Power of Veto Ceremony results “it’s hard we’re good people we have big hearts “

9:14am they’ve had a wake up call.. but are still in bed. shitmas and Paul appear to be closer than ever now..

(out of this late game grossmance who do you feel most sorry for? Xmas for being with Paul, Paul for being with shitmas or us the fans that have to watch this)

9:40am Josh and Paul backyard
Paul – almost done dude.. 8 days..
JOsh – I need to run at night to let go of all this junk.. all this energy..
Paul – I think I cried more yesterday than I have cried my entire life bro
Josh – I’ve cried more this season than I’ve cried my entire life..
Josh – I’m going to cry another 20 more times
JOsh – it’s hard we’re good people we have big hearts
Paul – how are you going to throw him off.. say he hasn’t done sh1t (Kevin)
JOsh – I’m going to call him fat, I’m going to call him old, I’m going to f* say he f*ing floated to final 5 (Good people with big hearts?)
Paul – you don’t have to call him fat and old
Josh – I don’t give a f* (Good people with big hearts?)
Paul – that fool really gets under your skin
JOsh – we’ve been through so much.. I look back and see everything we’ve been through every one of us and he hasn’t done sh1t Paul
JOsh – he hasn’t pissed anybody off.. he’s secured that everybody loved him that is going to Jury LIke he’s been a shady fishy f* the whole time..
Josh – everybody f*ing loves him..
JOsh – I have dealt with adversary, first moment I walked in.. Paul dealt with adversary shitmas broke her foot..
Josh – and homeboy just sat in his f*ing corner and shut the f* up and got to final 5 (well you guys were attacking him round the clock so he had to put up with that)
JOsh – he just talked sh1t about everybody.. under the f*ing house.. under the roof.. I don’t respect that
JOsh thinks Kevin will win the game if he goes to the end because everybody will hate their guts

JOsh – I’m upset about yesterday dude, JOy (xmas) told me some f* up sh1t
Paul – what she tell you
JOsh – she was just like Oh, you have a decision to make it’s either me or her, either you choose her or you choose me
Josh – you take her off the block, paul uses the veto you put me on the block or you have three options.. make your choose.
Josh – I’m like dude where at the end, why even think like that it just hurts me i’m going to have a moment you know
Paul – I told you she trips when you trip.. then you both trip and i’m like f* jesus christ

JOsh – I’m like literally I’ve never crossed you two but know we’re in the end and I’m in my feels because it’s been a hard few days you’re going to think some wild sh1t
Josh – oh yeah let me go with Alex and Kevin f* you
Paul – why would she think I was going to use the veto..
Josh – she was like You can continue to cry about it or you have 3 options make your choice
Josh – I was like what the f* then she stormed out the room
Paul- she’s cut throat dude what Can I tell you

Josh – I’m just happy I stuck by you two..
Paul – me too

Paul- I had to play a crazy a$$ aggressive game.. but if they portray me as some crazy as f*
Josh – there was moment Paul was going HAM.. but you had no choice.. (right you guys had no choice to play the game you did)
Josh – I thought you were going to burn the f* out
Josh – who give a f* how you are portrayed you’ve preached this the whole season.. you had no choice..
Josh – you’re family loves you.. that girl if she’s not there the right one will come into your life..
JOsh – it’s a game you had no choice to play the game you played.. you wouldn’t have been here, I wouldn’t have been here, christmas wouldn’t have been here if we didn’t do what we had to do for each other and if we didn’t play the game that we played.
JOsh – you had no choice and I’m 100% that they understand that (you people are delusional)
JOsh – to be honest to you, between me and you.. I haven’t said this to anybody I see you taking it..

10:08am Feeds on pound puppies

11:00am Feeds are back.. Alex in the have nots reading the bible.
Paul – I can say something to you …
Alex – I don’t want to talk.. leave..
Paul – alright..
Paul leaves..
Alex – Jason was right..
Alex – counterfeit sons of bitches..
Alex – well let’s pray for Fan favorite..

Paul again tries to talk to Alex
Alex – I don’t want to hear it..
Paul – I want to make two points
Alex- you’re selfish and I don’t care.. you made your choice to win that’s fine..

Paul – you don’t understand it..
Alex – yes I do, PAUL i don’t want to hear it
Paul – ok i’ll respect it

11:15am Paul and JOsh in the HOH
JOsh is complaining about Kevin says he’s going to BLOW UP on him.
Paul is sad because Alex won’t forgive him for player her all season

Josh says Xmas will come up here soon and yell at them for “Being in their feels”
Xmas comes up and the retell delusions begin…

11:30am HOH Josh, Paul and Shitmas .. big hearts.
JOsh – I’m going to destroy him.. I am going to destroy your life (Kevin)
Josh – You’re f*ing face look likes my wrinkled b@lls..
Josh – I have to let it out..

Paul says no one goes and watch the season right after the show is over.
Paul – I have not watched Big BRother 18, there’s no point why?
Josh – if I get a call back it’ll have to be in 2 years..
Josh says the only reason he would go back would be if shitmas and Paul also come back.. (I don’t see that happening)

Paul says of course it makes sense for Alex to go with Paul to the end because she will win against him. paul goes on about taking Alex out because she’s played such a good game and will have more jury votes. Adds that it’s easy for Alex to say she would have used the veto because.

Josh – she told me not to call her ninja.. she said call me Alex from now on..
Xmas – what the f* ever..

Xmas says Alex was arrogant and cocky had she played a humble game this would have been different
Xmas – she came here to play and to win.. that was her only objective in this game.. Period

Paul brings up that Alex told him “I’ve had it with CBS” she won’t do the “milkshake thing” with him
Feeds cut..

Cereal, Pop, Bible

noon Xmas, Paul and Josh

bitching about Kevin lying about never leaving Mission Hill. Josh says he’s been to cancun,
Paul sys Kevin’s been to LA..
Xmas – he’s washed up
Josh – no he’s smart.. he’s a intellectual human
Xmas- whatever entertainment career he had he’s washed up.. (I know another person that’s washed up this season)

Paul rubs xmas’ head..

12:35pm – 1:55pm HOH room. Josh, Christmas and Paul.
They’re studying the order of evictions and dates / events of the season.
Josh – the questions are easy but the way they word it is confusing as f**k. Paul – what’s the total number of days added together for the double evictions. That’s the kind of questions they’re going to ask. Christmas – like the baseball comp. Paul – then explains the baseball comp to Josh. That was the hardest comp. I don’t even know if they’re going to do that one this year. Josh – I hope it’s the black box. Christmas – no, why would you want that one? They’re not going to let me compete. Paul – it might be the chicken coop., could by physical / mental, questions, it could be anything. Josh – they’re building something. They never build on a Monday. Paul – they’re building the HOH. Josh – I’m betting the eviction happens tonight. So we do the eviction and then go straight into the HOH? Paul – yup. Christmas – this dude (Kevin) was talking about banging me. Do you have any idea how hard it is to not call him out on that. He and Jason talked about banging me in the jury house. Not okay! Josh and Christmas go back to studying. Josh isn’t getting into it. Christmas tells him to get into it. I don’t know when this is going to happen and I don’t want to be standing there with my d**k in my hands. Josh – okay. Josh goes to the diary room. When he comes back, Paul – did you see Alex? Josh – yeah. Paul – was she pissed? Josh – yeah, kind of. The conversation turns to talking about Raven and all the questionable things she potentially lied about. Christmas says that she really hopes Raven wasn’t lying about her mom having cancer. You don’t lie about stuff like that.

2:23pm Kevin joins them. Kevin comments on how after being in that room for so long you start going crazy. Paul – what are you up to? Kevin – 6’2” .. 6’3”. Paul – I didn’t know they stacked sh*t that high.

2:50pm – 3:15pm Living room. Paul and Kevin.
Kevin talks about how in the beginning of the season he thought it was bad luck to sit in the eviction chairs. He says now he’s acclimated to sitting there. I prided myself on not being up here for 76 days. Paul comments on how it doesn’t sound like they’re doing much in the backyard anymore. Paul – I don’t think I’ve ever been this bored in my life. Josh – I’m beyond bored. Don’t think about. Go into battle mode.

5:00pm Alex working out with whatever she can get her hands on in the Have nots room.

5:08pm Alex – Jason Dent is the hommie everyone else here is a counterfeit

5:53pm Good Friday and Kevin
She tells him next week she’ll be walking without the crutch
Kevin – good job
Valentine’s day – I’m working on it
Kevin – those two are upstairs and she’s in her room
Valentine’s day – surprise

6:22pm HOH Halloween, JOsh and Paul

General chit chat about college.
JOsh – College was the best time of my life.. the opportunity.. go to college that’s my message
Paul – not everyone can afford college
Paul – it’s hard to be motivated like that when there’s bills to be paid..

Josh starts going on about how much he worked at internships and got scholarships.
easter says she didn’t have the money or opportunity after her first year of school her iraq opportunity came so she decided to roll with that. When she got back she started the fitness things.
Alex burps downstairs after finishing off a coke and they can hear it upstairs.

7:18pm Paul and Valentine’s day talking about Cody.
Paul says he’ll have a beer with COdy he wants to give Cody the benefit of the doubt
Paul – he’s an extreme guy with an extreme personality the opposite side of the spectrum to me
Paul – I’m sure we’ll get along.. he’s an adrenaline junky, likes to surf..
Paul – he was just very.. he wanted to do what he wanted to do.. He didn’t like me, he didn’t give me a chance then he expected me to give him a chance when he came back
Paul – no homie that’s not how I operate.
Paul says he’s surprised they never did anything with the locks on the wall.
Near year’s Day – Big lose Big Brother

Power of Veto Ceremony results

Paul did not use the Power of Veto. Alex and Kevin remain on the block.

WE have no idea yet how these next 3 days will play out. Wednesday there is a pre taped eviction where ALex will most likely be going to Jury. Thursday is a live eviction. So in the next 2 days they have to do an eviction, HOH, POV, and POV ceremony. There will be some sort of feed blockage during this. Chances are the feeds will be down tomorrow all day and back wednesday after the episode. WE’ll post once we find out ourselves.

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Really…………………….”Were good people”, “we have big hearts”………..Sure Sparky,………. you have done so much crying you could flood the Sahara!

Somebody Please Screw Paul

They need to get rid of the no consecutive HOH rule. if you can wins comps you deserve the power.

Also I thought this show could not sink any lower but on on top of my turd sundae last night they sprinkle in Frankie. Bogus!


That is THE essence of the game you MUST be well rounded
So NO they should not
It would make the game one dimensional


In survivor you can compete even after you win and it works out it keeps people from throwing comps.


I just know after this season they need to do something to stop people from throwing the comps. That relay race comp was the worst in history.


It was an embarrassment!!


This who season is an embarrassment


Personally, I think they should lose their weekly stipend if they throw a comp. I bet if they don’t get paid for a week they will stop throwing it!


The new motto for Big Brother should be “expect the expected”. Everyone knows the outcome in most competitions so not much fun watching. However, I am truly enjoying watching Alex have a good cry. So far that is the highlight of the season for me. My space bar gets stuck every time I type which aggravates the sh#! out of me but wanted to relay my joy in Alex’s suffering. YEAH!!!!




I can’t understand how these people said so many horrible things, yet still think they’re decent human beings with good hearts. For a guy, Josh acts like a little bitch. I can’t say I hate Paul, but I lost all respect for him. Xmas is condescending and arrogant, a sure sign of an insecure person. Arrogance & condescension……….a sign of weakness. Alex is trying to portray herself as a wonderful Christian who reads the Bible, yet she speaks poorly of others, judges others and lies. There was so much game for Kevin to play, but he had no desire to play & win. Miserable cast.


I’m with you on everything but the Josh thing. I don’t believe in gender roles. I think it would be equally pathetic for a woman to behave the way he has, I don’t think being a guy has anything to do with sensitivity (or oversensitivity in this case). Or at least it shouldn’t.


Point taken.


What are I am sickened by is the degree of personal attacks that Paul orchestrated ,you play a game to win which involves lying manipulating it stems from Paul so disrespect him the personal attacks and belittling of the people you are going to reject from the game , that is not game that’s hateful evil and cruel that was Paul’s game, there was no reason to stoop that low all you needed to do was evict a person you did want .
Christmas never never should have been allowed under any circumstances to return to the game she has turned into a people

They aren't that nice

Just because you cry after you do bad things doesn’t make you a good person.
It’s like an abuser that beats their spouse then goes crying to them about how bad they feel afterwards.


The look on Josh’s face when Paul cried with Alex and Josh in the room was priceless. As soon as Alex left the room, Paul broke into a sh__ eating grin immediately. Josh said he saw the devil in that moment. Yeah…but will you do something to stop this megalomaniac and his omnipotence that is Paul ( in his own mind.) I only hope that Josh blows up Paul’s game in his exit interview to Alex so she won’t vote for Paul. I can’t believe she’s even entertaining the idea.


Even if Josh blew up Paul’s game to Alex it wouldn’t matter. She’s od’d on his kool aid.


No because Josh is an enabler. He is as bad as Paul.

Abused Child

I think Josh reacts like an abused child. He thinks he has to love Xmas and Paul when they tell him what to do. He could not make himself go against them if he had to.


Paul’s response to Kevin finally throwing the last HOH (via Paul’s orders)…”THERE YOU GO KEVIN. THAT’S A GOOD BOY. NOW HERE’S A SNACK!” Like you’d talk to a dog…Cody told Paul, “You treat people like dogs!” Cody was so right. How dare that little, insecure, cruel gnome talk like that to people. He also slapped Josh in the face and Production said nothing.


To Paul, Josh, Xmas & Alex…”For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


Please add most of the rest of the cast to that quote


Please add most of the rest of the cast to that quote

Franks Fumes

At least they are consistent horrible people…… and going after Kev will backfire on Josh and Shitmas……. Paul of course will have skated to the end with a terrific edit….see ….. consistent.


I hope Production lets Kevin know it’s okay with them now if people slap JOsh really hard to the face. Or is that just another exemption from past rules for Paul and his gang?

Somebody Please Screw Paul

Really hard???? I don’t like Paul but that is some forked tongue speak.

That's What She Said

It was hard enough to startle Xmas in the background. Was it the hardest slap ever, no. But that’s about as hard as Paul gets.

Paul the Punk

I watched it on TMZ and it was about as hard as melted butter. it was Classless though. Paul is such a tool.


What did TMZ say about Paul slapping Josh? They’re reports have said the cast has acted terribly in other reports.

Paul the Punk

They called it a bitch slap and assault and battery but go there and search Big Brother and it is the first link that comes up. It was nothing but it was totally disrespectful.

Min O'Pause

I believe the float toy is taking care of that.

Min O'Pause

Referring to the screen name “Somebody Please Screw Paul.”

I'm Not Paul's Sheep

I’m so happy Alex is leaving. That Bible isn’t fooling anyone you’re not getting AFP. Come on Kevin win the next HoH.


If Kevin does win HOH by some miracle, watch them all kiss his ass.


Yes, Kevin winning a competition would be a true Christmas miracle.


If Kevin would just stop trusting that little gnome who tells him to keep throwing comps. He could have won the last HOH and would have if he knew they all were throwing it to Josh. Stop listening to Paul.


You have way more faith in Kevin than I do. His performance in comps over the full season speaks for itself. If Production gave Kevin the answers prior to a questions comp I’m still not certain he would win.


F4 HOH only means safety F3 nothing else. POV decides who goes to jury. Kev winning will make baby huey go to jury barring a win. No ones kissing his behind. In fact they’ll vilify his HOH by blaming him for not allowing the F3 plan.

Franks Fumes

I swear I saw the pages spontaneously combust after she was through reading.


Kevin and win don’t go together. I find it COMPLETELY Ironic that Alex is clutching the Bible while showing anger and unforgiveness to Paul. What chapter is she reading? Obviously the Bible is not getting through to her. I really think she thinks it is like a genie in a bottle, if she reads it enough, she will have luck and a hail Mary pass will be sent her way…. I am pretty certain that is not how it works.


Sorry but I think she was only reading the Bible because they do not have any other thing to read remember she always didn’t do her rosary


He is an idiot like the rest of them PAUL is his buddy only Cody tried to take that piece of cow crap out until BB saved him with 3 weeks of safety that was the beginning of the worst season ever


Just noticed on my TV listings that there is a show on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but no show on Sunday (I believe due to the Emmy’s?). I’m guessing the feeds will be down from either Wednesday or Thursday.


Just read on global tv site (Canada’s broadcaster) Dr Will Kirby is the jury moderator this year. Could be interesting cause I’m sure He’ll have plenty to say about this cast. Can’t wait.


Yes and he’ll lead the jury to a Paul victory! ( providing Paul is in final 2. Who am I kidding, of course he will be. ) Dr. Will gets paid big bucks from CBS, for this. ( and why not )
I watched last year, on how he quilted the majority, to vote for Nicole.


I don’t believe it for a minute that someone as full of himself as Paul hasn’t watched last season. I’m hoping they all spend their first week out not watching, but going on social media to read what we all think of them. And it’s not that they have big hearts and had to do what they did to get to the end. This show has been on for 19 seasons and has had 18 winners without a cast as vile and disgusting as these people. I hope no one goes to any of their meet and greets either. Show them that their behavior cannot be justified by saying it’s just a game. Many have played this game, few have been so delusional and vulgar doing it. I would add stupid too but that goes without saying.


Paul lied all season, to EVERYONE. Of course heis going to recommend NOT watching the season.


i hope you know that they can still have big hearts and care about each other on a personal level, but can still play cutthroat in a cutthroat game!


I’m po’d about the fries Simon! LOL


Personally, I haven’t had the stomach for a fry since last summer. Damn you Paul!


You’re not alone.. I’m absolutely furious about those damn fries!!!! I can hardly eat them since that happened last season:)

Paul is a sociopath

What is the deal with the fries?!


what was the lie about the fries?


Paul said he didn’t know how to cook. Then he told a story about making fries for his friends and also made some in the house last year. Some of the cast last year made an issue of it much like the pillows this season.


Can someone tell me about Paul and lying about the fries? Don’t remember.

Franks Fumes

The same way Hitler loved his German Shepard?……….they are horrible people any way you want to look at it…….no excuses.


if they cared about people on a personal level as they claim, then they wouldn’t attack them on a personal level. complete hypocrisy. Josh cant say he has a good heart, then shit talk about kevin’s looks (even though i personally think he’s a good lookin dude), THEN cry again about how people may perceive him. Pick a lane dude!


I’ve watched every season from the 1st with chicken george. And let me tell you this season isn’t bad. We had the season with the racist. With rachel who bullied everyone. Evil dick who was nuts… With will who was on the block every week and told them all he was lying to them and he hated them. Yet they were dumb and kept him. This season is not bad. I don’t like Josh at all. But it make’s good t.v. If it was boring and every one played an honest game no one would watch. When they fight and scheme. That’s what makes t.v. I don’t care for Paul either but he played them all. And he deserves to win. Just my opinion….


I agree. I like Paul. As far as game.. He’s spot on…b? N They never figured a way to get him out!


So true! This sucker is born every minute.


Good TV? This is the most boring, predictable season ever!




Your so right, so many bad seasons compared to this one


Yes, there has always been one, maybe two despicables. Aside of Mark, this entire cast has been despicable….and predictable, which made it the worst!


I don’t know. The racist cast was pretty disgusting too!

sunny dee

racist season also had the disgusting mcrae and amanda, the psycho stalker gina marie, and the winning rat andy right?

Paul's Cattle Prodder

Was that Amanda’s season. That one still makes me ill.


It’s a game, get a clue. It’s about getting to the end. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s $500,000 to the winner who plays everyone to the end.


But what price glory? I’ve never seen so many people attack and attack people until they cried, self evict, stayed away from them or putting on a stoic stone face just to not react. These HG’s have sold their souls and are patting themselves on the back for it. And Paul egged on and on the violence and insanity, told everyone to throw comp after comp, pushed people to their breaking point. That is not playing the game and the problem is , even if you disagree, Paul takes pleasure out of crumbling people by working on their insecurities. He relishes fear. He’s a sad example of a human being. He doesn’t want them to watch because he will be unmasked and they will see that all their venom being Paul’s minions destroyed their reputations.


Paul doesn’t want anyone to watch what idiots they were. But remember that every Hg has a family, friend, partner that has watched and will definitely tell them about this season. Human nature will dictate that each one will ask how they looked on tv, and came across. Sorry Paul, the gig will be up, at least after the show but hopefully sooner.

Those Assholes

They better leave Kevin alone!!!

social experiment

But in reality Kevin is just another member of Paul the Snake cult. He lets Paul pull him around by the nose, do not win, do not talk, do not mingle, just isolate yourself and so what if everybody else thinks you are doing all of this on your own. Kevin needs some self respect. Did read elsewhere that Paul’promised Kevin 50/50 on post tax dollars with them as F2. Haha, Paul will betray that too. Kevin is oartly hated by others be ause they do not know he is just doing what Counterfeit Paul tells him to do so how is he any better than Alex and the rest of them. Jason was the only person to show Kevin true respect and care, no matter what he said


Unfortunately, if Kevin gets HOH, he will also do what Paul says. Paul knows it and thinks he can beat all of them in the end


Kevin’s better than the others because he never attacked when Josh and Paul were destroying one HG after the other with their cruelty. Kevin was sympathetic to the people on the outs. And he has a soul left.


The two other people who didn’t like it but spoke up about not participating was Matt and Jason. Of course when Raven went ballistic on Cody and Jessica Matt praised her for being a bad ass. Cody thanked Jason in the hot tub for not participating and Jason told him he didn’t like what they did and didn’t agree with it.


Big Brother Production needs to make a:

Stop Bullying Kevin!

Paul, Christmas, Josh Don’t Be a Dick Towards Kevin!

Big Brother Production also needs to treat the vile verbal bullying as assault. Big Brother Production does not allow hgs to have physical altercations without serious consequences. This type of verbal assault is just as damaging – if not more – than the threat of physical violence.

Paul, Christmas, and Josh should receive penalties for their dangerous behaviors and actions towards Kevin.

Their over controlling verbal abuse is not “game play.” There have been past hgs that have raised their voice at another hg (i.e. Evel Dick). There is nothing impressive or right about the verbal assault and bullying actions of Paul, Christmas, and Josh towards Kevin. There is nothing unique, imaginative, difficult, creative in regards to being abusive.

Most hgs at this point are civil and do there best to make sure that everyone in the house enjoys their final moments in the game (Big Brother House). Paul is a malignant narcissist that enjoys abusing his power to harm others – Christmas delights in seeing humans in pain and inflicting pain on others – and Josh is a child attempting to please his “Mommy and Daddy” (Paul and Christmas). Paul, Christmas, and Josh should not feel proud about the manner in which they chose to play the game.

It is as enjoyable as watching a Cult Leader (Paul) talk parents into giving their children poisonous/deadly drinks, and, then having the parents drink the same deadly drinks. It is as enjoyable as watching people awestruck in the presence of a dangerous Cult Leader (Paul) — giddy as they please their leader choosing to act heinously inflicting severe harm on others.

Will was not allowed to get in Chef Joe’s face — Will was thrown out of the game.

Paul, Christmas, and Josh should not be allowed to knowingly and purposely abuse Kevin by Big Brother Production.


Please do as this persons recommend. This bashing is enough. Makes me sad for him

Paul's Cattle Prodder

And the really sad part is that Kevin still thinks Paul is a standup guy.


I agree I think that Paul,Xmas and Josh are shit bags! Production should stop the bullshit they are doinf to Kevin. I wi sh he. Never threw the hoh and Josh won!


I hate the bullying. It is awful. And to make show with full bloom bullying……they should all be ashamed of themselves. People should booo them as they come out at the last show. NOT COOL!!!! NOT FUNNY!!! I agree that this is the worst Big Brother season….when production’s only choice of week reviews is seeing people brushing there teeth, just lying around or full bloom bullying…it is time to close the show forever. As for the celebraties big brother…what is the prize…they already have money…are they willing to show off their bad side (like this season) for fame…or decaying of fame.


I agree I wish they would be booed. Paul and his minions have ruined my guilty summer pleasure , and it makes me mad as hell !! I’ve been watching older seasons and it makes me miss the show it use to be. I hate to say it but if they continue on this path I believe it’s time to pull the plug.


Calm down. Kevin is grown man. He will be just fine. I guarantee you that a few weeks after the season is over Kevin will join the rest of the cast (other than Cody & Jessica) over beers and fondly reminisce about their time in the BB house. Yes, the behavior of Paul and friends is deplorable but try not to be overly dramatic.


How about the way they treated Jody I wish Cody would have tossed em off the balcony

Sometimes you get what you ask for

Xmas has been gong on and on lately about Kevin saying he wanted to bang her, and her wanting to call him out about it. We all saw that NASTY BE-YOTCH hanging on him, cuddling with him, putting her head in his lap etc. for weeks. That is the exact reaction she was looking for. Until that punishment with Paul, when she was swept away by the Gnome’s good looks and charm. She is ridiculous and needs to STFU. She knew what she was doing.


Ive been wondering about this. I remember Kevin asking Jason if he would bang Xmas in jury and Jason laughed and said no but I don’t remember a time when Kevin said he would bang her. She was all over Kevin for a while and then suddenly stopped. Did Kevin turn her down? How would Xmas know that Kev was talking about him and Jason banging her in jury? (If he did)) And she is suddenly upset about this? I know every time she brings it up as a thing she gets no backing or reaction from Paul or Josh, like they don’t believe her. She’s nasty. Its not good enough to vote him out she wants to try to ruin his reputation and his marriage in the process.


I do think Kevin is worthless he did absolutely nothing in the game midway through we did see Paul was threatening and coaching him Kevin does not to win just because he claims he is 56 is not a good enough reason to win big brother

This is bullshit!

September 11, 2017 at 9:37 am
I think Paul and xmas are dating in the real world. Xmas always defends Paul. If josh says anything about the way Paul is playing the game she tells him to shut up she doesn’t want him to talk about it. Plus xmas slipped that she loves Paul’s mother. How the hell does she know his mother?? Plus do you see the way they are sleeping together every night? I think BB is pulling a fast one on all of us. That is unfair to the viewers and players! If it is true and they win first and second I will NEVER watch again.


I think Paul has a model girlfriend that he won’t give up for Xmas. She’ll stay with him if he wins. I’ll bet he has more model girlfriends as back up. Xmas and Paul probably vaguely knew each other through supporting each other on social media as they probably do for many others. Xmas and Paul just strike me as using each other as snuggle buddies to get through these days for support. Xmas knows nobody will vote for her because of her broken foot so is playing complete loyalty to him. She knows if she is too blatant in agreeing with Josh about taking a shot at Paul that it will get back to Paul so she has to be careful and very firm with Josh. Plus she sees Paul as more useful to her on the outside than Josh so she wants to seem completely loyal to him. She’s quite willing to throw Josh under the bus when it comes to Paul, but still try to appear to be a support to Josh in case he makes it to final 2 and can bring her.

Min O'Pause

Iif Paul has a model girlfriend I can only imagine wht she models.


she models butt plugs.

Min O'Pause

And a blowup doll does not count as a girlfriend. It’s an erectile assistance device….not covered by insurance or medicare btw.


What model would want a sleeze like him? His “fashions” even reek! have you checked his website where he sells them. I did during last season & I don’t know anyone who would want them.


Raven knew Paul as well.. This season is the most rigged ever. I hate CBS, I hate the “B” Allison Grodner, this loser shit woman should be fired


Could be she means from last season and watching her on the show talking about Paul?? Just a guess. Wouldn’t surprise me though if they were. Gross.


I’m shocked!!!! I thought Paul had a girlfriend. I did not know he was into guys!! Shitmas needs love too. I hope those guys make it outside the house.


Paul has a concierge.


What did Paul mean when he told Alex as he was kicking her to the curb, that there are things about the money at the end that he can’t discuss?


Most vets get a larger stipend or guaranteed money regardless of position in the game. There may be bonuses for certain things as well.


I have heard that Paul’s mother is Xmas’s agent or something like that.

Min O'Pause

I heard Paul’s father was the Travelocity gnome

Infected nose ring hole

Lmfao@travrlocity gnome . F’en hilarious


Is Paul’s Mom an entertainment rep or lawyer? She does work (whether independently or contractual) for CBS? Christmas stated she has an entertainment lawyer/rep. Could this be the connection between she/Paul/his Mom??


I don’t feel like watching now. I just read for updates. It is boring and annoying, worst, worst, worst season ever. Ugh, and now a special season of celebrity big brother, another disillusion group full of themselves….oh Joy.


“Xmas comes up and the retell delusions begin…”. So funny! WTG Simon! Watching the feeds must be like you’re in The Matrix. Red pill or blue pill? I’d like to know what delusion inducing drugs Grodner is giving the 3 Rats alliance. Josh seems fragile and I hope he doesn’t have a complete break from reality when he leaves the game. It’s sad to watch Paul and Xmas so easily incite him. It’s hard to cheer on any of them to win so much money. it’s like Andy Herron winning all over again. I needed to take a shower after watching that. And Alex, you must have been so naive and trusting to not listen to any of the warnings people gave you about Paul. Disappointing because at first you seemed so savvy. But that was all a fake front you put on. Too bad. It serves you right though because you were quite self congratulatory when you happily got rid of threats against Paul who were actually on your side and had warned you about him.


Paul……………”I had to play like this”…………….you always have a choice in life. You had 3 weeks of safety, you had at least 2 players in there to help you, AG cast quite a few players that did not have an interest in playing the game, but were there for exposure. You had Production telling you what was going on, but, you decided to play one of the most vile, disgusting, vicious. disturbing games, that made most viewers cringe, and had a hard time watching.
Am I mad…………..you bet I am, I look forward to BB every year, and you with the help of AG, threw my show in the garbage laden gutter, and then cry croc tears…………..”I had no choice”…………….just go away!


Paul ruined this season. This season is such a letdown especially with all the tv whitewashing going on.


I’m getting so pissed at pual .he keeps saying that they’re betraying him as a villain no they are not betraying you as a villain …The show has betrayed you as a puppet master genius. the only person that has betrrayed you as a villain is you .because you are horrible you are mean you are disgusting you little freak . But what you are mostly is a coward a true coward you could not win games on your own you had to have everybody throw competitions you have ruined the summer and you have ruined big brother you’re a little snake and I hope I had never have to see you again .

Hillary Clinton Supporter

The word you’re looking for is “portraying” not “betraying”. Just a little friendly help for you. Hope this helps you realize you are among the dumber portion of the population. You are welcome!!


Omg sorry your right.. I feel like a fool omg . Sorry for the vocabulary blunder

Anti Divider

Don’t apologize to the condescending Hillary supporter who only feels better when they are intimidating others, calling them “dumber,” and attempting to divide people, much like Gnome, Shitmas, and Cry Baby.


That’s not nice. There are dumb Democrats too. Eg. All the Democratic Bible thumpers who try to out thump the Jerry Falwell types. Besides in the heat of the moment in righteous disgust over Paul’s vile misdeeds anyone could screw up.

Don't call people stupid

And you HC supporter are a f#ckwad……not because of being a HC supporter……just cause you are a f#ckwad miserable creep.

Anti Divider

Exactly my point. I didn’t mean to portray ALL HRC supporters as being that way…but many of them are quick to call others with different beliefs, stupid, dumb, etc and it’s a pet peeve of mine. And I felt like CheeryHappy shouldn’t be apologizing for incorrect word choices, after he/she was berated by HRC supporter.


How about the way they treated Jody I wish Cody would have tossed em off the balcony and that’s why Hilary is still crying because of all the smart people telling her she was winning

So predictable

Good riddance Ninja! 😉

Big Baby

Oh, Alex. Karma sure does taste like s**t, doesn’t it?!! When you watch back the season and you see yourself pathetically falling for all of Paul’s “friendship” crap; throwing comps; raging cruelty, you’ll see why you weren’t voted AFP!


I can’t wait until she watches all the times she told Jason ‘Don’t be stupid’ and she was the one being stupid.


Kevin’s entertainment career is over? He’s not on BB to try and bring life back into a fading brand like you are Xmas. You are a 35 year old trying to hold on to what pseudo celebrity status you think you have. The bloom is off the rose, take a look in the mirror. You’re irrelevant. Nasty, ugly, coarse. Take a look around. Younger girls are waiting for your place. You’ll be eating those mean words about Kevin. Karma, old is already sneaking up on you. Stfu.


I think Kevin’s entertainment career is getting a reboot due to his mistreatment on BB this year, plus the utube things with his daughters. There are lots of older men out there who still have a career in entertainment. Michael Douglas, and the whole cast from Las vegas including Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman come to mind. He has a great personality, as evidenced in the utube clips with his daughters and some of the stories he told on Big Brother about t-ball coaching, soccer, volleyball, softball, etc. for his daughters. I expect to see his face on a lot of different shows, and not just on The Bold and the Beautiful.


I dunno. He’s said a couple of woman bashing things. Eg. Can’t stand to lose to a woman, Xmas looks like she’d bang both him and Jason in jury, etc. I’m not bowled over that he has u tube videos with his daughters. I’ll bet they were the ones who pushed for them, not him.


Have you actually listened to any of Kevin’s stories? They are so boring. What makes it worse is that he always presents them with a “wait until you hear this you are going to be blown away” opening. When he is done you feel letdown and happy he is finished. I have to turn off the feeds whenever Kevin is holding court for storytelling time.


These people are sociopaths with black hearts.

Rough Kneecaps

Wait, Paul has a girlfriend. Xmas was first in bed with Kevin, a married man. Now Paul, who has a girlfriend. Lol. These people need to have their moral compasses checked out immediately.

Bats and balls

The little harlet sure gets around doesn’t she .


X was extremely jealous that she didn’t have a showmance. Very bitter.

America sees all

Speaking of moral compasses…………………….Jessica and Cody…………NO COMPASS, we all saw them actually them doing the nasty…………what a way to impress and show what it means to be so morally upright and think America condones this and Cody deserving to be AFP……..NOT! Then,Matt(MR.I don’t have a clue) and Raven( MS.terminal (you name it disease),they are just flat out disgusting and could not even spell “moral compass”. Kevin ,at least did not violate the sanctity of his marriage.

Rough Kneecaps

We’ll while I would never have sex in front of America, at least Jessica/Cody and Matt/Raven are all consenting adult, who we’re in ‘relationships’ with each other. Kevin is a married man, and should have not been cuddled up in a bed with Xmas for the first two months of the game. And Paul has a girlfriend and both he and Christmas know this so all three are in the wrong. But all of this is forgiven because they have “good hearts” lol.


Yep he was married all right.


Yes it is gross to have people doing the nasty on the live feeds. However, don’t be so harsh on Cody and Jessica as they aren’t the only ones guilty of doing it. It occurs on just about every season. Whether it’s male on female, male on male, female on female or just someone giving themselves a hand job, it’s all been seen on this show. Apparently there are no rules against it.


“JOsh – I’m going to destroy him.. I am going to destroy your life (Kevin)
Josh – You’re f*ing face look likes my wrinkled b@lls..
Josh – I have to let it out..”

Josh showing he’s a good person with a big heart!


Go home Paul

Josh’s mama must feel so proud. Aiy mijo….que quiere decir “wrinkled balls”?

Big Baby

I’m just trying to picture this “PaJoMas” (PAul, JOsh, sh*tMAS) World Tour! Three people who probably wouldn’t give each other the time of day; two who were completely manipulated by Paul; one completely manipulated by X, setting out to meet & greet the world! I just puked!!


Xmas is so repugnant and vile.


and those are her good qualities


Adversity, college boy Josh!
Grossmance! LOL Picture of them on Wiki under Grossmance.
I’d have to be dead before Paul would touch me so can’t feel sorry for Shitmas if she so chooses. And I can’t feel sorry for Paul, no matter the circumstance. And if anyone feels sorry for Baby Huey, you too need your head examined. I’m voting for Cody for AFP, he saw the “devil” right away and he has served our country, honorably, time and time again. That takes guts and heart! And I want to see P, C, J and A jaws drop! Good just HAS to prevail over evil, especially after this season.


Baby Huey ????



Kevin For AFP!

Cody also served Jessica….and if he wins all that money it will be wasted on her.

Cody for AFP

But you have to give it to Cody he saw this from the beginning Shitmas and Paul


Uh. How about…no.

social experiment

Agree Cody saw through Paul but when he could not put Paul OTB he just ignored the alliance he had just formed to decide a replacement nom and when his plan failed he blamed the alliance for not just following his orders. And then spent the rest of his time as one angry, nadt guy. He never took any responsibility for his behavior. Given the chance he would have been as bad as Paul. Cody needs anger management classes. No AFP for me.

I don't mind Cody

I am voting for Cody because I have liked him from the beginning . I don’t care what he said to Megan it was how he felt because of what she did with Jessica and the Alex situation. It still was not as bad as what the rest have done. I could care less about his personality of him and Jessica having sex on tv . Also if I recall correctly he did not put up Xmas who was a part of his alliance because Xmas and Paul were never apart of his alliance in his eyes. They just kind of insinuated themselves into the alliance in their own ,he actually never considered them to be in it. Whether you like his actions or not he stayed true to who he was


Yes, Cody always stayed true to who he was. He was a jerk from the day he walked into the BB house right up until the day he left. All the hate for Paul and his minions has led many of you to engage in revisionist history where Cody is concerned. He basically hated and felt superior to everyone in the house before he even learned their names. The only exceptions were Jessica because she is hot and Alex which was very weird and unexplainable.

I don't mind Cody

Don’t care that he was a jerk to people he didn’t want to associate with. Still like him even if he was a jerk he still wasn’t as nasty as Paul ,alex, Xmas and josh. If all the stupid idiots had of listened to him in the beginning we wouldn’t been subjected to their ignorant asses to the end. I rather you be a jerk and own It than try to blow smoke up my as s trying to pretend that you are not one.


Wow, that’s like saying I like the guy who stole my wife because he had enough integrity not to hide the fact that he was going to take her from me.

I don't mind Cody

Not really


Paul is one vain little creep I mean he is the creepiest of the creep .why else would Christmas be so attracted to him because she is the vain est and delusional creepiest little freak to .. and she should be flattered that Kevin even entertained the thought of doing anything with her or that anyone could stand to be around her to want to F her ..

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

She likes Paul because he comes up to her crotch level if he stands on his tiptoes.


“Xmas – she came here to play and to win.. that was her only objective in this game.. Period” Ummm…isn’t that kind of the whole point of being there? IDIOTS!


When does anybody besides Paul start playing

Big Baby

When it’s too late!


Oh Simon!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE your little comments……..they are exactly what I’m thinking as I read the blog. How do you know what I’m thinking????

I’ve never heard 2 more delusional people than Josh & Shi*mas. Good people?????? HA! Why is Josh so worked up about Kevin? He’s done nothing to Josh or Shi*mas. These two are just filled to the brim with hate. Hope they get the reception they deserve upon leaving the house.

Kevin for AFP!


They think if they say it enough that we’ll believe it. They’re all wanna be manipulators.


Hope that Kevin sternly tells Josh “you have a decision to make — do you want to give Paulmas the game — or do you want to be a man make your family proud and stop doing Paulmas’ dirty work. You don’t like it. It doesn’t make you feel good. Paulmas should listen to — have they ever listened to you?”

Hope Kevin wins AFP.

BB Production needs to treat this abuse as serious as physical displays of violence.

Bob Cobb

This season is absolutely pathetic….Someone please tell me when Celebrity Big Brother is on….if we’re lucky maybe we’ll get Danny Bonaduce, Erik Estrada, or the actor who played Screech on Saved By The Bell.

Sad BB Fan

Throw in Gary Busey and you got yourself a hit CBS!


And don’t forget Meatloaf!


Can you imagine Nene, Latoya and Star Jones?!

Mad Bum 49

Just when I foolishly was starting to gain a tiny bit of respect for Josh as a reasonably decent human being, he turns back into a mean and spiteful giant turd.


So let’s get this straight, Starbucks sends a Reward into the House. AND how do they Thank them ? – By complaining about all the times they go to Starbucks and their Drink Orders are wrong and the Service sucks !!
How about a little gratitude ? This Shit and Gnome show is getting old !!!
Wow a pre-taped show this Week what a surprise. I’m just surprised they didn’t make the whole Week pre-taped to AVOID all the BOOS from the Audience.
Paul saying he doesn’t want them watching back the Season – Scared of losing POTENTIAL friends. Because I am sure his only friend he has is from last Season and that is Victor.


I doubt even Victor and Paul are friends. I love that Victor and Nicole are dating now! Victor had more class in his little finger than a million little Pauls lined up in a row.


The feeds are interesting to me, but at the end of the day they don’t matter to the game because CBS sanitizes the broadcasts when they edit, and so most viewers have no idea just how vile these people are.


I know who’s going to win AFH. I was always right every single time and this time will not be different. Kevin is America’s favorite for BB19. Any votes for other people would be such a waste.


I predicted Jeff was going to win 8 years ago and he won.
I predicted Brittney was going to win 7 years ago and she won.
I predicted Jeff was going to win 6 years ago and he won again
I predicted Frank was going to win 5 years ago and he won.
I predicted Elissa was going to win 4 years ago and she won
I predicted Donny was going to win 3 years ago and he won
I predicted James was going to win 2 years ago and he won
I predicted Victor was going to win last year and I was right

Kevin for AFP!!!!!!!!!


I predict that this is the best accomplishment of your life


I saved countless of lives.
I defeated bad guys.
I got superpowers from a spider bite
I have a very hot girlfriend.

What have you accomplish in your life?


Left our moms basements and living in reality, not so scary you should try it

Mark My Words As Wrong

So much for Spidi-Sense. Cody rules!

Resist the Twist

Time for another BB19 song !!

Sung to the tune of ” It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ”

Its beginning to look a lot like Shit-Miss
Will make the Final 3
And its not for skill or luck
Its just all the Players suck
And her foot looks so nasty

Its beginning to look a lot like Shit-Miss
Will make the Final 3
She will be there Finale Day
We just want her to go away
And take Josh and Paul please

What the f***

If Kevin gets to talk crap about Josh behind his back then Josh can talk shit behind Kevin’s back. Who cares. Every last one of them have done it.
Kevin can handle it. He’s a grown man.
He’s lived a mean street life,He’s no shrinking violet.
Anyway,this pity party for Kevin is going to get the dude AFP.
The guy will get it without even having to lift a finger all summer long.
He already has 25grand plus, his stipend.
Kevin is 56, not 106.
If he died tomorrow they’d say, but, the guy was so young.”
Fighting with your mouth is alright in BB land. Fighting with your fists, not so much.
I find Kevin pitiful for one reason- He followed Paul around like a child, and He never played the game.


S@x w/Shitmas would be like, “let me finish!” etc… No thanks lady.

Final three

I think it would be great if Big Brother announced that there will be three people in the final instead of two. Get to final three and announce there will be no more comps and all three are eligible to win. (Like Survivor) That would completely mess up Paul’s plan for the jury votes. It would literally make him crazy! It would make the season!


I know I’m a couple days late but Jason was so bitter when he got blindsided. Karma is a bitch! He was find with throwing Mark utb at the first DE. He told Raven he would take her off the block and then said he didn’t remember saying it.


Paul is only with Xmas so she will take him to the end. It all his ploy


There is only one person that should win, Paul, Kevin was useless in the whole game and so were all the little minions, Paul played them all and that includes that loser Cody, No!! he should not win AFP ever, maybe America’s Favorite Loser. All I know is don’t get why all you people watch this show if you hate it, it’s the same every year, I don’t really care who wins, but being a BB fan, Paul deserves it all. If you don’t agree, I really don’t give 2 shits, leave your comments somewhere else!!


Shitmas … is that you?


All I know is why you leave comments here if you don’t give 2 shits…I don’t give 1 shit about what you think


Why hello there Paul’s model girlfriend we were wondering when you’d finally comment. Do you get to go on the world tour with the three stooges?

Infected nose ring hole

I don’t get it Josh. You are getting rid of Alex cause she did too much in the game and your getting rid of Kevin cause he did nothing. i think you have absolutely no clue what your doing other than listening to paul.


I’m hearing Victor is dating Nicole. Anyone know if this is true? Gross if it is. She jerked Corey off their entire season. Don’t throw another comp Kevin. Win the HOH and screw up their plans – please!

Backseat Driver

Yes….she is dating Victor….Simon posted a link yesterday!


I hope Kevin gets all kinds of work after Big Brother because he is older, mature, and still has a brain even though the body doesn’t do like when he was young. I should know. My stomach ulcers, degenerative Disk Disease, arthritis, and bad knee only affect my brain when I let the pain take over. Time to take a muscle relaxant right now so I can function enough to load the dishwasher. Oh, for the good old days!!! Riding Horses, wrangling the cattle, shoveling manure, making hay and working in the fields, etc., playing hardball with the boys, riding my bike, hunting, etc. I need to work on that book. I think I will call it Flashbacks so I can jump around on the memories rather than put them in sequence.


What the hell did Kevin do now?? A couple of days ago Josh told Kevin he loves him now he is going to ruin his life. WTF is wrong with him…..He is NOT a nice person and I can’t wait till he gets out of the house to see…..

I don’t feel bad for Alex at all…..She brought this on herself….. and what is with people who are about to leave reading the bible? Is it so that we the viewers feel sorry for them. There is NO way I would even consider voting Alex for AFP.

I am voting Cody for AFP!


Paul asked Kevin who he’d put up. Kevin said Josh/Shitface. Paul told Josh. Josh hates Kevin again.


9:14am they’ve had a wake up call.. but are still in bed. shitmas and Paul appear to be closer than ever now..

(out of this late game grossmance who do you feel most sorry for? Xmas for being with Paul, Paul for being with shitmas or us the fans that have to watch this)

I love this….Too funny!


Why are Josh and Xmas so entitled / proud of themselves?

Josh won the throw a ball in slot HOH by luck.

All other comp wins for Josh / Xmas have been given/thrown to Josh and Xmas. Josh and Xmas have not earned anything in this game.

Xmas is proud that every bb game player purposely slipped off the buzzers; not 1 bb game player even ran in the “Race Comp.” Xmas was given that HOH.

Josh did not win the Revengers or Avengers Big Brother HOH Comp. Josh was given that comp.

Xmas and Josh are true psychos if the honestly believe that “Kevin has done nothing in the game.” Kevin has done more than Xmas and Josh – as Kevin has had to endure being a victim of Paul/Xmas/Josh’s abuse.

Xmas and Josh have done nothing but take what Paul has given to them — and allowed Paul’s evilness corrupt their own minds. Xmas and Josh are delusional!

Plus, I do not believe that Paul has “dropped kicked some guy at a coffee shop — then the owner gave Paul a free coffee.” I do not believe that Paul has randomly called women c * nts. I do not believe Paul has pulled his knife on multiple people. I do not believe that Paul told some “dude wearing brass knuckles to take them off or Paul would destroy him,” and the “dude” complied.

If Paul did these things — Paul would have encountered the wrong person — made the wrong husband mad (after Paul calling his wife a c*nt) — and, Paul would no longer be on this planet.

Why does Paul tell these outrageous stories? How can Paul tell these outrageous stories and “crap” on Cody serving his country?

Paul said that he could take out “Whistle” with one move. Paul said that he could physically win in a fight against Cody. I would like to see Paul try to fight “Whistle,” Cody or any man. Paul chooses weak people — weak people that he can manipulate and control. That’s an easy accomplishment.


I am convinced that the 4 out of the 5 remaining houseguests are pathological. They are just now reflecting on their behavior and coming up with “explanations” for their individual and group psychosis. I know they were told by production, and were enlightened by their cartoons,as to how they’re being perceived in the real world,but, reasoning, reading the bible,crying,asking devastated, and saying they are good people with great hearts??? Nope…not going to work…even now Josh, the attack prick, is working himself into a lather over Kevin!
Kevin has been a gentleman ,considering the abuse he has taken, and I only hope he does not get evicted for knocking out the prick! But, I can see it coming! Whistlenut better put on his armored vest after Kevin finds out the filth he spewed about his family! Wow!!! Really revolting!
I need a shower after reading some of these posts…no excuse for ANY of this behavior! And, Alex, you might have been able to bamboozle ol’Whistlenut, but surely you cannot be so stupid, and ignorant of your horrendous behavior towards Kevin and expect us to reward you with anything! ….off to the shower!

Not Sure If I am still a BB fan

So sick of the way that BB has let these three go on. There is no way that they should be allowed to “pots and pan” houseguests, bully houseguest etc. I get it yes it’s a game. But I call BS on the way that production is allowing this bullying to still continue. Paul crying that he is being portrayed as a villain, what a laugh. He is doing it to himself. I could care less who wins this year of BB. I have watched all seasons of BB, thinking this might be my last, unless production steps up and stops the bullying!


I’ve said this for the last 4 years. Not going to watch the next season. Then it comes on and pretty much competes against reruns and I get sucked in. If the terrible trio plan on ruining Kevin’s life so they can win the battle of 3 against 1 to get Kevin out (cause otherwise he might stay?) They don’t know that eviction is Weds. HOH weds and their prey goes home Thurs. They aren’t going to have but an hour or so to throw Kevin’s game off before HOH.


Come on Josh evict Kevin not Alex and throw Paul’s plan for a loop! I am wondering if Paul is going to vote to evict Kevin and then Christmas is going to evict Alex and then it will be up to Josh! Or is this too much to hope for?

Ann white

What’s wrong with you guys!!! It’s a game and everyone should be trying to win. If they are playing for another player then that’s something they have to live with. I don’t know Paul or any of the players but all I can say is Paul played the game and if he wins he deserves it!!


The problem is that paul has played a very mean spirited and dirty game. Yes, he worked hard and no one else did, but I hope he doesn’t win so that this doesn’t become the way to win the show. The comp throwing has really taken away from the shows too.


Paul deserves to be air dropped into remotest Alaska naked.


The piranha filled Amazon would be more appropriate.

Min O'Pause

He would blend right in with the penguins if they dropped him in the antarctic.


North Korea! Then blown up.


Paul didn’t have any competition besides Cody. How’s that considered playing such a good game? He came into the house protected with 3 weeks safety, friendship bracelets and he’s a hero to these star- struck players. He was never a target (besides Cody) or on anyone’s radar, so really all Paul did was enjoy the advantages the execs gave him and he took advantage of an ignorant cast, also a gift from execs…. who has Paul played against? What wonderful thing did he actually do? He’s had no competition!! It’s like these dummies being excited when they’ve “won” HOH after Paul threw it to them. Same thing: Paul’s (and his fans) are excited because he’s winning BB19, even though it was thrown to him!


Paul and Xmas are, again, calling out all of Raven’s delusional tales. The girl obviously has reality issues. Do they really need to list the false stories everyday?! I’m starting to feel bad for girl. Every time Paul and Christmas tell a story it’s about how great they are and some of their stories are pretty outrageous too. Paul is king of the horn tooting! They also claim to be so compassionate with their huge hearts. They sure don’t extend that compassion to Kevin. Raven was annoying and hard to watch ,so why didn’t one of these big hearted people offer her some helpful advice? Xmas and Paul obviously know what’s best for everyone. Hypocrites.


Have you read the comments about Raven here? Way worse. Did you speak up then? If not, sit down.

Never thought I'd say I hate Christmas

All the good people with big hearts are either in jury or watching at home thinking what a sh** show this season turned out to be. Can’t wait for these assholes to find out how hated they are.


Simon and Dawg – thanks for all your hard work this season! I sent $40, wish it could be more as you sure as hell deserve it for spending so much time with these people. Anyway, your blog is a staple of my summer entertainment, and I hope you know how much we all appreciate it!! 🙂 Hope you can get a bottle of Kraken on me, haha 😀


Paul’s “friendship” circle consists of me, myself, and I!


Alex is pissed that they screwed her. but that’s the same thing that she was going to do to them, and now she’s bitter and salty about it. I think karma is a bitch and it just snuck up and slapped her. I think she got what was coming to her good riddance tiger better luck next time. And as far as America’s favorite player goes I don’t think you’re going to win that either, I think Kevin’s going to win it even though he has done nothing in this game.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I’m voting for Cody for AFP and I believe he might get it. The way those assh@les bullied him and Jessica was horrible. I’d like to see him win it and the faces of those losers when he does!!!


Oh poor Cody & Jessica. I guess they have a psychiatrist on call 24/7 at the jury house to help Cody deal with all the trauma he endured in the BB game. Jessica is probably at home in bed with the covers over her face, trembling from all the “bullying” that Paul and his minions levied on her. Yet somehow Jessica has found the strength to overcome all this and make a guest appearance on “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Wow, she is really an amazing woman!


Since you are interested, you can find Jessica on youtube she has asked (not begged) for Jody fans to vote for Cody for AFP as not to split them (gold digger?)
She said she is still dealing with the bullying she got in the house but it’s getting better, she says she regrets the things she has said to people and wants to apologize in person. She don’t want to talk about Ravens ills at all.
She did her soap opera and has a couple of things in the works after BB
That she still loves Cody and can’t wait to see him.

She’s on the Bold and the Beautiful and you are on your keyboard, you’re both Amazing


No, I’m not interested. You obviously don’t get sarcasm. You are delusional if you honestly believe that Cody & Jessica were emotionally damaged from the actions of this pack of morons. If Jessica is saying otherwise then she is full of it. In the real world Cody & Jessica are the types who dish out abuse on others which makes them well equipped to have all the nonsense generated in the BB house roll right off their backs.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Nope “MOTORBAY97” you are dead wrong, Jessica is handling it all fine and so is Cody. It’s the assho@les in the house who bullied them and now are getting a taste of their own medicine who are reading Bibles and crying in corners.
I’ve never even seen the behaviour Paul’s followers displayed that bad in elementary school playgrounds. Cody for AFP.