“They will decimate us. In one vote they could tear our alliance to shreds”

Big Brother Spoilers for today.. Dina and Tamar are nominated. Kato wants to take out Ryan first followed by Joey.

11:00am Ryan and Joey
They are agreeing it’s “those four” (Tom, Kato, Natalie, LOLO)
Ryan – They are trying who to backdoor…
Joey – First
Ryan – They’re like if Ryan wins the veto we can’t backdoor him then we could backdoor JOey

Ryan – That’s only four votes that they have … Well NO Kato can’t vote because he’s HOH..
joey – Right
Ryan – So I don’t know why.. umm… We have a stronger alliance.. we have to get Kandi with us and TATA .. that’s …
Joey – Five
Ryan – that’s five and Ricky maybe,.. Ricky is the deciding factor…

Ryan – So what’s tomorrow
Joey – Veto challenge.. Veto Ceremony and Eviction..

11:10am Tom and Kato
Tom – The main thing I’m worrying about is.. you don’t think there is any way that Natalie would tell Ricky that I was talking about.. (BAckDoor)
Kato doesn’t think she will in a way that makes Tom look bad
Tom asks if She would suggest to Ricky he was a threat. If she did it would “really screw me over”
Kato doesn’t think so.
Tom – I don’t want him gunning for me..
Tom brings up reading a book about the secrets of the CIA. The CIA says the only way to ensure something stay a secret is only tell 1 or 2 people. As soon as more than two people know about something “It’s not a secret anymore”
Tom says if the three of them (natalie) know they were talking about Ricky and Ricy finds out they have know idea who it was
Tom – When I’m strategizing these weird scenarios with you we don’t talk about it with Natalie or LOLO until we decide together
Kato – agreed.
Tom – A lot of is it just thoughts..

Kato mentions that LOLO had a conversation with Ricky and he wants to be part of “whatever it is we have”
Tom – I talked to lolo last night.. I said you know tomorrow we should think about asking RIcky about being part of our alliance and if he says no than we know there’ a problem.. right.. we could switch the derision we are making. If he says yes than maybe we’re ok..
Tom – Between you and me not to leave this room.. again I don’t like saying it he’s the biggest threat not Joey not Dina.. .
Kato says the next people they go after is Joey and Ricky after this week taking out Ryan.

Tom says Ricky smiled at him this morning and gave him a good morning nod.

Tom says Ricky knows about their four person alliance and Ryan might know as well. “He saw us by the fire last night”
Kato – people are assuming..
Tom asks if it’s a good idea for them to go ahead with Kato’s plan for the two of them to “get in a argument”
Kato – yeah but it has to be really subtle
Tom – I thought a way we can do it

Tom warns that Ryan might win the Veto and he could win the next HOH, “then he could decimate us”

Kato – that is why we need Ricky
Tom – Ricky can do the same thing, anybody can anybody that knows about the four of us. ..
Tom – maybe today is a good day to get into a blow out .. make it believable.. I talk about something that will really personally affect you .. I play it off like I’m pissed off you put Dina on the block

Kato – yeah..
Tom – and I’m like.. I could go to Dina and say I’m a bit mad at Kato because I told him I didn’t want him ti out yo on the block and we’re not really talking right now..
Tom – Dina will probably tell everybody..

They got back and forth rehearsing what they will say “It’s a game Kato you didn’t have to put our friend on the block.. ”
Tom – I could probably go out there hang with Joey and Ryan, Dina all day and at some point go like Listen I don’t know what is going around in here..
Tom suggests he starts an alliance with them
Kato – no way they will buy it .. IT’s too late. Ryan is worried now because he knows he has to win the veto ..
Kato – Question if Ryan wins the veto and uses on Dina is he still open for eviction
Tom – no
Kato doesn’t understand ..
Tom – Natalie says he is not eligible to be put up

If Ryan wins Veto uses it on Dina Kato has to thin of a target.
Tom – you know my feelings.. we have two primary targets.
Kato – you mean Ricky
Tom – I’m just looking at the people that know about our alliance and can win competition after competition and have friends on the other side of the house
Tom goes on about Kato having one shot and if Ryan wins the veto he’s got to take it against Ricky.
Kato says if Ryan wins the Veto the best play may be to take out Joey (WHOA!)

12:17pm Tom

T – got to watch your back in here. Keep looking over your shoulder
T – I got my team we’re working together.. but.. we aren’t really listening to some of my overall strategic thoughts. (AKA get Ricky out)
T – I think everyone is thinking of their next move they’re not thinking of this properly..
T – I have to make a choice do I really really double down and fight for what the next move should be risk pushing away my alliance
T – I don’t want to be arguing all the time with people. I’m going to lay low today see how it unfolds.. this next move is important.

T – I don’t think we’re making the right choice to be honest with you but I’m not Head of Household I don’t hold the power.
T – I’ve made my opinion known.. I gotta sit back back and hope for the best. It’s precarious man.. there’s two of three people that if they win head of household and their looking at the chessboard like I am they will decimate us. I one vote they could tear our alliance to shreds

3:35pm Natalie and LOLO

Natalie – the shift is so real it’s crazy.. ohh well we’re save..
Natalie says joey/Ryan thinks there will be a backdoor he was saying “this is one of our last meals”
LOLO- dang.. enjoy the food

Natalie – It’s so obvious to me that if Tamar is able to pull thru she’s going to team up with them.. why is she going over stuff with Kandi and not us.
LOL says that the basics of the game is to talk to people if you are on the block
Natalie – so that’s what she’s doing

5:20pm Joey and Kato..
Kato says it’s tough being HOH
Joey says the final week is just competition after competitions “No more ALLIANCES… that I can’t stand”
Joey – you’re move my move.. head to head competition..

Joey – for me it would be the most fun to be with the people that have the best energy that final week.. you’re not going to get a backstab and you aren’t going to get some person EXPLODE when it’s just a game
JOey it’s just a move it’s not personal.. …

Kato – I’m going to think about it.. I do wish in my heart everything that happened that very first day was different.. things happened.. I was totally alone.
Kato – My thing in like is Life is short enjoy the trip
Joey – what would be the 5 best energies to be involved in that cut throat process.. (final 5 )
Joey goes on about people turning on each other in “sinister ways” the way to prevent this is packing the house with the houseguests that have “good energy”
Joey – you don’t want Spicky… or super low energy.. I want predictability.. temperament..

Joey leaves..

Kato – that was tough.. that felt like the last plee of knowing he’s going up or Ryan’s going up… and I’ve thought about it I’ve really thought about it and…. ummm I’m not going to a stray my group that I committed to.. I can’t do it I can’t do it I have loyalties to my group..
Kato – I’ve made up my mind of who is with me I respect it and they respect me for doing what I’m doing..

5:27pm Joey, Tamar, Ryan, Kandi
Tamar is asking them for their vote. She tells them is she doesn’t get voted out this week and next she wins HOH her goal is to break “that up” and “That up” Tom/Kato, LOLO/Natalie

Ryan says those two are together
Tamar – duh.. you do understand what I am saying.. One of each
Ryan says he’s going to win veto “guess what? that whole crew is going to get f*ed”
joey can’t wait for the final week when they only compete “I hate this f*ing talking sh!t”

6:32pm Kato and Ricky
Kato says Joey’s plea was Good..
Ricky brings up Jon giving him the same thing.
Kato – he brought up wanting the 5 most fun people..

Kato – I play no matter what but if you play
Ricky – if I’m in it and joey and Ryan are in it I’m not going to bother to win it
Kato – sure…
Kato – If I win veto do I use it on Dina or Tamar .. doesn’t matter right
Rick – doesn’t matter.. Tamar will be mad.. I would pick Tamar because She will be more useful..

8:26pm Kato and Tom
Tom points out that people have been in good spirits..
Tom – so have they been trying to talk in different ways..
Kato – they kinda made that face to me.
Tom – nobody is going to change there mind right..
Kato – No, the white towel has been raised.
Tom mentions if someone on their side flips
Kato – I don’t want that out htere in the universe.. I think we’re great we’re better than I thought we would be
Tom – I heard Ricky tell Dina he’ll give her the veto..
Kato – I’ll pick you or LOLO
Kato – Don’t pick Ricky

8:27pm Ricky and Natalie
Natalie we have to be ready to go live at 5
Ricky says they are going to start early tomorrow.. “It’s a show.. they are going to have to do everything.. I think that is why they gave us 2 days to chill because it’s going to be early”
Natalie – the first thing we’ll do is the draw and we’ll compete right after that
Ricky – Do yo think if Ryan gets backdoored they’ll know the deal?
NAtalie – if he gets backdoored and put up he’s not going to campaign..
That’s what Ricky’s thinking “he’ll just start packing.. I guess I’m outta here.. I wonder how Joey is going to respond”
Natalie says if Joey and Ryan really didn’t give a f* like they say they wouldn’t have gone and made a pitch to Kato.
Ricky – it was smart to get rid of Jon
Natalie – look at how different the house is..
RIcky – yeah
LOLO comes on ..
Natalie tells them that Ryan pitched to Kato
Lolo – I thought they have given up. what did kato say
Ricky don’t leave hi min a room with them..
Natalie – he’s solid with the five /.. we’re five until the wheels fall off..

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Whoa! I have to talk to folks and convince them to vote a certain way, make sure I’m safe, keep my ears open for information because people are lying to me?! What kind of craziness is this? Well, Joey, this is Big Brother and it’s a multiple faceted competition involving multiple styles of comps (sort of), a huge social aspect, some strategy, some luck, and production interference or twists as they call them. Watch a few episodes (just not season 16 or 19) before signing up and it’s pretty clear.


Something tells me Ryan or Joe will win veto. Why do I always have the niggling feeling that the bags of names are loaded with who production wants? Nah,,prolly not.
Even so…I want Ryan and Joe to stay. Ricky, whom i like..is just not around much. Kandi is rather blah.
It will be so boring if it’s Lol, Nat, kato and tom all the way.
In any event..I like Ryan. he’s matured…taken responsibility.
Joey has grown on me a bit. He’s really a sweet guy.
I did laugh with Ryan last night.
He was invited to some sports gig. Football I think.
He says he zoned out..staring at the crowd which was full of sports celebs. It was a live commentatation show.
He was asked. * So Ryan..which team is your choice?*
Ryan..his mind on other things, said * Oh, the Auburns. They’re looking really Good *
Silence. The Auburns were not even playing. LOL.
Ryan, telling the story of his embarrassment..laughed at himself.
Joey says..* Oh, they can block that *.
No, says Ryan..* It was LIVE !!
The alliance are pushing for Ryan and Joey to go.
BUT..they don’t get that the comps are mental as well. And the luck factor. Sure, Ryan is a great swimmer. Doesn’t mean he’s strong in other physical comps.
Joey is strong…but not in the way LOL and Nat and Ricky are.
We shall see.
Ricky is the dark horse. But I think he REALLY likes nat and will go which way she does.

Shigeo Kageyama

Unpopular Opinion

I hope NEM/LoLo/Ricky/Tamar is split up soon. They are getting way to powerful and could end up stream rolling to the end. I wish that Kato could have a clue that he’s probably next in their hitlist along with tom after joey leaves. At this point I hope there’s a twist that will make those 4 target each other or at least get one of them out.


I feel that Kato is overly concerned about how he comes across to America. He thinks he has to come across as this happy feel good, loyal guy.
I get that he has had a very hard time because of the O.J. trial…and he has had to feel the brunt. But..it was 25 YEARS ago!
He would be better off being a savvy, cool player. Not this riddle kind of talk. Be more on point.
He becomes hesitant…friends, after the show etc.
Ryan..who never watched the show..is clueing up quite fast.
Joey hasn’t shown a very competitive streak yet.
Ricky is going to bed right on cue. 10 o’clock.
I wish he was more involved.
Btw..Tamar seems to be on some kind of sedative. Not a bad thing. (wink)


Not so unpopular….

I have Kato in a pool and it’s been frustrating to watch him the last few days. He’s so sold on this alliance with Tom/Lolo/Eva and doesn’t realize the girls are playing him. The move for him this week should’ve been pick up Ryan and Joey as allies and backdoor either Ricky or Lolo

Janey Haze

I like Kato. He’s good natured, kinda awkward, and tells the best dad jokes.


Natalie seems to be one of the people giving everyone advice about how to play the game. Is she considering Ricky part of her alliance? When I read this I thought, ..hope dumb is she. Kato can’t vote so that leaves her, Lolo, and Tom.