“One of us is going to win, one is going to get 2nd place & one is going to get America’s f***ing favorite!”

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7:10pm Kitchen. Paul and Alex.
Paul – if I win everything from here on out, that’s 10 comp wins and having never been on the block. Biggest target from the beginning coming into the game. What more can I do?! If I can control it to the end. I don’t know homie?! I’ll do my best. Alex – I’m not going to hug any of you when I leave, just be prepared. Paul – okay. Alex – I’m not doing anything with Josh after this… he’s been a cry baby this whole game and I’m over it. Cry baby bullsh*t. You can’t cry when you’re going to make a power move. You can’t cry when you hurt someone’s feeling. Why are you crying because you hurt someone’s feelings. I’m mad at Christmas too because she can’t compete. She couldn’t compete in the last veto and she thinks she’s going to win this… NO! So there are a lot of people that don’t want your friendship after this .. the only person I know for sure is Jason Dent. Counterfeits! He was right, god dammit! I think you could sweep them in the comps but Josh is getting better. Paul – I’m not worried about him. Especially with mental and physical comps. Alex – I hope we have a surprise eviction tomorrow. Paul heads outside. Alex tells America that she is getting boned and hopes they vote her for America’s favorite.

7pm Backyard. Josh and Christmas studying.
Christmas – Paul and I will be gunning for HOH. Josh – And I’ll be gunning for the veto. Christmas – I’m going to be leaning on you guys to win it. We need to pull through for Paul .. he’s been winning a lot of competitions. Christmas – I’m ready for us to be in the top three and to have a good time with this.. And yes, we’re going to have to make some hard decisions but I’m not thinking about sh*t until we get there. We’ll just let the competitions play the f**k out. One thing I know for sure is we will all three be friends after this. 100% friends. One of us is going to win, one of us is going to get second place and one of us is going to get America’s f**king favorite! And if that doesn’t happen, then we all get to tour the world together. Josh – I love you guys. Christmas – what do you want people to know about what you did in the game so far strategically-wise. That you have taken the most honorable route possible.

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7:36pm Living room. Alex tells “all the Paul fans” that Paul is pulling a cowardly move. Jason Dent wouldn’t have done that. Such a counterfeit. Counterfeit!

8:25pm Paul and Christmas are working out in the backyard. Meanwhile in the havenot room – Alex is reading the bible.

8:40pm Paul and Kevin playing pool.

8:50pm – 8:56Christmas and Josh.
Christmas – he talked to her and says that she has checked out. It was just a day of unnecessary emotion. Josh – I’m just going to chill and not talk to her any more. Josh heads inside. Josh talks to Paul. Josh – I don’t think she will bad mouth us. Paul – I think when she gets out of here she will be over it.

9pm HOH room – Paul and Josh.
Paul – I’m drained bro! I’m drained. I’ve been forced to play a certain game. People hate me now. Christmas joins them. Josh – I know, I came in here and I could play any game I wanted. I knew that but that wouldn’t be myself. You didn’t have that option. Kevin didn’t do anything and look where he’s at. Literally didn’t speak for 82 days, didn’t fight with anyone, didn’t cause anything. We’ve just been honest and ourselves. Everyone else tried to play these characters and their lies came to the forefront. The only way you were going to make it to this point was if you did it how you did. Paul – I had to play cut throat and people will hate me for it. Paul – and f**king potty mouth?! Josh – we’re the villains. You want to see us cry in the corner?! No, we called people out. We have 9 days left. I am just grateful that I had you two. There are a lot of fake motherf**kers in this house and I’m just glad I found you two. Nobody has this, everyone was throwing their ride or dies under the bus .. except us. Christmas – the only other people were Matt and Raven. Paul – but they didn’t do anything. Josh – if you guys want to do a split vote because I f**ked up, then I’ll do it. Paul – no.

9:55pm Paul and Kevin play a game of pool. Kevin – so right now I just let things go all week and don’t talk? Paul – yes. Kevin – so is the reason they don’t talk to me, is it because they don’t want Alex to see us talking? Paul – I don’t know their reasons for not talking to you. Josh comes out and tells them to come to the living room.

10:20pm Josh – We got a message from POP and it says “Hey house guests, you’ve been working your magic all season long so celebrate by making a unicorn milk shake. Tips: Blend ice cream, Strawberries and milk, divide into the classes and add the sprinkles. Decorate to you hearts content. From your friends at POP!” Alex is not having it and goes back to bed. (Poor sport) Paul – you know who played everyone? Starbucks and their unicorn milkshake.

Alex – I’m not normally such a poor sport but I don’t want to hang out with these people that have lied to me. Christmas who says she doesn’t want to be carried to the end. Does want to win HOH on her own. Josh who says he wants to play a good game and then kicks out all the good players. And then Paul has me throw all the competitions he’s won and then gets to win. Kind of salty so I don’t want a milk shake. But my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard.

Josh – this is exactly what we needed.

11pm Christmas and Paul start horsing around with Josh. Paul chases Josh around the backyard and throws the ball at him. Christmas rams Josh with her unicorn horn. Big Brother tells them to stop horsing around.

11:55pm Backyard. Alex – that’s right, Mr. Friendship is afraid to go head to head and lose again because he doesn’t want to let down all his friends again. But I think taking your friend to the end is worse. That’s not friendship, that’s not boys, that’s playing people. If you guys had seen me praying for him to win so that both of us could advance to first and second .. god you would hate Paul. But I don’t hate him, I’m actually going to give him a fair assessment. Out of Kevin, Christmas and Josh.. Paul is going to get my vote. I’m going to go to jury and I’m going to try and make sure everyone votes for him. Is he a Skeezebag? Yes! Is he a douche? Yes! Did he play me? Yes! And if you watch back you’ll see me not running during the comic book ones because I wanted him to catch up because he was going to pull me off. But he played me, absolutely played me. Whatever, hopefully you guys like me enough and see that I’ve played a good game so that you guys vote for me for America’s player. I’m going to try and get Jason to vote for you but I don’t think he will. You (Paul) say its not all about the money but you’re choosing the money over friendship. You greedy motherf**ker. Getting second place two seasons in a row is better than winning if its not all about the money.

someone has finally figured out Paul played her.
Alex – then he cries about it.. (Paul)
Alex – counterfeit sons of b1tches
Alex – oh we’re doing all these things when we get out.. no we’re not you’re probably lying about that too

The back yard get’s shutdown

1:19am Paul and Xmas chit chat
Paul talking about his perfect “Ice cappuccino” and how he’s fought with people at starbucks to order it.
Xmas goes on about her short whole milk latte that she orders she goes on about all the people at starbucks can never get her order right.

Due to life events we may not be updating from noon until 8pm today. We will be releasing an update to highlight the missed Feeds. Sounds like Josh, Xnas and Paul are going to attack Kevin to make him crumble so he doesn’t win the HOH. It’s the basic tactic they’ve done all season. Then they will justify it and tell everyone they have big hearts so stayed tuned for that

Power of Veto Ceremony results

Paul did not use the Power of Veto. Alex and Kevin remain on the block.

WE have no idea yet how these next 3 days will play out. Wednesday there is a pre taped eviction where ALex will most likely be going to Jury. Thursday is a live eviction. So in the next 2 days they have to do an eviction, HOH, POV, and POV ceremony. There will be some sort of feed blockage during this. Chances are the feeds will be down tomorrow all day and back wednesday after the episode. WE’ll post once we find out ourselves.

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Josh's Eye-Ball

i just saw the clip of josh & Paul. Omg I couldn’t stop laughing so much. Josh’s face was hilarious. The way his eyes almost popped out of his face was priceless! Paul really is showing his true snake form to him!

I just don't know

Paul will more than likely make it to the end. I’m not sure however that he realizes he is not playing a derrick game, but a dan and Russell (survivor) game. Dan played an awesome game the season he won and the second season he made it to the end, he played dirty and it came back to bite him in the ass. The jury members all know what Paul has done and will continue to do. It may be enough for them to vote for whoever is sitting next to him.

Cody Is A Robot

Josh absolutely blew up Paul’s game to Jason in his goodbye message. I just hope Jason acts on it by sharing with the jury.


Jason in jury-“Hey everybody! Gather around, I’ve got a scoop about Paul that y’all need to know. Paul…… is playing the game. That’s about all I’ve got.”


I want to know Paul a d Christmas r sleeping I. Same bed


I woldn’t put Paul in the same category as a Russel Hantz. Russel (and his evil twin) play evil and dirty. And while I do think he is closer to a Dan Geesling status, Dan lost sitting next to Ian! Ian the underdog that won the POV when he really need it. Xmas is a gimp that is NOTHING. Josh did win that ball comp on his own, but so far, Josh was a bully. Nothing like Ian. So, while I would love for the jury to be bitter and vote for John or Xmas over Paul, I doubt they will.

sunny dee

dan underestimated his opponent, and dismissed the fact he’d have had a much better shot at winning had he made sure danielle was sitting next to him, and he could play both the winning the game and coaching someone’s every move all the way to the end. being chosen as f2 by winning ian, because he didn’t think ian would even win imo,


Here’s a simple question that can come from the jury:
Q: How many people did you have a final 3 alliance with?
Josh: I had a final 3 with Paul and Christmas.
Paul: I had a final 3 with Josh & Christmas…and Matt & Raven…and Jason & Alex. (or he can lie about it and offend them even more).
Paul is putting himself in the final 2 with somebody truly unique (when has anybody had the luxury of going into the final 2 with somebody so insanely obnoxious that he was almost assaulted by four different house guests?)
I think Josh wins but I may be under-estimating the stupidity of this jury. Paul is Russell Hantz from Survivor (a more polished version). His game is making final 3 and final 2 deals with everybody. That’s usually a good strategy for finishing second. But he gets to go to final 2 (if things work out his way) with somebody that banged pots and pans in people’s faces and fried their last nerve. This finale is going to be an interesting social experiment.

social experiment

Maybe Paul losing could be the best thing for the future of BB. Maybe Paul losing will help reduce the vile behavioe by future HGs.
And I am still going for Jason as AFP.


SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: I gave a thumbs up for your first two sentences but not your third.


I know right. If josh was smart he would tell Christmas and Paul that he was down for the plan to tie the vote and when it came time for him to be the tie breaker he would keep Alex. He would have a strong competitor on his side and that might keep him off the block. Because Paul is obviously already planning his demise. It seem so clear to me that Paul plans to take Kevin to final 2 it just blows my mind that these idiots can see it.


The only thing wrong with that is that Paul will tell Alex that he got Josh to keep her. Christmas would back him up. Although it would make our week more interesting when they all turn on each other. So I hope that happens since Paul keeps offering to do it. Tie vote, Josh votes out Kevin. I still don’t want Paul, Alex or Xmas to win. Josh for the win if he keeps Alex. Josh and Kevin final two if he keeps Kevin. Still want Cody as AFP.

Kid Rock

Who’s Head is more up Paul’s ass Thumbs up for Alex or Thumbs down for Xmas??? The MIST IS REAL….


I don’t think he will take Kevin. If he does he loses both Xmas and Josh’s vote. I don’t think he will risk that. He still is going to win if he takes the other 2 idiots. He screwed Alex and she is still going to vote for him. Cody did say a while back that even that he can’t stand Paul he will vote for him because he is playing the game. I don’t like Paul, and hope he doesn’t win, but he is the only one out of the 4 remaining that actually played the game. Kevin who I like threw every comp Paul told him to, Josh just tried to get under every targets skin and Xmas just hopped around the house for 90 days.


I tend to differ. They were all playing the game. Unfortunately the were all playing Paul’s game.. Matt and Raven both left the game thinking they played because….Raven:I teamed up with Paul and three comps for him.,Matt: I deserve to be here because I threw all the comps they asked me to and went on the block as a pawn. Would people like that hold it against you for playing Paul’s game or see how much you did for Paul and reward you because you did it better? Remember Paul CAN’T win because he’s a vet so I don’t think he has Matt and Ravens vote locked up if they remain mister in jury. Just a thought.

Roll Tide

Kevin threw the comps because Dictator Paul told him if he didn’t Paul would make sure he was the next one voted out. Paul threatened a man much older than he. Very mean of the Dictator to make Kevin stay in his room and not talk to anyone for over 3 weeks while he is telling lies about Kevin, ensuring that the remaining houseguest hate Kevin.
Kevin for America’s Favorite Player. He has been abused by the three Bullies in the house.
Hurricane Irma caused a lot of damage in Florida. We have not had power since Saturday till this afternoon. Very fortunate to not have any damage. A lot of tree debris and a few parts to other houses. God is good!

social experiment

All true if Josh was not playing Big Baby instead of Big Brother. He is very co fortable being a bully one mi ipite and a little baby the next..rather strange


Oh I agree. I always loved how Josh felt big and tough when banging the pots and bans to annoy someone or when he would attack someone and as soon as they took a step towards him or when the person he was attacking went back at him, he would run off to the room and cry about what that person said or did. But, he thinks its okay for him to do/say anything he wants but how dare them respond…the nerve. Josh I don’t think will ever see nor admit that he did anything wrong. He is to comfortable being the victim.


Kevin will win F4 veto. One of the other 3 will go to jury pissed, and tell the jurors everything about Paul’s game. Kevin warns Paul that if he cuts him at F3, Kevin will poison the jury. Paul does the math and takes Kevin to F2. Kevin wins 5 to 4.


You lost me at Kevin is going to win a veto. What have you observed this season which leads you to believe that Kevin winning any kind of competition is a realistic possibility?


F3 has no time to poison the jury, they are cut on finale night.


Sunday’s episode was so stupid, so staged by production! No way even Alex would believe that crap. It was a comedy of errors. So obvious, just downright disturbing. BB no more credibility whatsoever!


Josh deserves a prize for the facial expression. That was one of the best moments of the season! lol


It was great to see his reaction, he could not believe it! I hope Kevin/Xmas win in the next HOH and Josh wins the veto and sends Paul to jury. Is a long shot but surely will make me happy!

Big Brother Production

Absolutely laughable that Alex finally realizes Paul and the others have been playing her the entire time, and now she’s bitching about it. She had the opportunity right in front of her on thursday, considering it was no secret who evicted her only friend in the house. What a dumb girl. One of the worst players in Big Brother history.


she had the opportunity her first hoh. elena told her to keep paul safe even though he still had the 3 weeks of safety, if that wasn’t a big red flag then that paul was playing all side of the house then, she was hopeless.


Still clueless. Thinks she’s in the running for AFP. lol.


AFP in her dreams, she is delusional. She could win if they had a price for being a psychotic witch!


She realized Paul played her but she is still giving him her jury vote…


She still isn’t really on to Paul. Keeps saying he is making a cowardly move. She still thinks he was planning to take her to the end but can’t because he’s afraid of josh and xmas.


U right about that…not to mention all those comps she threw and made jadon throw….i mean…who the hell throws comps….she def messed up her game and Jason. Wonder if he will ever forgiv her . Then again he got his own shit to worry about…like the mentioning raping kevins wife and talki g about holding down house guess so paul and matt canhav their way with her. I think hes gonna get a bunch of bbacklash and probably lose his job..


Jason is self employed so its doubtful he will lose his job.


Self-employed or not, If no one hires him, he’s shit outta luck. No money coming in.


Backlash, definitely – lose his job? doubt it. What he said about Kevins wife/family is disgusting. I have no doubt that his wife as well as his family will have things to say about that. Wonder what Jason would think/say/do if someone in there ever said those things about his wife? You would think that someone who has a wife and child wouldn’t speak that way about another mans wife or children – you know he would lose his mind if found out someone in that house talked about his wife that way. Kevin is no better with the things he said about xmas – He has 6 daughters – he wouldn’t like any of those things said about them. Its not like either of these men are teenagers and don’t know any better. I am just dumbfounded over the things all of these people in the house have said. Its really sad when there isn’t anyone in there I hope wins. Is it wrong that I wish we could vote for the owl to win and to get AFP too??? LOL


Cody told ppl this would happen. Should’ve listened to him.

Franks Fumes

Cody was not a smart player on any level…..he would have been targeted no matter what it’s just the others are so despised that people long for Cody because he hated Paul so much. (Lol) In my opinion Kev deserves AFP no contest…..it’s a award for likability not comp wins.


Kevin is going to win AFP in a landslide. Anyone who votes for Cody is wasting their time. The casual BB viewer (the majority) views Cody as a cold and socially inept individual.


I doubt Kevin is going to win AFP in a landslide. I will be surprised if he is even in the top 3


I don’t long for Cody to be back in the house – I didn’t like him when he was in there. I am still happy he was gone long ago. I really don’t get why so many talk about how they are going to vote for Cody for AFP…really? why? Many of the people I have seen post they are voting for Cody left me shaking my head because of the things they were saying about Cody when he was in the house.


One word…..D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L!

Sick and tired

Christmas leaves house for days, votes for eviction from hospital been handed comps and she will get 3rd place at least. Paul is a douche, Josh is a cry baby and all 3 of them are bullies. It sucks because it’s inevitable. I really do pray for a bitter jury and that Alex will open her eyes and not vote for Paul. For me the only thing that at least makes it a little better is that Paul(production) somehow doesn’t win


I’d rather Paul over Xmas


Watching bbad and Xmas is talking about what Alex said in her goodbye dr to Jessica that she will take care of Cody for her…how does Xmas know this?Alex can’t talk about her dr sessions.


Christmas smells like protein shakes and flounder.
Toe jam! That’s not a game!

Spare me the childishness

What are you, 12?!?


Probably sneeky production again…they seem to def b controling the game…in favor of xmas and paul…with the bullshit 3 week safety thing and xmas leaving house but still able to play not to mention those strong as oxys they had her on making her slur when she talked half the time and brain fogged the other half…yet she was still able to continue






Alex needs to stop begging and listing allof her accomplishments so she can get AFP…maybe she should remember how shes been an ass and basically used yhe whlle summer andmessed up her ride or dies game too.

I thought they would hav told josh about miami being hit by Irma. Hope his fam is ok..i think will be taking it very hard that he was in bb house while his fam life and house in jeapordy. I know hes gonna wish he there to help especially if he dont win anything.

I still think jess should win AFP after all the bulling she went thru plus her and cody were the only ones smart enough to try and get paul out asap.

I surely hope kevin dont mak it to final 2. He already got 25k


Part of her rant in the back yard was “Jason you were right, I was wrong. You were right about Jillian. You were right about Christmas wanting to come after you. You were right about Paul.I should have listened to you and now I got you evicted.” She talked about how he was always there for her. The only reason she won any of the competitions was because he beleived in her and told her she could etc etc. She did a good job of realizing that she f..d up his game. She mentions how Paul etc were sneaky and lied and that when she didn’t like someone she told them and wasn’t nice to their face, like Kevin. She had quite the epiphany tonight about how stupid she had been.


I wonder if Alex and Jason hear the echos of Codys voice telling them they are giving Paul the game. Jason never mentioned it in his Q&A after eviction. In fact he seemed puzzled when asked who was running the house. Unbelievable

Angry granny

Paul should take Kevin to final 2 because he is in the game because Kevin took that first 25K offered. That would be true gratitude, but Paul doesn’t have a conscience so I doubt that will happen. If that happens, I hope Kevin wins the 500K, plus the AFP.

Butters Mom

Kevin has mentioned several times that he and Paul plan to open a restaurant together with their winnings. Not sure if Paul really has intentions of honoring that or if it was just something he said to get Kevin’s loyalty but… it has been something that was discussed. Kevin also assumes if he goes to the final 2 with Paul that he will get 2nd place but is ok with that because he already has the $25K.


His family asked them not to tell him about it.


Not everyone of HG are on cameras sometimes so I think they talk about it to each other sometimes when they know the cameras are not focused on them. When they have fish and are locked up in HOH room they probably discuss stuff when the cameras are off of them also. This is a reality tv show and a lot of it is scripted and bb owns them so they do what cbs tells them to do.


I caught xmas repeating alwx goodbye message to jess too and thought same thing…there is no way she should know that unless production told her.

Same thing with Paul telling Kevin what all the final comps would be…1. How does he know and 2 if Kevin is going why would he need to know?
Paul has known all season which comps were coming and even told production he would get them all to throw the one they did. They congratulated him and said ” why did we even bother assembling the comp?”

Now we have Shitmas and Paul snuggling and sleeping in bed boy will she feel played when Paul sends her packing or rather gets someone else to do it for him.

Too much info shared btwn production and Paul completely infair to other HG and its like they were rewarding him for inciting all the bullying.

The only thing that is going to make from now until the final bearable is if Josh or Production do something to get Paul out .

Let us not forget Josh has said clearly that he was sought out by 17 to be on the show and dis not apply so he has been paid to be on the show and be productions pawn they could move about. This exists every year but they have never let them be so bullying and harassing.

Pauls gallery of scummy a$$holes

But she did have to eat Allison Grodners nasty box to get on the show.


Your parents must be so proud.

Oh Yea - Karma

Wonder what would happen if everyone in jury refused to vote, or wrote their own winner. I know tis can’t happen, but it would show BB to stay out of the game and not bring back old players.


Should vote for “Production” to win ~ let them know we know how they manipulated this season.

Big Baby

In the words of Josh, “Alex, you played yourself!” After all HER counterfeit moves, I love seeing her realize that SHE was blinded by Paul. It’s hilarious to hear her beg for AFP! In what universe??

Alex is done XD

Yeah totally worth it to see Alex game cone crashing down. I am basking in Alex’ despair and it feels wonderful. She was a terrible player and an even worse ride-or-die. You shouldnt be in rhe bb house to make friends dummy


Wow Alex now you decide to open your eyes. You had plenty of opportunities to play the game . 1st Cody went against everybody in his “alliance” to keep both you and Jason safe. What did you do in return , you throw the hoh to Paul so that Cody can be evicted. And then once again Cody tried to work with even though you betrayed him and again you have a hand in his second eviction. Then mark lays out exactly what Paul is doing and you still don’t listen. You’ve been so focused on Kevin who hasn’t done anything to you that you led Jason straight to his eviction and completely missed the snake that was right beneath your feet. Just take responsibility for your own demise in this game. When you look at it Alex has had more opportunities than most. Jason and Cody were both competition beast and she screwed both of those up.


she had 6 opportunities to make sure she was secure…
ill tell you each
Cody tells her he wants her to be safe…. and wants to work with Jason and her… blew it for Pauls Game
Had a chance to put his alliance and him up 3 TIMES….. blew each putting up Dom and Jessica (who Jason said Jessica would be a number for them to win if she just puts up Elana, Raven, matt, or Mark… easy street…… she put up Elana and Jason just so she can backdoor Cody like a moron … the guy keeping you in the game twice… and this last double where in your moon pie face they betrayed you and you still went after Kevin….. idiot
Had a chance to make sure Jury atleast had your back… and you snaked Kevin…. you snaked Matt… you snaked Cody.. and you snaked Elana… no one will vote for you in the end and will laugh at “Queen petty” when she enters in and be like “how this happen”
And the very last one…. WHEN JASON put up Matt and Raven and ept them on the block… she could have at least made sure to keep Kevin, Jason, and Josh in her back pocket.. instead she snaked them all for Paul…..


You are right, she thought she knew it all!! Poor Josh, I think it’s a bit too late…


I can’t to see Cody rub it in their faces that they shouldn’t have trusted paul


Bang on, ROKC. I wish someone would get this comment to Julie so she could read to Alex when she’s evicted. Sometimes it’s easy for the viewing audience to say what people should/shouldn’t do or who they should/shouldn’t trust because we’re seeing so much more than they are, but in this case? Christ Alex has been an idiot. She’s had so many chances, had things happen right in front of her, that she should’ve seen as huge red flags, but nope, gotta trust that “friendship.” You’d think that Jason being evicted in a blindside would’ve finally woken her the hell up but man, winning that HOH and putting up Raven and Kevin was so mindblowingly stupid, it was just the cherry on top of the sh*t sundae that was her game this summer.

SIDENOTE: I’m over-the-moon that Raven was booted from the house because holy balls she was insane and exhausting, but the fact that Alex put her up with Kevin? And Kevin was her target? Stupid move and a waste of an HOH on a double eviction.


Dominic also warned them that Paul was a snake & no one listened! What a bunch of idiots! Everyone’s laughing fools!


In all fairness, Dom sounded a bit off her rocker that last week. I wouldn’t have listened to her either lol


Well said Rokc! I agree completely!


I think Alex and Christmas should just marry each other because no man would ever want these two bitches..


Scissor is a cross fit comp?!?!


Sorry Alex the AFP award belongs to Kevin. He has in in the bag. I have been predicting America’s fav for years now and I never have been wrong.


I never understood why people like Donnie so much ..I did not like him I think everything she saw Alex has Seen about Donnie she put that on to Kevin Donnie was very condescending and entitled to win the money without really doing anything ..Kevin is very likable unlike Donnie ?…


Donnie was very condescending and entitled……..

I watched the feeds that year Donnie was about as condescending and as entitled as mother theresa


Paul, Alex, Xmas, Josh think one of them will be AFP……………hopefully, not bloody likely! Kevin doesn’t deserve it either. He floated through & never won a damn competiton. He still doesn’t see Paul as the vile creature he is. Why would anyone reward him with the AFP?


because most of America doesn’t watch the feeds and sees just edited versions. so America still loves Paul and Josh and Kevin.


Agreed Kelli. The average BB viewer doesn’t perceive these house guests the same way as those who post on these boards. In the “water cooler” talk I’ve engaged in I’d say that Paul isn’t really loved but most feel strongly that he has played an incredible strategic game. They seem to like Kevin as a person (I think he is a lock for AFP) but don’t consider him worthy of winning the $500K.


I don’t get the Kevin for AFP thing….he has done nothing except say “I did what you told me Paul. How do I vote Paul? What do you want me to do now? Sit in my room and don’t talk to anyone? O.K. Paul” Not a great player…. ruins the game if this is the best strategy.


Doesn’t have to be a great player to win AFP. AFP stands for America’s Favorite Player…not best game player.


Re Kevin…. How can a favorite player be someone who DIDN’T play the game at all? No strategy, no contribution…. already got his 25K plus jury money. That’s enough.
At least vote for a player… don’t care who, but someone who did something ….

social experiment

Personally I prefer Jason for AFP, he made a bad comment but showed Kevin more respect than Kevin even showed himself. Jason played the game, Kevin did not, he let Paul treat him like an idiot. No self repsect

Butters Mom

There were things that I liked about Jasons personality that made him fun to watch but, his blindly following Alex rather than his own intuition or at least fighting for his stance at the very least with Alex rather than rolling over for her made him unappealing to me. I did like his exit out of the house (wish he had taken the coffee table route) but, his cluelessness in his after interview just showed me that he still didnt get it. I think he has a good heart but, he’s a trusting dummy.


Your wrong .

Jessica's Birth Control

Can josh get out the pots and pans and torment Alex? This is turning into one giant Alex Pity Party. How come they wont act like evil shits now? You f@cks would all be going off on Kevin if paul called a code red on him. so why are you all acting like pussies? xmas and josh are suddenly pussies when its alex in the cross hairs. And alex is a pussy when its josh and xmas she has to confront. Alex must be running low on her male transition meds and xmas must be off her steroid cycle. I noticed when they were wearing their stretch pants both xmas’ and alex’s penis bulge looked alot smaller.

Jessica's Birth Control

Even if paul does not have the votes in jury, Allison Grodner will come to the rescue. Production will be polling the jury to get an idea how they will vote. I fully expect Grodner and CBS to hand out bonus money to all jury members to vote for paul. Since entire season was rigged and scripted, I have no doubt the jury will be rigged. They will all be getting a big fat kevin sized/$25,000 check for giving paul at least 5 votes.


Mark tried to tell her what was going on before his eviction and she said if you see me in jury you can say I told you so. Get ready Mark. PAul just said on BBAD that he thinks everyone hates him for the way he played, finally said something truthful. Xmass may be the biggest dope in the house.

Franks Fumes

She’s definitely on the most dope this season


Mark didn’t try to tell her what was going on because Mark didn’t know what was going on. However even if he did she would not have believed him. She was sure Paul, Jason and her had a final 3 together and he was just telling everyone else what they needed to hear to advance their final 3. Pretty much what everyone else believed. The only one that he has kept his promise to is Kevin who thought they had a final 4. Imagine Kevin’s surprise when he ends up in final 2.


The other truthful thing both Paul and Xmas said is that they are both douche canoes with Starbucks staff. Not hard to picture. I guess both don’t see Starbucks as potentially useful corporate sponsors if they’re willing to out-do each other with entitled LaLa coffee stories.


Alex thinks she can get AFP by begging for it!

That is the best laugh I’ve had this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about AWP (America’s Worst Player). She’d get my vote for that…….

Bye Alex….so glad to see you go……………


Jessica was on Twitter begging for ppl to vote for her & Cody. So they can do it… I would give the AFP prize to charity because NOBODY this season deserves that title. Everybody said or done bad things, so why vote for either? BB19:The Season of A**holes

Franks Fumes

Could Shitmas be anymore delusional…..Paul explained to them that they are hated yet Shitmas continues to have these visions of grandeur. Poor stupid Josh is gonna have the worst wake up call and is least equipped to deal with it. The world tour of these assholes are comin to your town soon……jeez these f#cking people are the worst.

social experiment

Seeming like X really believes Paul is taking her and Josh on a world tour and she is seeming enamored with Paul…girlfriend of 500k winner next best thing to winning
Still going with Jason for AFP

Oh Yea - Karma

Wonder what would happen if everyone in jury refused to vote, or wrote their own winner. I know tis can’t happen, but it would show BB to stay out of the game and not bring back old players.

Joe Kerr

Alex= Complete ass.

That is all.

Frankd Fumes

AFP in the final 3?….I thought they were gonna cut ol Kev at 4. LOL!

Is it over yet?

One of them will win AFP? ? ??? delusional.

Is it over yet?

One of them will win AFP? ? ??? delusional.


I love how piss-ant paul says he was the biggest target from the beginning, and fails to mention all the protection he had at the beginning also.

Ravens semen storage device

Allison Grodner said if I make her a porn tape with Frankie Grande (the other favorite of hers) I would be guaranteed the win…..Paul “I would have done it nuthin’ there’s just something about all that glitter on my ass I love.

Josh's pinata head

Josh has a pinata for a head but it’s not filled with delicious treats. Its filled with Pauls bullshit lies and Xmas delusional self improvment horseshit……..basically it’s filled to brim with other peoples shit. Gross!


Judging by the last night’s “The Revengers” trailer, I think next season will be All-Stars 2.0.
The end of the trailer says “Coming Summer 2018”

If that’s the case I won’t be watching, too many cancerous personalities (I wouldn’t even call them people)


Please ! Don’t bring back Frankie !!! I couldn’t take it!!


Depends on who they get back. There are people I would want to see. No one from this season. I have a feeling Frankie will be there, which sucks…but….Yeah that sucks.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I don’t think Frankie would ever be brought back as there was just too much hatred for him.


I can’t stand Jessie the steroid king.


Just wondering how many people that are complaining about Paul are the ones that voted to give him the advantage in the beginning.


Surely you don’t think that vote count was real, dude. Remember production controls those votes.


To answer that we’d need to ask production.

BB Scriptwriter 42

Yeah, the same way we ALL “voted” for Brendan to come back in when he was polling in 4th place the year they made SURE Wretchel “won”.


I was thinking why they won’t tell the meatballs. About his family in Miami and then I remembered that will ruin there plans for Paul to win. Lol

Jessica's Birth Control

The script has already been written. Grodner’s team is not talented enough to write Josh’s character out the next couple of episodes. And its too late to bring in another actor to play Josh’s part. Josh is also getting better with his dialogue and is making less mistakes after he is given his script. Production gives josh shorter scenes with less dialogue and he is doing much better. Not ready for the young and restless like jessica, but he is improving. Paul has good timing with josh and is able to improvise with him. The both did the Slap Scene very well.


PLEASE!!! Someone pour some chlorine into the gene pool!!!
These people cannot be this stupid…. Can they?

Bald jew prick

Christmas has the ugliest smile. Every time I see that shit eating grin I just want to punch her in her ugly face.


You’re right about her fake smile…all gums. Like a cartoon character:-0


She has chipmunk cheeks

Jessica's Birth Control

I have a big problem with the way Allison Grodner is writing this show. It reminds me of the 4th season of 24 starring Keifer Sutherland. BB19 moves from storyline to storyline, but it never explains or ties up the loose ends. and there are tons of logical fallacies with characters making nonsensical moves. For ex: Jason is evicted and alex wins HoH. You never see the logic as to why she nominated kev and raven and not her enemies. Or why she throws competitions later in the game. Everything gets wrapped up in a 5 minute “thats what paul wanted” conversation. that is it? That is just bad writing and creative laziness. Production needs to do a better job closing out the story lines and give the characters better dialogue. For ex: They should have written a scene where alex confronts paul and inquires about their final 3 or 2 deal. What happened to it? When did it change? You double crossed me and had a final 3 with xmas and josh? None of these situations were written into the script and fleshed out. They just moved on to Alex’s character moping around the house and reading the bible. There was no scene where alex and paul get together and discuss bringing kevin’s character into the alliance to replace jason’s character. That would have made for better programming. And it would lead to a scene where alex and kevins characters could get screen time and resolve their issues. then Alex’s character could target josh and xmas’s characters and put them on the block. you would then have paul xmas and josh in a whole new episode where their characters relationships are explored in light of their alliance imploding. The drama of both xmas and josh on the block and an epic POV storyline would have been fascinating. Instead every storyline and scene is explained with the generic and predictable “thats what paul wants” story arc resolution.


Two thumbs up.


Production should stay out of it and let the game be played.
If I were one of these contestants and CBS made me look that stupid, (I can’t believe EVERYONE of them are actually that stupid) I’d be pissed. I signed up to be in a game, suppose to be a game and your scripting the outcome. Gotta be something legal there…


To the person that said the HG should be pissed that they are being scripted to look so bad and there must be something legal ….

The HG that are sought out and hired to be on the show know full well they ars playing a xharacter and will be made to look good or bad depending what production wants. They even pair up the showmances.

The other HG that applied likely signed some release that said you will comply…they have pulled people from the game for non compliance before i just wish it couldve happened to Paul but he is their biggest bitch.

I'm Not Paul's Sheep

Kevin ( pulling a miracle) please win the next HoH. Put up Josh and Christmas. Josh win POV and put up Paul and vote out Paul ( if Kevin win Hoh somehow he is most likely voting out Christmas). Which I’m fine with because I would rather have him win the 500k and AFP just to screw everyone in the house of bullies.


These people are so delusional…………….AFP…………..yeah right!

Xmas is funny

Hahahahahaha! Oh my god! I can’t stop laughing! Xmas thinks one of the 3 will get AFP! Well at least she has s sense of humor! You know what I really like though is she thinks her & Paul will be an item after this. You can tell that is what she wants. Then Paul can tell her “hey meatball, you played yourself” ………well at least they made me laugh instead of wanting to puke!

Later Potater...

Just zip it Yoko Ono and head on over to the jury house.


The fact that you refer to someone of Asian descent as “Yoko Ono” says it all about the quality of your character. You have every right not to like Alex but your comment is disgusting.

A. Nonymous

Would it kill Paul to occasionally put a shirt on? I’m sick of looking at his pimply bare chest. Speaking of that, last night Christmas pops Paul’s back pimples then goes upstairs (without washing her hands) and sticks her hands in the food bags to feed herself a snack. These people are disgusting, and that house is one giant petri dish.


Yes, these sub-humans are DISGUSTING! In last season Paul claimed that he designs t-shirts (clothing industry) but that gross creep never wears clothes! Paul and Xmas gross me out – they both always look filthy and disgusting! Xmas is pampering Paul because she knows with her broken foot she could not win an endurance comp without Paul’s intervention to manipulate HGs to throw the game to her. Xmas knows she “needs” Paul to further her game, that’s why she is ass-kissing that pee-wee Paul. Xmas is just riding on Paul’s coat tails, or should I say Paul’s pimplely back! Paul and Xmas are disgusting evil scumbags! Also, did you see in BBAD when Xmas was making milk shakes she filled Paul’s glass twice and gave the last residue (half glass) to Kevin. Xmas and Paul are so crude and rude, but they think that they are hot shit! NOT!!!

Look at me....

Do the evictees go directly to deprograming before they go to the jury house or do they stay under Rasputin’s and Lucretia’s mind control until the final vote?

Franks Fumes

Yoko is so bitter…..Paul’s ” friendship ” will never be broken said Alex it’s his brand! He should brand MORON on your forehead with Jason’s branding iron you toolbox.


What Josh needs to do is tell Paul and Christmas that he wants to make the deciding vote to get rid of Alex — so tell them to split the vote. He should then, as much as it pains me to say this, vote out Kevin. He’d then have Alex on his side. He should see, by Christmas always taking Paul’s side and the two of them psychologically abusing him, that neither of them are going to take him to final 2. Christmas even said so herself — that she would take Paul. He has to even out the playing field. Kevin hates him and is another ally for Paul, so if he evicts Kevin and makes a deal with Alex, it will piss Paul off. Then it will be Paul + Christmas against Alex and Josh. In other words: Paul and a gimp who has only won comps that were handed to her, against two people that have won on their own merit (yes, I know Josh was handed comps too).


What would absolutely kill me right now. Is they send Alex to jury and Kevin wins HoH he nominates Christmas and Paul… Josh wins the Veto… and then sends Paul to jury. Final three Christmas, Josh and Kevin. The first challenge is mental… Kevin wins on a fluke, second challenge is what did the Houseguest say Christmas wins. Last challenge is physical Kevin win because of Christmas’s foot. Kevin takes Josh… final two Kevin and Josh… I would die laughing…. Just because Paul and Christmas thought they had it in the bag… it would be too funny. I would be curious about the votes. Taking Paul out would be the biggest move in the game and taking Christmas out would get Kevin votes.

Guy From Canada

The final 4 HOH is always a question thing, before/after. Everyone has even odds of winning, my money on Kevin so this could happen…..

In the F3, The first comp is ALWAYS an endurance, S-Mas is unable to compete, Kevin falls off Josh wins.

The second comp is always some sort of scramble puzzle. S-mas with one leg will be allowed to compete, but shouldn’t and kevin loses.

Third comp is the questions, Josh wins and takes Kevin to the end, Kevin win BB19.


Has Kevin won any of the previous competitions that were questions based? I wouldn’t bet on Kevin to win a game of Chutes and Ladders with my four year old daughter.


Kevin was doing pretty well in that last HOH comp which was sort of a mental one. He could pull it off. I would so love that!!!!!! Just a really big “F” you to the ones left. Watch them scramble when that happened. LOL


Nah, Paul and Christmas were doing their best to throw that comp and Josh had mixed feelings about winning. If they all try their best then Kevin has almost no chance to win any competition (mental or physical).


Paul is so evil!


And Xmas is not a motivational speaker but a dictator!

Satan in da' house

Omg, seriously got a chill when Paul went from “crying ” to that diabolical laugh! If he’s auditioning for Hannibal Lector type role, he nailed it


Yes and this scene was BEFORE Paul is telling Josh that Alex is playing him when she cries and she told him (in the sex room, in the kitchen, in storage room) she could turn it off and on at will.

In a perfect world

Christmas wins HOH, puts up Josh and Kevin…one of them wins veto, takes themself down, and Paul is put up….single vote?

The sole vote has an ephinany … voila ….. bye bye wannabe cult leader gnome


God I hope christmas or kevin win hoh and josh wins Pov and Josh votes Paul out

I would like to see Josh/Christmas/kevin in final 3

….but Paul will get Christmas/Kevin to throw the HOH to him most likely….:(


If Cody wins AFP, it will make watching this pathetic season totally worth it. The sleazy hg’s will freak out LOL


Don’t waste your time on Cody. Kevin already has AFP in the bag.


Enough already !!!!! It’s exhausting to have Josh cry every freekin’ second. It’s tiresome and annoying, is that all he’s got ????? How about having some coping abilities for fu*k sake. Did it ever occur to you to have some control over yourself instead of looking like an imbecile to everybody watching this human train wreck !! Are your testicles made out of cotton balls~~~ I’ve seen enough of your waterworks. Do you cry at Safeway because the line is too long, do you cry when the parking lot at Walmart is too full, do you cry at the Starbucks drive-thru when there’s 8 cars in front of you, do you cry at Foot Locker when they don’t have your size, do you cry at Baskin Robbins when they’re out of Rocky Road ?????? Josh, damn man give it a freekin’ rest.


Agree and him and Paul are mocking Jessica for crying to America when they bullied her…their all such hypocrites..


ROFL @ Paul asking America to vote for Alex for AFP. Alex despises most hg’s this season. I, for one, will be voting for Cody for AFP. Main reason? The way he left after being evicted – priceless. Next reason? Because Paul’s pinhead will explode. Totally worth it.


That was supposed to read I AMERICA despises most hg’s this season” lol sorry


But, it also made sense saying Alex despises most HGs this season. America would never vote for such a hateful creature.

social experiment

would rather see Cody get some a ger management classes than AFP


I can’t believe as Alex is hating on Paul tonight she says she’s giving him her vote AND she’s going to get Jason to vote for him. I hope he tells her that everything she told him to do in the game he should have done the opposite and she doesn’t get to advise him on his jury vote.


They tell Paul everything.


this is the first season where i dont watch all the episodes. There is just no one to root for. Even Cody and Jessica were not that likeable.


They’re thinking one of them will win
AFP? Not bloody likely………hopefully. Kevin does not deserve to win AFP. He has won absolutely nothing. Just floated through the whole game.


Everyone needs to go back and watch when Cody
ody was on. Then maybe you may think twice about voting favorite.

Poor Paul

Now Paul is worried everyone on the outside is gonna hate him. Yes Paul! You’re right again. Now he’s playing to the camera “poor me, I had no choice. I had to play like this”. Sorry, no one likes you anymore, hopefully not even the jury. Talking to the camera doesn’t work anymore. We’re on to you!


Out of the 5 HG left, and just focusing on game play…I think (I hate saying this) that Paul has played the better game and maybe should win But it sure would be funny if it was Paul and Kevin in the final 2 and Kevin won. That would be awesome.

Also, I am getting so sick of Josh crying ALL THE TIME!! It’s time to grow up!!!


They should have brought back the banishment punishment and Paul had to go in isolation for 24 hours then all HG could actually have a conversation without him always popping in.


Cameron for AFP (most likable player of the season)