Natalie “7 people are voting tomorrow. We have 4 of them, so it doesn’t matter! Those 3 .. f**k’em!”

8:30pm In the lounge room. Tom deep in thought.. Meanwhile out in the kitchen the house guests are talking about dancing with the stars. Natalie says she can’t dance. Tamar tries to get her up to show her some moves but Natalie refuses.

9pm Lolo’s art work on the kitchen table..

10:42pm Lounge room. Tom and Natalie. Tom – we need to do a 5 way snails McGails and then say Team Fun. Natalie – yeah! Natalie runs out of the room. Kato joins them. Kato – so here is what I think is happening. They’re trying to see about the rules or something. This is weird. Kandi is going to come in next ..I guarantee it. Something very strange is going on. Joey went into the diary room for awhile ..after not being called. And then they called Ryan immediately after. Something strange.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

The feeds switch back to the lounge room. Tom – they’re going to fight pretty hard for this veto.. as we are. Natalie – we will be okay no mater where it falls. Kato – we have to decide tomorrow for sure .. if its Dina off the block .. or Ta-Ta. It really doesn’t matter. Tom – it also depends on if Ryan wins the veto or not. Then we have to match him up with whoever would get less votes than him. Lets just count the votes. Natalie – 7 people are voting tomorrow. We have 4 of them. So it doesn’t matter .. those 3 .. f**k’em! Kato – is there any possibility of Dina and Ta-Ta still up there? Tom – yes, if Ryan wins the veto and doesn’t use it. Kato – oh god. Then what do we do? Tom – then we all vote to send Ta-ta home I guess. Kato – then I need to tell Dina that. Natalie – not until we see what happens with the veto. Kato – we’re still in a really great power position. Natalie and Tom agree. Natalie fist bumps them and leaves. Kato – I want to get Dina in here and let her know whats going on. Tom – No, No, no… poker face. We don’t know .. she sleeps beside them.. they get talking.

11:43pm – 11:50pm Backyard. Tom is talking to himself and says that he is going to take a break from cereal box osprey because he is questioning whether or not its a good thing to be doing. Whether or not doing that is a sane thing to do. Having a couple boxes of froot loops in each hand and flapping my arms like a bird. There is no way that is a smart idea.

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12:24am Ryan and Joey studying the features / colours / count of things in the house. Ryan – we have no choice we have to win the veto. Joey – we have to win EVERYTHING from here on out.

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Kato is crazy nervous, but pumping himself up. He’s tracking everyone not in his alliance.
Saw Joey go to the diary room..and then Ryan called in afterwards.
Kato immediately suspicious.
Kato pulled Ricki aside..talking 19 to the dozen. Then Tom comes alongside. If i was Ricky I’d be put off.
Ricki has to know he would or is 5th on the totem pole.
Eve aggressive in her confidence. She thinks they’re riding easy all the way.
WE know how that goes though. Right?
Tom knows quite a bit about BB..but not the nuances.
He’s very anxious. And that’s not good for comps.
AHH. Joey! Dina has a dry cough. Joey is kind…gives some tips.
Then….studying with Ryan in the kitchen..joey just can’t help himself. In the middle of a question he says * Dina is going to be keeping us up all night with the hacking.* Back to the questions. he just can’t help himself.
Ryan cleaning in the kitchen. Ricki says you’re always cleaning. Ryan says he does it at home all the time. His wife does so much.
In the bedroom…Dina’s bed space is messy.
Ryan and Joey’s beds are Hotel tight…immaculate.
Gotta love it 🙂
Production should do the hide game. Joey would break down. Seriously.
And if Sam was watching..she’d have a breakdown in kentucky.

King Silva

OMG the house getting destroyed in that competition would be amazing for the reactions when people finally go inside after it is over and especially for the people who were not able to play since it would be such a shock to them!

LMFAO at you bringing up Sam’s stupid ass. The less Sam the better. She is a nut!


Tamar won’t clean up…she’s not a maid.


Joey in bed. Sheet over his face. ( Worried about Dina’s coughing. (LOL)

Roll Tide

Really not crazy about this group of “celebrities”.


Considering she’s working with crushed cereal, Lolo’s art speaks of some talent. If I tried it, it would look like a detoxing meth head trying to snort lines.

King Silva

I wish Joey was the target this week instead of Ryan.

I also wish they would get rid of Dina over Tamar should the Veto winner not use it (only since Tamar causes much more drama).


big day today with Veto, Veto ceremony and eviction

double D

They kept saying last night that wake up was 9:30 Monday.

Not sure which one is the comedian, Kato or Tom, as Kato has been hilarious.


Tried watching Tomato play pool ? last night, but Kato had to cue his chalk by his microphone ? after every play


Tom sucked at it anyway…


I have to say that Tamar actually made me laugh last night with her “Tay-Watch” (running in the pool) Her words, not mine. LOL

I’m disappointed in Tom. First he wants to stage a fake tomato fight, then he cancels the CB Osprey.

I, too, love the table art that Lolo makes.


1. I may be the only one here, but I am seriously hoping that Ryan makes it through tonight. I find him entertaining to watch. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but very likable and goofy.
2. Ricky really is smoking weed if he thinks Team Fun will save him after they finish using him this week.
3. Kato is way too loyal to the girls. Make a deal with Ryan/Joey. Take out Lolo, and maybe she can get her ego to fit through the door with her. I’d actually love to see Natalie in this without Lolo.


It ain’t looking good for Ryan.