Kyle “If Tina & Tera f**k us this week.. I’m going to snap!!”

11:40pm Bedroom. Kyle and Rohan
Rohan – I just apologized for lying to some people but I didn’t apologize for what was said or what was done. Kyle – oh man I am going to roast LT in the thing. I just don’t think they know what they’re doing to themselves. Every single lie they tell makes the 7 stronger. Rohan – this is the 5 right here. Kyle – yeah.. if Tina and Tera f**k us this week.. I’m going to snap!! Rohan – no, you know Vic needs to go.. I am going to tell Vic to really work on them because there is only so much that we can do. She needs to go and tell them what they did.. like in that room the four of them.

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“I’m having a good week. Sorry I broke my promises this is big brother”

10:13 am Tina and Tera
Tera “if Jed’s side wins next week they will go after Kyle and Ro, “If our side wins next week they go after Jed and whoever that’s where we need to sit”
Tera – honestly I don’t care about the pecking order of any of it. If some way we can skate by without Latoya or Keifer going home and neither of us I don’t care what they do.
Tina – If Ty goes up it’ll be Ty and Kiefer on the block. which means they will want to vote Kiefer out
Tera – not the oddballs. For the oddballs that is a massive target to get out. I just don’t know if she will actually do it to be honest. I think she will put up Beth

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Tina to Ro “Take it easy these next couple of days”

10:00 am Tina and Ro
Dog chit chat.. Tina has 3 dogs. Ro has never had a pet but would like a dog… They
Tina – take it easy these next couple of days
They talk about the pantry room briefly
Tina – that sh1t gets really heightened when you’re actually going in and interrupting someone’s conversation..
Ro – I don’t want Kiefer to go obviously if someone is done with the game they’re done with the game.

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“It’s a move on her part.. She’s like Jed come for me Ty kissed me”

10:16 am Ty, Jed, Kyle, and Ro

Ty and Jed claiming they didn’t orchestrate the flip.
Jed says they were in the rooms where people were pushing for him to go but they were not part of that. The people wanting Ro out did not have the votes because Jed and Ty weren’t going to vote him out.

They ask Jed who he would put up
Jed says Tera and Kiefer Ty says he would do the same.

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Kyle – So we have chats.. do you want me to tell you everything and you tell me nothing?!

1am HOH room Victoria, Kyle, Beth and Rohan
Victoria – its sucky like you just don’t want the blood on your hands. I just feel like he threw me under the bus and Latoya has the history of flipping. Like its just good for my speech. Beth – yeah like that was f**ked. Victoria – it didn’t have to go down like that. Beth – I was so upset. Victoria – girl I know you were. Rohan – so like break it down for me Beth. Like what happened last night? Beth – last night .. was it yesterday when you and I had our chat in the morning? Rohan – ah.. yes. Beth – there was no doubt in my mind.

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Latoya “I’m here to make moves and if its the wrong move and I go home.. I am not going to lose my mind.”

12am Beth, Tychon and
Tychon – trying to figure it out. Beth – that’s big brother for you. Tychon – this is what its like? Beth – on week f**king two! WHhhhoo! Tychon – this is what life is like in here!? Keifer – I think we’re going to feel a lot better once we know who HOH is because then we can have a plan.. because right now its just unknown. Beth – its just so much speculation right now .. its exhausting. Tychon – is it teams .. is it HOH?! Beth – are people coming in!? .. is Julie coming back!? What the f**k is going on!? Tychon – yo we’re psycho! Beth – we’re psycho for wanting to do this .. there is something a little bit wrong with us. Tychon – I think so too. Beth – just a little bit.

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Josh “I need to keep Austin as who I would put up if I won HOH to make everyone feel safe.”

11pm HOH room – Beth and Austin.
Beth – I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard since day one. Austin – if they ever bring us into the diary room together we have to look like this. Beth – shut the f**k up .. right in front of Josh. We literally made an alliance in front of him. Austin – I’m dead! I am actually dead! Beth – I am so in love with you ..its stupid! Austin – stop! Beth leaves the room.

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Jedson – “you can lie to every single person in the house you are still going home”

4:40 pm House meeting
Jedson confronts Josh about how he’s been suggesting Jedson become the replacement nomination.

Jed – I want to air everything out as a house instead of talking to people one at a time.. I’m a straight shooter My name has been thrown out by a lot people. If you have been throwing my name out directly and you want me on the block this week raise your hand
Vic says she was but as a Pawn.
Josh – I spoke to Kyle are Ro about the idea of me not wanting to be against Ro.. So why not put up another strong player.

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“Ya’ll saw my t!tt!es but I swear I still got class how about something new.. here’s my @$$!”

10:15pm The house guests are sitting around and in the hot tub. Victoria starts rapping – So happy to be here, big brother give us beer! Ya’ll saw my t!tties but I swear I still got class how about something new .. here’s my a$$! They house guests laugh. Victoria – I was like what rhymes with @ss!? Breydon – well are you going to show it or what? Victoria – no ya’ll have seen enough. I was like what rhymes with v@gina?! Jed – When Vic’s in the tub its 200 degrees. I look you in the face I’ve got something to say .. I want a piece of that cake .. I am not talking birthdays!

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Austin – even if Kyle and Ro are cooking something up they don’t have the numbers we do

5:32 pm Austin and TY
Austin says this week is cut and dry. Ty brings up the only reason he would think to keep Josh is using him as a shield.
TY – I love RO to death I never want him to go but I ran the scenarios through my mind
TY – I really think you, Beth, me, and Jed have something
Austin – I’m there 100%

They go over possible nominations.
Auston – if you won would you put up a Kyle?

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