Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results Frank Vs Joe

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Speculated Vote results
Frank Goes home

Tonight on the live feeds
Endurance Baby Catch it on the Live Feeds 3 Day Free Trial

There is no eviction tonight!!

Coaches are back in the game Shane gets to compete in the HOH last week was a WASTE of time the feeds are going to be INSANE Tonight

Which Coaches Enter the Game

Vote results is YES!! Coaches come back.
Britney votes to enter the game
Boogie votes to stay as a coach
Dan votes to enter the game
Janelle votes to enter the game

7:10pm Cam 1-4 endurance competition on the live feeds

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7:20pm HOH is still going.. If you get the feeds you get to watch the entire competition. Free trial Buy them from us and help out OBB.

Boogie: “Fuck this guys I’m Willieing tonight.. ”

7:31pm everyone still on ..
7:50pm Everyone still on the boat..
8:02pm Boogie out
8:03pm Jenn Out
8:04pm Joe out
8:20pm This may go the distance.. (Am i the only one that feels Shane has been screwed a zillion times this season?)
8:35pm Cam 1-4 Everyone still in it…
8:44pm Ashley Out
8:45pm Dan out…
9:01pm This HOH is a battle HOLY SHIT
9:07pm Frank out.. Only Ian left out of that boogie’s group
9:24pm Shane is in major pain.. he’s digging deep .. Janelle is looking a bit rough to. Wil, Ian, Danielle and Britney looking alright they are definitely fatigued
9:36pm Shane and Wil are out
9:40pm Janelle is out.. Danielle, Brit and Ian left. Brit starts talking to Ian asking him if she’s good. Ian tells he SHE is safe if he wins HOH.
9:43pm Cam 3 Boogie tells Frank about who was going to vote for Frank to leave (Danielle and Wil). Frank asks him if Boogie is going to go with Janelle now that he’s in the game. Boogie says no you are now my Dr Wil. Boogie explains to him that they are going to bring out in the open everything Joe just told them. Boogie: “At the very Least we are going cause fights” Frank
9:46pm Cam 1 Dan is giving Danielle a MEGA Pep Talk. Flash back to it if you missed it pretty awesome.
10:08pm Ian out
10:09pm Danielle WIN HOH Shane run to her and kisses her.. Janelle wastes no time running up to her and sucking up.. (LOL)

10:05pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Frank

Boogie tells him that Janelle told him that Wil and Danielle were going to vote out FFrank

Boogie: “Me and you rid and die this to the end”

Boogie: “I will do you no wrong in this game”

Boogie: “Danielle, Dan and Wil obviously cannot be trusted”
Boogie is going to try and keep the other coaches fighting the newbies and vice versa

check out the images added to the gallery below.. I’ll Keep adding screencaps there


Last Weeks Results in the table

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

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362 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results Frank Vs Joe

  1. Hope Frank stays he keeps everything interesting! should he go hope i hope boogie returns and boots shane right out after him

    1. I think if all four are given the option then they all four will come in. It’s possible they have to play one another for a position in the game…who knows….I think Dan will do well in the endurance as well as Wil….Joe won’t last long and neither will Boogie….Ian has a great shot at it because of his small size frame but not sure if he can stand still very long with all his nervous ticks. I’m not real sure what Jenn is capable of but I think we will have a good idea after the endurance if she is a keeper …. Ashley won’t last as long as the others due to her low tolerance for pain and need for medication….Brit isn’t really good at endurance and Janelle isn’t as good as she used to be … but she will give it a really good shot…..Danielle may surprise us OR not….Who knows…..Hoping that somehow Dan/Danielle and Shane/Wil/Brit team up for a tad longer than a few day alliance as I think they could do some damage to the others.. … Pacing with Ants in my Pants waiting for it to start!!!!!

    2. Simon, all 4 coaches enter the game and 1. Dan 2. Wil 3. Janelle 4, Boogie. Also the first one to lose between Frank and Joe goes home. That way BB can avoid returning a previously evicted HG with another America’s vote and comp like last year. Just my guess.

    3. Am I the only one who thinks Shane just got Screwed out of an HoH? In my opinion production owes him, because it was FRANK who’s HoH shouldn’t have counted.

  2. @Simon Ian needs to prove himself in this game and win a HoH. If the coaches have to play a comp we can finally get rid of brit i like her but shes gotta go!

    1. Yaaaaawn. Vets vs. Newbies part 2. Why wouldn’t they let the coaches twist play out? Could have gotten interesting, but instead we get a recycled BB13.

      1. I honestly don’t think CBS went into this season planning on the coaches coming into the game. I think when Britney started telling everyone about her key theory, that’s when they decided to do it. Instead of having evicted players coming back, they just let the coaches into the game. I am personally glad they’re playing because I think the whole coaches thing was pretty lame. It does kind of make the last several weeks pretty pointless though.

  3. I’m SO waiting to see Boog’s reaction. It will prolly be a let down from my expectations, but I just KNOW it’ll be at least a bit of surprise to him AND his team.

    Frank goes home and all 4 coaches come into the game. I hope BB does a double… double-eviction AND brings back “at least” one evicted player. Let’s really shake it up this season. Make everyone in the house, coaches included, work for it this year….. work REAL HARD.

    I so hope production makes it absolutely crazy, insane even. Let’s set the animals let loose in the house and just see what damage they can do.

    BOOOOOO Janellle.

    GO DAN!!!!

    YAY BB14. Make it NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is how I think things will go!

    Frank will get evicted 3-2

    Ian/trixie will be the last two left in the endurance comp, and she will make the same deal that Natalie and James made in bb9 during that hoh to protect her/Matt. Instead though, it will be to protect herself/janelle. 

    But Ian will go back on his word, just like James did, and backdoor janelle :/

  5. I hope frank stays just for the drama.. LOL.. but I kind of also want him to so to see Boogie FLIP out! will be good either way..

    1. This is a tough one to call..
      Assuming the coaches compete my picks are Wil or Boogie (Maybe Ian)
      If the first coach that drops leaves the game my pick is Janelle.. unless there’s cold water than it’s brit

      1. My opinion is everybody opinion….YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES you do. Everybody need me. No means Yes, Yes means No!

        1. You’d be lucky to find more than two people on here that agree’s with your opinions. Even less that can understand what you are trying to say.

  6. NO FRANK!! I just want great viewing. I want the best TV (feeds too) possible. AND Dan FTW. Yes, I’m selfish and bias. LoL.

  7. I been waiting for the first endurance comp to get the free three day trial on the feeds I hope it’s something mental like the old seasons and not physical where they have to use strength like they get licked in a cage like season 4 this way we see who really wants it most not who’s the strongest but I doubt it takes 36 hours to build a cage or something like that it has to be tall and involve hanging

    1. I thought the same thing…I go sign up, put in my credit card number, go to sign in and it only shows me previous videos. Am I doing something wrong?

  8. janelle is such a good actress that’s why wil says act 2 put on the water works more classic lines
    I am starting to really like Wil

      1. I was jumping up and down when I saw that Wil didn’t buy Janelle’s fake tears.
        Smart guy.. or maybe he knows a few drama “queens” lol

  9. frank goes home, Boogie Freaks out of shear embarrassment for all his cocky comments about how wonderful he is, Danielle and Brittany huddle under the covers to spoon each other and cry, Janelle has complete flat affect while checking her makeup in the mirror and telling everyone how fat she is getting, Will takes drama queen to new level, Ian and Ashley hide under the couch together, Dan sits around asking questions about how everyone feels about what just happened and Joe plans the next suck up breakfast (I’ll have mine with extra e coli please). And Jenn??…….Jenn Who????

    1. Obviously BB wanted Frank to stay with the reset. Now BB14 is 3 players too many and we should see double evictions several times this year. There are 6 weeks until the finale and currently 12 players. So could we have 4 double evictions?

    1. exactly! how is this even fair?

      lets see…..
      they surprise people who are ready to play big brother with a new game that has coaches involved
      then after a few weeks, in which
      the coaches have had time to build relationships

      the coaches have been appointed by bb as leaders and the voices of authority

      other players that the coaches did not like were eliminated

      they are given entry into the game????

      how is this fair or entertaining in any sense of the word? they have basically had immunity in the game until now.
      absolute rigged bullshit if you ask me.

      these game shows should be regulated. They definately jumped the shark last night. fkin annoying..

    1. i remember when i was growing up i watched Dallas and a whole season was a waste cause they killed bobby then next season it was a dream same as this past week just a dream

    1. It is unbelievable how much production is screwing these guys over. Totally jumped the shark and it will sink this show. I think I will just go watch glass house. I am over this. Usually no matter how mad I get at a show, I watch….but tonight is my last night. Good job, BB, you just couldn’t keep your hands off it, could you. This morning I had hope that things were about to get interesting. This is not interesting…it just feels rigged. Bye all

  10. I was not expecting the fame to restart and every one be safe I hope Shane wins again sticks with Brit Dan and Danielle and take out boogie

    1. Yah, I thought for sure Frank was done. And Boogie voting no…wonder why. Maybe he thought Joe was for sure going home, and Janelle would be weakened losing a player, little does he know this would have been a crushing blideside that would have really embarassed him. But whatever, now the games can begin ,enough of the coach shit.

  11. Really no choice to make…Frank was going to come back anyway, so the eviction would have been for nothing and would have shown which way the wind was blowing. This way, unless someone talks, Frank and Boogie never have to know that Frank was going home.

    1. yes but do you think that it will come out somehow anyways…all the loose lips in the house….I bet they don’t sleep at all tonight…staying up to plot and plan

      1. joe has a big enough mouth, and too little sense to realize how stupid it would be to tell…my vote says joe is the one to spill how the vote should have gone down…

      2. Dan knows shane has this in the bag. 2 weeks in a row and a 4th POV here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Omg the twist was amazing.
    Theres no way that the coaches could’ve did separate things because it wouldn’t have made any sense. You can’t have some people being coached while the previous coaches are now players. Too much confusion.

    I’m so excited though. Can’t wait to see who wins HoH.

  13. They tooled around with allowing players to come back for the coaches that didnt enter but decided against it.

  14. Did not know Frank was Sid Vicious’ son!

    I think it’s bittersweet that the coaches are entering the game. I kind of leaned more towards Boogie’s decision to say no to the offer.

  15. Oh it was a unanimous vote that all coaches are back in the game, I was thinking boogie was going to be the only one as coach

  16. I told you people. they love frank, boogie and frank playing up chilltown saved that guy, if it was some jojo or kara, no one would care, but it was someone attached to a coach. future reference for hg’s

  17. I am so angry that the coaches coming back played out this way. I wanted Frank out and Boogie to go through the roof. What a let down!

  18. I don’t think Shane’s HOH was waste – they learned quite a bit about how some of the houseguests felt about their coaches, caught a bunch of them in lies and good for Dan, Britney, Shane & Danielle for making a final 4 of sorts. I think the newbies are going to try hard to get Janelle & Boodie out, work on the floaters & then worry about Dan & Britney.

  19. this season is already 10 times better then last season, im so pumped after every episode, gonna be a long wait till Sunday, Shane needs to take down this hoh

  20. I heard someone whisper to Britney (perhaps AG), to hit the reset button, on live tv. Should’ve done a better job censoring that CBS.

    1. It was not Brit’s intention to come into the game and she was doing some hard thinking about what to do. Awesome that you heard something in Brit’s DR vote, I didn’t hear it but I don’t doubt something was said, it seemed awkward at the time!

    2. @BB King. I thought I heard some whispering too,but I thought it was the audience and then I thought it was the other house guests.You were able to make out what was said?

    1. No, production got away without an eviction and screwing Shane. I predicted they might make Frank and Joe fight it out on the endurance but not that everyone is safe. Production needed a way to avoid bringing back a sequestered HG because they weren’t happy with Jojo or Kara. Oh well!

    1. OMG, I had no idea Alison Grodner was going to vote to allow the coaches to enter the game! And no matter what America’s vote actually was, she would like to thank all you suckers who texted your votes in at $1 each!

      And now BB has been reset back to season 13.

      Rumor has it she’s looking to produce a season of “Legends” players sometime in the future. All these “original” ideas she comes up with year after year surprise to no end.

      Bringing the vets back last season was the dumbest twist ever… untill this year with the coaches! It just shows how she is willing to go above and beyond to fuck up this gameshow formerly known as Big Brother!

  21. Wow Big Brother if you reset where are the 3 original players that got evicted wasnt fair because the deck is still stacked

  22. I had the feeling Brit and Boogie were the only ones who would say no if there was actually an option. Brit seemed like she only agreed because she figured someone else would anyway.

    1. @CJ. “Brit seemed like she only agreed because she figured someone else would anyway.” I viewed the coachs reaction differently than you did.Before Julie announced the twist.Dan,Janelle&Britney were pretty confident that they would be given an option to play the game.All three of them sound like they planned on coming into the game.I think the part that threw them off,was when Julie said if one of the coachs choose to play the game.Then no one will be evicted tonight.Dan,Britney,Janelle and some of the newbies,really worked hard at blind siding Boogie and Frank.They all wanted Frank to be evicted.So,Britney&
      Janelle were probably thinking to themselves,what they should do.On one hand they want to play the game and on another hand they want Frank out the house.Dan seemed really excited to come in the game.

      1. They knew they’d be given the option but Britney went in with the enthusiasm of a wet blanket. I got the impression that her arm was twisted with the gun against her head while her husband was being held hostage and was forced into the game rather than actually wanting to participate.

  23. Kinda figured Boogie wouldn’t want to enter the game. I respect that he felt the coach’s prize was enough! Oh well now let’s see who turns on their former coach first….my money’s on Wil

    1. LOL

      $106,000 ?

      What would his uncle (or whomever) in Florida (or wherever) think of his choice?

      In case you couldn’t tell, I didn’t pay too much attention to his comments to Chenbot tonight.

  24. So why couldn’t they have cancelled the eviction after Willie was expelled? Team Britney was essentially cheated twice by BB.

  25. Just signed up for the feeds, they finally rooked me in, lol.

    Should it just be a blank right now though? Shouldn’t I be seeing trivia at least?
    New to this whole feed thing, any help would be appreciated.

  26. of course the vote results is yes!!!! Who thought it was going to be anything but yes. Even though most people and comments I saw were no. BB just does what they want, who cares what the viewers want. Next season lets give the coaches another couple of free weeks so they can drop in half way through.

  27. Oh yea. Now that I come to think of it, Shane’s HoH was really a waste. All he got out of it was more enemies.
    We all saw it coming though, because we can see how much CBS loves Frank, giving him his own mini special and all.

    I’m just happy that the twist wasn’t simple.

  28. Janelle will get screw again! Backdoor Janelle will be sweet. Three times still a failure. Team Shanielle/Dan/Chilltown 2.0 Bye Bye Janelle!

  29. I agree with Simon … CBS wants a showmance so bad… They should bring back Kara to liven things up even more cause Danielle would turn green with envy and cause even more drama!

  30. what a waste of shane HOH. not fair!

    in this comp its hard to tell who wins….maybe shane, dan, frank are favs?

    in generell i think janelle not made many friends the last week. so maybe she is a target. with boogie of course.

    1. In this game I’ve come to conclude it’s not about fairness or integrity or bullshit like that, it’s about entertainment, so now I’m numb to all these twists and turns that change the game. If anyone wants a more ‘fairer’ game Survivor is the show to watch, but BB…please. , forget it. Anyways I think Shane will take it well especially if Frank wins HOH, he won’t pull a Chima or Willie,and I don’t think his HOH was a total waste, at least now he’s not the number one target there’s several. Frank wants Janelle out so bad, maybe Wil also wants her out, so Janelle better start fighting like she did in her seasons.

  31. Expect the expected. Seriously, everyone pretty much guessed everything this week from the coaches coming into the game to the comp being endurance.

    1. STANDING OVATION for “Expect the Expected”!!!!!

      Truer words have never been spoken!

  32. Hold on Dan.Let’s Go Dan! Does anyone have any ideas why Boogie was the only coach that didn’t want to come in the game?I mean he didn’t just not like the idea of playing the game.He seemed straight up against it.Yet Dan seemed like he couldn’t hit the reset button fast enough.Lol.

    1. I think booger did not want to come back cause 1. he’s lazy and older now and was enjoying just kicking back and letting his team do all the leg work and 2. he’s a control freak and he loved having a team he could control. that is why i think he did not want to play plus he supposedly is rich so he wouldn’t need 500 grand (even though he took 6g at that last comp)

      1. The reason Boogie didn’t come back into the game is because the odds are better as a coach. He still has all his players and a 1 in 4 chance of winning $100,000. As a player you have a 1 in 12 chance of winning $500,000. He would need to reformulate his enter game mid way and he would be a major target from jump. The first thing someone would do is put him and Frank up. Smart move.

    2. At the time he went into the DR to vote (to stay a coach) he thought Frank was safe and he was gonna be the only coach with all 3 players left. Not to mention of those players being the second strongest player in the house – and on top of that they thought they had a secret alliance with Shane (the strongest player)

  33. when i try to sign in to my superpass it just goes to a straight white screen …

    anyone know whats up??

    much appreciated!

  34. I think Dan Britney Ian Janelle and Boogie will be really good at this comp. I think Britney Mike or Janelle will be the first to drop out of those five, and i think the new HOH will be Dan or Ian

  35. shane better win else if frank ian boogie do he is gona be their target and how much you wanna bet all the newbies are gonna stay with the former coaches and keep alliances (except maybe Wil Janelle left a bad taste in his mouth and it wasn’t her p***y :)

  36. Willie’ing??? Sooo he’s gonna rage and throw a pork rind at Jenelle, and punk off Joe???? I wanna see that, but this time aim for a boobie LOL

  37. I just signed up for the Live Feeds bc I’m dying to see this comp and the website is crashed! I can’t get it to load. Is anyone else having this issue?

    1. It was in season 6. It was the glass box HOH comp where they had to keep their hands on a button. It went fourteen hours (I think) and ended with Jennifer defeating Kaysar after promising to keep him (she went on to backdoor him).

  38. So, is Boogie back in the game as well or does he get to stay as a coach? I see that he voted to stay coach, do the other 3 just go in and he stays as a coach? What gives?

  39. so with the numbers back that will mean a double eviction eventually I
    just hope the newbies start to play to win and not another has been (oops) all star wins

  40. It would of been better had Julie said if 1 coach doesn’t hit the reset button the eviction goes as normal…Love how CBS just screwed Shane..I hope he wins this HOH.

    Love this site Simon and Dawg!!

  41. I’m not going to buy the feeds, ever. I would turn into a hermit, I’m already completely addicted to this site. However, I am a huge fan of BBAD and I can’t wait for tonight’s!

  42. So basically Shane gets screwed. He makes 2 enemies by putting Frank and Joe on the block and neither go home. That is messed up and totally unfair to Shane. Poke him with a fork…he’s done.

  43. Can’t believe they’ve been going for about an hour and no one has dropped yet, who do ya’ll think will be the first to drop?

  44. Julie seemed a little upset when Shane said that he wasn’t interested in a showmance during his HOH interview. He had been playing it up for her and CBS earlier (as they wanted) and then tossed them a curve during the interview. I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS played a little payback on him for messing with their “scripting plans” for a BB14 showmance.

  45. Chilltown 2.0 Survive! Still team Shanielle Yo! I told you so! Thank you Britney! Janelle will end up going home next week. I’ll be the happiest man ever!

  46. I hope frank wins it all,hes honest adoes what he say and he didnt sugar coat it for jojo he flat told her u fucked up

  47. After Booger said he was “good” they should have said “OK you can leave!” Why should he stay if he doesn’t want to? He doesn’t need the money and we don’t need to see or hear him any longer!

  48. How are all the coaches entering, no eviction, AND a houseguest coming back in?
    I don’t care what anybody says they kept Frank to Will it up with Boogie.

  49. I had a bad feeling that Frank was staying somehow b/c CBS put a lot of money into that family Sid Vicious package. They put that together a week ago and needed to save Frank somehow. If it would have been Joe and Ashley, they would have evicted someone tonight.

  50. BB wants a showmance so bad along with the drama, thus they are going to bring back Kara and force her on Shane and then pray she and Danielle kill each other over him! Betcha! For my part, I think he is a closet gay!

      1. Boogie claims he gonna go all Willie, they can just replace him with Kara then. Season saved!

  51. Boogie dropped!!!
    Do you think we’ll get to see this on BBAD that’s the only thing I have.
    I think Shane is going to win it. Ian is going to get cold from the water.

  52. I think Boogie doesn’t care at this point and that is why he dropped. I would be so happy if Boogie just agreed to go home.

  53. I thik Boogie’s going to wait to see how this HOH comes out. I think if Frank or Ian don’t win then he may do as he says and pull a Willie – LOL!! I’m surprised that Brit & Ashley are still up there. 2 more hours to BBAD!!

  54. I feel bad for Shane, basically his HOH was a fluke. I don’t get why they couldn’t still have an eviction? Anyway – I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how things play out now though. Finally, things might get a little more exciting!

    1. Hopefully Shane will win this HOH, I wouldn’t normally say that but I also feel bad for him pretty much not having an HoH this week

  55. Been reading this blog for a few years but never posted, Simon and Dawg you guys are awesome, this blog is by far the best. Got the feeds yesterday and glad I did, the endurance comp has been entertaing so far. Boogie and Joe won’t last much longer, and as I wrote that Boogie just came down, minutes after his fart, and now Jenn is down too. Advantage definitely goes to the short people, so I’m thinking brit or ian will take it, brit looks pretty comfy. Shane being a personal trainer will keep him in the running, andddd Joe goes down.

    Simon, you mentioned how bad CBS wants a showmance, it’s ridiculous. After hearing about Shane’s cosmo bachelor thing, looked it up and in the answers he gives, he basically said he likes to chase girls and doesn’t like clingy girls, ummm so Danielle never had a shot, hopefully he put a rest to CBS efforts after his HOH interview.

    Thought it was BS that the coaches got a pass, but then again now we’re at about the same number that they usually start with. Production clearly favors Frank, he was coming back either way. Anyways, shit will definitely pop off this week, can’t wait!!!

    1. Me too, been pulling for him from the start. He just needs to align himself with Dan, those two would dominate chilltown v 2.0 and the rest of the house. Hoping Dan can get Janelle and her cronies to go at it with Boogie and his minions.

  56. well, boogie didnt want to play, so frank staying is sort of throwing him a bone

    but this comp, i hate. its basically a female comp, and ian, because as we’ve seen in the past men cant handle the 2 hours up there that the women can due to the size of the ledge/body shape

    ian better pull this out, or frank and boogie are on the darn block

  57. Boogie is such a sore loser and now add quitter to his list of undesirable traits. Miserable little weasel, I hope he flips out and self evicts.

    1. how was he screwed he gets to play agian and can win again. no player has ever got to play back to back HOH’s

      1. hey hey simon that’s my guy jenn you are talking about he’ll start winning stuff once he floats to the final 4 :)

      2. I was keeping my hopes up for her, but when I read that she was contacted through facebook (i mean really). its clear she really doesnt care much. SAD.

  58. Simon and Dawg,
    Are you at all surprised Boogie was the first to drop?
    I think he’ll be mad and give up, get nominated and go home.

  59. Yes, I think Shane is getting screwed big time! Even letting him play in the endurance comp doesn’t make up for it.

  60. Joe is a horrible alliance member look at him throwing people under the bus already to the losers!!!! This guy has no intelligence, he is giving Boogie ammunition that will be used against him!!

    1. Joe is out of the comp? And they didn’t have to carry him out of the house on a strecher like he claimed? Wish I could say I didn’t see that one coming.

  61. Feeds should be fun tonight. Love how they worked this twist. Frank stays and the coaches enter. I still suspect that the 6-7 players that I like will end up on opposite sides of the house, but it’ll be interesting to see who starts to work with whom now that the coaches are in the game.

  62. I initially thought Shane was gay, but I guess he;s just kind of pretty boy from Vermint. anyhow I think I’m rooting for Shane the rest of the season. He actually seems like the most likable house guest to me. I don’t feel right rooting for a “Coach” who has now entered the game like 4 weeks into it.

  63. Oh Shane here you go again, on the wrong side of the fence. Should have kept your “Word”. How are you going to dig your’e self out of this one. “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

  64. If they had to bring the coaches in, at least the evened the field a bit. Glad Frank is still there and that Shane got to compete. Now I want Janelle and Danielle to fall. I think the newbs are going to revolt!

  65. Boogie is mad because he can’t just sit on his ass and drink beer the rest of the summer!

    BOO-HOO, screw you Boogie!

  66. Dan’s out!!!!!!!
    Ugh. I’m surprised Danielle is still in it. I hope they hold out so I can see it on BBAD.
    So now it’s Danielle, Britney, Shane, Janelle, Wil, Frank, and Ian.
    At least they let Shane compete after screwing him over so Frank could stay in the game. Maybe they’ll get Joe out (crosses fingers)

  67. ashley and dan out huh guess they figure they are safe but this is anyone’s game now so I figure no one is safe shit if I was playing I’d hang on til i bled.

  68. do i have to pay to get the 3 day trial ? or what happens after the 3 day trial do they charge me for that because i only want the trial thingy lol

    1. You can cancel at anytime before the 3 days are up, after 3 days you’ll automatically be charged $14.99 if you don’t cancel

    2. Shane and WIl are hurtin pretty bad. Ian still looks like the guy to beat, kid is about a 100lbs soakin wet, literally.

    1. I really hope Shane separates himself from Brit, she can’t win anything, her paranoia is ridiculous, and she changes her mind on who she wants out once or twice a day. Shane needs to get with Frank, commit to getting people out, and just steamroll through the house.

    1. Ian is proving his prowess tonight. Its like what he said to Julie, he kept on slop to get his weight down for this, he has waited for it. As long as he doesn’t slip like Ashley and Frank did.

  69. Did Joe give the names of the people who were behind trying to vote out Frank?Please. Someone tell me what did the idiot Joe say to Boogie.

  70. Lies….allegations…understandings~~ I say it’ll be a battle between Brit, Ian and Danielle at the end…maybe Wil too….

  71. Pattie, That is exactly the way I feel. So not only was Shane’s HOH a waste, but the coaches have been safe all this time and also know the newbies hands. Definitely set up for Frank to stay. Such a disappointing season so far. There was finally going to be a blindside and start to get interesting and then the stupid producers go and ruin it. Only thing that will salvage this season for me is if Boogie goes home next week. If not, I probably won’t watch the rest of the season, just like I stopped watching last season when “miraculously” Brendon got to reenter the game.

  72. yeah production screwed shane over big time because he’s not interested in a showmance with danielle so they said ok we’ll just keep frank and screw u over again like when we kicked willie out and instead of letting that be the eviction for the week got rid of jojo too, i guess production has something against shane and britney and they love the big hair, stinky no deodorant wearing, i couldn’t win a real competition if my life depended on it douchebag, once again way to go production for thinking u actually know what you’re doing.

  73. It’s looking like either Ian, Britney or Danielle are in the best shape to win this HOH. Shane is laboring badly, so are Wil and Janelle.

  74. For the “is Shane gay?” crowd, him and Wil just whispered to each other and jumped off at the same time. Have fun with turning that into a gaydar moment.

  75. Fall Janelle Fall! Your in Pain. Thanks to Britney brillant move! Janelle will cry to her husband. Your alliances Sovereign 6 can’t help you this one.

  76. 20 min left untill us BBAD people get back in on the action! Hope there’s still some competitors left for us to enjoy!

  77. joe has got to be the biggest idiot to ever play the game, he knew he had the votes to stay and now he tells boogie that frank was going home, what does he think that boogie is going to do protect him now, everybody not on boogie’s team is coming after him (boogie) did anybody see or hear joe tell him that.

    1. I think there is seriously something wrong with him…he could have flown under the radar for another couple weeks while the coaches got picked off. I hope he goes next week now, just for being such an idiot!

  78. well if ian wins i guess production oops i mean boogie and frank will get what they wanted and backdoor shane next week unless he wins pov, production just might as well come out and say they want frank tol win. i mean come on ian gets the blame for frank going on the block now he’s the only one left from that team still in it, frank should have been evicted but wasn’t, the hoh was tailored made for ian, could they be anymore obvious.

  79. Awesome, they’re actually showing it on BBAD. They switched away to the storage room though…Hopefully they’ll keep cutting back.

  80. i just wanna say i almost 100% predicted what the “twist” was tonight, but jasonvorhies was quick to shut me down. suck it!!!!!!!

  81. this is too good, mike and frank know about the plan to backdoor frank and their trying to figure out how to move forward, boogie is pretty rattled. Apparently Wil also came to them, fuck I hate Wil, him and Joe just completely threw shane under the bus. Go team Dan & Shane, the Brain and the Beast!

  82. ian or a vet winning hoh was best case

    now with danielle, its basically a dan controlled hoh, but he will just use her to take out boogie, which kind of sucks, but at the same time I dont think boogie is that into it right now anyway.

  83. Janell is such an idiot…clapping for Danielle’s victory like they are the best of friends…I hope Janell is the first to go

  84. Team Mt. St. Shanielle for the win baby!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mad ups to Danielle, Britney, and Ian tonight for being warriors in a great endurance comp!

  85. Just goes to show that Danielle will do anything for a Shane-mance! LOL!! I really hope that they go for Janelle or Joe! :) Thanks so much Simon & Dawg for the wonderful updates!!

  86. i agree with you simon .. they are giving Shane the shaft… total BS … do they actually think we are happy not being able to see Boogers chin hit the floor when frank left … BB shame on you .. this is the worse ditch effort to keep your viewers .. . not at all impressed ..

  87. so funny boogie and frank talking about what they’re gonna do not knowing that ian dropped and danielle won hoh priceless!!!!!!!!!!

  88. So when Shane is hoh, he wants no type of relationship/shomance/flirtmance, but when she gets hoh, he comes in to kiss her? Come on, that’s just low. Shane is playing her like no other. By the way, for the people saying its not fair that Shane made two enemies by putting up Frank. It was his dumb move, who tries to make one of the biggest moves in Big Brother on Week 3 of the season? Even if Frank would have got evicted, Shane would have been screwed. Sorry to tell you guys, but Shane won’t win every competition, he will lose and be evicted the first chance the houseguests can.

  89. Team Shanielle (Next Jeff & Jordan):Danielle wins Big Brother 14 & Shane wins America’s Favorite Houseguest.

  90. This might be just me but…Is anyone else pumped to see the way Dan and Boogie go head to head and see who can one up the other?

  91. I rarely post on here but want to thank the guys that run this site. With that being said, Danielle needs to put up Boogie and Janelle. Get Boogie out of the game! If he or Janelle wins POV, Frank your back on the block!

  92. Danielle won!
    Honestly, I officially like her as a competitor but, hate her as a person…lol.
    I loved the way Dan grabbed her (Shane not so much. I like him but, hate them together). But, of course CBS will edit Dan’s part out.
    Anyways, if Dan was smart he’d tell Danielle to evict Frank to get out a newbie/make sure Boogie would join with him so the vets can have the numbers.
    The vets need to team up but, the person who needs convincing is Britney.

  93. I’m so proud of Danielle.So many people in that house and even on this site, talked so much trash about her.Now it’s time to get Boogie out this house.Dan needs to come up with a plan.

  94. I missed the pep talk! Could someone recap it for me? I am however seeing lots of whiners in the “coach” room. Why didn’t the coaches decide as a group to not go back?

    1. It happened when it was down to Danielle, Ian, and Britney. Paraphrased: “C’mon Danielle. You’ve outlasted two Big Brother winners and Janelle, who’s a bad ass. You’re hanging with Britney, who’s a bad ass in her own right and Ian, who isn’t right in the head. You could drop and still get mad respect but I don’t think you’re ready to do that yet. At this point, YOU MAKE THE DEALS, YOU DON’T TAKE THEM. YOU MAKE THE DEALS, DANIELLE. I am no longer your coach but I will help you as much as I can.”

  95. This is best case scenario for Dan, he gets to pretty much control who goes up and doesn’t get any blood on his hands. It’s BB10 all over again

  96. Boogie is obviously gonna be nominated. Ian will b a pawn if boogie does not win pov he will go home. Remember this post America.

  97. Yes. That was awesome Danielle!!!!! SO glad Shane is safe.
    Joe is an idiot. It’s not like it was a fast forward and Joe had to hurry and spill the beans!!!!

    SO much for Boogie and Frank’s smack talk that Danielle wouldn’t win tonight.

  98. Happy for Dan. Think Shane’s kiss was simply spontaneous joy (pic is sexy though), like when Brit jumped on him when he won.

  99. I think her best move is to try to take out Janelle. Either she needs to put her her on the block right away, or put up Ashley and Jen and try to back door her. The players need to realize that they can’t play too hard too fast. Janelle isnt well liked in the house, everyone is seeing past her lies.

    1. Simon and Dawg, Your website is the best! It shows the true measure of how the season is progressing. Tonights comments are some of the most I’ve seen in a couple of years following you. Tonight was the best twist in any season. This is good because AG and CBS needs to envigorate BB. Thanks again to both of you for your excellent work!

  100. soo willie wanted frank out but by self evicting he not only screwed jojo…he set it up so bb had to null and void tonights eviction to have the number of house guests they originally planned for. so willie kept frank in the game….lol

  101. i just hope danielle is smart enough not to listed to dan if he tells her not to put boogie and frank up especially now that boogie told britney that dan told him that she was voting frank out so he basically threw her under the bus and i hope britney calls dan out on it in front of her so she won’t listed to him and puts up who she wants to.

  102. this is insane now!

    some newbies want the coaches out first, boogie and frank know that frank was out. janelle lies so much, its out of this world.

  103. if she doesn’t put up boogie and frank they r coming after shane because wil told him that they were going to backdoor him next week.

    1. If Boogie and Frank leave this soon the show will go right back to being boring as all hell, I know I’ll probably stop watching when they leave. I find Brit, Janelle, Danielle, Joe and Jenn insufferable, I have to switch cams if i hear Brittany’s voice for too long, can’t stand her.

      1. well if u don’t like them then stop watching, i can’t stand frank and boogie i find them insufferable they walked around all week acting so cocky thinking frank was safe all week everytime i see them it makes me wanna puke, i can’t stand people like that in real life much less on reality tv show, just makes me wanna see them get evicted even more that’s why i still watch.

  104. We should all be excited about the new problem…how are they going to get rid of these players to reach 2 in 6 weeks. It is going to be a bunch of double eviction weeks and Big Brother fast forwards. Nothing shakes up the game like those…and there will be plenty of them to come!

  105. I just figured something out, a theory, but it could wind up coming true. They’re going through talking about double evictions, originally it was one person wins 500k, and the coach gets 100k. What if the winner now gets 500k, second place gets 100k, and dun dun dun, THIRD gets the 50k the runner up was supposed to get. Which means that 3 players this season are guaranteed a pay out.

    Also, Shane deserves a power, BB flat out ROBBED, Shane when it should have been Frank who’s eviction shouldn’t have counted. If they don’t do something to make up for Shane’s HoH not counting, this show is bullshit.

    1. Well Danielle did win…which is arguably better for him than winning HoH, she gets all the blood on her hands and he will for sure have a say in who goes up.

    2. Allison is way too cheap for that she will pocket that 100k and give the finger to everyone. BB is still paying out a measly 500k when it should be a million easily. I dont even want to imagine the margin they make. Look at those cheap ass steaks Joe is cooking right now.

      1. I do have to say, the season is more interesting now, than it was the past four weeks. Now people are going to be playing Big Brother, which means that these alliances made this week, will eventually be broken and the animosity will begin! :)

  106. basicly daniele has to put up at least wil or joe now. because they are telling frank and boogie that frank was voted out….

    looks like dan, daniele, brit, shane against team boogie. janelles team floating where the power is. like the first 3 weeks too.

    1. Or she could put up Frank, hope he goes out, then she won’t have to worry about him anymore.

      Even Dr. Spock would agree, that sounds logical.

  107. so is there a showmance between shane and danielle or is he just screwing around with her? (sorry i haven’t been keeping up with anything)

    1. He said to Julie tonight that he had no interest in a showmance, he’s probably just securing his safety and his ability to manipulate who puts up.

  108. I think he was excited for her and pecked her thats it. Hooking up will hurt his game and he knows it. He has got to be getting tired if spanking the monkey though so you never know.

    When Janelle and Wil or Joe go up this week its going to get crazy. They are going to hammer Boogie and Frank on the backdoor plan and the pot will be stirred nicely.

  109. Favorite thing tonight was the Shane/Danielle Titanic-esque kiss LOL and Brit giving the win to Danielle saying “Love ya” hahaha

  110. Britney needs to stop coaching and telling everyone what to say and do! Im so tired of hearing from her and Janelle! Leave them alone and let them play their own game!

  111. The twist screwed Shane and the back door attempt on Frank, now he is safe and now this is going to be awhile to take him out I think. Plus Britney wanted him out so badly but she must have wanted the 500K more to keep him.

    Surprised Boogie said no thanks to it I for sure thought he would to keep Frank safe.

    Would have been cool to have the other house guests come back. Probably Kara and Jojo would have returned.

    oh well, just gotta see who lines up with who now.

  112. What a night of Big Brother, and it just happens to be the first time I get to attend a Big Brother Live Eviction taping! It was quite a shocker for the audience to discover there would be no eviction, we all gasped. Some were disappointed by this, and the fact that we would not get to see a new HoH crowned, but I loved the twists, and welcome the unexpected. Personally, the endurance comps are always my favorite nights of every season, so to be there when one begins, and then run home to watch it on the feeds, was just too much fun. I could even see the top section of the leaning wall through an opening in the fence. Won a Big Brother audience T-shirt for proving I was the biggest superfan in attendance. And to top it off, the alliance I’m rooting for takes HoH. Only disappointed that I didn’t get to see my least favorite player Frank in person tonight.

  113. Good Evening & Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights: It’s official, the coaches are no longer coaching. But we still have PoV record chase:
    1.Janelle (BB6,7 &14) 7 PoV
    2.Brendon (BB12 &13) 6 PoV
    3.Daniele (BB8 &13)/James (BB6 &7) 5 PoV
    5.Jeff (BB11 &13):4 PoV
    6.James(BB9),Britney (BB12 &14),Michele (BB11) & Shane (BB14) 3 PoV
    Can Shane will pick up a pace? Tuned in 1 week from today plus fourth member inductee into the Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

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