Jedson – “you can lie to every single person in the house you are still going home”

Head of Household: Austin
Nominations: Josh and Kiefer
The Power of Veto Players are : Kiefer, Tera, Josh,Tina, Victoria
POwer of Veto Winner : Kiefer
Power of Veto Ceremony : Kiefer used the power of veto. Rohan is the replacement nomination

10:07 am Exercises in the ball room
Tina- I keep stepping on F***ing balls
1:00 pm after about 3 hours feeds come back
(They saw clips from past seasons)

1:18 pm Kief and Tera kitchen

K – Putting up Jed would be just bad
Tera – people would go nuts
K – it’s so early you gotta play the long game. you can go to Jed be like Jed people are telling me to make a big move. I’m not going to say any names I want to keep you safe and work with you.
Tera – and use it as leverage
K – that is what you will have to do
K – if it’s still teams I still want Jed on my team
Tera – teams make it really dicey..
K – have you talked a lick of game with RO or BREY
Tera – no really
K – that’s the reason. that’s why I got put up I didn’t talk any game with Austin and that was a very acceptable reason

1:40 pm Beth and Tina
They can hear drilling going outside.
Tina – I wonder what Josh is going to do
Beth – I don’t think he has anything he’s just being Josh
Tina – could be just throwing people under the bus. I heard he’s going to go around and have one on one conversations.
Tina mentions that last week when he came up to her and asked if it is a tie would she vote to keep him. “I was like dude I don’t know”
Tina – how long do you think they are going to keep Teams for?
Beth – another week, you?
Tina – I was thinking they would dissolve them after this HOH but the more I think about it they might now. The more I think about it with all these clips and two people coming in. They would come in do another schoolyard pick based on what they are seeing.
Beth – it’s too easy right now.. Not easy..
Tina – we’ve had easy targets really.. until next week.
Beth – who would Kief put up?
Tina – Tera?
Tina doesn’t think he would put up Kyle or RO.
Tina – I don’t know who Kief would put up.
Beth mentions Vic
Tina- that would be his only option
Tina- I haven’t spoken game with Jed at all.

feeds blocked for 2 hours. They return around 4:10 pm.

4:40 pm House meeting
Jedson confronts Josh about how he’s been suggesting Jedson become the replacement nomination.

Jed – I want to air everything out as a house instead of talking to people one at a time.. I’m a straight shooter My name has been thrown out by a lot people. If you have been throwing my name out directly and you want me on the block this week raise your hand
Vic says she was saying Jedson but as a Pawn, because he would have the votes to stay.
Josh – I spoke to Kyle and Ro about the idea of me not wanting to be against Ro.. So why not put up another strong player.
Josh and Austin go back and forth about what was said in the HOH room. Josh told Austin “a physical threat” Austin claims he implied Jed
Josh – I never said a name I said a physical threat.
Jed – who is a physical threat.
Josh – can we also air up that RO came up to me saying I should win the Veto competition so we can backdoor Jed.
Ro – why didn’t you pick me If I was going to take you down from the block
Josh – I chose Tina because I am alone in the game and I wanted to win for myself

Josh and Ro go back and forth about what was said and who was in the room at the time.
Jedson brinks up Pretty boys 2.0. There are rumblings in the house that they heard about it Pretty Boys 2.0 from Julie VU.
Josh – I don’t think that is a thing
Josh says Austin told him “I’m seeing it to”
Austin – endless lies literally
Josh – you thanked me for it and now you are looking me in the eyes..
Austin – pretty boys 2.0 that was all you know it

Josh – I’m the easiest person to get on the block. I’m clearly the outcast.
JOsh – you put me on the block.. this is a game.
Jed – if you were to stay it would be Austin
Josh – Yes.. I would ask the house who is the best pawn to take out Austin
Josh says Austin let him take the entire fall for Pretty boy 2.0

They go back and forth about who said what. Josh says Ro said backdoor Jed, Kyle was in the room but denies it, Austin denies saying she sees Pretty boys 2.0 etc etc…
Josh – it’s very easy to go 4 against 1 if you think that one person working alone has had cone conversation for literally laying low. Since .. I don’t know what day it is..
They continue badgering Josh about this. Main sticking points Did Ro say to win the Veto so we can backdoor Jedson? Did Austin say she saw the pretty boys 2.0 forming. Does “make a big move, take out a big target” mean take out Jedson?

Beth finally stops them “we got it let’s stop grilling him”
Beth – the consensus Josh is you are going home this week”

Josh and Jedson
Josh – you could have waited 24 hours
Josh – I’m honestly not lying
Jedson -0 yes you are
Josh – watch it, Dude when you get voted out by what you just pulled..
Jed – why would I get voted out for that. I have a strong relationship in this house.. you are going to every person and lying to them you don’t think that will come back.

Jedson – you are going home you can lie to every single person in the house you are still going home


5:25 pm Victoria and Tychon
Vic – me just standing here thinking about it for yours and Jed’s game it’s probably better to keep Josh
Ty – only if.. if he wins HOH I don’t think that’s good for Jed
Vic – he’s not winning.. he can’t play veto.
Ty – even if he put up Austin and Jed and we took Jed down and then vote to keep Austin whoever is beside Austin would go home
Vic – me… Yeah we better just get rid of JOSh and start a new game
Ty – the unpredictability of him is scary and the fact we can watch him lie is also scary
Vic – he’s so mad at me. Austin wants him gone if you brought that up to her she would snap. The way she looked shocked kinda scared me it was like she was lying for a second I was like ohh girl you look scared honey
Ty – where did he (Josh) come up with this sh1t?
Vic – maybe because it’s true

5:54 pm Tina and Latoya
L – if there was ever talk about a flip there isn’t now it’s not on the table. Makes no sense.
L – What people need to realize… is I’m not sure there was a point in calling a house meeting. This is a game! He’s just playing his game so what?
Tina – that’s the thing
L – So what he’s lying
Tina – he’s going around saying whatever.. that’s the point what are we going to have a house meeting every time to figure out who is telling the truth.
L – everyone in this house is lying in some shape or form. so you are going to call a meeting every time you hear someone is targeting you.. C’mon just brush it off and keep moving. Calling a meeting to me is emotional.
L – what did people expect
Tina – we’re having a house meeting every week?
Tina – it’s a f*ing game
L – Baffles me
Tina – he’s trying to stay
L – he’s playing … Ahh I don’t know.. I don’t think it’s over.
L – house meeting for what? the guy is playing his game. What did you expect him to do
Tina – we’re all getting called out
L – there was no point to call a meeting it was very emotional to do that

6:15 pm Jedson and Tychon
Ty brings up talking to Latoya and running scenarios who she would put up, Kyle and Vic or she can go Tera/Vic, or Kyle Tera “she’s has the most flexibility she can draw the lines it doesn’t really expose anybody”
Ty – for you it’s a little tougher I don’t want you to put up Vic or Kyle
J – who would I put up ..
Ty – it has to be Latoya.. for you it’s ugly.. for me it’s ugly too
They agree if it comes down to it and Jedson is the last one on his team he has to win it and get his hands dirty a bit.
Ty – if Beth wins on our team that’s ugly as well
They talk about Beth putting Kiefer up and him not being happy about it.
Neither of them wants Latoya nominated.
J – you know how easy it will flip? even if we have numbers.
Ty – if I win I have to put up RO and Brey .. I don’t want to put Ro but what choice do I f***ing have?
Jedson – we have to throw it to Latoya
They agree if it’s still teams Destiny needs to throw it.
Ty – it’s really ugly if we win so much cleaner if you guys win
J – we have to throw it to Latoya somehow
They bring up what Josh said about Ro. Jedson says he doesn’t talk any game with Ro he could have easily said what Josh is claiming.
They agree Ro/Kyle would go after Latoya and Breydon. If veto is played Jedson or Kief would go up
Ty – Kyle is dangerous
J – if Latoya wins and puts up Kyle and Vic
They agree to take out Kyle “we have to”
J – Vic has no numbers
Ty explains he scared of Kyle/Ro pulling in Tina, Tera, and Kiefer. “That’s five.. the problem is if Josh stays it’s not good for a lot of people”
J – he said if I win HOH it’ll be Austin and a pawn.. no it will be me and you
THey mention best case for Ty’s team is Tina winning for Jed it’s Latoya
They identify that Tina isn’t happy with the little bit of game talk they’ve been doing with her. She told Jedons she doesn’t want to be a number in their group. (I heard Tina voice this earlier today)
Ty – I want to talk to Tina
Jed – I do to I’ve talked a lot of game yesterday so I’m not sure where that is coming from

6:55 pm Ro and Kyle
They’re worried about Beth and Latoya winning HOH. Ro thinks Latoya will put Kyle up.
Ro – she won’t put Vic up .. we’ll if it’s on your side it would be you, Ty and Beth.. and Austin. two of you four
Kyle – you don’t think she would put up Ti and Tera
Ro – she’s been hanging out with them.. I’m just spitballing I would have to talk to her about it.
Kyle – if one of us goes the next one will be the target.
Kyle – worst-case scenario Latoya or Beth win
Ro – I really don’t want Beth to win.. Something about her rubs me the wrong way. She has a very flirtatious relationship with all the guys in the house.
K – it’s so fake
R- fake as f** man
K – I’m like get away from me
R – it’s uhh.. uhh… head scratching.. she’s doing it for a strategy, to be honest. she is she has Ty and Jed fighting over her right now. it’s crazy to watch play out.
If it’s still teams Kyle asks who he should put up.
Kyle – I would have to put up Kief and Latoya..
Ro – it would be tricky
Ro says they would need to tell Kief they’re trying to put a bigger plan into action which would theoretically be to backdoor JED

Feeds cut.. when we’re back.
Ro – we need Jed around because he is an asset for US.

No teams speculation
Talking about winning HOH and putting up Beth with Latoya.

Ro says Jed, Ty, and Beth would put him up, “I’m not saying they would that’s a possibility”
Kyle – who is Latoya putting up, no teams?
They think: Vic and Kiefer
Ro – Breydon, Tina, or Tera wins HOH that would be perfect for us
Ro – we could run the show with that sh1t
They think maybe Breydon would put up Kief and Jed
Kyle – He might
Ro – He might
Kyle brings Beth saying Breydon is convinced they put Jed in the house to piss him off.
Ro – really, interesting. LIke the Alpha Alpha male
Ro – they were talking yesterday about how Jed has the Finance douche hair
Kyle – he’s starting to get a little douche.. You can tell
Ro – he is getting Douche for sure you can totally tell.
Ro – Jed was a nice guy when we walked in
Kyle – now he’s trying to swing his d1ck around
Ro – he was trying to start as this toned-down version
Austin comes in (More of the conversation about Jed’s cringe to come)

After Austin leaves.. They go back to talking about Jedson and his attention-grabbing.
Ro – he started out as this really basic version of himself and like.. obviously he’s like he’s starting to get douchier and douchier and you can totally tell
Kyle – from Austin To Beth to Latoya ..
Ro brings up their sleeping arrangements and how they always pick a topic and talk about it.
Ro – so Latoya’s topic last night was who do you think will be in a showmance and… I was like F** I really don’t want to answer this question because it kinda shows my cards a little bit. I avoided answering the question
Ro – we go around the room some people say Jed and Beth but then Jed’s like it most definitely will be me I can’t last 70 days.
they laugh
Kyle – he just can’t stand the fact of not everyone thinks he doesn’t f***
Ro – he’s gotta let people know he f***s man
Kyle – I know so many guys like him. I’m sure he’s fun to hang out and party with
Ro – I can’t get over that kiss in the hot tub dude I was right beside them.. She legitimately tried to pull back and he just had A hold on her neck.. I was like ohh f** man
Ro – she has to do it.. He also said last night he has more game than Ty
They laugh.

9:00 pm Beth has been chatting with Jedson for awhile..
It ends with a kiss…

9:09 pm Tik Tok Videos

10:40 pm Latoya working out. Chit chat in the kitchen.

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another name


So now LaToya and Tina MIGHT want the vote flip?
Oh. right. the house meeting WASN’T their decision, so in order to maintain control, now they want the opposite. Just like the earlier proposed house flip WASN’T their decision. What price that vaunted “I gave Ro my wotd, I don’t want to play that way” now? I CANNOT be the only person thinking that.

Rohan did WAY better in controlling the context of that meeting than Josh did. As a voter I’m buhbye Ro. Austin? WAY defensive. Like WAAAY.

Keeping Josh still keeps chaos. Keeping Ro? Empowers the other perceived meathead Kyle.

Did Josh LIE?
PB2.0…. who knows. It’s what the boys wanted. and REALISTICALLY, they could now form a PB2.0 out in the open BECAUSE it’s the elephant in the room that has already been shot 20 times.
Did Ro target Jed? OH YEAH. So did Kyle. ONLY…. not to Austin. They targeted Jed to Tina, Tera, and LaToya.
Is there a Vic, Au, Kyle, Ro alliance? Nope.
Josh didn’t mention he thought LaToya, Jed, Beth and Ty are an alliance. Good thing, that would have been nails in the coffin for absotootely sure

Still thinking I don’t want V as an ally, but she’s a hoot and a half.

I wish PLUR had been there to lead the house meeting. VicVeronicatoria House Meetings were ALWAYS good for a laugh..

another name

How I view an HOH.
Judgement call parameters:
A successful HOH not only gets out their target of intent, they also maintain or better their social placement capital in the game through the use of their HOH.
By those parameters: Austin has had an unsuccessful HOH thus far. Her secret target order was Kiefer then Josh. Luckily, that hasn’t been exposed overly as preference yet. Breydon, Beth, and I think V. are the only ones that know definitively she had a preference.
Her position in the game isn’t equal to where it was when the week started. Her couplemance group is pretty much a dud. More people would put her on the block now than before her HOH.
She has two days to either concrete that dudmance foursome, or solidify the Kyle Ro deal with Breydon. if she doesn’t… i give her three weeks.

Btw. Josh. just told Ty, should he stay and win HOH, he’d put Austin and Beth on the block. uh. for being so intuitional…. Josh really just put his foot in his mouth saying Beth’s name to Ty.

another name

Yeah, your reaction when you find out your boy has been making time with a girl should not be to kiss her. Your reaction to finding out your boy kissed her?? Should NOT be let me outdo him, kiss her, and cheer 2 to 1 Baby.
I mean, I’m not slut shaming her without slut shaming him. They’re both singe. fine. But massive Brocode violation for a supposed Alphamale.

I really hope Latoya and Tina flips this vote, I’m starting to dislike Beth, She’s already look for dick to suck which is okay but she’s not the type of using and throwing away after she is like this dumb female who will get voted out by her showmance, bad strategy btw idk why she was rude to kiefer lmao she seems crazy

btw why austin only seems to be targetting the lgbt people? josh/latoya hmm thats very sus to me

another name

Austin’s choices were team Defender as noms.
As of Thursday she still thought she and Jed might be a showmance about to happen, Breydon is her bestie, and LaToya made the deal. That leaves house target Josh, Rohan and Kiefer as the available targets to Austin.
Josh because of last week, house consensus. Day three aftermath. Kief for not speaking to her until day 7 when she won HOH.
LaToya was a long term target earlier this week because LaToya didn’t talk game to her, and scared her as a potential powerhouse in the game. She no longer wants LaToya out. LaToya was never in danger this week due to the HOH comp deal, anyway.
Her best friend / ally in the game is Breydon, so the sus doesn’t fit.

I do however, question a couple of them that have said after Josh, Breydon next. Not because of overt lgbt bias, but because of passive bias.

Cameron hates straight bros

yeah like julie josh breydon going back to back would be very sus and make the show a shitty show with those straight disgusting bros

another name

I don’t think it is the intent of let’s target lgbt. I think it would be the optics.
but i do think that a few in the house are allowing their unconscious bias to colour how they perceive others. They don’t outwardly hate them or target them because the houseguest is lgbt, but their chemistry and level of comfort with the lgbt houseguests is coloured by their own bias. Little comments like ‘when we have to share the same bed our butts touch’ would make the average person say… and? so what? But to the person saying it, what is being revealed is a level of discomfort.

another name

Not much has changed in terms of alliances. I’m projecting stress fractures in the sunsetters. The problem with pulling in a group nobody would suspect because they are so different? They’re so different. The problem with pulling in a group that all want to lead? They ALL want to be the leader, not a team.
If the episode tomorrow doesn’t expose the existence of the sunsetters…. don’t expect the alliance to last past next Tuesday. The storyline driven questions in d/r very much have an effect on how some houseguests play.
Don’t know which way the split vote will go, but if my storyline radar is correct, there will be a split vote this week (i’m leaning harder to 6-4, but 7-3 could be the case).

bbcan9 WEEKONE FIN.jpg