Lolo “Everybody saw how they acted as grown a$$ men. There’s not one lady here that would vote for them.”

7pm HOH room. Tom and Kato. Tom – God, it would just be so funny if the power somehow came into this right now. Kato – that would be hilarious. Tom – There would be some twist like if within an hour Lolo is up on the block and walking out the door. It would be sweet revenge. I don’t think its going to happen. The best thing about today was when .. I thought it was pretty cool when I walked into the gym and told Ricky I know you know I’ve been trying to backdoor you for the last two weeks. We can stop being fake. That was pretty cool! Kato – 100%!

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Tom “Do you want to know our little secret that is blowing up in our face right now?”

10:10pm Bathroom. Joey and Tamar. Joey – honestly man we’ve got to get it together. The energy has got to go! Tamar – I want to make sure everyone is on the same damn page! Its a lot of back and forth for me. Its a lot of stupid meetings for me. Joey – I know. Here’s the deal! I’m on the page so.. if it goes not my way and I’m out of here.. I can leave saying I had that moment. I gave it up and that’s it. If people were disingenuous about that moment, I can’t help that. That’s my human thing trying to control it. You know what I mean?! (

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Power Of Veto Winner Results! “We’re bad motherf***in b****es!”

9:20pm Storage room. Natalie and Lolo. Natalie – I am not going to lie… If I didn’t win that my parents would have been like What The F**k?! Lolo – why? Natalie – I was a soccer player all through college. Lolo – I am just going to let you know that I could have totally bit that pain and won but I… Natalie – I know you could have. It was a fun competition for us. Lolo – I just feel that I would have got it more from Kandi. Natalie – agrees. And if anything we’re in this together. That was fun for me and it was win win no matter which way it goes.

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“The smartest move at the final 5 .. double cross Natalie/LOLO and have an arrangement with Ricky”

4:10pm Kato, and Tom
These two have been talking back and forth for the last hour about what their move should be.
Tom – the smartest move at the final 5 right.. is double cross Natalie/LOLO and have an arrangement with Ricky that we get to the final 5 put them on the block then it’s me, you and Ricky till the end .. it’s the move in reverse.. (the move Tom is scared Ricky will do to them)
kato – would you do it
Tom – f* yeah I would do it.. everyone has to be double crossed ..

Tom – is the easiest way to find out if they are doing this to us

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Natalie “7 people are voting tomorrow. We have 4 of them, so it doesn’t matter! Those 3 .. f**k’em!”

10:42pm Lounge room. Tom and Natalie. Tom – we need to do a 5 way snails McGails and then say Team Fun. Natalie – yeah! Natalie runs out of the room. Kato joins them. Kato – so here is what I think is happening. They’re trying to see about the rules or something. This is weird. Kandi is going to come in next ..I guarantee it. Something very strange is going on. Joey went into the diary room for awhile ..after not being called. And then they called Ryan immediately after. Something strange.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

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“They will decimate us. In one vote they could tear our alliance to shreds”

12:17pm Tom

T – got to watch your back in here. Keep looking over your shoulder
T – I got my team we’re working together.. but.. we aren’t really listening to some of my overall strategic thoughts. (AKA get Ricky out)
T – I think everyone is thinking of their next move they’re not thinking of this properly..
T – I have to make a choice do I really really double down and fight for what the next move should be risk pushing away my alliance
T – I don’t want to be arguing all the time with people. I’m going to lay low today see how it unfolds.. this next move is important.

T – I don’t think we’re making the right choice to be honest with you but I’m not Head of Household I don’t hold the power.
T – I’ve made my opinion known.. I gotta sit back back and hope for the best. It’s precarious man.. there’s two of three people that if they win head of household and their looking at the chessboard like I am they will decimate us in one vote they could tear our alliance to shreds

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