Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results Frank Vs Joe

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Speculated Vote results
Frank Goes home

Tonight on the live feeds
Endurance Baby Catch it on the Live Feeds 3 Day Free Trial

There is no eviction tonight!!

Coaches are back in the game Shane gets to compete in the HOH last week was a WASTE of time the feeds are going to be INSANE Tonight

Which Coaches Enter the Game

Vote results is YES!! Coaches come back.
Britney votes to enter the game
Boogie votes to stay as a coach
Dan votes to enter the game
Janelle votes to enter the game

7:10pm Cam 1-4 endurance competition on the live feeds

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7:20pm HOH is still going.. If you get the feeds you get to watch the entire competition. Free trial Buy them from us and help out OBB.

Boogie: “Fuck this guys I’m Willieing tonight.. ”

7:31pm everyone still on ..
7:50pm Everyone still on the boat..
8:02pm Boogie out
8:03pm Jenn Out
8:04pm Joe out
8:20pm This may go the distance.. (Am i the only one that feels Shane has been screwed a zillion times this season?)
8:35pm Cam 1-4 Everyone still in it…
8:44pm Ashley Out
8:45pm Dan out…
9:01pm This HOH is a battle HOLY SHIT
9:07pm Frank out.. Only Ian left out of that boogie’s group
9:24pm Shane is in major pain.. he’s digging deep .. Janelle is looking a bit rough to. Wil, Ian, Danielle and Britney looking alright they are definitely fatigued
9:36pm Shane and Wil are out
9:40pm Janelle is out.. Danielle, Brit and Ian left. Brit starts talking to Ian asking him if she’s good. Ian tells he SHE is safe if he wins HOH.
9:43pm Cam 3 Boogie tells Frank about who was going to vote for Frank to leave (Danielle and Wil). Frank asks him if Boogie is going to go with Janelle now that he’s in the game. Boogie says no you are now my Dr Wil. Boogie explains to him that they are going to bring out in the open everything Joe just told them. Boogie: “At the very Least we are going cause fights” Frank
9:46pm Cam 1 Dan is giving Danielle a MEGA Pep Talk. Flash back to it if you missed it pretty awesome.
10:08pm Ian out
10:09pm Danielle WIN HOH Shane run to her and kisses her.. Janelle wastes no time running up to her and sucking up.. (LOL)

10:05pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Frank

Boogie tells him that Janelle told him that Wil and Danielle were going to vote out FFrank

Boogie: “Me and you rid and die this to the end”

Boogie: “I will do you no wrong in this game”

Boogie: “Danielle, Dan and Wil obviously cannot be trusted”
Boogie is going to try and keep the other coaches fighting the newbies and vice versa

check out the images added to the gallery below.. I’ll Keep adding screencaps there


Last Weeks Results in the table

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

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I is so excited!




Hope Frank stays he keeps everything interesting! should he go hope i hope boogie returns and boots shane right out after him


Is it 100% that it’s going to be an endurance comp? Or is it just speculation among the houseguests?

Jedi Jani

I think if all four are given the option then they all four will come in. It’s possible they have to play one another for a position in the game…who knows….I think Dan will do well in the endurance as well as Wil….Joe won’t last long and neither will Boogie….Ian has a great shot at it because of his small size frame but not sure if he can stand still very long with all his nervous ticks. I’m not real sure what Jenn is capable of but I think we will have a good idea after the endurance if she is a keeper …. Ashley won’t last as long as the others due to her low tolerance for pain and need for medication….Brit isn’t really good at endurance and Janelle isn’t as good as she used to be … but she will give it a really good shot…..Danielle may surprise us OR not….Who knows…..Hoping that somehow Dan/Danielle and Shane/Wil/Brit team up for a tad longer than a few day alliance as I think they could do some damage to the others.. … Pacing with Ants in my Pants waiting for it to start!!!!!


Simon, all 4 coaches enter the game and 1. Dan 2. Wil 3. Janelle 4, Boogie. Also the first one to lose between Frank and Joe goes home. That way BB can avoid returning a previously evicted HG with another America’s vote and comp like last year. Just my guess.


Am I the only one who thinks Shane just got Screwed out of an HoH? In my opinion production owes him, because it was FRANK who’s HoH shouldn’t have counted.


Ian needs to prove himself in this game and win a HoH. If the coaches have to play a comp we can finally get rid of brit i like her but shes gotta go!


i think power will shift to one of janlle players or boogie i think its between will asheley ian

hoh = ian will asheley

drop = jenn , joe


I hope it’s endurance and lasts long enough to be on BBAD

Carol & Steve

I agree – let it last long enough to be on BBAD!!


Yaaaaawn. Vets vs. Newbies part 2. Why wouldn’t they let the coaches twist play out? Could have gotten interesting, but instead we get a recycled BB13.


I honestly don’t think CBS went into this season planning on the coaches coming into the game. I think when Britney started telling everyone about her key theory, that’s when they decided to do it. Instead of having evicted players coming back, they just let the coaches into the game. I am personally glad they’re playing because I think the whole coaches thing was pretty lame. It does kind of make the last several weeks pretty pointless though.


I’m SO waiting to see Boog’s reaction. It will prolly be a let down from my expectations, but I just KNOW it’ll be at least a bit of surprise to him AND his team.

Frank goes home and all 4 coaches come into the game. I hope BB does a double… double-eviction AND brings back “at least” one evicted player. Let’s really shake it up this season. Make everyone in the house, coaches included, work for it this year….. work REAL HARD.

I so hope production makes it absolutely crazy, insane even. Let’s set the animals let loose in the house and just see what damage they can do.

BOOOOOO Janellle.

GO DAN!!!!

YAY BB14. Make it NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


agreed! kind of a snooze fest right now


This is how I think things will go!

Frank will get evicted 3-2

Ian/trixie will be the last two left in the endurance comp, and she will make the same deal that Natalie and James made in bb9 during that hoh to protect her/Matt. Instead though, it will be to protect herself/janelle. 

But Ian will go back on his word, just like James did, and backdoor janelle :/


I hope frank stays just for the drama.. LOL.. but I kind of also want him to so to see Boogie FLIP out! will be good either way..


U didnt write ur HoH prediction, Simon! U usually are always right!


Team Shanielle Yo! I’ll be laughing if Ian wins HoH & put Joe & Wil on the block.


Frank Tha Stank will be let back into the game if any coach enters the game.


Hey Guys, I will recap the stats! Stay tuned!

Beyonce Fan

We dont need you.




we don’t need you and nobody asked


My opinion is everybody opinion….YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES you do. Everybody need me. No means Yes, Yes means No!

MU Tigers

You’d be lucky to find more than two people on here that agree’s with your opinions. Even less that can understand what you are trying to say.

Anonymous 2



Ian will def win tonight going for Dan’s team though…….. Boogie gonna flip…….


NO FRANK!! I just want great viewing. I want the best TV (feeds too) possible. AND Dan FTW. Yes, I’m selfish and bias. LoL.


simon you gonna do parodys of all the HG’s :)


HA that’s awesome for boogie

Karen S

Ready…. SET…. G O ! ! ! !


I been waiting for the first endurance comp to get the free three day trial on the feeds I hope it’s something mental like the old seasons and not physical where they have to use strength like they get licked in a cage like season 4 this way we see who really wants it most not who’s the strongest but I doubt it takes 36 hours to build a cage or something like that it has to be tall and involve hanging


I thought the same thing…I go sign up, put in my credit card number, go to sign in and it only shows me previous videos. Am I doing something wrong?


Never mind! Figured it out :)


Hey what was the problem, I signed up and cant see anything


Thanks Simon!


this is the BB house you can bounce checks a classic


janelles saying wil is just a bitchy guy ha for once i will say this gay guy was not the bitch SHE WAS


joe has a fuckin big assed mouth really wish he goes


janelle is such a good actress that’s why wil says act 2 put on the water works more classic lines
I am starting to really like Wil

Carol & Steve

we are too! so happy he saw thru that!

Karen S

I was jumping up and down when I saw that Wil didn’t buy Janelle’s fake tears.
Smart guy.. or maybe he knows a few drama “queens” lol


LMFAO a 10 and half bad


yes, they are making it so obvious


I really want them to do the live eviction before the coaches announcement.


frank goes home, Boogie Freaks out of shear embarrassment for all his cocky comments about how wonderful he is, Danielle and Brittany huddle under the covers to spoon each other and cry, Janelle has complete flat affect while checking her makeup in the mirror and telling everyone how fat she is getting, Will takes drama queen to new level, Ian and Ashley hide under the couch together, Dan sits around asking questions about how everyone feels about what just happened and Joe plans the next suck up breakfast (I’ll have mine with extra e coli please). And Jenn??…….Jenn Who????

Carol & Steve

It’s just what I thought! Awesome!!


so much for individually when only 1 coach decides for all :(


very disappointing that Shane loses his HOH.


Obviously BB wanted Frank to stay with the reset. Now BB14 is 3 players too many and we should see double evictions several times this year. There are 6 weeks until the finale and currently 12 players. So could we have 4 double evictions?


Grenades yo!!


This show has officially jumped the shark. If I were Shane, I would be pissed off.


exactly! how is this even fair?

lets see…..
they surprise people who are ready to play big brother with a new game that has coaches involved
then after a few weeks, in which
the coaches have had time to build relationships

the coaches have been appointed by bb as leaders and the voices of authority

other players that the coaches did not like were eliminated

they are given entry into the game????

how is this fair or entertaining in any sense of the word? they have basically had immunity in the game until now.
absolute rigged bullshit if you ask me.

these game shows should be regulated. They definately jumped the shark last night. fkin annoying..


Well then…………….this whole week was pointless


i remember when i was growing up i watched Dallas and a whole season was a waste cause they killed bobby then next season it was a dream same as this past week just a dream


I told you lol. My production birdy comes through again.


Wow, production really wants Frank to stay!


So Shane basically had no HOH! That’s bullshit! BB, you suck!!


It wasn’t his HOH anyway. He basically said Britney did everything for him.


It is unbelievable how much production is screwing these guys over. Totally jumped the shark and it will sink this show. I think I will just go watch glass house. I am over this. Usually no matter how mad I get at a show, I watch….but tonight is my last night. Good job, BB, you just couldn’t keep your hands off it, could you. This morning I had hope that things were about to get interesting. This is not interesting…it just feels rigged. Bye all


damn, frank isn’t going home tonight!!


I was not expecting the fame to restart and every one be safe I hope Shane wins again sticks with Brit Dan and Danielle and take out boogie


Yah, I thought for sure Frank was done. And Boogie voting no…wonder why. Maybe he thought Joe was for sure going home, and Janelle would be weakened losing a player, little does he know this would have been a crushing blideside that would have really embarassed him. But whatever, now the games can begin ,enough of the coach shit.




Frank and Joe were my two least favourite players, I feel disappointed about the eviction cancellation…..


me too….I was so looking forward to one of them no longer being there


Really no choice to make…Frank was going to come back anyway, so the eviction would have been for nothing and would have shown which way the wind was blowing. This way, unless someone talks, Frank and Boogie never have to know that Frank was going home.


yes but do you think that it will come out somehow anyways…all the loose lips in the house….I bet they don’t sleep at all tonight…staying up to plot and plan


joe has a big enough mouth, and too little sense to realize how stupid it would be to tell…my vote says joe is the one to spill how the vote should have gone down…


Dan knows shane has this in the bag. 2 weeks in a row and a 4th POV here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Coaches are in the game! Neither Joe or Frank is evicted. The game has been reset.


BBAD might actually be worth watching tonight I stopped watching it for the last few nights


Omg the twist was amazing.
Theres no way that the coaches could’ve did separate things because it wouldn’t have made any sense. You can’t have some people being coached while the previous coaches are now players. Too much confusion.

I’m so excited though. Can’t wait to see who wins HoH.


They tooled around with allowing players to come back for the coaches that didnt enter but decided against it.


Did not know Frank was Sid Vicious’ son!

I think it’s bittersweet that the coaches are entering the game. I kind of leaned more towards Boogie’s decision to say no to the offer.


Oh it was a unanimous vote that all coaches are back in the game, I was thinking boogie was going to be the only one as coach


I told you people. they love frank, boogie and frank playing up chilltown saved that guy, if it was some jojo or kara, no one would care, but it was someone attached to a coach. future reference for hg’s


I am so angry that the coaches coming back played out this way. I wanted Frank out and Boogie to go through the roof. What a let down!


I’m officially rooting for Ian now. Nerd Power, you.


can you watch the HOH on live feeds or is it put on Trivia?????????????


I think the feeds might be coming bac up now…I can hear the water instead of the music


Ian has been on slop so long he has titties. Look at him in his goofy yellow suit.

Lady E

LOL when the camera was on him during the live show, I heard people laughing