Big Brother 19 Wednesday Eviction results

We’ll Alex you got played all along. You had Jason worried about Paul and you would talk him out of it multiple times. I really thought you were going to be power player but sadly….

This conversation happened on Week 3 .. there was a bunch more as the season progressed but this one was the first time I caught her with the friendship delusions. Her mistake was not taking a shot at Paul when they had the chance instead thinking they could get to final 3 with him.

Jason- I don’t think you should trust Paul with 100% certainty all the time
Alex – I don’t, the safe guard I have is he can’t lie in front of America
Jason – Yes he f*ing can
Alex – If he breaks that friendship promise, If you remember the friendship bracelets was the whole reason he came back this season . it would totally destroy his fan base
Jason – No it wouldn’t cause they are already fans

Results from the show


Paul wins it..

Paul doesn’t use the Veto

Shitmas votes out Alex
Paul votes to evict Kevin

Josh breaks the tie Alex is evicted

The crowd of CBS employees cheers
Alex says Paul played a shady game..

Next HOH winner Paul (he one this competition last year)

America’s Favorite houseguest

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Final week of the show

We’re still here and updating :) Feeds change a bit for the final week it’s scattered conversations of 1 on 1 game followed by hours upon hours of Jenga.

When the feeds come back on 9:00pm PST we should know the POV winner, Nominations and POV Ceremony results. TOmorrow there will be a live eviction.

September 14th Last POV, POV ceremony, and eviction
September 15th Special episode showing first HOH winner
September 20th 8pm EST finale




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283 thoughts on “Big Brother 19 Wednesday Eviction results

  1. Cody for AFP just to piss everyone off? I just want to get behind one solo player to make sure they win and piss the rest of the house off. I figure at this point it has to be ether Cody or Kevin.

      1. And Josh is a f*ckin IDIOT for not voting out Kevin & forcing Alex on his side to take out Paul with her now knowing he played her. Paul did the right thing, he’s trying to win, that’s what he was supposed to do.

            1. Simon, did they show tonight on CBS when Paul’s fake tears went to a big grin when Alex left the room. Josh freaked and said he just saw the devil? Because I was upset at the editing showing Paul, again fake tears, breaking down after telling the I’m so sorry can’t use POV Alex. He’s so transparent but I hope they didn’t edit out the cry to quick smile scene from BBAD. IF BB did, then they’re trying to sway the audience that doesn’t watch the feeds, do damage control for Paul.

                1. Even the CBS employees and their family’s couldn’t muster up much applause for Alex….(sigh) she’ll probably vote for for Paul …..a devotee to the end.

                  1. I’m not so sure she’d vote for Paul. I think if it was between Paul and Josh she would vote for Josh., between Paul and Xmas I’m not sure and believe it or not she might just be salty enough that if it was Paul and Kevin she might vote with Jason and go with Kevin in that instance. I really really would like to see Paul get 3rd but that doesn’t seem likely.

            1. Back when Dr. Will and Mike Boogie played their BB….they were funny, charming and flirty. For the viewers it was entertaining to watch them pull in their prey…….what’s happened this season should make CBS seriously re-evaluate where they want this show to go. Most of us can’t watch this crap anymore.

              Thank you Dawg and Simon for all your reporting as I’m sure it hasn’t been easy…..

                1. I agree Paul is sickening.Especially when he told Shitmas how Josh had matured this summer,and he was happy he had helped him
                  doit.This from a twenty three year old wearing
                  a,duck floaty…still living at home…creep.

              1. The has been heavily manipulated about the last 7 or 8 years. While there has always been tampering this appears to be actually scripted the last couple of weeks. I mean there’s only a few people left and Alex thought it was normal for Paul to hang with Josh and sleep with Shitmas 24/7 and she thought everything was kosher in their alliance is baffling. It even appeared Alex was trying to restrain laughter during the fake Paul Josh fight (talk about a bad performance) …..I think Alex was in on the storyline….after all BB has now morphed completely into a soft (sometimes hard) scripted show with predetermined results

                1. During the Revengers, there was Paul in a side shot modeling on two billboards or posters in the background on a building. They advertised Paul (and his clothing).

                  1. If the person who said there were pics of paul and his clothing line in the Revengers ad 1) I would like to see a pic of it and 2) please God dont let it mean he is coming back for celebrIty BB I have taken all I can of that insane garden gnome!!

                    It would also be reprehensible to advertise his clothing line while advertising The Revengers but after this season it would seem anything goes!

              2. Are you serious? Mike Boogie funny? Do you remember all the horrible things he said and did to Erika? Used her and bragged about it and called her a bunch of names. Made fun of how she looked. The only reason Mike even got on All Stars is because Big Brother wanted Will and he wouldn’t do it without Mike. And without Will, Mike flat out sucks at Big Brother.

                1. YUP, & Mike Boogie was also the guy who sat up out back with Frank Eudy telling him how he planned on going to Dan’s town to take advantage of Dan’s wife. Funny how that got swept under the rug (though there was some out cry at the time – & maybe b/c social media wasn’t as popular it wasn’t turned into such a big deal).

                  Plus as much as Jason’s comment was terrible it had more to do with his terrible sense of humor (he didn’t mean it at all) whereas Mike DID . He ranted for hours to Frank & kept talking smack about messing with Dan’s wife – it was sinister & disgusting (not even remotely meant as a joke or a comment on what would be crossing the line of appropriateness). And, I’m not condoning what Jason said either – just pointing out what a scumbag Mike is.

                2. I completely agree with you. Mike “Boogie” was awful. Will completely carried him. Will never showed his cards, but he didn’t seem to be really hiding anything while he played. Mike thought he was his equal…..not even close.

            2. Maybe the competitions would have been real. Maybe the entire group would have gotten to know each other and enjoyed their (hopefully) once in a lifetime opportunity.

          1. You mean if people had a mind of their own instead of being manipulated into bullying with fake trust and flooring the Paul cult ? .. ya . Okay buddy !

          2. I can only imagine how great this season would have been without that little rat. He was given an unfair advantage from the beginning and that’s not cool.

            1. Which ultimately should have lead to his immediate eviction
              Paul’s safety should have made him unsafe for the rest of the game
              Therefore safe to say this cast was in fact less savy (to be nice)
              MAYBE they all have secret pact that the jury won’t vote for a vet… MAYBE? Please

          3. It would have been a much better season without Paul. Because of Paul the game was boring, predictable and mean. Although Paul didn’t say the meanest things he not only encouraged others to talk bad about others he also fed them with lies so they distrusted and disliked each other. Yes Alex and Kevin would have never been friends but Paul continuously fanned the flames between the two. Constantly telling each one that the other person HATED them. If you keep being told that someone hates you and is saying bad things about you it is hard to not to say something bad about the other person. Also, the moment in the APSR when Paul switched from fake crying to celebrating (Josh said he looked like the devil. Lol) showed the ugliness of his soul. I also did not like him last year and was glad he did not win. He used Victor for weeks when Victor came back in the house because by then Paul was aligned with Paulie. It was only after Paulie was exposed(his other supposed friend and ride or die that he happily turned on) that Paul was truly working with Victor again because he knew Victor could win comps, protect him and also was a shield from Paul getting evicted since Victor was a better competitor.

            I don’t mind lying in the name of game play but unnecessary lies and being mean should not be rewarded (game or no game).

        1. I mean what the hell was Josh thinking, earlier in the week he said he should break a tie and keep Alex, then he just pussies out. Alex could’ve won that HOH comp and helped get Paul out, and it’s not like Alex would’ve stopped being a target of Paul’s. Josh could have made a big move on Paul and even if it didn’t work out it still would have been great for final 2 jury discussion.

          1. Josh mentioned many times to Paul about making it a tie vote. Paul adamantly said NO each time. I think Josh may have been told only at the last minute or not at all. When he was considering keeping Alex and voting out Kevin he was more concerned about xmas’ game and if it would hurt HER game.,

        1. I seriously believe Josh could have put Paul up against any of the remaining players, and neither Kevin, Alex or Boxing Day would have voted out Paul. At that point, Alex was still believing in “Friendship”, the dupe that she is. Seriously could care LESS about her tears. She cared nothing about anyone else’s feelings all seasons. And of course, Paul’s only LEGITIMATE tears were final knowledge he won HOH in the final 4. So he does have a heart, for himself. Just like Satan.

          1. He didn’t win HoH. Xmas threw it to him. I watched her face throughout the competition. Think she forgot the cameras could see her give a wrong answer, shake her head and smile. And smile even more when she heard Paul got it right. So sad.

        2. CBS is responsible for the content, bringing Paul back with two friends to help him, and allowing all this horror show. Paul keeps calling Josh not be his name, but FOOL, and Josh says nothing, So degrading. But CBS isn’t showing the evil snake and Paul’s devious actions…show some of the BBAD vileness we’ve seen.

      2. Asswipe to the very end! He couldnt even man up and vote her out himself but you can be damn sure he will be boasting and taking all the credit for getting someone else to do it.

        And Shitmas pretending to get all teared up PLEASE spare us!

        Did anyone else see Pail on BBAD going in the blue room and sitting there practisng pretend crying? What is the point? You cant do DR sessions and boast about how much you have played everyone and how you are behind every dirty back stabbing move and then pretend to cry to Alex , Julie and all of America that you feel bad and that you didnt think you could do it again!

        Notice how Julie just moved on and didnt give him any attention?

        And the HOH was pitiful considering how important it was…even though we know the other two were throwing it CBS could have at least entertained the damn viewers ( remember us? ) with a decent comp!

        Please Production do your viewers a solid and pull an ” expect the unexpected” twist so that cocky little bastard cant sit there and tell the other HG EXACTLY what is gonna happen in this next week AND so ar best he can end up in 2nd!!!

      3. Ads coward to the long list of attributes Paul.bringa o the table… Should of threw that bracelet at is face on the way out .

        1. He is a coward. He inflicts fear and hides behind another. Ever since he saw his potty mouth comic, xmas the lunatic comic, etc. he now knows they are being seen as the villains and he doesn’t like it (even though it’s true.) Think Paul is trying to bring excuses for his behavior and show how sensitive he is (not) by these crying jags to garner votes and sympathy from the audience to fix his damaged image. It’s gonna take a lot more than that.

        2. Yeah I was hoping that too that Alex would throw the friendship bracelet at Paul when she left or even better during her speech.

      4. Shitmas lunatic superhero character was firing obvious penis rockets from her cart…red white and blue ones!

        1. Xmas was acting all upset and yesterday she called Alex a f$$king c$$t for talking to Kevin….she is so fake on the cbs live shows….I hope they don’t bring her back..

          1. Thats right she did call Alex a C—nt I forgot about that wouldnt it be great if Julie had said ” Hey Shitmas why so teary here is what you said about Alex not 24hrs ago” and played it?

            Or better still made it one of the ” what the bleep” comp questions!

            By the way did Kevin drop the F Bomb while talkin to Julie? I rewinded a couple times and was pretty sure he said ” six f—-ckn days ” .

        2. On tonight’s show, Shitmas about Alex: “we have the same personality” and again few minutes later about Alex, “She’s a venomous b1tch”. You got that right, Shitmas.

        3. Did you hear xmas say,”…I will murder families.” Wow, she’s a piece of work. What a motivational speaker she is, yeah motivate hatred, spite and cruelty.

      1. Charles Manson has no remorse in his soul for anything he did to his fellow housemates this season…he is feeling self-pity because he got caught being a piece of crap and he realized it after the comics competition. The waterworks, explaining, and continuing to backstab betray his disgusting, putrid soul. Evil!

          1. He is no where near the best at the game. He relishes pain and evil and purposely hurting others, not for the game, but for his insecure ego and stature. Makes him feel like a big man. He’s a megalomaniac. I’ve watched since Eddie won Season 1. There have been Amanda’s and other tasteless people but NEVER has anyone reveled in purposely bullying hour after hour, day after day like Paul does. Have you watched the feeds? And almost every comp has been thrown. That’s no game play.

        1. Pretty sure his waterworks were for the cameras, for his girlfriend, for the sake of those left who might put in a good word for him in jury when they soon get there. Fake and counterfeit.

      2. I am really angry that CBS showed his crying jag up in the HOH. Are they trying to throw sympathy to Paul to do damage control on his ruined reputation? please screw him out of the final 2 CBS. He doesn’t deserve any reward for his despicable actions.

      3. Paul takes true pleasure by inflicting fear and working off the insecurities of others. He truly gets off on it, the control, the domination of it all. He’s sick and need professional help. He’s blessed with a silver spoon since birth, lives in a mansion, has it all, yet he needs to be cruel. Very sad.

    1. To vote for a HG that made the very 1st BAD move of the season, (who by their own fault never recovered from said bad move) is insane.

      That leaves very little to pick from, because literally NOBODY earned the title of America’s Favorite Player. This the 1st season since I started watching (season 10) that I won’t vote, because nobody deserves it. BB should donate the 25k to charity or have it split between all the BB bloggers that had to sit through this sh*t season of bad moves & sheeple.

    2. Cody, for sure. Paul is such a douche, crying–so fake. If Cody gets AFP and Kevin comes in 2nd, if Paul doesn’t take him to final 2, what a message that would send. However, I think Paul would take Kevin if he can, but a bitter (I hope) jury would not give him the win.

      1. Absolutely agree. Josh’s face was priceless when Paul stopped his fake crying and started laughing.paul is the devil. There’s a difference between playing ruthless and playing like a piece of shit. He tried to cause violence ,he bullied everyone and unfortunately he mostly used Josh to do all his dirty work. This season should have been called The Paul Show. It was so hard to watch I had to shut it off so many times.I hope to god the jury is bitter, and loses again. Now that would be satisfying .

    3. I’m not an Alex fan but I do need to give her credit for apoligizing to Jason’s family for not having his back.
      I just went to CBS and placed my Cody votes for America’s Favorite Houseguest. AFH is about all there is to root for now unless we get a miracle.

        1. I am going Kevin despite his over the line comment while trying to fit in because he was nicer than anybody else and made me smile mire than anyone and shiwed Kevin more respect than Kevin showed himself.
          Voting for Cody is like voting for an anti social hostile, he needs anger management not encouragement. And Kevin sold his soul to Paul as much as Alex, he showed no self respect and that to should not be rewarded.

          1. Are you kidding, Kevin was a friggin robot! Cody has fought for our country and we all know that can change a person. I also think when Cody was given the opportunity to connect with other houseguests , I found him very enjoyable to watch.

              1. The obvious , Cody played pool, hung out in hot tub, tried comforting Kevin by telling him about his daughter. Efforts were made but very difficult when Paul wouldn’t allow anybody to speak to him. He was severely bullied and treated like an outcast cause he was Paul’s biggest competition.

          2. Are you kidding, Kevin was a friggin robot! Cody has fought for our country and we all know that can change a person. I also think when Cody was given the opportunity to connect with other houseguests , I found him very enjoyable to watch. You r crazy.

            1. So you want to vote for another houseguest that also told people that they were the dumbest person he ever met, called people fat, talked down to them and played his game lying on his back, yep your as crazy as he is.

          3. Kevin keeps saying that Paul’s never lied to him… That Paul’s given him his word. Oh my…….please. He is only there because he was unliked by Paul’s next victim.

          1. Reason enough for me! Love Kevin but he is also up Pauls ass and that doesnt need to be rewarded. Kevin is already loved by America and has won 25k.

        2. Cody all the way. Kevin did absolutely nothing but take orders from Paul. Aside from Cody nobody had any guts brains or individual thoughts. They all took orders. I mean who loses comps on purpose? Really the one who played for himself and was fearless was Cody.

          1. I say vote for Cameron. He hardly got a chance to play. And he’s the only one who hasn’t been either manipulated by Paul’s masterful game or a bully. Plus it would show the other players just how awful they were.

        3. Biggest FU would be Cody for Paul,Monster and BabyHuey
          Kevin deserves it for taking Alex’s abuse, Jason’s filthy trash talk about his family.being isolated from human companionship, and emotional abuse for no reason! I have to give my vote to Kevin with 7 children and a wife!

        4. Please don’t vote Cody, he did his fare share of being mean as well. I just don’t want to reward a player just to prove a point. Kevin wasn’t perfect, but at least he was enjoyable most of the time to watch.

        5. I’m going for Kevin .I think America’s favorite player mean someone that America likes don’t have to play the best game to get America’s favorite player if you didn’t have to play a great game Donnie would never have won..Cody I don’t know what he did he wasto very unlikable he hid away in his room when he didn’t get his way. he didn’t get the play the game he wanted to play so he just acted like a baby about it to. I don’t see how he’s America’s favorite there was nothing likable about his personality and he chose to be that way .that’s what he wanted to do was not be likable so why should he be rewarded for not wanting to be not liked he said he didn’t care if he was liked so if he doesn’t care I don’t care ..Kevin was very likable he made America laugh I think with a silly Ways ..but did he have a good game no not at all but in this horrible mean game that was the summer I’m really thankful for Kevin ..

          1. Cody was the only one who fought to get Paul out. Paul then sent Josh, etc. to attack Cody’s manhood and try to break him by using his military service to crack him. He was the only person that told Paul to his face, “YOU TREAT PEOPLE LIKE DOGS.” He stayed stone face and silent while being under constant attack, both physically and mentally. It takes a strong person not to retaliate in the same manner when bullies are ganging up on you.

            1. Cody treated Josh like a Dog, and told Megan to her face he didn’t like her. He flat out told Jessica that he gets in fights outside the house because he can’t stand people, and this is what you want to reward?? He was no better than the rest.

            2. Josh constantly went after Cody and Josh kept attacking Jessica. Let’s judge once we served numerous tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and had to go into battle. Josh attacked Meghan. You say he’s not better than the rest? What was Paul, Josh, etc. doing while Cody was serving his country and putting his life on the life for us? They tried to use this against him. In his CBS bio:
              according to Cody’s official military file … he served in the Marine Corps from December 2008 to December 2012, reaching the rank of E-4 Corporal with a specialty as a Rifleman. He previously served in the U.S. Air Force as well.
              Nickson received numerous honors … including campaign medals for his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2 National Defense Service Medals, a Good Conduct Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and 2 Navy Unit Commendations.

        6. Got to be Cody, Kev allready won 25k day one lmao and Codys a vet who was shit on the whole show but entitled lunatics who don’t realize there’s more to life than social media and suckin Paul’s friendship dick.

        7. I think Cody winning AFP would really bother Paul since they were enemies in the house. Cody could see right through Paul and was the only one with balls enough to try to get him out. The rest were total sheep! Even Kevin is brainwashed by him. The only other person that was kind of catching on was Jason, but he lost me at the rape comment.

          1. If the AFP is legit and not just CBS giving it to Paul or JOsh . The Fandom is going for Kevin or Cody. Cameron won’t win it, However he’s probably the most deserving and the the luckiest person for not having to endure that inside the house.

            1. CBS should’ve bring back Cameron when Megan left. He is arrogant, but he look like he could play his own game and make big moves unlike the sheeps in the house.

        8. Simon, is there any other way to vote for AFP? Went to CBS website. You have to create an account. They want birth date, all this info. Any simpler way to vote?

        9. Then maybe we should give it to Cameron. Let the entire house know that we voted for someone who was only on the house for 12 hours. Plus, he got screwed out of his Big Nrother dream. I’d rather see him come back next year instead of ANY of the others.

        10. Simon, that FU would be to vote for Cody. Kevin already has 25K and people don’t hate him as they do Cody. It so irked Paul that Cody had his number and he couldn’t control him. Paul still can’t let it go.

        11. Can we vote for Cameron, we didn’t see enough of him to dislike. Cody did do some bullying and Kevin said somethings about Christmas , and rubbed her, cuddled in the beginning , and he is a married man.

        12. This season Paul engaged in gas-lighting………..he intentionally kept people off-balance & pushed their buttons to make them into the bad guy. I don’t believe anything would make his head explode more than Cody winning AFP. Cody was a strong competitor and rejected Paul’s control tactics. In contrast, Kevin speaks highly of Paul. I actually think if he ever got off his lazy ass and won something, he would take Paul to the final.

      1. Me too – 20 votes per account. If you have multiple devices in your household and multiple email addresses, you can vote from each account 20 times. On my laptop alone, I have 3 browsers and am logged into different accounts.

    4. Totally Cody all the way. First it would piss off Paul and second, had it not been for Paul having the unfair advantage of already playing big brother, Cody would have won. Once you play you learn what to do and not do. Cody and. Jess only ones with brains, they are the only ones who had the guts to try to get Paul out.

      1. Brains? Was that supposed to be sarcasm?

        If Cody had brains this is how it would’ve went:

        Cody would informed his new alliance of his plan to take out Paul. His alliance would tell him not this week. Cody would make an easy eviction, allowing them to build on his plan & work TOGETHER to take Paul out. That didn’t happen.

        If Jessica had brain this is what she would’ve done: use POV to save Rameses. That didn’t happen.

        And stop using the 3week protection as an excuse, Paul wasn’t going anywhere week 1, because the HGs was still in awe of a VET aka a familiar face coming back to play.

        1. Cody was well aware of the way Paul played last year. He knew Paul needed to be eliminated especially because people were in awe. By sharing his plan it would have gotten back to Paul because there was no loyalty from beginning. Had Paul left, totally different game. I will agree Jess definitely should have saved Ramses. Who the heck gets three weeks of safety anyway when the person had large fan base?

      2. All u guys are haters. Every season the winner had to lie and and trick someone. Paul played the greatest game i have ever seen. Those who come up with this conspiracy theory against cbs you need to check in to a hospital, take some crazy pills. This is big brother not little house on prairie.cody was the bully. Paul fool the whole house that’s game. If u looking for honesty tune in to TD jakes. No one has won BB without deception. It’s because of cody that every one around him went home. Don’t hate appreciate. And please take that conspiracy theory to doctor.survivor,american race u trick to win. Young and restless is what yall need to be watching. This is not Sunday school. Take your moral butts somewhere else, You guys couldn’t. even see that cody have a mental issue. And Jessica look like Frankenstein or a Dragonqueen. How you gon love somebody in few days that insane. He hated Paul day one (mental). If she stay with that nut she gonna get abused. Give props to Paul he was doing the unthinkable.Paul deserves to win america stop tripping and go watch the Christian channels. This is big brother. Again named a season that nobody lied or deceive. Get off yall high horses with yall nice nasty behinds.

        1. You are one sick Dude !
          The game was rigged ! You think it was ok for Xmas to stay in the game injured?
          I don’t know what show you’ve been watching !
          You are probably a bully yourself !

        2. This season of BB is totally unfair because Paul had the huge advantage of having played the previous season. He knew which strategies would and would not work. Paul definitely DOES NOT deserve to win. Please BB Production….don’t allow an experienced houseguest to compete against the newbies. It’s not fair. Season 19 sucked.

    5. I say vote for Cameron. He hardly got a chance to play. And he’s the only one who hasn’t been either manipulated by Paul’s masterful game or a bully. Plus it would show the other players just how awful they were.

    6. Hell No! Cody was a Giant Asshat, I will Vote Kevin or Jason, certainly not that Idiot Cody, he did nothing at all in this game to deserve this honor.

    7. Paul won POV… Alex and Kevin on the block… Paul decided not to use the VETO. Now Paul have won HOH and put Kevin and Josh on the block. Now Paul won POV again….For Real!!! Why waste our time with madness CBS just give Paul the 500k and let’s move on okay WOW!

    8. Cody was the only one who fought to get Paul out. Paul then sent Josh, etc. to attack Cody’s manhood and try to break him by using his military service to crack him. He was the only person that told Paul to his face, “YOU TREAT PEOPLE LIKE DOGS.” He stayed stone face and silent while being under constant attack, both physically and mentally. It takes a strong person not to retaliate in the same manner when bullies are ganging up on you.

    9. I agree Paul is a punk…bragging to Halloween how he was proud to have helped Josh mature this summer.
      This from a 23 yr old living at home and wearing a duck
      floaty.Are we sure he’s 23 looks closer to 50 with a yuck
      Scruffy beard

    10. Kevin. Those morning walks with Jason cracked me up, plus he’s lived through hell for weeks. I like that Cody was against Paul, but he and Jesse stayed in bed playing honeymoon when they needed to be building relationships in the house. Cody got Jess. that’s his prize for the season.

    11. For the love of all that is decent!!! Did Alex seriously beg for AFP in her speach?? I think she just guaranteed last place for that TACKY plea! It was tasteless when James used to do it. I feel like the only thing that will save this wretched season is to see the disappointment in their faces by voting for Cody for AFP. That will definitely have a lasting effect on the HGs after the show!

    12. You want to vote just to piss people off & show the powers that be and the cast how this cast had more in common with angora sweaters than Dr Will & Janey? Then vote for CAMERON

      The super fan would have been far more interesting in the house. I just can’t bring myself to vote for Cody when he straight up said he hates specific segments or society. He started the mob mentality early & Jess wasn’t much better using personal characteristics of the players to attack them plus they both mentioned using physical violence on several occasions.

      At least with Cameron (who left b/c Paul entered) you get the best of all worlds. BB fans who hated the season, hate Paul, bullying or the sheep cast get to send an resounding message. Can you imagine the cast on stage expecting AFP to be one of them close up on Alex, Cody, Jess, Josh, Xmas faces when Julie reads out & the 3 finalists for AFP were Kevin, whoever & Cameron and………..Cameron won by a landslide margin. I’d pee my pants laughing if the hamster who never got to play or get on live feeds was the winner. Perfect BB karma

    13. Cody is the only one to not drink the “Paul Kool-Aid” so he does deserve it just for that reason alone. All the other lemmings had there head in the sand.

  2. I don’t see how Christmas can participate in a vote when she doesn’t participate in the competition! She shouldn’t be in the position she is in.

  3. I’m an idiot for watching the show (must be a glutton for punishment). Paul’s playing to the audience by crying on xmas’ shoulders after telling (spinning the truth) to Alex on why he’s not using the veto is disgusting. I hope this jury is so bitter there’s no way they’d vote for Paul. None of these idiots left deserve to win.

    Thanks Simon and Dawg for making this season bearable with your witty life feed recaps.

    1. I fast forwarded the show and watched the commercials.
      I found out that hemorrhoids are just as annoying as Paul.

      1. For sure! My Mom is shocked when I tell her the next day what ACTUALLY happened during the previous week! We wonder why a reality show would not give us a REAL show!?

    1. CBS should learn how to pick the appropriate houseguests. They brought Paul in because they had a bunch of followers with no thoughts of their own. With the exclusion of Cody. CBS left out most of Pauls despicable behavior and unfortunately for those who couldn’t watch live feeds, I feel they were and are being deceived by Paul.

    2. Rw dishonest wsit and is Paul being paid to be on show:
      ABSOLUTELY!! That three person hug could not have been more choreographed in the HOH room when Paul was pretending to cry!! And Josh has already admitted to being reached out to by 17 for the show NOT applying to be on so if they can pay Josh to be on show they surely are paying Paul to be Super Douche From Hell!!

  4. I want to know how josh feels about Paul voting for Kevin and forcing josh to break the tie. Josh gets the blood on his hands and Paul comes out clean again. Josh should have voted out Kevin when that happened to spite paul.

    1. I don’t think Alex feels Paul came out looking clean. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting blood on your hands, it’s how you do it that makes a difference in how bitter the outgoing houseguest feels. The smart way to play the game is to make moves but not in such a way that people feel like you played them the whole time. This is Paul’s big mistake and hopefully why he won’t win.

      1. yeah, it’s about separating the personal from the game. this is something paul seems incapable of doing (and nicole and james were. it’s funny this week’s edit showed him thinking he could have won had he not taken nicole, which i don’t believe to be true. he was kingmaker last year, and probably would have lost to cody, nat, and victor too).

        1. I can’t believe Xmas wouldn’t give Josh her word for final 2…. What a B$&@$!!!! She is stupid to think she can beat Paul in Final 2….. Josh was right Xmas sounded like she was protecting Paul every time Josh brought up his shady game play for them to take all the heat!!! She is thee worst… If Josh don’t win the Final Veto Kevin and Xmas will send him home by Paul’s wishes and promise of taking them to FINAL 2

      2. And what happened to the goodbye messages for Alex tonight? What was CBS afraid that Josh would again blow up Paul’s game as he did in Jason’s goodbye by telling him he, Paul and xmas were in an alliance.? Very shady CBS. Didn’t want Alex to hear it?

    2. except paul would have twisted it to look like that was his plan and he saved Alex! It only would have hurt Christmas….which I’m okay with too btw! My only hope now is that Kevin wins the POV

      1. i think josh will be paul’s target considering eliminating josh gives him the best chance in the final hoh comp. i also think paul can probably sell both xmas and kevin on voting out josh, so anyone but josh winning may mean kevin stays.

  5. I hope on Thursday’s show they share some comments from this site so that the houseguests can see just how popular they are with America.

    1. The smart thing for all of us to do is voice our opinions and concerns directly on CBS’s website and CBS’s website for BB!
      Social media is everywhere and that’s where we should be talking about these things! Facebook and twitter and tmz, etc

  6. I was kinda impressed by Paul able to run the house, but this fake act on the show tonight confirms the deal with CBS. Why the emotional act?

  7. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if cbs lets Paul be AFP as well and then let him go on celebrity and win that as well. I just want to throw up in my mouth when I read the summary from tonight.

    Sooooooo glad I didn’t watch it live. Thank u Simon and dawg!!!!

  8. For those who don’t like Paul because of the way he played the game may I remind you that with Survivor and Big Brother players do what they need to do to get to the end and win the big bucks. It’s a cut-throat game with Survivor and Big Brother. If you want sugar and spice and everything nice then you should watch Nickelodeon. Like it or not Paul does deserve to win, he was always five or six steps ahead of everybody else and that ain’t easy. Don’t blame Paul because of his followers in the house who trusted him and hung on his every word. And the few that wanted him out would have never had the votes to evict him. Evidently Paul is a born salesman and the others I guess not so much.

    1. A born salesman with what was it 3 or 4 weeks of safety(about 1/3 of his time in the house), the friendship bracelets, and production cluing him in on almost every event taking place. Yep, you’re correct, what a great player.(sarcasm)

    2. I would have had more respect for Paul’s game if he hadn’t instigated and prodded on all the harassment that took place of his intended targets. I have no problem with people lying and manipulating to get to the end. I just think Paul’s methods were rather cruel in the way it played out.

      I much prefer gameplay with some finesse. The throwing of comps (and bullying if you didn’t want to throw the comp) is not in the spirit of the game. If the way the game was played this year is indicative of how future players will play, then that is sad to me.

      1. But it’s not a game, it’s a CBS scripted soap opera. I’m confident that if not for legal issues, CBS would not only condone- but ENCOURAGE physical violence to get ratings. CBS has no soul.

      2. Totally agree.
        Paul won a lot–oh, I mean, Paul was handed a lot. Game should be called. Big Manipulator.
        or Who Can Mist the Most Houseguests?
        Way to go teaching all the back-to-school kids just how to bully, CBS!

    3. For the person that posted that Paul deserves to win blah blah blah:

      What alot of us have a problem with is the EXTENT he took the bullying and inciting the others to pick fights and cut down HG so brutally to AND brag about masterminding it in DR and to cameras.

      This game has been played season after season without the extent things went to this time and former HG must just be horrified to see someone take things to such an extreme and sully the BB brand so badly.

      Then there is getting everyone to throw comp after comp and telling everyone that he told production he was goin to do it and them congratulating him after the comp and saying
      ” why did we even bother construcring rhe comp”.

      Be it a reality show or not there is still ” form ” and common decency that is usually adhered to out of reapect for the game and he shattered it this season.

      And where in Gods name did rhe fun go for them ? for us? He took it and made it the nastiest worst season ever. He should not win and should have been escorted out of the house when he slapped Josh in the face! So much for zero violence tolerance

  9. Just wish all of Paul’s stupid fist bumps in the air would have landed in his face. Totally disgusted with this scripted season. Simon and Dawg, you ALWAYS make me laugh, salt and all!

  10. So who does Paul get rid of next, Josh or Kevin??

    I miss the jury house segment. They only showed one this season with Cody, Elena and Mark. I wanted to see the fireworks when Jason arrived in the jury house!

      1. CBS isn’t showing the jury house because they don’t want us to see how everyone is getting to know
        Cody and realising he’s not the bad guy Paul convinced them all to believe.

      2. I think CBS has lost interest in this season of BB. No videos from home, very little alcohol for the guests…no final any party where they look back on the season, including the awards party. I can only hope the hiuseguests have a lousy Christmas, no pun intended….

        And oh…I would vote Kevin for AFP only because he is an older player, did virtually nothing but follow Paul…god did I just say that and want him to win AFP? and unless they do a geriatric BB he won’t be back, and I get this feeling Cody has a spot on either on Survivor or Amazing Race and won’t need the money.

        There really is no one to vote for, but I think Kevin is the most deserving

    1. Kevin can’t win anything and Christmas is a gimp. Josh is probably who he wants out . If not Christmas . He will only have to worry about one competitor on final 3 .
      My guess anyways
      Paul’s still a loser in my books . 500k won’t change that .

  11. I couldn’t believe Alex, she shot her mouth off all summer why the heck wouldn’t she look at them and ask who else did Paul make a final two with. This has to the dumbest move of the summer.
    But than again that would go against CBS helping Paul win.

    1. Yes! Clearly another sign that the AFP votes don’t matter.
      They will go with a vanilla pick like Mark, unfortunately…

  12. Bye-bye Alex — let’s hope we never ever see her (or Xmas) (or Paul) again. I might be ready for a 2nd BB round of Josh in about 5 to 8 years, if he has a late spurt of maturity and self-awareness.

    1. But didn’t Alex wave and acknowledge knowing someone when she sat down with Julie? She said: “I know her”. Anybody else catch that? So was that a friend or from Production or CBS even?

  13. Josh is a total idiot…why would CBS have 2 ppl that know & like Paul on this season? Coz he can’t win without the help & association? Started 19 still liking Paul but it’s not really his win with all the help from CBS & plant’s placed in the game for him.

    It would save some face even..but is he’s not that smart or CARING!!!!

    1. There was no goodbye messages because it was a surprise eviction. They only found out 30min before. They don’t tape the messages that far in advance.

  15. Josh you meatball your next on Paul’s hit list. I can’t wait to see Josh’s face when he realizes Paul played him all the way to jury. Will he Cry? Yell? Guess I will find out tomorrow.

    1. If Paul tells Kevin to throw the comp he will…. I can’t Believe Kevin threw the HOH COMP….. smh… No way does he deserve AFP!!! That’s disrespectful to the game of BB…… He is up there with Victoria

    1. Cody has taken way more abuse…Kevin’s in final four without even coming close to winning any comps.. He was not involved in any strategy of game play whatsoever.. I really don’t think he even understands the concept of the game..

  16. I spent most of this awful season intending to vote for Kevin for AFP; he’s just so much more likable than the rest of the HGs. The way that he’s blindly obeyed all of Paul commands (“go sit in your room, act sad, and don’t talk to anyone all week) is beyond disappointing though. I may just skip the whole vote.

  17. What’s up with the jury house? They haven’t shown anything for a long time. When will they have time to show us what is going on there?

  18. That was painful to watch. Pual’s fake tears and emotional bull shit was just too much.

    I would respect the ruthless gameplay more if he just owned it. He’s a compete scum bag.

    And CBS is pathetic for that edit. Now of course for this eviction it’s the person with the veto who gets “blood on their hands”.

  19. Well, I just finished watching CBS version of Fantasy BB. They must think the viewer is as stupid as the cast they hired. They show Paul and his fake tears, then they show us Paul’s crying over Alex, over winning HOH, trying to convince us… “his tears are real”…………..sorry CBS, not that stupid. In fact, tonight show had enough water works to sink a ship. I found it disgusting. All the fake crying.
    What I really hate………..CBS is trying to manipulate the viewers into thinking……..don’t believe what you are watching on Live feeds or POP, believe what we are showing you. These are such nice people……….riiiiiiiight. I am so over people who think they are going to be a star, I WANT MY SHOW BACK, not this garbage AG is trying to pass off as entertainment!

  20. Paul outplayed everyone…Paul deserves to win… Paul, Paul, Paul! Imagine yourself being a football player in a game playing your heart out and the officials are blatantly cheating so the other team can have advantages and win the game. Paul doesn’t deserve to win when CBS has cheated for him all season!
    Paul is a pathetic, immature asshole who turned on the fake crying for attention because he felt Josh was getting attention for crying…ugh…this season can’t be over soon enough!

  21. The writing of this episode makes ZERO sense and completely makes the scripts from the last few weeks irrelevant. For a few weeks the writing team had Josh’s character pondering a move against paul and a questioning of pauls motives. That storyline makes alot of sense. Josh’s character realizes that paul is not getting blood on his hands and josh is losing jury votes.
    So what happens this week? The writing team comes up with a storyline for the Josh character that is illogical. The vote should have been 2-0 to evict alex and allieve josh’s trust concerns. The paul xmas josh alliance is reinforced, they target kevin, and they all go to final 3. I dont like this storyline but it does make some sense.
    Having a 1-1 vote that has josh getting blood on his hands! After weeks of complaining about it! This would never happen in real life. On a 1-1 vote josh should be furious, double cross paul, josh votes out kevin and aligns with a power player like Alex. Now its an exciting final 4 with 2 teams battling it out. That sets up a really great finale that should deliver ratings. Thats how it would go done if this show were actually real. Logically josh’s character knows he cant beat paul and the xmas character has told josh she will take paul in an F2 over josh. Why the f@ck would he make another vote that will have him lose yet another jury vote. I know you have to suspend belief when watching tv or a movie, but these scripts and storylines are awful and make no sense!

  22. Josh…you dumbass. You had all the power to further yourself in the game by getting rid of Kevin and gaining a useful ally out of Alex. You’re gone next, buddy.

      1. True. However, in Sunday’s episode we saw Josh considering the idea. There wouldn’t even need to do much conspiring, because as soon as Paul didn’t use that Veto, his friendship with Alex was done. The simple act of Josh not evicting her would indebt her to him.

  23. Does anyone really believe that your vote for AFP counts?
    Considering the CBS edits are so fake, how could you trust they actually use the website votes?
    Waste of time clicking on the CBS website…

  24. I can’t speak for anyone else but for me, “hey Alex, here is that finger I promised you when you got the boot bitch” her real tears after her friendship f&&K were great. If Kevin wins POV I will laugh at Xmas as she limps her biscuit out the door as well

  25. Loved your line about the people working for production cheering in the audience LOL. I told my husband the same thing. They haven’t shown an audience with the cameras. The cheering is pretty lack luster and clearly only from a few people. They obviously can’t show a REAL audience on TV flipping the bird with both hands as the house guests exit. The same as we’re doing at home in our living rooms.

  26. First time I have decided to not vote. I can hear Julie now we have a new record for the number of (fixed) votes. She has to play it up for this crap season they already know who will get it wouldn’t be surprised if they give it to Xmas for protecting Paul.

  27. Another fake HOH. Christmas and Kevin had a hard time faking dumb and Paul was air pumping each time even before it was revealed who answered what. How did Christmas get denied permission to play in the veto competition this week. But last week was cleared to RACE!!! This year is so blatantly fixed I can’t believe they aren’t embarrassed to actually show it. The fake emotional response from Paul tonight! I have always known the show is manipulated behind scenes. The HG just let too many things slip about production help and info they have gotten from production about the other HG diary sessions. In the past I could overlook these slips and just accept it for entertainment but this year it’s so over the top that you feel dirty even watching. It’s like we are validating them. There’s everyone saying Paul deserves it, no one else is playing, but I want to know why they are still throwing the Hoh’s. Most of Paul’s wins have been thrown to him and at this point in the game if they couldn’t give us the viewers a fair and square win that we could get behind and say yeah he’s good and deserves it, then I call BS. He will probably win, and at this point I don’t really care one way or the other. I’m just saying I see it for what it really is, just drop the over the top dramatics, and just give him the money and pay off whoever had to dumb their selves down to make him look so good. I hope the AFP is not fake too.

  28. Everybody wants to believe that Paul misted all of them and ran the house… but honestly it was not Paul’s misting skills it was Cody’s stupidity and bad social skills that had everyone evicted up until Raven and Matt… possibly even Jason when you think about it.

    1) First eviction was Cameron… he was gone so fast you can not blame it on Paul… that was more Kevin getting greedy.

    2) Meg self evicted because she was caught in a lie and Cody made the nom personal

    3) Jillian: First Cody nominated Alex a strong early competitor, dumb move number one was throwing the PoV to her. He could have won that one because Matt was already throwing it to Cody with the idea of stopping and if everybody else fell he would one (surprising not a bad strategy on Matts part.) Cody was winning but in the last second he toppled it and gave the PoV to Alex… never do that if you know there is a wonka doo power out there. this is where Cody was stupid since the beginning Alex told Cody to F*** off, she did not want to be his ally and did not see this dude as an alpha male leader unlike his other sheep. So what does this brain trust do after he let Alex off the block? He nominated Paul… wonka doo power kicks in Paul safe for three weeks. He had a choice between an ally he hated and a guy he had no connection with… I know nominate your ally Christmas. Dumb move and horrible strategy betraying two ally’s in one move, basically fortwo houseguests that could care less about you. So in that one dumb move Cody blew up his entire teams game and created the fracture.

    3) Cody’s HoH was so bad he was evicted next… but on his way out he backstabbed Mark and Dom to Christmas, Paul and Alex… creating a mistrust of those two house guests. All in a plan to save Jessica. Dumb move. Also because he did not tell all of his team his stupid plan nobody trusted any of them and it created a new power in the house.

    4) Cody and Jessica backstabbed Dom and Mark… nobody trusted Mark, Jessica, Dom, Elena, Matt and Raven because they thought that Mr Personality must have clued the all on.. at least Jessica. He didn’t really. He did say something cryptic to Mark and Dom but it was for sure not a plan… so Cody gets back doored and Ramses (who could blame him.) tried to win the PoV. became a target… stupid. In this time Cody made Josh sympathetic and liked. He also created an opening for Christmas to control Josh.

    5) Dom: Because of Cody and Jessica’s backstab and Dom’s reality break some things happened. The whole thing blew up… yet again not Paul but a Cody reaction and Dom’s insanity. This week without Cody there Jessica becomes likable and vivacious nothing like Jessica with Cody. On the other hand Dom go’ nuts thinks it was Paul and Elena that maligned her character (actually Cody and Jessica did) thus confirming the Cody Cody and Jessica lie, Dom go’s home… all Cody and Jessica. Knowing BB buy back I would have evicted Jessica hoping stupid love would have Cody wanting to stay out of the game…. just a chance.

    6) Ramses: Cody returns Jessica is HoH and one of the dumbest Big Brother moves is made that only stupid people would make. Still not Paul. It is also good to know Paul’s three weeks are up (Jillian, Cody, Dom) basic math people. So the giant plan Jessica and Cody had was to get rid of Josh (aim for the stars people). Here is my genius plan to get Josh out… nominate him against Ramses who’s at least a vote for Cody and Jessica… Jessica actually liked the kid, they were friends. The other dumb reason if your goal is to evict Josh don’t put him up against he kid you know everybody else wants out… they told Ramses and they told Jessica…. stupid. This is when you put Paul up against Josh (either way you want Paul or Josh out win win) if Paul saves himself put up Christmas… yet again win win… but do not put up Ramses you morons. Ramses go’s home.

    Pauls dead week. Jessica could have saved it.

    7) Jessica: This when you realize mean and stupid is not a game plan especially when stupid is driving. This was Josh’s HoH (i was given to him as a HaHa jerk) Jessica put herself on the block because these genius concocted a plan (1st rule of Big Brother… never put yourself on the block pawns and stupid go’s home.) Jessica dropped with the hope that Cody could compete and win the PoV… surprise Christmas had a power to and Cody can’t compete. Jessica go’s home and no jury.

    8) Cody gets evicted again.. no shock he is a jerk and poor guy he is the first in jury.

    9) Mark: Lets be honest Cody screwed his entire team and nobody more than Mark. If Cody had not decided to backstab Mark, if Cody and Jessica had been smarter when they targeted Josh and if Cody had never returned… I hate to say this Kevin would have probably been the next person out… possibly Raven. mark was a like able guy and strong, people might have worked with him had Cody not screwed up his game. As much as you would want to blame this eviction on Paul’s control… it really a reaction to how Cody played and how it soured how people played.

    10) Elena: Pretty much the same as Mark they were both just two tied to Cody and Jessica.

    11 and 12: Matt and Raven: These two checked out week three and mostly just wanted to hang out with each other plus the gastroperesis whatever stuff. Yet again not Paul…they just didn’t really play he game.

    13) Jason: The first eviction you can actually blame on Paul and Christmas but honestly it was both of them. Kevin was on the block and Christmas controls Josh. Alex and Jason were blid sided. Honestly, Alex and Jason had to be split… it is Big Brother.

    14) Alex: Paul and Christmas both run Josh and Alex was more a threat than Kevin. Alex would have won the Season had she been allowed to stay. That is good strategy I can not fault Paul or Christmas. If Alex was smart she would have not thrown that PoV… never ever throw a PoV at this stage that is just stupid. This one is actually on Alex because she saw they just sent Jason to jury and they needed the weaker players.

    next to go is either Josh or Keven.

  29. If it is so bad, why are you watching? I think Paul is playing the game to win. Isn’t that the point? Quit complaining and change the channel if you don’t like it.

  30. Besides Cody, Paul was the only one playing the game.
    Was it a masterfully done game on his part? Hardly.
    It takes zero skill to bully, and no brilliance to boss around a dozen rocks.
    Kevin doesn’t deserve AFP for being part of the rock gang and doing what Paul tells him.
    Cody at least tried to play–he must have figured he was in a house that had a collective IQ of eleven early on and knew it’d be a cakewalk for Paul the vet.
    Cody for AFP–that’ll send this group of rocket scientists the message even before they leave the studio!!

  31. As an older than Kevin woman, I thought he looked hot coming into the livingroom shirtless and putting his shirt on while walking. I hope you can capture a GIF or shot of that. :)

  32. Do you remember when Paul was giving out friendship bracelets? Do you remember how Cody sat there with Paul and it was so awkward? That’s because from basically day one, Cody was not going to be a follower of anyone. He knows they all suck and so do we!

  33. What a stupid episode. Alex makes the effort to walk out with a can of Coke because she mistakenly thinks she is going to get some kind of advertising deal with them. No way would they associate their product with someone as repugnant as she has shown herself to be. She also believes she has a chance as AFP. Then Kevin and Christmas blatantly throw the HOH to Kevin who fake sobs as though it is a surprise he won. Gumpy is , once again, uttered on air which must earn Paul money on a side bet he has with friends who doubted he could get competent adults to constantly use such a stupid word.

  34. When Paul wins I really hope he walks out to a an angry crowd booing like crazy. This season is so frustrating and Paul is a disgusting human being for the way he has bullied his way to the end. Such a vial person..

    1. CBS cares. I C BS on BB all the time. Production wrote most of this crap during the season. Congrats CBS, you make the Kardassians look postively angelic next to the bile you produce. Use those friendship bracelets in a positive way. Give them to people to sit on if they have a bad case of roids. Julie, your vacant look and tepid speech is a middle finger to true BB fans…

  35. I’m so disgusted with the editing tonight. Alex cried & then it was shown that she was faking. Paul cries & all we see is the other contestants consoling him. They actually managed to make him look likable. The casual viewer (those who do not watch the feeds, watch BBAD, or read fan sites have no idea the scumbag he is.

    1. Dixie, that’s what I’m saying too. CBS is trying to do damage control for Paul. It’s infuriating and portraying this piece of dirt as sympathetic…who the hell does he know at CBS? Grodner, you’re at a all time low this season. Show America the REAL PAUL-the appallingly evil one.

  36. If you were forced to choose final 2 – thumbs up for Paul, thumbs down for Christmas. Who would you choose if you were in the jury on finale night?

  37. Grodners needs to hire a new acting coach as that HoH was EMBARRASSING. For crissakes, Paul had someone cueing the answers. A few times xmas glanced over to double check to make she was guessing wrong. She practically could not keep a straight face from the rig job. They celebrated and smirked too early a couple times before the answers were revealed. Paul actually changed an answer after looking over at a visual cue from production. Look at the last question. Paul got the Jason question correct. Why is he celebrating before he knew?

  38. This next week of feeds will be so bad it will make me miss watching late game Season 14. Ian alone saying nothing swinging in the hammock for hours on end. That was wonderful compared to this torture.

    If anyone still says Season 16 was worse than this bag a sht on fire season please turn in your BB Addict card and exit quietly to the left.

  39. Just read this on a BB twitter feed. If the last is true, production was programming the hg’s for a piss-ant paul win.

    “production helped with 3 weeks immunity, friendship bracelets, comps he’d won before & hero worship by house guests who watched bb18 in sequester”

    Anyone saying piss-ant paul didn’t get a huge advantage is just delusional.

  40. The live feeds are back and Paul, Christmas, and Josh are all sleeping together in the HOH bed!! Gross!!! Poor Kevin is by himself on the first floor in his bed. The 3 stooges couldn’t get any more disgusting than they have been all season!

  41. Is anyone having trouble voting? I just tried to vote for Kevin for AFP 20x not particularly because I think he’s that great but because of all the torture he endured. He deserves it just for that imho. And it will drive the other demons crazy. Anyway I threw all my votes to him but it never said I reached my 20 limit. So I kept voting. Then I threw one to Cameron and it said thanks for voting for Cameron. So I’m not sure how many votes went to Kevin. Anyone else having issues? I really hate this show this year!

  42. More proof that production is in the tank for Paul, there wasn’t any parting comments from the houseguests when Alex was evicted so Josh couldn’t tell her the truth about Paul.
    By the way , Christmas would have prolly been a Manson follower.

  43. After looking at all of the back and forth banter regarding the AFP issue, and after careful consideration,I have strongly suggested to my management staff that they should promote Kevin to all of our 45,000 plus employees. I hope that this will result in a huge victory for Kevin.

  44. Oh wait, I forgot to add that even though Paul is a liar, Alex MORE than deserved to go home. I just can’t. Can I play next season?! And all others on the board interested?! Come ON! Let those that love the game and hate the production do something about it! Make it an anniversary of the original game!

  45. If production really does want paul to win they need to tell him to pull kevin off the block and have him vote out josh, I know he wont want to do it cause josh could tell the jury about how he was working with him, but it really is a smarter move because xmas is 50/50 taking paul and josh is only about 10% taking paul but if it was kevin and xmas that’s 100% each and easier chance to win the final 3 comps but paul doesn’t want to risk those jury votes after last year.

  46. And there you have it folks paul said it during his friendship talk to the cam tonight. That he’s going to take josh with him to the final 2 if he wins it!! Interesting to say the least!! Awww such a blow for shitmass!! Guess she thinks laying with him will get her in!! Lmao Nottttttt!

  47. Paul and Xmas both sitting around tonite saying how great Paul is. Basically a season recap.

    Paul said tonite to camera he plans to take Josh to F2 over Xmas. One saving grace for us will be seeing her butthurt as fk he scorned her.

    Then the next wonderful thing will be seeing Xmas and Alex seeing Cody or Kevin get AFP.

    Wait. Why dnt we want Jess to win AFP again? Eye Candy of the season. The season went in toilet when she left. She was hilarious. She is smart. Sure she had some mean girl in her. But compared to the rest of these witches from hell this season she is a friggin’ Queen.

    Ok fk u all. I’ll vote Cody.

  48. So Paul wants to take Josh to F2. Aaaaah….shades of last years decision to take Nicole. I think this jury is going to be BITTER just like last year. I think that’s why CBS has chosen not to show the jury house.

    If Josh wins………KRACKEN! LOL!

    Kevin for AFP!

  49. Man alive, I took a 1 month vacation from this complete mess of a season they call BB17 and thought maybe, just maybe things went off the CBS script….Don’t ever underestimate stupid, which is limitless, and wow it’s gotten infinitely worse. CBS must think the viewership are denser than Josh after a Yuge Thanksgiving dinner….WTF, I have officially run out of adjectives to describe the past 3 months….

    Fool me once, well you know….Fool me twice, well not gonna happen CBS…Good luck next year if you try to pull the same shit….Look at the movie box office receipts, and the NFL viewership….Coming to you very damn soon CBS. This year has been actually offensive as a BB fan of many years….

  50. What ! Kevin said during BB Comics that he didn’t know which one were right and which ones were wrong. But Paul did? Rigged again by CBS and production for Paul and Josh!

    1. So you think it’s rigged because Kevin sucked at the comp and couldn’t get it right in 45 mins? He couldn’t figure out which ones were right or wrong cuz he is a idiot.

      Paul killed it on that comp. There would be no way to rig that comp. U are a idiot

  51. I think its funny that some of the ppl in here are giving there vote to cody for AFP just to get a reaction out of paul,shitmass and josh. When in reality they wouldn’t give a flying f**k especially the final 2!! They’ll be be laughing at you guys all the way to the bank with that 50k or 500K!
    My AFP votes wil go to Dom and Kevin

  52. 03:22:48 we find out that Josh and Paul have a friend in casting with the initials, D.L.:
    Paul: “but, day one…”
    Josh: “I know, yeah”
    Paul: “D.L. is gunna have a heart attack.”
    Josh: “I can’t wait to see him.”
    Paul: “That f*cking fool is going to…”
    Josh: “Besides my family he’s going to shit him. . .He tells me, if you
    f*cking go home day one, you better not say who casted you.”
    Paul: “shhhhh”

  53. Well, this season truly blew chunks but…
    I believe in KARMA and Karma is a big bitch which is very likely to crawl straight up Paul’s vile ass and DIE there!
    Paul.. Your game play stinks. It stinks like Wide-Open Ass.
    You’re not a winner.
    You are a farce and your Friendship is a joke. You are a joke.
    Garden Gnome.
    My dog pees on better than you.

  54. 10:00 am EST CBS Press Release: Viewers and fans of Big Brother have been told to “Expect the Unexpected” by Julie Chen since the “social experiment’s” inception. It’s time to inform the audience of the major change in playing Big Brother this season. The houseguests were given a general outline of how the game would proceed throughout their stay; they were given this information after they were sequestered. Their contracts legally bound them from revealing any plans for Season 19 if their eviction happened before going to the Jury House. When it was deemed necessary, specific scenarios and conversations were provided by production as the season progressed. The “twist” of BB19 was to see how the public would accept or reject the semi-scripted primarily socially unacceptable machinations of a group of social media driven contestants. CBS cares. (An announcement like this would at least explain away some of the disgusting content and repulsive behavior of BB 19; unfortunately there’s no justification for most of this season, imo. Dawg and Simon, you always go-the-extra mile for all who post here. You deserve a BB Purple Heart this time around! Thanks guys!

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