Shane, Danielle, Britney, Dan team up – Dan: “They won’t know what’s going to hit them”

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Shane comments on the look on Janelle’s face like she has no clue what to do, “Wil is going up I know that much”. Britney wants him to keep it on the Downlow with the other players until after the coaches challenge.

Danielle joins them says that everyone is acting strange with her and looking at her funny.
Britney explains that Danielle is VERY important this week she is the swing vote. Shane chimes in that Dan’s and Britney’s teams have to join up they have no other choice. Britney points out to Danielle that this week Janelle was super nice to her and included her in everything because Janelle knew of your importance this coming week. Danielle thought it was a bit strange at how the girls were talking to her out of the blue.

Danielle says that JOJO is a cruel bitch she was saying Danielle fat with disgusting legs. Britney is shocked.. she never heard JOJO says that. Shane never heard it either. Britney calls it a disgusting thing to say.

Britney explains to the that the only way they can guarantee to have the vote go the way they want is to put up one player from each side. Danielle agrees says it’s the only option for them.

Britney points out that wil’s attitude is really bad she mentions how when his team is winning he’s a smiles and laughter but the second his team is down he puts his grumpy face and moops around the house.

Britney tells Danielle they are serious about working with her they want her to be included in everything. Danielle appears pretty happy from this she wants to make a deal that is longer than 1 week, it’s time to think long term.. Britney wants to pull Dan into their talk they need his mind on this.

Britney explains to Danielle how important she is to them they a) need her as a swing vote and b) need her to be their ears downstairs. Britney: “EVERYONE will want to be your friend this week and you’ll get tons of information”
Danielle just doesn’t want to be manipulated by them. Both Britney and Shane take offense to that they explain they are for real about this deal with Danielle.

Shane likes Joe thinks they should team up with him. Britney shakes her head (So do I) she says JOE is HORRIBLE he tells Janelle everything he’s playing each side of the house. Shane didn’t know that he always thought Joe was straight with them.

Dan come in

Britney says Danielle is 100% safe this week and they are planning on putting up one from each team and having Danielle as a swing vote.

Dan proposes that Shane and Danielle need to have a secret alliance if they are seen as together they will both be put up on the block.

Dan asks them how are they going to blast through the 2 beast alliances. Even with 1 player down this week it’s 5 competing in the next HOH Vs 1

Britney: “Who do we trust more out of the 2 devils downstairs”
Britney starts to explain janelle and why she thinks Boogie’s team is much more trustworthy than Janelle’s.. She talks about week one when Willie had the power and the second her team lost the power (once Shane didn’t use the POV) they were downstairs making deals with Boogie.
Britney: “I’m sorry sometimes in this game you have to feel the burn”

Dan proposes they put up 2 from one team this way they don’t piss 3 players off. Britney disagrees if they do that they do not control who goes home. Dan understands.
Britney: “We’re trying to fight with so few numbers”
Dan thinks they should mend fences with Wil because Shane can steamroll Wil in physical competitions but Frank might be trouble.
Dan: “This is a big Ass decision“

Britney: “we need to win the coaches competition..Janelle told me you threw it last week”
Dan gets pissed (he really does) he says there is no way he threw that competition he has horrible balance. Danielle mentions that Janelle told her that to.

Britney is going to tell Boogie the truth they need to be able to control the votes this week and they have to put up one of his people. Britney: “OMG it’s so weird that i’m giving Dan all my secrets” Dan: “We’re in the outs.. I have no vested interest in telling anyone outside this room what we’re talking about.. it’ll hurt Danielle”

Dan says that they’re up against 5 people in next week’s HOH, they need to get the votes to last in the longer term, “We’re due for an endurance challenge next week”

Dan: “I would put a thousand dollars on Shane winning a competition over Wil” (dan wants them to try and deal with Wil and get Frank taken out)

Dan brings up again about Janelle saying He threw a Coaches competitions he is very annoyed. Britney says that Janelle and Boogie are working together and they have deals with their top players to go to the end. Wil janelle’s number 1 Frank is boogies number 1. Shane chimes in Jenn and Joe are expendable.

Dan tells them they need to work on the players that are expandable and pull them in. Britney thinks that will be very hard to convince the other players they are at the bottom of their 6 person alliance.
Talks moves to the awesome performance in the HOH competitions by Danielle and Shane.
Dan tells Shane the Crowds were cheering when Shane scored the 20..

Dan warns them about making any deals with Ian britney agrees and adds Ashley as someone they cannot deal with.

Dan asks Danielle what she thinks they should do.

Danielle suggests they nominate one from each team and get them fighting each other (Biam i went from talking smack about Danielle to like her in 1 hours of feeds)
Everyone agrees it’s best to cause chaos in the other 2 groups and try to peel a player off Boogie or Janelle.

Britney says there is a value at getting rid of Ian because the next HOH will be endurance.
Britney: “If you get rid of Joe he’s the only person allied with Wil.. If you cut Joe out of the Joe and Wil train… Ashley breaks free” britney thinks they might be able to trust Ashley at that point. Shane says no way she screwed them week one. Danielle totally agrees..

Shane brings up the lackluster performance of Frank in recent competitions. Dan thinks Frank wasn’t trying very far, he warns them that Dan will be very strong in physical competitions.

Danielle: “janelle manipulates and Bullies Ashley.. I’m Afraid Jenn and boogie are Extremely close I’ve been watching them…If you tell anything to Jenn she will run downstairs and tell everyone.. I’ve seen it happen it before”
Dan: “You cannot make any deals with Ian.. he’s a wash”
Britney: “Wil is CUTTHROAT as they come”
Shane thinks they can trust Frank with a deal, Danielle agrees.
Dan proposes they pull Boogie and Frank in and talk to them, ‘It seems like they are the only ones they can deal with”
Danielle suggests they let fate handle it nominate Wil and Frank and see what happens.
Shane agrees
Danielle: “Cause chaos between the 2 teams”
the group decide the order of who has the best chance to win the game is Frank, wil ,Ian, joe. With Frank being the most trustworthy of the bunch.

Britney will put all the Janelle’s players up on slop if she wins it.. and would put Frank or Jenn up if there is a fourth person. Dan thinks she should slap Ian on it and not piss Frank/Jenn off right now.

They notice Joe is coming up Dan and Danielle run into the other room. Dan hides and Danielle uses the washroom. joe comes up start shooting straight. Britney leaves followed by Danielle. Joe and Shane have a short conversation.. Joe pretty much tells him to take frank out because Frank is the number one competitor. After they lave Dan sneaks out and says to the camera “they won’t know what’s going to hit them” (Freaking awesome let the damage begin)

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12:06 Cam 3-4 Dan: “they won’t know what’s going to hit them”

12:15AM Arcade room Danielle and Dan very happy at the new team they have formed.. They want to take Frank out this week they now need to convince Shane and Britney who seem to want to take out Wil.

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wow, so much for dan and his “word” that he prides himself on. he had a deal with boogie, this just smells of flip flopping, and to do it to team up with brit? at least if it was just janelle I could root for that, but brit being apart of it makes me wish they go ahead and put will in the darn game just to even up the score. 3 on 1 is some BS


boogie betrayed dan week one when kara and frank were on the block and then week two he had frank put up dan’s last player danielle so why would dan show any loyalty to boogie


they had a deal to keep danielle safe and his players only if she won hoh dan is totally sticking to his word i love technacalities!!!!!!!!

production rigged it

i hope they take out frank this week and then next week assuming the coaches come into they continue to work together meaning all 4 of them and destroy boogie and janelle. that would be epic because like dan said they won’t know what hit them if only he knew he was probably coming into the game that would make it even better.

Beyonce Fan

Team janelle by by frank.


well, im done til brit is out of the house, or til they figure out the twist.

I love liars in reality TV, I hate people who claim to be honest, and will to the death defend their “honor” ala dan, then completely lie, and just say its a game(which it is). if you want to play that game, please, just stop the “im a religious man who doesnt lie in or out of the game” nonsense. at least own it.


I completely agree!! All of a sudden i’ve been cheering danielle on tonight


I think this alliance had to happen, shane and danielle need each other at this point. Shane needs to nominate a person from each team to stay neutral and possibly get someone to unknowingly work with him and then go to danielle and make a deal with her as well (she’ll be swing vote)

MU Tigers

Simon, I would be ALL IN on this alliance if Britney wasn’t a part of it. I just can’t stand her. To me, she’s nothing more than the BB Jester. She’s there to make me laugh, other than that, she brings nothing to the show. And she hasn’t been that funny this year.


She’s got potential. She needs to start winning something though. I don’t get all the fat comments, She is hot as long as she is wearing makeup or can find some of Rachel’s leftover zip cream.


I’m disappointed my votes for Dawg can only get us to 2.86% lol


I know, I keep voting for myself!


I’ve been voting for you as well, Dawg.

I think Britney and Danielle should PAUSE and listen to Dan’s wisdom. If they nominate one from each team, all 6 members get pissed. If they take a side and pick two nominees from one team, then only 3 HGs get pissed. It’s a great time to be making one week deals because Shane is not playing for HoH next week.

But then again the idea of creating CHAOs sounds great TV. Either way, we can count on Team Production to keep Shane protected. He may be Jeff 2.0 as the Captain said in week 1.

Not A PH D Student

AG has aleady decided to bring the cock roaches coachs back in the game so why even tell America to vote. AG is such a douche bag, she needs to go. Of course they are coming back in. They need to mke up for Willie and a week of double eviction.

BB new rules….we are going to have 12 of you fight it out until you get down to 8, then we are going to drop 4 more players into the game and now you have to beat 11 players in order to win.

The only thing AG knows how to do is F BB up year after year


Yeah I agree. AG wanted this from the start, but she knew she couldn’t just dump them in the game from the start with a golden key like she did last year, so she is using “America” to get it done. We all know the “polls” are rigged. AGmerica’s vote will be overwhelmingly in favour of the coaches entering the game. She is running this game into the ground. I was sickened last night by the edit of the imaginary “showmance” between Shane and Danielle. Danielle believes it, the cat ladies will eat it up, but Shane is not really into her. He was into Kara. I would like to see Ashley start flirting with Shane and watch Danielle fall apart. Shane needs her to vote with him, but the whole strategy will only work if the rest of the house doesn’t suspect they are working together. I love the new alliance, but I can’t stomach Danielle and her showmance fantasies and her insecurity.


Danielle is talking a lot of shit yo. Where was all that feistiness a week ago lol?

Not sure where Shane’s head is at. Putting up Frank is bad. He’ll have no one to work with. If Janelle’s players win HoH next week, they wouldn’t hesitate to put Shane up. They would knock Boogie down to 2 and get rid of Brit in two weeks and still have 3 players.

King Silva

I am liking this Dan/Britney alliance.

After the coaches come back next week though [would they get to compete in the 4th HOH?] things are going to get really interesting [but VERY unfair to the newbies..]..

For the sake of Shane he better hope Dan and Britney can compete in the HOH because if not then it would only really be Danielle on his side and I don’t think her chances of winning much are good..

Even if Dan/Britney/Danielle get to play it would be 3 vs 7 [Joe/Janelle/Ashley/Boogie/Jenn/Ian/Wil OR Frank].

That is unless one of the bottom people in the original Janelle/Boogie 6 person alliance leaves.

It is just going to be an uphill battle for Dan/Britney’s side for a long time unless they can flip some people. :-/


I appreciate that Danielle told Dan that Brit is honest..I agree…she’s an open book her or hate her ( she’s funny as shit)..but she does play pretty open. I hope these four Dan, Danielle,Brit and Shane..can pull something together to make them last a bit….I wonder how the twist will effect this newly birthed alliance…I am team Brit and Dan right now..Meanelle and Boogie have been pretty disappointing…


Ohhhh and how awesome was it that Shane got a 20??? you think there were magnets underneath the ice rink guiding his ball??? LMFAO!!!


You know what, I was thinking the same thing this morning! But still, I’m glad the Shane won!


So Shane is seriously going to work with Team Janelle again? Unbelievable.


Gotta laugh at the people whining about Dan, like Boogie didn’t try to pull Shane to his side to keep the alliance of 6 safe next week.




Really happy with how this week is starting out. Both Danielle and Shane are stepping up their game.

Lady E

Britney has talked a lot of trash before; surprised how she can say that’s disgusting when she’s made cruel remarks about Rachel lol.


Is anyone else worried that Dan will screw Brit and Shane over and do side deal with boogie or that he is lieing to Brit and Shane right now to make sure he doesn’t leave the game this week. Cause Brit could easily take his player out this week. I hope his comment was for that boogie and janelle don’t know what’s gonna hit them and not that Brit and Shane dont know


What would be in it for Dan or Danielle for Dan to backstab Brit and Shane? They are in desparate circumstances. Then need each other and all 4 know it.


Well I for one want to see Wil n Joe squirm n if pov is used then backdoor Frank. Love to see the underdog’s team up and if they let Dan n Brit back in this game I can see Brit outlasting Ian if its an endurance competition. Dont know if its smart to put up 1 from each team, Brit is definitely not coach material. She just keeps giving bad advice after bad advice. 1st she alienated Willie angering him n lighting his already short fuse. 2nd she never used her knowledge of why Frank was truly on the block in the first place week 1 to maybe get Team Boogie’s vote. If Frank knew before he nominated Danielle he might have put up someone off Janelle’s team. Finally 3rd she wants to split the nominations. Dan overhearing Joe throwing Frank under the bus was priceless and im sure he will use that information wisely, unlike Brit who will take it to her grave. Love Brit to death and i will always root for her but her coaching leaves much to be desired. I hate how the players win pov and the coaches wanna make all the decision. Sorry so long, I woke up extra excited this morning. Go Team Underdogs….


Shane wanted to work with Danielle. But, he does not know that he work with Frank to make it to the end. I would love to see Shane & Frank working together and no hard feelings that Danielle will make it to Final 4. We have four number one players:Shane,Frank,Wil & Danielle. I want to see four number one players make it to Final 4 unless the coaches would play.


I think things are getting more interesting now that a couple people have left and there is more strategic play going on in the background. Very interesting to see how this plays out. I wonder how close Shane thinks he is to Frank. Boogie had a solid plan for Frank to stay on good terms with Shane in case this happens. I have a feeling that if Shane keeps Frank this week, he’s going out next.

LSU Tigers

That would be awesome if the coaches come into the game then Brit, Dan, Shane and Danielle can work together and let Boggie and Janelle’s team fight amoung themselves.


First things first.This new alliance between Dan,Danielle,Britney&Shane,could definitely work.As long as there aren’t any little birdies(production)that hint or flat out tell other house guests what’s going on.Even with the coach’s coming in the game next week(there’s no if and’s or but’s about it,the coach’s will enter the game)these four can make it to the end,but all of them have to stay 100% loyal to each other(atleast until they have no choice,but to turn on each other).One of the most important factors for Dan to make it to the end and become the first player to ever win Big Brother twice,is if my prediction of the producers doing everything that they can do,in order to make sure this season is about Boogie VS Janelle.Ends up being completely wrong.This alliance will need to keep this a secret from the others,just like how Danielle Reyes(from season3)and Jason(season3)did.Those two(Danielle Reyes&Jason)basically only compared notes and discuss their next move,while playing cards.Do you guys think if Danielle,Britney&Dan start working out,the other house guests will get suspicious?I’m asking this because I think working out will help them with endurance competitions(I didn’t mention Shane because I think he already works out).You guys know how most people in the game pays attention to every little thing,and also tend to get paranoid if they see other people doing things that they haven’t done before.I know Shane made a deal with Frank,but do you guys think he will keep it?Until Shane tells his new alliance about the deal that he made with Frank,I won’t be able to feel confident that he plans on being loyal to Dan,Danielle&Britney.I read a few comments that said Dan prides his self on being honest in the game because he’s a catholic I didn’t know Dan said,he wouldn’t lie to anyone in the game.I do remember him being a catholic.On season10,Ollie thought he could trust Dan because he’s supposed to be religious.Anyone that watched Dan on season10,knows that Dan played Ollie(Dan played the entire house).So,I would think it would be obvious that when it comes to this game,Dan puts his religious beliefs to the side.I also remember Dan telling a few people that his wife told him to do whatever he has to,in order to win this game.Which I don’t think that was a good idea to tell people,but maybe he knows what he’s doing.


THis alliance is awesome! Dan and Britney alligning is the best thing EVER! I can’t wait to see Janelle’s fat ass go beg Britney for mercy, only to watch wil or joe walk out the door, SUCK THAT FAT ASS!

I honestly think that next week will be endurance, and if the coaches get put into the game, it will be all out war. We might see a repeat of th pressure cooker in season 6. These houseguests will fight for their lives, hell, some of them might kill someone to win!


But wait..I thought Dan WAS throwing the he deep in character or what?lol