Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results JOJO Vs Danielle

Julie Chen Tweeted earlier today

Hey #BB14 fans! I’m announcing a BIG game-changing twist on 2nite’s LIVE show. Who do you think is going home? See you at 9pm

Speculated Vote results
Shane votes to Keep JOJO everyone else votes to evict her.

The Swing Vote
No swing vote JOJO is going to be evicted..

Tonight on the live feeds
Janelle and Boogie “8 is enough” alliance will hopefully Break tonight.. Thursday nights are usually a load of fun on the feeds and with Julie chen saying the twist will be known it should be a entertaining night.
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My position: JOJO goes home and Shane wins HOH

Offical Results

Shane votes to Evict: Danielle

Wil votes to Evict: JOJO

Jenn votes to Evict: JOJO

Ian votes to Evict: JOJO

Ashley votes to Evict: JOJO

Joe votes to Evict: JOJO

JOJO is evicted

Big Brother 14 HOH Results


Ashley gets 4
Joe gets 3
Jenn gets Zero
Ian gets 9
Wil gets 2
Shane gets 20
Danielle gets 12
America’s Vote – Do you want them to remain as coaches or do you want them to be offered the chance to play as regular players or do you want them all to remain as coaches
Thursday August 2nd we find out the results. (guaranteed the coaches are going to be offered a chance to come back)

Last Weeks Results in the table

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

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168 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results JOJO Vs Danielle

  1. just watched the scene where janelle tells danielle that jo jo said she was fat and made fun of her legs etc… then saying jo jo was just reying to stir shit NO janhelle its you doing that beeechh hoe hoe (then she playing with her straw head of hair while telling danielle all this) what a real catty beeech she turned out to be (and none of it was necessary)

    1. No big surprise there.Janelle is like Rachael, she never really had a friend that was a girl in the game.
      Janelle has also called Brittney, Jenn and JoJo beeches. Takes one to know one.

      1. Janelle has not really had female friends in the house. All of her allies where men that used her to advance themselves in the game.
        She did call JoJo, Brittney and Jen, a term that is not used in polite society outside of a kennel. Much like Rachel’s dislike for any woman she thought would steal her Brendon away. Janelle complains about the lack of women in the house, but her team kept Frank for no other reason than to piss off Willie. She could have had them evict Frank, knowing full well that Willie would self destruct all on his own. She did not do that. She instead has worked quite diligently to insure women, not men are evicted from the house.

  2. I haven’t seen as much of the feeds as I would have liked the past few days. Why is Shane leaning toward voting for JoJo?

    1. Once again, ya boy was right… coaches have a chance to enter the game… pffffffft PREDICTABLE, just like last season

      1. does anyone really think there is no chance the coaches arent getting back
        in the game??? C’mon BB give me a F’n break- I dont care what “text results” are there is no chance
        in hell they wont get into the game.

        One question WHEN the coaches are allowed in the game and Dani gets evicted I guess she’ll be the only one leave no Dan.?

  3. I wrote this earlier:

    BB is now like prison, Hoe (I did not misspell his name) will f*** someone for two packs of cigarettes.

    Janelle should not complain about the lack of Girl Power in the house… her team helped Boggie kick them out.

    I wish I hated someone more this season or liked them more. One of my favorite parts is cheering someone on or
    cheering when someone finally get evicted. This season I am just kind of… Wow, I did see that coming, how disappointing.

    Maybe Ian, will win HoHo and nominate who Boogie tells him to, Shane will win PoV and I wake up from my nap on Thursday to find out
    who I thought was going home goes home.

  4. Can’t wait to see what the twist is. As long as all 4 mentors don’t get released in the game should be good

  5. what they need to do for a twist is let JoJo and Danielle battle it out in a HOH competition to see who really deserves to be in the house

  6. There is a part of me that wishes the twist is

    Janelle reaches into the bag and draws Brittney
    Brittney draws Mike
    Mike draws Dan
    Dan draws Janelle
    Those are your new teams
    Janelle: Shane
    Mike: Danielle
    Brittney: Frank, Ian and Jenn
    Dan: Ashley, Wil and Joe

    but Karma never works that good.

    1. Karma would laugh at that. Boogie has been the best coach by far and really doesn’t deserve to be knocked down to one player.

      1. Yes he does. he signed on to big brother. This is only week two, Boogie can not be judged as agreat coach, any more than Brittney can be judged as a bad one. Willies antics in the house saved Frank, not Boogies coaching (Joe had more of a hand saving Frank than Boogie.). Brittney drew the bad straw.

        Boogie deserves the bad straw, because if he is a brilliant coach, he should be able to come back with a one person team.

        I did not say Boogies Karma was just Big Brother Karma.

  7. It’s funny how everyone hates Joe now. I didn’t like him from day 1, but no one seemed to feel the same sentiments. Now everyone wants him out lol.

    Oh, and I’d also like to add the Julie looks good tonight. Can’t wait for this twist. Hope it’s not too predictable.

  8. I think they wont bring someone back tonight it will prob b sunday i think theyll have a coaches competition and winner will have choice to save a player trade a player or bring back kara jodi or jojo to their team it wouldnt be fare to shuffle teams and make janelle and boogienlose pkauers cus brit and dan made bad pucks and lost comps

  9. so many silly comments like “karma” would have boogie with only danielle? how? hes been the best coach thus far, if anything, its BS if brit gets to choose a player to return when she has sucked so freaking bad. boogie is the only one with any strategy right now

  10. So Danielle planted the seeds of a Shane and JoJo showmance. Interesting. She isn’t a dumb as I thought.

    And Brit mocking JoJo. Hilarious!!!

    1. jo jo kept talking back to the plasma when the HG’s were saying their goodbyes. (shut up once) Brits goodbye was kinda mean (once again she’ll blame the players she has to coach instead of admitting her coaching sucks :) looks like this group needs to take Dr Will’s advice else Booger and his team are gonna go all the way (off the subject) that show that comes on afterwards looks lame (3 three) I won’t be watching that’s for sure

  11. too funny when Dr Will said that booger dressed like it was still season 2 :) and that Dan was Kermit the frog and ryan’s secret combined lastly his observations were spot on (especially when he said that if a HG gets kicked out for violence then your coaching skills are probably not good

    1. Dr. Will’s comments were the best part of the show. I loved that Boogie had no idea Will would be ripping on his clothes and did his stupid laugh off the couch bit. That and I did find Britneys DR regarding Jojo’s listening skills pretty funny.

    1. That caught my attention too, and find it hard to believe. Maybe it was a bid for a chance to come back in the house if people thought a showmance was being torn assunder.

  12. Why would Shane vote to keep Jojo, wouldn’t that further separate him and make it easier to target him ? It may have shown his support for her, but I think it did more harm than good.

    1. You know why he voted for jojo cuz he jus won that shit thats brit all day in this bitch..shane a humble loyal dude..jojo should not have went home..fuck them haters..Team shane all day..all he do is win.

      1. Why is it that some people think that if others don’t agree with them that they are “haters”? This is that I have seen a lot lately. I personally think it is a form of projection. When some one disagrees with the person that person starts hating the disagreer and since it is true for them then anyone who disagrees with that person is automatically a hater.

        Just sayin’

    2. Yea shane a beast right now..aint nothing stoping dude.. Man hope brit comes back from the dead.she deserves it . that house did nothing but attack and bash her players…Wil and Joe fat ass gonna feel the heat now..should have took them ciggs buddy.

    3. I mean, I’m pretty sure the whole house knew that Shane & JoJo were aligned and jumping ship at the last minute to vote with the house doesn’t really make sense. His vote doesn’t really count. He has voted with wrong side, but people can’t say that he’s disloyal or untrustworthy yet and that could help him.


      1. Oh c’mon. Let her vent. It looks like she feels a lot better now. Now if we can get a post from Squabble… would be like taking HAPPY PILLs all over again. Go, Team Squabble, yo!

  14. sorry that last comment was in general not for the person I put it next to. the comments stay on the last person you comment to if you only refresh page otherwise you have to get out of this site go back in for comments to go to general :)

  15. OMG F##K shane the man ( I want him to win the hole friggin show wonder who he is gonna put up . and julie just said america gets to vote for the coaches to join the game or not ( I am gonna vote not) 2 of the 4 coaches already won and I think Shane deserves the win :)

  16. get it shane! also americas vote, that’s dumb. obviously production votes yes, so they’ll be back. janelles gonna regret leaving britney and teaming up with boogie when she gets screwed over when him and dan team up.

  17. Shane!!!!!!!! Yes just when this game looks like it is about to go to the shitter something real good happens like this. This why you gotta love this game. The look on Frank’s face was CLASSSSSSIC. Say goodbye to Frank or Wil this week!

    1. I think A yes vote means the coaches will be asked if they want to return.. If they say no they remain as coaches.

      Dan and Britney will most likely say yes and Boogie/janelle will most likely say no.

      1. As long as they’re only OFFERED the chance to come in, I’m fine with that. I’ll have to read the opportunity carefully…

      2. I vote NO for the coaches to enter the game!! I honestly do not think they need to enter the game..They don’t need the money..Leave them as coaches. Give Newbies a chance to win the 500K & Let the best coach win the Title and win 100K.

    2. I just tried to vote on CBS but it’s not set up yet. (and I am not gonna pay to text a vote) But I will vote no coaches in game. I want to see a new person win this time. ( I have a feeling though that if CBS wants the coaches in they will be in and that’s that). team Shane all the way ( the new Dr Will)
      Shane got game

    1. The game is all strategy, with no play. I think the coaches coming in will make it less top-heavy. We need more individual play and with the coaches micromanaging everything, I don’t see that happening.

  18. So happy Shane won. Janelle can kiss one of her players goodbye.

    And of course all of America is going to vote yes for the coaches to be OFFERED (key word) to enter the game. The real question is will they accept?

  19. I’m so happy that Karma’s hitting the house and I voted yes, for the coaches to come back. Everyone’s following their coaches orders like lost puppies and if they get brought into the game, anamosity will be afoot and I want to see that

    1. Karma isn’t hitting the house, jusf Janelle’s players. Shane was suppose to win. Ian and Jen through it so Shane would have a better chance at winning.

      Frank and Shane alliance is in effect.

  20. Uh Americas Vote to let the coaches play?! Im sure its going to end up yes.
    What I would really like is no the coaches dont enter, and put in completely NEW PEOPLE!!!!

  21. Expect the expected. Ask America, skew the poll, give us what CBS wanted from the start and blame it on Willie. AG needs to be fired. I think it’s time to cancel the feeds when the coaches come in.

  22. So are we supposed to vote yes or no to coaches entering the game? Thoughts people? I can envision entertainment benefits to both.

    If America votes yes, Julie said the coaches have the choice to enter too, right?

  23. I’m definitely voting for coaches to enter the game but this twist is so predictable. I would be looking forward to it and hope the newbies stop being “teacher pet” toward the coaches lol. Team Ian yo

  24. Good Evening & Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights. Let’s take a look at mentor standings
    1.Team Britney (4-3)
    2.Team Mike Boogie (2-5)
    3.Team Janelle (1-6)
    4.Team Dan (0-7)
    Also, let’s take a look at third member inductee into the Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012:
    -Howie Gordon Big Brother 6. Congrats on Being inducted into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012. He will be inducted by Fellow Hall of Famer Janelle & Kaysar. We will take a look at the stats right after this.

    1. Continue:We are back of special live eviction edition of Big Brother 14 Highlights. Let’s take a look at the stats.
      Ashley:0 HoH win,0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 3 HoH Participate Competition,1 PoV Participate Competition
      Danielle: 0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 3 HoH Participate Competition,1 PoV Participate Competition, 2 Nomination on the Block,1 Nomination votes Receive,2 survival eviction
      Frank:1 HoH win,0 PoV win,2 HoH Participate Competition,2 PoV Participate Cometition,1 Nomination on the Block,3 Nomination vote receive,1 Survival eviction
      Ian:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 2 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 3 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition
      Jodi:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 0 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 1 HoH Participate Competition, 0 PoV Participate Competition, 1 Nomination vote receive, 1 Nomination on the block, 1 eviction vote, 0 survival eviction, 1 Day at bb house,0 Luxury Participate Competition
      We will continue with the stats. Next!

      1. OMG! We watche the show. We don’t need you to recap everything all the time.

        And the Hall of Fame? Is this your invention and your inductees and your opinion? If so, really like the mean people who play this game.

          1. Just for two weeks. I will give them a two week break. The purpose of having Big Brother Hall of Fame is that they play strategic, social & Comps. They played really hard. They should be honored & deserving it. Ex. Janelle appeared 4 shows as a player won 13 HoH 12 PoV. She deserve into the Big Brother Hall of Fame. That why Big Brother needs a Hall of Fame. Right now I already induct 3. 4 more to go,so I will need a two week a break. I did the great job with the stats right!

            1. Captain I am with Simon on this one. No more hall of fames. I never liked your hall of fame (or rather hall of things Captain likes) and I don’t want to hear about it. Give it a break. At least do us a favor and restart the hall of fame during the off-season.

            2. With all due respect, Captain, your posts are long and involved and I just scroll past them. You are not welcoming of other opinions, sometimes you are rude and dismissive of others that disagree with you. This is Simon and Dawgs site and they pay for the bandwidth. If they ask you to give it a break, you should accept it. You have a lot to say, maybe you could start your own blog.

            1. So for you Dr. Will does not get into the Hall of Fame because he won absolutely 0 comps both times he played. By Design.

              I want no part of that “Hall of Fame”.

              1. Dude, Dr. Will is the Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2011 with Mike Boogie. Chilltown Alliance. They deserve it. Did you check my stats? Chilltown Alliance are in Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2011. We do Solo & Alliance group (2 or More) as Hall of Fame!

      2. Continue:We are back. Let’s continue.
        Joe:0 HoH win, 3 HoH Participate Competition
        Jenn:0 HoH win, 3 HoH Participate Competition
        Kara:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 0 Have/Havenots Participate Competition, 1 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition, 5 Nomination votes receive, 1 Nomination on the Block, 5 Eviction votes,1 Survival eviction, 13 days at bb house, 0 Luxury Participate Competition
        JoJo:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition, 1 Nomination on the Block, 5 Nomination vote receive, 5 eviction vote, 0 survival eviction, 20 days at bb house, 0 Luxury Participate Competition
        Shane:1 HoH win, 2 PoV win, 2 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 3 HoH Participate Competition, 2 PoV Participate Competition, 1 Nomination on the Block
        Wil:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 3 HoH Participate Competition, 2 PoV Participate Competition
        Willie (Expelled):1 HoH win,2 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 1 HoH Participate Competition,0 PoV Participate Competition, 0 Nomination votes receive, 0 Nomination on the Block, 0 eviction votes, 0 Survival eviction, 14 days at bb house, 0 Luxury Participate Competition
        Stay tuned for live coverage of Special live eviction Big Brother 14 Highlights. Simon, I can’t fit this into one post so I post the second part. What you think Simon?

          1. Okay, But the mentor standings. I need to update the HoH Competition, Coaches Competition & PoV Competition. But the stats will be on live eviction results only.

            1. Keep the stats handy and maybe they will be needed later in the season or are a neat thing to look at once the season is over and all the competitions are done.

              1. Okay, but mentor standings will b post HoH, Coaches, and PoV Competition. The stats will be on thursday live eviction. Plus in two weeks, the fourth member inductee bb hof class of 2012.

  25. If I were to actually take the time to register and vote I would totally vote no, but I am lazy and don’t want to register or pay to send them a text, so I won’t be voting. I am bummed Jojo got evicted, but the BB house will go on. SOOOO excited Shane won. I know it was a total crap shoot for HOH, but how did BB managed to pull out the win for Shane, it just way too lucky for him to won on his own. Will def. be watching feeds or bbad tonight to see how quickly Janelle’s team places their lips on his ass. You could tell in the kitchen tho, Joe had the look like “I’m fucked now”. I would much rather them split up the teams than let the coaches into the game. All four of the coaches have had the opportunity to play before, let the newbies have their turn.

    Simon- I want to send a special shout out to you. I don’t know how you managed to watch the feeds last week. I would of gone as crazy as Willie if I was stuck watching them all day, so thank you.

  26. Go Shane! Cannot wait to see Joe, Wil and Janelle have to kiss Shane’s ass . Nice to see Dr. Will, he hasn’t changed a bit. He said exactly what I wrote here yesterday about Janelle being a 3 time loser if she loses on her 3rd chance on BB. She’ll go down as the dumbest strategic player in the history of BB, imo.

    1. LOL you did say it yesterday on one of your posts (Janelle 3 x’s loser) LOL she’s once twice three times a loser (like the song says) I hope Shane goes after Janelles team just because I want Joe up (don’t really care who goes up against him as long as he’s up)

  27. Shane should put up Wil and Joe. If one of them win POV backdoor Frank. If they don’t win POV Janelle’s team STILL takes a hit…..for the time being Shane, Brit, Dan, and Danielle are sitting PRETTTTTTTTTTTTTY. Loving it.

  28. good thing boogie and frank already have a deal with shane, who already lied to brit this past week about such things. got to love that.

    only thing I hate about all this? brit in the HoH room. she is so freaking useless in strategy talk

  29. I am so ready to see Janelle and her stupid twit team squirm. I really really dislike Joe. I think he is worse than Shelly!! Im going to go with Joe going…well hoping to God that Joe goes home next week!!

    1. I can’t stand Joe either and I really hated Shelley last year but Joe tops her in being most painful to watch/listen to. Especially on BBAD when he starts to tells all his BIGGER THAN LIFE stories I can’t Fast forward fast enough !!!

  30. did u see the looks on joe and wil’s faces they looked like somebody had ran over their puppy freakin hilarious, 1 of them is going bye bye hopefully it’s that whiny cry-baby bitch wil, of course i would be ok with loud mouth jackass joe leaving too though.

      1. wil just gets on my nerves for whatever reason, but i’m fine if the giant turd as u put it gets flushed so to speak.

    1. that sucks you can only vote online if you have a facebook or twitter account (neither of I have) and I am not so desperate to vote to sign up for either either. (Don’t forget facebook gives your information away to companys etc…) signing up for facebook is like well signing up for Big brother, you give up your rights to all privacy :)

      1. You can vote directly at You have to sign in on or register if you haven’t. I voted “No” 10x.

    2. Wil is a nasty bitch. I want to see him on the block, knock that self important swagger out of him. I want to see him outcry Danielle and grovel. Him and Joe take it a step too far. I thought it was meaner than a mean girt when Wil told Jo Jo to wear her black silk robe for the veto ceremony, and when she did he mocked her and laughed at her to the rest of the house when she did. Him and Janelle feed off each other and bring out their worst. Either way, I very much dislike Joe, so either or is good with me.

      So what do you all think? When the coaches come back, will Frank stick with Boogie as players, or will he team up with Shane to take the vets down? (Because we all know AGmerica will vote for the coaches to enter the game).

      1. LOL what did Wil do that makes her a nasty bitch? did she miss the toilet when she was pooing? I missed that.

        1. Just saying that Wil was very mean to Jo Jo. I bet he’s wishing he had been a bit nicer to Jo Jo and Shane last week. Same with Joe.

  31. all you “team brit” people need to realize something that for whatever reason is overlooked here

    brit doesnt control shane. boogie does. look at every move made by shane this week, the way he played it, the way he voted, it was ALL mapped out by boogie. now shane is supposed to go after janelle’s players, and if he does, boogie has the numbers regardless with dan on his side to get janelle out

      1. I’m callin it team Shane since Brit isn’t gonna do shit except wine and complain and regardless of what advice she will give Shane I think Shane is gonna do what (booger) he thinks is best for hiim (booger)

    1. yeah well u need to realize something too, like u said “if” as of right now it looks like he has a deal with boogie but as u saw tonight things change, maybe he really meant what he said to boogie but shane would have said anything to them to make sure he was safe if he didn’t win hoh but he did though so we’ll see i guess.

      1. true true and frank did put shane up so maybe shane will put up frank and joe (hopefully joe though) I am sam sam I am LOL

    2. No one has really addressed that if the coaches come in they may not band together as expected.
      In this way I think Brit may be playing this pretty well, if she can team up with Shane that could really work well.
      I know he has a “deal” with Boogie and Frank, but it’s BB, deals are made to be broken ; )
      So, anyway, if the coaches come in…ok WHEN the coaches come in, it is going to be interesting to see how alliances start to firm up. I didn’t want them in the game but the more I mull it over, the more I think it could work out better for us viewers to see how it all falls into place.

  32. hopefully this will change the game it has been pretty boring this week I want either frank or joe to go home

  33. There’s no way people want to see two teams of floaters fighting for the big win.
    Bringing the coaches in the game to break up the teams would be much more entertaining.

    1. shame shame u can dislike somebody or call them names but you’re not supposed to hate anybody, remember karma she’s a bitch.

  34. I LOVE THAT SHANE WON!! God maybe this will shake the house a lil and make it less boring – this season needs to get a move on

  35. bet money, just like last season America’s votes won’t matter whatever production wants will happen, NeanderTALL voted back over Dom? BS production that’s how they got Boy George(Rachel) to not have a total melt-down , they told her they were bringin Brenda back for 1 week…..

    Nobody that’s a true fan of BB will vote for the noobs to have an unfair disadvantage by allowing a coach to enter the game knowing the house from ALL sides, then watch Polls will say they’re voted back in …..

    1. I agree CBS is just gonna rack up a ton of money from the people who text their votes (they are not free) and probably bring the coaches back in regardless of the real voting outcome. (and Julie says the coaches will have a choice to join the game and we all know they will choose to join in)

      1. No kidding. Give them the choice to coach and have a 1 in 4 chance at $100K, or go into the game against people they have used as chess pieces, after being guaranteed safety for the first 4 weeks, for a chance at $500K. I can’t see any of them turning it down. They will all come into the game and steamroll to the end together. It’s what AG wanted all along.

  36. People don’t forget the coaches comp janelle can win and save joe or will haha and yes let the coaches come in the game that will be so good team Janelle we in here hahaha.

  37. i really hate how the bb producers seem to be really into bringing old competitors (winners and losers) back in to play the game again; it just seems really unfair to me for the people who are thinking they’re gonna come in to play the game with 11 or so other first time players. if they want other players, recruit 4 other new players…so dear allison grodner, you are pissing off millions of people.

    1. @Alessandra. You said,”…so dear allison grodner, you are pissing off millions of people.” I think CBS cares more about high ratings,which = money.I do think there are a lot of viewers that hate the idea of past house guests being mixed in with new house guests.But if CBS is still bringing back people that have played the game before.Then that probably means there are more viewers that like watching past house guests return and play it again.Than there are of viewers that have a problem with it.Isn’t high ratings which =money,what’s most important to CBS?I would think if the majority of viewers didn’t like watching,the past house guests mixed in with new players,then they(CBS/Big Brother) would just stop bringing them back.Money is supposed to mean everything to networks,isn’t it?Personally,I don’t have a problem with certain past house guests being mixed in with the new house guests.But,I have a major problem with production deciding who they want to go the furthest in the game.Thus leading to them(production)manipulating/ interfering with the game,in order to make sure the player or sometimes players they like,at least makes it to final 2.But the way things are going,the idea of production not interfering in the game,in order to help certain players out,won’t be happening anytime soon.Even though I’m starting to realize how production is heavily involve in the game,by manipulating the show to go in the direction they want it in.I guess I still watch it,because I’m used to watching it every summer.It’s like it almost becomes a tradition for me.Lol.But if I’m right about the out come of the show this season.I seriously don’t see myself getting into to the show next season.

      1. From what I’ve seen, the ratings aren’t that great, and once the Olympics start they will probably be worse. There are two kinds of viewers. The ones that watch only the episodes (and believe the stupid edit that makes it look like Shane and Danielle are the next Jeff and Jordan), and the feed watchers who see what’s really going on (when we don’t get fish).

        1. @Chloe. Well,I was basically referring to the last few seasons of CBS/Big Brother bringing back returning house guests,because it may be bringing in more ratings than if they did the show with a all new cast.I was just putting an idea out there,as to what reason would CBS/Big Brother have to continually bring back past house guests,unless they felt like there ratings would be worse if they didn’t bring them back.I always thought that networks care about ratings.Therefore whatever decision CBS/Big Brother makes,on who to put in the house and different twist,that they may add.Has more to do about what they think will help there ratings.Althought,I think I heard this weeks ratings was down.They must think that there ratings would be worse without returning house guests.Can you think of a reason why CBS/Big Brother have been bringing these past players back? CBS has to be benefiting from having returning house guests play the game again.What other reason could CBS have to keep bringing them back?And like I mentioned earlier,I don’t care if they stop bringing players that have already played the game back.I just want production to stop manipulating the game,in favor of certain house guests(Last season,Rachel&Jordan).

      1. i hope he laughs in her face and says after the way you’ve treated us because of willie i want u to go and eat another muffin so your ass can get even bigger and then wash it down with a nice big tall glass of KISS MY ASS!!!

  38. With BB14 missing 2 players, production decided to ‘offer’ the coaches the option to enter the game. I think regardless of the actual votes BB will say the survey resulted in favor of the coaches entering into the game. Now the question is which coach takes the challenge of being a HG. Very unpredictable as sits right now. Makes the season better at least.

  39. So,next thrusday we’ll find out if the coaches will come in the game(I’m guessing they will).But I have a feeling that Dan’s prediction that he told Danielle a few days ago,about how if Shane wins the HOH,he will nominate Danielle happens and Danielle will be evicted.Which also means that Dan will leave the house with her.Then conveniently,after Dan leaves the game.Julie will announce to the house guests that the coach’s twist is over,and they are now allowed to play the game.Funny how if everything that I’m saying happens.Then it will make it extremely easy for Boogie to win this entire game,with Dan not being in the picture.It sucks,because I said earlier after Boogie said in the DR, that Dan won his season because he was competing against a bunch of amatures.After I heard Boogie say that,I was really hoping that production would allow all the coach’s to play the game,because I think if Dan is allowed to play the game without having to babysit Danielle.He will have a much better shot at winning this game again.In my opinion,Dan can play this game better,if he’s on his own.Dan can’t teach someone to have the qualities that he has,that won him the game on season10.You either have it or you don’t.I still think the producers want this season to be about BoogieVSJanelle,and whatever the producers want,will be.We only have to look to last season,with the convenient pandora’s box.That just so happened to save the two players that was in serious danger of going home.I’m referring to Rachel&Jordan.I wish I knew people that wants to bet money on which house guests will make it to the end.Then atleast I could get something out of this season.Lol.Considering the only person in the house that I like is Dan.But I know their is no way production will allow Dan to make it to the end.This season it’s about Boogie VS Janelle.

    1. you’re right about production whoever they want to stay stays and whoever they want to go goes just look at what evil dick got by with in season 8 and surprise he won and jordan chest bumped russell in season 11 got to stay and won and willie’s “headbutt” to joe was more like them touching foreheads and willie pushing him back and he got kicked out and like u said the convenient pandora’s box last year to save jordan and rachel after they were crying and saying they were going to quit, so it just like it’s always been whatever production wants.

  40. it really doesn’t matter if u vote or not because production is going to see to it that at least 2 coaches enter the game, i don’t think it’s fair to the newbies because the vets have been safe for what 3 weeks now plus they pretty much know they’re players strategies now too wish allison grodner would realize that most people would like to quit seeing the same players over and over again.

    1. YUP.. I predict Dan and BRit in the game Janelle and Boogie stay coaches.. boogie’s team wins.

      Big Brother Canada starts Feb 18 OBB has 3 people applying

    2. so right the coaches were safe and they know the newvies strengths and weaknesses to be able to take them out one by one. I don’t see though Janelle or booger staying coaches (especially egotistical booger) even Dr will said that booger let’s his ego get in his way. I think they will all join the game. depends on how julie tells them will she tell them they all have to agree to join or none can or will she say they have an individual choice to join :) I know enough of the smiley faces at the end of my sentences LOL

  41. I would much rather them bring back Jojo and Kara and watch Dan and Britney’s teams team up and flip the house on boogie and miss piggy nose janelle. Especially now that Shane won HOH. One of boogers or janelles players will be gone. Game changer baby!

  42. I had to sign up for a CBS account to vote so I did (easy just e mail address and password name and age done) and I was allowed 10 votes and I used them all and voted no coaches to join. I want to see a newbie win (except joe) also it said the results would be revealed on thursdays august 2nd live show YEAH BABY!

  43. #Team SHANE !! I was rooting for Shane this week. Brit’s team definitely got a shitty ordeal but he rose above it. I fell like if the house was smart they would have voted Frank out last week, but oh well. Two weeks of Big Brother and Shane has won 2 veto comps and an HOH..they are really gonna come after him now. He will be considered “a threat” all summer.

  44. Come on everyone,this is BB, that is what you do,get in every person’s head if you can without getting caught. People lie,cheat steal, cry, stop acting like this damn game is new. Look for the powerful moves, and game play. Back up off my gir Janelle. She has always played a powerful game, and got backed stabbed everytime. Think about it her game was so good her first year BB did a poll on who should win $25,000 and she won, even BB thought she should win. She tried playing fair, and it didn’t work.

  45. 1. love dan and him in the game would be great for shane danielle brit and dan alliance.2. but I don’t want the coaches in. 3. i tried to text in that my vote was dawg and you can’t

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