbye messages and Jason n Raven going to Jury house giving info to the others…. they always show both…..

    1. Cody???? He’s a piece of crap; hands down…I hope he goes for some anger management help. He sees himself as better than the rest of the world’s population….they boy needs help.

    2. I’m voting Jason. I liked him the most out of all the players. Well Jason, and Kevin. But I’ll give Jason the edge due to Kevin already winning $25,000.

    1. Yes a short interview. She definitely feels stabbed in the back. Get ‘do over’ would be to take Paul out instead of Raven, and not to have thrown a comp to Paul thinking they were a team. (Duh). Asked if she thought Paul had something to do with getting Jason out she says now that she thinks about it she thinks he did. Duh.

    1. My way of thinking was since Kevin already won 25 grand, Cody should get AFP. Just to note that the minute he met Paul, he decided he was a snake. Plus the fact that he tried to forewarn other HG about what Paul was doing. Now I want to see how many that have been sent to jury, will at least tell him he was right. Matt already admitted it when he was getting ready to exit.
      Finally, yes, I too noticed that the voting is messed up with no limitations on how many times you can vote for one person.

  10. I wish he would take Kevin to the end and everyone vote for Kevin just so Paul wouldn’t win. He may have stayed off the block but the way he made Josh do all his dirty work makes me sick! If I was on the jury he wouldn’t get my vote but then again I wouldn’t want Josh to win either and shitmas can go down as a waste of time. I don’t respect Josh in the way he talks about Kevin old fat stupid he is a mean kid and should show some respect. Some people think he was great in the childless manner but when he looks back on the show he should be embarrassed. And all the crying this year got on one’s nerves.

  11. Noticed now Alex is gone all the concern about Kevin is over…..it’s like he’s already gone…..they haven’t had one nasty thing to say about him….but they continue to isolate him cause it’s fun. Thats why he’s got to win POV thats all we have left. Cmon Kev …..Cmon Production throw us a bone….like Paul does his dogs!

    1. That is kind of thier thing, they bully just for the hell of it. I hate that those kind of people are getting rewarded for their disgusting behavior.

  12. The slogan was just a little off. ‘Expect the unexpected’ should have been ‘Expect Paul to win’. Watching these muppets fawn over the bearded Ms. Piggy was nauseating to say the least. As much as Cody was polarizing to a lot of people, at least he didn’t get ‘misted’.

    1. The show set it up so Cody would get back in..that was so obvious…he’s the one who should not have been allowed back…..worst sportsmanship in the history of BB.

      1. What show are you watching, he had to win 3 comps to get back in, all needing skill, you criticize him because he beat your boy Paul…..Paul is a disgusting person, if I were his parents his belongings would be packed and ready to go, Paul was handed 3 weeks safety, just enough time to brainwash the idiots left in the house.. “sportsmanship” do you even know what the words means .. I wouldn’t count on him repaying you for your blind loyalty…worse season of BB ever

  13. All I can say is, I liked Paul last summer. This summer, I did not like the way he played, did not like him making people not talk to who ever was his target for the week, did not like him making people treat other house guests like crap.

    With all of that said, if Paul makes it to the end, should he win ??? I’m on the fence, yes he played a very good game, he controlled everyone’s HOH except when Cody was HOH. He took over Jessica’s HOH, got rid of Ramsey when she wanted Josh gone.

    I love big brother, been watching since day 1, with that being said, if you go by game play and by competition wins, Paul deserves to win. But I do feel CBS kind of made it so Paul could make it longer and build relationships with people by giving him 3 weeks safety.

    If Paul makes it to Final 2, I hope he takes Josh not Christmas. In my opinion, she does not deserve anything, every HOH she had was given to her on a silver platter. She did not really win, but had an attitude like she was a tough ass, and earned the victory, when it was really given to her.

    I hope Paul takes Josh to final 2, I hope the Jury drills him and makes him work hard for the win. I hope the jury, “I can’t believe I’m saying this” but I hope the Jury gives the money to Josh. Even though he was a sheep, followed Orders, let Xmas boss him around, annoyed the hell out of the other house guests.

    But I’d rather see Josh win the 500k, because he did show that he actually had a heart, he did some mean things, did some crazy things, but at the end, he did see that Paul was really playing him and Xmas. He just was not tough enough to make a big move, he talked tough, but did not have the balls to make a major move to evict Paul.

    If Paul takes Josh, I hope the Jury slams him, and gives the money to Josh. Show Paul that he did not have to play such a low dirty game, yes he worked his butt off, yes he ruled the house, but look at who CBS put in the house!! Some weak people who did not have the balls or back bone, common sense, to see through Paul’s crap. Paul had it very easy playing these people, I’d like to see how he would do with all star big brother ??

    I hope Cody gets America’s favorite. He saw through Paul from day one, Cody did not kiss up to Paul. This is why Paul was threatened by Cody, Cody just needed someone to work with and help with the people skills.

    I hope next Summer, Big Brother 20 has people who really want to play the game, no Vets, please bring in a new group, no returning players, new people who are here to play, don’t want to see these wimps who say this is what the house wants.

    Players who will make moves, play the game, no more weak people who are easily led. No more interference from CBS, get people who kick ass, make moves, no more Vets, no more weak minded people who just do what they are told.

    CBS needs to come up with some new competitions, make Big Brother like it was years back,
    No more boring peopl who doe what they are told.

    I’m so ready for this season to be over, hope Big Brother gets rid of the stupid people who don’t really want to win.

    Hope Cody is not being played by Jessica, he’s a good looking man, sexy, manly looking, not a real people person, but I get the feeling he is loyal to the ones he loves.

    1. Paul was given 4 weeks of safety and friendship bracelets to help him build relationships—weak immature cast—-CBS gave him the win—-Cody should win AFP—mind of his own–he called it —Paul’s dogs—-I believe BB was throwing a bone to Kevin with that memory revengers comic HOH–Kevin should have won but has no mind of his own. Pathetic.

    2. Ok so you don’t like Paul, thats fair. However you say he made people do this or not do that. Would you mind explaining how exactly Paul made or forced anyone to do something they weren’t comfortable doing already?

      These people are all old enough to know whats right or wrong and what is acceptable behavior. Paul suggested things alright and the idiots went along with some of it. However you can’t lay the blame at Pauls feet for others choices good or bad. The flaw is in themselves and Paul used that to his advantage. Love him or hate him if you will but put the blame where it belongs.

      1. The blame is squarely on Paul’s shoulders. They looked up to him and determined from his actions if their actions were ok.

  14. I’m Ready for the POV RESULTS…. I hope Josh Pills out the win…. otherwise he is gone and the opportunity to get Paul out at 3 is a lost cause…. They have to know that getting out Paul is the biggest move of the Summer….

  15. hehehe
    a reflection of the real world outside
    we have seen people like Paul before
    they can talk and talk and we listen
    we get facked
    God Dam Good game eh!
    Dan and Derrick you got outdone and outgunned

    1. you clueless mother f*cker
      not a good or decent season at all
      BB should take lessons from Survivor not from “married with Children”

  16. I’m sick of hearing Paul say how brilliant he is and how he played such a master mindful game. In my opinion the game was never really played. You have to actually participate to play. No one in that house ever played. They simply handed the whole thing to Paul. Paul was put in the house with mostly weak minded followers who made a choice to to do whatever that asshat said and never engage in the real game. It really does seem as if Paul was set up to win from the get go. It’s not over yet…I can only hope the jurors see the truth of his lies and manipulations and see that they truly screwed themselves by letting a sadistic bully control their every move. Now it’s time to “play the game” for the jurors. A little late, but at least the jerk of the century won’t win. At this point I could care less who wins, as long as it isn’t Paul. None of them deserve the win, but it sure would be poetic justice if Paul loses.

  17. There’s a jury for a reason … and that’s to evaluate the ENTIRETY of the game both finalists played.

    Simply getting to the end does not mean someone should win.

    How people played should be a huge factor. How people were treated should be a huge factor.

    In my opinion Paul does not deserve the win.

  18. big brother needs to have a season free from production interference. let ’em talk all they want in the diary room but quit telling them how to play their games. hated paul last season & hate him more this time. wanted to see cody go further – but when you have weak players following a big brother cult leader i knew he was leaving. hoping the asshat takes josh to the end. josh may have done what he was told all season – but it was nice to finally see him realize what was going on. he wanted to fit in & be part of an alliance & it was kinda hard watching him play their game. like other people here have said – josh did show at times his heart so i’m hoping he somehow pulls out the win & if cody could in afh maybe watching all season wasn’t a total waste of time…

    1. But did Josh really realize anything towards the end? Really ? or…
      was it Production making Josh realize what to say in Diary Rooms so they could have
      somewhat of interesting final few episodes to air?
      I think production indeed made Josh realize everything but was told he cannot act on it and that Paul is the winner this year with Josh getting 2nd and a promise to be called back…
      if Josh really realized anything on his own then he would have done something about it..if he wanted the win!!!
      ***it is obvious especially with all the production interference since week 1***

      1. Agreed and also Xmas telling Josh he should take Paul to final two when he wanted to do a final two with her shows Xmas was their only to help Paul win..Probably because she was promised to come back next year..

  19. First off, thanks for this Forum were we are able to communicate on tis show and maybe its downfall as more and more come to realize that it is scripted from the start. Like wrestling and Roller Derby which had huge audiences when first televised until viewers realized every event was pre-scripted and staged. Both which I enjoyed until finding out they were scripted and outcome known ahead of time. After this (during the 50s), I no longer watch. Sorry to say but I have no longer watch episodes after Mark was evicted and started my arithmetic on what I was watching and came to realize BB was a pre-scripted event for entertainment purposes only.
    Why was Xmas told during a Veto pick she could not participate, yet used her power to pull Cody off, then not play. Why was that allowed if she couldn’t play? If you use it, you participate.
    Why did BB allow the bullying, pots and pans, personal attacks, and demeaning allowed, but edited out for broadcast?
    Why only 1 penalty vote for Matt’s total disregard for many violation of rules as a have-not and still allowed to stay? Were is the control for future have-nots if you only receive 1 penalty vote and why follow the rules as a Have-not?
    There were many slips of the tongue on DR sessions which should have lit a bulb on many viewers mind that this was a scripted show.
    Why was Xmas allowed to participate in a running/physical competition “unless”, the outcome was known, or scripted that she would not have to run a single step?
    Why wasn’t Xmas pulled after injury knowing she could not compete in physical competition and justify her staying in the house, unless BB needed her for the script and viewers of the televised version?
    How come during the show, it comes out some know Paul or his mother? Were the players picked for just this? To make Paul look good?
    Finally, why was the televised version so heavily edited to show only the good, tearful sides of Paul, Xmas, Josh, Alex, and Jason?? Yet the bashing of Cody, Jessica as bad players kept in the televised version?
    I will watch the final episode only to see that Cody, the only player that played the game, knew what was going on. Was looked at in a negative only because of Paul continuing dislike and using others to increase this, only because Cody scares him and knowing Cody was the only other “player” .
    I want to see Cody win AFP. If he doesn’t, as wrestling, roller derby, BB will no longer be a part of next season viewing. I just won’t care anymore.

      1. Cody was the only one who Paul couldn’t control & Cody was the only one who saw Paul as a formidable competitor & tried to take him out from the get-go. For those reasons alone, all my votes for AFP go to Cody.

        1. We need a poll for the dumbest move of the summer or the player who was Misted most by Paul……It was plenty of dumb moves this summer to pick from…, Jessica n Cody nominating Ramses n Josh…. Alex was thee most Misted by Paul…. She was still trying to save at the end… telling him Josh was trying to get her to win Veto and backdoor him… She thinking that Paul would pull her off the block if he won the Veto….. Poor Girl Played herself in my Josh voice

      2. Why should Paul win???
        He had 4 weeks of safety, having several people in there to help him win, having people interested in being seen on TV, who were not interested in playing the game, having Production tell him what was going on…….how do we know this last one, he Xmas, Josh, even Kevin let little tidbits slip out about Production.
        If AG wanted Paul to have $500,000, I wish she would of just given him the money, instead of ruining my favorite summer show.
        Some people mentioned that the other vets think Paul played a great game…………they have to say that, they are still making money off of their gig, one does not bite the hand that is feeding them.
        Paul’s game was a cowardly, hot mess, that proved to be very unentertaining.
        Why should Cody win anything…………….he made and attempt to play the game as it should be played, AG and production punished him. How do we know this???? Think back on Paul’s and Xmas conversations………..Why do you think Paul & Xmas still talk about Cody???Because he would not bend to their will, even AG and Production couldn’t bribe him!!

  20. ***If Paul didnt have the first week + 3 weeks of safety (present from bb) and If Cody’s HOH wasnt fuc^ed up by Megan and having to nominate 5 people then Paul would have been gone!!!***
    Yes by controlling every idiot after that he deserves the win…but it certainly wasnt a clean well earned win…with all the bull$hit interference!!!

  21. Simon/Dawg
    –need to know an email address for youz to give a small donation to thank you guys for this season’s hard work (personally draining madness 4 youz probably lol)
    –since I’m a fellow Canadian…I didn’t get feeds and didn’t bother trying the “hidemyass” $hit..so I relied on you guys
    –I don’t trust sending $ anyway other than “interac-email-$-transfer” cuz i got boned before on a Patreon site a few years back..boned big time!!!
    –do ya’ll think Canadians will be able to get the feeds legitally for CBB-US-01???
    ***Again..thanks for this season!!!***

      1. ok cool..i will send password in an email on payday..lol..im not rich but will definitely send you guys something..as is so much appreciated when you do BB US and BBCAN…
        I like spoilers and these comments..and the commentors themselves!!
        Are you guys looking forward to the winter CBB? I hope it doesnt overlap with BBCAN6!!

  22. I was a Paul fan last season, not so much of his game play this season, but he wasnt the only bully. Cody, Jessica, Josh, even Alex? Just because now she tears for Jason that doesnt make her an angel. What Jason said about raping Kevins wife (HIS FRIEND)!!! That was the lowest point for anyone this season, ZERO respect for Jason.

    Paul did his best IMO, not the best way, but he was focused on winning, and I believe tactics on big brother house not necessarily reflect how you are in real life.

    Starstruck dumb houseguests turned him into this GOD that probably even he believes he is now, until he comes out and gets back to reality.

    I would give Paul the win over the others anytime, but mostly as a reward for his gameplay last season, which was the reason he came back this season in the first place

  23. Paul to me is this……a little, hairy, nasty looking troll…….super ugly…..can’t stand him……Shitmas is a
    manipulative liar………..I’d rather see ding-dong Josh win………..and Kevin or Cody get AFP ! One thing
    about Cody……he’s a real man………Paul can’t hold a candle to him ! ! ! Paul is a freak ! ! !

  24. Y’all— where are the highlights of jurors entering the house?! I’m so fricking pissed. I have posted about this before, I know, but I still can’t believe it. Simon/Dawg- has there ever been this complete absence of showing jurors enter?! They showed Elaina and Mark — why not the rest?!?! Arrerrrgggggg

  25. Oh Paul……I can’t even come up with the words to describe what I think of him after watching last nights episode. I didn’t, for one second, believe all those tears. He has made a joke out of this season. I’m so over him…At this point I don’t really care who wins as they all suck….

  26. The only returning players I’d ever like to see again are the ones who were first out in their seasons. Those like Cameron, who really wanted to play BB but didn’t get the chance because of first impressions deserve a second chance. But, since it’s obvious CBS doesn’t care what viewers want, this will not happen.

  27. Ok first for all you “Totally rigged” people

    If the show was so rigged why did the house never flip all summer? You think CBS wanted a more boring season? I agree they wanted Paul in as long as possible and helped that along. But had it been totally rigged there would have been at least one house flip during the 3 months. Why just give Paul 3 weeks safety at beginning? If they “all actors playing a part” they could have just told them to never vote out Paul.

    They steer the game somewhat. Duh. Totally rigged. No.

    Moving on. I think Paul may clip Xmas this week. She won’t even mind after he sits her down and explains and lies that she is such a bad ass that he can’t beat her in the final 3 comps so he needs to clip her now to have any chance to win. Xmas is in love with him and herself so she will be like “Yes I agree. I want you to win and this is best. You can’t beat me I am too strong. I can’t wait to travel the world with you after this” *Hugs* He golden.

    He has to clip her now or later. Later she will be more pissed. He does it now…she walks out happy. And he better secures Kevins jury vote by getting him to F3 and can blame Kevin himself for not winning final comps and that is why he left.

    Alex you going home with zero. Your AFP false hopes will only be topped by your tears when you get home and realize the BB world on the net will rip you to shreds for years to come.

    I think it actually was decent season. You all getting riled up all season and your hatred of this group of houseguests had you not being able to look away. Viewers love to hate people. CBS knows this. You think they care about your personal feelings how the bullying etc was “morally wrong” to you? No. They care you watched and made them money. Deal with it. You loved it. That why you watch every year.

    1. Sure its rigged. Proof:
      There were at least 3 attempted house flips by Cody and then Kevin then Jessica and Allison Grodner shut them all down. All 3 were dragged into a DR and told they need to play with paul and not against him if they wanted to move ahead in the game. Cody and Jessica refused and were quickly eliminated. All 3 disccussed the production manipulation on the live feeds. Jessica has mentioned it since leaving the house. Allison Grodner has paul winning this show. PERIOD! Know your role you jabroni!

      1. Even if Cody had succeeded getting Paul on the block, Paul was going nowhere, and not because of production but because the other dumb houseguests wouldnt have voted him out just like they didnt vote Christmas out that week.

        Jessica, the idiot that didnt use the veto on Ramses, now blaming production for her stupid decision? Haha it was in her hands and she did NOTHING!

        Jessica & Cody had safety too with the hex just as Paul and more into the game and still they couldnt stay because of their stupid decisions and poor social game… so yeah… CONGRATS PAUL ON THE EASY WIN

      2. Cody will not win AFP! Why? Because the show is rigged. CBS has never shown the vote tabulating process and will not. Write this down in your book- Kevin wins AFP! Reason- CBS is trying to skew the age demographic and and increase the viewership of BB by appealing to an older demographic(i.e.Kevin’s age group). You may question this logic but watch the average age of Celebrity Big Brother contestants.It will not be the 21 to 30 age group. The more people in the 30 to 54 age group that are watching,the more CBS can charge for a commercial,because this age group has a greater disposable income.


  29. I just want to be the 1st to wish the mma fighter and gay porn star good luck on celebrity big brother in the winter. I’m sure cbs already has this little knome ready to go. I bet this time they will give him safety for 1/2 the season. One last time for the season. He is a total POS!!! He definitely has little man syndrome!

    I just want to thank Simon and Dawg for doing a job that they never thought they would have to do when the season started…. watch a bunch of morons who are bullies and who follow their cult leader for 90+ days. Thank you guys. U are both the best and thanks to all the regular bloggers who I totally enjoyed reading and who kept me updated as I stopped watching mid way thru the season. This site totally rocks. Thanks everyone!!

    Let’s hope cbs gets their act together going forward. This season was unwatchable. Peace out!!!!

  30. Crazy. Why would Paul not take Kevin to final 2. Josh will beat him by 1 vote in the final 2 and if josh wins the last HOH he’s not taking Paul. Kevin can’t win anything and Christmas is on1 leg. Paul only weakness is that he’s sucks at picking the right people to go to the end with. If he takes josh he will loose. Guaranteed win if he takes the other 2

  31. Glad it’s almost over. These people are the worst. I get what BB was going for, they were try to do a season where the oddballs and singles come out victorious and the showmances lose, only problem was as soon as the oddballs got wind of the fact that they were going to win they turned into a gang of bullies. There was zero game play from anyone. Production telling them to do whatever Paul says is not game play. Them predetermining the winner of every comp is not game play. They weren’t the worst BB players ever because they never actually played. They were the unhappiest group of people who have ever been in that house though.

  32. I can’t help thinking that before the show started Paul made arrangement with CBS to make him the winner. I suspect that he threatened to expose how much they helped Nichole to win & possibly threatened to sue or just plain go public. We all know he was given many ways to win, the 3 weeks immunity, the friendship bracelets, the messages in DR, & who knows what else. I’m sure if it came out how much they orchestrate the season & choose their winner it would ruin the show. It doesn’t take much to ruin a reality show. Look at what Josh Duggar did to his family’s show & & john & Kate, to name just 2.

  33. I would not be surprised if Jason or Alex ended up as AFP. Their edits for TV were relatively clean. Cody came off much worse than either on the CBS broadcasts, and the people only watching those and not the feeds, or not looking at sites like this one are the majority of the voters. Kevin is a good possibility as well.

  34. I’m sorry, but Kevin doesn’t deserve AFP. Not only did he float the ENTIRE game, but he is annoying. His duck face alone makes him undeserving. I am voting for Cody 20x a day bc I cannot wait to see other hg’s heads explode when he’s awarded it – especially Paul. His beard will fall off :)

    1. You think their heads will explode when seeing Cody win AFP? Oh come on! They will immediately realize it’s because he’s a military vet that he has such a large fan base. They will not be surprised one bit. All you people that are wanting to piss off Paul’s gang via AFP have a much better shot at it by voting Kevin. Between AFP and the 25k he already won, he will make more money than whoever is sitting in the number two spot. By doing nothing! That means if Josh wins and Paul gets second…Kevin will make more money than Paul. Now THAT might sting a bit!

  35. Is it typical for the 5th evicted house guest to NOT SEE goodbye messages.
    I know alex didn’t see goodbye messages on the show, I was just wondering if she could see them post show. Or, is this just another way to insure Paul wins jury votes by not letting Josh tell alex what’s really up in his goodbye message.

  36. I am so happy now. I just wanted to see that nasty bullying idiot Alex get voted out. I had no sympathy for her when she was crying (not the fake crying) The whole game she was so cocky and arrogant with her smug expression thinking she was running the game. The way she treated Kevin who did nothing to her was disgusting. Wonder how she would feel watching someone young punk treat her mum or dad the same way. Would be a different story then. You had it coming to you and you deserved all you got idiot. And talk about STUPID!!!!! Maybe you should have listened to your “ride or die” Turns out he was the smarter than you after all……

    1. She thinks she has a shot at Americas fav…I’m thinking about throwing some “rogue” votes for Raven so Alex will finish behind her…ha ha

  37. Paul rehearsing his jury speech on us last night…………..BLETCH!!!!!!!!

    Am voting for Kevin for AFP for a few reasons. While it’s true that Cody tried to get Paul out….so did Kevin. He tried to talk to Jason, saw that it was a no go & let it go. Letting it go is the reason that Kevin is still in the game & not letting it go is the reason Cody is out. I don’t see why people are holding that against Kevin. Game play comes in different types of play. “Under the radar” is perfectly valid. Kevin played like that for half the game. Then, when Paul needed the hate focus off himself, he zero’d in on Kevin & had all the housedogs torture him. Tell me….who has had the worst time in the house this season???? Who has survived so much more than Paul or his minions???

    No one deserves AFP more than Kevin!

    1. Kevin doesn’t deserve AFP. First of all, he’s already won 25k and he literally had no game. Secondly, he still trusts Paul. As a matter of fact, his head is so far up Paul’s ass his feet don’t touch the ground. Did you guys forget, people were evicted just for talking to Cody. Nothing says f*ck u to this horrible cast more than Cody winning AFP.

      1. IMHO….Not interested in saying F-U to the cast. Don’t care about them. Every last one of them is vile, including Cody. He was mean & just as angry & hateful as Paul which is why they wanted each other out. Alpha males…………..pffffft.

        Game or not….No matter where you are…….in or out of the house……….you are responsible for your actions. My vote is going to the person who showed themselves to be the most responsible in the house. Yes, he got mad once…ONCE…because Josh attacked his family. So what. Is there anyone who wouldn’t stand up for his/her family? He has suffered WAY more than Cody.

        Voting for Kevin. He is the only one who deserves it.

  38. Paul for the win! He has played the heck out of this game! And for all you little snowflakes hollowing “bully” sorry no such thing as a bully in the BB house! If you were a TRUE BB fan the word BULLY would not come out of your mouth! I have enjoyed watching Paul strategize, manipulate all these houseguest. Not sure I’m liking this new millennial & generation Z fan base of BB, they are a bunch of crybabies!

  39. If Paul don’t use veto then Josh is the only vote , he should cut shitmas make a deal with Kevin that they take each other if they win HoH

  40. OK I finally made up my mind on who to vote for AFP, at first i thought Cody but then i figure he will for sure be asked back to play next season, plus i’m sure he will get plenty of great opportunities after this season..and he’s young and strong he can make up the AFP money in no time. So i’ve decided to vote Kevin for AFP, cause i think he deserves it after all the torment he’s been thru from his fellow house guests…i mean c’mon the guy is 56 years old…it was uncalled for, and still after all the torment and shunning from his fellow house guests, Kevin is such a nice guy..he held no grudges and remained civil..knows it’s just a game, unlike Cody. Plus awarding Kevin AFP would mean so much to him..he’s been thru so much hard times in life…he’s no spring chicken this could be his last hurrahh so to speak….and i would love to see the look on that evil spiteful bitch alex’s face if and when Julie announces Kevin as AFP…lol

  41. Oh poor poor Paul! He’s so upset! NOT! I don’t believe those tears!

    Let me say I’m all for good game play. If I judge Paul on getting people to trust him & cover his back then he did great. BUT Paul went to far & CBS let him. I did not like this attacking people. You can play a great game without attacking people on any level. Most of the attacks were on a personal level. You cant call people names & it just be on a game level. Paul planted the seed that this was ok to do but the ones that listened & followed it, it’s on them. They all will have to pay for that when they get out. AND that is why Paul has been crying a lot because he knows he is looking bad.

    Lastly, I don’t know who Paul’s girlfriend is but girl you better run. How will you ever know if he is truthful? What will you think when he says he loves you & cries? Will you have some doubts? How about when he talks to Xmas after the show? Will you believe it’s just friendship? And if you do believe what he says then your name must be Alex. Your probably a good person & didn’t know he could be so cruel. So run now & run fast!

    1. Are you new to life? This is BIG BROTHER. People have lied to win this game since inception. Jesus, what is wrong with you people?? Yes, because Paul lied and schemed to win big brother, he must be the most terrible man on the planet because..no…one..lies…on..big…brother… I am convinced some of you folk have no lives and are overly invested in a game because it gives you purpose. I have never seen such a triggered board of people…

  42. I’m finding the voting for favorite houseguest kind of strange. It keeps saying ‘Thanks for Voting’ and the ‘vote again’ button is available so I keep voting. I think I hit it 50 times and it never indicated I had used all my votes. It also didn’t ask me to log in with my password today. Is it registering my votes or not?

  43. Josh…”Duh,which way to we go Paul, which way, Duh”
    Sorry but Josh is a jerk
    Christmas…”Meow, what are we doing tonight Paulie,prrrr”
    Sorry sleaze!

  44. Can’t wait to see Jessica’s hot self on finale night. Her in a tight little dress and 5 inch heels…Woof!

    Paul said last night “Would I do it again? Yes”

    No please for love of god don’t answer this little mans calls CBS. Paul James and Nicole we never wanna see again! Don’t even use them in promos. No. Cut these freeloaders off. We hate them!

  45. AFP says it all. Kevin never played the game. His time was spent trying to fit in and make people laugh. Xmas played more than him, and u wanted her out because of her leg. You can,t have it both ways. BTW, saw utube video of Jess out at an event last night with Amber (Caleb) and there is no way Cody will fit in her lifestyle.

    1. Yes some comps he had ppl throw to him. But that is all the more his genius at this game. He had these morons let him dictate all season who won what comps. All serving only his game.

      Yes the houseguests are morons. It’s like playing the game with middle school kids. But in the end he played with who was in the house and ran the house the whole season.

      They indeed chose people that were fan boys and girls of Pauls. That helped. But no one else deserves the money. What? You want Kevin to win for also laying around waiting for Paul to direct his next move? Give me a break. Kevin knew what Paul was doing but was too lazy to do anything about it. He sat back and road his coat tails. AFP? Hell no! Key word PLAYER. He never made one game move. Instead layed on his ass and is still doing that.

      1. Paul’s junk is definitely gonna fall off. STDs are the only real diseases and conditions that nasty pirate hooker Raven actually has .

      2. I sure hope Paul’s favorite dinosaur is the Herpasaurus Rex cuz I’m sure he’s definitely gonna get a visit from it if he actually hooked up with that nasty chick . I’m quite sure Raven’s only true illnesses are STDs. Maybe Raven’s “Momma” can start a go fund me for herpe simplex Raven research

  46. If Paul makes it to F2 he still has to convince the jury. The jury isn’t there to reward ‘who played the best game’, they aren’t a rubber stamp. They are still playing the game, that’s why it is left up to them. They are there to award the money to who they think should have it or screw the person they don’t want to give it to. Paul made it very clear than anything goes, that he was willing to stoop to anything to win and throw all the shade elsewhere, and that releases the jury from any obligation to ‘do the right thing’ and just give him the dough. They have every right to screw Paul to the wall, and say “Paul, it isn’t personal, it’s just game.” Not gumpy, boys.

    1. It’s letting me vote WAY more than 20 times.

      Thanks for Voting!
      You Voted for Jason.
      Tune in to the Season 19 finale on Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 8/7c to find out which Houseguest will take home $25,000.
      Vote up to 20 times a day until Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 9:59am PT.

        1. wait a minute…..i go to website cbs.com/shows/big_brother/favorite-houseguest-vote/…sign in & vote. Are you saying that those votes don’t count??

        2. Yep – it’s fixed now! I got to cast another 20 votes and then on 21, got this:
          Thanks for Voting!
          You’ve reached your vote limit for today.
          Tune in to the Season 19 finale on Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 8/7c to find out which Houseguest will take home $25,000.
          Vote up to 20 times a day until Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 9:59am PT.

  47. Well, I for one am not voting for Jody…especially when he girl is promising some lame figit spinners with cody’s picture or something on it…should be disqualified just for tampering! I for one have gotten bored with this whole vet thing…they always win the 2nd time around because cbs wants them to…I hope there is better summer tv shows on next year if they try to bring a vet once again…I just think it would be so much better if they had a completely new cast…NO VETS! They always win, and why these superfans don’t realize this after all these years is beyond me…#tiredofbigbrother

  48. When I remember this season I will sum it up in 1 event. Xmas wins a running competition with a broken foot. Tells you everything you need to know about how far this show has slid. Awful.

  49. Paul and josh talking about doing “meet and greets” as final two in Canada after the show last night…. they referred to “DL” as one who has already set up agreements with Paul’s agent. Who is DL??feeds wet cut

    1. Who the hell would want to see those two here in Canada maybe they can send them to Niagara Falls and put them in a barrel. Dl is probably something to do with neda . Oh maybe that is the tour they are going on….the idiots of big brother

  50. The only way Paul does not get to final 2 is if Josh wins this last HOH and even then I don’t know if he wouldn’t take Paul! Also is it even a possibility that Paul does not win that last HOH. Now that there is very little competition he’s winning everything! Also the only way Paul is not winning is if it’s a bitter jury! I don’t love Paul but I don’t hate him either. I think as much hate is going around about Paul, he has played one heck of a game he’s up there with in my mind the best player Dan who got 1st and then 2nd in his other season. Going to the finals twice is hard to do especially as a vet!

  51. Who is everyone voting for for AFP? I vote Cody- that would be the best part of the season- the look on the other HG faces when he wins.

    1. KEVIN = AFP
      Cody hasn’t done anything other than try to nominate Paul in the beginning. All he did was have sex with Jessica and he had a horrible social game. And then sat in a hotel/jury house all season.
      Kevin has had to deal with all these meatballs every single day. He deserves AFP. And he is funny.

  52. A lot of you people fail to realize that this is a game that you enter to WIN. Not make friends, not find love, not just do bc you want to leave your life for 3 months…rather to WIN! I dont like to lose ever and I think Paul was very very smart and he brainwashed the sh*t out of the house and that was his ultimate game play. If they vote for someone else in the end its personal PERIOD. No one played a better game than Paul and even though I am not really an uber fan of him on any level, at least the dude has personality. Anyone who is a fan of Cody has serious issues bc that guy is the physical definition of douchebag!

  53. I have been watching Big Brother, since season one, and this season has been the worst and so boring. To begin with giving Paul, three weeks of being safe, he agree to come back and I think he shouldn’t have a advantage over the other house guess, he knew want he was getting into, and when Paul, came into the house as a vet, the other house guess wanted to get him out, and when Cody, did want everyone wanted they turn on him, as I watch more and how everyone was playing, I got suspicious on the production of CBS with Big Brother, I started to wonder what was being said to the house guess in the DR. I thought Big Brother was on the up, but now I know that Big Brother is fake and The production rigged this season. I will never watch Big Brother again, but I will vote for Jason, as AFP, but that’s probability that’s rigged also. Thank you CBS for finally letting us see that we don’t have to waste our time to watch Big Brother ever again.

    Xmas will be in the final 2 with Paul, as she is signed for BB20. Production is just adding drama to up the ratings, as their social media sites are getting hammered by BBAD fans. They have to separate the CBS audience from us and they are getting tired of hitting the delete key on Twitter. Because the stuff the BBAD and online fans know about is morphing into their CBS show audience. And the TMZ reveleations dont help BB. I see a little tug of war between what CBS wants and what Grodner wants. The Josh revealation last week backfired big time. The CBS audience turned on paul last week. That caused Grodners head to explode, And the reaction to jason was another wake up call that Grodners edits cant stop info from getting out on the Interwebs and Google Machine. So Grodner clamped down this week. The audience was padded with stooges to give Alex a big applause. Did you notice how the last few weeks the audience has been lukewarm? And the outgoing DR session with the remaining HGs was cancelled. Josh’s last DR session on Paul really turned the audience on Paul so it was axed.

    1. I noticed that they did not do the “goodbye messages” last night when Alex was voted out. I am wondering if that is because they do not want Josh letting information out to the jury or because of time restraints.

    1. It sounds like if you are allowed to vote more then 20 times you votes don’t count. You have to have
      an account with CBS to vote.

  55. I am really starting to believe that Christmas and Paul have something on the outside…..Either that or Christmas is just plain stupid. When Josh asked her to promise that they take each other to final 2 and she couldn’t promise…..she said that it wasn’t good for her game is she took him……REALLY??? Does she really think that she would even have a chance to beat Paul??? That to me is very telling…..
    Also, the way Paul was acting during last nights HOH comp was all an act……It seemed to me like he was over acting to make some kind of point. The fist pumps after he got a questions right and the tears and the way he was in his DRs – seemed to me like he may be doing some damage control.

    At this point I don’t want Paul to win but then that would leave Christmas or Josh (Pretty sure Kevin is going home tonight) and I don’t want to see either of them win……So I guess it comes don’t to who I DON’T want to win the least…….

  56. What are the chances of Christmas going rogue and voting out Josh instead of Kevin? The she would assume Paul would take her as final 2

  57. Why do people keeping watching the show if you think it is “rigged.” Rude behavior this season, yes. Rude behavior, other seasons, yes. A lot of sour grapes here–Cody was as rude as they come and Jessica gave up her game to be between the sheets on national TV, but they are earning high rankings on this site. Don’t like the show, move on. The best season was #1 when fans voted who should leave. Then CBS decided to try to make this show ‘Survivor’ in a house and I still watch. Don’t like the show? Get over it and move on. It’s TV, it’s about ratings, the show brings people back because they have built a fan base.

    1. I watch WWE even though I know its all pre-determined. I already invested the time, so I want to see what goes in the jury and how it plays out. After that I’m done with the show and I’ll send a letter to the FCC. I always knew that BB was contrived. But I only thought they created drama and showmances. I basically thought the competitions and votes were on the level. I had no idea the season was basically written before it even started. i had no idea Grodner was actually targeting people and then getting the other HGs to vote that person out. I had no idea the scripting was this elaborate. The DR is where the real strategy is played by Production. And if you dont go along Grodner you get evicted. From what I learned about last season (nicole) and this seeason (paul) this is a scripted drama pretending to be reality tv. Its a sham and waste of time.

  58. It’s so sad to me because jason pretty much had AFP locked down for me until that one comment. I know he didn’t actually mean it. But it’s hard to un hear. He said he was just trying to think of the worst possible thing he could say. He got so caught up in the mob mentality of the cool kids. But I truly don’t think that’s who he is outside the house. I wish he had aligned with mark when mark was trying to get him to understand about Paul. But he chose Alex. Jason struggled with saying too much and saying the wrong things. He didn’t lie well at all. So he needed someone to guide him. I just had higher hopes for him and for Alex in the beginning. Jason is who I wanted for AFP but I just can’t seem to get past the comment. It’s pretty sad that even tho a lot of people are harping on Cody for AFP. It’s not because he deserves it. It’s just to stick it to Paul. I won’t vote out of spite. it seems to me that Julie seemed to like Jessica. It’s crossed my mind that we might see Jessica win it because of that. I hope not

  59. If Paul doesn’t win this game is will be terrible, most won’t vote for him because there pissed that he played them all, but you should vote for the person that kicked your ass in the game,he played the game, and People it’s a freaking Game, that’s what you do in BB lie, cheat, bully, ect. whatever you have to do to win, but those other Idiots in the game didn’t know that, they came on to play freaking house, Paul came to play and Win! If he doesn’t it’s because they don’t vote the way they should, for the best player, stop all the bullshit about CBS and production giving it to him, that’s just stupid, he came in he played everyone including your super boy Cody the douche, that idiot had no idea what he was doing. So you go Paul win this game and all these people on here are idiots, Haters gonna Hate, shame on you, most of you are not BB fans just wanna bee’s, I don’t see your asses in the house, when you have walked a mile in Paul’s shoes then come back and say something until then Shut It!

  60. I think Paul knows that xmas in jury is better than josh. Josh would vote xmas to win over Paul. Xmas would vote Paul to win. As much as I hate josh in f2. I’m sure that’s what it will be. I was hoping Kevin would be in f2 just because he’s the nicest of the bunch. And he has had some funny moments. Hes likeable for the most part. What a different game we would have been watching if Alex had opened her eyes and competed against Paul and not thrown comps.

  61. I don’t know why most ppl think Josh would win against Paul. The votes should be practically unanimous. Cody already told either Mark or Elena that he was voting for Paul b/c he hates everyone for following Paul. So that’s his FU to all of them. Raven and Matt will be disappointed, but neither one likes Josh. Mark loves Paul, that’s easy. Elena, another easy vote. Christmas is also in love with Paul (like Raven) so there’s another vote. The only 2 that will possibly be bitter are Alex and Jason. Alex did say she would vote for Paul, but not be his friend outside the house like she thought.
    Paul played a great game, gotta give it to him for manipulating all these ppl.

  62. Having heard / read about numerous people (with active all access) having problems voting this season, I think I’ve figured out how they plan to make the winner of afp match their edit.
    Come now. Paul has almost twice the d/r of the next person in line in the d/r tally: Josh has the second most, and the crying montages, and the dancing silly asshat montages.
    Sure Alex and Jason got a couple practical joke scare moments… but neither was edited to be particularly likeable (more likeable than their behavior or tmz greatest hits would lead to believe). Kevin. Kevin barely had the episode inclusion or d/r content of Jillian or Dominique. In fact, his over all d/r moments only passed Jillian Dominque and Megan for that matter, about two weeks ago. They didn’t edit him to be particularly noticeable if you go by episodes alone. Having any of those three win afp would not make any sense to episode history if you looked back in a year without feed knowledge. Mark was sunk when they showed two weeks of the crying games with every d/r sequence. Jessica got the whole butt poking thing (wonder who put that out there to take the heat off of blackfacegate, eh cbs?) Cody. His d/r could have been a paper cutout or a hand pupper. Pinocchio without the personality and desire to be human in his d/r. Sickgirl and Martin? who? oh. just no.
    I’ve been convinced since they started showing Josh montages that they were trying to manufacture favorite player points. Now that the voting seems to have strangeness…. wow, can’t even leave afp up to chance in an absolute manufacture of a season is the read i get.

  63. “I’m tired of letting people down” really Paul?? you let your friends/family down because you didn’t win last year and came in second? If they were let down, maybe it wasn’t because you got 2nd place and 50 grand but for another reason. I know I wouldn’t be letting anyone down if I didn’t win and my friends/family would be proud just for me having the guts to go on TV – say/do what I do and put myself out there. I would just hope I didn’t embarrass my family too much..LOL Even though I don’t like Paul (and secretly ok not so secretly hope he gets evicted) I think this year he is the only one that put in any work and does deserve to win – everyone else was happy to just make it to jury. I just wish he would lose his arrogance and stop going on about how he’s been in the house for over 100 days. I don’t think last season matters to the HGs in there. I get on a personal level saying it in the ways of “wow I have been in the house for 100 and whatever days, thats wild” but saying to the house guests I don’t think they care. I hope he does use the veto, talk to Kevin tell him he will use it on him and take him to F2 if he promises to evict Christmas because we know Josh wont evict her. He would be bawling his eyes out the rest of the time in the house. I just want to see Christmas’ face when she is voted out LMAO, she is too full of herself thinking either way one of the boys will win and take her. I have a feeling that she will be one of the ones she made fun of ‘for crying’. Just the look is going to be priceless. I am really looking forward to tonight. Then my guilty wish is that Kevin wins final HOH and Paul is evicted – okay, maybe thats more a dream than a wish..LOL

  64. I hope Paul and Josh are in the end and the jury is so bitter, they give the big baby the win. ONLY because I want Paul to be shown you can’t be a piece of shit bully and walk all over sheep to get to the end. And because Josh at least has a heart. He has a lot of growing up to do though!!!

  65. If you’re still paying for CBS All Access, I would encourage you to cancel. First and foremost, I think that will send a strong message to CBS, if most of their subscriptions are cancelled after this horrid season of BB. Secondly, since I’ve enjoyed Simon and Dawg’s updates more than watching the feeds (esp. Simon’s side comments!), I’ve decided to give my money to this site instead of CBS. So, I’ll be back here next summer (not in the least interested in CBB), hoping BB20 will be an improvement. . .it can’t get much worse than BB19. Cheers!

    P.S. A huge thank you to Simon and Dawg! You guys are great!

  66. This is beyond ridiculous that Christmas is still there. How will she even compete in the endurance part of the 3 part HOH. She should have had to leave when she was horsing around with Jason and broke her foot.

  67. As a Big Brother fan, I thought this season was complete BS. It was entirely predictable, and I found it rather boring. I didn’t like Paul last season, and my dislike for him has only grown stronger this season. I’ll give credit where credit is due though and say that he most definitely deserves to win. Hopefully next season there won’t be any vets back in the house. I don’t even care to see them hosting competitions. The temptations threw an interesting swing into things for a while, but for the most part this season was a bore!

    1. Not just predictable. staged in an obvious fashion.
      I will give credit to Paul… except for the ineligible for nomination week one followed by three weeks of safety part. As well as getting rid of people that refused to follow direction and align with the paul mastermind edit….

  68. Just for the record, CBS BB, I’m sure is scripted and those DR sessions are questionable. As toe CBS “Survivor” series, has any one noticed how it has changed? Seems every week they’re getting rewards of catered food and drink. Used to be reward was something to catch food with, or just a tarp, and tools. Maybe once during a season reward would be food, otherwise rice was the mainstay. Otherwise, the competitions are different each season, and tough. BBs competition for HOH are predictable repeated over and over. Really nothing new, and some are just luck, like the ball rolling or hitting the ball to land in the highest number. All HOH competition should be physical, and one of endurance.
    As to returning players, they already know the game and the competition which give them an advantage.
    This season could have been improved if they wanted Paul to play, to have inserted another returning player. Can you imagine if instead of Cody competing to come back, they had a returning player like even Derrick. I bet all what happened, wouldn’t have. I bet Paul instead of Josh would have been shedding real tears and the idiots would be following Derrick instead of a and possible 2 time loser like Paul, (he would have lost this season).
    Just a thought.

  69. Hope Alex, Jason, Raven, Matt and Kevin call Paul out on the final two and three deals he made with them and why he thought it better to take Josh and Christmas. Was it because out of them all they were the two he thought he was able to control to do what he wanted and could beat. But knowing some of these players the idea will not even occur to them. Still hope Paul uses veto on Kevin and evicts Christmas. Did you hear her last night saying when she walks into a room she can command the room . Saying Kevin did nothing hello what did she do. Would be icing on the cake if she is evicted tonight.

  70. It really is of no consequence who Paul takes with him to the final 2. He pretty much has a lock on the $500,000.
    Kevin knows this and is just happy to have gotten this far without ever really adding to, or subtracting from overall game-play. Yes, he threw a couple of comps, but most of the time, he simply wasn’t good enough at the comps to win.
    Alex… Hmmm…She probably still thinks she has a secret deal with Paul. : – )
    As shocked as she was when Jason got the boot, she was okay with the idea that it was part of some “master plan” with her “friend.”
    Now then, as for Christmas and Josh, well, they might want to revise their planned “speeches,” because their pleas will be to Paul, and NOT to the actual jury. One of them will be pulling “jury duty” sooner, rather than later.
    Despite his protests to the contrary and humble brags, Paul has made good and sure that he can outwit, out-play, out-last, AND out-talk all of the remaining HGs. He neither fears nor has concerns about ANY OF THEM.
    Think of it this way: Just for the fun of it, imagine that Josh wins the first round of the final comp and gets to sit out ROUND 2. Paul would have to lose to Christmas in Round2. Here comes Round 3, i.e., Christmas vs. Josh. Does anyone out there see this scenario as a happenin’ thing?? If so, please know that there is help available for you. Seek it!
    Ahh, but I haven’t mentioned Kevin. Okay! Paul decides to play fast and lose with everyone’s emotions. He stomps on his “alliance” with Christmas (just because he CAN) and takes Kevin and Josh along for the ride. And, as long as we’re dreaming, Josh (again) wins Round 1 and sits out Round 2. Kevin and Paul duke it out in Round 2. (Sorry, that image just gave me the giggles…) Ahem… With Christmas out of the running, does Josh beat Paul in Round 3? And if so, would he FINALLY make that BIG MOVE AGAINST PAUL that he keeps talking about, but never acting on? Probably not… Kevin joins Christmas on the jury, blah, blah, blah.
    Repeat the above and substitute Christmas for Josh as winner of Round 1, etc…Josh joins Kevin on the jury.

    Recurring theme: Paul will NEVER allow anyone else to win Round 1.–Put down your “pipes,” people. No matter what you’re smoking, your mind can’t go there. When Paul wins Round 3 and makes his decision, I REPEAT: It is of no consequence who he takes with him to the Final 2.
    Probably should mention another factor: Paul seems to be the only one left who still has a WILL TO WIN. How can he lose, if those remaining accept as fact that he is the best AND most deserving to win? There is neither time, nor opportunity for Kevin, Josh, and Christmas to unite in brains, or much less, athletic prowess (LOL) and yank the carpet from beneath Paul’s feet. There has only ever been one way to ensure Paul’s defeat: HE NEEDED TO BE ON THE JURY, YOU MONKEYS!!!

  71. All you Paul haters and Cody lovers……..you complain on this site how the show is rigged for Paul…blah blah blah, well, what about Cody?? His competition against Paul to get back into the house was rigged for Cody to win! Get over yourselves. Paul haters are delusional and obviously don’t know the BB game and how it’s played. Whiney snowflake sore losers!

  72. When does this show end?

    If Paul had not played I believe Josh,Christmas would not have even made jury
    possibly ramses and cameron wouldve teamed up and the show would’ve been about strategy and winning

    worst season evah

  73. Bottom line, Paul used bully tactics and personal attacks to win. He manipulated and disrespected people as people. There is no honor at all if he wins. Actually, the jury should vote “none of the above”. This season was “lord of the flies” – just watch the movie to prove it. PRODUCTION SCREWED UP THIS GAME MAKING PAUL SAFE FOR SO LONG. IF HE COULD HAVE BEEN EVICTED WHEN CODY NOMINATED HIM, THE SEASON WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER. Quit watching a few weeks ago, only read posts to see who gets the silent AND verbal abuse before they are evicted. Does Paul deserve to win? NOPE – just for the WAY he did it. BULLY PAUL…..FOSTERING MOBBING BY THE “IN-CROWD” OF LAPDOGS.

    Wonder if the jury could vote “none of the above”

  74. Anyone notice how much Paul looks at himself in the mirror? I mean he is constantly checking himself out. I counted 5 times in 10 seconds at the end of last nights show. He thinks he’s something else for sure…..for me vile comes to mind

  75. On tonight’s episode, the jury house clips were Awesome!!! The jury members calling out Raven and Matt after they claimed to be “the puppet masters”, OMG made me laugh out loud!!
    Cody reminded me tonight why I want him for AFP!!

    1. Tonight’s jury episode showed very plainly why Cody does not warrant consideration for AFP. He was not interested at all in the game and showed it by walking away from the conversation and sitting on the couch with his arms folded across his chest. Thia is a classic body language indicator of disinterest and having a closed mind(antisocial). Also,note the very warm and positive reception that Kevin received at his appearance on stage. Just the facts!

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