Kevin “I obviously know what I’m doing. We’ll see if I’m in the top four.”

8:34pm Alex’s been in the Have nots room for awhile reading the bible
Alex – the one thing I’ve learnt in this house is that they’re all liars and I think Paul is still lying about stuff
Alex – I’ll call him out later

8:50pm the cameras flip back to Alex and we hear her mid sentence
Alex- everyone would be dead .. just saying.. if this was the hunger games I would have won that a long time ago (somehow I think Labour day with a working foot would win that)

Alex – I can’t even with these people.. they are so fake
A – lied to my face and sent Jason home, Counterfeits
Alex looks at the camera – can you please tell me there’s a switch or something and I can switch out with one of these brats.
A – they all don’t deserve to be here.. they’re all a bunch of counterfeits.. Friendship means nothing to them
Alex continues to read the bible “Jesus, Counterfeits”

Alex – is there some kinda revenge or something..
A – it’s like titanic at the end when Leonardo lets Kate Winslet sleep on that door and he drowns.. he helped her get that far and she doesn’t care she lets him die..
A – That’s me and Paul, really really good friend
A – Jason wouldn’t have done that

Alex impersonates Paul crying “I promised people I wouldn’t do that boo hoo ”
A – get over yourself.. you cost me my whole game
A – I actually prayed that Paul won that Veto because he could save both of us
A – I should have just done it like we planned smoked him, then he would be going home
A – ungrateful

9pm Havenot room. Alex.
Alex – If you’re just tuning in I’m over the salty mofos because they’re all fake and counterfeit. So vote for me for America’s favorite because now I’m not going to be able to compete for 500K because they’re all scared of me which is pretty shady and lame. They don’t want to fight me in a fair fight.. which sucks!

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9:10pm Kevin is in the lounge room talking to his family / the live feeders.

Kevin – its really hard to navigate these waters man. The competitions are nothing. The best competitors are gone. The physical competitors are Cody, Jason, Jessica wasn’t bad, Mark, Alex .. and basically all of them are gone. Josh, me and Alex haven’t won any physical competitions. You can’t call me no floater. I’ve been fighting my whole life. I have a lot of nice outfits and costumes for you to choose from. I can’t wait to get home. These last 17 days have been the hardest days ever. I wasn’t taken off the block today by the power of veto.. which is fine and we’re going up for live eviction. I have no idea when. I love you guys. I obviously know what I’m doing. We’ll see if I’m in the top four. Then you guys will say he must know what he’s doing. Will you at least do that? After the top four I can’t say I know what I’m doing.

9:30pm Josh and Paul are still playing chess while Christmas watches.

9:55pm – 10:30pm HOH room. Christmas, Josh and Paul realize the fish are dying.
Josh starts banging on the glass. Paul grabs his hand and says FOOL stop banging on the glass! You’re scaring them! Josh – let me breath in his mouth!! Paul –
they don’t breath oxygen you idiot! Josh keeps screaming. Christmas points at the fish and says Dead, dying .. your HOH! Josh – NO!!! Paul – this fool is dead, lets make sashimi. Josh – this is like Making a Murderer .. I look like I killed the fish but I’m innocent. Christmas – the guy got convicted. Josh – and he’s innocent. You killed them and I got caught with them. Do you think the fish died in one day?

10:35pm Living room. Paul and Josh are working out.
Paul tells Josh

11:02pm HOH room Christmas and Paul.
Christmas – I am absolutely going to say something now if she (Alex) is talking to Kevin. Paul – what a b***h. Christmas – telling him to know dates?! Why does she all of a sudden support Kevin. Paul – out of spite. Christmas – they have hated each other. That’s how strongly she… That’s how petty she is. What a f**King C**t! Paul – yup! And you know Kevin, he will go pry and sh*t. Josh comes up the HOH room. Paul – why did you leave him.. we can’t leave then (Alex and Kevin) alone. Go! Paul then turns to Christmas and asks her to go. Do you want to pull him into the APSR and talk about your life? Christmas – every time I talk to that man, I want to bash his face in. Paul – well you get to bash his face in tomorrow. Christmas – I’ll go sit in his corner. I don’t need to pull him anywhere.

11:07pm – 11:45pm Bedroom. Christmas and Kevin.
Christmas – I’m going to roll your arms out. Its not going to feel good.. its going to feel worse than it does now and then its going to feel better than it does now. I’m going to start soft. (She was just telling Paul she wanted to bash Kevin’s face in and now she stroking his arm and rolling it out.)
Kevin tells Christmas – Cody, Jason, you, Jason and Alex are the top physical competitors. I’m not even in the top 10.

12:15am HOH room. Paul and Christmas.
Paul – fool you’ve got to stop saying that showmance stuff about Christmas. Josh – why? Paul – because fool, its not true. Stop saying it. Josh – okay. Paul – you said it in the DR, I get it, it was funny. But don’t mention sh*t like that, I don’t want my girl to think some sh*t bro. Josh – I get what you’re saying yeah. Paul – I am not cuddling her because I need it. I am trying to console her. She is 11 years older than me. I don’t want my girl to think something otherwise. Josh – its like we’re brothers and sisters. Paul – exactly. I don’t want my girl to trip out and think I am trying to get with Christmas. I am already tripping that she doesn’t like me any more, I don’t need her to think I am trying to get with Christmas.

12:30am Kitchen. Paul and Christmas.
Paul – tomorrow I’m going to ask her (Alex) if its okay if I vote against her. He (Kevin) doesn’t care if its a split vote. Christmas – I just want to be cautious of getting her hopes up. Paul – well me see what she says. If she says no it doesn’t matter. Okay, then to protect my game I’m just going to vote against you so I don’t stick out. But if she gets all horny .. then I don’t know. But I still haven’t asked her that. I didn’t use the veto and she sh*t all over me so I’ll just ask her and see what she says.

12:35am Bedroom. Kevin and Paul.
Paul – they must need something from you. Kevin – I know. Paul – I wonder what it is? Kevin – my word is my bond. There is no one I am more committed to than you. Paul – you think I’m f**King nervous. Kevin – I would never give you my word and then turn. Never! Paul – I know that. Its because you’re the other one competing tomorrow and if you win they want you to take me out.. probably. They know they can’t ask me sh*t. Kevin – Josh came to me and asked if I threw that comp. I’m like you dumb sh*t, I’m on the block you idiot. That comp went 45 minutes. I’m color blind. So, does that mean you didn’t throw it? I’m like get the F**k out of here you idiot. Kevin – if by some grace of god I win tomorrow, I’m putting him (Josh) and her (Christmas) up. We’ll be upstairs drinking beers. If she wins the POV… Paul – we’ll win. Kevin – she came in here to roll my arms out. I asked her how did you know my arms hurt. She’s like I saw you rubbing your arms. That was 12 hours ago.

1am Bedroom. Paul, Josh and Christmas chatting about random things as they fall asleep.

2am All the house guests are sleeping..

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333 thoughts on “Kevin “I obviously know what I’m doing. We’ll see if I’m in the top four.”

  1. Paul said the bane of his existence is when a barista won’t make him the drink that he asked for…

    Talk about a first world douchebag problem.

    1. Production is the bigger douchebag (just barely). How are they able to tell him about how the fans are perceiving him ,how his girlfriend is reacting and what other people say in their DRs.

        1. Just remember a vote for Cody for AFP is a vote for Jessica’s ring…….then after a few weeks if that long she’ll dump Cody. He will be broke and broken…..don’t let that goldigger be rewarded !

          1. I’m voting Cody for AFP
            The Gold Digger is asking people to vote Cody for AFP not her (I know how greedy of her).
            You are either a hateful person or jealous of her.
            Probably both

      1. Dont know how Paul finds out everything but he is very observant and seems overly disturbed at the comics showing himself, krampus and Josh as villains but showing Jessica as a super hero , so he knows they are being perceived that way and it burns him up. Cannot wait to see how they portrayed Cody since he lives in Pauls mind

        1. I heard Paul talk about the comics showing them as villains. Did they show this comp on tv yet? I saw the comic comic with Nicole, James, etc. but not the one Paul, xmas and Josh talked about on BBAD. Was it on already or is it on Wednesday’s show?

    2. Alex facing the camera and asking the feed watchers to vote for her for favorite player is priceless. She really does not have a clue.

      1. Alex told Kevin on BBAD to study facts for the next comp. She hates him but hates the others more, so she gave him a heads up. And what does he do? He tells Paul…ugh! Then the three stooges rushed to make sure Kevin can’t be alone with Alex, so xmas rubbed his arms making nice…as an lying traitor rat would. Kevin, stop telling Paul your strategies and what Alex told you.

      1. Spoiler – big brother network

        Alex evicted by split vote.
        Paul won HOH.

        Comments –
        Josh should have kept Alex, told her about Paul. Why? Because alex and paul will have to eliminate each other in final 4 which is same as taking her out now and letting Paul walk to final 3. Either way one of them was getting to final 3. If Paul took out Alex then she goes to jury tells them all josh saved her and tried to get out Paul. If she takes Paul out then josh still has to beat her in F3 and take Xmas to win but has much better resume.

        Just dreams though as josh obviously obeys like the sheep he is.

        1. Pretty sure Paul would rather take Christmas and Kevin to final 3 but definitely wouldn’t want Josh going to jury now since he knows all the dirt and Kevin knows nothing. Both Josh and Paul will take Xmas to final 2.,Josh because she is his ride or die and Paul because he can beat a one legged girl. Show over.

          1. Paul now addresses Josh as Fool, like that’s his name. He does it constantly. Even though Josh is that, Paul never lets up on his cruelty and condescending attitude, even with Kevin. Please get him off the air. So sick of the Paul show.

          2. Your comment is exactly why Baby Huey and not Kevin is the target. If Kevin is F3 with Paul and either shitmas or Huey both will take him F2. He needs Kevin to stay period. Further he likely convinces shitmas to evict Huey if she hold POV. the only danger would be Huey taking Shitmas F2.
            If it’s true Paul won HOH he’s F3. Someone foolishly on the boards yesterday suggested Paul would throw the next HOH. I couldn’t stop laughing. Now the interesting bit if Paul is safe. He wins POV Paul has to leave noms the same or can use the veto on a nom and they would have the sole vote to evict. My guess is Paul will nom Huey and Kevin. Making Shitmas the temporary single vote. The POV decides who votes to evict. If Paul trust that Shitmas will evict Baby Huey He’ll leave the noms the same. Huey will get a big blindside.
            Paul does not care about what Huey says to the jury. He’s bullied most of them. That is also the argument for keeping Josh over the shitmas as she is likely the only person who could get 5 votes with a truely bitter jury. I think Paul has it locked up already even with a bitter jury.
            I cannot see Paul keeping Kevin off when noms happen. Would he use the POV to save Kevin then have Kev vote out Paul’s choice. Maybe but only if that is shitmas. No need to “pull an Alex” and change who votes unless Paul cannot keep his minions from evicting Kevin.
            Paul will throw POV only to shitmas or Kevin and only if shitmas will evict Baby Huey. Don’t want to spoil your excitement but Paul will win Part 1 of the 3 part final. If he is F3 with Shit and Kevin he is F2 regardless.

      2. Same source is saying that Paul has nominated Josh and Kevin. To me this hints that either Xmas is Paul’s preferred f2 and/or he thinks she would do the most damage to him in jury.

        If Josh wins PoV and comes down he’ll definitely vote Kevin out, or he could stay up and trust Xmas to do it. I could totally see Josh not using it (to protect Xmas), or getting bullied by Paul and Xmas to stay up. Or they could end up bullying Josh into throwing the veto to them once Kevin is out of the running. If noms stay the same Xmas will probably take out whoever Paul tells her to (ugh).

        Kevin I hope isn’t dumb enough to stay up on the off chance he wins PoV, but he would probably still vote how Paul wants him to (ugh) which I assume would spell the end for Josh.

        So who will Paul betray, and will he own it, or not? Is it too much to hope that one of these knuckleheads will finally stand up to Paul? I wonder if Paul even won this HoH fair and square or talked them into throwing it to him. This season is really messed up.

  2. Alex is now Begging for AFP, she is turning pretty pathetic. It’a amazing how much her mood changed on the drop of a dime. She still thought it was best for her to keep the players she KNEW evicted her best friend. Then once she realized they were “Counterfeits”, she started bitching. Alex, you truly played yourself, and you better believe that none of us are going to vote you for AFP! On a different note, congrats to Paul on the 500k.

      1. I dont hate paul. he did what he had to do to win. I dont agree with his tactics, but i feel like the other HG are just as much to blame for being so naive and stupid

        1. That’s the thing with this game .they put a vet in with a bunch of star struck morons who couldn’t think for themselves. Production helped him . They gave him 4 weeks safety (unheard of) . He started gang piling on people. He began the bullying and provoked it in others and he made enemies along the way on the fake premise of “friendship. As long as your one of 2 people standing at the end you deserve to win
          Doesn’t matter how you get there: strategy or sitting in a corner. I would never reward a bully in the name of gameplay ..

          1. Exactly. To be fair, they should have given everyone four weeks of safety. I would have loved to see some actual game play from anyone other than Paul and Cody (he had a good strategy at the start but his social game was what did him in)

              1. AND Christmas not being able to play in POV’s and NOT drawing another name so they could have a chance and compete fairly! This season sooooo sucks!!!!

                1. Cody knew Paul’s game plan and how dangerous he is, because he watched Paul in BB18. He knew not to let others know ahead of time that he was going to nominate Paul due to his ability to destroy others who tried to do so on BB18. Production got Paul out of that nomination and the next two. So, very quickly, Cody had to nominate someone and decided on Paul’s biggest ally at that time, Christmas. Looking at how the game has turned out, I have to say that Cody was the first and one of the only houseguests to get this one correct. Cody should be AFP because of his insight into the game and in his bravery in trying to eradicate Paul-a move no one else has the courage to do.

                  1. I agree that Cody was smart in wanting to get Paul out as soon as possible. However, this is Big Brother, meaning it’s predominantly a social game. Cody has zero social game. So, while he had the right idea, he had no real strategy to effectuate such a plan. Cody believed if he put his target on the block it would mean they would go home, no questions asked. He seemed willfully ignorant to the concept that you have to have the house votes in order to carry out such a plan. Basically, my opinion is he lacked the social finesse required to really get far in a Big Brother kind of game.

                    1. We will never know since production GAVE Paul three weeks of safety and then every houseguest latched right onto Paul and quit playing big brother and started playing Little Paul.

                  2. I agree Mo. Cody should be AFP since he was the only one to try to take Paul out asap. He also was the only HG EVER to have to nominate FIVE, count em, FIVE HG’s in the very first eviction because Meghan self evicted, Paul had three weeks automatic safety, and Christmas, nominated because Cody saw how close she was to Paul. And there’s also the sweet smell of revenge towards Paul and his helots if Cody wins AFP. Paul/the rest of the horror show will freak out and realize what people think of their actions in the house.

                  3. Cody is no different than Paul, they are both pathetic loser bullies!!! Can’t even begin to think why people want him as AFP – then again, why am I not surprise, America did vote a racist, IDIOT bully for their President too…

            1. A vet going in to play the game already has an advantage. He/she knows what to expect, has played most of the comps before, knows what does and doesn’t work, and comes on with a ready made fan base. To give them more advantages or ways to protect them is an unfair disadvantage to the rest of the players. I assume the protections and advantages are simply contract negotiations by production to get the player to return. It is especially unfair for a vet to return the very next season because they also have an already established relationship with the people in the DR who, as we know, cannot remain neutral and help out players. The friendship bracelets were over the top since they had nothing to do with the theme of this season’s BB and everything to do with Paul. The 3 weeks of safety (instead of a 1 and done like the rest of the prizes) was the turning point in the entire game rigged for Paul. I am surprised they didn’t make the punishment for that that the other houseguests had to throw comps, put Paul’s picks on the block, and never ever say anything negative about Paul. Or did they?

          2. 3 weeks, and yes safety has been done for vets before, most recent neda bbcan and before that the4 coaches season, those guys all knew they’d be coming into the game, none of them eligible to be nominated for weeks

            1. Actually, it was 4 weeks. And it wasn’t voted to him by the fans like the other temptations were, it was just gifted to him by production.

              Just my opinion, but this has been by far the worst season of BB US ever and I’m gonna qualify that.

              1. Almost every competition was thrown or rigged (if it could be) so that a pre-determined HG would win. If you don’t compete in a competition, what’s the point of having one? Why not just vote for the next HOH or POV “winner”?

              2. We’ve seen bullying before in BB, but not to this extreme, not this personal, and and not this consistently throughout the entire season. I believe in scheming, plotting and planning to try and win the game, but don’t believe you have to resort to consistently bullying people (and threatening their games) in order to do so.

              3. Of the five people left, only Kevin has a shred of character or integrity, and he’s such a weak player, if he did happen to get dragged to final 2, could anybody really vote for him based only on that? Paul, Xmas and Alex certainly have no positive character traits or integrity, and Josh’s have only shown up late in the game as he is having to vote out his “friends”, or is it that he is really realizing he has no chance to win?

              4. I am sick of watching the gang mentality, the sheep follow Paul, while he designates a target and everyone else gets on board to get that target out. Hell, Elana even dumped Mark when Paul told her to do so! Other than Paul, I don’t think these people could scrape up enough brain cells to build one working brain between the rest of them (excluding Cody who was on to Paul from the get go).

              So overall this season has sucked. Dumb people following a dictator who ruined the competitions, ordered his minions to relentlessly and personally bully his designated targets, with very predictable outcomes in a manner that showed a lack of character and integrity.

              To those who say, it’s BB, it’s not about integrity and character. Do you remember when Ian got Mike Boogie out? Do you remember Boogie’s reaction when he found out Ian was the one who did it? He laughed and clapped! You CAN play the game and even back stab a partner, as part of the game. You lose your integrity when you start bullying people and taking personal shots to gain an advantage. That happened all season long this year.

              Personally I’d admire the jury members if they threw their little velvet pouches with the two keys in them on top of the voting key box and said “Sorry, can’t vote for either of these losers. Just can’t reward that kind of game play.”

              1. It was 4 evictions not weeks. The first eviction was done the very first night and he received safety from that eviction via friendship bracelets from production.

                He then received the first temptation by a vote, which was 3 weeks of safety.

              2. Dear Beef, you have phrased it very succinctly. Big brother used to be my summer guilty pleasure, now I come on the comment section, hoping that the game will turn around, players will awaken to Paul’s Game play. Alas, no such luck. Production is killing this show. I hope THEY read these comments Thanks to all who make this forum possible

              3. Well said to The Beef. I agree wholeheartedly. Now I’m hoping Dr. Will, who sometimes steers the jury one way or the other, doesn’t try to diminish the bullying, etc. that Paul/Josh/xmas has done (whoever is in F2) to the members who will decide. I do wish they would take the 500K and give it to Hurricane relief rather than reward criminal behavior.

            2. Neda did get 3 weeks of safety but half the cast were returnees and the vets were the ones that turned on her. Production definitely plays a factor in BBCAN but not even remotely close to this. On top of the 3 weeks safety, friendship bracelets, only vet, they put in people that know him outside the game, Raven and apparently Christmas worked for his mother it is sickening.

              1. Watch BBCan3. The worst production ever on either side of the border. Nothing comes close to it. Plus the organized trolls on this and other boards.
                PS for US members here that never saw that season Productions rigged winner actually became an employee the following season on the show. It stunk like a week old fish in a hot sun with it’s head cut off.

            1. Marge, use some self-control and stay off of this sight if the posts are not to your liking. Complaining about posts while writing a post is hypocritical.

        2. It really shows how much “celebrity” influences people. Making them dumb and willing to take, and do everything, for the celebrity. The way these people let Paul talk to them is unbelievable!

          1. One of the things Paul stressed among all the HGs in the beginning (aside from his terrific Halloween party) was how he travels the world doing meet and greets and how he was going to show them how to do it and how to make lots of money doing it. Basically promising them careers off BB after the show. Promising some of them that they could join him in his already established meet and greet success.

              1. Paul is confused
                He is referring to his meet and greets behind the bar he goes to, BB has nothing to do with that.
                He does make good money tho he is just the right height

        3. This whole season has been pathetic. Paul played all of them and it was sad to see not one person played the game. They did everything the puppet master said. Nothing like seasons past more strategic play, food comps, real friendships, diverse contestants from all backgrounds and ages. Production and CBS allowed bullying, 4 week safety (unheard of) and a veteran who took over the game…

        4. For the person who saId fhey dont hate paul he did what he had to

          Couldnt disagree more…..he did nothing but incite bullying have everyne do his dirty work and make us look at his scrawny disgusting chest all season!

          He is now telling josh to look forward to punching Kevins face in tomorrow!

          Just when i think he cant get more disgusting he does! 100 percent should not get anything more then 2nd place if that. BB most deplorable player YES

          1. ITA the fact that Paul felt he needed to resort to relentless lies and character assassinations points to his own insecurity and lack of finesse. On the one hand a better player wouldn’t have needed to do that but on the other it got him the results he wanted. I watched him on the feeds and the thing is he seemed to enjoy it. He would be talking friendship to a hg one minute then gleefully talking s**t about that same ‘ally’ to someone else in the next breath clearly having the time of his life. Then he would keep doing it when it wasn’t necessary for his plan anymore, like he kept dogging Cody every single day of the game after he was gone. Newsflash to Paul, Cody dgaf what you think about him but he’ll probably still vote for you just because he will see that as the honorable thing to do.

      2. I disagree that “most fans hate him now.” What the fans hate is how stupid all the other players have been. You have to give Paul credit for his game. He ran the damn house. He was the puppet master, they all did his bidding. They threw competitions left & right to his chosen winner. His targets went up. People chose not to use the veto or to use it based on his direction. Watching the feeds & reading the synopsis, I’ve constantly been thinking, “OMFG are you really believing the shit he’s spoon feeding you?! C’mon, see through it! This only benefits Paul!” But nope, a total Svengali. He deserves to win. But who knows if the jury will get past their bitterness & actually give him the win.

        1. Well, if they’re anything like the rest of us. Paul is going to come up short again.

        2. What they hate is all the unnecessary joy Paul takes in inflicting pain and hostility on the other houseguests and the base behavior he inspires and provokes in his flunkies. When someone is down his first instinct isn’t to help them up it is to pile on.

        3. No I despise Paul. Not for the way the others acted or their stupidity, but because he was probably the most vile, vicious person in the house but wants to come off like he is some innocent mastermind just playing a game. Paul sold his soul and not even for the 500k but for whatever little bit of celebrity status one gets from being on BB.

        4. A cult leader sitting at the end can still be judged on his unnecessary personal attacks. Many of the times he got his dogs to attack were not even required to achieve the same outcome as just simply voting the chosen target out. This is the only time out of all the past seasons that I have hoped that the jury does give heavy weight to his cruel game play and not vote for him. It’s sad because I truly wish I could just root for his dominance like I did for Derrick and Dan.

        5. That’s the point though can there really be people that stupid to follow everything he says to do I’m not buying it I think cbs has had the fix in since day one


            1. who is?? LOL..CODYand Jess ONLY 1 THAT TRIED…the rest were googoo gaga and 100% entranced by Paul.
              Cameron had alot to say after the fact while watching alo but day 1 at home
              Dominque…nutcase was misted until she knew going home..before that she was another Paul dick sucker..
              JOSH…ALL TALK NO ACTION IN REGARDS TO PAUL..and a candy assed pussy who needs a beating!
              So who else deserves AFP you anonymous IDIOT???

              1. Looks like Mrjwall went to the Paul Abrahamian finishing school for big mouth bullies. Kevin for AFP because “F” stands for “favorite”, not who did the most.

        7. His game was being a serial bully. The unspeakable acts that he demanded and forced Josh and his sheep to do, was low as pod scum. He had his sheep do his dirty work. Northing to be rewarded or impressed by. Paul (the garden nome) is a despicable person who verbally and mentally abused the houseguests. The way he treated Kevin like a dog was exactly what a bully does. There’s a column written on Jokersupdates that describes Paul to a T as a ‘serial bully’ Paul took control by making people do his dirty work and look innocent to everybody. Had he done the dirty work himself, I would of respected him for it. Plus his filthy mouth talking about people behind their back shows what a coward he is.

          1. He talks with a filthy mouth so they can’t use it on the show. He has figured out how to work it so the only usable footage shows him in a good light. Like most bullies, he is really just a coward who can’t take responsibilty for themselves.

          2. What the hell is goin on on adter dark? All they ar showing ia shots of the house interior with Pauls snoring/breathing ??? They have shown him and S-Mass sleeping and now back to shots of empty rooms…this is after dark SOMETHING is supposed to be happening with 8 days to go?

            BB has reached another low

        1. And how about Kevin enduring all the backlash and verbal abuse ? You don’t think he deserves to win if he gets to final 2? Paul may of entertained you, but he did it in a vile disgusting , abusive and bullying manner that i wouldn’t vote for him if my life depended on it. If you last till final 2 , you too derserve to win.

          1. I have no respect for Paul, but I disagree. I don’t think Kevin deserves to win at all. The only reason Kevin got this far is because he’s not a competition threat and it was wise for this group to keep him in the house. So, why should he win the big prize or even AFP when he never played the game at all?

            1. No way. I like Kevin, but he hasn’t done a single thing this season except whatever Paul tells him. No way he deserves to win.

          1. OH please, that’s just Paul’s excuse for being a poor loser. With that logic everyone voted for every male winner because they wanted a guy to win. You can’t have it both ways.

          2. No, Davonne started to see a pattern where every HG coming into Jury was pissed off at Nicole and felt she was responsible for them being evicted. You could see it started to add a level of game respect in her mind for Nicole. She also won comps when she needed to and aligned with the right ppl at the right times and she was able to cut ppl when she needed to as well that were threats to her game. All of this she did without ever personally attacking anyone or ganging up on ppl or kicking people while they were down. Class act.

            1. I don’t remember his speech to the jury last year. Did he use the word friendship? Of he utters the word friendship this year he would loose even if he was in final 2 with the dead BB fish.

        2. He played the game, but he overplayed the game. Most of the attacks were unnecessary and just personal. Hopefully the jury votes the same way he played, on a personal level.

      3. I hope the jury votes against Paul. He doesn’t even deserve 2nd place. Josh is a hitman for Paul. Xmas is Paul’s concubine. Alex is vile. Kevin needs to win HOH and get a letter from home and get to see pics of family to remind him how great he has it outside this crazy “game”. Would love for Kevin to win both the 500 thousand and the America’s favorite player.

        1. If Kevin is in final 2 with Paul. Paul wins. The jurours were also pretty bitter about going out before Kevin who had done nothing, even others like Raven and Matt who were do nothings.

          1. It’s true Kevin hasn’t done anything gamewise besides Paul’s bidding but why is Kevin being singled out for this? What have Xmas or Josh won besides what was thrown to them? What moves have they made on their own? Josh seems to see his major accomplishment as “calling people out” aka acting as Paul’s hit man. I don’t want to see that rewarded. I don’t want to see Paul’s terrible style of play rewarded either. X-mas shouldn’t even be there but is so arrogant and entitled. Even though Kevin has been the chillest of them he’s STILL spilling Paul intel instead of using it to his advantage. I still have a glimmer of hope Kevin will make a move against Paul but probably for the jury it will be a mater of deciding who was the least worst, not the best, and that sucks.

      1. Depends on the Jury. Last we saw each juror was feeling mighty pissed off and BB hurries occasionally vote personally instead of how the person was game-wise. If the jury does make someone else the winner out of spite, I hope it is either Kevin or Xmas and not Josh

      2. Hope Kevin wins HOH. But I haven’t seen him study so he probably wont. But I would love to see them sramble. It would make this week bearable.

        1. The only way Paul gets evicted in F4 is if Kevin wins veto and Josh wins the veto. He’ll evict Paul over Christmas.

          Not sure Christmas would make the same decision (evict Paul over Josh).

        2. Kevin has never watched one BB show and has not done anything but tell stories from the sixties, seventies and eighties. He is not in the year 2017. Let him go out! Alex needs to stay and let a real game begin with no throws on comps. Play BIG BROTHER!!!!!

    1. Another thing that gets me about Alex is she’s so resentful they are taking her out of the game because she’s a strong player, so they aren’t letting her compete in a fair fight–which is a) part of the game and b) exactly what they did to Cody, which she was totally on board with even though he had her back. It always amazes me how hypocritical the hgs can be. They almost always seem to feel more entitled to play the game than anyone else; each one is the MOST deserving (except Xmas who seems to actually want Paul to win). The jury votes for or against Paul may hinge on his willingness to admit he ran a campaign of lies and bullying, since juries often demand finalists own up to their sh**. I don’t know if Paul can even admit to himself that his whole “friendship” schtick was nothing but a crock of poop!

      1. I agree…. Like with Raven and Matt went off on Jason because he “lied to their faces” Umm… mean kind of like you did to Jess when you looked her right in the face and said you were voting out Josh…..They are all are a bunch of hypocrites.
        I hope Kevin somehow manages to win HOH. I think at this point in the game I am hoping that Paul and Kevin are F2 and Kevin wins.

      2. A couple points here. If Paul is F2 think of who he sits beside. Baby Huey bullied 1/2 the jury and got the blood with Xmas. The jury isn’t voting bully Huey. Xmas has the blood thing cold with Jason and Alex shortly. She might be the only one on “bitter jury” that MIGHT get 5 votes. I highly doubt it. Now as for Kevin. Forget his delusional camera time on this thread he has done absolutely nothing. Paul has been dragging his azz F2 and Kevin has won squat!! And please don’t say his social game it’s non existent except for Jason and his daily walks.
        I think back to BB17 and Van finishing 3rd. Steve and a twin for the money, Van nada! If and I say highly unlikely, Paul goes out 4th or 3rdn are any of the other 3 deserving of 500K and the BB title? Van was a douche and so is Paul. If Kevin were to win it would a joke like Porsche IMHO. I truely hated that season accept for Shelly.
        Briefly Cody did not play POV(backdoored) where as Alex played and likely threw here POV comp. The 2 aren’t similar. I love this time of the season watching the idiots that dance and clown other HG’s eviction get what’s coming to them! No more storage room dances potato head! AFP you gotta be kidding.

        Paul didn’t learn from Dan(BB14). Bitter jury should happen this season. But unlike BB14 Dan left wee Ian. There is no wee Ian this season. F2 and his gnomeness wins. It’s like taking a bath in puddle water. Your wet but your definitely not clean. The season has grime all over it.

        1. You have no understanding of how Kevin maneuvered through this game.
          He was playing a great socail game, but he was found out when Alex caught him sucking up to Jessica and Cody. He tried making an alliance with Cody (which didn’t pan out), and he made an alliance with Alex, Jason and Paul and stuck to it the entire season (even with Alex bullying him around the last 5 weeks). He has his flaws in the game, but compared to what the remaining house guests have done are easily forgivable.
          Aside from Alex’s inevitable vote against him, I believe Kevin still can get Jury votes. He was there for Jessica after Cody was evicted the first time, he never joined in any of the bullying that went on, he was always true to himself and kept with his morals.
          If Paul makes it to the end and reveals how much of a snake he was, he could potentially lose Raven, Matt, and Jason’s vote. They way each of them left the house makes me think they would vote to someone who was straight up with them and not vote for a snake.

          1. Not one of them played with any integrity. Kevin hasn’t played at all. So for Paul to fess up to doing exactly what they all did and they don’t vote for him then it’s in spite. It’s a game. This isn’t “let’s make friends and be nice to each other” – I’ve never seen a group more into feeling bad about voting someone out before and I have watched every season of this show. It’s getting to touchy feely and this season the couples drove me crazy!

      3. It’s funny how they weren’t all counterfeits when they got rid of Jason because he was strong, but as soon as they target her, she’s upset. She’s saying Jason would have never done that to her, but I bet she’d do it to him in less than 8 seconds.

      4. hypocrites?? as in josh calling mark a cry baby?? Josh is the worst bully in BB history IMO and needs to be bounced.. right into his hometown where the latino community are embarrassed by his crap and will send him off to the loonybin. cant wait.

          1. Evel Dick is nothing like Josh. He made all his own decisions. ED is a man who owns his gameplay and wasn’t ever directed by anyone. unlike Josh, ED’s pots and pans deal was so that all the HG’s would hate him so he could protect his Daughter. He was willing to sacrifice himself for her. Once he accomplished that he went to work on saving himself.

          2. Evel Dick worked alone. Josh is part of a gang. Evel Dick didn’t target everyone in the house and call them out with made up crap. I didn’t like Evel Dick’s tactics but he made his own decisions for his own reasons. Josh bullied people for no reason using lies as the reason and he had 4 people running backup playing tag you’re it. Much worse

    2. I hate to quote josh but alex truly played herself! She had the power in the double eviction to take out Christmas or josh but wasted it on her vendetta against Kevin which didn’t even work in her favor!
      She should have seen this coming! You should never feel comfortable as that’s when the blindside comes for you!

      1. Not to mention, SHE screwed Jason’s game by refusing to listen to him when his gut was more perceptive than she ever was. “Remember, Dummy???” AFP ? I care less about who gets it, and more about another sucker punch to their egos. Kevin would be hilarious! Salt in the wound. Cody would be hilarious. I can see his stone cold poker face accepting it with no reaction.

    3. “A – get over yourself.. you cost me my whole game” No Alex, you did this to yourself. Who in the hell throws comps this late in the game. You had your own fate in your hands and you threw it away.

    4. Josh seems to be aware of Paul’s machinations & Alex kept the players she knew evicted her so-called “best friend.” Problem with this group……..awareness equals inaction on their part. Worst, weakest, foolish cast ever.

    5. Alex told Kevin on BBAD to study facts for the next comp. She hates him but hates the others more, so she gave him a heads up. And what does he do? He tells Paul…ugh! Then the three stooges rushed to make sure Kevin can’t be alone with Alex, so xmas rubbed his arms making nice…as an lying traitor rat would. Kevin, stop telling Paul your strategies and what Alex told you.

  3. Ha. Love the different holiday names! I wish no ill will on the fish…but I can’t blame them for self-evicting. I would if my life was in their hands.

    1. Honestly I feel like it’s animal cruelty to leave the fish at the mercy of these nincompoops. Josh today has banged on the glass and yelled at the dying fish, wanted to revive them with mouth-to-mouth, and professed a very strong desire to watch Disney cartoons when he gets out (I assume after this fish trauma he’ll want to add “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” to the roster). Poor Josh, emotionally I think he may actually be about 7 years old. One would think this would be an incredibly toxic environment for such a person but somehow he managed to fit right in.

    2. The most upsetting thing for me is nobody intervening for the fish…I have a very large tank of fish and if somebody is struggling I put them in a hospital tank and run fresh water into the tank until they are able to recover.this works 9 out of 10 times. I also live off of well water that has not been chlorinated.
      Damn evil people to make jokes of it! Guess what Josh? You are a serial killer of intelligence, compassion,kindness and emotional intelligence!

      1. Josh went to the DR to ask for help for the sick one and to remove the dead one so that it would not make the rest of the fish sick. He was very concerned. He came back and told Christmas and Paul that they told him “tomorrow”. He said that the sick one might not make it until then and was angry they weren’t helping it now.

  4. talk about counterfeit, let me read my bible and pray and then hate on an old man…real christian of you alex.

    would laugh my @ss off if Kevin won this next HOH and put up Christmas and Paul…Josh win veto and send Paul out…
    I wish that old man could win something to mess this game up.


    maybe paul will make it a split he votes out kevin and christmas votes out alex thinking that Josh will get the blood on his hands and vote out Alex and instead Josh keeps Alex and she wins next HOH and puts up christmas and paul and Josh votes paul out…

    I can dream can’t I?

  5. Paul is over-playing and over-acting for no reason. It’s not logical that Paul wants to put on some side show to rattle Kevin.
    It’s not like the arrogant prick Paul thinks Kevin could beat him. Right?
    Is it just out of meanness that Paul practically twist Josh’s arm to do a confrontation? Why try to blow up Josh or Josh’s game?
    He knows he already has Kevin’s vote should Kevin go to jury.
    Is Paul trying to see how far he can go because he’s just a bored ass spoiled brat?
    I don’t get it?
    And in the end Paul will probably just throw it (HoH)to Kevin.
    Production planning?
    Script written?
    Was the plan to get Christmas and Paul to the end along with the fan favorite?
    why do they insist on making Josh the only bad guy? White washing everything Paul and Christmas do? ( Kevin’s no angel)
    None of this logical. Doesn’t make sense.
    Smacks of bs and interference.
    Way too extra.
    Production probably told Josh,”keep doing what Paul tells you to do.”
    Josh, “but I feel bad. I don’t really want to go after Kevin.”
    Production, “the audience loves it. Keep doing it.” “Take one for the team.”

    1. Maybe Paul is trying to hide his relationship with Kevin from Josh & Xmas so that he has a Plan B. Or maybe it is his intension to cut Josh at 4 and keep Kev and Xmas at 3.

    2. Paul plans to use Kevin to take shot at josh/Xmas. Most likely Xmas. Then paul will have no competition at the final challenges.

  6. I don’t really think Alex is going to vote for Paul to win… I think she just telling him that…. she will be bitter….

    Alex, Jason, Cody …. BITTER VOTERS for sure
    Raven/Matt …. BITTER VOTERS possible

    I don’t see Paul winning:)

    Elena and Mark will likely vote however cody votes

    1. Raven and Matt love Paul and by Josh throwing that vote for Kevin makes Raven think Paul voted for her..Cody already said he’s voting Paul..when Josh and Xmas blow up Kevin he won’t vote for either one of them and I don’t think Mark would vote for Xmas or Josh because Paul had them fight with him before he left..

    2. I think Cody will vote for Paul. Not only did he say it several times but he’s also not petty. Though Cody got evicted early, he was spot on about every HG. He saw the game play early on and the ignorance of all of them. Because I think the rest of them are all sheep, Not a single one played their own game except Cody. I’m voting Cody for AFP.

  7. Ok I think it is imperative to vote Kev for AFP Let me explain….Alex…Assmas…Paul …..Josh…would all hate it big time and immediately understand they’ve all been torturing the AFP (lol)….no waiting until after the finale to see their smug shitty faces when the epiphany that they are the despicable ones washes over them. Cody Jessica Mark Elena Jason and maybe even Alex would be happy or at least OK with a Kev win that results as another giant FU to the horrible final 3. Please let’s make it happen it would be epic! Thanks! P.S. Kev also would have won the same money as second place another FU delivered!

    1. I’m pretty sure Cody is going to win just for the sheer fact that he tried to get Paul out. Honestly I think Mark should win just because he was the only one not going around bullying and bad mouthing everyone. I think I will throw Kevin a few votes though, because I would like to see Mark, Kevin and Cody in the running. That will truly be a big FU to the house guests…. seeing those 3 as the top contenders with Cody winning.

      1. I think throwing pickle/chili juice in someone’s face is bullying, call me crazy. I’d pick Matt over mark for afp, at least Matt picked a lane. I will be voting Cody for afp. Best looking, only one who tried to take out Paul, never sold out, walked over the table to avoid acknowledging any one on his way out. Was true to himself. This all makes him my favorite player. Plus, it will piss the other jury members off. Plus I want Jessica and the blue haired chick as the runners up as a great big fuck you to the minions, production and Paul.

  8. Alex – the one thing I’ve learnt in this house is that they’re all liars and I think Paul is still lying about stUff.

    Wow…that’s some genius deduction right there…..way to go Alex….lololol…..

    1. Way back in the beginning of this game Alex told Jason and I think it was Josh DO NOT believe anything anyone tells you they all lie. Don’t even believe everything I say. What happened to her? Guess she really did drink the Paul kool aid.

  9. Paul has this weird facial tick ….. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed he drops his jaw a little and with open mouth appears to be inhaling. I think he is little by little drawing the blackened souls out of the remaining hostages….I mean houseguest…… you know Succubus style!

  10. Sadly, the most entertaining person right now is Alex who looks up from the bible from time to time to talk to the feeders. Suddenly Josh,Paul and Christmas are all acting like middle schoolers. Ugh, Congrats to Kevin for winning the very first competition by pushing the button before everyone else. I guess age teaches you ‘always take the money’.

    For what? Cruelty sake.
    For the f**k of it.
    Power trip!
    x-mas and Paul are some real assholes.
    Production needs to tell Paul to cut his shit.
    Enough is enough!
    Leave Josh the hell alone. Do your own dirty work.

    1. Mine too..he has been the most sociable, the funniest, hasn’t bullied anyone, made it far, has 7 kids, and made for good feeds. Derrick won and never won any comps but it was due to his social game. Cody talked badly about transgenders and said he didn’t care about an entire population of people, that is something Hitler would say, he said he went to the Ferguson riots to see if he could survive..he has a daughter so he obviously doesn’t care about her to do that and making fun of a man dying is horrible, he claimed to go after Paul when his first targets were Megan and Alex. Rewatch episode 3 he said Megan is the target. Look at his 2nd noms he says Alex is his target because she is good at comps. He gets evicted week 2 then comes back after being evicted and tells Jessica to go after Josh! He admitted he wanted to work with Paul when he came back, he was one of the people that hit the buzzer to bring him in but was too slow. He spent most of his time laying in bed with Jessica giving blank stares. There is video proof of all this. Cody is counterfeit! Vote with your head and your heart not with bitterness. Kevin for AFP he deserves it!!!

      1. If anyone is a likeness to Hitler in this house it’s Paul. One word against the great house dictator and he sucks the goons on them.

        1. You win the most ignorant comment on the page! Exactly how is Paul like Hitler? You don’t have a clue who Hitler is if you are making that type of connection.

        1. Hey Simon and Dawg,
          Normally there is information from you that tells us that the feeds are off and expected time of return. I hope you all are OK. Thank you for the great work that you do! I will figure out how to donate something to your cause.

      2. Done with Cody never vote for him as AFP it means favorite as in likable not because he hates Paul. Besides he is a troubled mind.

        1. AFP can mean whatever it wants to an individual. Looking at this cast of characters, any one of them could be called troubled. I think Cody is one of the least troubled.

  12. Seems production has been dropping hints to Xmas. Currently she is sitting on Kev’s bed rubbing his arm with a rolling pin…..softly asking about his well being. I thought he was a “dirty old pervert ect.” Somebody is trying to do spin control.

    1. Paul ordered X to go make sure Kevin and Alex cannot talk so she went to sit with Kevin and rolled his arm after telling Paul she wanted to smash his face. These are mean people beyond any game, just ugly and mean

    1. Sorry folks ! I didn’t mean about the dying and dead fish ! I meant his reaction !!!
      But I am glad that he stood up for himself when they were trying to blame him.
      Again, sorry. Reading my post now, I did sound insensitive.

      1. We understood what you meant. The thumbs down are for Josh. He’s not funny at all. He’s just a mentally underdeveloped boy. He believes he is well liked for his juvenile antics but reality says otherwise. I for one am glad that he will suffer emotionally from the harsh reality he is about to come face to face with. His lack of intelligence is comparable with those that believed Hillary would win because the media told them so based off their biased polls. It can be hard for some people to realize they have an average IQ or lower. Josh is about to realize that fact just like most democrats did back in November.

        1. WTF does tis show have to do with an electionb (from almost a ywar ago)? You have problems and need to find a post for fixated idiots.

    1. I just think Kevin has had to suffer these assholes so long and the worst may be coming with Josh and Xmas plans to attack him again……feel bad for the guy.I think Cody would be ok with it he liked the Kevster…

      1. Maybe if Kevin had a single clue about what is going on. He still thinks he and Paul have made it there together as a team. Kevin doesn’t know what is happening to him.

      2. Kevin was find with the bullying, he didn’t even mind their bullying him, as long as they don’t say anything about his family. He has mentioned “this is part of the game”………….he also thinks he has to endure this, so Paul can get him to the end. He has allowed Paul to tell him to shut up, go be by yourself, go read the Bible.
        I have no respect for this type of gameplay………….if you have no respect for yourself, why should the viewer? No way would I vote for him as AFP!

    2. Cody winning afp won’t be a f* you situation at all. They will all assume he got it for being a military vet. They won’t know it’s a coded message to them since veterans are held in such high esteem regardless of their personality. If you’re hoping for shock and awe…prepare to be disappointed.

    3. Voting for one to spite another doesn’t make sense..especially when his game play was horrible and he never really even went after Paul. Cody was even one of the people that hit his buzzer to get Paul back in, his light on his pod lit up red look up Garden of temptation. His 1st target was Megan you see that in episode 3 where he literally says Megan is the target. Then he targets Alex, look up Cody’s 2nd nominations.. he said she is a threat to his alliance and in his DR admits she is the target but she won the veto. He finally decides to put Paul up knowing no one will vote him out it was just ego and butt hurt over not getting that bracelet which he also admits in his DR. He left week 2, admitted if he came back in his exit interview he would work with Paul. The proof is that when he came back he had a chance at Paul when Jessica was HOH and told her to keep noms the same and go after it all becoming clear yet? Look it all up if you don’t believe me. Cody also admitted Paul will get his jury vote so the people voting him for favorite are the ones getting the FU

  13. Xmas and Paul are such hypocrites !
    And they’re running scared and don’t want Alex and Kevin to talk to each other in case she gets to him ! And Xmas called Alex a c*%t ! If it’s just a game, name calling is not necessary. This game is just unbelievable! Glad it’s over in just about a week !

  14. Xmas says that she wants to puke (having to babysit Kevin) but what does she do ? She’s massaging him !!! She could have just sat and talked with him, no???

  15. Alex…how dare you bring Titanic, Leo, and Kate Winslet into this. Shut up. You were an idiot and aren’t worthy of referencing Titanic.

  16. Kevin is delusional if he thinks he has done something to get to final 4…… like dude cut it out, he then says after that I don’t know what I’m doing! Yea you are waiting on Paul to tell you what’s going to happen next.. HE DOESNT HAVE PLAN AT ALL….. he has been there 3 months and not once have he made plans to do anything but chill!

    1. I have to disagree Kid Rock. Kevin told Jason along time ago they had to get rid of Paul. Of course it fell on deaf ears. It happens too often to older players…the younger ones think they know everything and treat their elders like they’re fools! Everyone has been a Paul minion not just Kevin.

    2. Some people say that it doesn’t matter how Paul got there (bully and asshole) as long as he got to final 2 .well same can be said about Kevin if he makes it . He stayed in the house for the same amount of time. Difference is he didn’t make enemies nor icite violence and bullying .

  17. I cant stand all these fools but really everytime i hear kevin speak im like ” whyyyyy”?????? Seriously he’s just as fake as these guys except he’s not mean and nasty. Why all the ass kissing????? Why tell paul ” oh jesus paul your the greatest, id be sooo happy to take 2nd for you to win, you’re the best” oh Christmas “im not even top 10 , im worthless” then you tell your kids/feeds ” at least know that i know what im doing” this guy is the classic case of needing validation! He needs to feel wanted! Start acting like a fckin MAN! Im sorry i like the guy but geezus grow a pair and stop kissing everyones ass, stop caring who’s talkin shit about you ( their gonna get theres when they get out and see what fans think of them) stop insulting and lowering yourself because you think thats what they want to hear.

    1. What else is he going to say? I hate you all and I’m going to boot you the first chance I ever get? He wants to make it as far as he can. If this is his strategy then its his strategy.

    2. Sad to say, but Kevin is this year’s Victoria! Does nothing but go along blindly with everything Derrik/Paul says, all the while thinking she/he is in on the plan! I’d never vote Victoria/Kevin for AFP. Not ANY floater!

  18. Whatever one may think of the final 3, Paul, Xmas, and Josh. The one thing that has bothered them throughout the game is one player, Cody. There hasn’t been a day since his eviction that his name hasn’t been brought up.
    That’s why voting for Cody as AFP, knowing that Paul will win, and one will come in second, would put a damper on their winning. Because all eyes would then be on Cody, and not them.
    So vote for AFP, Cody, if you want payback for a lousy, scripted, edited season.

    1. Speaking of scripted, how did Paul get into the show? …Kevin,…… scripted???? Just get the 25k right at the beginning and do everything Paul tells you and you’ll get to jury and possibly the AFP. Ha, easy….. and he did just that….. Never worried about comps, being on the block and he might even make it to final two. Easy money! Vote Kevin for AFP? NOT!!!!

  19. I am so tired of the excuses of these nasty people with “it’s just a game”. REAL games have referees when players misbehave. Where’s the referees in the BB house?

  20. Rule number one in BB: Trust no one, believe no one … be always observant, trust your gut.

    Alex trusted everyone, believed everyone, observed nothing and ignored what was right in front of her face.

    Her “ride or die” Jason was even worse.

  21. Rumored to appear in the Celebrity BB cast, are:
    Natalie Nunn from Bad Girls Club, she has appeared on multiple shows on VH1 and appeared on Marriage Bootcamp with her mother.

    Lance Bass is best known for being a pop singer in the group NSYNC.

    Bradtheladlong is a popular YouTuber who came out as asexual a few years ago.

    Duane “Dog” Chapman is best known for his A&E series Dog The Bounty Hunter.

    Tiffany Pollard, also called New York, is best known for appearing on VH1’s Flavor of Love. Rap star, Flavor Flav nicknamed her New York.

    Drita D’avanzo is best known for her role on Mob Wives

    1. With the exception of Lance Bass, these people are NOT celebrities! Gross. If Frankie Grande is on this fall, I will not be able to watch the show.

    2. With the exception of Lance Bass, these people are NOT celebrities! Gross! If Frankie Grande is on the show this Fall, I will not be able to watch!

        1. I don’t watch anything with Dog the Bounty Hunter in it. There’s enough on TV to insult people’s intelligence without having to watch that freak.

    3. With Drita in the house, there might be a few verbal beat downs and possibly a few punches thrown! I love Drita because she takes no prisoners, and she is excellent tv…interesting d-list celebs! I think London’s celeb BB is better stocked!

  22. Many of you don’t get it. Kevin is the ultimate floater, that IS his game. Don’t make enemies, be nice to everyone, make it to Final 2 and take the money. And he should get AFP just for letting them all treat him like crap the whole season.

    1. Cody had to put up with way more “crap” then Kevin did this season..They talked about Kevin a lot behind his back. Josh had one spat with him and Alex hid the slop.He hasn’t really been bullied “yet” just isolated.

        1. The telling thing about our present N.American culture is that we treat aging as a terrible malady. Older people are invisible and there is no respect for the wisdom that comes with experience. Kevin has been treated like a leper for no other reason! Guess what you tiny runt,steroid monster,Charles Manson,Whistle-nutt phony friend, and baby Huey…we all get to age!!! ( if we are lucky!)

    2. Kevin has never watched the show didn’t have a clue what a floater is, he like everyone else saw Paul had played before and blindly followed. I like Kevin but he hasn’t played one minute of the game, just done as Paul has told him. Hope he wins with who is left but he doesn’t deserve it and please vote Cody AFP over Kevin it will hurt these bullies more than anything if Cody wins and Kevin got $25,000

  23. Dawg, I can differentiate between you and Simon’s blogs, because he is getting more salty as the years go by. He used to be my favorite, now you are. And congrats on your new baby! You are both doing a great job, but why does he have to be so salty?
    Sheesh! Simon needs to sign up for BBCan and needs to see how it feels to be in that house. I want to see him make it to the end and keep his morals and personality clean if he thinks he can do a better job.

      1. Oh Great Salton of BB I was wondering if you could replace Matt’s pic with one of a mattress, like you did her (can’t bring myself to say it) with a snake last year.
        In all honesty the mattress did more and made it further.

        1. LOL, I use to do this type of stuff. but people get mad.. haha..

          Matt = mattress
          Xmas = a log of something smelly
          Paul = ?
          Josh = ?
          Alex = something mean.. i dunno
          Kevin = ? (wrinkly b@lls but the advertisers would flip out)
          Raven = medical scam something..

    1. Lol yeah im so much of a zombie to add salt to my posts. I prefer to stay neutral. Baby is doing great and getting way more sleep than I am. She sleeps beside me as i work laye into the night so that mom can get a peaceful sleep. And yes Simon should get on bbcan :)

  24. Xmas’ fake outrage over Kevin wanting to bang her in jury is hilarious! Most everything Xmas does in life in some form is an attempt to become more attractive. The funny thing is, “old-man perv” Kevin is the ONLY person in the house who has ever shown any s@xual interest in her! Take it as a compliment boo boo, and move on…

    1. Not sure he has one anymore, rumor has it she pulled the waiver for him to talk about her after he led the parade into the backyard to pick on Cody and Jess.

  25. An awesome finale:
    AFP will be Cody, he will get on bended knee and propose to Jessica…maybe Paul will win….but even Julie Chen will be most excited seeing Jody reunite!

  26. Just wondering if everyone’s still voting Cody for AFP?
    I really want to see the looks on their faces..Paul, X-Mas, Josh, Alex!
    They need to know what vile people they were..hoping fans aren’t forgetting.
    Thumbs up for Cody 4 AFP ???
    Thanks..that would make the season for me anyway!

  27. Still laughing at Paul who is freaking out because he doesn’t want his “girlfriend” to think that he is hooking up with bitchmas, BUT he continues to sleep with her every night. If I was Paul’s “girlfriend”, after seeing his scrawny a*s on TV, then watching him act like a complete d*ck to people, and knowing now what his true colors really are, I definitely would be LONG gone by now. Sorry, not sorry. You lost me at “I live in my mommy’s basement”. #LOSER

    1. I always thought Paul was gay so I certainly dont think he is or ever was trying to hook up with krampus…she is way too old for him anyways. I am just shocked he was dating a female to begin with

    1. “Would be nice to see everyone take off their friendship bracelet and throw it on the ground when voting .”

      My nomination for post of the year.

  28. Some of MTV The Challenge are going to be on CBB1US
    Johnny Bananas, CT,
    Cara Maria, Laurel Stucky
    Kathy Griffin, Andy Dick
    Speidi, (Heidi and Spencer)

    1. I wouldn’t mind seeing Cara Maria and Laurel but it sure would not be fair to put friends like that in the house.

      Please put Peppa Pig in the house before Bananas, Griffin, Dick or Speidi. They all remind me of Paul too much.

  29. Alex’s stupidity continues. To stay in the game, instead of telling Paul she will convince others to to vote for him, she should be saying if she goes to jury she will convince others not to vote for him and even make up lies. That she’ll ensure Jason hates him and tell Raven and Matt he constantly made cruel jokes of Raven’s diseases, said Elena was fat, stupid and plastic, etc.

    1. I have often thought this would be my failsafe in a show like BB or survivor… anybody I was in alliance with or had made an agreement with, I would make clear to them (assuming i made it to jury) that if they stab me in the back at all I will definitely NOT vote for them to win under any cirsumstance, AND I would be doing everything in my power to pour salt all over their game in the jury house.

      Basically make it clear that if they have plans to screw me over and blindside me and stab me in the back…its a poison pill for them.

  30. Ok so Xmas said to camera while back she is in love with Paul on the real.

    You can see she worships the ground he walks on and has all season talked Josh out of taking shot at him. So yes she will not mind getting 2nd place. She actually wants that. She said her and Paul are going to travel the world together after the show.

    I can’t wait ’till after show when Paul says he doesn’t have feelings for her and is staying with his gf. She will get the karma she deserves for being a witch to everyone and mentally abusing Josh. Paul is a lame wanna be hipster doofus and fake rocker. But I feel bad for him cuz I feel Xmas will either kill him or stalk him. Or both. ‘Aint no fury like a crazy btch who gets scorned by dude she obsessed with. I know. She went to jail for stalking me and a actual plot to kill me. This is no joke. Paul needs to run fast and not even talk to her after show to tell her he doesn’t share her love. No. Just run and contact police if she keeps trying to contact you.

    At least he will have 500 grand. I do think Paul deserves the money. It’s a game and again though he a total buttmunch he owned these fools all summer.

  31. Dear Allison, I know I have had MONTHS to prepare for this but should I wear purple to Paul’s Coronation or will he be wearing purple. I don’t want to offend him in any way, shape or form.
    On bended knee,
    Paul’s Loyal Subject

  32. This is for Yuk. I met my wife when I was a Deputy Sheriff. We got married 6 weeks later. Next year it will be 50 years. So knowing someone a short time, doesn’t spell disaster. When you find the right one, you know its the right one. Be it a week or as some engagements I know and still not married 6-7 years.
    It’s all in Chemistry.
    Again, a vote for Cody will trip these idiots, since they all know, Cody knew their game, and Cody without a scripted help from the BBs nor Diary Room got any help. He alone played a good game that still worry’s them. How many HOHs had to pick as many replacements as he did without repercussions sooner or later. Paul was the idiot thinking “how dare someone come after me since they promised me I would go to the end”.

    1. Daniel, congrats on your marriage of 50 years, BUT, you didn’t meet in a house where you were stuck 24/7 and didn’t have to deal in reality. I believe on love at first sight too but Jessica and Cody will never make it in HER world. She already mentioned many times that he can’t be himself around her friends, coworkers, and family. She would be embarrassed. You know that is NOT love.

    1. The other day, Kevin was pretending to play cowboys and Indians and was pretend shooting at the cameras and then pretended he was shot and fell backwards on his bed. But when he was dancing with the cologne bottle, that was hilarious!!!
      ****Kevin =AFP**** ****Kevin =AFP**** ****Kevin =AFP****
      ****Kevin =AFP**** ****Kevin =AFP**** ****Kevin =AFP****

  33. I hope the Jury is dripping with spite. Paul’s very dirty game this season signals that anything goes, and that goes for the jury, too. If lying, deceit, and backstabbing are “part of the game”, then so is SPITE. Julie always says they are still playing the game in jury, so I think the Jury should exercise their power to deny Paul the win. You can win this game without spending your every waking hour devising plots to humiliate and screw people over. That is the aspect of the game Paul enjoys the most and he has elevated it to a science this season so the jury has every right to stick it to him in return. Why reward deplorable behavior?.

  34. I really just don’t get the whole Cody for AFP. He was a complete jerk himself. Always throwing out the phrase victim noises. Talking crap about others appearances. He was not nice at all. Just because we would get about 5 seconds of shock from Paul and everyone else. Then it’s over and Cody gets rewarded when his behavior wasn’t any better. Seems to me AFP should go to someone who didn’t play by Paul’s rules. Codys rules were the exact same. Talk trash to and about people. In my opinion it should go to someone who was nice to others. Who didn’t agree the game had to played that way. To me. That would show Paul’s group their behavior wasn’t acceptable. Otherwise AFP is just as tainted as the rest of the season. And America did the same thing they did. Giving AFP to someone that doesn’t deserve it. Just to get some revenge on the person / people we don’t like. Just seems backwards to me.

    1. Sorry, but apparently we are playing by Paul’s Rules this season, so if the Jury wants to really stick it to him, that’s perfectly OK to me, and the exact same for AFP. If nobody does anything we will get the same next season.

    2. No one should win the money should be given to Texas and Florida This has been the worst season of bb I have ever seen. The behavior of these people was unacceptable CBS should have stopped it it you don’t go on a game show to be bullied. The lack of respect for each other was disgusting even Kevin whom I like letting Xmas lay all over him was not right a married man at least Jason another married did not do that All in all this was the worst season ever only keep watching in hopes someone will grow a brain and do something on there own

  35. I still can’t believe that that they don’t allow Kevin and Alex to talk unless they say so. I know it has been said before, but have to say it one more time. The 3 dip$h!ts are flocked up, and hope the way they treated everybody gets paid back with interest.

  36. For some of the negatives on Cory, remember Paul pushed him into many of the situations, especially the Josh (how can anyone vote for him as AFP is beyond me. It wasn’t his game play nor idea, rather Pauls), fandango with the pots and pans and words said.
    Cory had a lot of self control, but he was the only one playing BB. Paul’s game was to use others, each one here being talked about as AFP candidate, as his minions to cause bullying, etc. Paul uses other probable in real life also to fight his fights, etc. Paul has to be the lowest form of humanity,
    BB is a game, but this season Paul controlled it as did many players with complete disregard of rules. Disregard of rules which govern games went out the window when Paul came in. In fact, From what this season has so far shown, not beyond BB talking to Kevin to take the 25,000.00 to assure Paul came in.
    I would like to hear why anyone else, and their accomplishment without any help from Paul, should get AFP. What Cody did is play the game. Get out returning players because of their strength and knowing what competition are coming up, (something BB needs to change seriously).
    BB is now a farce without serious changes to give it a freshness, no more gimmicks. No more America voted gimmicks, (how do we know what the actual votes are?).
    Voting for Cody is voting for someone that actually played the game and followed the rules, (notice he still wore his frog outfit, compared to Matt and his totally disregard for not one but many rules with only 1 penalty. Explain that and then say this show isn’t rigged).

    1. DANIEL

      What rules are you talking about? Everyone can play the game how they see fit. There is no violence alowed but lying to other house guests is part of the game. Deceiving people is part of the game. I cannot see where rules were broken without consequences. Please enlighten me.
      I don’t believe the show is rigged but that’s my opinion. I still enjoy watching it for what it is a GAME.

      1. Consider almost every rule Matt broke when he got slop. What did he get? One penalty. Disregarded eating slop, were to sleep, and shower. One penalty. The bullying I’m sure they were told to stop which could have led to violence, yet, Paul persist in edging Josh to do more and continue.
        Maybe not breaking rules, but the farce of the race, were Xmas won and never ran a foot. If these things are tolerated and continued into other following seasons, what enjoyment or pleasure get from future seasons?
        I’ve had my say, but good conversation and thoughts, some of mine. I may not agree with all posts, but I respect each one and the person that wrote them.

    2. People keep referring to “Paul and his minions” on this site,well,there are others posting on this site that are trying to “stir the pot”. I have no doubt that Jessica and her blind followers are behind these inane posts trying to promote Cody for AFP. He did not do squat except lay up with Jessica and play like a hard ass.He basically evicted himself with his crappy attitude.The only reason Jessica wants him to get AFP is so that he can spend it on that” BIG ring that she already told him that he better get her”.(her words) Kevin for AFP!

      1. I am not voting for anybody that worked with Paul in any way. I am however going to vote for Cody as many times as I possibly can. I am also going to make sure that everybody i know whether they watch big brother or not vote for cody

  37. I did hear rumors of Johnny Bananas being on CBB and that was before bb19 as well as Cody Thrive from the MTV show stranded who is also ruthless. Both have talked about it multiple times and said MTV had to release their contracts since Johnny was filming Dirty 30 at the time he was approached. Would be interesting to see them on CBB. I also heard Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass and some youtuber (YouTube people are not celebrities so I hope not). My ideal CBB: Cody Thrive, Johnny Bananas, Track star Jojo (comp beast and lives for dram), CM punk, Kellie Pickler, the daughter from the Chrisleys, Tim Tebow and Michael Sam, Cardi B, Kelly Osbourne, Brant Daugherty, and someone from Gossip girls or a teeny bop show to bring in the young crowd.
    As far as the end of this season: Cody for AFP and Josh for the win (if he evicts Paul). Yeah he bullied but he entertained and did show his real self and played the game. Also he is a super fan, he freaked when he saw Ika Wong.

      1. CBS finally sent out an email at 3pm today…

        The Houseguests are filming something awesome that you will see soon. The feeds will return after 9pm PT on Wednesday, Sept. 13th.

          1. Maybe a demonstration of Paul’s knife boxing skills…or a sloth climbing a tree. The sloth would be more entertaining, they are pretty cool. They only poop once a week!

      2. thanks..since no feeds Canada I rely on you…downer that without feeds there wont be an updated page here is all i was getting at with that question.
        i didnt know they were off already
        dam withdrawals lol from OBB!!!

  38. What in the world has Kevin done to Christmas that would provoke her to want to punch him in the face??? She is the person with a good heart??? What? I am beyond horrified at these cowards…think of Kevin’s children seeing or hearing this? If Kevin does not win AFP then I will be very sad! He deserves hazard pay!

  39. No votes here for Cody – that would only mean a vote for Jessica that deserves zip-o in my book. I actually liked Cody. Jessica was nothing but lets have sex freak and then be a snot to everyone.

  40. I think Paul tried to do what Boston rob did by ensuring “his team” was alienated from the other group. Paul had a bunch of little groups to manage and used josh as a weapon of confrontation and the others followed.
    Almost cult like … The punishment of being bullied. Notice the ones that didn’t participate we’re the first to go? Josh had to be kept as he was the weapon. Did it remind anyone of lord of the flies?

  41. Silly Alex should let the whole house know that she had a deal with Paul and Jason for final 3 and once numbers were reduced and he(Paul) noticed that he couldn’t beat her and Jason he decided to team up with players he feels he can beat in the end. That way at least when Alex,Kevin,Josh or Shitmas leave he feels like oh snap Alex exposed me and now I might actually lose their votes. Plus she should mention that…that’s why Kevin lasted this long because he feels like it is easier to take him because he never won anything. Ps. I really don’t understand how one person whether it’s Paul or Alex can make group of people hate one man. Like seriously wtf did Kevin do to them? Let da guy enjoy his sense of youth.

  42. Silly Alex should let the whole house know that she had a deal with Paul and Jason for final 3 and once numbers were reduced and he(Paul) noticed that he couldn’t beat her and Jason he decided to team up with players he feels he can beat in the end. That way at least when Alex,Kevin,Josh or Shitmas leave he feels like oh snap Alex exposed me and now I might actually lose their votes. Plus she should mention that…that’s why Kevin lasted this long because he feels like it is easier to take him because he never won anything. Ps. I really don’t understand how one person whether it’s Paul or Alex can make group of people hate one man. Like seriously wtf did Kevin do to them? Let da guy enjoy his sense of youth.

    1. Mine is Xmas wins HOH, puts up Josh and Kevin, Josh wins POV and votes out Paul. Josh is devastated Xmas put him up, Xmas is devastated Paul is gone, one tries to drown the other in the hottub while Kevin plays with scarves in his room.

  43. I have been re-watching bb18 because I wanted more action – I love the early shows the best. All Paul could say was ‘GET OUT THE VETS’. HELLO?!?!?! If you are bb fans on the show, how could you NOT throw that back in his face?! I am dumbfounded! Heaven help us all, especially Simon and dawg. Thanks for an excellent season of recaps!

  44. To Allison Grodner/Production of BB

    Could you verify if the FCC complaints on are true? I am confused. This basically says that BB is not a game show with “contestants” but is a predetermined drama with “participants”. WTF gives?

    Thanks for contacting the FCC via the online inquiry form, with your inquiry (designated IC Number: 07-W13271938), regarding the ‘reality’ show ‘Big Brother.’ We will close your inquiry IC Number: 07-W13271938 with this response:

    Section 73.1216 of the Commission’s rules governs the broadcast of licensee-conducted contests, Le., a contest conducted by an FCC-licensed station in which a prize is offered ‘to members of the public.’ Since the show ‘Big Brother’ is conducted by a network programmer (vs. an FCC-licensed station) and does not offer a prize to members of the public, it is not regulated by the FCC. A “game show” in which ‘selected contestants’ (vs. ‘members of the public’) participate is governed by Section 509 of Title 47 of the United States Code (USC), and regulated by the Department of Justice. However ‘Big Brother’ does not appear to meet the definition of a “game show.” Rather, it is a ‘for entertainment only’ program, somewhat similar to professional wrestling in that it is a pseudo-contest in which the outcome is fully, or in some measure, predetermined.

    1. I believe because they receive a stipend, they technically become employees of CBS. I personally don’t care for this, but I believe, that is how CBS is skirting the laws on game shows.

  45. Best part of this season is when it is over! Xmas, Paul, Little Huey, Alex, Jason, and Raven all are going to have a hard time with the fact that they have destroyed their own personal character and will never escape what people think of them for years to come. Truly is sad that people do not think before they go on a show like this of how if they are viewed negatively it can ruin your life.
    Raven is the best example! Her family thought it was a good idea for her to go on this show and no one would look into their story or judge her based on how she handles her 5000 diseases in the house. Not more than 5 minutes in the sickly white makeup came off and she started eating like a pig. Just Dumb!

    1. Just wondering if she can be prosecuted for her fake “go fund me page.” If she doesn’t have this gastro disease, then what fake unethical doctor put this in her unnecessarily?!? I think she has more mental issues than physical. At least I hope that’s the case and hope she lives a long healthy life.

  46. In my perfect world, the show tomorrow calls all house guests together for a party and to watch a video … they all grab their snacks and drinks and settle in, even Alex is told she must watch the video as she is still a houseguest.

    The first scene is Josh banging pots and pans, then they show each of the house guests on attack with Paul standing off to the side looking like the slave lord he wishes he was. This continues with Josh, Xmas, Alex, Matt, Raven, etc attacking Cody, Jessica, Mark…..toss in Dominic and Paul’s confrontation as the grand finale…Paul will twitch his face into spasms.

    Then while they are sitting there dumbfounded Julie appears and says it is now time for the eviction and next HOH competition…. Alex goes, bye bye Felicia, and the rest of the house guests have to go in for the HOH competition.

    It’s the chicken wire competition and every one is so frazzled except Kevin and he pulls it off and wins. Josh and Dumass go up and Josh wins Veto….. bye bye Paul don’t let the door hit your skanky @$$ on the way out…

    Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

  47. Yes indeed Kevin should win AFP. Seeing his kids happy he won it and proud of their dad will make the finale a worth while watch for me. Vote Kevin you fools:-)

    Anyone know how many days Celeb BB will be? I doubt 90 days with Celebs. Maybe 60?

    Why am I looking forward to it? I guess I like to torture myself. Can we get one ex porn star in the house? Before you judge me…some are cool as fk and very smart. Also most ex porn stars think sex is overrated so if you think they would be humping everything in sight u mistaken.

    Ashlynn Brooke would be a good ex starlett for the house. Smart. Witty. Beautiful.

    I really dnt wanna watch chicks from Bad Girls Club. And a token gay man (Andy Cohen)

    Simon and Dawg gonna be up n runnin’ for Celeb BB? You better be cuz my ass not hangin’ over on Jokers. Barf.

  48. I think some people are giving Cody too much credit for sniffing Paul out. Both of them were the only two apparent alpha males in the entire house. Alphas easily recognize similar personality types. It was pretty obvious to P & C that they wouldn’t be able to work together. I don’t think anyone in the house was bright enough to understand the depths of Paul’s schemes.

  49. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kevin wins this HOH , especially if it is the comp where they have to know the dates. At the beginning of the season, Kevin knew and remembered everything the others told him about themselves. The Goon Squad doesn’t think he’s been studying. . .he’s been isolated for the last three weeks. What do they think he’s been doing, in his corner, with nothing to do but study the dates while they’re up in the HOH talking and laughing about him (or Cody. . .or Raven. . .or Mark. . .or. . .)? At least, that’s what I’m hoping!

  50. According to Reddit, Alex was officially evicted and shockingly – Paul won the next HOH. So goodbye Kevin. I hope the people in jury treat him better than these folks. :(

  51. Final 3 will be Paul, Christmas, Kevin….

    Alex will be evicted Wednesday
    Josh will be evicted Thursday….

    Paul/ Kevin final 2

    Paul wins

  52. Kevin is the perfect illustration of the old adage that ‘even a blind squirrel will occasionally find a nut. ‘ Either you are gone because you are a threat or kept around because you aren’t..

  53. Now that we all know that the show isn’t real, it’s just a badly scripted soap opera, there is really no reason to watch anymore.

  54. If Paul truly did win HOH, I have a gut feeling Paul is going to target Josh this week. He knows he can beat both Christmas and Kevin. Both of Xmas HOH’s were thrown to her. Paul was the mastermind behind both of her wins. Kevin has never won anything, he has played dumb when it comes to how to play Big Brother, and he may be friendly and social, but at the end of the day, Paul has controlled his game as well. I am by no means a Paul fan, but the obvious outcome is that Paul wins versus Kevin or Xmas.

    1. I believe (hope) it’s Paul vs Kevin. Xmas is just one rung above Alex as far as I’m concerned. Vile person. Don’t really want Paul in F2, but hey……..

      If F2 is Paul vs Kevin:

      Cody – votes for Paul (he said he was going to)
      Elena – Kevin
      Mark – Kevin
      Matt – Kevin (Raven won’t let him vote for Paul)
      Raven – Kevin
      Jason – Kevin (cause Josh told him Paul responsible for evicting him)
      Alex – Paul (idiot to the end & beyond)
      Josh – Paul (I’m guessing Josh is the next out)
      Xmas – Paul (yech!)

      Kevin wins!

      If it’s Paul vs Xmas………..Who cares!

      Kevin for AFP!

  55. Does anyone else see what I’ve been seeing for a while? Does anyone see the editing department and the storyline department attempting to win Josh afp? The class clown montages, the beefing up of his d/r inclusion to being second most d/r in the house… it’s what they did with James on his first season. Add to that the popularity spike that happened for a house guest this season whenever that house guest questioned or became disillusioned with Paul. Let’s not forget, he came out of a d/r session telling Christmas the questions being asked led him to believe Paul was shady. It doesn’t mean he would actually rock the boat, or break paul’s plans. It means he would say things to the camera to lead viewers to believe he would for that popularity spike.
    The number of episode only people far outnumbers feeders. Their exposure to the house guests is limited to the edit. Think about that edit.

  56. Oh Boo-freaking-Hoo Alex. You could have taken a shot at Christmas, Josh or Paul when you won HOH in the double eviction. You didn’t. You only have yourself to blame for losing the $500k.

    In the words of Josh:

    “Congratulations. You just played yourself meatball!”

  57. As much as I hated this year, this is the first year in quite a few years where I actually was excited to see the end, F2 and then who actually wins.

    1. :) Really, folks? These last few seasons around this time I’ve seriously lost interest:
      Andy, GinaMarie, Spencer
      Derrick, Cody, Victoria
      Steven, LIz, Vanessa (well, maybe Vanessa getting kicked out)_
      Nicole, Paul, James

      I’m kind of curious to see who Paul (assuming) chooses and, if it’s Kevin, what the Q&A could possibly be, and then just how bitter is this jury.

  58. Paul – fool you’ve got to stop saying that showmance stuff about Christmas.
    Josh – why?
    Paul – because fool, its not true. Stop saying it.
    Josh – okay.
    Paul – you said it in the DR, I get it, it was funny.

    How would paul know what is said in the DR???

    1. For the same reason that everyone has been walking out of d/r for the last couple of seasons with extrasensory powers? Why did Jessica say d/r was mad at her because she wasn’t going to take Paul’s fake deal? Why did she further say it was made pretty clear she’d be out if she didn’t? Why did Elena exit the d/r with a negative attitude change saying she would be evicted on Thursday while she was on the block against Cody, when it was beyond obvious that Cody would be evicted? Why did Alex make an about face about Paul in week two after a lengthy diary visit? An about face that lasted all the way until this week? Why did Josh only start his ‘maybe we should turn on Paul’ talk after d/r led him to the conclusion that talking about turning on Paul might be something he should consider?
      Probably for the same reason people left d/r last season saying ‘they told us not to target Nicole.’ D/r has become the storyline editors tool not to take what they are given to craft a storyline, but to present the storyline they’ve come up with to the house guests so that they can alter their ‘game play’ in order to make it at least semi-believable… after edit department tweaking.

      1. Agree. It was an attempt at sarcasm. Re-writes of a storyline can be problematic. Clearly the DR is used to get uncooperative “participants” back in line and following the script. I think some houseguests know exactly how the season is to play out and have been informed of the results ahead of time. Other “participants” do not realize that the show is pre-determined until they are in the house. And they become pi$$ed off about being misled. An added bonus by Production can often sway the uncooperative houseguests.

  59. I heard Alex was seen getting into a black SUV outside the studio.

    Haha. Don’t we hear that every season for late season evictions? I’m quite sure Alex is going to jury tonite but I do enjoy and laugh at people reading fake crap online and taking it as fact.

    Biggest question yet this season is who Paul will choose to be in F2 with him. I hope Kevin or Josh because this crap season would all be made ok to see Xmas furious when Paul doesn’t take her to F2. Though he will take her and she will probably during the jury questions say “I love Paul and please give the money to him” But yes should would still be irate if he doesn’t choose her for F2.

    1. large gums

      The biggest fake crap is the idea that this show is a legitimate contest. This season should serve notice to all BB fans that this is a WWE wrestling event. The results are pre-determined ahead of time. And what we are watching has been choregraphed weeks/months in advance. This show has producers, directors, writers and editors. It is a version of the Truman Show. The game and characters are manipulated to arrive at a specific outcome that will get the highest ratings. And AG’s team is missioned with that task. Unfortunately, I think this shoiw is badly badly written. If things were organic and the participants were left to themselves, I think you would have a far more interesting, exciting, and dramatic show that would generate even higher ratings.

      1. Agree with you…..the earlier seasons of BB are fun and entertaining to watch!
        What the hell happened? At this point I don’t care who wins…..I want it over so I can sit down with a tropical drink and watch Survivor.

  60. There has been a total lack of Jury House clips. I am wondering if some of the characters are legitimately pi$$ed about BB scripts and manipulation that they are venting about Grodner/Production/Pre-Determined Results/Bad Scripts. And CBS just can’t show it or people will realize who extensively rigged the show is. I think some of these jabroni thought this was a legit game show and then quickly found out it is a produced tv drama show with amateur actors following a script. May be some of them don’t want to play along. Every year more and more participants spill the beans about how BB really works. At some point even pro wrestling admitted the obvious and became “Sports Entertainment”. And its performers have broken kayfabe and now admit that its all pre-determined, but still entertaining.

  61. I keep hoping in my belief that this is a legit game show and then I think this HAS to be a scripted entertainment
    show. So disappointed in BB and feeling as dumb as Josh or Alex to keep hoping.

  62. I don’t understand why so many of the folks here seem to hate Paul. He’s played a brilliant game, in that he’s basically bamboozled the entire house, Outstanding job by Paul. What’s the problem? And as far as Cody goes, he was a huge jerk and a poor sport, and Jessica was basically the same – not sure why anyone could have rooting for someone like that.

    1. I can understand the site confusing for some people.. Have you watched the feeds and followed this site all season or have you been watching the Shows and casually visited?

  63. If you believe that Dr Will will call attention to what a horrible season it’s been and that he will call out Paul and the ” Gifts” of 4 passes on eviction and 8 ” friendship” bracelets, don’t hold your breath ….he works for and is paid by CBS and just like the tweets that CBS posts during the broadcasts he won’t say anything negative about how this year sucked.

  64. If the rumors are true and Paul won HOH I think he would try to get rid of Christmas over Kevin and Josh but who knows. Josh will never get rid of Christmas so if he wins veto he’s taking out Kevin. Christmas will get rid of Josh if Paul tells her but I am pretty sure Paul Prefers Josh over Kevin for f2! I think if by some miracle Kevin wins veto it will be hard trying to convince him to get rid of Christmas over Josh but I am sure Paul can convince him!

  65. I don’t know how to find my message…
    A few comments were made and I was sent notification but Iam not real good with computers … HELP PLEASE

    1. Debbie,

      The messages do not show up right away. Check back every so often or else go to the top of the thread and it tells you how many comments have been made. The number will rise when new comments are added.

  66. Alex is gone. Paul is HOH. Kevin and Josh on the block. Paul wins Veto. Saves Kevin and Shitmas is next to her so called friend. Kevin evicts Josh so Paul has no blood on his hand and the flipping next story is obvious

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