“The smartest move at the final 5 .. double cross Natalie/LOLO and have an arrangement with Ricky”

Lotsa talking today.. The houseguests find out about the twist.

10:18am Tom and Kato
Tom says they are going to have some of Tom’s “Crazy talks” today where they throw around all the possible scenarios. He doesn’t want any of that going back to Natalie/LOLO.
Tom tells Kato in front of Natalie/LOLO do not ask him if “it’s going to tell them”
Tom – I will have to say yes.. These are only brainstorming things we have a very advantageous position where we trust each other.

Kato – CIA.. that’s me and you.. Only two people know
Tom – If I talk to Ricky and you talk to Natalie its no more a secret..
Tom – I would bet Natalie and Ricky talk abou things they don’t want us to hear
Kato – mmmhhmmm
Kato – they should it’s the game.. So you know CIA that’s our code name.
Tom wants them to have a code so they know what information they are allowed outside of their 2 person CIA alliance.

The phrase is “tweets mcgeets..”

Tom – I need you to help me understand some of the math here..
Tom – it’s all about Ricky.. He’s all about fun five now.. He’s bringing it up multiple times a day.
Tom brings up how Ricky came to him overly excited about Tweeting about the “Fun Five” alliance.
Tom – He’s manipulating me .. you know staying for a beer last night
Kato – I’m glad you saw it all

Tom – He is definitely thinking five moves ahead, two moves ahead, maybe one move ahead. Maybe next week is when he’s HOH maybe that’s when he blasts you and me apart. It would be strategically a smart move.

Tom – There is a reason why he doesn’t want to backdoor Joey… that could easily be backdooring him.. Right..
Kato- He also said you are HoH and everything is up to you
Kato- If we have our five, we cannot mathematically lose. It’s impossible
Tom- We’ll be here for 4 weeks for sure. provided Ricky doesn’t double cross us.
Kato – he can’t..
Tom – He can when he’s Head of Household and puts us on the block
Kato – that’s why we have Dina..
Tom asks what do they do if they are both on the block next week
Kato – it’s better than you and I to be on the block..
Tom – If Tamar or Joey win veto and don’t use it
Kato doesn’t see that happening.
Kato thinks Ricky will honour their final 5
Tom says from a strategic side of things it’s best they are broken up, “And he (Ricky) knows that”
Kato explains how the final 5 works says if he turned on their group it would hurt his end game.
Tom – Everybody would be mad at him (For backstabbing their final 5)
Kato- No one is going to vote for him at the final and it’s still a crapshoot for him at the podium against… Kandi.. Kato’s gut tells him Ricky will stick with their final 5 plan.

Tom is certain Ricky know he’s got this on his mind, “I can tell by the way he is looking at me”
Kato – and hanging out.
Tom suggests that Ricky has final 5’s with Joey like he could have had a final 5 with anyone.
Tom – My Final 5 is not official yet I know Ricky has said it three times but it’s not official yet..
Tom says that Ricky has finally realized that when they offered him final 5 before and Ricky didn’t take it. Now they’ve won back to back HOH’s and Ricky is wanting onboard.
Tom – if we hadn’t won 2 Head of Households in a row he would have been in an alliance with Ryan.

Kato says Ricky is the right guy for their group. “I don’t think he will screw us”
Tom – is there a way we can have a conversation with RIcky now while I have power before the nominations.. I don’t want to angry him ..
Tom wants to get an official guarantee from Ricky so he won’t f* them.
Tom -It’s important that Ricky understand this.. If he was thinking I got to knock out one of these four create anarchy and slide up the middle..
Tom – Imagine if he’s thinking i would rather be in a final 4 with kandi, Tamar and Dina..
Kato – he wants them out
Tom – He may be saying that to mislead us
Tom – how do we get a guarantee..
Jato – be up front
Tom – I dont want it to come out like a threat. Like a strategic conversation
Tom – I want to make sure the implication isn’t give us a guarantee right or I will backdoor you

Tom asks what would happen if Ricky had a secret alliance with LOLO and Natalie.
Tom – they’re in the same room..
Tom mentions that every time he talked to Natalie about Ricky the next day Ricky was nice to him so either it was Kato or Natalie that told him.

Kato says he’s putting his life on it that the girls lolo/Natalie are 100% with them. Says to get from 4 to 2 it’s a crapshoot.

Tom says he’s got 85% trust with Natalie and 90% with LOLO.
Tom mentions when he talks to Natalie about Ricky he notices some subtle body language she makes that indicates to him she’s got some agreement with him.

10:42am Ricky, Kato and Tom
Tom – one thing I’m thinking is this.. If I were to put up Joey and kandi on the block..

Tom – put them both on the block and if we win veto we won’t use it. It will be up to them to win it
Ricky – that’s very fair.. There not going to be happy about it.. But it’s fair..
Tom – I’m telling them up front.. We’re not backdooring anybody..
Ricky thinks Kandi will lobby for votes and save herself..
Tom – Tamar was just on the block. I don’t like the idea of putting Kandi and Tamar on the block.
Tom – We ultimately want to get Joey out (Whoa) so why not put him up

Ricky – best advice is go with what you feel trust it
Tom – ok..
Ricky- Just a side note that would be happy for the crew.
Not so much Natalie, but Lolo is feeling kind of left out and so If you have an opportunity to sit and ask her input and share what you are thinking just to keep it inclusive.
Tom will do that right now.
Tom tells them today is nomination for eviction and tomorrow they have a full day.

They work through scenarios if Joey wins the veto uses it etc.. Tom wants to keep Tamar in the game due to her being the weakest player.
Ricky – if it’s up to Kandi or Joey who do we send home
Tom – that’s the tough questions.. What do you think
Ricky would pick Joey but then says “it’s a toss up”
Kato says Joey.

11:00am HOH LOLO and Tom

LOLO talking about how they got a “podium sweep”
Tom says whoever on the other side stays this week will be targeting two of them and if Veto gets played they will also constitute the replacement nominee.

Tom – one of us will go home.. We can’t have anyone outside of FUN 5 win head of household.
Tom – I was thinking of putting up Joey and Kandi and saying to them.. In fairness.. In a fair way Joey you are athletic Kandi you are really smart.. Etc..

Tom – I want to let you know my plan is not to use the veto if my friends in the house win i want to tell you up front we will not use the veto to give you both a fair shot of winning the veto yourself to save yourself and whoever wins the veto we vote off whoever we decided..
Tom – I don’t really want to just backdoor Joey.. I think Kadni is as big of a threat as Joey..
LOLO says Tamar isn’t a threat in the game but is a BIG threat on the social side.
LOLO – she’s very good at planting seeds that blow up ..
Tom – it will be less and less effective now.. Tamar should be the last to go
Tom – she quit the contest yesterday..
LOLO suggest he try and share a room with Tamar and his tune would change.
Tom thinks they can switch room.
LOLO – Don’t dismiss me I’m not dimmissing you Tom..
LOLO – it’s very hard to every day.. It’s constant.. (the people that have to share a room with Tamar)
LOLO – it’s affecting three people in your team
Tom – can you switch rooms? If Kandi leaves ..
LOLO says they can’t all switch rooms without Tamar knowing something is going on .
LOLO – all of us has gotten into it with Tamar..
LOLO says his teammates are having to play 2 games the Big BRother game and the game of surviving Tamar.

11:16am Tamar and Joey
Tamar – we should be honest to TOm. what we saw yesterday

Tamar about Ricky – we walked up on me they had to call him to the Diary room.. serious.. I’m not lying..
Tamar – serious
Joey – I have girls
T – that’s what I’m trying to tell you .. and he’s in my room
Joey – nothing is more cowardice than that… nothing..
Joey – this is not OK in my book..
Joey goes on about how man and women are “beautifully different”
Joey says if a man every does “this” (step up to a girl)
Joey – DONE.. In my book that move right there is unacceptable. I’ve told my girls that from day one..

1:15pm LOLO and Natalie
LOLO says Tom doesn’t want to backdoor Joey because he’s thinking of the end game..
LOLO – you got your boy Kato to backdoor Ryan
natalie – totally
LOLO – after your power your HOH you have to sit out
LOLO says some people that win think they will keep winning.
Natalie – It’ like every true ahtlete knows it’s on any given f*ing day
LOLO – winning is dangerous it takes the edge away a little bit.. I like how Tom thinks of everything

They talk about not having the power this week.
They agree they’ll have to get better at studying “People would count Tom out for physical .. he’s very good at physical ”
Natalie points out that Marissa didn’t win any competitions.
Natalie says they will smash the competitions at the end
LOLO – we both tried to win last night..

4:10pm Tamar and Joey are saying that Tom isn’t playing smart because he hasn’t talked to any of them.

4:10pm Kato, and Tom
These two have been talking back and forth for the last hour about what their move should be.
Tom – the smartest move at the final 5 right.. is double cross Natalie/LOLO and have an arrangement with Ricky that we get to the final 5 put them on the block then it’s me, you and Ricky till the end .. it’s the move in reverse.. (the move Tom is scared Ricky will do to them)
kato – would you do it
Tom – f* yeah I would do it.. everyone has to be double crossed ..

Tom – is the easiest way to find out if they are doing this to us

Kato – when do we approach them..
Tom – one way go to Natalie/LOLO and ask them straight up
Tom – another way is going to Ricky and saying Final 3.. and if he hesitates that is a way of determining..
Kato – you gotta do this immediately..
Tom – this is only the nominations the backdoor won’t happen for a few days.. .
They start talking about the twist and how that could impact this..

4:30pm Feeds are on reruns. Chances are this is the nomination ceremony.

5:30pm Feeds back… Nominations are Joey and Kandi

5:33pm Tamar, Natalie and LOLO
Tamar is freaking out about Dina. Tamar wanted to talk to Tom about the nominations. She thinks Dina has the power because she moved a chair.. twice.

6:20pm There’s been a lot of speculation over who has the power.
Tom says he’s going to sniff around talking to Tamar to see if she has the power.
Ricky – all I’m saying is if you do that be prepared for her to snap on you
Tom – that sounds kinda fun
Ricky – ok.. go for it
Tom – I can handle soem one yelling at me trust me ..
Feeds cut..

Tom – this feels like one of those murder mysteries.. if we look at it like that it’s just fun..
Kato and Ricky agree.. “in the conservatory with a lead pipe professor plum”
Kato – it’s also like 10 little Indians.. if you’ve ever seen that film.. Mystery theaters are all based on this movie.

Tom – if you look at it like that and take out anger or stress it’s a pretty fun thing to do tonight (figure out who has the power)
Ricky – who has anger?
Tom – I don’t, some people might .. Tamar?
Ricky – you can’t take their anger away..

Tom and Kato playing pool after their conversation with Ricky.
Tom – Still could be Ricky (that has the power)
Kato – you can’t put him up
Kato – the other play.. if he’s in cahoots with Tamar than taht would be a strong play if she doesn’t have it hhe does then. Then we know

6:43pm POol games are starting up…

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I’ve been having a hard time following all of the conversation about nominations. It seems Tom is thinking through every single possibility.


Last I could decipher it’s Kandi and Joey, giving Joey the opportunity to fight for his own safety and protect his jury vote by not pissing him off with a backdoor plan.

It’s been very exhausting trying to keep up.

5:28 BBTime Feeds are back. Tamar looks pissed.

Kandi is definitely nominated.

Tamar is convinced that Dina has the power.


Noms are Kandi and Joey for sure.

The house consensus (Tomato + Ricky + Lolo + Natalie Marie) seems to be that Tamar has the power. Plan is to take Joey off and put Tamar up to see if they can force that power play.

Now Tom thinks Ricky has it.

I’m worn out. *sigh


I would love it if Tamar wins veto takes Kandi off. Just to stir things up.


Simon, the spoilers are getting longer, be careful before it turns into full coverage!
I love it, thank you.


My head is spinning just reading their conversations. Could be the glass of wine also. But seriously. So. Anyone have any ideas on who was leading in the power vote ? I saw someone post last night that Joey actually was.


i think there’s a pretty good chance joey got it. he’s arguably one of the better known celebs in the house plus with no real allies he’s not splitting the votes with anyone.


If Joey is the better known celebrity then they are all just regular people. LOL. I had never heard of him but that may be my demographic. (I’m 55)


SO MUCH figuring it out…round and round is beyond boring and annoying. Paranoia rules now.
And Tom. Telling everyone how he isn’t going to backdoor anyone because he wants the votes when he gets to the end. Geeze.
Finicky Joey much cooler under pressure. Who’d have thought.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

It’s so refreshing to have (mostly) adult conversations, lots of strategy, decent social games instead of the constant high school drama and showmances. Cracking up at Lolo and Tom’s conversation about two different games going on for some people. Big Brother and Surviving Tamar.