Celebrity Big Brother Eviction results.. WHOA!

Tamar wins HOH

Kick the compeititons

WE get to watch the Power of Veto competition. Rumour is Natalie wins it and decides not to use the power.

Tamar is the host.

Order : LOLO, Joey, Tom, Kandi, Natalie, Dina

LOLO challenges Dina. Surprise! Lolo wins..

Joey challenges Tom. Tom Wins.

Kandi challenges Tom. Tom wins.

Natalie challenges Tom. Natalie Wins

LOLO and natalie compete. Natalie wins Veto.

Natalie doesn’t use the veto

Kandi and Joey get a final chance to sway the votes. Kandi is first. She thanks her family. She really wants to stay and play the game even thought they all don’t think she can play the game.
Joey speaks.. says the person who is supposed to win this game will win this game so if he gets voted out he’ll accept it.

LOLO Votes to Evict Joey
Kato Votes to Evict Joey
Natalie Votes to Evict Joey
Tamar high as a kite Votes to Evict Joey
Dina Votes to Evict Joey
Ricky Votes to Evict Joey

Joey is evicted..

Joey about LO – She burns hot that one..

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OH. That was a surprise. I thought the votes would be closer. I’m totally thrown this Season. I have no idea what is going to happen next.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Watching the show on CBS now; first, I think Lolo lied; she didn’t “give it to Natalie”. Second, while the girls did very well, they didn’t “dominate” the competition. Lolo only went twice (first and last) and Natalie twice. Tom had to go several times in a row and did surprisingly well. Lolo is a sore loser. Last night on After Dark, she must have talked about them for 3 hours straight. LET – IT – GO. Getting Tamar all riled up over (again) something so stupid. Grow up. Can’t fault Joey for trying to use the drama to stay. Just didn’t work. The “edit” on the show didn’t do any favors to Lolo. She comes out looking the worst. They keep saying Tom is “running around the house defcon and crazy” … as the camera shows him sitting quietly doing nothing. He never raised his voice or showed anger. Ricky, however, is playing a pretty good game.

Joey’s imitation of an argument with Lolo to Julie was great!


Last night..Joey mimicked Tom’s voice to Kandi. * He said..in Tom’s voice * Yahs..I;m nominating the two strongest playahs*.


So what craziness is in store for this round?


Had Joey been as funny in the house as he was outside with Julie Chen Moonves he might still be in there! I am surprised they all voted together.


I’m just curious for all the hate on Lolo and Natalie after seeing Tom’s DRs if and why you feel that it’s all the girls doing? If Tom would have been chill it was all good. Why is it up to the girls to look for them, why didn’t they go looking “it’s easy in this house” OK So why didn’t Tom or Kato look??? Yes the women are strong willed and loud but when you’re around Tamar you HAVE to be, watch BFV if you don’t already to see her sisters have to be extra with her. So maybe Lolo and Natalie are extra but Tom and Kato think they are running the house when only 2 people were voted out. One because he put his friends mom before his alliance and the other because his friend was voted out and then wanted to go after another alliance member/friend. So why so much hate on Lolo and Natalie?

Mom of 3 Boys

After Natalie won the veto, she told both Ricky and Loco that she was going to avoid talking to Tom and Kato and that she was going to always be with either Ricky or Loco to make sure she wasn’t alone with them. Be honest, Loco and Natalie double crossed Tom and Kato and they know it. Loco is surprised she can’t keep an alliance??? With her mood swings and hot temper, it’s no wonder! Also explains how someone so physically beautiful could still be single and a virgin at her age. I mean, Joey couldn’t have explained Loco better. I’m just sayin…


Thank you for actually answering not just voting it down. I wanted to see what I was not seeing or if I was seeing something others weren’t. To me when she said I’m making sure I’ll be with you guys is that she is momma bear (maybe it’s how Natalie comes off too me) she didn’t want them to be alone if drama was going to start. Now watching POPTV, Tom’s doing what everyone says Lolo does. Telling the “Ricky story” to everyone that wasn’t there. I just don’t see why invite Ricky in your alliance if you didn’t want him in it. I never saw or read anything about the girls saying let’s make it 5, Tom did but Ricky didn’t want to name it, why was that an automatic backdoor out of the alliance. Maybe I’m use to Tamar being extra in BFV so that’s why Lolo doesn’t bother me. But again thank you for replying not just hating 😉

another name

If memory serves correctly (some details may be askew), the Tom/Ricky dynamic goes beyond not wanting to name the alliance. Kato, during his hoh, thought it would be a good idea to invite Ricky into a 3 person alliance with Kato and Tom. Ricky was non committal, pretty much turning down the offer. At that point Kato and Tom allied with Loco and Nem. A few days before Ricky was brought into the alliance because Kato still had a good feeling about him (bolstered by Loco and Nem), Ricky had been using his attempt to rile up a houseguest to cause a little chaos tactic on Tom. Tom’s negative feelings about Ricky seem to stem from Ricky initially turning down an alliance, then belittling and needling Tom. It didn’t seem at any point that Tom was overly thrilled that the rest of his alliance wanted Ricky included so badly. Having an overwhelming majority: that part Tom wanted. Having Ricky (whom he suspected as having a pre-existing final three deal with Loco and Nem), not so much. It should be mentioned that while Ricky and Loco and Nem kept saying ‘why is Tom trying to sabotage the five so hard’, Ricky had already informed Loco that if he were to win hoh (while Kato was still hoh i think?) he would target Tom then backtracking to the ‘why is Tom sabotaging’ once Tom won the hoh (again, i think that’s the proper timing). Initial planning on the part of Loco, and Ricky (don’t remember if Nem was in the room) to target Tom was, i believe, already in progress before Tom became HOH and tanked his own game with hyper paranoia.

Mom of 3 Boys

Very well said. That is exactly where Toms head was in regards to Ricky. Ricky has admitted to wanting to stir the pot and watch the others go after eachother. I just find it laughable that Loco and Natalie are calling Tom a bully when Loco is the one who pops off anytime someone looks at her the wrong way! Unfortunately for Tom, HOH paranoia got to him and with this shortened version of BB, I don’t think he will have the time to change things around. At this point, I don’t know who to root for bc I don’t respect anyone else’s game and I don’t like their personalities. Ugh! It is entertaining though!

Guano Loco

Bet Joey was glad to get out of that snake pit. He was quirky though left on a classy note. The show imo tonight sugar coated the crazy of Loco and kinda demonized Tomato. So glad that Joey exposed her crazy, Julie had a good laugh over it as well. I don’t like Icky and Nolo so hoping for another Tomato miracle just to piss Lolo off

Guano Loco

Tamar is new HOH…… Lolo will be doing some major ass kissing , ugh

another name

Is Lolo’s method to kiss ass, or is it more like running up to the HOH and talk behind another house guest’s back in order to get the HOH mad at somebody else or destablize the HOH’s other relationships? Both are valid (but sketchy) forms of social game. Myself, I think Lolo’s modus operandi is more the latter.

Celebrity Big Brother ....... Aliance Flip Edition

Tamar just won HOH ……. this is going to be interesting!


Tamar is going to take the easy route and this coming week is going to be real boring.
I wonder if she has any strategy going into this HOH other than doing LOLOs bidding?
Is she even thinking about her individual game or is she going to be bottom of four?


Personally I hope Tom stays over Kato.

Mom of 3 Boys

I’m not buying Loco claiming not to win on purpose. She is an Olympic athlete who is naturally highly competitive. I think it bothers her that she’s not dominating the competitions and she’s saying she’s “giving” the wins to other people. BS. I really wanted to like her, but in this environment, true personalities come out and she is just an ugly person. She blows up every alliance she has with her paranoia and hot temper. It’s pretty funny that she comments on Tom and Kato always being together (which is true, even though Tom tries to separate and get Kato to integrate with the others bc he knows how it looks) bc she and Natalie can’t even take a sh*t without eachother!!! Hoping somehow Tom can get out of this mess.

Mom of 3 Boys

Anyone who wants to see that this is who Loco is, a spoiled brat and poor sport who always claims she is being “attacked” – all the while speaking over people and dismissing their opinions – just look her up on MTVs The Challenge…