Britney: “some people were in tears when Shane won.. it’s going to be a rough week for them”

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7:10pm Cam 3-4 bathroom Brintey and Ashley

Britney is saying how there are a few people in this house that need to be brought down a peg.
Britney: “Well it’s going to be a rough week you know.. it’s been rougher on my end.. I’m tired of some people’s attitudes.. and I’m tired of some peoples general sassiness.. And I’m tired of some people being so insensitive. as to cheer and laugh and be happy when something serious is going on.. and I think that maybe some of them need to know how it feels”
Ashley: “Insensitivity that is the word of the week”
Brintey: “but today we’re going to turn all that around.. Some people are going to learn how it feels.. “
Britney points out that some people were in tears when Shane won. Ashley: “REALLY” britney confirms..

7:15pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen Shane Watch FREE TRIAL!

Enjoying his win telling them about the time we was drunk went down on a girl that was on her period and found a “Rats Tail” It’s grossed him out.

7:10pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle He explains to her that this is the time when people start to scramble. He thinks that it’s time for Danielle to hitch her wagon onto Shane. He’s been thinking about it and Danielle will always be the first one out regardless of what side she’s on. At least with Shane she can go to final 2.

7:40pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen General milling around.. Shane waiting for this HOH room..

7:46pm Cam 1-2 Brintey and Jenn Britney is packing her stuff she asks Jenn if people are panicking out in the Kitchen. Jenn says a few are.

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I vote to evict Danielle’s dress. (Is that what it’s called?)

Mickey in Mass

LOL I couldn’t get past that either!!


lol it looked like a cheap prom dress and on top of that she had on five inch nude stilettos…oh danielle.

Meow mix

Did anyone catch the way jojo stood up For her pre-vote speech? Totally showed her panties. Hey Simon, where is the nudes section?


This week will be the fans week. We get to watch the strategies play out knowing the coaches will have the option to enter next week. FUN


I really hope Shane nominates Joe and Wil.


That is probably his plan. He wanted Wil on the block last week. Brit is done with Janie so she won’t stop him this time. She is bitter that Janie dropped her so she will probably propose it. Just a coincidence that the 2 are on the same page but for different reasons. Replacement nominees will be Ashley or Ian.


that would be soo great to see wil and joe on the block.


I would love that but, they need to get frank out. I know shane wont do it though.


I think Shane should nominate Frank (just to return the favor) and either Joe or Wil. Even if Frank then won the POV, Shane could backdoor Joe or Wil. Frank can hardly be pissed about being put on the block. It’s his turn. : – )

Hmm… Frank and Joe up on the block together…Sorry, just picturing that show…Now that’s entertainment!!




Wil gives homosexuals a bad name. Kevin and Lawon for example were good people at heart. Lawon was out to lunch, but a good guy. Wil is scum and deserves to suffer.


Welll I say whoever was in tears let them cry all week long, I’m thrilled Shane won. About time somebody shook up Janelle’s and Boogies’ teams. And Danielle can rest for a week at least. HA HA HA, let them cry.


Agreed, this will shake up the house if nothing else. Can’t say I like him, but it’s overall, a good thing. I’d like to see Boggie scamble a bit and see how he reacts.

Red Lampshade

Team Brit yo


Simon, what the hell is wrong with people? They would rather vote to bring back Willie than vote for Dawg? Some people have no class!

DAWG for the WIN!

Swim golden

Who is dawg?


i’m now hoping there’s going to be some drama this week


WTF Shane!?! What’s a rat’s tail, cuz it sounds nasty.

Swim golden

Girl…period…tail. Think about it!


tampon (or whatever the name of that thing is)


A tampon. Smh…that’s so disgusting. I feel bad for him, and the girl who let him go down there should ashamed of herself.


I’m pretty sure he’s talking about a tampon. Pretty gross.


The tampon string


Rat’s tail = tampon string


a “rats tail” is the string on a tampon used when women are ready to remove said tampon from their vaginal cavity they pull on the string


Tampon string.


the coaches haven’t been on slop and they have choose who was safe if you vote yes it will they Boogie and Janelle show the both had 2 chances this would be a third time for money I say boot them all and let them vote at the end for the winner put them in theJury house


A rat tail was the shiznit back when I was younger. Early 80s.


JoJo is smoking production pole as we speak. She may be hanging Allisons wallpaper too.



it aint fair for the newbies wtf, so the coaches had 3 week of safety?! I call this BS!!


Chill out yo. It’s going to happen no matter how many times you turn your caps lock on to yell at us to vote no. Plus, it’s not a guarantee. They’re simply going to be “offered” to go back in the game.

BB King

I believe Dr. Will summed up the coaches pretty nicely today on the live show. Dan picked his players based not on intelligence but his d*ck, he picked an all female team. Boogie picked a combination of brawn and brain (such as Frank and Ian), and has the best team. I think if let back into the game Boogie will once again win BB and be the greatest BB player of all time (only man to win twice), surpassing the greatness of Will or Dan


are you kidding …. Booger only won alstar because of Wil… If Wil didnt coach him throughout the game he would of been out as quick as he was in his own season …. Booger gags a horse …


I like how Brit thinks that she actually did something to win HOH


this is sooooo sweeet..pls vote to not have the coaches enter the game..lame idea we already figured it out.


I would much rather see Jojo and Kara’s hot asses be allowed to come back in the house then allow the coaches to come back. At least then Britney and dans teams could team up and flip the script on booger and miss piggy face janelle. Especially now that Shane won HOH one of their players will be gone. The 4 coaches have had plenty of chances and some have won money already it’s not fair and I’d rather the newbs get a chance at the life changing money.


It’s too early to tell but Shane just might win America’s Favourite Player, but if the coaches enter the game one way or another Janelle will win it as usual, sucks. TEAM SHANE all the way…..well that is until he pissed me off.


”pisses me off..”


I agree. Shane a very likable guy and he is a beast at these comps already. I would most likely vote for him as America’s favorite.


Not a fan of Shane but for gamesake I am glad he won… Do I see a wil//joe nom?


Run your own hoh Shane the way you want to don’t listen to your “coach”
She sucks at this game. Brit is only good at this game when shes in
with the popular crowd (with The Brigade being the catty chick talking crap about Brendon and Rachel) but she stinks up the joint when her backs against the wall.This pass week is the proof.


I hope Dan wins the coaches game and gets to keep Danielle safe for the week.We would see a lot of ass kissing from Janell And Mike. I hope Shane puts up Joe and Wil or even Frank.
It would be good to watch Jannel and Mike do the scrambling this week.


Yes, so glad Shane won!! He deserves a few days to not have to rely on POV for safety. Team Brit.


glad janelle nor boogie team won hoh

please shane nominate will an joe


Boogie’s team through the HoH. It was never their intention to win.


Team Janelle should be very afraid. Let’s see them beg for their BB lives. Hope Joe and Wil are on the block. Especially, Joe. The way he did JoJo was so wrong.


Joe and Wil sounds good but back door Ashley the altimate floater she did say she wanted Kara gone because wanted to be the floater


True. Shane did say he wants to get out floaters. But Janelle’s whole team is full of floaters, so any of them leaving is fine with me.


Yes! Can’t wait to see Joe, Will, and Frank scramble.




LOVE how quiet it was in the kitchen at the end of the CBS broadcast! Will be good to see some people scramble this week.

Would like to see Wil and Joe go up. Let’s upset Janelle a bit. I think Shane could also set up some decent protection for his future in the game if he makes a deal to keep Frank safe. He already seems to want to work with him.


But that leaves Boogie in control so put one up from each team if they win veto backdoor Frank
ooops sorry Boogie down a man


True, but I actually like Boogie a lot more than Janelle.

I know he’s egotistical, but he’s entertaining and a better strategist. Plus if he still has 3 players, he might turn down a chance to enter the game to ensure he stays on TV all summer. I think the exposure would mean as much to him as the possible extra money (that he probably wouldn’t win).


I would love for the two to work together but the problem is Frank might just be bullshitting Shane, only to take him out at the earliest opportunity. If those two were to be loyal to each other they’d be a force to be reckoned with.


When does Shane do his nominations, is it after the coaches comp, tomorrow,



BB King

This comment didn’t make it through for some reason maybe because of the words so I will rewrite it:

I believe Dr. Will summed up the coaches pretty nicely today on the live show. Dan picked his players based not on intelligence but his lust, he picked an all female team. Boogie picked a combination of brawn and brain (such as Frank and Ian), and has the best team. I think if let back into the game Boogie will once again win BB and be the greatest BB player of all time (only man to win twice), surpassing the greatness of Will or Dan


Simon your comment that Dan and Brit will likely choose to enter the game is due to being down to one player to win with and I get it. But Janelle could surprise us depending on the eviction goes Thursday. Or if Boogie loses Frank, does he enter? Interesting.


coaches will get a chance to go in the game because the vote is rigid


I Brit lets Dan caoch Shane this week. I like Brit but, she is not a strong BB player at all. She thought she could get by on cuteness alone. She can’t with this house! If she enters the game she will be the first to go!


I love how Janelle’s team was so confident they were going to win this HOH..I just hope Joe and his creepy eyes leave this house. He has no game at all.


”creepy eyes..” LOL


Who will crack first? Janelle’s team or Mike Boogie? Shane, put Wil & Joe on the Block!

This Guy

PLEASE houseguest let danielle stay this week and PLEASE america choose to let the coaches back in because that is the only way i see dan having a shot of winning. danielle wont get him very far.

Team Dan!


Oh and I’m going with Dr. Will’s pick. Ian wins, FTW!


i dont think shane is going to put up frank he actually made a deal with him… but i think shane will honor it i feel frank will nominate shane if he wins hoh next week though boogie love how shane will be doing his dirty work nominating janelle two players


Shane needs to tighten with Frank an Ian. Also he should swindle a BJ out of Danielle for her safety this week. Joe and Wil to the block!


LOL. It will be nice if CBS shows the rat’s tail on Danielle’s Who-ha. Maybe on BBAD? C’mon BB gods…throw us a bone…err.

With regards to the possibility of coaches entering the game…you know we can always count on Team Production to keep things fair and square. Go, Team Production, yo!


i think Ashley gets closer to Shane than Danielle.


Simon/Dawg…. Any news on the iPhone app? My eyes are crossing navigating the site from my phone LOL


The vote is for giving the coach the “option” to return…just the choice..they don’t actually have to enter….my guess is when their players are gone they can decide to play…or they will all have to decide to join or not on the spot on Thursday night..


I think the decision will need to be made by all 4 on Thursday. Otherwise production cannot plan and fix the game how they need to for ratings.


I don’t know, I think it’ll be either all or none enter the game, coz if let’s say Dan decides to enter and the rest don’t then what happens to the teams, where does Dan go? So they have to all enter at the same time then the teams are dissolved and the games begin. God I hope they say yes to entering.

production rigged it

he wouldn’t have to go anywhere he could just play with danielle and join up with britney and shane whether she staysa coach or enters as a player.

Beyonce fan

Its still a coaches comp hahahaha and who is the queen of comps? Get ready.

production rigged it

queen of comps not this year more like the queen of the cottage cheese ass, boogie won the 1st one and britney should have won the 2nd one, the only reason fat ass won is because boogie stepped on the ground before he hit his buzzer.


The queen of comps was skinny janelle, not that greezy moose


This is the last coaches comp and the queen lost the last one to boogie. Not so perfect just lucky.

Beyonce Fan

If we vote yes janelle boogie dan and brit will have to come in the game they can’t say if they want or not think people.


@Beyonce Fan.You wrote,”If we vote yes janelle boogie dan and brit will have to come in the game they can’t say if they want or not think people.” That is exactly what I remembering hearing,on tonights show.I’m not understanding why people on here are saying the coach’s have a choice to decide rather or not they want to play the game.I thought the choice is left up to America( aka production),if they want all of the coach’s to enter the game.Or no coach’s entering the game.I’m almost positive they will enter the game.But Julie might not announce to the house guests about the coach’s entering the game,until after the live eviction.

production rigged it

shane needs to get rid of frank because frank can’t be trusted, so he needs to nominate joe and wil and if 1 of them wins veto then backdoor frank and if not then joe or wil’s gone and hopefully frank will work with him, also i think janelle, boogie and dan will all enter the game because of their egos, boogie and dan will want to be the first 2 time winners and janelle will want to make up for her 2 previous failures, britney i’m not sure if she will or not because i think she said earlier in the game that she didn’t want to enter the game and was about to shit her pants but if she could team up with shane, dan and danielle then who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see i guess.


I seriously can’t wait for BBAD tonight! WOOOOOOP


I remember when Brit’s avatar on here was the demon Pazuzu and I just thought how funny that the demon is coaching the quiet, christian guy. haha! Hope she makes these HG’s life hell this week.

Looking forward to Joe self destucting and Wil crying like a bitch.


LOL me too


Ha w0rd ill look up some imagies


I wouldn’t be opposed to the coaches entering the game if it was, for example, Brit and Dan (since they’re down to one player each), that way they could all team up and have enough votes to flip the house. I think it would be horrible if Janelle and Boogie entered at this point because they have all of their players (as of right now), and they’ve been safe this whole time. IF they let coaches back in, it should be that the coaches with the least amount of players will be offered an opportunity to enter the game. That would serve Janelle and Boogie for getting out “the other side of the house” and maybe slap them in the face with a piece of humble pie. “Expect the Unexpected”- as in, no one said it was the best strategy to have the most players in the house at all times ;) That’s just my thought though.


Shane should tea bag Wil and Joe early in the morning while they sleep. Just a lttle pre block teaser.


Too risky with wil being gay and all, he might start sucking on his sack…. just saying


Hopefully this week we won’t be hearing Boogie’s annoying DR cackle. And I can’t wait to watch Joe snap. Let him eat Slop.


“Britney: “Well it’s going to be a rough week you know.. it’s been rougher on my end.. I’m tired of some people’s attitudes.. and I’m tired of some peoples general sassiness.. And I’m tired of some people being so insensitive.”

Tell me she didn’t just say that??

The things she said about Rachel Im all for calling out a Ho when I see one, and Rachel is a whore and then some, some of the stuff was just mean, but hilarious

I'm watching

I’m so glad Shane won because now that he can’t play for next week HOH … Back door his butt! No one stands a chance if he is allowed to go on.


HAPPY HAPPYY JOY JOY! I woke up the neighborhood when Shane won.