Latoya “I’m here to make moves and if its the wrong move and I go home.. I am not going to lose my mind.”

12am Beth, Tychon and Keifer
Tychon – trying to figure it out. Beth – that’s big brother for you. Tychon – this is what its like? Beth – on week f**king two! WHhhhoo! Tychon – this is what life is like in here!? Keifer – I think we’re going to feel a lot better once we know who HOH is because then we can have a plan.. because right now its just unknown. Beth – its just so much speculation right now .. its exhausting. Tychon – is it teams .. is it HOH?! Beth – are people coming in!? .. is Julie coming back!? What the f**k is going on!? Tychon – yo we’re psycho! Beth – we’re psycho for wanting to do this .. there is something a little bit wrong with us. Tychon – I think so too. Beth – just a little bit. Keifer – there are a lot of things wrong with me. Beth – yup! Beth gets called to the diary room.

Tychon – wild stuff! They gave us one girl in this season. Keifer laughs. Tychon – its crazy! Crazy! Keifter – they must have known that Austin and Latoya wouldn’t have. Tychon – I wouldn’t have either to be honest. I don’t think I really would though. Keifer – I definitely wouldn’t! Tychon – well we know. Keifer – I wouldn’t even have a chance anyways. Tychon – oh man what do we do buddy?! Keifer – we vote out Josh. We win HOH. We proceed. Tychon – we keep moving. Keifer – Josh comes back, Julie comes back .. they pick teams.. We keep the same six. We just keep banging it out! We have a lot of people with different strengths. Tychon – I agree. Keifer – we are all over the board. And like if a memory thing is coming .. nobody has been practicing as hard as me. Nobody! And we’ve also been throwing a few people off. Tychon – savage! Keifer – it is a bit savage but I came to get deep .. deep in this game. Tychon – yeah brother as long as we stick together and trust each other we’re good. Keifer – I fully trust everyone in the six. Tychon – so do I. Keifer – and its good everyone is fighting for position and no one feels like they’re at the bottom of the totem pole of the six.. because that’s when it starts fracturing. Tychon – yeah when you start to think that you’re just a number. I agree. Keifer – and there is so much f**king time and game left. It would honestly be just embarrassing to break up after just two weeks. If Ro stays .. I don’t think Kyle wants the HOH. Tychon – I don’t think he would put me up. Keifer – I don’t think he would. They’re not going to take their shots this early. I think LT is going to be alright though. Tychon – you think so?! Tychon – I know he says he’s not putting me up.

11:50pm Latoya and Tina.
Latoya – are you here to play or are you… do you see what I’m saying? Tina – no, I hear you. Latoya – I know we’re all scared of the repercussions but .. I am here to make moves and if its the wrong move and I go home .. I am not going to lose my mind. All I am hearing in these conversations is we don’t want to be the first blood.

Bathroom. Latoya and Beth.
Latoya – I am so sketched out! I am so sketched out! I don’t know what is going on. I am so sketched out right now. Beth – you truly think that one of the boys are with him? Latoya – if its the best game move .. why are you trying to protect somebody that.. feeds cut.

1am All the house guests are in bed..

1-9 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

9:00 am Thursday morningTera and Josh
Tera bringing up all the stories being thrown to her and names of people that are targeting her to get her to flip the votes.
Tera – I’m the top target to go up .. me and tina
Josh – YOU?
Tera – Uhh huh. I’m like that is so weak
Josh – that’s not true at all.. when I said Ro had a plan to backdoor Jed I wasn’t lying
Tera – I know when you speak it’s actually true.
Tera explains for her game it’s actually good Josh stays but the way it “Shook out” and was talked about yesterday it would make her look “Brutal”
Tera – it’s eviction Thursday anything can happen.. man all the things that came out.. RO and Kyle have a big huge..
Josh – they do have an alliance
Tera – But to get all the girls out?
Josh – mmmmm
Tera – I don’t see how that really makes sense

9:10 am Tera and Ro
Tera – you have to be careful. There was a flip that was being discussed you cannot say anything. They are trying to tell me that you are gunning for me and Tina hard and that you and Kyle want to get all the girls out I feel like I was able to kinda deflect it because they don’t know you, me, and Kyle are working together.
Tina joins them. “there was a weird vibe yesterday. I’m voting for you to stay”
Tina brings up people saying that Kyle and Ro are gunning for her and Tera.
Tina – several people tell me. and Breydon is coming for us.
Tera – I’m like I’m not even looking at Breydon
Tina – I am voting to keep you so don’t worry
Ro – it’s total bullsh1t I swear to god I didn’t even say it.
Ro says he’s hearing from “several people” that they are going after Tina and Tera because those are the easy picks after Josh is gone and ow those people are trying to turn it on him.
Ro – if I leave it will be very bad for your game

Ro – I’m looking you in your eyes I will never put you up
Tera – they are trying to get all the girls after you they say Kyle and RO are going after all the girls.
Ro – that’s such bullshit. who is saying that
Tera – everybody man
Tina – I don’t know where it originated
Ro – on my mother’s life I would not put you guys up I swear to god. That’s bullsh1t they are telling you that.
Ro – don’t worry about Breydon I have a good relationship with Breydon I will smooth it over for you I will get you guys in his good books and if he wins I’ll keep you off the block.
Ro counts his votes he’s got Vic, Kyle, Breydon, Tina, Tera, Kiefer

Tera says last she heard last night that the flip wasn’t happening and it’s over.
Tera – please wait to tell Kyle.. 1000% tell him we need him to fight and win tonight.
They hug it out.

11:00 am Feeds down (most likely all day.. )

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Surprise Surprise Josh is gone. The feeds are down. It’s BBCAN so maybe they come back at some point?

another name


Do we think at the 11:59th hour, LaToya will still be pulling people into the bathroom to attempt to change their minds?

Kiefer has already informed LaToya that it must have been Vic that outed the flip. Says Beth told him Vic outed the flip to Austin. LaToya says she’s having trust issues within the 6 (result of last night’s well if they aren’t willing to do it my way they have to have an alphamale alliance sketch talk).
Vic is straight out sitting with Kyle and giving him all the details (as far as she knows them) it’s mostly anti LaToya talk.
Both Tera and Vic have told Josh they wish they could keep him but….insert platitude. Both Tera and Vic have run to KY/RO to narc the flip. Tina joined in.

Does Josh drop ANOTHER bomb? Other than pushing hard on Jed is the target…does Josh have anything? Vote for me big alliance Kiefer named to me or i’ll out you as a big alliance????

Breydon told ONE person he’d target Tina and Tera yesterday. I think it was Ty.
He’s had that conversation with Austin, and VIc knows he’s anti Tera, but yesterday, the only person he named names to was Ty. Does this become a thing now that half the house is saying Breydon would target Tina and Tera?

Result so far:
Vic, LaToya, Breydon’s targets have grown due to waffling. Even if they DO flip again. Those three targets have the biggest growth in the house.
If it flips again, Kyle goes rogue.
Kiefer’s target should have grown. It didn’t. It’s right about where it always was.

SO messy. BBUS would never. LOL.

another name

why the flip would have been good for many people:
Austin / Breydon: would have pulled them out of an obliviousness that is eerily reminscent of Asshleigh and Pilar (and let’s all remember the season 3 debates about whether Pilar was BBCan’s first cognitively challenged houseguest for her gameplay). Would have made Kyle their undisputed ally.
LaToya: would have cemented her as the undisputed Queen of the alliance.
Beth: she would be the target of one instead of two houseguests outside her alliance.

why the flip would have been bad for many people:
Kyle: target on him doesn’t shrink with the loss of his ride or die.
Tina: wrecks her centre of the house place in the order (no longer shielded by both sides).
Tera: who cares. both literally in her game, who cares about Tera in the game, and my own who cares what it would have done to Tera.
Ty / Jed: tricky call here, but once you set the precedent that an alphamale isn’t untouchable, all the other perceived alphas are fair game.
Kief: you really think Kief would be able to pull off double agent duty long term? Really?

I say this knowing full well I might be being subjective.

Tina and Tera have figured out Kiefer is the broken telephone (he pawned off pre veto target information from fri/sat as if it were current info. A LOT changed between fri/sat and Wednesday, Ky/Ro actively sought out a working relationship with Tina and Tera for one thing).

BUT WAIT. Possiblity of more WAFFLES.
Rohan…. not leaving good enough alone… is slipping out that he will target four of the six sunsetters if he wins HOH. HE NAMED NAMES A LOT.
When feeds went down, Tina did NOT inform Ty of Rohan’s list.

another name

Okay. waited to see if anything more would happen. If i remember correctly, run throughs are happening right now. This would normally be the time where the audience line would be assembled in order to get in for filming.
Since there is no audience, i’m not sure if filming start time is still roughly 3-330pm.
I doubt we get a feed leak now (hoping saying that will get karma to slap me up side the head with a doozy of a leak).
If Rohan leaves, it’s due to his convo with Tina. I’m still of the opinion that Rohan and Kyle are great in a room alone, but don’t coordinate well apart, and should never be allowed to have conversations solo.

another name

Be advised:
Fake spoilers are going around. Have been since about 345 eastern time today.
some say one was evicted, some say the other.
There is no audience.
Chances of spoilers are extremely limited.
Grain of salt them as being unvetted.

another name

huge news about the teams Arisa announces. Eyeroll. So it’s a bbtakeover??
Sunsetters power behind the throne recap.
Sorry, but Austin wasn’t the queen of the castle… She was playing pattycake in the hoh room obliviously. All. Week.
No sunsetter is on the block, so they are celebrating noms as a win.
SECTION ONE FILLER 99% fillllllller
Rohan says he’s close to Tina, Tera and Kyle. Says he has LaToya. sideye.
Josh more solo talk. Outcast. Wants to be a gardener planting seeds.
Vic loses a flip flop in the ball pit. dives for it.
The now Jed wants a turn with Beth segment. Beth likes Ty more.
SECTION TWO (filler and game) The First Flip Talks
Tiktok messages reveal.
Sunsetters flip talk the first one. The LaToya and Tina are AGAINST IT one.
Not the one LaToya pushed so much on yesterday. This is why I figured it was more about who gets to determine the moves than who gets voted out.
Arisa said moving out, not going home. Interesting.
SECTION THREE Josh Campaigns followed by Josh Campaigns again
How the vote MIGHT play out segment.
Josh is going to Karenoia the house (remember season 5?). Start with Jed. smart. Thanks Kiefer for giving him the idea who to start with and what to push.
House meeting. a boring house meeting. That was pointless actually.
Hole digging.
Josh Campaigns again. To a selected audience…suggested by Kiefer.
LaToya changes her mind after being THE MOST against the first flip.
Arisa says who is safe and who is out. still not who is going home.
no questions. plead your case speeches again. I almost preferred the questions.
JOSH: keep me i wanna play
RO: you’re beautiful
Ky: josh Brey: josh Keif: josh Beth: josh Vic: josh one more he heads home Arisa says
Tera: josh Tina: josh TY: josh LaT: josh Jed: josh.
unanimous vote.
Josh is leaving. TINA DIDN’T TELL???? Hmmmmmm. She’s REALLY having issues with her alliance power structure (she was the one that thought keeping the alpha duo to go after the other alpha duo was a good idea)??
JOSHTALK, not joshing. Bloodbath? house divided Josh says.
Now they have to name names.
Josh isn’t outing the 6 that he knows about thanks to Kiefer.
To Arisa. Instead outing the side deals he thinks exist.
the sunsetters are announced in goodbye messages by BETH (paras edit).
TEAMS ARE OVER it’s bbtakeover all over again.
MY prophesy for final vote from Tuesday was wrong. Almost a split vote. but alas just waffles.
HOH DREAM BIG. the olg sponsored HOH.
face off buzzer based on images. A knock out comp. ALWAYS REVEALING.
Kief and Ty. Ty eliminated.
Tera and Breydon. Brey eliminated
Jed and Beth. Beth eliminated.
Tera and Vic. Tera eliminated.
HOH unrevealed.
Notes. notice NOBODY was saying LaToya OR Kyle so far. EVERYONE BUT THEM HAD PLAYED. So, if the winner of the last round (keif /ro) doesn’t pick them… sketch?

oh. I forgot to push post comment. eleven minutes ago. my bad.
was hoping i’d know the HOH so I could post an update chart.


Thanks for this episode update they’re great!

another name

you’re welcome.
sorry yesterday’s was from audio only.
picture was not coming in well due to the weather, I think.

another name


bbcan9 WEEKTHREEA.jpg