Tina to Ro “Take it easy these next couple of days”

Head of Household: Victoria
Nominations: Kiefer and Latoya
The Power of Veto Players are : Latoya, Kiefer, Austin, Ty
POwer of Veto Winner : Jedson
Power of Veto Ceremony : ????
Have nots: Kyle, Ro, Breydon, Austin, Jed

Last night we had a bit of a dust-up between Kyle/Ro and Latoya/Kiefer Followed by Ro and Kyle pulling everyone aside one on one to explain their case aka “the apology tour” . Victoria’s HOH has been some fun. I’m going to relax today and have some Smirnoff Ice .. LOL

Power Of Veto Players

Latoya, Kiefer, Austin, Ty, Jed

Veto plans

Obviously, if Latoya or Kiefer win they will use the veto on themselves. Now in light of the pantry room “integration,” I’m not sure who the replacement will be.  Latoya is going to fight like hell to stay. If she’s willing to go to such lengths last week to flip the house to keep Josh who knows what she will do to save herself. Should be more good feeds.

8:15 am Everone sleeping

9:07 am lights on.

9:30 am Ro and Tina
Chit chat
Ro saying these last 2 weeks have been high stress for him being on the block twice and the near flip the other day.
They agree the house needs to step away from the game for a little bit,

10:00 am Tina and Ro
Dog chit chat.. Tina has 3 dogs. Ro has never had a pet but would like a dog… They
Tina – take it easy these next couple of days
They talk about the pantry room briefly
Tina – that sh1t gets really heightened when you’re actually going in and interrupting someone’s conversation..
Ro – I don’t want Kiefer to go obviously if someone is done with the game they’re done with the game.
Tina asks Ro what he will do when Big Brother is over
Ro – call my parents first see what’s up
Tina – you going to take some downtime
Ro – Yeah some downtime.. I’m not going back to work the next Monday
Tina – it’ll be hard to get back into a full routine

Ro says if he gets out pre-jury he’ll watch the show as it happens if he stays until jury he’ll give it a couple of months before watching.

10:10 am Breydon and Vicotria
Breydon – it’ll be ok
Vic – it has to
Breydon – 1 hundo
Vic – how was your room last night
Breydon – honestly it was fine. Ro and Latoya were talking they were like Cackling together
Vic – No they were not
Breydon – yes
Vic – that’s good
Breydon – I was like thank god .. Kiefer was chiming in they were all cackling.

10:10 am Jed and Latoya
L – Kyle was genuine
Jed – I think that is who he is
L – yeah yeah
Jed – Whereas RO I don’t know
L – Ro isn’t. Ro really didn’t apologize to Kief he just got defensive.
Jed -he shifted the blame said it was warranted you escalated
L – that is what he’s saying.
Jed – I said to him it wasn’t a good look it rubbed people the wrong way. He said he’s going to talk to you today
L – I don’t think I escalated I saw something and stepped in
Jed – a lot of people wanted to do what you did
L – yeah but they just froze and stood there. I’m not that person I don’t stand by and watch people that’s not me.
Latoya points out that Tera walked out.

L – they (Tina/Tera) should have stepped and made it stop
Jed – they looked guilty by association
L – that is what it looked like I didn’t know they were in there.

10:45 am Feeds blocked

12:46 pm Feeds were on for a bit then blocked again.

1:30 pm Ty, Kief, and La
Latoya says Austin has cramps isn’t feeling well
Ty – Austin won’t win. One of us will win.
L – Yeah
Keif – I’m not going to throw it but it’s better for you or Jed.
Ty – we protect two people instead of one
Kief – she promised you or Jed that she wouldn’t put you up
L – that promise doesn’t stick
Kief – She said on some dark sh1t though
L – Doesn’t matter we don’t trust her
Kief – we can use that as fuel
Ty – who does she put up when we take Latoya down
L – I don’t trust her. She’s playing with them she’s on their side for sure. I’m starting to think I’m her target.
Ty – I think so too
Kief – when I talked to Kyle and Ro adamant it wasn’t me
Ty – it’s you
L – she’s a big Brother superfan she wants to make big moves
Ty – who is the next biggest threat to her?
Ty – is it me and Jed? not Tera
L – she picked Tera to host. It’s not Tina?
Ty – who does she put up
Kief – Beth
TY – F*** you think?
Kief – mmmhmmm
Latoya doesn’t think Jed or Ty will go up, “She doesn’t want that fire”
Kief – with another conversation I had with Tina and Tera we have them
Latoya – I think so too
Kief says Tera wants to ride with them and he believes her.
Kief – even if we lose me or Beth..
Ty – and me.. you all have to take out Vic
L – we have to she’s been lying to us . She’s been lying to everybody.
Latoya says Vic has no loyalty once the other side is down she will jump ship.
Ty – I noticed I can see it.
L – the good thing is she doesn’t know we are allied with Tina or Beth so that limits her choices
Ty – who does that leave?
Kief – Tera
Ty – that’s not a big move
Kief – she might think that’s what she needs to get me out.

Tina joins them.

Latoya going on about Vic not putting Tina or Tera up.
They start talking about Vic putting up Breydon in the hopes to guarantee Kief/Latoya leaves
Kief – we kinda got best-case scenario with the picks for POV.. and Austin is on slop
Latoya – she’s on slop and has cramps

4:00 pm What’s the last 3 hours been like?
Some retells about the pantry.
Chit chat
Trying to figure out who the replacement nomination is.

From what I can gather Last night’s rumble isn’t changing Victoria’s plans. Latoya is still the target, If the veto is played I’m feeling Beth will go up but there’s whispers that Ty might.

4:30 pm Chit chat chilling before Veto

Breydon, Kyle, Austin, Ro, Tera and Jed

8:53 pm Feeds have been down for a while.

10:30 pm Feeds return Jedons wins!

10:38 pm Victoria, Austin, Breydon, Kyle
Victoria – I am going to make a big move this week.
Victoria is going to put up Ty if Veto is played.
Victoria – he’s going to be mad
Breydon doesn’t think he will.
Vic – alright guys I’m making a big move this week.
Vic – Canada is watching and I made it clear I don’t want a flip on my HOH
Kyle says Latoya is going to promise not to flip.
Vicotria says last week the night before the eviction they all swore up and down that they weren’t going to flip then 20 minutes before the vote Latoya storms into the room saying they need to flip.
Vic – I can’t risk that I’m a super fan of the show Canada heard what I said I would be damned if there was a flip on my HOH..
Victoria explains how she’ll tell Latoya she has the votes to keep her safe this week everyone wants Kiefer out.
Kyle – it’s kinda cool to be part of a blindside.

Victoria says she swore on her family pictures to Ty and Jedson they wouldn’t go up
Vic – that’s before you went around telling everyone I’m a mastermind of the game ty.. and Also it’s a game
Breydon – it’s a game
Kyle says TY told him he would put up a combination of Tina, Tera, and you.
Vic – I want Latoya gone
Kyle – Dude I hate her
Austin says the only way Jed and TY knew to connect to her was through Flirting, “they don’t care”
Vic – Latoya or Ty are going home this week. and it’s going to be for me
Austin – Bad b1tch
Vic – I just want to be remembered and make it to jury
(Victoria is the best. she did tell Jed and Ty they wouldn’t hit the block.)

11:03 pm Kief and Latoya
Trying to figure out what to do.
Kief – there’s something telling me that Jed isn’t using that veto.
Latoya – I am the target. if I’m not the target why are you so bummed about me coming off the block.
Kief – Vic kinda played it good
Latoya – I don’t think she likes my relationship with the other boys
Kief – she’s jealous
Latoya – so far we’ve done pretty damn good.. (week 2)
Kief – every week we’re navigating through an eviction. If we can make it past this week we can take over.
Latoya says it’s been an uphill battle for them.
Kief – She’s such a wildcard. whoever is sitting next to me is going to suck. It’ll be Tina, Tera, Breydon or Beth (ZOMG! breydon?)
Latoya questions why Vic is close to Kyle and Ro and why is Vic putting those two guys ahead of Breydon.
Kief – I’m not even going to talk to Vic.. I don’t need to right?
L – wait till the POV after the POV still talk to her.
K – Yeah
Kief – I know Ty is stressing because he thinks he’s going up.
L – you think so
Kief – he doesn’t know where vic’s head’s up she puts anybody up she breaks a promise..
Kief – ohh what a dream it would be if she puts up Kyle or Ro
(those pants are a mess)

11:24 pm Jedson and Tera
Jedson – I’m using the veto
Tera – Ohh you are using the veto.. You won the veto you absolutely should. I heard possibly me or Breydon could go up but that’s not set in stone. You earned the veto yo deserve to use it.
Jedson hasn’t heard any names for replacement so she’s not sure where her head is at.
Jedson – I would have to use it on Latoya
Tera – how would you feel if she put up someone like Ty
Jedson – I would feel betrayed

11:40 pm Chit chat

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another name

Heading back out for most of the day.
Is it just me, or did they wake them up earlier than usual? Probably just me.
Looking back a bit:
So they’re really trying to push that showmance along for screentime in episodes aren’t they? about an hour of just the two of them late at night (late as in Ika and Cassandra season 4 late night chat sessions late) without a bed call. I see you prodogremlins.
Ty wants to antagonize Kyle with bully talk to get him going.
Beth found her crusty contact lens that’s been missing. She can’t wait until Kyle is on the block. She says he tried to cuddle with her… we must have missed that. I wouldn’t be surprised…. But I doooooon’t think the situation is quite like she’s making it out to be. Beth the poor innocent flower trying to defend her virtue is a little much. More power to having a healthy libido, she’s single. All the kudos. let all your flags fly. Same time… her take on her and Kyle is suspect. Totally different story than her bffchatting on the subject last week with Austin. hmmm.

Breydon reporting that Kief and Ro were joking and cackling after lights out… oh. okay.

LaToya saying she didn’t escalate anything to Jed. oh. riiiiiiiiight. right there in the manual for pacifying a hostile situation the first rule in the handbook is go in and antagonize one of the parties. If i’m ever held in a hostage situation, anyone but LaToya for negotiator. I mean…. what is she from the Fifth Element school of diplomacy? She’s well aware she went in loaded for bear.

Tina saying when someone comes in and jumps into the situation interrupting the conversation really heightens things. I sooooooooo want her to say that to LaToya. Pretty please. I’ve been good. just give me this prodogremlins. evil snicker.

If they follow usual pattern Pov choices somewhere between 12 and 2. with about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours block? veto played evening for anywhere between 3.5 and 6 hours of block? So great. I should be getting home right about the time veto might be ending. cool.

oh come on

those veto picks seem a lil fishy to me

another name

Season 7 they showed, on feeds, that the veto picks are a bit of a fraud, predetermined as part of storyline.
On feeds season 7, friday night, the schlumpy eeyore of the season goes into the pantry and finds a clothing rack of costumes. looks through for their own costume saying the names aloud. gets mad and semi tantrums because after listing the names, says they don’t get one and felt excluded. The next day the names listed by the whining one are the picks for veto.

Guy From Canada

So in past years the BBUSA picks the medallions used to be indented and you could feel the houseguest you were picking, that’s why they flipped to that silly box down south. I agree the veto picks are fishy, if Austin loses and Jed or Ty win, it will really show their cards if they use the veto. I’m not sure how this will play out, but I hope Jed or ty win, take down latoya, and all out war erupts diving the house for some good game play.


beth reminds me of haleigh from bb20, jumping from lap to lap and bed to bed.


I would say BB4 Ashley is more accurate

oh ya

i thought getting Latoya out this week wouldve been great, but getting Ty out this week is spectacular!!

another name

Okay, by show of hands, who here felt like vomitting when Beth and Vic might have made a final two, and Vic suggested Beth/Ty/Jed/LaT come up to the HOH to form a group?
No really, that grossed me right out. Let’s hope the name Vic came up with for that final two was “NOPE”.
Is it smart for Vic to cut the house in half to have a two side battle? It’s smart for the house in some ways, but IS it smart for Vic? For her game, not so much. But she’d probably not be 100% blamed anyway. LaToya will convince herself it was Kyle. LOL.
Does Vic out to Jed that it was Austin that suggested Ty as a nom if LaToya came down?
No filter. Probably.
If she doesn’t… The sunsetters come to the conclusion that Vic is under the thrall of KyRo, and doing their dirty work. This is contingent on Ty actually being the renom target. I’m not sold.

Who didn’t expect Tera to follow Tina back to the land of the Sunsetters?
It’s coming. We know it’s coming.
Realistically, and this is me just being 100% logic:
you are playing an individual game.
you are sitting in the middle of the house.
Is is realistic to just play majority float when it comes to voting?
Not long term. For say two weeks, to see who is in power and which way the power is going to shift. Play the long game of swinging for 2 weeks? I actually think Tina has the capacity to play a reasonable old style float game. Tera? Not so much.
I wonder if Tina and Tera will have a hard time for another reason this week? They both promised Kiefer they would not vote him out, unless he himself TOLD them to. Can’t be preaching about honesty and loyalty in the game and then turn around and… oh wait: That’s big brother. It’s only bad when other people do it.

Tina and Tera have come to the conclusion that Jed might have said their name to KyRo, but only to KyRo to throw them off the scent (no Tera, you were a target for all of Jed/Ty/Beth because Jed didn’t like you, you said his name as a pawn). Tina and Tera have come to the conclusion that Ro must have told Kief he’d put them on the block, and meant it. Self delusion as perception in order to make a decision easier. That’s what it is.

If Tina knew Kiefer said she jumped ship to Ty? That would be worse for the sunsetters than Ty telling LaToya that Tina flipped. I don’t think LaToya would buy it, or accept it. But if Tina heard about it? Fireworks in her brain.

What are the chances that Tina thinks of herself and says we’ve been keeping the alphas to target each other, if one of them is on the block let’s take him out?
That is if she uses her own brain and doesn’t let LaToya steamroll her. Left to her own devices, I think Tina might vote out one of the four guys. She doesn’t want them at the end.

Big physical guy in a showmance.
Really? There’s a question? Logically: buh bye. Big Brother Logically? Oh we gotta save him. Can’t beat him in the endgame comps…. better keep him. Big Brother logic baffles me.

Chances Vic would go through with it?
Not so sure about that. I still say Vic could squirrel at any moment.

Aside: When LaToya told Kiefer they’ve had the hard road this season????? Majority in numbers, THREE secret agents running around gathering your minions…and you’ve had to scrape??? Lady, who are you kidding?

The big hard road that the Sunsetters have faced this season so far is, sorry to tell you, 100% on LaToya’s shoulders and Kiefer’s shoulders.

She has pushed so hard to get her way, even 180ing on the vote flip last week before and after veto. When the alliance says “we all 6 agree or we don’t do it, and we have to decide by Midnight on Wednesday” who is pulling people aside ten minutes before the eviction taping on Thursday, telling them to flip the vote? Two weeks running, and it’s week three.

Kiefer? why do I say it’s also on his shoulders? Dude. He’s been running back 4 day old information as new facts, guessing what people would do, and presenting it as fact, and presenting his perception as conclusions. He did it the entire week last week. He’s told them he’s their master spy, and instead of telling them up to date info, he’s selling them his suggestions and theories as facts.

I still feel the possibility of Squirrel week.

Just Sayin'

I love the chaos vic brings, but seriously, if she was actually a super fan then she would know that we love to see a last minute flip. The more she days she’ll be dammed if there’s a flip…. the more I want her to be blindsided haha

another name

Of the guys left in the game, I’m thinking this is my order of preference in relation to what i consider strategic, social, and x factor (subjective)
Ty>Kyle>Brey>Jed/Ro tie>Kief
Ty and Kyle’s games, in my opinion, are far better without Jed and Ro. Both are more problematic in my subjecitivty points when with their partner.
Brey does far better in strategic category when he is away from Austin. his x factor? His impressions of people are amazing. He did a great Josh, and his Jed is so spot on.
My subjectivity part is what sinks Jed and Ro so much. They just skeeve me out enough that I could never support them in the game.
Kief? I just don’t see the point. Once he started Caroling… what’s the point?

That said, The gamer part of my brain says if you have the chance to take out a team leader or a powerhouse perceived player… you vote them out.
If you can’t beat them in the end game… they gotta go.