POWer Of Veto Competition Results! “Potty mouth?! For sure my mom is pissed!”

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Power Of Veto WINNER: PAUL

2pm – 6:40pm Paul has the veto around his neck. The veto competition was the BB Comics comp. Paul – Potty mouth?! For sure my mom is pissed!! I feel like you guys cussed way more than me this year. Josh – I am pissed how I f**ked up on Mark’s. Paul – you’re stupid you should have done everything except for Mark and then hit the buzzer, switched it, hit the buzzer one after another. Josh – that’s what I did at the end.

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Paul does a happy gnome dance in the bed room. He heads back to the kitchen. Paul – for sure I’m being portrayed as the villain. Alex – I liked mine. Josh – I didn’t like mine. I’m not the meatball. Mark is the meat ball. Christmas – you weren’t crying. Josh – Jess had a good one. Paul – the hex-appeal. Jason’s suit was made out of nuts. It said Whistle-Nut and Ollie. Alex – Raven’s didn’t make sense. Paul – Arkan-sassy. Alex – her name made sense but the comic didn’t. Her comic was way cooler than she actually was, it didn’t look like her. Paul – she had claws dude! Her nails were long as sh*t and she popped pimples.

7:20pm Storage room. Paul and Alex.
Alex – are we taking him to the end? Paul – who? Alex – Kevin? Paul – f**k no! Alex – who are we picking then? Paul – I don’t know fool. I have to reevaluate. Did he throw that or what? Paul – he 100% threw it. Alex – did you ask him to?
Paul – no he didn’t throw that for us. He did that because he knew he would go home. I don’t know what his plan was. I don’t know why he did that. Alex leaves. Christmas joins Paul. Paul – I want to punch Kevin in the face! Christmas – what the f**k!?! I am equally sad and excited. Paul – I don’t know what to say to Alex. Paul – she just came in here and asked, you’re not going to f**k me are you? I was like no.. so I really don’t know what to do. I am obviously not going to use it.
Christmas – we’ll pow wow and come up with some options. Paul – its hard because she tired and he (Kevin) didn’t. This sucks .. but for the greater good. They head out of the storage room.

7:40pm – 8pm The house guests cooked dinner and are now eating it…

8:15pm – 8:20pm Bedroom – Christmas and Paul.
Christmas – it would be a lot more challenging …but you keep your promise and you use your veto on Alex. This is nothing but thinking through options. Then Josh has to put me up. You guys vote out Kevin and we battle it out for three. Paul – HHHmmmm .. I might lose to her. And then you guys aren’t beating her in that veto and one of you gets clipped for sure. Paul – I am not saving her, that’s not an option but there must be some way to distribute the blame so she doesn’t hate me. Christmas – she understands game play. Paul – this is what I am thinking .. that I was in a position this week that if I didn’t win the veto.. I was going. Now that I won it pretty much you three told me that if I use it I don’t have your jury vote. None of you are going to vote for me so I would loose anyway. What do you think about that? Christmas – she needs to know why? Paul – I would say if I use this veto on you I forfeit me jury votes. Alex joins them and the conversation ends. Christmas – her attitude now is so different. It pisses me off. Paul – I tell her if I use it either Christmas goes on the block and I loose two or three jury votes. That’s the only thing I can think of. And that I can’t beat her in the end. Christmas – and if you don’t use it.. you would be the next target. Paul – ya that’s what I was thinking..

8:20pm Lounge room. Kevin tells the camera that he misses his family and that they better all be here next Wednesday.

Paul – I mean she (Alex) is going to be mad either way but at least this way maybe a little less. Paul – I knew I had to beat her… Josh wasn’t going to beat her and Kevin wasn’t going to. If I didn’t win it, then one of us gets clipped next week. When do I tell her? Christmas – Do you think we’re going to have a Sunday afternoon eviction? Paul – I had another I idea… no that throws you and Josh under the bus. If I said that you and Josh have had my back since the beginning … just like she had Jason’s back. Christmas – but why would that throw us under the bus if we agreed to it? She’ll argue that you and I and her have worked together. Paul – we have but just like her and Jason worked together and I was in the picture. Same thing. Christmas – lets consider the backlash of that .. would she consider you played her the whole game? Paul – maybe. Then I guess I have to go with option A. Christmas – you could go the approach of how you were able to work along side her .. she had her crew and you and your crew. Paul – I don’t know how she will take that or the other. Christmas – well she has a huge understanding of campaigning for jury votes so she might understand the game side of it. Paul – I won the veto and I’m not going to use it and I am going to tell her straight up I can’t use it for my game. She’s going to give me the argument of they’re going to beat you. But I’ll say I have a better chance of not protecting two people.

Josh joins them. Paul tells him he is going to have to tell Alex he is not using the veto on her. Paul tells Josh the plan of what he will say to her about losing Josh and Christmas’s jury votes. And two – I forfeit my game to you (Alex) because I can’t beat you. Even if I went to the end with you I would loose. Paul – you wouldn’t mind saying I wouldn’t have you vote if I used it? Josh – Do whatever you have to do to protect yourself. Paul – or I expose all of us and say that we’ve been working together so I can’t use it. Would you tell her I would lose your vote if I used it? Josh – no I don’t want to do that. Paul – then I have to expose all of us and tell her the truth. Josh – she’ll blow up. Paul – she’ll understand its a game move. Josh – why would we pull her off. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Paul – then I have to explain why I am not using it. Josh – if he (Kevin) wins .. Paul – he won’t .. but I need you to blow up on him. I will win the next HOH. Josh – at this point I’ve come to terms with not making everyone happy. The only people I’ve made a promise to is you two. Christmas – I think she is going to blow up. We have to be prepared for what she is going to do. I think Josh and I need to have a solid explanation for why we would retract our vote.

9pm Paul talks to Kevin about what he will say to Alex. If I do use it on her, you would go home. I could say that I’ll loose Kevin’s vote in the end. Kevin – yeah don’t say it until it comes up. Don’t bring it up tonight .. she would be f**king miserable. She’ll kill you if you do. Tell her tomorrow.

9:05pm – 9:43pm Lounge room. Paul continues to rehearse what he is going to say to Alex as to why he can’t use the veto on her. I have to say the jury vote thing for it to make sense. Christmas – are you okay with saying he will lose your jury vote if he uses it? Josh – no. Paul – Josh you said you were two times now?! Josh – I’m not okay with it but I will. Paul – I told her I was going to use the veto on her and now I’m not going to .. so I need a reason why. Christmas – you (Paul) should say that we forced our jury vote. Paul – do you know why she sits in the living room.. because she can hear our DR’s. Josh – you think she’s heard mine? Paul – absolutely and she’s heard mine. Christmas – lets focus on this. Josh – I’m going to be straight forward and honest with her. Christmas comments on how her comic was her being a mass murderer on a scooter. Josh leaves.

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Mad Bum 49

Well Josh, it looks like we’re down to Plan B for next week —- stop crying, pal, and start cooking some ass-mass stew!

Mom knows

Paul will keep Alex.


Alex is 100 per cent going to Jury.

Kid Rock

Xmas is so stupid it’s painful to watch…. Why would she say we will come up with something…. it’s nothing to come up with… Tell Paul don’t use it and get some blood on his hands…. Be fierce and stern with him like you be with JOSH!!! She is almost willing to go up on the block right now to make Paul look good with Alex….. Paul will split the votes again so that he can blame Josh n Xmas for voting out Alex…. He will Vote out Kev and make Josh be the tiebreaker to get rid o Alex

Franks Fumes

I dearly hope Shitmass goes ahead with her plans to address Kev on the ” sex in the jury ” comment during next weeks ceremony’s that are televised. It’s gonna blow up in that stupid POS face big time…..what a nasty vile person….she deserves backlash not Kev.


She stupid ! she is not that smart !!!


No way, the biggest threat to Paul’s game is Alex in comps she’s the only on that can legit beat him.


Plan A wasn’t a thing. You guys aren’t getting all of the updates here. He wasn’t going to try to get Paul out. He would think about it, then always end up back at “I’m going final 3 with Paul.

This was also a quote from him about 5.5 hours ago:

“I would take her. Paul is going to take me (to final two). He gave me his word on that. I believe him 100% on that.”

I think you guys are giving him more credit than he’s due!


I think you are absolutely correct. That moron doesn’t have the balls either to take on Paul.


Yup, I didn’t think he would do it, but then again, if he was going to he had to IN yo do it, Josh has gotten lucky with his few comp wins. Paul has been laying low so far, winning when he has to. That’s part of his game…

Roll Tide

Paul has gotten rid of the people who can beat him. Alex has to go because she can beat Paul.
Josh and shitmas can’t beat Paul. Both of shitmas HOH were given to her. She is one awlful human being. Paul too.
How can they treat Kevin so bad? No respect for ugly hairy tattoo or shitmas.

Josh is pathetic

What is so wrong with Josh’s life outside BB that he actually thinks Paul and Xmas are his friends? Paul is using him and Xmas treats him like crap. They boss him around, and are just plain mean to him.

Franks Fumes

What would it take to get Yoko Ono to beg Kevin for a vote this week……yeah I know it won’t happen but she’s gonna be pissed he’s lasted longer than her sorry ass….small victories (lol)


It would be impossible Kevin’s on the block and doesn’t vote

Franks Fumes

You’re right I’m blinded by my anger towards Yoko.lol

Josh getting Paul out now a wash!!!

Awwwww all you crybabies can now complain about Paul winning veto and not going home ?

I do

I agree with you. Thank you for pointing it out for others to see and consider.

Happy to you


Yes, they really are all crybabies. You would think these losers know Paul personally or have some financial stake in the outcome of this game. How are people so pathetic? I read these comments one after the other with morbid fascination lol I could care less who wins, just like watching the game. My life is the same no matter what.


You think this is bad? Last season, during BBOTT, people were so salty about things Jason said in the house, they literally sat around for hours upon hours making thousands (not even exaggerating) of email accounts just to make sure Morgan had more votes than Jason even though Jason clearly played a better game. The same people who were saying how useless Morgan was in the beginning were the ones wasting hours rigging the votes to go in her favor. The same hypocrites who are trying to claim the game is rigged in Paul’s favor even though they rigged it by giving Morgan way too many votes just so Jason wouldn’t win last season. I’m 100% certain it is one of the reasons why BBOTT didn’t come back. Paul is this season’s Jason but luckily for Paul, he won’t have the public voting on whether or not he wins the game.


I have watched every season since BB11 but didn’t watch OTT – I heard it was a good season but from what you are saying – making fake email accounts and loading the votes – that is beyond CRAZY. Who does that? (And I actually thought people liked Jason). Like I said before, I LOVE this game, but it’s just a game. If CBS is or is not rigging something – oh well. Really makes no difference bc I know I will keep watching regardless. If people don’t think Paul is playing a good game, then ok I happen to disagree, but I am not screaming about it in some comments section like my life depends on it. After almost 3 months of this, I don’t know if I should be laughing or rolling my eyes. It’ll be nice to see whoever it is that wins and then get up and go to work the next day, take care of my kids, etc., like usual.


It was the same thing during Vanessa’s season. They loved to hate her just like they love to hate Paul.

I always find it odd that people complain and complain about people “not playing the game” but then simultaneously hating the players that do. Lol


Lets get this right Jason was a POS first time 1000 times worse the second just like Paul, these idiots think oh people like me so I can do or say anything I want. Hope Paul ends up with same result You aren’t ever gonna win this show. Oh and Paul’s comment my mom is gonna be pissed I was a potty mouth you were all worse tan me. Don’t think so your mom has a lot of things to be pissed at you for. Horrible little boy.

Not a crybaby, so go kick sand in some one else's eyes

Does any one else not read the sarcasm in the anonymous posts above?

First, I think the posters here all do understand Josh would not turn against Paul until Xmas gives him the go ahead…which BTW isn’t coming….every one likes to view their hope and discuss different scenarios.

Secondly, Dawg and Simon have given us..or at least in my opinion … a better perception of what’s going on in the house than any other site I have been on. Most draw halos over Alex and Xmas’ heads and Josh is walking around with a box of tissues.

I love their (s & D) own personal insights as well, it at least brings some laughter to this hot mess of a season.

One last b!tch…if you don’t like is site, why the f€ck do you continually post your negativity here?


Huh? Where was someone complaining about the site??!

I read a couple of sites, but most often I just go to the Big Brother updates twitter page where they real time quote what the house guests are saying.


Who is this poster “Not A Cry Baby” talking to? Does anyone have any idea who this raving lunatic is even responding to? Who said they don’t like the site?? If you are referring to ME, then I already said I love this game and I love this site. What does that have to do with people being out of their minds like you are proving right now? And how do you know they or I or whoever you are referring to “continually post” here? Because I can tell you for certain I don’t. Even though I watch the feeds, I enjoy reading Simon and Dawg’s recaps and commentary, have been coming here since 09, but I hardly ever post. I just read the comments, and they are ridiculous. I am at a loss at how to even address crazy people like you. At. A. LOSS. It’s a fun game, calm down, be well.

Im LIke

Well you are watching it with us pathetic folks umm o ya…Obviously you are concerned about the outcome or you would not be on this bored and you would not being making snide comments about people you just said were pathetic for the same reasons. Is this Pauls girlfriend/friend family are we hurting your feelings.


I don’t think it’s the Paul supporter’s feelings that are hurt at this exact moment.

Just sayin…


if you could care less how much less could you care?

anyway, whattf is wrong with you? people watch a show for 3 months and unlike you aren’t supposed to be invested in who wins, or like or dislike people based on who has a good or shitty personality.

with that said paul has outplayed all those scrubs. no denying that. i still think he sucks as a tv personality. not my style.

social experiment

Am glad Paul was shown that he is the villian of the season…the evil one! He should be happy since he actually said that he owns that he is a psychopath….yup


Paul thinks being portrayed “The Villian” is a good thing, based on past years. Just wait til he gets out of the BB House and finds out that he is “THE MOST HATED PLAYER OF BB EVER!”


I wouldn’t go that far.

There is a new hated player every season…


He’s not the villain though. It’s like watching a high school team take on a pee-wee team. He’s had so many advantages pushed his way there’s no game to respect. Last year he earned his path through the game even though they had to evict Victor 3 times but Paul played. This year, Paul would be in the same spot if he pulled a Nicole and just stayed in bed all day. His game play is irrelevant because the rest of the cast will not play against him because they feel production wants him there so they let him call the shots. He is no Derrick, Dr. Will, Evel Dick or anyone else who earned their reputation. I will say Derrick’s is weak because of the cast but it’s still possible he would have been a good player with a more competent cast.

Im LIke

1000 thumps up you said that perfectly !!!Thanks I’ve been looking for the right words think I’m tired tonight even leaving out words in my comments but you are spot on!!!!!


Paul owned that he was a psychopath? It’s hard watching through anymore.


Fxck, I knew Paul was gone GUN for that veto, he know it’s down to the wire he can’t rely on his manipulation domination of the HGs forever, he know they’re slowly thinking about their own games, so he gotta win now, which should be a cake-walk when Alex leaves.

So predictable

Go figure! Paul conveniently wins when it counts yet again!

So predictable!

Yawns … πŸ˜‰


Are you suggesting that BB RIGGED IT for Paul? How original;) Never heard that comment said about and HG in any season every before. Feel better genius?


I do have to wonder, if a fan favourite is doing well I never see the word “rigged” in the comment sections, but year after year, when a person who isn’t that liked on the outside is doing well… it’s every 3rd comment.

Hmmm, so it’s only rigged if someone you don’t like is doing well… gotcha!!

Im LIke

Nope their have been plenty of people I could stand but they deserved to win due to game play ex. Boogie Dr. Will, and Maggie the original friendship squad were horrible people in the game but they used social game not 4 week saves to make it to the end. If you watched live feeds last year, you would have seen that Michelle had convinced Natalie to put Nicole or Paul (ya know the finale 2)on the block ,then suddenly no kidding Nat walks out of DR and says we got to put victor up production kept telling nat and james stupid lie James even said production said this and CBS would screw me like that they are good people… so what I’m trying to say is all those people were earlier seasons, production didn’t screw so much with the game except possibly tv editing and that’s why everyone complaints now because if you watch live feeds you can actually see how much they f with the game now. It just makes it no fun when you can predict the script . Plus its probably better we don’t know how horrible some of these people can truly get.


I’m not saying I disagree with the fact that there is some “production influence” going on in the house.

My point is that no one talks about it if a favourite is doing well, but when someone who isn’t as liked is doing well, that’s all the comment section consists of. It’s silly.

Bottom line is production isn’t going to overly help someone who is as disliked as Paul is right now. They want to keep their fans, not lose them. The production interference (I think) was putting Paul’s name out there to Josh as a potential target.

Production wants to keep fans. It’s a business. They’re not going to keep helping someone along who is making them lose so many fans. It just doesn’t make sense but everyone wants to have SOME reason to justify Paul still being there.

So, everyone use your logic, production would try to get someone to turn on Paul so fans can be happy, not help paul get further and further while they lose millions of fans.


Im LIke

I disagree they have made contracts with these peoples agents. I also think production feels like it can manipulate the fans by making you choose the lesser of 2 evils. What I was trying to say was that there were plenty of seasons in the beginning that I did not like the winner. I did respect the social experiment that was this game. So I would tune in hoping that the sociopath would win and sometime they did and sometimes they didn’t. Dr Will was one of my favorites to watch(not because I liked him because I did not) but because I was in awe at how in general people can act. I miss that game the social experiment aspect. Production doesn’t allow that more and more.

Im LIke

I meant the sociopath would not win ..tired


Frankie Grande anyone?


Agreed. I absolutely can’t stand Paul as a person, but the comments saying this game is rigged annoy me even more than he does. If someone’s playing the best game, they’re playing the best game.

I recently went back and scrolled through BB17 comment sections. According to a lot of posters, the game was rigged for Vanessa Rousso… until Steve evicted her.

She played masterfully, but never got much respect for it because she was disliked for dominating the game.


ho ho ho Christmas the ho is still there and Paul should kiss Kevins ass when he gets out and give him some $ because he took the $ he got voted back in


Ashton… you are now Knighted Sir Asston. Enjoy!


Of course he did, he’s the best player left in the house. He knows when he has to win it, He knows when he can throw it.


So basically nothing changes. Paul will leave the nominations the same, telling Kevin that he’s voting out Alex and telling her he’s voting out Kevin. He’ll have Shitmas vote out Alex but Paul will vote out Kevin forcing Josh to break the tie. Again Paul gets no blood on his gnome paws. Sigh.


hopefully josh blows up his game in his goodbye interview to alex like he did with jason


I hope he does too. Alex respects good game play, and it’ll make her vote for Paul as winner if she learns how much he played everyone!!

Petty Cat

I think there’s a good chance Alex will be spiteful.


100% πŸ™


expect the expected

Same Ol' Same Ol'



So when does BBCAN start?!!! Comparing BBCan season 5 and bb19… BBCan5, everyone ACTUALLY played the game. This season BBUS is just plain out disappointing. Instead of worrying or playing the game, everyone seems to be worried about damn numbers. WTH. Not one big move this season. …… Yet lol

So predictable

Don’t hold your breath on a big move Anon πŸ˜‰


Any idea if Alex threw it to Paul? I’d love that to be the case cause I sure wanna see her face when he doesn’t use it. She’s such a stupid player.


We will have to see if Paul doesn’t use the Veto. Paul might pull Alex off the block. Paul is are ready in Christmas ear creating doubt as if he is in a bad position when it comes to Alex because Kevin did not win the VETO.

sunny dee

since the plan is supposed to be alex goes, he can’t pull alex down. all he can do is spin it that he doesn’t want any enemies in xmas or josh, what he will do is vote out kevin, and he knows xmas wants kevin gone way more than alex, so it is a done deal, then he acts surprised in his goodbye message when it is a tie and josh doesn’t vote out kevin, who he claims he despises to alex, he breaks the tie by evicting alex, who will for sure think it is just josh doing all that. which i hope at f2 if josh and paul are f2, people think josh is a master mind and paul has just been going along never getting anything done his way, always so shocked. his goodbye message to jason he should never have done that, but he wrongly assumed alex would follow jason, and he wanted to still string jason along for jury voting, but owning it would show that he was the planner, not the one surprised, not josh or xmas for example.

people would have a legit argument based on his own stories that he was never involved in anything, so why is he now trying to take credit for these moves


Josh is trying to take credit because Paul told him too so Paul could act (I use the term loosely) upset and play the part of the innocent for jury purposes. That’s why Josh is upset. Yet he does it anyway. Idiot!

One Dumb Meatball

Bye Alex! You won’t be missed. I couldn’t stand watching Josh in week one, and my feelings haven’t changed. Just too corny for my liking. His talks are a bunch of jibberish and rambles in circles. Hopefully he is next out the door.
Who ever makes final two, I’m hoping they both self evict before jury comes back with a decision..


I was so hoping for Kevin to win to just shake up the game, even though he might not have used it to appease Paul. And for Paul to keep going off about ‘potty mouth’ … there is SO MUCH worse they could have called you out as. I am sad about this season of sheep


Hold up, if the POV was BB Comics, what was the HOH? I thought it was BB Comics because no the shirts they were wearing..


Go Paul!!! πŸ™‚

Judgmental Judy

Why good things happen to bad people. I think I read that book. Sigh.


Alex is heading to Jury – Then Christmas will win hoh (thanks to Paul again) and put Josh and Kevin up, Paul sends Josh to Jury (love to see Josh’s face on that one) – Paul wins HOH and brings Kevin to Jury. My predictions, is anyone else feeling the same way?


Simon or Dawg:
As we here in Florida are frantically trying to get out of the way of Hurricane Irma I have had little time to keep up with BBAD or the comments here so I am wondering if there is any word on whether or not CBS will let Josh know what is going on in his home state and particularly in Miami? I realize it would totally destroy his game at this point but if something were to happen to his home and/or his family don’t they have an obligation to keep him informed? Many thanks if you could answer this and for the amazing job you each do to keep us up-to- date while being entertaining as all hell!!


I’m not Simon or Dawg lol but I wish you strength and courage through the storm. Stay safe and sending prayers from Arizona.
Josh’s family did not want Josh to know. They feel he couldn’t handle it and would self evict.


Thank you Lizzie! I don’t mind telling you I’m shaking in my shoes right about now!


I can only imagine being in your shoes, I would be terrified. There’s a lot of people here to help in the aftermath. God Bless you and everyone affected. Stay strong


I hope you stay safe, sending prayers to you and yours.

JZ from Gurnee, IL

Joyfeathers I am so sorry you are in Florida right now. I’m praying for you. Where in FL are you, if u dont mind me asking? Are you in a shelter or stuck at home? I have friends in FL and Im so worried for them and everyone else including you. I hope u stay safe and you have plenty of food and water to get by. Please keep us updated on how you are doing if u can. Keep your phome charged as long as you can until the power possibly goes out. I’m from Gurnee, IL and we went through a week of storms from hell they just kept coming over and over. We got 5ft deep with water (it was even higher in other parts of town) and our entire town was under water, it was national news and it broke the record of flood waters in the history of the US. But I never imagined that texas and florida would be after us with even deeper waters in some parts than us only a few weeks later. This system is coming our way after it leaves florida (but not hurricane winds like you!). But im not worried about that right now, im worried for Florida. I hope that they let Josh know. It is not fair to keep that from him, whether it effects his game or not. But im pretty sure they wont tell him. A few seasons ago there was a hurricane in a houseguests state and they did not tell that player if i remember correctly. Simon and Dawg would probably know more than i would. Anyway, please try to stay as safe as you can and get as high up as you can, as the waters will gush in fast like Harvey. If you can download the Zello app. It is a walkie talkie app and works when all communications are down. I believe there are a couple of apps. But the Zello app i know for sure is a way to get ahold of the national guard, military, and red cross. You can use that app to try to get air evacuated, or a rescue boat to you if it becomes dangerous to be where you are. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you get through it ok and it goes by fast. I’m so worried for everyone including you now. Try to keep in touch. Good luck and hunker down.

Roll Tide

Irma is going to hit us today. Very nervous, this one is scary.


Stay safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Joyfeathers.

September 21st

September 21st anyone????

I personally can’t wait until the 21st so I never have to see this MMA fighter, boxer, gay porn star ever ever again.


No one is forcing you to watch, read this blog or comment. Feel free to leave now and get on with your life.

Petty Cat

For fuck sake op is as entitled to voice their opinion about this season and about Paul as you are. It is entirely possible to be a fan of this show and also to have a particular hg and/or entire season rub you the wrong way. A lot of fans dislike Paul’s style of play, for good reason.


Paul isn’t gay! No gay person is that vile (or wears such ridiculous outfits!)

The Noob Sauce

It will be the Best B-Day present ever. Yep


People really do root for the underdog eh?

I’m sitting over here wondering why everyone wants the person who is playing the best game to go home (and everyone is in agreeance on who’s playing the best game). Can just one person give me a valid reason why? Please? Thumbs down down count as a reason why.

It’s not like that with the Canadian version I find. Most of Canada roots for the person playing the best game (Ika last season and she was MEAN, Neda on her first season, etc).

With the States version, nobody ever wants the person who is playing the best game to win (Vanessa, Paul, etc).



Kevin was best in BBCAN5 and he won.


Oh I was rooting for Kevin. ?? I’m not saying I was a fan of Ika…

Are you from Canada?

We’re rarities though, Ika was the HUGE fan favourite.

Guy From Canada

Look at the format of he competitions he won. Review how the previous 4 seasons did their final questions, and you will see it was designed for Kevin (memory game) instead of Demestres (social game). Kevin isolated himself and studied at the end (more like last 1/3 of the game), Ika and Dem played socially. In a social experiment, which would you respect more?

Watch the Kraken hour on YouTube with Simon, and he hates Kevin, but respected his memory based game. That season had hinky bits like that and while not rigged it felt like it was encouraged for a Kevin to win…… just like the fan favourite vote for Neda (like Paul) for the weeks of safety. Production encourages who they want to win, and with the diary room sessions the questions they ask give away other people’s game play to make the show for the tv only viewers.


Would you please stop posting this over & over. No one has to give you a reason why they don’t like Paul.

I don’t understand why you don’t get that people “here in the states” don’t want to reward someone’s bullying, viciousness, denigrating, vile, behavior with $500K. And, by the way, Paul should have been thrown out of the house when he physically attacked Josh……..he slapped him. They have never allowed that before.

And yes…I know it’s a game. A “Social Experiment”. That doesn’t mean I have to approve of hateful behavior.

I want the human being to win. Not any of these unfeeling automatons. Kevin for the win or at least AFP.

Did Paul hit Josh

What? He slapped him?


It was a tiny harmless slap, likely not what you’re picturing, but yes, he should be evicted if that’s what the rules state… I agree!

It was after Alex was nominated by Josh. Josh was crying and Paul came up and gave him a tiny little swat and told Josh that Alex is in there saying “Did I ever tell you I can cry on command?”. It was like a “snap out of it” thing. You can YouTube it!


1. I haven’t posted the same thing over and over. I don’t comment much on these sites.

2. “No one has to give you a reason why they don’t like Paul” – I didn’t ask why anyone doesn’t like Paul. I asked why people don’t want the person who played the best game to win.

3. Okay, so this season it’s because Paul is a bully, what was the reason for Vanessa? She wasn’t a bully. Alex was more of a bully, but people want Paul to go first? Why?

Just stop

Not everybody agrees with you that being unnecessarily mean and ostracizing others is playing the best game. And you repeating over and over that Paul played the best game won’t convince everyone that he did. Many of us do not believe that his behavior should be rewarded. And here’s a news flash, we don’t have to agree with you. smh


I wanted Vanessa to win. I supported her to the end. I want Paul and Christmas to lose. I don’t know about “people” but that’s me.


And I don’t know why you wrote “here in the states”. I’m not putting you down for living in the states??

I’m making an observation.

With the Canada version, the person playing the best game is almost always the fan favourite.

With the States version, the underdog is almost always the fan favourite.

I didn’t say that’s a negative thing. It’s strange, as in, I wonder why that is?


Pot calling kettle


Because the person playing the best game has been an asswipe this season. Strategy is one thing, but Asswipe has encouraged all the unnecessary, mean, bullying, isolation, etc, based on bullshit lies. He could have played the same strategic game without all the bullying, and isolation. Although Asswipe isn’t the one who did it, he strongly encouraged it, and these fools were under his spell. Also, with Asswipe gone, the most likeable player, Kevin has a better chance at the Final 2. Most people are probably more offended, with Kevin being the target, over Cody, and other players, because Kevin just seems more genuine, and likeable. And Mark was nice too. But I really loved Asswipe last season.


Most people love stories where the underdog has triumphed against adversity. It’s the American way. When you think about it, most of us have been underdogs at one time or another in our lives.


Big Brother is a very strange game. I try to separate who I like most personally (which is no where near Paul) with who I think is playing the best game (Paul BY FAR). I think Paul deserves to make it to the end based on him playing a better game than anyone else, so I find myself rooting for him to make it to the end, but I also would never vote for him for AFP because he hasn’t been very nice!

One thing we all have in common is our passion for Big Brother. The amount of fights that happen in these comment sections make me laugh when I go back and read them – we get SO invested!


Paul is playing the game, but as a snake. He lies to everyone about what others say, so they don’t like each other and he can control them. I just want one of these idiots to stop drinking the kool – aide and think for themselves and send Paul out the door, so he doesn’t get away with it. But it looks like there is no stopping him. If he hadn’t lied, talked others into bullying, and acted like such a jerk, then I would of been team Paul. Right now I just want one of them to open their eyes and play the game.

Petty Cat

Paul’s basically winning by being a huge arse-hole manipulating a group of half-wits. His game has no finesse. Every week is as predictable as F***. It’s simply human nature to not enjoy watching an extremely unlikable character get his way week after week–so of course that makes viewers root for the under-dog. If as many fans liked or respected Paul as last year they would be cheering him on.


Tonight on Rigged Brother
11:14 Paul Xmas – Paul’s bedroom (formally know as the HOH room)
Paul – we have a whole new set of problems
X-Mas – Who do you need me to curb stomp this time?
Xmas – cackle cackle, just joking damn everyone takes stuff so personally around here, all we try and do is have some fun then everyone goes sits in a corner and ignores us says we bully them.
Paul – I’ll just have our edit guy piece something together again or cut it, don’t worry we have the best in the business.
X-mas – So what’s up
Paul – Before I came in I made CBS cover all my bases but apparently there are these two guys up in Canada that run a BB site that watch the live feeds.
X-mas – Oh don’t start with Canada isn’t a state again, I’m not going to fall for it
Paul – Umm whatever, problem is they seem to drink Kracken and other than a back bone it is the only known antidote for my sh*t, I mean my mist. They are the ones blowing up my game by posting the truth, can you believe that. I don’t remember that being part of the deal.
X-mas – So they are responsible for the talks we get from your Mom in the DR?
Paul – EDIT, X-Mas Damn it I just told you I can’t control them or what they post.
Alex pops in
Alex – What’s up guys
X-mas – we were just talking about you, winning the Veto and not pulling yourself off so we can vote you out
Alex – Yeah that’s what we agreed to in the DR, the lady with the beard said it would be the biggest move of the season, even bigger than my last HOH can you believe it?
Paul – Your best revenge against Kevin is to let yourself be evicted, it will really mess with his mind, it will destroy him.
Alex – Paul you are a Saint
Alex leaves.
Paul – I made up some more sh*t about Kevin today Alex is out for blood.
X-mas – Dirty snake deserves it.
Paul – So remember that when you go to Canada you should have one of your inspirational talks with this Simon and Dawg guy, I don’t need this sh*t when I come back next year,
X-mas – You coming back next year too?
Paul – Yes I need to return the favor to you I’m all about friendship.

11:30 kitchen Alex cooking, Josh crying, Kevin can’t wait any longer he darts out from the closet and makes a run for the bathroom, Alex grabs a fork and goes after him. Feeds on fish


But if Josh won and got out Paul it would not longer be rigged, right?

The Noob Sauce

Yeah, because that would happen…. Are we watching the same show ?

Judgmental Judy

Bearded lady in DR (lol). Mother Gnome.

Franks Fumes

Bearded lady in DR….lol


I don’t like Alex, but seeing how she basically creeps to eat and get her food and Kevin trying to be included … just a bunch of bullies in the ‘final three’. I wonder why they never came up with a team name?!


Interesting if Paul uses veto pulls Alex and they both vote out Christmas. That would blow up Josh’s game and put him in a tizzy.


YEA!!!! Goodbye Alex!!!!

Now I’m really looking forward to Wednesday.


Apparently me too!!


So BB Comics is one of those competitions that they do 1 at a time right & never show the viewers the time results? So basically production can choose the winner if they wanted? Of course Paul won lol


Production wouldn’t have chose Paul as the winner?? He He’s not liked by fans and they don’t want to lose fans, so that doesn’t make sense.

They would have chose Josh as the winner because he’s the only one who’s even brought up Paul’s name as someone who he needs to think about getting out.


When are Josh and Xmas ever going to wake up to the fact they are never Paul’s ride or die ?? – It has always been Kevin !!!!
When Alex goes this Week, Paul will give another HoH win to Xmas and she will be forced to nominate Kevin and her Slave Boy-Josh. ( Xmas will never put up Paul, she wants the gnome weenie ! ) We all know Josh will be crying the whole week from Paul up his ass, he won’t be able to focus on playing in the Veto so he will LOSE and he will be the one Voted out !!! – Thus leaving Xmas the odd Bitch out And we all know Kevin did nothing the entire Season – So even more of a SURE WIN for Paul Final 2 !!!!
There is a method to the madness of Paul when he keeps telling Kevin ” to just lay low, and keep his mouth shut.”
Not to mention the talk this week about the next HoH win and who should win it. – He won’t let Kevin win it Paul will give it to Xmas.
Unless Josh swings the tie his way and votes Kevin out, Josh is F**ked.

Franks Fumes

I’ve been sayin the same. The jury might actually vote Kev the win….Paul is gonna be hated in that Jury and if Production stays out of it for once it could happen.


I hope Kevin wins. And what kind of game is this that for weeks we know that this HG will win and the others will throw comp after comp! Poor gamesmanship, none at all. Maybe Paul is being compensated by CBS for taking Nicole (no offense to Nicole) to F2 last year…to let the first woman/man F2 be a woman. Frankie Grande stayed in the game last year because CBS offshoot represented his sister, Ariana Grande’s new release that came out at the same time as the show. Xmas knows Paul outside the house and maybe wasn’t sent home after an injury to help Paul. Who is allowed to stay with a serious foot injury in a game when they can’t compete, yet Paul threw her both her HOH’s, one being a race!


Lol oh josh, your being so transparent! You wouldn’t make a good actor! Lmao you better smarten up and start kissing pauls ass and start being an asshole to everyone left because he’s gonna get you out next! U gotta make urself seem like a bigger target than the others ( then if u make it to final 2 you can explain you HAD to do that so paul didn’t axe you) cause right now pauls asking you ” are you good? Why you loosing it fool”? And your answers are so obvious that you are NOT good lol “mmmh hmmm & im not” is not good acting buddy! I Know josh see’s 100% through everything going on now but even he knows its too LATE, everyone is charles manson minions now! He cant single handly by himself get paul out.. Sad not one person noticed this earlier except cody. Hell even jessica won hoh and put up josh and ramses lol geez casting what a bunch of follower losers you picked! Even kevin the only decent one left is annoying as hell by kissing pauls ass and always asking ppl “are we good” everything cool?” #lameseason


LMFAO at anyone that thought Kevin could win…. anything! Oh he could win a hair brushing contest. he’s good at pulling his hair back.

Poor guy is just along for the ride and hoping Paul takes him to final 2.


“I was the only vet bro, i helped you all the way” lmfaooooo paul to josh. Shut the fck up! You’re no legend of BB like you think you are lol lol ughh yuck i would wanna cut my eardrums out if i was these ppl!

My parents loved me and taught me well...

“Paul [to Josh] – you’re stupid ….”
That right there is why I cannot stand watching Paul. He makes me want to throw up. Saying “You are stupid” is the single worst thing anyone can say to someone else. It shouldn’t be said between hardened adults, even in jest, and especially should never be said to children. It is not only hurtful, but it closes the person off from hope of improvement. Josh will shed a tear I am sure, but more than that I hope he has someone who’ll be a strong, well balanced role model to correct all the ill the house will have done to his adult development. …I also hope someone knocks Paul down (figuratively) outside the house. Shame on him.


For me the HG went over board with some of their game plays. The game plays turned in to a personal attack on some HG. Some HG crossed the line. Now I don’t care for some of Paul game plays but he is playing the game really well. Do I want Paul to win NO he had his season already. The HG have said and done some horrible things to each other to the point it left a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t get pass the excessive bullying and torturing of other HG it went too far and became personal in my opinion. So I am frustrated with the HG and how the game is going. I stopped watching about 6 weeks ago are more.

Bobby D

This season does not really add up:

They bring back Paul
Give him three weeks safety (America did)
Xmas breaks her foot and is allowed to stay in the game
UNPRECENTED-should have been removed from game
They have a running comp and she can compete and the house throws to her
Why was she allowed to compete can’t run (looks fishy as all were going to throw to her)

No it looks like it may be the girl with crutches (who could not compete) and the Manson
wanna be final 2?

Seems like it was scripted
but then again they all do look DUMB

Franks Fumes

And a girl who couldn’t eat slop (Raven) while everybody else did….great casting.


Cirsey and I seem to be thinking the same thing. Paul can now change the game by using the Veto on Alex, and they vote out Christmas. Next HOH comp. is Paul, Alex and Kevin. Paul or Alex wins, puts up Josh & Kevin, and evicts Josh (if he doesn’t won Veto). This could be an interesting week!!


Christmas is such a waste of BB space.
Why is she even there? WHY!!!!!?
Buh bye Alex!


Convenient that Paul has won yet another solo, timed competition. Anyone else remember when Paul went on the warpath about Ramses NOT throwing VETO (when Ramses was on the block) and almost beating Paul’s time? Yet when the times were revealed, Paul beat Ramses by just about 3 minutes??

Paul won’t use the VETO and I understand that Paul, Kevin and Christmas are going to sit her down tonight and tell her she is going home so the blood is evenly distributed. It’s another Britney vs The Brigade going down.


But the Brigade weren’t cruel, mean individuals, unlike Paul’s has been.


How long before Paul is walking around with the cape and wearing the blow up?


Wasn’t Paul talking about the comics comp coming up last week? I don’t think they do it every year although many of the comps are nearly identical, it adds to the whole Paul has an in with the folks.

I’m waiting for next year because I’m all out of suspension of disbelief for this season.


Simon or Dawg …

sorry if you answered this already but will you guys be around for celeb big brother?… I saw some of the supposed cast members and they are even lower on the celeb list than normal big brother players, but I’m still interested in at least reading recaps (not sure about actually watching the feeds) so hoping you guys will be around

The Noob Sauce

Oh quit lying. You know your gonna cover it. πŸ˜›
Oh by the way, Thanks for the updates !


never liked Josh but im beginning too. Hes the last hope to turn on Paul


Wow, looks like Paul and xmas treating Josh like an idiot may finally catch up with them. He is smarter than I thought. IF he does what he just said I will actually root for him. To all those in harms way prayers are with you. Be safe.


I wish Josh would turn on Christmas.


Watching POP…………Xmas, Paul and Josh are just plain, unadulterated garbage. Also, Josh and Xmas are stupid, they see how Paul works, and thy are still to stupid to realize that Kevin doesn’t go to the bathroom without Paul’s okay.
They think people should put their game play in a book Lol. They better put AG and Production in that book. Oh, we must not Forget the dumbest cast in the history of BB.

Punchy Silo

Hasn’t anyone figured out yet that Christmas has no interest in winning, her main concern is making sure that Paul is the big winner it may seem strange but that’s how it is …
She is deluding herself into believing that she will be BB 20’s Paul.. she is sure she’ll be coming back to play.

Franks Fumes

She has about as much chance coming back as Victoria…….another idiot just not as vile as Shitmass.


I’m beginning to dislike Christmas more than Alex, and I already think Alex is horrible to the core. For as much as Christmas promotes her “brand” does she really think she’s representing positivity (or whatever it’s supposed to be?). She needs to take a long look in the mirror before passing all this judgement on others.. especially the way she talks about Kevin. Also wondering if opioid abuse is part of her brand.


oh just make it stop! This is so horrible to watch. Not a nice person in the bunch. I just want it to end!


I wonder if in Xmas’s contract she cannot be shown in a bad light………….CBS might try to hide it, but I think most viewers know the truth. (watching POP)
She is planning on coming back next year. CBS better hire a new producer and crew…………I don’t care to see any of these people ever again!