“you know what’s sad? in 10 days I won’t be next to you guys like this”

11:50pm Kevin and Josh
JOking around..
Kevin mentions how bad he did in the POV compared to the rest of them. Apparently Paul did awesome, Kevin jokes that Paul has that BB Comics game at home he plays it daily.

Kevin says he never cooks at him, HIs wife or Daughters do. He adds that he does a lot of cleaning however.

12:10am Backyard Open
Kevin wants to win the next HOH.
Kevin – I don’t care if it’s me you and you win I’m happy… I want to see my kids
Paul – we have 9 days..
Kevin says Alex offered him a Soda and Cereal, “I was shocked.. What the f*”
Kevin says if Alex has the chance she would take a shot at Xmas and Paul.

Paul says he never voted Jason out
Kevin – you voted me out
Paul – you’re still here
Kevin – my kids are going to kill you
Kevin – who’s the biggest threat in the house right now
Paul – I know (Alex)
Kevin – tell shitmas that

Kevin – you’re the best player that has ever played the game..
Kevin – you’re good at the game of life..

Kevin – how come Josh is talking to me now.. Came in told me he loves my.. What the f*
Paul – everyone is getting crazy.. Getting close to the end..
Paul – what he say
Kevin – you’re the nicest coolest guy I’ve met . bullshit like that we never talked Game
Kevin – oh we did he asked me if I threw it.. Yeah I threw it Josh i’m on the block..

Kevin says Alex is the most manipulative person..
Kevin – she made a fool of me for no reason..

Kevin says if they make it to the end he’ll tell the jury Paul is the better of the two players.

12:29am Paul and Alex
Alex – Xmas has been saucey today
Paul – they’re both being very weird
Alex- oh my god Kevin is being so nice to me today
Alex says Shitmas was being “aggressive” but after they talked for awhile she stopped being weird.
Alex – Kevin threw the comp and is being super nice
Paul – something’s up

1:00am Working out or screwing around…

Some houseguests are just 2 fights away from a pro MMA career

1:22am Shitmass and Paul

Paul is asking why Josh is tripping so hard
Xmas – he thinks everybody in jury hates him
Paul – everybody in jury hates all of us.. Are you kidding me
Paul – I don’t know why he’s so focussed on Juty that’s said and done..

Paul claims “pui$$y” footing around jury is not in his character.
Paul – what are you doing Josh.. I don’t know why you’re worried about being nice all of a sudden..

PAul goes on about Evel Dick being ruthless..

Paul says he’s going to have a long talk with Josh.
Xmas – he needs to know the why not just the how.. He’s got a fish memory

Xmas – he has teo see the butterfly effect psychologically.. He needs you to pull him thru the maze in your head.. You just need to sit down and talk to him in a way that’s just not game it has the emotional impact of the decisions..
Xmas – he’s a very.. It’s just like he just doesn’t listen 1/2 the time and just agrees.. (Pain pills)

Paul – when he doesn’t make a confident decision people see that and say you’re weak

Xmas says it takes 3 different explanations for Josh to “catch it” if you tell him 3 different ways he’ll catch one of them.

Xmas says Josh wants to send Kevin home.

Paul – I really don’t know what he’ll do in final 3
Paul doesn’t know what JOsh’s “mental stability” will be like in final 3
Xmas – it makes me nauseated.. (like you make me)
Paul – I fear for him, he needs to pull it together.. I don’t know why he doesn’t listen to me I’ve done it

1:22am Alex talking about missing jason(Good thing you got revenge on the people that were responsible for getting Jason out)

1:40 Paul, Xmas and Josh

Paul is telling them that Alex thinks Paul will use the veto and Xmas will go home.
JOSh – I’m drained
Paul – when I drop that Bomb on her you have to be firm..

Paul – stop thinking about jury votes stop thinking about jury.. 7 jury members are already gone.. they’ve all been talking they’ve all been comparing notes it doesn’t matter anymore..
Paul says nobody is onto them yet.
JOsh – I think Whistle caught f*ing wind..
Paul – that’s the beauty of sending Kevin out next week.. he has no time in Jury..
Paul – the only person that can f* us is raven

They go into a talk about jury votes..
Josh doesn’t think MAtt will vote for him
Xmas says Matt was “so impressed with Josh’s progress”

Paul says Alex is playing Josh right now.
Paul says once he tells Alex he won’t use the veto she’s going to be all over Josh.
Paul – she’s a f*ing game player fool and you’re letting her manipulate you.. that’s why I slapped you .. snap outta it

Paul is basically trying to hide that the three of them have been working together because it protects his jury votes. He doesn’t want Alex to go to Jury and connect the dots. With Raven in JUry if they start talking everything will be exposed.

Paul – I called a girl a c* last year and everybody sh1t their pants.. I never called anyone a c*t this year
Xmas – I did.. Jessica..

Paul – Kevin came in here and told me to my face he had the best social game in here..
Josh – she said that to me..

Paul says Kevin is “beating everybody’s d1ck” to get to the end.
Josh thinks Kevin would win the game if he got to the end
Xm as- he’s going home next week
Josh says he’s going to “F*” with Kevin
Paul says Kevin told him he’s putting up Josh and shitmas
Josh – I don’t even want to have a conversation with im
Xmas – don’t waste your energy.. just don’t talk to him you don’t need to

Josh – you know what’s sad in 10 days I won’t be next to you guys like this
Josh – whoever wins we’re doing the world thing.. they pick up the tab
Xmas – 10 stops pretty cheap.. less than 5 each..
Paul – done

Xmas says if the guys don’t mind she wants to do some seminars along the way to make some cash. (sounds like a great vacation)
They talk about going to Canada (Please don’t)
They talk about getting tickets..
Xmas – I got my super fast ticket it was like 80 in a 45.. I should have gotten arrested.. it was super aggressive on the spot and I was a really big d1ck to the cop (hmm hard to imagine seems out of character to you)
Xmas – I was having a really bad day
Xmas says she has a personal lawyer and a business lawyer so she called her personal lawyer.
Xmas – so I have a little bit of a problem I have to email you a picture of this ticket that I got.
her Lawyer said “what the f* shitmas what were you doing ”
Xmas – I was just having a really bad day
Xmas – he was like I know a guy just don’t ask anything I know a guy
Xmas – 2 weeks later he called me and said don’t get another ticket for a year


Josh thinks Matt and raven “America’s sweetheart couple”
They start b1tching about Cody and Jessica…

Kevin joins them in the backyard..
They joke about hate tweets and how they will reply with “Gy”
Paul – any of my fans that still exist reply to my hate tweets with Gy

2:31am Shitmas, Paul and Josh
Paul – yo Meghan was so gumpy…

Josh – Jessica was innocent in that argument
Xmas – the only time
JOsh says with Matt he had to force a conversation with
Paul said he didn’t know jack about sport so didn’t have anything to talk to with Matt
Paul claims Matt was cool

Xmas starts telling Josh he should start doing crossfit so when they go on this world travel vacation they can stop into “Boxes” and she won’t have to babysit them. (LOL this vacation is sounding great.. Crossfit with shitmass in the mornings followed by inspirational seminars from shitmas in the evenings. )

Josh – I miss my siblings but I feel like you two have become my siblings in here..

2:51am they head inside.. Josh helps Shitmas walk

Xmas – I can’t believe we pulled this off.. Paul did a solid today. When I say Alex’s time.. I was freaking out
Josh – I knew she beat me..
Xmas – I knew Paul had it though..

Shitmas – you’ve done a good job.. well done good job
Josh – thank you
Xmas – I’m hoping that.. Big BRother was hoping that this came together.. this is so cool (it’s the best)
Josh – you think so
Xmas – I dunno.. but I think that
JOsh – I think people will love us

Xmas – has there ever been in the history of big brother 3 people that have been against all odds from day 1 and pulled it together (no never.. )
JOsh – we’re b@da$$es
Xmas – we’re not cool kids..
Josh – we’re the misfits (no you’re not.. you’re the worst.. well not you but the three of you)

3:00am Paul tells him if the yard is closed tomorrow her’ll tell Alex he’s not using the veto

Paul – when I drop it on her we all have to take the heat..

3:42am they’re sleeping..

9:02am Sleeping

Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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She has truly inspired me…
To dislike her.
She has motivated me to root for her eviction.
Shes a fake. A fraud.
A shitmass.

Get it together peeps

I’m starting to see the beauty of this season. Actually the three amigos have pulled off no other BB alliance has.

Debating where this ranks among the best BB in history.

I put it slightly behind Evel Dicks season.

I just wish people would be kinder to Raven, this board is savage to hear and her horrible diseases.

I still pray for you all.


Actually I would consider BB14 when it looked like Dan and Danielle were screwed and likely to be knocked out really early on, also shane because of his association with willie and jojo.
So actually dan Danielle and shane as an alliance got really far in the game, despite their bad start!
So sorry shitmas, it’s been done before


You are ridiculous, horrible season first of all. This has been so boring and NO they do not rank in history. Bringing a vet ruined the season.


Are you watching the same season as I am? It wAs season 19 or Dumb and dumbererer


This is one of the worst, if not the worst, seasons ever. And Xmas wants Josh to take Paul to F2 instead of her? I smell a plan to split the money between Xmas and Paul should Paul win. He knows her outside of this house. And Josh would get second place. Why else would xmas tell Josh not to go to F2 with her? Doesn’t make sense. Neither does this whole, fabricated season of game throwing and cruelty.


She knows she can’t win against Paul and really wants to come back next summer. Coming in 2nd or 3rd would, in her mind, keep her “eligible” for that. I’m not sure what would be worse, this summer with Paul or next summer with Shitmass? Ugh…


A Merry Shitmas indeed ?!!!


Merry Shitmas Indeed!!??


I think that is Gary Shitmas!!!


Nobody has lost as much by going on Big Brother as Christmas. She broke her foot (no more athletic competitions). She will get her heart broken (she has feelings for a totally narcissistic clothing designer who has mentioned earlier in the season that he cannot stand to be around her and hates her domineering ways). She is an author, trainer, coach, gym owner and has over a million followers on social media…and her brand is now badly damaged. People know she is not that positive and grateful person she pretends to be. She is a bitter and deeply angry individual who is domineering and spews venom. You want to feel for her for all that she has lost…and then she opens her mouth again. You hear over and over such lines as: “I’ll cut his jugular” , “I’ll cut his throat wide open” and “I’ll rape him with my words.” The saddest part is she thinks she has been nice and sweet but “c*nt Christmas is ABOUT TO COME OUT. This girl needs years of therapy. Reality is going to hit her very hard.


The mess is done, everytime she opens her mouth she just puts her 10 broken bones back into it?? Who would hire this vile creature to speak positive about anything. She would stab you in the back for no reason other than it’s her real true nature. P Manson and the mess are working with production and if the public ever found out how much, the public and other houseguest, the show would be over. This season for some reason was made for Manson and the mess, maybe because of other CBS commitments. Contracts to keep quiet can and are always broken. Hope Jury finds out. I hate the way the mess and manson treat Josh, the lies they tell him about the other players is simply disgusting.


Josh has proven to be Paul’s tool, dog, slave etc. He talks crap about Paul to the cameras then kisses his ass in front of him. If anyone even thinks (or wants) for him to actually go “ham” on Paul, they are dreaming. The only reason he has made it this far is because Paul wanted him too. He won a “chance” HOH then won the rest when Paul set it up. He (in my opinion) is dumber than any of them because he knows Paul’s game and can’t or won’t do anything about it. At least the other didn’t know until it was too late. AND then, Josh talks about what is good for his game and ‘moving forward’ OMG the arrogance of a king with the game play of a floater riding on Paul’s coat tail just like most of the HG’s this season

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

I’m telling you, he’s Fredo. I just want to see Paul hug him and say “I know it was you Josh” before Josh goes.

Love this site don't be political and sell the adds

Sorry this has nothing to do with the above post, but have no idea how to start a comment.

I enjoy all the work you do on this site and all your insight and comments, but am very annoyed at the political ad in the middle about Trump. Please don’t sell out and make this political. Please.


There’s obviously lots of Trumpsters commenting here, judging by the hate filled comments.

Practice What You Preach

And yet you just threw hate at them. Hypocrite.


I don’t even notice the ads because I just ignore them. It’s not difficult.


Simon. I am sure the ad she is speaking of is the one that asks if Trump should be impeached.,if you close the ad Google gives you a choice to click that says ‘don’t show me this ad.’ If she clicks on it they give her the option of saying she finds it offensive and they won’t show her the ad anymore. They can’t be any nicer about not showing you content you don’t want to see.


But you would be fine if it was a Killery ad for her book or an Antifa ad. Hate people who want to censor anything that they don’t agree with. Just skip the ad and move on to your safe space buttercup!

Snows too much!

Aww poor snowflake doesn’t understand how online advertising works. SMH! Censor everything this poster doesn’t agree with so this too, can be a safe space for them.


Simon doesnt control the ads. Use ad blocker.


How does a delicate snowflake like you keep from melting watching this house full of aholes if a political ad triggers you?


Simon couple of things. Next eviction gets shown Wednesday I believe and F4 is shown in full Thursday. Leaving F3 start next Sunday and finale Wednesday. I think that’s correct. So are we getting a blackout Tuesday/Wednesday until Alex eviction is shown and they play down F4 “in the dark”? Any idea on that part of the schedule?

Second it sure is starting to look like the turds are going to dump Josh at 4 and keep Kevin F3. Any opinion on that? They’re starting the anti Josh cramp so shitmas and Paul agree to take out Baby Huey. Kinda feel bad for Josh.(not much) Camera talk he sees the play but has no one to play the game with to get Paul out. Think Josh better win POV or they are going to turn on him IMHO.
Instead of betting on football in Vegas this weekend find the best odds you can that Paul wins F4 HOH. No more tanking for his gnomeness!!! Also bet shitmas and Kevin throw it to him. ROFL I can’t wait for Alex to go bat shit(mas) crazy. It’s the small things that bring us joy this time of the BB season!!!

Oh boy Alex ride and die goin to “clip” her!! hehehe I can hear Paul now….. Alex I had no idea I thought we were set and now I find out the vote is going to be 1-1 and Josh is evicting you. Oh lord God almighty please have the convo between Alex and Josh (alone) on the feeds. There is going to be a lot of Alex bullying Baby Huey. Could happen to a nicer guy, except Paul of course.

I just can’t stop writing on this thread…… I really have tried to cut down on long comments this season. 🙁


I was just thinking about the eviction. Alex gets evicted and I believe there is no audience. We’re going to get robbed of seeing Alex evicted and a stillness of a pin dropping from the audience. Even good news brings a dark cloud.


I noticed on Thursday’s show CBS only showed the back of the audience’s heads and only once or twice. Probably inundated with CBS hand picked employees or their people so CBS could make sure of audience response, no boos.


My television listings show a Big Brother episode at 8 p.m. on Friday, September 15th, right before the 11th Annual ACM Honors. Any idea what this is about?


It’s probably the retrospective one where they pretend to reminisce about the season.

Paul the Punk

it is too bad that the houseguests didn’t get to go to the VMA’s or some outside the house event so they could learn just what America really thinks of them.


Isn’t the fact that Paul is slepping in the HOH bed with all these idiots a clue of all the final two deals he has?


I think she’s a cool lady. (beautiful too)


This season is the WORST…so predictable..Boring


“Expect the expected”


What Allisom wants Allison gets.

So predictable

No Paul! You take the heat for Once! … come on Josh you know what he’s doing. Call him out! Knowing Josh he will call him out on his way out the front door. Little too late. No use crying over spilt milk. Pun intended. 😉

Jelly much

Actually Paul has taken a lot of bullets for his trio. if not for him they would be in jury and Elena and mark would still be there.

Give it up for Paul. A powerplayer to say the least.

Don’t be jelly peeps.

Go home Paul

Josh is afraid of getting slapped again by lil’ gnome. I guess house rules don’t apply, and gnome is allowed to physically abuse HGs as well. Ugly!

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I hope BB has something up their sleeve that will at least give Kevin a chance. As boring as it all is right now I’m so happy Raven doesn’t have a chance to win any more money for her medical bills. Oops………I meant more money for her new cars, vacations….designer clothes…….etc….etc…..

Ravens semen storage device

Don’t forget the high cost of freezing Matts semen in my storage device!


drugs are for people who can’t handle reality.

Franks Fumes

Shitmass ate them all.

Most Needy

I can’t decide which one is the most needy. Paul needs to control everyone and everything. Xmas needs to physically hang on someone (at first Kevin who is married, and now Paul who has shown zero interest in it). Josh so deeply needs for someone to like him that he actually considers those two his friends when they have been cruel to him psychologically.


Josh has sum very, ummm, gay mannerisms… I think he has a crush on little manson just like shitmas has and neither will dare overthrow the little insecure dictator. my bet is the monster and meatball will have a sexcapade


One word for Alex and Xmas, despicable. Both put a front on the outside world. But put them in an environment such as BB, and the real Alex and Xmas come out. Evil, despicable human beings.
In all my years, I have never met such animals as Paul, Alex, and Xmas. I’m sure this season of BB has shown their family and friends how truly warped they are. I would not walk away from them, rather run.
Reading more of Paul’s thoughts, I’m sure he is a wanna-be Manson.
Sorry if I’m harsh, but these idiots bring it out.

Get over yourself

Xmas Nobody wants you to come back next season!

Bolt Uprite.

Big Brother and CBS don’t owe that b*tch anything.


Why does she think she is invited back? Paul telling her?


Hate to say it, but Paul winning this season is best for future seasons. If he looses, people will take clowns like him all the way for now on. Give him his 500k to go away.


josh, right now, is only one who can get Paul out–everyone else is under Paul’s spell–even if josh doesn’t win the $500k he will be remembered to making the move most feeders want!

Please Lose, Gnomie

I think if Paul wins future hg’s may copy his shitty brand of game play and bb could go right down the shitter. It just isn’t fun to watch. Even casuals have to catch on eventually.


If Paul won he would NEVER EVER go away. He’s come back to host comps, would be one of the winners and no one would ever hear the end of it. He can’t be rewarded for his cruelty and downright bullying tactics. He’s really a sick pup. He takes pleasure in inflicting pain and fear. He’s said so in his bio. He loves fear.


What’s really sad is this season.

The season of rigged comps, idiots and psychopaths.

Cody and Jessica are lucky they got out when they did.

Cody for AFP!


I wouldn’t say the comps were rigged because more than half of them were thrown. Seriously, how many times has someone on the block thrown the veto?! Elena was on the block and took 5k from the hoh instead of the veto… They ask others who they should throw it to…
It’s worse than battle of the block, at least there was a purpose for the guys throwing the comp. I hated BotB.


I agree Darwin.


…..batteries for her “pacemaker”

Franks Fumes

Paul and Shitmass make such wonderful life coaches for Josh……as soon Josh starts talking crazy like feeling compassion for someone they snap him out of it with a verbal assualt of insults……The only hope is Kevin winning HOH and fat chance of that. Come on Production pull one out of your ass for the good guy! Go Kev!


Xmas thinks she is so bangable? I doubt Kevin or Jason would want to bang her even using Alex’s co&k


LOL Dan, good one, Alex’s co&k lolol.

Xmas' Future Lover

I would love to “spread a lil xmas joy”!!!


that is one present you do NOT want to open. She will expect you to spread back, and I bet her “tree” is bigger then yours


IMHO, Paul will take Kevin to Final 2 for the sure win. Alex goes this week, then Josh. Final 3. . . Xmas, Kevin and Paul. Paul wins the first HOH (endurance), Xmas wins the second (mental), then Paul will win the third (scales) and chooses Kevin. Besides the fact that most of the jurors don’t like Kevin on a personal level (thanks to Paul and Xmas), he hasn’t won any comps and he already has $25,000. Paul will have Elena, Mark, Matt, Raven, Alex, Josh and Xmas voting for him. . .more that enough for the win.

Kid Rock

Why do you guys like Kevin? He runs and tells Paul everything someone in the house says to him…. Stop saying you hope Kevin win HOH…. He will let Paul control it…. He told Paul Josh is being nice to him and that he asked him about throwing the comp…. He spills all the beans to Paul!!! He is Paul’s biggest Guppy!!! HE IS THE SAME AS Matt maybe worse…Matt at least tried to talk game with Raven n Paul! Kevin has done no game play/ talk thee entire season….Cody for AFP PLEASRLE DONT VOTE KEVIN


Kevin lasted a lot longer so clearly he’s a better game player than Cody. Codys an a$$ clown.


Alex gets voted out. Paul tells Christmas and Josh to throw HOH to him, but he actually throws it to Kevin so Kevin is the one responsible for getting Josh or Christmas put next.

Christmas or josh could win the veto and it wouldn’t even matter – they either 1 wouldn’t use it on themselves or 2 Paul would have to be replacement nominee but lord knows they would never vote him out.

Kevin for AFP

This Season Sucks

Josh doesn’t compete and Xmas is crippled. No way Paul let’s anyone but himself win next week. He’s not leaving anything to chance at this point.

I like your scenario but if Paul throws it to Kevin and Josh manages to win the veto then Josh would decide Paul’s fate and Paul knows Josh would choose Xmas over him. The more I think about it, it actually pisses me off because the only scenario I see where Paul doesn’t win is if Josh wins the veto next week and the final competition, then sends Paul home.


Remember, we were lucky enough to get Vanessa out in Final 3. I hope Paul goes. And the only human being left in this house that is palatable to win is Kevin. If by chance it’s Paul/Kevin F2, some of the jurors, headed by Cody and Elena, wouldn’t vote for Paul. They may just give it to Kevin to spite that little self absorbed, cruel, spoiled little man.


Whoa. Reading the other post about the things Xmas said about Kevin was appalling. She seems like she has borderline personality disorder the way she quickly flips out and starts boasting about how mean she can be.

I hope Kevin manages to win. If not K, then Josh. I used to hate Josh, but he’s better than Xmas, Alex and Garden Gnome.

Angry granny

There is only one person left that I would like to see win and that is Kevin. With 7 kids, the money won’t be squandered on junk.


I guess you don’t remember Kevin’s gambling stories when he lost over 20000 in a weekend..


Or remember that story when Jessica said she wanted to Cody to buy her an expensive ring to make up for his behaviour? That and breast implants is where that money will go if you pick Cody.

Bats and balls

New breasts is always good money spent .


Why does she think she is invited back? Paul telling her?


I’m sure Paul’s girlfriend isn’t a fan of this woman, who is 9 years older than him, to be clinging to him, sleeping with him and following him like a puppy dog. Of course he doesn’t tell her “Don’t sleep in the same bed with me, I have a girlfriend” either.

X-mas is troubled!

X – layed with Kevin the same for weeks, she likes married men, now Paul is not married, but she knows him from before, maybe she is the outside girlfriend, no thats not good, Paul said his gfriend was very pretty. Kisses that good bye, X would be much more attractive if she kept her mouth shut.


And Kevin would still be spooning her if she let him. He was drooling over Jessica too. Plus he broke Cody’s confidence about having a daughter. And he’s a floater.

Paul's Cattle Prodder

If Paul had a girlfriend, I very much doubt she’ll stick around after this vicious display. Hope when he gets home he finds that his parents kicked him out and threw all of his stuff on the front lawn. No mas friendship, amigo.


stupidest comment ever


She has 500,000 reasons to stay with him..$$$$$


Rumor is that the first time Paul cried (in the backyard; I forget who was with him. . .maybe Jason and someone else?) was because production told him his girlfriend had pulled her permission for him to talk about her on air. May have been a subtle way to break up with him. . .?

Are you kidding me?

Are you sure Paul has a girlfriend??

This game is rigged

What is the lie about fries?

This season makes me feel so smart

Alex gets voted out. Paul tells Christmas and Josh to throw HOH to him, but he actually throws it to Kevin so Kevin is the one responsible for getting Josh or Christmas put next.

Christmas or josh could win the veto and it wouldn’t even matter – they either 1 wouldn’t use it on themselves or 2 Paul would have to be replacement nominee but lord knows they would never vote him out.

Kevin for AFP


If Paul, throw the HOH to Kevin and Xmas and Josh is on the block. I hope Josh wins the veto and take himself off and Paul goes up and this would be Josh, chance to get Paul out of this game. Josh, could just say it a game, but knowing Josh, he has a big heart and he has gotten all the blood on his hands, he needs to tell Alex, in his goodbye speech what he did for Jason. I didn’t like Josh, in the beginning of the game, but now I see he is a good hearted person and he deserves to win or get AFP.


None of the remaining house guests deserve to win. I know that the last man standing is supposed to be the most deserved but that is rarely the case in BB. Paul didn’t deserve it last year and neither did Nicole. Vanessa had good game strategy but went from Bitch to crybaby on a whim, even then she was a better player except she couldn’t just evict someone on game play. She had to find a ‘reason’ and made up some lie on a personal infraction they didn’t do to send them packing. This year hasn’t been game play but personal destruction and lies to get people out. This plan by Xmas to start a fight with Kev accusing him of being a perv and telling Josh he HAS to go after Kev once she starts that fight is a good example of really poor game play. Its the same terrible game play Paul has used all season. Paul will be in final 2 but not because he is playing the game well. He doesn’t deserve to win and if there is a bitter jury the other person in final 2 (Josh,X, or Kev) doesn’t deserve to win either.


When it comes down to four players the head of household is safe. If any of the other three players wins the power of veto the other 2 are on the block and the veto winner as the only vote decides which one goes home.

Deja Vu

I feel like I’ve read this before…


surprised all three of them not in bed together with Paul in the middle (Josh spooning from behind) and Alex would still walk by and say “I trust Paul”


HILARIOUS, but true

CBS Cares

It’s nice to know that Shitmas and Paul are knowingly manipulating a person they believe to be mentally/emotionally retarded. They really are the worst.


Somehow we need a miracle win by Kevin for the nexy HOH and then we can watch these weasels pucker.


Then everyone would toss “friendship” tendencies his way. They poor guy has been an outcast for weeks. It’s sad to watch.

Josh is our only hope

This is what needs to happen:
This week Alex goes home obviously.
Next week Christmas takes the HOH, puts up Kevin and Josh (not her precious Paul), then Josh wins veto and takes himself off, Paul is forced to go on the block. Josh is the only vote and takes out paul. Then he is in final 2 with a guy that’s never won a comp and a chick with a broken foot.


Paul is going to cut Josh next. Don’t think it will be shitmas. He’ll give shitmas the next HOH. He wants to go against the 2 weakest in F3.

He definitely wants F2 with Kevin.

Why are they still going to vomit their hate on Kevin? Good Grief shitmas, you are heinous! I hope that all you try to do to Kevin comes back to you tenfold. Please crawl under a rock & stay there with the rest of the grubs.

Kevin for AFP!

No fave

They are so full of themselves. Hard to watch.


So don’t.


Paul “this year I didn’t call anyone a c*nt”
Shitmas “got that for ya”


Too funny!


2 reasons I’m looking forward to finale night:

1. To watch everyone’s reaction when the top 3 for AFP is announced.

2. The pre-jury evictees usually get a chance to speak, and Julie asks them of their experience watching from home. I’m hoping they address the bullying tactics on air.


you’re delusional. would love to see your face when
as usual the AFP will come from someone in the final 4.
Who gives a fuck what the pre-jury evictees have to say ??
They’re 2nd stringers that nobody even remembers or cares about..


But that’s just not true…

Actually, it’s so not true, that the last AFP to finish in the final 4 was Britney — 7 years ago.

Why are you being a smartass with such false information?

The Noob Sauce

” as usual the AFP will come from someone in the final 4. ” Well if you call 28% usual then yeah it will be someone in the final 4. Out of the 11 times AFP has been awarded only 3 times has the winner came from the ” final 4 “. Get your facts straight and have a nice day.

BB 1-6 & 8 No AFP
BB7 Janelle 3rd place
BB9 James Zinkand 6th
BB10 Keesha 4th
BB11 Jeff 5th
BB12 Britney 4th
BB13 Jeff 7th ( AFP 2 times )
BB14 Frank 7th
BB15 Elissa 6th
BB16 Donny 8th
BB17 James Huling 7th
BB18 Victor 5th

Source: http://bigbrother (dot) wikia (dot) com/wiki/America%27s_Favorite_Houseguest

James Huling was a creep.

How James Huling ever got it I’ll never know. That guy is so pathetic and still thinks today he’s some kind of celebrity. Spent last season chasing a girl who had no interest in him and begging live feeders to vote for him for AFP. A boring creep.


Mic drop!!!


What’s even worse then their maybe coming to Canada is that Paul mentioned he’s previously visited a cousin in Vancouver! Defiling our beloved streets with his vile gnomeness?!?! 1000x NO! Time to call in some favours with Airport Security 🙂


You don’t speak for all of Canada. Maybe you should move.


Xmas is just going to hop on the opioids epidemic train and blame the drugs for her behavior. “It wasn’t me. It was the drugs. I’m a loving, caring, inspirational human being. (tears). Just look at all I’ve done in my past and how far I’ve come. Just ask my 700,000+ followers. I do not condone that behavior ever, and I hate the person that the drugs made me.”

Poison pills

Not a bad excuse if she wants to salvage anything left of her career.


The only thing worse than this season is Hurricane Irma. I’m in Sarasota, Fl. Please pray for us. Love to the OBB community and Simon and Dawg.


Praying for angels to watch over you. God bless.


I think production should inform Josh of Hurricane Irma.his families are in Miami Let him win Big Brother and CBS matches his winnings to help out victims of Irma. Just sayin


I think Josh’s family should determine whether or not he is told of Hurricane Irma. I’m not sure they would want him to give up his position of being in the final 5 to go down there, assuming he could get there. If he knew and chose not to go, his mind would be out of the game due to worrying about his family. Unless there is a death or catastrophic damage, I say let him find out when he exits the BB house.


Um, no.


These comment ratings are obviously rigged. Simon, I’ve always respected your BB reporting in previous seasons but this year you are obviously biased. So sad!


yep, he’s jumped the shark this year. Very sad
going back many years ago this site was so fun to
read and had really good contributors regardless of
their like or dislike of the players.


boom mic drop!


Simon. . .”okay sounds good.” This should be your standard reply to the trolls. LOL. You and Dawg spend too much time and energy on this site to even bother answering those who just want to be critical (of something. . .anything!). Those of us who are regulars here know the rankings aren’t rigged. SMH


The following sentence is the only restriction put on comments to this site, “Please keep the conversation civil no discriminatory or sexually explicit comments.” Otherwise, all comments are welcomed. Please do not accuse Simon and Dawg of being biased or rigged.


You should stick to reading your girl Killery’s book of lies and excuses. Where did you get your “news”? CNN?
Simmon? He works for the Russians (some say he is also into peeing) Share with us your “rankings” so we can see where you think they should be. If you don’t want to do that you could also just FO

Please Lose, Gnomie

C’mon, this has nothing to do with politics, there are plenty of other places you can go to have political arguments.

Blizzard at this point!

Seriously?! Rigged ratings? Lol…So you post stupid comments and you say its rigged? LOL…no it’s that you’re not even a little funny.


Sad thing is they aren’t rigged, that’s how much hate there is on this site. And am Sad Simon feeds it. There’s more vile comments here than other sites and I don’t know why he wants that.


Maybe he believes in free speech and as long as it does not get too crazy he does not need to or want to censor anyone. It is another one of things that makes his site the best. I went to one of those so called other sites and the posts are lacking. The comment section is controlled by a moderator who deletes post that have a doddering opinion or is critical of the site or commenters. I have mad respect for Simon to post comments that are clearly trolls trying to start crap. We know the truth and enjoy putting them in check. Very rich that you post anonymously which you can’t do on the other sites I have seen. Maybe stick to the Beanie Weenies. More PC correct and SJW’s might keep you from getting triggered.

Bed Buddies

Forgive me. I watch the show and follow this website religiously, but I am confused. Are Christmas and Paul sleeping together now? If so, when did this happen? Or… is this just his way of solidifying a final 2 with her?

Jessica's Birth Control

NEW POLL!!!!!!
Who has the biggest penis?
1- Josh


Shitmas = biggest penis


Oh, Oh, Oh, Mr. Kotter, Mr. Kotter! I know, Josh is a Eunuch, Alex is Asian, the answer is Xmas!!!!! She was working out and I saw “her” camel LEG


Lmfao @ the Hug Gif with Josh’s hands zoomed in!!!


I also don’t believe in revenge voting (aka voting for Cody just because he went against Paul). That’s giving Paul more credit than he deserves. Paul would feel like a read “badass” knowing people voted for Cody just because Cody unsuccessfully tried to get Paul, the “best” player out.


They are all failing to get Paul. At least Cody caught on early on that Paul needed to go and and tried to get him out. The rest just were “star” struck with Paul and can’t think for themselves.


You are right. They are all failing to get Paul out. Miserably. However, you’re wrong about one thing. Cody didn’t necessarily catch on early… He hated Paul even before he entered the house. When asked who he wouldn’t like to see come back, Cody said Paul, so he was guaranteed to have Paul’s number if and when Paul came in the house…not because Cody learned anything there. Cody is just as clueless as the rest of them. I’m willing to bet they purposely picked Cody for dramatic purposes, because he already hated Paul, and they knew they were bringing Paul back.


Cody did have Paul’s number. He knew he was a threat and an idiot from the get go. He took it upon himself, after having to nominate five different people which has never happened before, to go after Paul and then his minion, xmas. He is smart and his alliance was star struck over that little creep.


If he was smart, he would have waited until he had the numbers to get him out. What was his excuse the second time he was in there? He told Jessica not to use the veto. They had all the power. Even if they didn’t have the numbers for Paul, they could have had numbers for a bigger target, but they played emotionally and tried to get out Josh or Ramsey (WEAK!) Smart is not a word I would use to describe Cody. Stubborn I think would be a better one.

CDN Oldster

I read an old post here that I hadn’t seen or heard before and Kevins story about losing his house. On that same post xmas flirting with Kevin. She was inappropriate. I remember thinking that at the time – wow – what is with her heavy duty flirting. At the time I think she thought she might have needed Kevin. Now she is saying he was inappropriate,,,for one comment that is not as she is presenting it……I hope some of thee HG’s watch the live feeds and read the comments because they need to learn something about themselves. Game is game. Bullying and throwing shade on peoples character that can hurt families outside of the house is not alright. Some of thee HG’s are using the show for fame. They are talking about how this show will best serve their businesses and how much their instagram followers will grow. Some still live at home. Some travel the world and go to Coachella and party and have never had a real hardship. Some feel they can be motivational after showing bad character. Name calling, shunning, taunting – setting up others to do this – the ones left in this house are all guilty of it. And some of these people are praying with the rosary and reading the bible ?
This game is also a test of character. I think there is a way to win it without having done all these things. I loved watching the social psychology of BB. I don’t enjoy disrespect and hate.
Granted – no one knows what its like to be in this social experiment “game” and I might go a little crazy myself but I would like to hope that I would not use the excuse of “game” to be horrible and hateful. Its effective but not a very mart way to win. This season feels like Lord Of The Flies to me. Interesting but so many times you want to turn away. The meanness and plans to set up people to be mean to them seems unparalleled to me, out of all the BB games. I may be one of the few that believes its not worth 500K. And whether it works out for couples or not, I truly believe that finding you “partner” on the show is worth so much more than 500k. Just very disappointed in HG’s this year. Every one has good and bad traits and that is to be expected but this year seems more vile than others.
I can forgive Jason – comments inappropriate and bad but HG has a good heart. (just my humble opinion) I hate the hate talk on all and consistent setting up and hate and shunning of Kevin. I dont know if I could last if I was him. Its almost torture. He said he sat in the corner for 15 days not talking to anyone. I hope those HGs really look at their behaviour when they leave the house and grow and become better people when they get out. If this kind of trend continues on the BB shows, I think I am done and I have watched since season 2. Celebrity BB I will have to check out. I think super egos are not as prone to be minions but I guess we will see. I am Canadian and a tad older than the average age of HGs – so my opinion may not matter in the big ratings game anyway. I like this site one of my top 3 or 4. I find every site has a slightly different take – so its interesting to read them all. Just had to have my say.


Paul – she’s a f*ing game player fool and you’re letting her manipulate you.. that’s why I slapped you .. snap outta it.

Paul trying to explain away or justify his inappropriate slap long after the fact? Saw a video of him slapping Josh…it did not look like he was snapping anybody out of anything….just trying to control another human being by any means possible. It was very sad. If it were anyone else Paul would not have been able to walk away in one piece.. …Paul is just creepy…ugh!


Cody for AFP! Kevin hasn’t done anything but listen to Paul and already has $25,000. Not right how HGs treated him but that just goes to their lack of character – Kevin will come out as the better guy! Sure wish jury was bitter to Paul but they won’t be – HGs want nothing more than to hang out with Paul – they are so infatuated with him?! They won’t not vote for him!

not a paul fan

you know what is sad, kevin or xmas win next hoh, whoever wins puts up josh and the loser. paul never sees the block wins the last hoh evicts xmas and takes kevin final two.


X and Paul have been sleeping in the same bed and snuggling quite tight. X has the nerve to want to call out Kevin for being a perv, but she was all over him with her massages and using her “sweet” voice. Now she’s all over Paul and willing to give up her game for him and refuses to hear Josh out and his concerns. And X wants to be asked back next summer – please no BB.


Can’t watch. Now can’t even read the updates. Saw Paul slap Josh on the face in a GIF and thought geesh, isn’t that unwanted physical contact. Like a mob boss. Can’t support it. Can’t follow for my own sanity.


I would love to see Paul to do bb canada season 6, he might be the best ever.


He can come to Canada and I’ll personally slap his ever-lov’n face.


C’mon y’all…….this is a game. What you see and hear is NOT the real person! They are ALL trying to win $500K! You all bash your hated HG’s like what they say and do is how they are in real life. They are all “actors”, they have to be in order to get them further in the game. And you don’t give the money to the HG that “needs” it most….you give it to the HG that played the game the BEST. Whether it was being nasty, conniving, or loving and honest. It’s whoever got the farthest making the best game moves to get themselves to the end.

The Voice Of Reason

I very much appreciate you trying to remind people that the characters they see on TV are not necessarily the people they are in real life. Sometimes they act different because it’s a game, sometimes it’s because they don’t handle stress well, sometimes it’s because they can’t handle confinement…sometimes it’s simply the lack of entertainment and proper stimulation. This is not their normal environment and they can’t be expected to act like themselves. I can understand not wanting to root for someone because of they way they have behaved but all this genuine hatred for the house guests is beyond uncalled for. Even if you think they are honestly hateful people…since when has two wrongs made a right?


Surprised they aren’t all tied for last….LOL
I’ll def vote Kevin for AFP

Spartacus Jackson

What if Kevin actually won this $hit show of a season? ?

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I would be ok with that. I’m not a fan, but I dislike the others more. Will not happen though.


Josh is a follower & a people pleaser. Watching him lately, I think it’s catching up with him. I think all of his previous behavior was a result of his desperation to be liked & accepted by the other HG. As the pace of the game has slowed down getting closer to the end, he’s had a problem hurting others. He’s still followed through with what ever Paul wanted but he hasn’t been happy about it. I think now we are seeing the real Josh. With that said, it really chaps my rear how Paul & Christmas have used him. Paul & Christmas have no excuse!


can’t wait for Paul’s reaction to find out since he’s been in the house, his good buddy, Victor is now dating Nicole!

Paul's job offer

Paul doesn’t need to win Big Brother. I’m sure Trump has the Chirf of Staff job waiting for him when he gets out. He’s a Trump kinda guy you know. The Art of the Deal,


That whole Hillary massacre still hurts huh? Hopefully after this season we never hear from Paul again.


I thought last season was awful. It was fixed so Nicole would win. This year was worse. Terrible players. Josh figured out what Paul was doing last week. He won Hoh I thought finally he is going to turn this season around. I thought he would put up Paul and Christmas, let them think they were pawns and they would think they would back door Alex. If one of them one the veto put up Kevin. Since Paul won veto he would save himself. He would have to show his cards keep Christmas or Kevin. If Neither won veto, leave the same and one of them would go to jury. They gave Paul the win, and production is happy. Big Brother is fixed. Not really a game show. What a wasted summer.


the Big Brother House has become Abu Ghraib (relocated).


I bet Paul will self combust when he leans this.


Hmm looks like Paul is laying the ground work with Christmas to take out josh next week. And of course shes to stupid to realize what he is doing.