“It’s a move on her part.. She’s like Jed come for me Ty kissed me”

Head of Household: Victoria
Nominations: Kiefer and Latoya
The Power of Veto Players are : ?????
POwer of Veto Winner : ????
Power of Veto Ceremony : ????
Have nots: Kyle, Ro, Breydon, Austin

Big Brother Spoilers – Victoria’s HOH is turning out to be great fun. It’s just good classic powershifting feeds right now. I was worried we were going to witness another mega alliance steamroll but that doesn’t look to be the case.. Hurray!

Nomination and Target plans

Victoria is planning on putting Latoya and Kiefer on the block for eviction. She has told Tina, Tera, Kiefer that her target is Latoya. The rest of the house either don’t know or are told her target is Kiefer. Her target is 100% Latoya. Jed, Ty, and Latoya pushed her hard to get Tera up without success. Victoria’s reasons for putting them up are generally considered sound by the house.

Replacement nomination plans

Victoria told Latoya, Jed, Ty if Veto is played Tera is going up and is the target. Of course, this is a lie. I’m not sure who her real backup plan is though. She did swear on her Boyfriends life she wouldn’t put Ty and Jed up. Hopefully, we find out more today because there’s a good chance Latoya wins the veto tomorrow.

10:16 am Ty, Jed, Kyle, and Ro

Ty and Jed claiming they didn’t orchestrate the flip.
Jed says they were in the rooms where people were pushing for him to go but they were not part of that. The people wanting Ro out did not have the votes because Jed and Ty weren’t going to vote him out.

They ask Jed who he would put up
Jed says Tera and Kiefer Ty says he would do the same.
Ro – and you would want Tera out in that scenario
Jed – Tera yeah
Jed – I have no ill will against her it just pains me to see how hard she was trying to get you to go \
Ro says based on the people fighting for the flip he would put Latopya and Tera up.
Kyle says he would put up Latoya based on the flip but not sure about Tera.
Kyle says Latoya was screaming “Yes yes yes” when Kyle was taken out of the HOH.
Jed pushing that Tera was the one pushing for the flip to everyone.
Ro asks if it makes sense to Jed for them to push Tera to go up on the block
Jed isn’t going to tell Ro what to do.
Ro – do you think I should pull Tera aside and call her out one on one
Jed – I mean I wouldn’t really care.. I wouldn’t be surprised if she lied to your face.

Jed – Kiefer coming to tell us you know those guys are coming for you next week
J – we’re like what the f**
Ro – wait did we know that
Kyle – no we don’t know that till now..
Jed – that mean we keep someone that is coming for our heads next week? like what
They talk about Kiefer getting caught “playing everyone”. Jed and Ty tell them that it was Kiefer that told people Ro/Kyle were targeting them

Kyle and Ro say they never talk sh1t about anyone.
Jed says since day one they talked about not gunning after each other.
Jed – two of us are out the other two are massive targets. We need to stick together. we can do our things whatever. play with the relationship we have I feel that there’s bigger fish to fry that isn’t us.
Ro – he tried to play both sides aggressively he just bit off more than you can chew.
Jed – I know we’re going to battle eventually but I don’t want it to be this soon.
Ty goes on about the Tera’s and the Kiefer’s “of the world.. skating by.. to Jury”
They giggle about Ty and Jed kissing Beth
Ty – we don’t kiss we cuddle
Jed – she told me you guys kiss after we kiss
they laugh
Ty says it’s a move on Beth’s part. “It’s a move on her part.. She’s like Jed come for me Ty kissed me”
They laugh
Jed – this love triangle is heating up.

Kyle – is Beth involved in being scared of us. we’re coming after the girls? the girl’s thing is completely false
Jed – I don’t know where jit came from..

10:30 am Tera, Tina and Victoria
Tera says it’s clear what is happening the other side of the house won’t look at her they won’t talk to her and they are slowly pulling people aside but not her.
Tera – it’s fine for next week the heat will be on me instead of you. Nobody is going to be pissed at the Kiefer or Latoya choice. I don’t mind taking their heat.
Tina says she’s also feeling the heat.
Vic – guys you’re on the dominant side of the house don’t worry it’s not happening.
Tina says Ty and Jed are pushing on Kyle and Ro hard right now they’ve been outside of an hour.
Tera says she knew the flip was going to fall on her.
Vic – that’s so unfair Tear.
Tera – that’s Ok it’s a game.
Vic – there is nothing they can say or do to change my mind Latoya can not win this POV
Tera doesn’t think the house will be pissed at her for this move.

Vic – I’m hearing that Kyle is talking all this sh1t about me. I’m like oh my god
Tera – don’t believe it
Tina agrees
Vic – I know.. I do not believe that I’m choosing this side of the house.
Tera says they are coming after her and Tina then Kyle and Ro.
Tera says if she can make a really big move now that doesn’t get blood on her hands that is really good for them they’ll secure the numbers.
Tina – it’s good for our numbers but also good for your game
Vic – if we can get rid of Latoya this week then they only have each other and we’ll have Kiefer.
Tina and Tera both say Latoya has been cold to them today.
Vic – she’s told to me every day like you know what I mean?
Vic – we just need to get Latoya out this week then they’ll be like chickens with their heads cut off
Vic – the goal is Latoya and that needs to be a secret. Not talked about
Tera – I was not the one that was telling you (Latoya) to campaign so hard for f**ing Josh
Tera – I told her a couple of times she should back off this.. I don’t think we should be doing this for Josh
Vic – that’s going to be in my speech.. I’m going to be chill I don’t want her to know she’s my target.
Victoria comments about how nervous she is about the nominations

Vic – Kiefer has got to go but really it’s you HOE (Damn Vic you are great!)
Vic – we’re going to feel much better when she goes we don’t need that vibe.
Tera and Tina leave to do their morning walks.

11:19 am Austin, Kyle, and Breydon
Feeds cutting a lot on this conversation just getting scraps. They are talking about Beth kissing Ty and Jed on various nights and Beth telling Jed last a couple of nights ago.
Austin – apparently he found out after their second nighttime make out

They talk about how Latoya is pissed. Kyle says she won’t even say good morning to him.
Kyle – I’m not sure why she is so upset with me.
Feeds flip to Kiefer and Beth talking. They are talking about the replacement nominee they have no idea.

Tina joins them and acts like she doesn’t know who the noms are.
Beth says Latoya and Kiefer are going up
Tina – I thought she said it was between Latoya and Breydon
Keifer – I heard Breydon
Beth – SHe said Latoya flips the vote too much and Keifer makes things up.
Beth says she’s really trying to put in Vic’s head to put Kyle up as the replacement.

11:31 am Breydon, Austin, Kyle, and Ro

Ro filling them in on Jed and Ty throwing Tera under the bus for everything that happened about the flip.
Ro – I was like it’s not even possible.
Austin – it doesn’t make sense
Breydon says Tera swore on her kid lives
Ro – the orignal two here Ty and Latoya
Kyle – that makes sense to me.
Austin agrees
Ro says Ty is acting dumb right now
Breydon – Ty is dumb
Ro – Ty is dumb he’s a f*ing clown

They are given a 15-minute warning the outside will be shutdown.
Breydon says Ty told him to his face that Kyle isn’t putting any of the guys up he’s going after the girls
Kyle and Ro laugh
Kyl e- do we put Jed and Ty up next week
Ro – ohh yeah if I win I’m putting both of them up
Austin says Beth told her if she was in Vic’s position she would put up Tina and Tera
Ro – Jed said Tera and Latoya
Kyle – they want Tera to go home.

They talk about how rude Latoya is. yesterday morning she asked who was making breakfast when nobody was she made it for herself.

Ro – I’m hoping she doesn’t win the veto.
Kyle – it can’t be Kiefer that would be a waste of Vic’s HOH if Kiefer went home
Austin – it has to be Toya or Ty

(Austin and Breydon’s impersonations are hilarious)

1:08 pm Kief, Tina and Tera
Kief says he thinks if he wins POV Latoya goes home if Latoya wins POV he goes home.
Tera thinks a lot can happen to flip the vote.
Kief says Austin and BReydon seem really close to Vic.

2:39 pm Tina and Tera
Tera saying she won’t be 100% shocked If Vic flips the votes.
Tina – and put us up?
Tina thinks the votes will go up as Vic says. Tina is worried about what happens if Veto is played.
Tera says she’s playing up that she and RO are pissed at each other.
Tina says Jed and Ty are already saying Latoya was pushing for the flip.

5:30 pm Kyle, Tina and Ro
Tina – Vic still going for Latoya?
Ro – or Kief
Tina – I thought she said she wasn’t sure LT or Breydon
Kyle – I think it’s LT and Kief she’s leaning that way yeah
Tina said if you asked her yesterday she would say she feels closer to LT but seeing how she’s acting today.
Ro – I can’t wait to let the tongue loose when this is over.
Ro – they should be and the people watching should be embarrassed for them.
Ro – they pinned everything on Tera and on you by association
Ro – you guys are the fall guys… they spit that outside when we were with them.
Tina – they haven’t spoken two words at all
Ro – the boys haven’t approached you
Tina – no
Ro – you are in the back of their mouths you’re the fall guy so is Terra
Tina – what will she do if one of them gets POV..
They say she hasn’t talked about it yet
Ro – ideally one of the other five (Latoya, Beth, TY, Jed, and Kief)
Ro – she was perfect to win HOH … no-nonsense.

They wonder what Kiefer is doing right now.
Tina – he’s pretty down and out about it
Kyle – he’s 80 steps ahead of where he should be .. people are trying to play too much. Why did you blow up your games for Josh?

Kyle and Ro share some of their conversations with the other side where they told them they didn’t like Vic.
Ro – so we asked them if any one of you (Latoya, Jed, Ty) win HOH it was some combinations of You, Tera, Vic and Kiefer would be the considerations for nominations

Victoria joins them. Says production doesn’t realize how bad her memory is she’s having trouble remembering her lines for the nominations ceremony.
Ro brings up Kiefer telling him he would put up Vic and Tina,
Kyle – he just told Tina that I’m coming after Tina which is laughable
Vic – what is he doing?
Ro – these people have no shame
vic – am I missing something why is that good for his game
Kyle – he said this morning he wants to rebuild his relationship and he then tells Tina I’m going after her.
They talk about Kiefer having potential then bombing it.
Tina – have you thought about who to put up if they win POV
Vic – I haven’t, to be honest.. If I don’t have to I don’t want to
Kyle says next week it’s 6 vs 3 it’s the most pivotal week.
Victoria says if she hadn’t won HOH they would try putting the target on her for the flip (The other side of the house to these folks is Jed, La, Ty, Beth)
Vic – she was trying so hard to flip the vote.
They talk about Latoya trying so hard to flip the vote so early.
Vic – this week it was so unnecessary.. this week to her it will look like a flip but that was the plan the whole time.

Kyle says that side is going to look so stupid when they find out everything they were saying was already known by them.
Ro – they all look really bad right now v
Ro says Beth was making stuff up about him
Vic – it was her?
Kyle – yeah
Ro says Beth hopped in the pantry and tried to get Breydon to flip
Kyle laughs “when Breydon is best friends with the HOH”
Vic – that is the stupidest move I’ve ever heard.
Ro – the plan was to try to get Tina and Tera to flip.. Kief and Beth were voting to keep me so that they would save face to Austin ..
Tina – so me and Tera would take the fall.
Vic – Latoya was BEGGING me to flip.. BEGGING at the top of the stairs

6:04 pm Feeds down.

7:06 pm Tina, Ty, Beth, Jed
Circling the wagons. Talking about how they have to stick together.
Latoya says that Beth has been planting seeds all day “Doing her part.. everybody have”
Jed – I swear to god we never said your name the 6 has been all I have been loyal to the soil. The ones that are up there have said your name to us. People up there when we talk to the boys have said your name. You and tera that was the block plan the whole time if they won HOH. Mulitple times and I hate to throw people under the bus but if they are going to drag us I will jsut drag them. They were the ones..
Tina – they were saying you were the ring leader of you and Tera for sure
Jed laughs
Jed – I said Tera because she said my name multiple times. I never said your name though it was Tera and that was it. I said Tera would be my target and I would put somebody beside her.
Jed – they said you and Tera (who Kyle and Ro want out)
Jed – I know they are trying to pull you in and get you to flip on us they don’t even know you are with us that’s how good we are at hiding the alliance but now it’s coming to bite us that we’re so good at hiding it.
Tina – what if POV is won? it’s talked about someone from this side going up
Latoya – if I come down they are going to put up Jed or TY?
Tina – or Beth (it’s Beth)
L – they’re talking about Beth being an option to go up
Jed – is that Vic or is that all of them?
Tina – I don’t know where it came from to be honest.
Tina – I don’t know if she’ll put Kyle up
Jed – she swore on some deep stuff she would but us up. I don’t know if she will go back on that it’s pretty dark.
Tina – I don’t think she will put you guys up
Ty – Victoria is playing both sides.. she’s talking to both sides and telling both sides what they want to hear. what she does, in the end, is anybody’s guess.
L – maybe so she can get more information?
Ty and Latoya say being honest is hurting their game. (lol)
Ty goes on about being Loyal to their team. “I’m a team player I will never turn my back on someone on my team”
Kiefer joins them. “Latoya and I are going up now I don’t know if I am the target or not.. Doesn’t matter. Had an eerie conversation with Tera. She’s freaking out.. she wouldn’t talk to me she said she’s a pot ready to boil over”
Ty says Tera might still go on the block if they win the veto. (ZOMG)
Tina – I don’t think so
L – that’s what we’ve been hearing
Jed – she’s throwing out names
Tina – so Vic threw out Tera’s name as a replacement
Ty – yeah she did

7:48 pm Ty and Tera
Ty – people are spreading lies
Ty – I feel like looking around you are being pulled in many directions and saying many things
Ty – it’s worrying me that people are spreading lies
Tera says she can’t figure out what is real or BS.
Victoria interrupts. “What’s up”

8:20 pm Tina and Tera
Tina – I’ve never had that many people wanting to have a conversation with me at once my entire life
Tina – NOW they want the conversations.. for f** sakes
Tera – I straight up told TY actions will always speak louder than words.
Tina – I said that same thing down there in the room
Tera – everyone is saying sh1t
Tina whispers something about if that’s where RO is? Tera says yes and suggests they keep their conversation casual.

8:30 pm Austin, Ro, and Kyle
Ro – there’s going to be some fireworks tonight
Austin – you think so
Ro – yeah
kyle – you’re going to cause some
Ro – no no I just walked in on Latoya and Kiefer and they were laughing about something and I was just like alright what’s the joke and Keifer said fireworks we just have to be prepared..
Ro – Ty is hearing his name come out. I f***ed up this morning and told Tina that if the boys won then she would be at risk for going on the block and by Latoya by association would be part of that association so I thin Tina F**ing snaked us and told Latoya that I shouldn’t have trusted Tina like that but She told Latoya and Latoya told the boys.
Ro – Ty is doing damage control now.. I think he’s going to call a house meeting tonight.
Kyle – dude we should be the ones calling a house meeting
Austin – I’m not saying anything I’m just going to sit there.

Austin says they can’t tell sh1t to Tina and Tera “They need to chill the f* out”
Ro – I realize that now and I think it will get called out tonight.
Kyle – to be honest, Jed before the vote told me … I said who would you put up and he said a combination of Vic, Tina, Tera so what you are saying it not not true
Austin – they just need to f***Ing chill out
Ro doesn’t think Tina will vote to evict Latoya, “she votes to evict Kiefer.. am I stupid in thinking that”
Kyle – they’re probably going to flip 16 times before that (LOL)
Ro – I need Kiefer needs to come off the block and we need to put one of the boys up on the block with Latoya
Austin – that would be perfect
Kyle – Latoya / Ty

9:55 pm Feeds return Tina, Tera, Kiefer, Kyle, Ro
Kyle and Ro confront Keifer about the “Fireworks” comment earlier today. Ro walked in on Kiefer and Latoya and he was saying something about Fireworks tonight.
Kief – oh.. no I think that was taken out of context
Ro – what are the fireworks about
Kief – just the POV challenge
Ro – the POV challenge is not tonight though.. You said Fireworks tonight
Kyle – it’s the second week in a row I’m sitting on a couch and people are getting pulled into rooms constently
Kief – it’s Big Brother
Kyle – it’s big brother so I’m not allowed to ask you?
Kief – you are so aggressive..
Kyle – how am I aggressive?
Kief – you’re yelling at me
Kyle – I’m yelling at you?
Ro – we’re just trying to figure out what is going on where are the fireworks?
Kief – I’m on the block… we were just having a conversation not about the game it was personal.
Kief – I’m not saying names..
Kyle – you’re not saying names?
Ro – I heard my name..
Kief – Ro this week I’m not saying names. I’m chilling. If I win POV I stay if I don’t I’m probably going home
Kief – I’m not going to say names

Ro – I’ve heard my name.. from a couple of people. Today.. After we talked this morning about rebuilding.
Kief – Guys I’m not even stressed. Boys if I go home I’m going home
Kyle – I don’t care that you are stressed why would I care that you are stressed.

Kief – maybe this game is not for me you know what I’m saying.. Sounds like your beef is not with me..
Kief – this seems like an interrogation
Kyle – I’m so sick of me not saying any lie about any other person and name getting dragged by lies
Kief – not me
Kyle – By who?
Kief – I’m not saying any lies. I’m on the block what do I have to benefit.
Kyle – everything
Ro – everything
Ro – we have nothing to benefit
Kyle – If I’m not on the block we’re not the target I have nothing to benefit
Kief – ok, I go home you go further in the game that’s a benefit.
Ro – I’m sick and tired of hearing my name today.
Kief – yeah I bet bro
Ro – I’m sick and tired of it because I have done nothing in this game to make anybody distrust me and it’s bullsh1t at this point. I almost went home yesterday straight up everybody knows it.
Kief – and you’re here
Ro – I want one f*ing day to relax and I hear my name 3 times
Kief – Tina have you heard you name today
Tina – every day
Kief – Tera
Kyle – it’s from one crowd

Latoya comes in – we’re not going to gang up on one person because that’s what I’m tired of in this game it is big Brother and you are going to hear your name and people are going to lie everybody’s lying.
Latoya says she’s heard her name in Ro and Kyle’s mouth
L – if anyone is lying in this game it is you
Kyle – tell me how …
L – if anyone is manipulating people it is you. if anybody is following people around in this house it is you
Kyle – tell me how … I’m waiting
L – if anybody is kissing anybody’s a$$ in this hose it is you
Kyle – tell me how I’m waiting.
L – every time there’s an HOh you’re up their a$$ and when they’re not HOh you disappear.
Kyle – go ask Vic about our relationship before she won HOH.
L – everybody knows you are a liar planting seeds..

Feeds cut..

11:00 pm Kyle, Ro, Tera, tina.
Kyle- honestly that had to happen with Latoya she won’t look at us she won’t talk to us.
Kyle says he recognizes when he came into the conversation his voice was elevated.
Tina says the beginning part with Keifer was a bit aggressive
Ro – I hope I was calm in that conversation with Kiefer. Where I wasn’t calm was with Latoya
Tina – and I get that I understand she came in hot you had to defend yourself I get that
Tina – it’s the initial part where two people are coming.. Feeds cut

11:09 pm Kiefer and Latoya
Latoya – they shouldn’t have done that it’s Big Brother
Kiefer – I got emotional I miss my Fam I am fine I feel fine. I didn’t even feel bullied.. I’ve been mean mugged before
Latoya – it was uncomfortable..
Kief – it was hela uncomfortable..
Latoya says Tina and Tera felt uncomfortable.
Kief says he was embarrassed for crying.
Latoya – they shouldn’t have done that.
Kief – thanks for having my back that was dope
Latoya – I got you

11:15 pm Victoria and Kyle
Some retells.
Kyle says Ro is a little bit pissed off at Kiefer coming to him this morning wanting to patch up their relationship and next thing RO hears is Kiefer is throwing him under the bus again. so that frustrated him.
Kyle adds that Ro had heard earlier from Kiefer and Latoya about fireworks tonight so Ro wanted to patch that up.
Kyle – he kinda squashed that
Kyle – then we were llike what’s going on with our names, our names are being dragged for some reason. then Latoya came in and started screaming

Victoria says she missed it she was so “bumped” after the Nomaitnion ceremony she went up to her room to listen to tunes. She thought “you know what I want a bath” so she went downstairs to grab a Smirnoff Ice (Ohh how perfect). “tina’s face was red as an apple I looked at her and was like WHAT’S WRONG and they were like Kiefer just got attacked. I was like what”
Kyle – oh my god he didn’t
Victoria – I was like F*** we’re going to lose them now
Kyle – I don’t think so
Vic – you can’t let that happen. You need to fix it..
Kyle – Latoya can’t be saying what she’s saying
Vic – what she say?
Feeds cut.

11:24 pm Kiefer and Ro
Kiefer doesn’t want to talk to him “I’m at peace with going home.. you guys look so bad right now I might actually stay”
They end up talking for a bit. Kiefer says he’s done with Ro.
Kiefer – mean mugging me like that.. Ro Ro…
Kiefer says he’s not working with Ro he’s done with him.
Ro says Latoya escalated that situation.


midnight – 3 am (Saturday) 

The apology tour continued into the night.

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Sunshine Sparkle Face

did Kief spill that hes the pawn and Latoya is the target to anyone yet?

another name

I really didn’t like the conversation before i went to sleep, where Vic was telling Jed she’d put up Kyle as renom if LaToya won veto, but she’d need LaToya to swear not to pull another vote flip. I’m hoping I was just hallucinating.

Okay, when Austin and Breydon aren’t holed up in the HOH, I like them more. They were really starting to tick me off with their complete obliviousness.

Tina is doing a great job at playing the middle. I’m having a difficult time figuring out where her true loyalties lie. Good for her. I admit, I had low aspirations for her pre feeds. But her ability to not be a name on people’s lips when they are making their target lists is amazing.

The power of a good alliance isn’t how they act when they are in power, but how they act under adversity. With that said, last night, i think the sunsetters are not the great alliance they think they are.

another name

I might miss out on a lot for a couple of days.
What I’m learning today:

  1. Tina isn’t big on staying with Jed and Ty. A four with the others would be okay to her (not ideal, I think she’d prefer Tera in Beth’s spot still).
  2. Beth’s first unforced game error seems to have been trying to get Breydon to flip and vote out Rohan… on his bff Austin’s hoh.
  3. Ty and Jed are getting a little snakey for my taste. I already thought Jed was being a douchecanoe award contestant. But Ty was a surprise. It’s not bad to plan to cover your tracks, it’s bad to plan to cover your tracks by pinning your actions on an alliance mate before they’ve been nominated or veto has happened.
  4. Kiefer really is quite… he could potentially join the hall of fame for bbcan badgames.
  5. Josh, Kyle and Vic had a final three??????? Wut? Okay, the Kyle Josh dynamic that i found so odd last week makes sense. Vic pushing early to keep Josh makes sense. We have some clarification.
  6. A large twitterfaction is going to totally go heavy hatemode on Oddballs. It will end up with some ridic. racial spin that is unwarranted considering it’s got 1 white guy. The rest of the spin will be Vic is being used. Yup. took 30 seconds.
  7. The sunsetters defintely have a “how dare anyone play the game but us” mentality that is really pushing a trigger button in my head. I have a few (as a few seasons leaving comments might have led some to already conclude). If it persists, I can see myself going FULL on anti.
  8. Tina is being pushed pretty hard by the sunsetters. Is pushing Tina hard the way to go with Tina? What Tina should get from this meeting: She told Kief she wasn’t trusting the boys. Hours later group meeting and the boys are asking her about her loyalty to the group.
  9. Tera being left out of the sunsetters meeting after seeing Tina pulled in? Is it Christmas already in the bbcan house? wink emoji
  10. The have nots don’t have to sleep in the ballpit? Okay we know that KyRoAuBrey aren’t the ones they want finding the secret power in the ballpit. What.

Noms still haven’t happened. Tina revealed Beth has entered the renom race if veto is used (did you see the faces on Ty and Jed?) It’s yet ANOTHER sunsetters meeting without Beth.
The Sunsetters still fail to realize they’ve been doing too much unnecessarily in the past week, that has put two of their number in danger? How? How do they not acknowledge the sloppiness of overplaying in week 2 has put some of their number in danger?????

I’m jumping the shark a little on noms, here.
Who knows what happens in the next while before noms, but the feed cut before the sunsetters meeting annoyed me as one of those prodogremlins ‘giving people notes now go get together and do this thing’ moments. Tera reaction was just a bonus.

bbcan9 WEEKTHREEA.jpg
another name

If I’m in the Sunsetters but not in the core (Jed/Ty/LaT) or on the other side of the house (if I’m a houseguest at ALL) and I’m seeing the anxiety level of everyone jumping to protect LaToya… She gotta go.
The house anxiety level has been a living breathing thing today.
If the last 18 hours of angst is any indication of where she sits in the heirarchy? Nope. Gotta go, because what happens if I’m on the block with her ever? Nobody is jumping the same way to protect me. What happens if she stays and decides I gotta go? Nope. gotta go.
Just my thought.

another name

about to leave, and the pantry room broohaha has just been feedblocked.
thought: that was the most useless, pointless argument in bbcan history.
It’s not even about what they are talking about and arguing about.
KyRo aren’t mad about the fireworks comment. They’re mad that Kief has been revealed as the house spy and broken telephone operator.
LaT is mad at Ky because LaT can’t read Ky, and she’s believed too much of the broken telephone operator stories. She needs a target and adversary. She’s decided it’s Kyle.
What this argument does: lowers KyRo’s stats with Tina.
KyRo were already having Tina doubts, but they’ve just put up a bigger barrier with her, she’s going to see this as alphadouche chest thumping.

This argument is as strategically as useful as the housemeeting last week.

ASIDE: the more Kief talks about Caroling himself in Eeyore fashion, the more I think there’s the door. Don’t need to hear about it. Don’t need this to drag out for 20 days like last season. there’s the door. Use it.

another name

Okay. back home briefly, and reviewed the apology tour.


Assessment: The joshing and the house meeting and shunning last week were far closer to the overused b-word than the argument tonight. Get real. Not EVEN close.

Analysis: we caught about, what, five minutes before feeds were down for about forty five? In that five we had a situation that wasn’t overly heated but had the potential to become overheated.
We had the secret officer come in, call for de-escalation… by escalating the tension further by calling out her chosen adversary. Fishy. Tactically Suspect?
Anyone thinking LaToya’s intent was anything other than amplifying that argument into a full blown house drama… i call bullshit on that. She tactically listened at the door, chose her moment, and went in with the intent of increasing the drama.
Great game move, tactical. Intentional. 100 percent. She’s trained to de-escalate hostile situations. Doing otherwise (going against training ie learned behavior) shows her intent was to increase the heat for game purpose. Including, if the retells are right, throwing the overused bb “B” word into the mix.
I’m with Breydon, some aspect of that was a set up, and Kyle and Ro jumped in.
All the (shudder, I hate using this word) Bully talk? tactic. Because it wasn’t a Bully situation.

So why is Kiefer playing it up? He said so himself after: I think that helped our block situation. three times. If being the house spy didn’t work, He’s found his new tactic: He’s going to be house eeyore. I’m not devaluing his experience or his perception. I’m saying that he and his alliance being pleased it happened so that they can claim, in their words. a perceived assault, is pretty yuck. Claiming the moral high ground in the midst of admittedly being pleased so that they can use it? that’s yuck. That’s got him teetering on my nope list level yuck.

Am I the biggest KyRo fan? No. I think they need to coordinate, chill, and not be big reaction types. They are not that, at all. I highly doubt both make jury. The apology tour wouldn’t have even happened if Vic hadn’t popped in and told them that the b word was being pushed as house narrative. Were they too much and douche? Oh ya. big. biiig. was it a situation that merits the bb b word? No.

Am I the biggest LaToya fan? No. overplaying. dismissive. pushy. but do I think she’d be one of the greats if she were less pushy? Actually probably would. Yes. She has EVERY box ticked, but she requires followers, not equals in her alliance and decision making. She has great instinct. She demands and gets respect. But chill out or burn out, and she’s playing like she aims for burn out.

And in the midst of the drama…. god love a duck… Au and Brey are back to obliviousness… wishing they’d thought to bring a jump rope with them to the house. Lowers head. Shakes head. Looks back up. Yup. That’s what they’re doing. sideye. Welllll, nobody’s gonna pin being a game threat on them too quick. Wow. One or both of them will make jury for… that.


Good riddance to Josh


Ty sank his game for what?
Thankfully people see what’s happening around them for the most part.