“Kevin is a old man perv That’s a misogynist pig … he’s talking about whether or not him or jason would bang me in jury”

11:59pm HOH Xmas and Josh

I don’t Study with Paul.. he doesn’t win with anyone
They agree Kevin needs to win it but if he’s got no chance….
Josh – should I throw the veto –
Xmas – no we gun for it… If Kevin comes off you put me up… it’ll be a 2-0 vote it won’t be a split decisions.. you put me up and say I’m one of the weak competitors.
Xmas – just Alex can’t anybody else but Alex, Best case scenario is Kevin
X – you have to put me up
J – I don’t want to put you guys up
X – we’re in a win win situation
J – so I would rather gun for it, Keep noms the same and you guys vote out Alex..
Josh – we’re playing a game here..
X – that’s the second best scenario
J – it’s hard… people saying crazy sh1t left and right

Xmas claims that Josh has had people yell at him “the whole time” (pain pills)
J – that’s what hit me.. I’m like everybody is always game .. Xmas deals with Game… Paul deals with Game
J – it instantly becomes a personal thing with me every time somebody addresses me
J – I don’t know what i’ve done
Xmas – they know you’re a good heart
Xmas – they looked at me they thought that bitch is bad (bad at being a decent person)
Xmas – they looked at Paul they knew his game from last year
Xmas – they looked at you and saw I want to be friends with you all afterwards and they knew where to hit him
Xmas – you have a big open heart… They see that as a targets.. you should find some piece in it that you have a good heart and they need to attack it (pain pills)
Xmas – they can’t get to you any other way

JOsh – let’s talk about something else…

X – we need to do three f*ing things
J – Veto, HOH Veto
X – three competition away
X – tomorrow we have to make sure anybody but Alex wins..
X – then it’s 3 against 1 … 2 against 1
J – if you can compete lock it the f* down
X – I promise
J – Alex is going to be gone
X – don’t get so confident
X – until we win that Veto she is not gone
J – i’m going to win that HOH tomorrow
X – good, then all we have is one HOH and Veto.. and all we have to do is POKE AT KEVIN
Xmas – Paul’s right, that mother f*er will melt down, he won’t be able to think straight if that’s a mental comp he’ll be losing his mind
X – all we have to do is F* him up in the beginning and then we can take it and it doesn’t f*ing matter
X – you don’t need to compete.. you can just be there talking smack
X – I know we don’t like it… it’s not easy..
j – i’ll do it..
X – how do you think I feel when he’s talking about whether or not him or jason would bang me in jury
X – do you think I felt good about that
Josh – who told you that
Xmas – Jason
Xmas says it happened when Jason was “sitting on the f*ing block” with Kevin
X – Kevin said to jason that I was bangable.. and asking about things and how they happen in jury
X – simultaneously when he got crazy I told you he was trying to make me out as a home wrecker (Pain pills)
Josh – what the f* .. Oh my god what’s wrong with this guy
J – Kevin is a nut case
Xmas – Kevin is a old man perv That’s a misogynist pig and Truly doesn’t deserve to be here…
J – no he doesn’t
Xmas – He’s walking out with no respect, so I hope that freaking money was worth it

JOsh – whatever happens I’m grateful for god and grateful you guys had my back
Xmas – you’ve played a respectable game
Xmas goes on to list off all the players in the jury and how Josh played a morally better game than them. Says that Jason and Kevin are talking about banging her in the jury, Elena is playing the s4x card
Xmas – Alex has been the puppet master Playing everybody in the house (this is pain pills)
Xmas – raven and matt really didn’t do anything deceitful
Xmas now says that Raven was always wanting to get Josh on the block

Xmas claims that Jason threw his ride or die under the bus by “not believing her”
Xmas goes on and on about how Josh never threw anyone under the bus.. .

X – Matt did nothing.. why the f* did he show the f* up (I fully support X on this)

12:07am Kevin..

12:30am that f*ing foot

12:41am Paul, Josh and Xmas

Just my least favorite people right now.. gossiping about Matt and Raven ..

Paul must only have 2 more fight before becoming a pro MMA fighter

1:02am Paul and Josh kitchen
Paul – did you tell Alex you wanted to get me out
J – no
P – she said that you want to get strong competitors and that you wanna get … if you can’t get her out you want to get me out or something..
J – I swear on my…
P – she’s just saying that to gas me up

Josh – i’m going to confirm tomorrow
P – you don’t have to
J – i’m going to … you don’t say shit about me

P – she said you are gunning for a strong competitor and you can’t beat her or me so you have to get one of us out
J – I never said anything about you

1:45am They’re still up it’s poison

2am – 10am Sleeping..

10:54am Paul and Alex are up..

Paul – I’m excited to get BOYS outside this house (boys is code)
Alex – 10 days and a wake up call
Paul – what trip are we going to take.. Canada first.. (NO!)
Paul says Shitmass wantted them to be in her “pit Crew”
Paul – that’s kinda dope
Paul – she’s filming a movie..
Alex – I dunno but she can’t tell us
Paul – TV or a movie.. sounds pretty legit, There’s a guy from Jacka$$ in it and Nascar as well
Paul tells her to take advantage of the post BB fame
Paul – we’re all in the POOL for America’s favorite..
Alex – oh my god poor Jason
Paul – we’re all in that pool.. usually 7-6-5 get it..

11:11am Paul tells Alex he suspects Matt just wanted to get away from Raven jokingly says he voted himself out by getting that penalty vote
Xmas joins them

Alex – I’m telling you, you attack his vanity and he’ll lose his sh1t ..
Alex – his brain will melt ..

Paul – gawd Cody sucked..
Alex leaves..
paul whipsers to shitmass “she’s tripping becuase of the veto”
Xmas – good.. did she ask you to use it
paul – yea
Xmas – she hasn’t asked me sh1t.. nobody has asked me anything in this game (2 reasons, 1) you’re a b1tch 2) Paul’s running your game so why bother talking to you)

Paul sys he’s going to be “rum ham” for halloween.
Alex says she’s going to be Frank (Philly characters)


12:12am the coffee maker this year sucks..

1:00pm Paul talking to Alex about how much they are going to hang out after the show is over.
Paul – I made a lot of good friends this year, last YEar I didn’t feel that way
Paul – I didn’t connect with people, Yeah Victor and I are boys but as far as having super super similar not just like interest but like outlooks on life
Alex – you’ve done the same type of stuff and then moved on to stuff (Potatoe)
Alex – but you’re younger, but not that much younger.. same with Xmas..

Paul – I’ll be like ohh sh1t I’m going to text Alex today.. or I’m going to text sh1tmas
Paul – or .. hey you want to come out, come over this weekend..
Paul – like that’s something I would actually do
Paul – it’s not Gumpy I can be myself around you guys..
They talk about Raven being called out on her BS from the fans.
Paul – everybody is going to have fans everyone has haters..

1:02pm HOH Josh going on to his family…
Josh says Alex is a beast and he doesn’t know what she’s going to do so she’s his target
JOsh – I could align with her and flip this house But I don’t want to turn on sh1tmas
JOsh – I feel if I get Paul out sh1tmas is just going to turn on me and then it’s going to be me and I can’t compete next week
Josh – I can’t compete in top 3 (huh?)
Josh – Paul’s going to fight his a$$ off to get us to top 3… so he says..
J – I just gotta trust him.. umm.. either way I’m not a coward..
J – ahh..,.. I handle myself and carry myself like the man I am
J – So I’m not afraid to go to top three with Paul and Fight it out and have the best man win
J – IS it risky? yeah, but I’l willing to take that gamble I think
J – i’m mind f*ed I don’t know what I’m going to do… F* I haven’t fed the fish..
Josh goes to feed the fish.

Josh – I love Paul and Shitmas so much.. they have become two of my closest friends ..
J – hopefully we go to final 3 together it’s hard turning on Paul
J – It’s hard that I have no choice but to turn on him
J – I’m having a hard time
Josh goes on about knowing about Paul’s game and how people watching the feeds must be wanting him to take Paul out. Josh says Paul has been in his corner all along.
J – I don’t think Shitmas is going to take me to final 2 I think she’s going to take Paul because Paul has pissed people off
J – she’s taking Paul, I can see it in her face.. But I will take her.. and Paul is going to take me.. he gave me his word on that and I believe him
J – I never questioned Paul, I never lost trust .. I know the game he’s played and I know he’s thrown me under the bus to protect my game
J – Paul has a final 2 deal with me.. or Alex She doesn’t give a sh1t she’ll take a shot anybody
Josh is torn if he should take Paul or Alex out..
JOsh – I have a feeling the fans want me to take a shot at Paul.. but.. I think it’s too early.. I’m telling you Top 3 I’m turning into a f*ing bull

2pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Power Of Veto competition..

4pm Still not back…

5:10pm Nothing yet..

5:55pm No feeds for you..

Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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What are the chances Alex wins the veto & pulls a Marcellus?


Lol simon xD

Im LIke

This is going to be another bb17 when u don’t give F who wins they all suck. Steve was the most uncelebrated winner ever we were all just glad Vanessa got chopped .People also forget some of kevs antics to ..like when he said to Jessica would u date me If I were young unmarried etc…sorry but he has not been to respectful to his wife acting like he’s 20 again..and now hes the best of the lot… at least BB17 had the Jmac and James (the james before bb18) BB 18 had Victor and Meech(her rapping and him doing his safari spying the wild meech) They were funny. This is just sucky and the same Sh!t talking Paul at the end… He does it not just for game but because he likes too , him and his pro MMA self …ugh gag


Exactly. Kevin is a misogynist who believes he is above the boundaries of marriage bc he’s a man. We all know this. But he seems to get a pass from most people bc he is old and, therefore, a novelty sideshow in the BB house. I get that he was raised in a different era the other HGs, and his beliefs are fully entrenched, if not outdated, but then again, this is the guy who has bleached highlights in his hair and listens to Drake and Kendrick Lamar. So something’s got to give. He is the kind of guy who flirts with women when his wife isn’t around, just because, who makes his daughters cook and clean for him, bc that is their birth right, and who starts talking about how important it is to exercise just as you are biting into a piece of chocolate cake. And if you’re overweight, he’ll scan your body daily, then tell you if he noticed that you lost a few pounds, bc he’s deluded himself into thinking you will take it as a compliment when it’s really just a manifestation of his creepy narcissism, socioculturally-rooted fat phobia, and all around superficiality. It may seem funny on tv, but living with him and his constant scrutiny and outdmoded patriarchal lifestyle must be at best perpetually awkward and uncomfortable and at worst, an absolute nightmare. I know Alex and Xmas are the most likable women to have ever played BB, but I am not making my dislike of them preclude my ability to see that they are right when it comes to Kevin.


sorry, meant…”Alex and Christmas ARE NOT the most likable”

Kevin's daughters

Anonymous, you are a whiny B**ch That loves to comment on everything just to see the reviews you get. Give us a break and take a break for the next 2 weeks.


Oh be quiet you loser. I hardly ever comment on this site, so you are ranting at some other poster who is clearly not me. Reviews I get? You sound ridiculous. I have a husband and kids who happened to be napping so I had a minute to share my very real thoughts about Kevin aka the greatest guy in the USA, but I have a nice but busy life so I can’t post every day like you (loser) or whatever other anonymous poster you think I am. Oh it’s 9:33pm – don’t forget to take your meds! Night night.


Lady you have issues.

Lady has issues

You sure you’re not commenting on your own life?


I beg to differ. Think several weeks ago Kevin was talking about his wife coming home and saying she was going out alone for a couple glasses of wine with friends. He’s stay at home dad maybe he has relationship issues similar to stay at home moms when hubby goes out alone. I’m only pointing out walk a mile in someones shoes and know the person. justifying a Xmas rant/quote on these boards is a joke. Vile piece of trash she definitely is!!!

Gloria S.

Oh yes, the patriarchal oppression of obese man-hating bitter hags, it’s the worst.


Whoa! Calm down Gloria!! A man-hater typically wouldn’t be married, so no patriarchy there to oppress. Get it? Either put down the pint of ice cream and get on a dating site or stop resenting your spinsterdom (and I know you are elderly because you used the word “hag,” you’re dating yourself sweetie). Hate when old women who are probably fat and from nowheresville defend their ridiculously boring lifestyle because they are jealous of other women who don’t live that way!

Franks Fumes

Couldn’t disagree with you more…..If you can’t pick up on that he loves his family that’s on you


I am the original poster. Fair enough, fair comment. I agree with you, I definitely think Kevin loves his family 100%, of course (never thought he didn’t) and I see that he is likable – I just happen to think he can be annoying and would be annoying to live with. that’s all. I’m educated and I am also thin even after kids and (I think) pretty, I work hard at it, which is probably why I am so sensitive to the way he is with the women in the house and him talking about weight all the time. I, like enough women, put enough pressure on myself. I have a great husband, a marine, who cooks and cleans and helps with out kids and never comments that I need to gain weight when I get too thin or lose weight after our babies.

Kevin's Daughters

I think you need to get a life.


And don’t forget, Paul loves to visit Canada, because he has so many fans there, he says.


Simon…. when does voting start for AFP


Lol. After all this time, that move is still #1 in everyone’s memory


Another superb summarization Simon. I was dying reading your additions! Thank you!!

Franks Fumes

The chances are excellent she has sh#t for brains.

What Marcellus did

Do you even know what Marcellus did? He used the veto to pull the other nominee off the block instead of himself, and then got evicted. There is ZERO chance of Alex winning veto and pulling Kevin off the block. She hates Kevin. Why would you even think she would save Kevin and leave herself on the block?


No, he didn’t. He was on the block with his best friend, Amy, and he left the nominations the same. He didn’t pull her off. If you’re gonna blame other people for not knowing what he did, at least know yourself what he did.


Your brain is failing
He didn’t use the Veto, he went home.
He and Lawon are legendary in their stupidity, Lawon wanted evicted so he could come back with a “special” power.
We can hold out hope for Alex to join their ranks, as Obi-Wan Kenobi said “the hate is strong with this one”


You need a refresher. He didn’t use the veto at all. Given what has happened throughout the season, it looks like Alex could be easily convinced (to the outside world’s horror) not to use it


OK this is our big chance. Josh or Kevin win veto and remove Kevin and put Paul up. Kevin votes Paul allowing Josh to break the tie and introduce Paul to Julie Chen.


that would be great


After the BBAD comments from Xmas and Paul , I am completely done with after dark, it;s hard as an adult to understand the vile creaures in that house. Case in point , Paul – always demeaning Josh, now the mess is on his level, (Paul’s) Paul telling the mess that she is a shoe in next season and she reply’s with yea without this foot I can unleash a season to remember (bitchy season) their words not mine, if she thinks she has been nice she has a rude awakening 9/20???? Paul has managed to let America know about all his material things in his basement room and how much it is worth. (gag) Paul/mess talking sh!t about Alex to Josh, I guess it is her turn, the mess (positive speaker) and Paul Manson are very very dark souls. If someone did that to them they would freak outttttt. Oh wait starting on 9/20 both will see that it is their turn and as much as Paul says do not read social media, he will be the first to see how great he is (not), Karma will send them both to the basement. Paul and the mess know each other outside. The mess will find out that Paul charles manson does not like her either. PS if the mess is on next season, I’m out all season.

Franks Fumes

She’d be the first voted out next season.


I came on BBAD as Paul and Mess were givin J a stern talkin and how he better tow the line ….in HIS HOH room. I wish he wouldve just said this is my HOH can you for the luv of God shut the hell up and go downstairs!!! Paul just kept callin him fool and mess just kept shooting her mouth off.

As it turns out P reveals that he still lives with Mummy and Daddy and is ok with that and goes on about all the stuff he has as a result.

In his pride he also reveals that HE told production how he was goin to get everyone to throw the POV and that they commended him and said “wh did we even put the comp up for you” surprisingly no mention from production to stop talkin about production.

Roll on to today where Mess is talkin about givin Josh and ” an agressive shotgun ” which for the record has nothin to do with drinkin beer.

Its about as bad as it can be…poison poison and more poison and soooo sad that CBS hasnt stepped in at all.

People will stop watching based on the last couple days . Mess hasnt even clued in that she is goin to be played worse then anyone but as she and P have started plugging her movie full out it doesnt likely matter.


I gave up waiting for any of these idiots make a move.


What are the chances Paul will give me a mustache ride?

Red (in a Blue state :()


Corey's Ass-less Chaps

Shut up Frankie.


so sad to see that Frankie G is going to one of the avengers….I’m not going to watch anything he is in…ever!!!

Cody for AFP

How sad is it that I have to hope for Baby Kong to make a move to save the season. He is more likely to ask Paul for an authgraph than to put him on the block. What a waste of a season.


None, Paul just won veto.


Christmas and Paul in the HOH talking about Josh voting for Raven to stay, Christmas saying she was furious. Heaven forbid Josh do what he wants to do for once. Christmas was saying she told Josh they are a team and if he wants to talk about a different plan come talk to them and they’ll figure something out. Josh has literally come to them so many times saying he wants to do something different and they basically tell him to shut up. They get on my nerves so bad. And for fuck sake Paul take off those dumb ass shorts and suspenders, you look like a moron.

BB Fan in VA

Christmas and Josh are such a “team” that she pretty much told him she would take Paul to the final two instead of Josh.

Cody For AFP

Paul telling Josh that Alex said he wanted to vote Paul out is the gnomes way of getting Josh to vote Alex off. Paul knows this is the last hurdle. If Alex goes next Josh will follow her out the door and Paul is home free.

Open your eyes Josh!




Paul is the puppeteer. If he is in final two,, he most likely will not get the votes or maybe he will because the others were idiots for not playing the game for themselves. I dont like Paul but hes playing brilliantly!

The Noob Sauce

I can’t stand Paul. I wouldn’t vote for him either. ( yeah I am the bitter type ) He is playing the best game this season though.


Paul told X and Josh that they were a team. They just said “Oh, Ok.”


The mess talking s!it about Kevin being a perv etc. too many to mention, wasn’t long ago she was in his bed, rubbing his feet, telling him how soft his skin was. I think she did this to keep Paul in the know, I didn’t like Kevin letting her in his bed, he will answer for that, however, it all makes sense now, knowing Paul and the mess are an item in and out of the house. ekkkkkkgggggg yea the comment about pauls pants are right on. He is such a mess and who would buy his look, his body and clothes are not attractive.


Paul looks like he’s wearing a denim diaper.

Paul Sucks Fan Club

Not to mention that stupid inner tube! I thought that was stupid last year and this year it’s plain ridiculous.


Shitmas is still upset she didnt get married

Worst Christmas ever

There is a very very fortunate man out there.



Cody For AFP

Right. Xmas plays for the womans team.


Waiting for Paul, it hurts my eyes to see those two under the covers, and the mess is a mess. Those two had kids a remake of Rosemary’s baby would follow. (finger in my throat)


No. Christmas should NEVER become a mother. Just listen to the way she talks to Josh. She’s one of those types of people who go on and on and on and on and on berating every tiny mistake another human being makes. I’ve seen wives like that but when I see mothers do that to their children I can’t help myself and tell them for crying out loud shut the f up.

Franks Fumes

Xmas telling Josh to attack Kevin by mentioning the “sex with her in jury comment” which was whispered to Jason by Kev two months ago. They have literally no ammo left to use on ol Kev it’s pathetic. Maybe Kevin entertained that idea because you slithered into his bed and hunched his leg for a month or two…..until Paul’s leg became available.lol

Angry granny

I sincerely hope that Kevin’s daughters have kept the disparaging remarks made about their father and that he will sue those idiots who made those comments. But, I suspect CBS made everybody sign some sort of “will not sue” agreement. But, if I were him, his wife, his kids, I would darned sure get a good lawyer and sue. Slander is detrimental to a person. And it is obvious that the lies about Kevin being a perv in so many of those conversations is just cause for lawsuit. Also the comments Jason made about raping Kevin’s wife with his daughters being tied up and forced to watch. DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR. Josh, Xmas, Paul, Alex, Jason, and Raven have all told terrible lies about Kevin. Kevin has been nice to everybody unless pushed, like Josh did on a couple occasions.

Yep Yep

I think they make them sign something, Last year they made it seem like Michelle was a thief when everyone found their stuff ya know when they cleaned(everyone was dirty except Victor). They had actual articles that people wrote saying she was stealing and should be removed from the show it was crazy and not ok. The people the articles even said she stole from like Bridgette said it wasn’t true but no one did a formal retraction and of course Paul and Nicole would come out in the house saying they could not find stuff insinuating but not blatantly saying it real scum ballish like Xmas and Paul are now doing That’s why I did not care if Michelle said to people that Nicole was doing corey because she was and tried to act innocent and even said other chics in the house were hoey . I know Michelle took Pablo but that was funny and she tossed it to the crowd(wasn’t Pauls belonged to the house anyway). I am all about giving these people poop sometimes but actually making comments that could sincerely hurt them afterwards is not right. So no Kevin will not be able to repair his reputation legally. So Sorry for the rant


Are you for real?


For some reason I ended up stumbling across one of Kevin’s daughters YouTube channel. He appears on a lot of their videos and he honestly seems like a great dad and it looks like him and his family have a pretty good relationship. Don’t know why everyone in the house likes to sh!t on him so much. https://youtu.be/qzS9xzXc7Hc

Angry granny

Thanks for that link. I e-mailed the link to myself so I can show my honey when he gets home. He likes Kevin, too. It is pretty obvious that his kids love him and he is a fun dad. No way is he a perv as Xmas, Raven, etc. have said.

BB Fan

Yes thank you for the link. It was nice to see Kevin and two of his girls having a good time making those videos. Hopefully he can put this horrible group of people in the past when he gets home.


It’s the internet age; slander and libel don’t quite work that way, but nice try. Google it. Maybe that’s why you have never seen a person on reality tv programs of any kind ever sue even after they’ve been sufficiently dragged through the mud.

Ravens semen storage device

This man has had enough vote Kev AFP just to send a big f#ck you to Alex Xmas and Paul. Thumbs up if you agree. Thanks.


This is just Kev’s payback for bringing Paul back in the game, He earned his 25K for sure. Cody for AFP would be sweeter.

Roll Tide

I meant to vote thumbs down. Cody was Paul Jr.

Melissa Sllew

This is just Kev earning the 25K he got for bringing Paul back into the game. Maybe that’s why he decided to just roll over and let Paul control. Cody for AFP will be sweeter.

sunny dee

i’ll never even consider voting AFP for anyone other than Jason

I don’t believe in spite voting. Jason earned it, just like vic earned his. there is no need to give it to someone who already won 25K or someone like cody just to spite paul. no one deserves to lose out on AFP just because of a bunch of pansy bitter viewers

if alex is evicted, in spite of her earning that as well, according to my own criteria there isn’t a chance in he11 i will vote for her simply because she caused her own downfall, was responsible 100% for jason going home, and of all the people in the house has been the only one who 100% believes liars over truth tellers. i think she still believes ramses voted out jillian rather than kevin.


Cody earned it.


As a Player: For playing house? for thinking he is too good for everyone at the start of the game? He spent all his time trying to claim Jessica as HIS! Even when he tried to stay, he basically said replace Paul with him… knowing he already broke their trust. It is not about putting Paul on the block, he tried to win BB as a SOLO player.

As a Person: I do not share the same values as Cody, I do not respect him for flying to a riot to join in dressed as a bum. That is just 1 issue there are many, PTSD, lust for killing, transgender comments.

Melissa Sllew

As a player: He won comps; he tried to get Paul out, which was the right thing to do, just the wrong time because he didn’t know lil man had safety. I believe he had said at the time, that he didn’t let his alliance know his plans because they would not have agreed with him. Well looks to me like he at least got that right.

As a person: I am not sure his list of issues would be worse than any of the others, based on what they’ve shown.


Kevin is my favourite player he gets my vote. I hope the salty Jody voters split the vote so Kevin can win. If people can forget about Cody’s issues(claiming PSTD is a sham, disrespectful talk about Transgender, bragging about the # of kills and being a red-piller) hopefully they will do the same for Kevin. I do not believe Kevin was doing anything wrong with X – bunch of BS. I was sad his son had to go on BB Reddit to defend him.

Melissa Sllew

I like Kevin. Seems to have the least issues of all HG. I just don’t think he should be rewarded for doing nothing, after he already won 25K.

Worst Christmas ever

Just when you thought this psycho bitch couldn’t get any worse…..Paul’s gonna hook up with a hot chick after the show not you Xmas….and Josh will be confused as usual.


Where’s Paul gonna find a hot gnome chick?



Min O'Pause

The Garden Center at Lowes.

Franks Fumes

LA is full of em…….


I thought the gnome was gay?

Not on our team!

We don’t want him!


homophobic much?


Xmas is a lying evil bitch! She was the one all up on Kevin! Her & Paul is a match made in hell! Can’t stand idiot Alex too!

Misogyny is EVIL

I can’t help but wonder if u felt the same way about BB16 castmates Cody and Christine…everyone was upset she was flirting and married, but when it’s the guy that is married it is still the woman who is at fault? I sense a double standard.


Shelby?? Cody for AFP


Yes Dottie

Franks Fumes

Christmas face is eerily reminiscent of a Drag Queen…….I think it’s Lady Devine from the John Waters Films. Lol


Please do not desecrate the memory of the late great Lady Divine…she has eaten dog shit in Pink Flamingos and is still classier than that batch, Christmas! Hoping Josh to win the final HOH, vote out Paul, and beat Christmas to win BB 19.


Francine Fishpaw the alcoholic housewife in Polyester. Divine was the best. I love John Waters films.


Me too!! I have the John Waters movies on DID and they’re awesome!!

Franks Fumes

Amen….RIP…..Lady D


Are you going to post this every update?
If we all give your ego enough thumbs up will you go away?


If we give you enough thumbs down, will you?


Paul looks like A disturbed former elf …why does he like wearing that


Paul looks like he’s wearing a denim diaper.


I cant deal with this Shitmax, they should kicked her ass out long time ago…sore looser .. She`s been 5 months only with no sex and she`s going nuts already. Josh should let her borrow his vibrator


Lets see …………………… here we go again!!! Looks like whistle all over again. Barring an Alex POV win you gotta figure Paul will want a 1-1 split and Josh casting the deciding vote. Bet these noobs do it again. Paul has manipulated so effectively he actually has a jury problem. Thanks to Baby Huey goodbye message the whole house will know Paul is the turd of the season. Maybe Paul’s F2 choice makes it impossible not to vote him the money. It sure looks like he has the 500K already in the bank.

I just cannot believe the stupidity. Thanksgiving actually saying she’ll go up if either nom wins POV. Woman is VILE and stupid.


I agree, Paul’s guaranteed win is either Josh or Xmas, Josh would be the landslide, as nobody in Jury would vote for him.. Kevin in f2, Paul will still win but Kevin might get more votes.


I sense a very bitter jury, just listen to Jason’s exit interview. I think Paul will be the Russell Hantz of Big Brother


If Paul gets to F2 Josh’s WN goodbye speech may cost Paul 2 votes (if Alex is booted). Paul jr (Cody) could be the voice of reason or the nail in Paul’s coffin. Cody could become the new leader in the jury house.

With that said I think Cody would vote for Paul what do you think?

Infected nose ring hole

Don’t think it really matters what Jason says to the jury house . They will interpret houseguest stupidity for great game play by Paul. Which, no doubt he did manipulate all those morons . Then again , the fix was in long ago with 4 weeks grace .

nana 2

I think Jason with the help of the jury (except maybe matt/raven ) will see on the tape enough to not vote for paul manson. One can hope, the jury is all that is left in this game, who knows maybe even the porn star and her fake laughing cereal eating bo will take off the blinders and realize they played nothing except Pauls game.


My thoughts exactly!


Alex hatred for Kevin, probable thinking he’s behind evictions? Shows how little brain cells she has.
As to Xmas, I hope her vile mouth sends a message to her clients and her workers just how evil she really is.
Pray she and Alex never produce any offspring’s.
As to Paul, hopefully someone will challenge his bragging, MMA, and show him what a punk he really is.
Josh, grow a pair and stop the blubbering. Here’s a chance for you to be independent and be a man.
Kevin, I admire your self control as an adult and turn a cheek. Good Luck to you, in my eyes, your already a winner.


Somebody told be today that christmas is the biggest baddest bitch to ever play this game. And that person was christmas.

Josh looks like Prometheus from the horror film

Xmas talking about doing Playboy magazine looks at camera says “call me”……..talk about delusional. And with these people that’s saying something!

Not Blind

Christmas is not “bangable”.

She’s an instant turnoff.

Chief C

I’m done, Jason gone, last one I watch done with site too don’t care enough about the cartoon characters left to watch, or root for any players (and I use that word loosely) left. Enjoyed the slap punch kick comp for obvious reasons wish they’d added splash lol been tediously entertaining bye all

Kid Rock

I told you guys no matter how bad Josh wants to make the move to get Paul out nobody else will listen…. XMAS IS SO DUMB THST SHE WONT EFEN ENTERTAIN THE IDEA!!! Josh is the only one that will make a big move hit he has no one to help him


Kevin might it Josh says if I don’t save you you’re history.

Infected nose ring hole

That would of been a good game move by Josh . Take in kevin, put up Paul and Alex. And pray xmas doesn’t win the veto . Was worth a shot but Nooooo, Josh wants to ride or die with someone who doesn’t want to with Haim and take Paul to final 2 … Aha . Xmas such an idiot


I am SO wishing that Kevin steps up and wins Veto, pulls himself off, and THEN, instead of putting up Xmas, he replaces Kevin with Paul. THEN Kevin votes out Paul, Xmas votes out Alex and that brings on a tie. Josh breaks the tie by voting out Paul!!!

Kid Rock

Kevin will never Vote out Paul! Why do you giuys keep holding out hope that KEVIN WILL DO SOMETHING IN THIS GAME BESIDES WHAT PAUL TELLS HIM TO DO,….. Shut up, lay low and don’t ask any questions……

Raven's ugly horse hair

I truly believe Raven is one of the most hated and pathetic houseguests of all time and was so happy to see her blindsided. However Paul, Alex and Xmas all follow as a close second. Kevin is the only one left with any amount of decency in the house but we know he probably won’t make final two. I thought a lot about how we all could take seeing one of the other pathetic ones win this show. The only thing giving me comfort is knowing the hate out there for these people is going to destroy any chance at all of them ever getting on another reality show or profiting in any way from meet and greets or whatever. The winner is quickly going to come to a reality that the money isn’t going to be worth the backlash that will always be associated with them.


OK. Great. You said your piece. Now SHUDDUP.


Even if Alex came down and Josh put Paul up to backdoor, those fools Xmas and Alex wouldn’t vote him out!!!!! Josh played himself, unfortunately. Now he’s stuck with Paul.


Not if he takes Kevin down instead of Alex and puts up Paul.


Thought about this all day since HOH. Of the remaining HG’s who would be willing to vote out Paul? It really is that simple. As josh breaks a 1-1 tie. Alex appears to have a full douse of the mist. Kevin has been pulled in and Paul’s owns his azz. Two noes right there. It leaves Thanksgiving and Joshes ride and die. I really think there isn’t a single eviction vote for Paul.
Love Kevin win POV. Paul convinces Xmas go up. That moron actually said she would last night. Paul and Kevin evict Xmas. I’d laugh my azz off. Instead Alex goes IMHO.


Hey Simon!!! How dare you talk about Paul like that!!!

He is a true Red Belt in BJJ, a Golden Gloves Boxer, seasoned Knife Fight Boxer, 10th Degree Black Belt in Kyo Kushin. He is the only one who knows Muay Boran way before it was completely stripped down and made safe (Muay Thai).
He is the most complete fighter in the world like Yuri Boyka and he had sex with Frank Dux.

He is a world class MMA fighter and has toured with his band around the world and inside the Bermuda Triangle.

Simon put some respek on Paul’s name!


I bet Raven or Ramses could take him.


So could Stephen Hawking

Loco Motive 444

….and, he is world-class Dickhead!

Franks Fumes

You left out his modeling for garden gnomes at Lowes……


Alex has to be the biggest idiot of all time. Josh may be thinking about clueing her in but it may be detrimental to his game since she can’t keep her f**king mouth shut and runs right back to Paul like the idiot she is. I am now completely convince that Christmas was brought by production to help Paul’s game. Someone mentioned on a previous thread that Christmas said to Paul one time ‘I love your mom,’ his response was how do you love my mom you never met her. She gave him a look and he says oh never mind or something to that effect. Now last night on feed Josh as Christmas who she’s taking to final two and she says she haven’t made that decision yet (obviously Paul), then Josh says to her I’m taking you to final two if I win. This b***h then begins to list all the reasons he should take Paul instead of her , WTF??? Something ain’t right, no one would give up an opportunity like that to win 50 or 500k.


Christmas & Paul was a couple (dating)before entering the game. Big Brother set this whole thing up! Paul & Raven were friends before the show, and so was Raven & Jason they played everyone this season!


This has nothing to do with this post. But watch Kevin talks to the live feeders bb19 on YouTube. Hilarious!


Please stop inserting your personal opinions. I don’t care. I want facts without you inserting personal feelings. May be time to find a new update sight.


If a SMH emoji would work here on the comments you get like that I would be using it regularly


I love the side notes!

Teri in Oregon

Simon, don’t you DARE stop inserting your personal opinions! Pretty sure it might be what’s keeping you sane…just sayin. :)))))

Love your comments and the site, as always!


More easily dismissed than shooing a fly
Smooth Simon


Simon, he is obviously just a troll, looking for reactions.

Butters Mom

I love how those who say things like this always use Anonymous as their name… cowards

Butter's Dad

So your name is Butter’s Mom? And that IDs you how?

Butters Mom

I use it every time I post …. I have used it for the past 6 years.


Mom, Dad, please don’t fight.


piss off


No one is stopping you from finding a new site, only yourself. Its like you are a prisoner of your own mind, telling other people what to do on their site. You clearly have entitlement issues, grab your sucky, proceed to another site is your only hope for yourself.

Keep up with the personal opinions Simon/Dawg, you guys do an amazing job!!


Damn we are all going to miss you so much….kind of like we miss Frankie.


Bye felicia. nobody will miss u.


Someone sounds triggered. Time for you to take a timeout and go to your safe space. Good luck finding a better BB site than this one.


Why don’t you take your opinions to another site. Simon and the site are the best and most accurate. You must be related to one of the idiots in the house. Bye Felecia

Paul's Cattle Prodder

Maybe time for you to take a nap. Jeez, we all hate this season but don’t blame it on Simon and Dawg.


Please! do us a favor–we love their snide comments!! Bye!


Get to steppin’ !!!! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out! Bye! See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! Adios!!! Sayonara!!! Au Revoir!

P.s….MIGHT ??? BE TIME??? No…it is time!

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I love the comments Simon makes, that’s half the reason I come on here.

The Noob Sauce

Bye. C-ya later alligator. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.


Anonymous take care….Good bye


I’d rather watch D-list celebrity big brother with former players than
These terrible people and players at the point. Josh stop crying and do something!


Unless the Satanic hag Kathy Griffin is involved.

She has no soul and her heart is black.


Vampira & Alex….what a pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Kevin is a prev for letting you lay all over him for months till you sold your soul to Paul to take you farther in the game. Now you lay all over him.
You constantly berate Josh…who is supposed to be your teammate…to maintain control over him.
Xmas…..you suck the life out of anyone who is aligned with you.
Who is perverted??????

Where did they get these people? Savages R Us???


Best guess garbage dump


Xmas is so delusional. It’s amazing. She was every bit the willing participant in that Kevin debacle. We aren’t idiots like your fellow house guests, “Kitty boo boo”. You’re not going to convince us that you’re a decent person at this point. It’s insulting.


“Xmas goes on and on about how Josh never threw anyone under the bus.. .”

Except of course for his own team in the HOH comp when he insisted on going first, grabbed the golden apple for personal safety, and then went on a paranoid rant about how he knew they were all out to get him. In week 1. But wait, bringing up stuff from week 1 is only relevant when Xmas does it.


Who does everyone think was meaner in the house? Alex or Paul?

Who played a worse game? Alex or Paul?

If your answer to those two questions is Alex, why does everyone want Paul to leave first? I’m confused.


Alex or Paul?
It would be like standing in a pool of vomit and someone throws a bucket of sh*t at your head, do you take it or duck?
Neither are acceptable for most people


Well if neither are acceptable, why does everyone want Paul first if he played the better game?

I just want someone to give me one decent reason.


Because people want a real final, not a scripted Paul final. And BTW, Paul has been a nasty piece of shit in the house while Alex has just been annoying and kind of bitchy. There is no contest, Paul has been meaner in that house on so many levels that you can’t even really compare the two. He is a cruel bully who has taken full advantage of the fact that BB gave him the run of the house and told the other houseguests to do his bidding for him. He has disrespected the game on so many levels and has made this summer unwatchable. So yeah, Paul should have been kicked out for his harrassment and bullying of Jessica and Cody, who he is still obsessed with.

Same Ol' Same Ol'


Paul's Gallery of Ghouls

Sort of like your posts


No, You’re just a Paul fan. STTOP…


Instead of all the dislikes, can one person give me just ONE half decent reason why they think Paul should go before Alex? Just one.

Has Paul played a better game than Alex? Check.

Has Alex been meaner to everyone? Check.

I don’t understand. Someone please give me a valuable reason!!

…I’ll be waiting!!!!


Ales doesn’t get a pass but Paul stirred up 90% of the sh*t in this game
Reality! Check.


Because that midget with the disgusting beard, stupid floaty, shorts with suspenders, gross socks and black tattoo body makes me nauseated! Don’t even get me started on his personality! I have Paulitis and the only cure is I never have to see a photo of him ever, ever again! Not if he were the last man on earth!


Alex wasn’t mean in the beginning. She was fun and energetic and it seemed like she was there to play. Then she fell into an alliance with Paul, and Paul started the bullying, harassment and gaslighting game against Cody, and then every target subsequently, that was like the BB18 bullying of Bridgette Dunning, on crack, and turned up to 11. Alex, the avid gamer, learned from the vet who she assumed knew how this game was played, that the game was Big Bully. Show a gamer what the basic strategy and tactics for a game are, and they’ll take that and run with it to its logical conclusion. Thus, Alex became more creative and enthusiastic in being mean than Paul or Josh, with Xmas only edging her out in sheer self-deluded spite. Without Paul as the ringleader, I doubt she would have gone there on her own. Does that mean its all just game to her? I don’t think you can get that mean without it becoming personal. Either you’re cruel, or you have to rationalize cruelty by convincing yourself to hate the victim of it. I think that’s what lies behind a lot of the continued obsessive talk of evicted HG’s; keeping the hate alive in order to rationalize their actions. Still, even if there is a mean streak in her, it was Paul who started the ball rolling and brought it out full force.
As to who played a worse game, Paul and his unfair advantages so distorted gameplay, that it ceased to exist. Even Paul wasn’t really playing prior to Mark’s eviction, just leading a floating torch bearing mob. Only now is he being truly strategic, and by now, no one cares. He made the season suck.
That’s why.




As in go away … forever?

I agree.


I’m pretty confident he’s still in the house.

Yep, just checked. He’s still there.


Yeah. Go home!


Josh you meatball! You should have went to DR after Paul slapped you and said you didnt feel safe. You put his hands on you. EAZY PEAZY

Little Paulie

i hate Paul but that slap was nothing. TMZ has it posted on their website.


I know the slap wasn’t anything. You missed the point. They were all crying the blues with Cody and Mark…. Saying they were hostile and threatening. Josh could have used that in his favor and gotten Paul out without having to worry about votes. Turn the sneakiness around on Paul. SURPRISE!


Please insert your personal opinion! It’s what most think anyway, and it’s funny as heck!


Hate to tell you Homas but that’s how men talk around each other. You don’t hear it 99.99% of the time but trust me, we talk like that.


Best case Alex or Kevin win veto pull them self off Paul goes up and goes


This is sickening… both Alex and Christmas are tongue wrestling trying to get their lips around Pauls 1.5″ hairy c*ck… can’t these b*tches play their own game?

Jessica's Birth Control

Pauls 1.5? hairy cl*t

I fixed your post…..


Wow…you have some lovely followers Simon. Real pigs.

Franks Fumes

It’s called a sense of humor…..get one you’ll love it.


U R sickening! I didn’t think comments like yours were allowed.
U R vile anonymous. Ewwwww!


How does Paul get away with slapping Josh? Isn’t physical violence grounds for ejection ?


Yeah I saw the slap and I don’t understand why everyone is downplaying it, there was clear malice behind it from the look on Pauls face. Let’s put it this way, if you walked up to someone on the street and did the same thing you would be arrested. Simple as that. Paul is clearly starting to lose it, he sees the finish line and the only thing standing in his way is an hysterical Josh so he slaps him like a b*tch! Unbelievable.


Shocked that the Headline was from Xmas…thought for sure Alex was having another delusional fantasy!
Hey, Xmas!!! Heads up…when you dry hump a guy every day, cuddle, compliment, and use him he might get the idea you like him! Kevin’s wife should give you a heads up!!! YOU are the disrespectful one, not Kevin!!! YOU ARE an attempted home wrecker… Just because you jumped on the Charles Manson bandwagon does not make us forget your previous behavior!

Jessica's Birth Control

Allison Grodner is now passing out the bonus money to the jury to make sure she has the necessary votes for a paul victory. Josh xmas alex and kevin have received their bonus money from AG for following the script the rest of the way. Pauls’ mother has been given her bonus money for “recommending” her employee xmas as a houseguest. Xmas has been confirmed as a player in BB20. The BB writing team is working on the outline for next years script. CBS will be signing another extension for more BB seasons.


Jessica is beautiful and she`s such a nice person. I love her paticion for beauty


I am sorry, not being mean, but I can usually figure out words that are spelled wrong or interpret words that get literally get lost in translation (my dad is an immigrant so years of experience) – but what in the world is “paticion”???




Ahhhhh PASSION. Makes so much sense. You are awesome for figuring that out. Very impressed!

Go home Paul

I’ve been played. Depressing!


Christmas thinking she deserves to be there more than Kevin is laughable..


Even her dildo tries to hide from her.


I bet Shitmas has a colection of Dildo`s….

September 21st

20-9 = 11

11 more days of watching these POS’S!!!!


All 4 of you sucks big balls!!!!!!

p.s. Raven and Matt you are the 2 MOST PATHETIC houseguests in the history of big brother!!

OK I feel better now!


This is how they (cbs) gets a Kevin win.
He does nothing all summer. He gets dragged to the end. Get Gs to talk smack about him. People feel sorry. By some miracle he wins at perfectly timed comp.
Next thing he’s winning the game . Nobody complains that he sucked at the game because “everyone was so mean.”
All he had to do was play the pitiful old man card.
What happened to the Kevin who was a gangster? Who had mob connections.
Some sneaky crap going on to get Kevin to where he’s at without doing a damn thing in the game.
They probably told him (Kevin) to follow Paul’s lead and to look sad and pathetic.
I bet at the end it’s Paul and Kevin.

Jessica's Birth Control

Why would CBS want a kevin win? How does that help for next year?

Angry granny

Josh, Grow some cajones! Xmas, stop the verbal assault on Kevin. Paul, Drop dead! Alex, Drop Dead!

My votes are for Kevin for AFP, but I wouldn’t object to Cody getting it. Sure Kevin got that $25,000 at the beginning of the game, but he has 7 kids and a wife. Xmas, Paul, Josh and Alex are not even hitched. Cody is a war hero. Nobody complained about James having a kid out of wedlock, but a whole bunch of folks did about Cody. Jessica didn’t and knows.


I was soooooo mad when they insulted his military background and called him un American! They got to the lowest of low this season.


Most epic fail award goes to Alex for avenging her “ride or die” (stupid f’in saying, its an alliance kids!) by nominating Kevin and Raven…… not the HOH that voted him out on live tv, and not the guy who came back crying his eyes out after his turn to vote. Is Josh crying his eyes out b/c he just voted to evict Kevin?! F-no!! Alex, you are my choice for #1 worst player this season, hands down.


What the hell is wrong with that F in Christmas did Paul tell her that trash and now she’s blaming it on Jason Kevin maybe a lot of things but he is not a pervert and I don’t recall Jason and Kevin any sort of conversation about Jason or Kevin banging Christmas in the Juri house only conversation I recall Kevin did asked Jason you think they bang in the Juri house referring to Mark and Elena or Matt and Raven or just asking a question for Christmas or Paul to have come up with such a lie of such personal someone should sue what Jason said when everybody was bashing Kevin in locker room talk was locker room talk about what Christmas is saying is here ungodly trash and evil


Blame that moron Jason for telling Shitmas about it. Supposedly the boys said it 2 months ago but once Kevin was on the outside and Jason thought he was in the cool kids gang he told Shitmas because that’s what he does, he trashes the weaker people while sucking Paul’s hemorrhoid.


I’m a huge fan of Dan bb10/14 but I hadn’t watch the feeds… how was him????


Not that great, game wise, but just extremely lucky.


Even if Alex wins and Josh puts up Paul no way these minions are voting him out Christmas and Alex would sacrifice themselves before letting there love Paul go out! I do think it would be funny if they all threw it to Kevin and then Josh puts Paul up against Alex and josh can somehow convince him to vote Paul out(but even this I can’t see happening since Paul has groomed Kevin since day 1) and then Christmas votes for Alex and josh sends Paul home! Like someone else said on here Josh has played himself because everyone else has Paul’s back at this point and it’s too late to get him out!

online player

Where’s Paul gonna find a hot gnome chick?

im sure, Darwin, when Paul wins $ 500,000, the women will find him, especially Raven.

Simon, keep up with the great comments. It makes for a more interesting review of the feeds.
Do you think they’ll block the live feeds from Monday to Friday night this week for the final four and eviction?



Backseat Driver

“Celebrity Big Brother”……..? I heard a rumor this could include past BB players. Guess who that would include–Frankie! What a load of crap! So many of us are disappointed as to what BB has turned into and now this! Sad……


There are rumors going around that the Veto came down to Chrismas and Alex, and that Alex won it. Paul wants Alex to not use it on herself so that Kevin goes


Great job Dawgs and Simon keep up the great work.
Cody for AFP