Big Brother 19 Final 4 Eviction “The Puppet Master”

Here we go Folks the final 4 eviction episode. Tomorrow is a special Friday episode where we’ll find out who wins the first of three part final HOH. Following that is the much awaited Season finale on the 20th. We’ll keep updating but with just 3 people in the house don’t expect some major game to go down.

Make sure to vote for America’s Favourite Player. Choose the person you liked the best or choose the one that’s the biggest F* you to the cast this season. From what I’ve been told you need an active CBS all access account for your vote to count. I have an active CBS all access account and was only able to vote 20 times for my selected houseguest today. Let us know in the comments who you are voting for and why. Or if you war not voting who do you think CBS will award the AFP to?

Results from the show

Paul nominates Josh and Kevin

Jury house.. Matt joins them and he’s a complete douche. Gets mad at Cody for not Participating in the show. (which is funny because matt didn’t participate all season)

Jason thinks Paul and Alex were in on his eviction.

Raven joins the Jury house.. Tells Jason that Alex didn’t know he was getting voted out. Says Paul, Shitmas, Her and JOsh knew. Raven says Alex has no idea that Paul was in on it.

Raven says she’s been working with Paul the entire time.
Raven says her and Paul were the puppet masters. then says maybe not Paul maybe Raven was the puppet master.
Raven – I was pulling some strings
Elena starts to laugh “this is hilarious”

Alex joins them. The Jury gets in a fight because Raven and Matt think they are the puppet master.. Everyone is laughing at Raven as she defends her “puppet master”

Raven says everyone was working with paul doing what he wants
Cody jumps in says he wasn’t

VEto is played. Paul wins it.

Paul doesn’t use the veto. Shitmas evicts Kevin.

Kevin says he was the most loyal to Paul. (BOO)

10:37pm The live feeds are still blocked…

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Lmao Raven is such a fool. She actually thinks she was a puppet master? Seeing how she couldnt even understand her Zingbot zing, chances are she wont understand that Paul used her when she rewatches the series.


Made the entire season worth it!


The cherry on the top is when Manson drags BabyHuey to the finals and the blubbering bully takes the 500K….but, I have not seen the WestCoast show so I am still hanging in for a surprise…:,(

Franks Fumes

I just want to thank Kev for entertaining us……putting up with a bunch of morons and making this season just a little less awful…..


I don’t know. Cody’s line of “I didn’t” after “We all worked with Paul” could be a close 2nd”


Except for he did, he told Jessica not to use the POV, giving Paul exactly what he wanted, so they all did.


FACTS tho, but the blind want to claim Jody played a great game, but they blundered at every turn. That’s why I said that they were in on the fix for Paul. Jessica wasn’t stupid she knew they were never gonna vote Baby Huey out, but she didn’t use that POV to save Rameses (a good player in comps). Cody gave up completely, he told her not to waste the hex on him & let them vote him out & save it for when she needed it most. HaHa she could’ve won HOH & turned the game around, but she used the hex to literally have another week of playing grab-ass? People want to hand them AFP for nothing? Give that 25k to charity nobody deserves it this season.

Franks Fumes

I think I’m gonna vote Kev because he had to tolerate all that unwarranted isolation…….the final 3 know Jody were very popular with the fans and would not be surprised for it to go to Cody……it would be expected. For real shock and awe a Kev win would have more effect. This is the guy they all hold in low regard and were cruel to for no apparent reason. If Kev is named AFP … would be a way more personal FU to Paul Josh and Shitmas.

Oh come on

I agree that voting Cody for afp would have no shock value. They know America likes showmances, they know America likes young fathers, and they know America likes military vets. Why people think they’d be stunned if Cody won it is totally beyond me. However, if Kevin won afp, in addition to his 25k and his stipend…he’d end up making more than whoever comes in second place. So Paul works every angle all season long, comes in second place, and makes less money than Kevin did by just sitting back and chillin’. That move would actually hurt Paul the most!

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Well, if we’re voting fathers on the show I’d go with Kevin or Jason. But I’m not voting, but I think Jason wins.

Josh's Prometheus head takes Paul


Kevin's Kids

Paul doesn’t care who wins AFP. He’s leaving with the half million. Now on the other hand Shitmas would hate Kev winning AFP!

Josh's detached Prometheus head

Paul taking Gorditahead to the final 2 could be a huge mistake. It may not seem like it now but once the jurors compare notes on Paul’s underhanded methods and how he prodded Josh to attack people he might wish he had taken Kevin. Taking Kevin was a sure win zero comp wins is a hard argument for Kevin to overcome. They could give it to Josh cause he did Paul’s dirty work.


Cody was a loser and still is, twice!! Ha! Ha!


I don’t understand all this love for Cody. people are actually wasting their time voting for someone who was down right socially inept in the BB house. CBS is not going to hand over the 25K prize for favorite HG to someone who QUIT and hid behind the bed covers with Jessica all summer. for those saying that they want Cody to win just to see Paul’s reaction, you have it all wrong. Paul taking Josh to final two will be the biggest F YOU to Cody and Jessica. and to add on, it was Paul who was responsible for Jessica not making Jury and Cody being first one in Jury.

so for all these social media BB justice seekers like evel dick campaigning for Cody to win favorite HG, you’re point will fall on mute ears with CBS. evel dick only has 160K followers on twitter so that is not even enough to put a scratch in CBS voting ballot box. evel wants no part of this season, but has his own sheep paying him for his weak recap show. get off social media old man!


watching from the start i feel Cody was the one that set the pace of this years show .. do as i say or get bullied .. and thats i how feel the show went all season .. and yes Paul took over being the bully .. he was lmao the real puppet master making the scaredy cats do what ever he said .. so why anyone would vote for a person who feels name calling and physical threatening is ok and commending him on it with 25 k .. is SO VERY VERY WRONG

Josh's detached Prometheus head

I don’t even think Cody would be mad if Kevin won AFP. But the final 3 would be. That’s enough for me.

Mama Jays

I follow Evel Dick only to se what he’s saying. I think he’s a moron.

Raven is Caca

Hahaha you are SO underestimating Reddit, which is all on board the Cody train.



Mute ears?? U mean deaf ears?? Didn’t know ears could talk

Paul 4 pres

Maybe if Codick would have worked with Paul he would not have been evicted twice and actually had a chance at winning something besides that goofy broad who probably already has another guy on the rope

Bounce Paul


Any truth to the rumor that there is a Pandoras Box that will unleash Nicole back into the house with one week of safety and putting Paul on the block? A girl can dream…..

Pauls MistPa

I’ve just started watching BB Canada on kodi and I lovvveeee it! I’m on season 3 now and I’m loving the twists, gameplay, and the competitions are not rigged at all.

Stoners 4 the win

I love season 3. Sarah Hanlon is my fav HG of all time. She proved stoners are not dummies and she was relentless, playing from the bottom for the entire game. And also Godfrey had one of the best speeches of all time when he was put on the block. 2 things about bbcan: being in the audience favour can really help HGs in the game and studying is huge part of of a lot of competitions


Season 2 was my favourite for BBCAN – loved the secret room, and Ika Wong throwing shade like nobody’s business. Season 3 was good but holy hell was it rigged for the Fembots


hated that gary came back .. when and how .. loved that they didnt allow cheating in the comps .. and loved it even more when Topaz made her major good .. that was epic…lol.. seseaon one was a great start .. but i also love last season and kevin …the space oddacy i thought to be very well staged ..counting the days for the next BB Canada ps ; love you guys for the updates

Stephen Baker

The difference between the 2 Big Brothers (USA and Canada) is the quality of villians.. The whole thing with us Canadians and the stereo-type of us being too nice is mostly true, which shows in the 5 seasons that they’d done BB Canada.. Except for Ika Wong and the letters. Then again there’s TOPAZ…. well not all of us are that stupid…


Season 1 had a completely different format as there were no comps and America chose who got evicted. Ultimately, the format made for a boring show as there was no drama.

Season 2, I liked. Dr. Will was quite the puppet master. No veto back then and I recall one HG winning HOH 4 times in a row, which led to a rule change next season.


Season 1 and 2 of BB Can were the funniest..some truly hilarious moments!

Pauls MistP

Season 2 was good season 1 also just hate how it ended with that vote


sarah was great

Over it

Hi Simon, I just have a question for you about Paul’s temptation, it was intally stated he had 3 weeks of safety just like all of the other temptations. I’m just not understanding why once he used it in week one why did it not expire then. Once Jessica and shitmas used there’s the other weeks expired. Did Paul actually have 3 weeks even though he used it in week one or could he have been put on the block the two following weeks?


Seriously, she sounded like the ravings of a deranged lunatic. No sense of anything, even Matt was all quiet. Quite embarrassing.


Delusional narcissism must be one of the symptoms of an inverted spine…


I just died with this comment.

Man BB Canada is so great man. Let's bring it up every thread. K hoser? K.

It was actually Mark* who made fun of her. But you have gotton all the names wrong in the recaps all summer. Why change now?

Could you be anymore ungrateful?


Watching Raven’s internal struggle as the rest of jury made fun of her was hilarious. You can see her fighting with every scrap of her being not to yell out that she had met Paul before the show and they made a deal to work together. Most here have seen the picture.

Paul the Punk

After the jury footage i am voting Cody for favorite player.


Funny, cause after watching the jury footage, no way I would vote Cody. He’s made a mockery of the game, he clearly doesn’t want to be a part of the show period, but is forced to or he will loose his $. He’s a sore looser, would have seen a different side of him if he was still playing I guess, but we’ll never know. He’s a horrible sport, it is just a game after all.

Anti Paul Puppet

You wanted to talk to annoying Matt? The BIGGEST disrespect or of the game? I would have walked away from that a$$hat. That’s why people like him. He takes zero crap and isn’t the lest bit fake.


but he is there takng CBS money and maoning about doing the job he is getting paid for. He is just a anti social moaner and whiner. He should just leave

Matt thd Cereal Killer

The house isnt a job…its a contest for $500,000. In terms of competitions, this season was a big joke. Cody has every right to be upset with how this season played out. If Paul didnt have 3 weeks of safety in the beginning, Cody would definitely be in a better position than he is now


And Jessica winning a double veto that she could use for 3 weeks of eviction wasn’t them throwing her and Cody a bone?

Stop Projecting

There’s more whining in your post than Cody has done through any of the jury segments.

People Are Different

Believe it or not, there are folks out there that don’t feel the need to vomit every aspect of their lives. Some people don’t or can’t tolerate those who do. Some people don’t feel the need to scream the loudest. Look at me, Look at me. Some people are not driven by celebrity(using that term losley, as Paul is no celebrity) Some people prefer to hold their cards close. That’s how stupid these people were, they told Paul absolutely EVERYTHING!!! Cody and Jess did make some bad choices but you can’t play this alone. I would say Cody would do better with a group who are more savvy. Even with his personality, it is still part of the social experiment.

Infected nose ring hole

Mockery of the game!??? I do believe that happened when everyone stepped off the blocks early to hand Shitmas her HOH win. Or maybe it was earlier when theY all started bullying houseguests . I’m really not sure.


A game decidedly rigged against him by the people running it. They wanted Paul and didn’t care that creating a little false moment in Cody’s attempt to nominate Paul would devastate his game. Cody has a right to be pissed at production and the game. Paul didn’t beat him but production did. Then Cody couldn’t care less about the show but needed to get paid so he’s occupying space much like several other HGs who thought they were actually doing something.


I am not voting Cody for AFP, however, I totally agree with you that he has every right to be pissed. Unlike his girlfriend, Elena, Xmas, Raven and a few others who were there for airtime and stipend through jury, Cody came to win the $500,000 and saw early on that he wasn’t going to be given a chance. Not fair. He knows it wasn’t fair and I wish he had legal recourse for being frauded.


Cody was stopped on his first move but never went back to his alliance for another idea, he went off on his own and them blamed his alliance for not just doing what he told them to do. he would have just been another Paul. He needs anger management not a reward


He couldn’t go back to them. Once Paul showed his safety Cody had to immediately choose another. Christmas was already very close to Paul so it made sense to go after her after exposing his game to Paul. At that point, I think Cody realized the game was stacked for Paul and decided not to participate in the game but stuck around to get paid.


FACTS tho… If he actually tried to play the game, then OK, but after he took a shot which was a good idea, but weeks too early, he dropped the ball, threw a tantrum & gave up. After his suspect BattleBack where he seemed to know exactly how to play the maze comp, unlike the other 3 there was no learning curve for him he just blew through it, I know for a fact production let.him practice because they desperately wanted a “Cody VS Paul” showdown in the house, but he didn’t turn it up as expected. Jody should’ve been 100% going at Paul’s Minions not hiding in bed playing grab-ass, Cody & Jessica had that fight in them all along, but didn’t let loose until it was too late.

I believe the season was set up for Paul & Jody was in on it too, because why didn’t they fight harder? Why did Cody go rogue 1st week instead of working with his alliance? Why didn’t he attempt to play the game after he came back, why didn’t Jessica use that POV to save Rameses…They could’ve turned the house upside don, but they didn’t… I think Jody played the way production wanted to they can come back next season… Jury gone vote for Paul to win, th n a lot of them are setup to come back.

Quit It

“I know for a fact” you are full of crap.

Whistling sissy

This was not a reasonable cast. There was no way to campaign once you got marked. Grabass was jody’s only option. Watch tonight’s episode and see how delusional the jury still is. This gets more horrifying every day. Alex, Raven and Kevin appear to be solid Paul votes. Josh needs to tell the jury he wanted to get Paul out. He needs to convince Cody that he didn’t want to get Jessica out, but she wouldn’t listen to him. He tried to get through to Alex, he needs to remind her of that. He gave Jason a heads up in his farewell speech. He’s tried and tried to reason with bitchmas. He is the one person who gave people an opportunity to change their fate. If he’s smart, he’ll use this as his angle. He could win like Sandra won in survivor heroes vs. villains. She never got rid of Russell, but she tried. And she gave others the heads up and opportunity. Fingers crossed for a Paul loss.

Aunt Cece

Cody is absolutely hilarious. He has my 20 votes every single day.


Me too!


Same…20 votes a day for Cody


Right! Why reward someone who doesn’t want to participate in something HE signed up for?! Dude clearly doesn’t respect the game.

christmas' opiod bottle

Thank you antifafa for you opinion. So who do you antifacist facists want to beat the crap out of today?


If you are going to call him a sore loser, learn how to spell it.


I disagree. Cody has every right to not want to be a part of this fiasco. All season long most everyone bitched about all of the HG. I don’t think he is a sore loser, I think he was totally frustrated that no one listened or believed him about Paul playing everyone. Also, he couldn’t believe that this many people could be this dumb, but they sure were. Another thing, Kevin is an a-hole if he gives Paul his vote, and I’ll explain why. SO many times explained to the others how he is old school and his word was his bond. So now, Paul gives him his word that yes, the deal is still on, with Paul, Xmas, and Kevin. He basically said to Kevin that he had NO respect for him since he didn’t sit down like a man and tell him he was going tonight. He did it with Alex, so why not Kevin? Ok, well sure it is because he didn’t want the blood on his hands, but oh my, Josh made it perfectly clear who was behind it all. One last thing, I love that Cody says exactly what he feels and not what people want to hear. He did not care to be popular, he did things his own way, unlike anyone in that house. So damn right, I’m voting for Cody cause he was the only one who had enough balls to try and evict Paul.

Anon CDN

In Kevin’s exit interview he said Paul DID tell him he didn’t think he could beat him in F2 & he had to do what was best for his game. So there goes that theory.

As for Cody ..NO he doesn’t have a right to stop playing no more than anyone who has a job has a right to say I don’t like how you run your company so I’m not going to do my job. He gets paid a salary to do a job – so do it. .

Cody is a hypocrite. He started the game using intimidation & treated the hamsters as unworthy by not discussing his decisions with them. Go back to week 1 & watch his DRs about how he had his core group & then the players he deemed as secondarily worthy of staying in the house. He got two shots at the game & blew them both. Bottom line to win this game requires 24-7 game management & Cody only played about a half hour a day on average. In the few moments Cody decides to be real or nice he is engaging and charming, but those are so few and far between it’s hard to get on board with supporting his cause.

In a season where so many of us complained that no one played, now we’re suppose to reward the guy who blatantly is saying F You to BB & can’t be bothered to play in the house or in jury (where technically they are still playing)? Bottom line, Cody hasn’t given me a reason to give him my vote! And, I hate to break it to the fans who hate Paul & therefore will vote Cody as their AFP … in a podcast this week Jess said Cody only recognizes comp wins so he’ll vote for Paul at the end. I mean it makes sense – can you imagine Cody voting for the kid he said he wants to beat up outside the house or the same kid whotried to make him look stupid in the house or belittled his “girlfriend”?

And this farce about him & Jess is only for them to do a post show money grab. Departing contestants already said as much. If you go check out Jess Twitter you’ll see her wearing a skimpy outfit a fan sent her jiggling what God gave her while looking seductively into the camera. They could prove us all wrong, but it sure doesn’t feel like this is anything more than a PR scam by the pair to set up post show appearances & take people’s hard earned money just so they can go shake the hand of a guy who’ll no doubt be behind the scene’s saying “how many of these losers do I have to talk to”.

I’d rather give my vote to Kevin. Here’s a guy who had Alex turning everyone against him & throwing out his only food. The same girl who freaked over someone hiding her cat ears, the same girl who berated Kevin for throwing a hinky vote “b/c she was so honest” but threw her own hinky vote.

At least Kevin recognizes BB is a GAME & knows enough to let these things go. Still, (just like with Cody) I’d be thrilled to see Alex’s face if she comes no where near the AFP she prayed to God to give her & begged live feeders for. I’d rather she has to sit there & watch Kevin the guy who WAS loyal to Jalex (but she ostracized & was cruel to just b/c he was too close to her ride or die) walk up & take yet another $25k for his efforts.

And for those thinking awarding Cody the money will send Paul some big message ummm if he wins the $500k how much do you think he’ll care.

Pick who you want for AFP, but watching Kevin exit tonight with class and grace resonated. That & in his exit interview telling his family not to get caught up in the fact the hamsters were cruel with him – says he knew it & it’s okay b/c … IT’S A GAME.


I would give a thousand likes if I could. Well said!

sunny dee

paul isn’t owning his manipulations, decisions and plans. his goodbye messages are his mistake. josh has no such illusions, he wants people to understand what happened and why. it could be the difference between a vote in some undecideds. they are going to wonder why paul couldn’t come clean in the goodbye message, but wants to take credit in his final speech or questions.

he should be working the jury by showing them how they got played, rather than continuing to try to play the target. targets don’t get to final 3 if they were truly a target


I felt really bad for Kevin but he kept it classy and no one would have blamed him if he had lost it.
I would have when Paul didnt use the veto on him and then the little shit couldnt even be man enough to evict him and got Shitmas to do his dirty work once again so he could keep his hands clean.

He is in it up to his fricken elbows by now and if anyone in jury hasnt figured out he masterminded the whole thing they must be on another planet with Racen!!


He’s the only one that realizes they cast a bunch of fucktards this season, and he wants absolutely nothing to do with them. How many people keep saying, “I’m done watching”. Well, so is he. I don’t blame him.


Another example of why I would never vote for Cody. fo AFP. He takes CBS money for being on Jury but then will not participate and wants to be anti anti anti. Then why doesn’t he just leave. Cody is just too angry, and too anti social. Nobody is making him take CBS money he could just leave but no he just prefers to get paid and moan and whine and complain. Enough of him


I saw Cody walk away from Matt, who is a complete tool. He doesn’t owe Matt the time of day. He is following through with his agreement–he’s in the jury house, in the jury. He will vote in the final. It looks like he does fine socially with people he likes.

Bolt Uprite.

Right, he did say he thought Matt was a puss*. He just doesn’t suffer fools gladly.


Was Raven’s answer to how could she be the puppet master when she didn’t win anything that she played the best social game in the house??? What an idiot.

And now we are left with three turds in the house.


How can she be a puppet master sitting in the jury house?????


Raven is The Master’s puppet …. zing !

The Foosa

No, lil’ Raven is the Muppet Master…..That one will stick.

I seriously believe Raven does not know the meaning of puppet master….

Ravens semen storage device

The only puppet Raven pulled in that house is Matts wiener.

Paul Manson needs to be locked up

zingbot applauds you. I hope Jason tells Alex if she votes for Paul he will never have respect for her, and she finally agrees to listen to him and not think Paul has “friendship” with any of them.

gawd, between Alex (Leslie Van Houten), Raven (Squeaky Fromme) and Blasphemous (Susan Atkins) I don’t know how any one could have survived a week let alone the last 3 months.

Matt’s a useless tool and he will follow Raven’s lead because he thinks there is a GoFundMe pot of gold waiting for them, so he will vote Raven’s way) but I think the rest of the jury so far are leaning towards anybody but Paul


She has it mixed up. She is saying she wants to vote for Paul because they were puppet masters together. What she doesn’t get yet is he was pulling her strings. Apparently still is. She owes him nothing.


and even after realizing they were misted and played, Alex and Raven still want to vote for Paul to win! But when they see the choice…hmmm. Sh*tty choice at the end!!! Don’t think I can stomach watching.


Finally getting to watch tonight’s episode, and wow Raven’s not dumb, she’s f’n stupid as $h!t.

Christmas' Opiod Bottle

This is kind of like choosing which kind of pond scum you want to kill you. CBS may be the ultimate pond scum so they sure know how to be the lowest life form. I would organize a boycott of the jury and refuse to vote and pay each jury member $15k if they won’t vote for a winner. If I were Bill Gates I would pay each $100k to refuse to vote.

CBS really is a scum dog billionaire.

which is worse?

Would you rather have herpes or venereal warts?

Ravens semen storage device

I have both!…..and I store them in my device for future use!

Wake up peeps

Production is making it look like they are all on to Paul but come voting day they will all come for him.

Don’t fall for productions trucks they have been doing this all season.

Cody for AFP


Exactly. They play this trick all the time, in every single episode. I’ve also seen this scenario several times: jury is bitter, they say they’re not voting for X, on finale night they vote for X and X wins. They’ll vote for Paul, unfortunately.


I think Josh might have a chance if he can give a decent speech explaining how he took the heat for all of Paul’s crap or if he somehow wins & takes Xmas to the end.


I would never vote for Cody for America’s favorite he’s the favorite of what of Jessica that is it..he is done nothing to be called a favorite ever.. he sucks and if anybody thinks they’re going to piss Paul off you are kidding yourself Paul’s going to have $500,000 what does he give a shit if Cody walks away with 25 be for real

christmas' opiod bottle

Cherry what kind of warped human being are you?


Cody could never be able to get Paul out anyways.he wouldn’t of had the votes . so his whole strategy was totally stupid he couldn’t change one bit to try to keep himself in the game.he’s a pathetic person he has no personality why would I vote for somebody that doesn’t like people he actually said that in the house he doesn’t like people. I’m not going to give somebody my vote that doesn’t really seem like he cares either way . He didn’t know how to play big brother and neither did Jessica..Jessica can sit there on the Internet and talk about how they’re all Paul’s minions but when she had the chance to play the game for herself she did with the house wanted. I cannot stand Paul like literally I cannot stand him I hope I never have to see the little bearded man ever again he ruined my summer he ruined my favorite show but just because Paul is an asshole doesn’t mean Cody isn’t one too.. That is why I will be voting for Kevin because I appreciate his character .. There is not one thing I appreciate other than his service to our country about Cody .he said some really insane things in the house like it would be cool to go to war with Russia my God we’ve been at war for 15 years with a non-army yes please let’s go to war with the real army that would be a great idea not…he is a weird man just because you’re a soldier doesn’t mean you’re a good person just like a pastor or teacher doesn’t mean you’re a good person I don’t think Cody is a good person … And it’s not like I can really get back at Paul for ruining my summer by voting for Cody like that’s just dumb … The only thing normal about Cody that I can kind of think of is that he likes Jessica.but I think he really liked her because she was really hot and if he’s not going to win the money he goes for the hottest girl in the house but maybe she can fix him but I doubt it … Whenever I see Cody he literally makes my brain hurt because I don’t know what’s wrong with him. If you don’t think he’s the greatest thing since cream cheese to each it’s own

sunny dee

many americans join the military to serve and defend their country, and be willing to die for that.

he said he joined because he wanted to kill Taliban. Taliban, sure, but let’s face it, Taliban are people, so he basically said he joined so he could kill people

maybe that’s what is what you feel is wrong with him


Many young men joined the military to “kill taliban” after 9/11, just like many served to kill nazis during ww2. I suppose it would make u feel better if he said he joined to defend our country by making them see the errors of their way. It just kills me that there are people that surely enjoy t


many americans joined the military to kill taliban (sorry if that offends your sensibilities) just as many joined to kill nazis during ww2. I suppose it would make you feel better if his reasons were more PC like he joined to defend the innocent by making the bad guys see the errors of their way. It just bothers me that there are so many people out there that want judge the whys and hows yet feel that they are somehow just entitled to the freedoms and liberties that others have fought to earn for them. Unfortunately we live in a world that requires people like Cody willing to fight against evil. Yeah Taliban are people, people that would slaughter you and your family in your sleep given the opportunity.


Please stop calling Cody a soldier he isn’t he is a Marine, it’s a big difference and disrespect to a Marine to be called soldiers. Other than that Kevin for AFP and Paul for the way since he is the only one who came to play this summer and did. Everyone else either wanted to get laid, famous or bathe in Paul’s mist.

Not on cody's nutz

All the more reason to call him a soldier. POS jarhead.


I think Paul does care about what people think . A lot. He’s all about his ‘brand.’ He probably cares about that more than the $, which in she scheme of things for a pampered little dude like him isn’t all that much. I think he is in for a rude awakening.


Bloggers show Cody for AFP
People who just watch the televised show have Jason for AFP

I love Raven

Actually if you watch the game at all you can see Raven was a puppetmaster most of the season.

If not for her Paul would have been out early.

C’mon folks start appreciating beauty and intelligence all in one smoking hot body.

Raven for President!

Ms. Conspiracy

Raven can’t even spell “president”

mike harper

You mean almost like the one who’s in office now?


No, like the worthless Kenyan pig that he he replaced. #Trump2020


I don’t believe this kind of comment against the former president of the USA is warranted.


/s is missing


She was a puppetmaster disguised as a clown.


Dude … whatever drugs your taking …. share with the world.


Dude … whatever drugs you’re on or smoking …. ya gotta share.

Better yet ….. detox …. and join the real world.

Raven is pathological and her delusions are bellyaching laughing til you pee.


Did anyon else notice Raven’s complete lack of accent to go with her demented state of mind? Puppet Master????


I want to Raven World seems like a nice place to go to escape from reality…maybe the world would be a happier place if we all visited it…lol


Elena….. priceless!

Raven Puppet Master LMAO!


Mark and Elena had me cracking up in that jury house segment. Sucks that it took getting evicted for this side of them to come out.


I love all the Paul haters in the jury house!


starting to seem that Paul never having been in Jury just might cost him big time. He did not realize that they would talk and that Raven could tell Jason that Paul’s good bye message was garbage etc etc.
Also never heard anyone other than Paul be proud of calling themselves a psychopath. That just might be the scariest thing we heard, especially for people in his real life
And heard X mention their traveling again, Apuld has offered X, Kevin, Josh ar aprt of his winnings. Why is that okay?


Paul mentioned in one of his ridiculous ‘friendship’ talks that the reason he lost last time was he didn’t work the jury votes. This time he thinks that by acting victimized every time someone goes home without the blood on his hands has fooled the jury. No such luck Paul. Its going to be a close vote though. It still hinges on Alex’s vote unless Alex being in the house letting Raven know that Raven was Paul’s target snaps some sense into Raven or Matt.


Raven the puppetmaster!!! Hahahaha

Matt and Raven embarrass themselves even more than in the bb house – quite the accomplishment.

Voting for...

I would vote for Kevin because he was the most bearable house-guest. The rest of them made me lose hope in humanity. On another note, I think it would be entertaining if we had another bitter jury 2 years in a row heheh


I like Kevin but after watching him kiss Paul’s ass all summer I can’t vote for him.


I could never vote for someone who intentionally threw all those comps, but with Kevin it probably didn’t matter anyway. Still wonder why they threw in one over 50 player this season.


The most bearable house guest was Cameron. He’s got my votes!


I am voting for Jason for AFP. He is a decent guy who made some wrong comments to fit in with an ugly crowd but he showed Kevin more respect than Kevin showed himself. Kevin allowed himself to be Paul’s isolation puppet, stay alon, stay in your room, do not talk to anybody don’t try to win comps unless I tell you to
And Jason actually stood up to both Paul and Alex to protect Kevin.
Kevin get my 20 every day!


We all pulled the strings for Paul……”I didn’t”……and THATS why Cody should be AFP!! He is showing his disgust for this entire season the same way America is!!!


I’d rather Kevin or Mark get AFP. Cody has such a bad attitude. The way he treated people and talked about people in the beginning of the game, he acts as though he is better than everyone else.

Anti Paul Puppet

Remember when he gave a lesson to Jason and Paul on how to get away with cheating on your wife? No of course not! Also don’t remember that really uncomfortable coddling and caressing with Christmas.

Cody AFP


And don’t forget the gambling stories losing over 20000 grand and having to pay a bookie 2000 a month

You suck

Remember when you posted these same two comments before? Using different names to reply to yourself is so ingenious.


I only use this name……your more delusional than Raven

Raven the puppeteer

Thats cause he’s a self proclaimed Alpha male. All these Betas are beneath him

Lisa Maria

Mark was the only genuine person with a big heart. Besides throwing pickle juice, he played a fair game. Them accusing him of flip flopping is bull. It’s Big Brother, they all do it. When you can’t trust anyone, you need to find people who will truly have your back. Mark for AFP!


I’m for Kevin then Mark as well. Then Cameron close third.


And don’t forget about
Andrew! Geesh where’s that boy been hiding?

Anti Divider

Nah he just saw through these houseguests and knew he was better than their Paul-ass-kissing, competition-throwing, bullying, stupid selves. Sorry…with the exception of Cody, Mark, Jess, Elena, Jason, and Kevin…these were disgusting participants in one of my favorite shows. And even though I didn’t think Jason and Kevin were disgusting, I did hate seeing them sit and roll over and do Paul’s bidding.


But he did, when he told Jessica not to use the Veto, giving Paul exactly what he wanted that week, so there’s that! It’s not disgust, it’s called a sore looser. I’m not a Paul fan, just stating the obvious, he’s bitter because he in his own words is an Alpha male that got beat and he wouldn’t stay in jury except he needs the $.


Everyone will have their reasons for voting a HG for AFP. I am voting for Jason because he has a baby on the way. Can’t vote for Cody because he rubbed me the wrong way. Mark doesn’t need it; he has Elena to keep him warm at night. Raven reminds me of that woman in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels so wouldn’t give it to her either. You almost want to give it to Matt out of pity. I still don’t know what to make of Kevin. Christmas will land on her feet. Josh is too much of a Meatball


Because he has a baby on the way?? What does that have to do with how he played the game??


So we know what Cody did not do but what did he do? Blame his alliance for not following his orders of who to vote out without any discussion


That’s the first decent argument on these threads that I’ve heard for voting Cody AFP.

Botox Pelosi

I finally believe we have a chance to see Paul lose the final vote. That is if his head still fits inside the house with his ever expanding ego.


I feel ya too. Paul may be toast and that would save this terrible season. Seeing Paul’s face as all those keys come out of the box without his name on them will be some quality television. he is going to need a diaper/


Oh please let this happen.


It would be pretty awesome if s-mas and jpsh really were playing paul the whole season and ended up as rhe final two I would be ok with that and to see the look on pauls face…priceless!!

Lisa Maria

If I know Paul, he will try to throw the competition to Josh so that Josh would do the dirty work of voting out Xmas. It would be so funny when Josh chooses Xmas and send Paul packing. Remember when Ian told Mike Boogie to get to stepping? Getting rid of Paul could secure an easy win. This would be the only thing that could redeem this awful season. Josh played a full season – Paul got almost a month of free play thanks to productions. He doesn’t deserve it.


and of course the right scenario if it was rigged for a Latino to win.


I hope so. Listening to the jury tonight and Kevin its 4-4 and Alex will,be the deciding vote. So……?

6 more days

I hate this season soooooo much

Doesn’t Paul have a girlfriend?? She and Kevin’s wife must love shitmas!


Paul will get 2nd place again. This is 1 bitter jury (minus the clueless duo)


Raven is trying to take credit for Charles Manson’s whole season!?!?!? HAHAHAHA….they must have been doping these dopes! Wow….I did have a laugh! …and Matt telling Cody he did not play??? Cereal Killer played with his Cheerios,Fruit Loops and his ” Season Mastermind” …hahahaha! These people are beyond my comprehension!

Kevin, Christmas is going to throw a big load of coal in your stocking and you will be reunited with your lovely family, never having to see these nincompoops ever again! Thank you Kevin! You made this season mildly tolerable.

Botox Pelosi

Has Allison Grodner decided who is going to win America’s Favorite Houseguest yet? I’m not going to be surprised if my 20 Cody votes were registered as 20 Paul votes on the CBS site.


Yes, Paul for AFH. Isn’t it the Paul Show afterall?


Alex is right to say they should vote on who played the best game out of all HG.. Which sad to say was Paul, he got everyone to do what he wanted all season. Bitter Jury?, maybe, but if it’s Paul & Josh, Paul will win… If it’s Kevin or Xmas Paul could lose.

Lisa Maria

Mark was the only genuine person with a big heart. Besides throwing pickle juice, he played a fair game. Them accusing him of flip flopping is bull. It’s Big Brother, they all do it. When you can’t trust anyone, you need to find people who will truly have your back. Mark for AFP!

BB19 Fan in VA

I think Kevin was just the classiest person in how he handled his eviction.


Kevin is my fave. He’s truly classy. And truly got a good heart!
Kevin for Americas Favorite.


He is great classy man but not AFP….he already won his cash, time to stick it to the others! Cody for AFP…luckily past HG and winners agree!


Kevin is a good dude but Paul has not given him permission to win AFP.


Kevin for AFP! Mark a close second for me.

Botox Pelosi

Mark and Josh should have a crying contest on finale night.


Hosted by Big Meech.

Not the Mama

Josh would win lol

I love Kevin!

I love Kevin!


Kevin for AFP!!! It was his $25k apple that brought Paul into the house!!!!


Does Kevin even have a clue that Paul played him? Julie tried to tell him but I don’t think he wanted to hear that his boy Paul used him.

BB19 Fan in VA

I get the impression that Kevin came on the game for the experience more than actually trying to win. I don’t think he’s oblivious to how Paul ran the house and manipulated him. I think he just enjoyed the experience and likes Paul as a person, so he just doesn’t care.


completely agree!!


Who in their right mind you like Paul “as a person”!


Looked more like he’s a rational adult who understands he got beat in a game, and is okay with it.

Cody for AFP

Kevin was one of Paul minions, threw competitions, and didn’t win sh$t. He is not AFP worthy


I like Kevin but I agree. It was unbelievably difficult to root for him, he’d let you down every single week. Not one comp win. Very frustrating player.


I love it every time Paul acts the innocent in his goodbye message, only to have Josh blow up his game right after.
Really wish we could’ve saw that for Alex.

Botox Pelosi

That was great how Paul’s goodbye message said if you are seeing this it was Christmas’ fault that you were evicted and then Josh says the three of us targeted you snapping it off on Paul and blowing up his BS.


i missed it, what exactly was said?

BB19 Fan in VA

Paul’s goodbye message to Kevin said that if he was seeing this, it was because Christmas had gone rogue to vote Kevin out. Josh’s goodbye message told Kevin that he, Christmas, and Paul had been in an alliance for final three for weeks, and Kevin was the last target.


thank you!


Maybe it was just my imagination and he shrugged it off at the time, but I thought Kev definitely didn’t look happy.


I can only hope that the goodbye messages will also be on the disc that Kevin takes to jury house!


The jury segments were the best part of the season so far.


It is so fitting that the worst 3 are now left in the house ! Just glad that Kevin no longer has to deal with them. And the jury is hilarious! Especially Raven who thinks she did so much !


Voting for Cody. He may be a douche but he was the only one to call out all of these rejects??.


I finally understand the beauty of Cody. By beauty I mean he’s so bad he’s good.


And Cody’s a vet.

The two time losing beard

These are probably the last people in the house I wanted to see make it to final 3. However, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching Paul lose to another little blonde girl. It’s going to be delightfully entertaining! His tears will be delicious.


May be in the minority here, but I’d rather see Paul win than Christmas. She’s just as vile and cocky as he is, probably even more so. Except she hasn’t impacted the game nearly enough to be so full of herself. I don’t like Paul as a person but we all know he dominated this season.

And Nicole was a genuinely good person. I’m okay with her winning. I have a hard time understanding why people are rooting for someone like Christmas to win just to spite Paul.

Just saying

Simon I have read you call her Shitmas for a few weeks now…it isn,t funny any longer. Let’s all call you Ass Wipe till the end of the season, because as someone who is supposed to be a moderator of this site, I find your mouth to be a little too big for your britches

Shitmas sux

Shitmas is the best nickname ever.

Justin Beaver

I thought your name was F#%ky McF#%kface.


A$$ Whipe for the win!!
$hit Head (nickname I am giving Dawg) for AFP!!

I love how people criticize you guys on YOUR site. This isn’t CBS. You can say what you want.

GREAT JOB again this year $hit Head and
A$$ Whipe


Paul started it all with his potty mouth influence. I wonder just how many times Paul used the word $hit?

Was thinking CBS could make a cute video of all the potty mouthing he did, but it would all be bleeped out!


at least his ass isn’t too big for his britches


It’s f*d up if Sh*tmas wins. Here’s her resume:

1. should have been out of the game on medical leave
2. couldn’t participate in most competitions
3. had her only wins handed to her
4. thinks she has a good heart but is actually evil and condescending
5. spent her time being a puppet
6. got played just like the rest of the cast
7. is so full of herself doesn’t want to win because (her own words) she’s pretty
8. wants to win for her skill but pumps up her boobs for the TV veto ceremony
9. says she’s a motivational speaker but then participates in bullying


Wanted to see Kevin’s reaction tonight when he realized Paul was just using him, and when Paul said xmas went rogue I almost hurled. I hope Kevin was just being a gentlemen with his reaction because if he still says Paul was his man after the veto was not used he is possibly the most clueless person who ever played this game. Cody sure gets what CBS has planned and I wonder who counts the votes for favorite player, probably same person who counted the ones for Paul to get 3 weeks safety. Ravin, only one puppet she was pulling on in the game.

The two time losing beard

Kevin has that Bing Crosby Nicholas Cage look.


He looks like Katherine Chancellor ( from Y & R soap ) to me.


Me too. I actually looked online to see if he might be her brother.


Kevin is a shoo-in to show up on the Y & R … he is a natural for the soaps.


I am praying Josh wins final HOH and takes paul out.

josh could say in his speech, “Im sorry Christmas but I have to vote out Paul so he doesn’t get any blood on his hands” hehe


the mentally impaired baby huey would win if he takes out paul


Ok this is the funniest thing I’ve read all season. Thanks for making me laugh!!!


OMG! That would be the best line all season. Bahahaha!!


It’ll be Steve all over again.


Tonja 100% thumbs up!


i’m voting for Cody b/c he was the only one that had the right idea and he was crucified for it.


I think Cody was playing a different game. He’s a smart ass that makes people laugh and he’s handsome, but he’s no BB player.


I don’t think there has ever been three more despicable HG in the finale in the history of BB.


Since I can’t count GinaMarie as 3 people, I’m inclined to agree.


I’m voting Mark for AFP. He has been the coolest guy this season, never said anything malicious about anyone else and even though he was constantly attacked by Paul and his minions he stayed competitive, won safety four weeks in a row and kept it classy on his way out. Especially after tonight’s jury segment, Raven’s middle name is “deluded.”

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

OMG…sorry for the loud laughter, still can’t get past the part in Thursday’s episode where Raven calls herself “Puppet Master.”‘
Can’t wait until she gets out of the house and finds out the public calls her ‘Trailer Trash.”LOL


Omg I love this comment.


Just watched CBS version of BB…………………….the 3 that are left, are the most vile people to ever play BB. YUCK
Kevin has to be one of the stupidest people to ever play BB, there is no way I could vote him AFP.
I loooooved the JH. Raven is ridiculous, Jason got a real eye opener, ………… favorite part……………….”we were all aligned with Paul”……………..Cody………..”I wasn’t”, and for that remark he should win AFP!!

Paul sux

Im worried paul can still win bc it seems like puppetmaster, cereal killer, alex, kevin will vote fir him, all he needs is one more, the loser of josh and xmas most likely …

Paul sux

So true.


That’s the main thing that drove me crazy about Cody. I can’t stand all of that alpha talk. It’s immature and bad science I wouldn’t worry too much. The jury hasn’t been sequestered during jury questions since before Ian’s season, so they’ll see the audience smiling and laughing at josh, and rolling their eyes at Paul, and because they want to be liked by the audience, they’ll vote for josh. One of carny AG’s many tricks.


Whoops, That was supposed to be two separate replies, the first part I never finished was to someone else about Cody. I don’t know how I combined them. Anyway, I’m voting for Cody but the alpha thing was annoying. He needs to mature a little but I think deep down he’s a good guy and has way more sense and integrity than anyone else in that house.

Is it over yet?

Best jury house clip ever.
But the cynical side of me says they will be re-misted via production.


Noticed when I voted, and the pop up window came up I was able to vote well past 20 but tried again and each time I closed out pop up window and voted from main screen 20x and it finally told me I had hit my limit. I think if you click on vote again on the pop up screen that it wont count.


Voted Cody

Anti Paul Puppet

Remember when he gave a lesson to Jason and Paul on how to get away with cheating on your wife? No of course not! Also don’t remember that really uncomfortable coddling and caressing with Christmas.

Cody AFP

Anti Paul Puppet

K…. using my phone. Wonder how many times I said this and how many places?!?!?!! Sorry wrong convo!


Cody, IMO, does not deserve AFP. Cody is not the Anti-Paul.

Watching Charles “Paul” Manson lead his cult has not been an enjoyable BB Season, IMO.

CBS/Big Brother Producers should have intervened to prevent Competitions from not being played. CBS/Big Brother Production should have never allowed Charles “Paul” Manson to have all of the power, use his power to psychologically torment others until submitting themselves to Paul’s will just to make the torture stop.

Big Brother Game Players should never be permitted to not participate in Competitions. The “Race HOH” when non of the house guests raced should have never happened. Big Brother Production should have intervened to make sure that each Big Brother Game Player followed the rules of the game.

Following the rules of the game of Big Brother to the win is not what Charles “Paul” Manson accomplished. Paul maliciously attacked and abused HGs. Game players folded as a result of wanting so badly to make Paul’s abusive antics end. Game players were afraid to play the game as playing would result in Paul’s wrath. Instead of watching the game of Big Brother – we watched HGs attempt to figure out “what is the best way that I can avoid being assaulted by Paul.

Big Brother Producers might as well of given Paul a gun allowing Paul to say “do this or I will shoot you.”

This season of Big Brother was like watching a Cult Leader watching as his (the cult leader’s) followers ingest deadly poison knowingly and willingly — as a result of being mentally, emotionally, and physically taken advantage of by a malignant narcissist; People trapped in a Polygamous Compound trying to avoid cruel and violent treatment; This season of Big Brother was like watching a NBA game where one person is given a gun to take to the court, and, all other players are told that if they leave the court/game they will lose their NBA contracts and all monies earned via NBA association. Player with weapon is allowed by referees, NBA Team Owners/Managers to tell opposing team and fellow team members what to do or they will be shot.

NFL Players / NBA Players could certainly use verbal and physically violence to win. However, such behavior is not tolerated as such behavior is not part of the rules of the game. If NFL / NBA players were allowed to break the bones of the competition and/or purposely injure the best players (so that they could never play again) — NFL Games and NBA Games would not be interesting.

There would not be any game play – skill – natural talent in game players. The NFL / NBA would be “pits” of violence — or a bunch of people following the orders of one person.

All games have rules — the rules are part of the game. Children playing Tic Tac Tow have to follow the rules of the game. A child that says “put you O here or I will tell everyone you peed in your pants … ate your own and others nose snot” — would not win Tic Tac Tow because they were an interesting or great Game Player.

Again, Big Brother Production should have intervened — in the same manner that NBA/NFL Team Owners / Managers / Coaches would intervene if a Player was breaking the rules by knowingly and willingly inflicting injuries on other game players to “win.”

America’s Favorite Player should be a person that ensures that CBS / Big Brother Production “refs” the game of Big Brother. Had BB Production refereed this season of Big Brother house guests would have played the game. No one is going to be able to play the game when 1 player has a gun.

Cody/Jess will probably take delight in “rubbing” AFP Paul and his followers’ faces. Cody will use the money to pay for Jessica to have plastic surgery; buy Jess a ring — and when Cody runs out of money we will probably see Jess w/ Paul. Cody failed at playing the game of BB. This year’s game players should have seen a vet as an obstacle – worked together to get the vet out. The vet had power given to them – this year’s hgs had the power of numbers. Cody abruptly reacted without factoring in the long term consequences. Instead of working to earn the trust of a strong group of hgs – Cody decided to “fall in love” in a matter of days. Cody was more interested in Jess than the game. The presentation of emotion we saw from Cody/Jess was in regards to them being “separated” – especially after doing what Paul wanted. Paul and Cody’s Big Brother Game Play is both equal and lacking.

Production knew that Paul needed protection in the beginning – Paul was given protection to give Paul a fair chance at playing the game. Then production allowed Paul to abuse other hgs making them afraid to play the game.

AFP should be a person that fans of Big Brother can use as an example of: Regulate the game. We want to see the game of BB being played. We are not going to adapt to watching Big Brother Cult, Big Brother Hostages, Escaping Big Brother. All games have rules that serve to regulate and maintain the integrity of the game. Rules that govern the game so that the game properly functions.

Winning Big Brother by having control over a house full of hostages does not epitomize “great Big Brother game play.”


100% Mark and Elena smooshed private parts.

Just saying

I am disgusted…I could only watch tonight’s episode after consuming 1 bottle of wine..,CBS has that little twit all the way to the end..,.what an insult to the viewers
After seeing the jury house. My vote is 100% to Cody for AFP…he stayed true!
Kevin I still like as a gentleman because he endured torture and bullying6, but too much of a puppet for me.
I hope the twit (beard boy) gets second place)..


I hope he gets 3rd. No money for 3rd


Was Kevin an engineer? Because he’s wearing a ring on his last finger. Anyone else catch that?


Finally!!! I finally get to see jury house. Codys attitude was hilarious. Im 100% sure his POW survival training from the military allowed him to survive he jury house bc you know he wanted to walk right out! I am voting for Cody PURELY bc he had to nominate like 1/2 the house in the first week and because he’s the only one who had the sense/balls to take a stab at Paul. The Raven=Puppetmaster thing was HILARIOUS!!!! She TRULY believes that! I die!


Someone needs to tell Raven that Paul made jokes about her lying about dying. That should smack her sober.


There ya go………straight from the horses’s mouth. Kevin says he was the most loyal to Paul. That’s a damn good reason for me not to vote for him for AFP. Well, besides already winning 25K and having no game at all.

Voting Cody

Voting for Cody cause he was the only one with enough balls to try to play the game of Big Brother!

Paul for the win

Has everyone forgotten that Cody and Jessica were incredibly mean to Josh early on? Or how rude Cody was? I didn’t like Paul last year but this year he has played everyone. He outplayed Cody and Jessica because he is in the house and they aren’t and he had everyone else do exactly what he wanted. You may dislike him but this is a game and he played it and everyone enough to coast to final three. I have no idea why anyone would think Cody deserves AFP. The only person who knew he should get rid of Paul and did a ridiculously poor job doing it. Cody’s game sucked. AFP should go to just about anyone but Cody.

Bolt Uprite.

Have you forgotten what a dreadful, out of control basket case Josh was early on? If Cody failed to get Paul out it is because he wasn’t allowed to see all the land mines preventing it that we were able to see. He was thwarted by “the game” at every turn.


I hope the rest of BB nation will vote for AFP based on personality and good game play. I’m shocked so many on this site want Cody to win. He doesn’t even want to be there. He has the worst attitude and is just mean spirited. Kevin all the way! Seems like a good man and deserves it way more.


Kevin had no game play whatsoever…..


He did have game play. It’s called social. Everyone liked him and he would have won if in the final two. Unlike Cody with his death stare and doing nothing except Jessica.


If you were surrounded by people who can’t see the forrest through the trees you’d quit giving them the time of day. He had a stance from the get go, get Paul out. Had these house guests saw it that way we’d have a different game. Had Kevin not taken the money we’d have a different game. Lastly had Megan not quit we’d have a different game.

Guy From Canada

Kevin was the first to buzz in. If I recall like half of the, buzzed for the cash, Kevin buzzed first. I’d check on my pvr, but I needed space for, well, nothing….. but I really wanted to delete this shit storm of a season…….

sunny dee

paul was his 4th choice, he wanted whoever it was he nominated first but ended up winning the pov. after paul couldn’t be nommed, he badly wanted xmas out.

paul and xmas were satelite members of his 6 person couple alliance, so even tho he had to make more noms than anyone else, he still had others to pick from. his mistake was choosing 2 out his group of 8, and the real reason they turned against him because he proved he was disloyal and possibly really dumb. no one wants to work with someone disloyal and/or dumb.

he doesn’t deserve anything, neither does kevin. i’ve always chosen someone who actually works hard and comes up thru adversity. i would have backed alex, but she ended up being really dumb and vicious, rather than just a good competitor who loved the game. there is a huge difference between any other AFP and kevin, cody, or alex. last year we had vic, that was an easy choice. this year i will only vote for jason. his ride or die was truly dumb, and he suffered for that but he won stuff, and he still made some of his own choices in spite of being bombarded by tiny people trying to get him to do their stuff, not his own. he refused repeatedly to isolate the ‘targets’, and refused to let anyone stop him from talking to nominees targeted for eviction, based on paul’s idea of what he should be doing.

and he did that while winning comps and not threatening to bash anyone’s head in, unlike cody and kevin.

Have you been Watching?????

He’s mean spirited????? You make me laugh!!!!! Love Kevin but he doesn’t even know what world he’s in. Can’t get behind someone who’s ok with being told to shut up, stay in your room, and on and on. I guess you need Cody to roll over like the rest of them. By the way, hiding in your room is NOT game play.


Paul claims he had to play a different game this season . . . ? ? He used people to get to the end just as he did last time. He floated to whom ever had HOH/power to protect himself. The same “me” at all cost, lie to your face, no blood on my hands approach should get him what he got last time. Second place.


Sadly listening to jury it’s a lock for a Paul with Alex, Raven, probably Matt as well as Cody who previously said he’d vote for Paul. Then top the count off with Xmas and Kevin. Only ones who won’t vote for him will be Mark, Elena and Jason.

BB19 Fan in VA

I don’t know about Mark and Elena’s votes. I know they can see how Paul manipulated them and got them out, but I don’t get the impression that they would vote based on bitterness. I can see them voting for Paul to win because they think he hustled and played the game. I think Raven will vote for Paul to win, which means Matt will vote for Paul to win. I think Mark, Elena, and Alex could be swayed. Right now, I only see Jason and Cody as definite votes for the Anyone-but-Paul HG.


So, yeah…..absolutely the most emetic self-perception ever on Big Brother….EVER (and this includes Aaryn Gries) I’m so totally dumbfounded by these evictees blinders. IMHO, the only thing that could have saved BB is a celebrity edition. CBS isn’t that stupid after all. Go figure. Let’s just hope “celebrity” doesn’t include former house guests!!!!!!

*Granny goes back to knitting an extra tight mouth gag for the defunct dodo bird, repeating while she rocks, “Puppet Master?….HA….social game?…..HA…….don’t dance on karma, little girl…..karma don’t play….pffpst…..”

I was once a red head….before my locks became chemically dependent. That Raven girl is not a redhead.


We know for sure that Kevin, Matt, Raven, Alex will vote for Paul. Raven is such an idiot. She is in for rude awakening when she gets back in the real world.


Voting Jason for AFP, Kevin already got some money. Only thing that will make this whole painful season worth the time we’ve wasted will be seeing Paul go out 3rd place with nothing.


Have you read about the awful comments Jason made about Kevin’s wife and daughters? He will never get my vote.

Cody for AFP

Vote CODY for AFP. He was the only one to see through all the BS. He actually played the game. Kevin didn’t win one single thing! He threw comps! He was just another one of Paul’s puppets. Just imagine if Paul loses 1st place and Cody wins AFP how awesome that would be.