“I believe what Josh says.. even on the couch I believe what he said”

Today Josh is making the rounds campaigning to everyone. There’s a flip in the air.

10:02 am Jed and Beth
Talking about Tera “100%” going up based on her “Slipping up” telling Jed he would be the replacement nomination. Jed says Vic would be the Pawn.
Beth says Victoria just wants to make it to the jury.
Jed – If I put up VIc and Tera and Tera took herself off who do I put?
Jed – -t has to be Kyle?
Beth – unless you want to throw out a curveball and it’s Tina because we have the numbers
Jed – that’s dark

10:20 am Tina and Tera

Tera – I’ve been playing dumb about that flip..
When I say I will never lie to you I will never lie to you it is not good for my game to lie to you we need to be on the same page

Tina – if i hear something that directly relates to you I will let yo know
Tera says they are on the outskirts .. “I hope Josh makes way more waves today ”
Tina – he made his pitch to me today
Tina adds that Josh’s is saying he’s going after the people that voted against him
Tera – I wish he wasn’t against Ro I would like to keep him.. We don’t have the names to muster anyways

They’ve named their alliance T’N’T
Tera – these kids are driving me nuts..
they laugh
Tera is worried about how close Beth is to the boys.
Tinna – be careful what you say to Beth
Tera – if one of us wins HOH oh my god the BS that will come

11:00 am Josh, Tina, Latoya and Tera
Josh gives his pitch. Josh’s pitch is he’s always going to be a massive target in the house. He’s only asking 6 people for his vote and if those 6 people vote to keep him he will never mention their names until all the rest of the people are gone.
Josh – My target is 100% not because she put me on the block that was a smart game move for her. It’s because she f**ed me over with other things that is the truth.
His 6 are Tina, Tera, Latoya, Kiefer, Tychon and Jed. The other people would be considered on the block
L – if we were to keep you we make Austin our enemy doing that .. we openly because we are keeping you here knowing you after her..
Josh – they are going to go after me first.. let’s be real

They tell him his campaign is not terrible he’s made some valid points.

Tina, Tera and Latoya
Talking about flipping the house.

L – do not tell anybody about his pitch
Tera – what do you think about it
L – it’s very good
Tina – it’s a good pitch

Latoya – he makes a good point Tina..
Tina – he does ..
L – it’s best for our game
Tina – getting the guy out

They sound convinced that taking RO out this week is the better play for the girls. Latoya reiterates that Josh’s pitch is good and if you put your emotions aside it’s the right play. She thinks Jed and Tychon will be receptive to it. “They may say Hmmmm… makes sense buddy regardless of what they say yesterday”
Tera says they need to wait until Josh pitches to Jed/Ty because if they aren’t keen on the idea the three of them can’t go against the house.
Tina says she feels like she can beat Josh in a competition but against Ro she feels less confident, “If it’s physical”

Latoya says this will rub Austin the wrong way and that is someone she didn’t want to be battling this early in the game.
L – She’s not on my radar right now..
L – his pitch is so good it’s perfect timing

Tina – “I believe what Josh says.. even on the couch I believe what he said”
Tera – some of it was assumptions and bullsh1t but not everything he said was made up.
Tina – Ro told me he was going to try and convince Josh to get him to pick him for Power of Veto.
Tina – that’s true Ro told me that.. Ro was going to win the power of veto and say he was going to take Josh down and not do it.
Tina says after what she said on the couch she cannot trust Ro any longer, “not that I trust him anyways.. it just proved there was some truth in what Josh was saying”

Latoya says Josh was the one that started the conversation about pretty boy 2.0 but I do believe that Austin initially believed it and was on board for it but really did let Josh take the complete fall Austin also was a fault for some of it.
Latoya adds that Austin didn’t have the votes to put up Jed that is why she back away.

Latoya – Everybody is afraid to put up Jed..
They talk about how ridiculous Jed was yesterday calling the house meeting.
Tina says she is a bit worried about the Ty, Kyle, and Jed forming up with them to get rid of Ro.
Latoya isn’t worried about it “Kyle doesn’t trust Jed and Ty”
Latoya says none of the guys want to go after each other.

Tina – if they decide to do it instead of it being just the 6 that he’s talking about is there anyone else we can pull …
Latoya – we can get him more votes.

11:37 am morning workout (this is such a good idea)

12:20 pm Josh campaigns to Jed

12:30 pm Tina and Jed

Not sounding like they are for the flip.

12:42 pm more talk about the flip. Latoya still sounds onboard.
Latoya – the only concern I have is Josh needs to stop saying Austin is his target. If we keep him it will make us seem like we’re against Austin.. I don’t want it to pin us against Austin.
Kiefer says he is “tight” with Ro and Kyle so it’ll be sticky for him but if the vote is tight he would vote out Josh and say he didn’t.
Latoya – “we can replace your vote with Beth”
Kiefer – for my game it’s better to have Josh here than ro

They agree that some of the stuff Josh said yesterday was true.

1-2:30 pm There’s been some feed blocking and a lot of waffling back and forth.

2:30 pm Latoya and Tychon
Talking about what to say to Austin to cover for Josh staying.
L – there’s a slim chance he will win HOH.. I can explain to her why it is best for my game because Kyle and Ro are coming for me.
T – we just need Jed and Beth on board
Tina joins them.
L – Kief didn’t give out our name. Kief said when you look around the house who do you see as an interest group.. we need a pair to leave. The way Kief broke it down to Josh.. he didn’t give our names he broke it down for JOsh.. He made him come up with it but he planted the seed he (josh) doesn’t think we are in an alliance he thinks we’re in different groups.
(she explaining how Kiefer planted the seed in Josh to make the pitch)
Ty – the only people that are for sure keep RO safe are Austin, Kyle, Beth and Breydon. Austin doesn’t get a vote
Tina – are you onboard with the RO vote now
Tychon – 100%
Tina – tera just said to me now I will vote the way you vote
Latoya – Ro is going after you Kyle is after me
Tina – after hearing my name is being thrown around then hands down.. (Get rid of Ro, she heard Ro said her name)
L – I know Kyle is going after the girls.
L – Kief worked his genius (about initiating the flip)
L – we talked about the vote is going to have to be 7 to 3
Ty – if any of us win HOH next week we’ll put up Josh
L – It’ll have to be Kyle, Brey, and Kief to vote to keep Ro we want Kief to be good with Kyle cause he’s the one getting all the information and bringing it back
Ty – and we want Beth to be good with Austin
Tina – do we just deny our votes?
Ty – we don’t have to lie the only people that have to lie are Kief and Beth
L – Kyle and Ro are more of a threat now.. my gut is telling me Josh won’t go against his word
Tina – yeah
Ty leaves “I’m going to get some eater.. I love it though”
Tina- do you think Ty can get Jed onboard?
L – yeah, maybe
Kief joins them.
K – Josh’s pitch was to go after the guys and Latoya. He thought they were the big three. I was like but like they aren’t the ones that are putting you on the block so I got him to organically pair the house into groups he thought were working in a group.
Kief – he put you (tina) and Tera in a group, Latoya, Jed, and Ty as a group, and me as a floater. He said he wants to carry me as far as I CAN GO like dead ass that is what he said to me

Kiefer – I planted those seeds early like a long time ago. I’ve been working with Josh since day one.. why not everyone views me as a floater. It still doesn’t expose the six (if they keep Josh)
Kiefer – I’m still fine if we vote out Josh
Latoya – they are both on the table
K – it was a good game move for me in my head
Kiefer – if ro stays I can continue to work with Ro and Kyle and I’m in with them. They think I am with them. It benefits me both ways. It doesn’t benefit you if Ro stays
Tina said Tera just told her right now that she will vote any way Tina votes.

(I’m not capturing all the conversations, obviously everyone is talking up a storm about this potential flip. I’m sure it’ll flip back and forth all day and night 🙂 )

5:10 pm Jed and Tychon game talk
They start off talking about Kyle wanting to put up Tina and Tera.
Ty – if we take out Ro
Jed – it’ll still be those to.
Ty – we could live with that
Jed – Tina would have to chill out with that. She will freak out.
They agree it would be Tera they voted out. They wonder if Victoria could be used as a pawn. Jed is worried she would stop trusting him.
Tychon – Austin is going to be pissed.
Jed says if he puts up Tera and VIC and someone comes off he’ll have to put up Kyle.
Jed – that would be very telling what is going on.. people will be like why didn’t you out up Tina, Beth.. Austin.. Austin was saying your name apparently.
Jed – Ro is feeling it.. He’s not feeling fully confident.
Ty – how could you, I wouldn’t
Jed says Josh is playing a good game all of a sudden.
Ty – I didn’t know Kiefer was helping him as much as he was.
Ty – Kiefer is playing a really smart game to
Jed says that Kiefer gave Josh those names. Josh didn’t make that up that was a lie. Josh never looked at the house and paired it like that. (Apparently, Latoya told him this)
Ty – Kiefer wasn’t straight about it which is strange to me
Jed – he doesn’t know we know he said that for real
Ty – it gave me a vibe is he trying to trick us to do what is best for him only
Jed – exactly
Ty – when I play the numbers out
Jed – I just don’t like how he tried to hide that.. what else are you trying to hide
Ty – the move is better for him than us
Ty – it is better if we kept Josh.. for you to
Jed says they will need to talk to Kyle. If everyone is voting for RO to go he’ll not want to be the rogue vote.
Ty – why do we owe him an explanation?
Jed – it would be safe our face with him. this is better for all of our games. WE kinda have a truce with him.. with him only not RO
Jed – Kiefer really worries me with his mouth.. he over talks. I’m worried with him being in a room with Kyle and all of them.
Jed – I’m worried about Josh.
Ty points out taking out Ro is one less number for that side.
Ty – he worries me.. you know who else worries me is Beth winning HOH she has to put him up.
Jed – he will be pissed
Ty – potentially expose us
Jed – and switch

9:00 pm Latoya, Tina, Kief and Tera
Talking about flipping the house and keeping Josh. Standard waffling.
Latoya – if RO stays you know Ro will put you (Tera) up
Kief – I’m game 6-4
Latoya – they are trying to get rid of the girl’s point-blank period.

Tera asks them to tell her when they are ready to make the final call on the vote.
Tera – I just can’t see Jed doing it voting to keep Josh..

Tina leaves.
Tera – I’m a little bit choked we brought Beth into this..
Tera – Vic knows about this?
Kief – she’s sixth
Tera – Beth disguises her vote?
Kief – I have to disguise my vote
Tera – I want to disguise my vote
Kief – then lie

Tera – I can’t see RO is coming after me.. where did that come from?
Kief says he almost made an alliance with a name between RO, Kyle, and himself “that’s how real it was”
L – do you feel comfortable voting Ro out
Tera – I feel like I don’t have a choice
L – Tera you do have a choice because if you aren’t on board it won’t happen. we can’t do it without you. If you keep Josh you don’t have to worry about Ro coming for you if you keep Ro, Ro and Breydon are coming for you.
Tera is surprised those two are coming after her.
Tina comes back.
Tera – am I going to make this decision without having a conversation with them
Latoya – YES it will show your cards
(Tera will talk to RO by the end of the night)

9:32 pm Ty and Tera
Waffling ..
Ty – does RO put you up if he wins HOH
Tera – that is what everybody is saying because of this flip I can’t have a conversation with RO I have to take someone’s word?
Tera – aren’t you worried? the breakdown of these six votes.
Tera – the people that are going to take the heat for it? YOu are the biggest dude in our room.
Ty – you, Jed, Tina, and Victoria
Tera – how does Jed feel?
Ty – Jed’s entertaining it.. he’s back and forth just like me we are all 50/50 ..

10:00 pm Jed and Ty
Jed – I would rather RO win over josh (HOH)
Jed says Josh is going to be a “Block Star” if you are on the block against him you are going home.
Ty – we don’t even have the votes for sure (to keep Josh)
Ty – we have to rely on Tera’s vote and Vic?
Jed – are those the most reliable people
Ty – no
Jed – NO imagine if it was a tie or we lose..
Jed – I think Latoya is making this move for herself because if Kyle wins HOH he’s not coming for me he’s going for her and Breydon.
Beth joins them. They continue to go on about getting Josh out being better for the two of them.
Ty – we have a better chance at predicting what people do by sending Josh home.
Jed – I agree

Ty said he just spoke with Kief a couple of hours ago and he was wanting to vote out Josh.
Jed – He f**ing came up with it
Ty – I know.. there’s too much blood being spilled for what?
Ty – I think Kyle should go before Ro honestly and we don’t have to take out Kyle ..
Beth – this is the best move f**ing ever for my game.. getting RO out.

Jed – that’s going to be our alliance name Blacked .. Blacked Beth .. (Blacked is a type of porn)
Beth – oh my gosh you f***s I’m going to rewatch this is going to be it this whole game. LAughing about Beth..
Jed – Bathtub Beth..
They laugh.

Austin comes in they keep talking about getting Josh out.

10:40 pm Tina and Tera

Tina – I think the guys are leaning to evict Josh. I just had a quick conversation with Ty
Tina – it might be better for us
Tera agrees.
Tina – we now have to try and convince Latoya
Tina doesn’t want Latoya to be pissed at her. Tera doesn’t think this will be a problem.
Tina – we can work on our relationship with those two, (Kyle/Ro)

Ro joins them. Says there’s a weird vibe “If you guys vote for me to stay then I stay”
Tera – I don’t think people know about us four working together .. (Tina, Tera, Ro, Kyle?)
Tera – I didn’t want you to be on the f**ing block.
Tina – so you have the votes
Ro – yeah..
Tera – other than me and Tina who do you 1000% feel good with?
Ro – I have Breydon, Kyle, Victoria and I have Kiefer so two of you make six. Even if it’s 5 I have Austin. She just told me she would break it in my favour. You guys tell me if there were any whispers? It feels weird.
Ro – Am I getting PAranoid
Tina – everybody is getting paranoid.
Ro – you two and Kyle are my only loyalty

Ro – I’m pretty sure I have Latoya too she told me I didn’t have to campaign to her.
Tera – how do you feel about Breydon
Ro – I feel good about Breydon we have a good relationship
Tera – I’ve heard Breydon wants to put us up. I’m not even looking at Breydon.
(Flips back off the menu)

11:16 pm Tina and Latoya
L – it is what it is.. I guess it’s Josh end of story..

feeds cut.

11:35 pm When we’re back Latoya, Ty, Tina, Vicotria talking about the flip
Victoria is saying her targets are Kyle and Ro. I can’t believe Kyle said that.. he hasn’t talked game to me once.. not once.
Latoya says Kyle is only going after the girls.

OMG they are still waffling about this.. Latoya says getting out RO is getting out the stronger player.

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Guy From Canada

Juicy, did Josh get the ball rolling enough and can this flip happen in the next 24 hours….looking forward to this playing out

another name

Did everyone save room for… WAFFLES?
not the measly crepes or pancakes they tried to tell us were waffles on BB22, but full on Waffles.
if i were in the alliance with Kiefer right now, I’d be thinking Kiefer gotta go, loose lips.
if i were in Beth’s shoes I’d be making out with both Jed and Ty simultaneously to get them to keep on track with voting Josh out.
if i were in most of the alliance’s shoes, i’d seriously question why LaToya, who actively pushed against the vote flip days ago is NOW the force pushing the vote flip.

If I were Breydon, Kyle, Victoria, Austin I’d be wondering what is all of this shuffling and hushed convo crap going on. Like people don’t notice group convos that keep happening over and over? Come on.

Kief’s lie about Rohan’s targets (Rohan didn’t give Kief names yesterday), and practically revealing his alliance to Josh (he did, he just has LaToya covering for him, Kief told Josh who to approach), has actually ruined Tina’s position in the game, but she doesn’t know it. Honestly, Kief wants everyone to lie and say he voted to keep Rohan so he can maintain double agent status… would he have the capability of maintaining that? no.
Breydon will be left out of the vote flip, and therefore be, yet again, the person that is left to feel last picked.
Tera will feel like she DID something. An empowered Christmas wannabe isn’t something I’m looking to see.
Beth’s place in the game gets screwed.
Jed saying taking out Josh is a waste of an HOH? Dude, you aren’t HOH and YOU pushed for Josh to be the target when Austin hinted for Kief to go.

AFTER EFFECTS: there will be at least 2 more waffles. BRING SYRUP.

At least my storyline prophesy and scenario scramblings from yesterday aren’t ALL wrong so far. minor yay.

Cameron is watching Canada

Yay I hope Josh flips the house

Latoya Josh Tina alliance <3 <3

get this weirdo rohan out

another name

Note for feeders:
when you hear someone talk about ‘blue line’ they are talking about Tina. It’s an occassional nickname (Vic has used it a few times). Tina talked to a few of the hg’s about her experience joining up to play hockey.
the vote flip happens, Ty’s convo with Breydon and Tina’s convo with Vic and Austin will lead the Oblivious Trio to the conclusion that Tina and Tera totally made this vote flip happen. This will be bad for Tina’s game, honestly. Tera was already in the shitz with those three.
Ty and Jed thinking that the nonagression pact they have with Kyle stays fine if they vote out Rohan. I would not bet on that.

having tv issues today. I don’t think i’ll have a full episode recap tonight.

another name

Let’s pretend i’m a kid again, and it’s hockey night in canada…. on the radio.
Okay. Going to attempt to do it on sound alone. Picture tonight is…. sort of sense disorienting.
Recap: post noms. Kief struggling with block. Austin too early to make big moves.
Sunsetters introduced. Okay, they won’t be discouraged by production now.
They all say the best thing about working together is they are such a mixed bag. How optimistic, because it’s also the worst thing.
Josh segment. Really intentionally laying it on thick as the chaos gremlin villain plotter.
Beth Ty talk. the we are not a showmance talk.
The rap. still shudder.
From the sound so far… they are playing loosely with temporal occurence.
Commercial Segment One
Slop and grooming.
HOH not a veto player again.
Choosing the veto players. Kief wants to pick a strong guy. well d’uh. Josh picks Tina as a weak player. Josh Kief, Tera, Tina, Vic.
Heightening Kief’s stress by telling him the worst is Josh winning. He was already a spiral case. The edit is already heavily implying it’s LaT and Tina’s alliance, and everyone else is just their extra votes.
Ro worries, goes to Tera to push for veto.
Ball pit reveal. Lots and Lots of sound effects happening. Like Too much.
Commercial Segment Two
stack as many apples as possible. 30 minute time. Obstacle course.
I thought I hated Beth’s d/r voice: her comp host voice is WAY worse.
slow start Tera Josh. the problem they can’t see the wheel? Vic is throwing.
Tera is trying. Josh is apparently doing poorly. but he builds a stack before going on the wheelbarrow. He’s trying to outplay the comp. Lots of cheering for others. Obvious to me who is cheering for whom. Tina loses a bunch at the 15 minute mark. Josh winning is becoming the fear in d/r. Vic Tera lose apples. Kief is thinking he’s uncatchable. Josh heads back for more keif considers the same. five minutes remain.
Commercial Segment Three
Beth yells again. yeah, I’m really annoyed by Beth performance voice.
Tina loses a few. Kiefer locks in. Josh knows he’s not being cheered on. Tina and Vic lock in. Josh not quitting. stack will drop a few whisper.
Tera:17 Vic:20 tie. Kief:31 apples. tie number not revealed in audio… was it in video?
Tinkly music that veto win d/r all you want.
Josh and Kief possible under the radar pair edit?
Tera and Ro push Jed nom. um. okay. Austin STILL thinks they are maybe an alliance and MAY-be a showmance? Ro says Austin is playing fear game. what is this… mtv the challenge? Ro accepts he will likely be the nom.
Commercial Segment Four
Vic plays Vic hockey.
Josh is trying to campaign before the veto ceremony. Big time mastermind edit.
Austin to Tera. Tera thinks Jed runs the house, so put him up instead of Ro. Does anyone actually follow Tera convos? Is this the typical?
We could backdoor LaToya talk… from Friday i think. See what I mean about time flips?
Commercial Segment Five
Veto Ceremony
Kiefer is using the veto on himself. Austin: choose another defender.
Rohan, you are my chess pawn. (forgetting the bbrule: pawns go home).
Rohan: uh oh can Josh survive?
Austin: should be low key everyone is on the same page. says the girl without a book.
Josh: if you wanted best friends go to daycare.

another name

about 20 minutes ago.
Bathroom: Beth and LaToya talk.
If I were Beth I’d perceive that bathroom chat as “vote how I say, or you’re off my team.”
Yeah, LaToya is clocking that Beth is trying to play middle, but she had NO problem with Tina and Kief both saying they wanted to play middle.
Yeah, Beth was not Toya’s choice for that alliance. She prefers Tera. The Posture, the face, the word choices. It was totally ‘this is myhouse, do it.’
LaToya threw Ty being most for the flip in Beth’s face (oh LaT, go to the ballpit now, lol).

Ballpit: Kief worrying about a vote flip now. Telling Ty if he votes out Ro, Kyle will gun for him hundo. Let’s remind ourselves. Kief has NO information. He’s pulling stuff out of his ass about who would target who. A trust shift between KyRo and Kief happened somewhere. They aren’t infodumping to him like Kief is implying when he tells everyone what KyRo would do. He hasn’t had accurate information since he won the veto, because he stopped trying to get their votes that day.
Ty can’t figure out how to finesse Kyle if Ro goes.
Kief says remember LaToya said she’d drop the flip if all of us don’t agree. The look on Ty’s face… he KNOWS that’s not what would happen. It actually made me laugh.

Waffle two.

FEEDS DOWN FOR AN HOUR + Wonder who got called to d/r to get the storyline back in line. What. Like storyline writers aren’t already coming up with procons for d/r calls? Riiiight.

another name

Feeds return.
Kief is now we gotta do it to LaToya after being we can’t do it with Ty an hour and twenty minutes ago.
If i’m Ty/Jed/Beth i’m wondering when they voted to add Tera to the group.
Tera already questioning why Beth even knows about the flip.
Vic apparently knows about the flip now. No idea who told her. It’s being put on Beth I think.

In walks Josh.
Remember how LaToya said we all have to agree or we don’t do this? Yeah. She’s pushing to get people to voteflip regardless (get people to vote out Ro instead of Beth and Ty). So… the point of the alliance is what? To all of them it’s do it my way. A huge problem for an alliance.
I HONESTLY think LaToya is pushing for the vote flip for two reasons. one. flex her muscle to be the leader. two. thinks Ro said her name. Doesn’t care that Josh said Beth’s name. Ro might have said her name.
Tera now seems to waffle to Ty.
Jed is hearing Ro out on his campaign of Bro til I die, But Josh isn’t bro til I die.

another name

I’m going to miss the next waffle.
Waffle three:
proflip: Toya, Tina
both sides: Kief
antiflip: Beth, now Jed, now Ty. RO brocode talk has them thinking Toya is playing selfish.
down to flip: Vic
maybe: Tera (wonders how Ro named her, suspect they chat). WILL BE THE PATSIE.

On to the flip but on the wrong track of who is pushing it: Kyle and Ro.
Oblivious: Austin and Breydon.

another name

Okay. back. Thought I’d be gone much longer.
LaToya has agreed not to flip to Beth, Ty and Jed in the kitchen.
Is that the end of it?

Of course not. LaToya is now, once more trying to rally everyone not to play scared (and follow her orders).
She is NEVER in this game, going to EVER stop until she gets what she wants.
I admire that from a gutsy personality move, but I have to admit, if she used the posture and facial expressions she’s been using to “subtly” advance her view… I’d say no and be JUST as stubborn out of principle. And spite.

We’ll be getting a extra day of waffles allllllll day tomorrow. and still won’t know the outcome until the vote.

Vic told Kyle that LaToya has been pushing for the vote flip, but if anyone asks except Ro…. you overheard LaToya say it.

another name

a thought before crashing.