Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results Eagle Eye Vs. Wil

Here we go another Live Big Brother 14 Eviction and HOH Competition. Lots of rumors that it’s double eviction with this week’s HOH probably getting a Pandora’s Box.. Finally maybe some excitement! Tonight there is the potential for a major Power Shift in the house. One big move during the Double Eviction can easily take out a dominating player like Dan, Boogie, Frank, Britney or Shane. Either Quack Pack or Chilltown will take a hit soon and when the dust settles there will be Drama. (I know what you are thinking Drama.. on big Brother 14/ WTF are you smoking) These next 2 weeks are usually the best in terms of game play. If you are going to watch the feeds but only want the best now is the time to give the free trial a shot and see what you think. Remember if you like OBB consider getting the feeds by clicking on one of our links.. Just got a tweet from CBS a HOH competition tonight will be the fish bowl.. So expect it to run late a couple hours into the feeds. (The Tweeted image also is a strong indicator that tonight isn’t double eviction since the fish bowl comp takes hours to complete)

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Speculated Vote results
Wil Goes Home

Tonight on the live feeds
We’re all expecting this to be a double eviction.. expect the house to be crazy tonight with a huge power shift. Tonight may be the when the Silent 6 finally break or it would be Joe’s Powerhouse alliances time to shine.
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Actual Votes

Ashley Votes to Evict Joe
Danielle Votes to Evict Wil
Boogie Votes to Evict Wil
Jenn Votes to Evict Joe
Dan Votes to Evict Wil
Britney Votes to Evict Wil
Shane Votes to Evict Wil
Ian Votes to Evict Wil

Wil is evicted from the Big Brother House

HOH Winner is Shane

CBS Throws a new twist in the Head of Household competition this week. They’re running a twitter poll “what temptation do you want to be added to the HOH”
A) 10 000
B) Have nots pass for the season

There are 3 barrell to fill up they are labelled, HOH, Safety for next week and 10 thousand dollars.
Boogie is trying to get the the 10 Grand, Julie Chen says 4 houseguests are trying for Safety 4 are going for the Head Of Household.

7:01pm Cam 1-4 Trivia Feeds will come on soon

7:09pm Cam 1-4 Feeds up

I’ll update the Gallery below with images..

Dan: “These are the ones on TV I would Never want to do”
Shane going for HOH.. Appears he’s in the lead.

Britney going for Safety … She’s in the lead for that
Boogie going for money
Ian going for HOH
Joe going for Safety
Jenn going for safety
Dan is going for Safety
Danielle is going for HOH
Frank: “Britney is going to win safety in the next 10-15 minutes”
Shane: “This is so much better than the pirate ship”
Danielle: “No way.. Put me back on the pirate ship”

7:22pm cam 1-4
Shane has a comfortable lead in the HOH contest.
Brintey just won Safety for this week!!

Frank tells her she could Have won HOH if she went for it.. Her pace was faster than Shane’s.


Looks like all the players going for safety have switched over to HOH..
Shane well in the lead Danielle is second.. Ian way behind

As you can see from this picture.. Ian is way behind. Shane would need to twist a ankle to not win HOH..

Who is he going to nominate?

Here’s a shot of Danielle’s HOH bowl.. Looks like she’s pretty far behind as well.

7:51pm Boogie gets the 10 grand. Boogie says it’s for Brady’s college fund

Unless Shane twists a ankle he will win HOH. Danielle is Struggling she asks Britney how she’s doing. Britney tells her she’s got to pic up the pace if she wants to win. Frank is screaming to motivate Joe.. “You’re Hauling Bricks”

Not sh!ting you Ashley is actually moving backwards..

8:22pm Cam 1-4 Comp is still underway.
Shane has almost won it followed by Danielle and Dan.

Who is he going to nominate? Ashley and Joe with a possible backdoor Backdoor?

8:30pm Shane win HOH

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224 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results Eagle Eye Vs. Wil

  1. a screen shot of the back yard shows it’s going to be a “fish bowl” fill ’em up HOH tonight, always slippery and fun to watch!

    1. There is a double eviction this tuesday right ? or am I wrong , that’s what I heard on the show can anyone confirm ? so if there is a double eviction tuesday there is no eviction on thursday then right ?

      1. I dont anderstand there is no double eviction this week ? I heard Julie say double eviction next tuesday can someone explain ??

    1. Long time lurker saying thanks for the great site simon and dawg. I just got the feeds thriugh your link.

      Im trying to figure if its my bad wifi or if its right that what i see on the feeds right now is just a BB Live Feeds green screensaver.

      Oh, and i want Danielle to go far. She drives me nuts but she’s the best for keeping the drama up when things get boring…zzzz

  2. bb14 blows, the cast is brutal and I cannot stand watching Danielle. Not because of the Jani eviction because she was even more fake and annoying. Get rid of wil. Why is there always a token gay guy on these shows. If anything I will cheer for Brit because I at least want to sleep with her. That is how bad this show is this year, it has reached a point where the people, the game, the lack of drama etc, has left me cheering for the one I want to have sex with and that is it. Booooo big boring.

  3. Well here in Columbus OH we get the honor of watching Green Bay play the Browns. I guess I’ll be watching BBAD before I get to see the actual live eviction show that will air at 2:35am! I am so not happy . Plus, my friend’s daughter is in CA and will be at the show tonight. So not happy.

      1. Simon….if this link let’s me watch tonight’s show then you have made my day! My donation will be coming through soon. Thank you! :-)

          1. I just checked & finally my Jags have a Thu night game – so I’ll get to try out the link. Of all the weeks to get bumpped by football. LOL!! Thanks again for all your hard work on this site! It’s the only one I visit & I’ve been sharing it on FB – especially my friends that like BB but have only watched the edited shows. :)

    1. Lol dan was so funny with his “ZING. In the diary room last nite! “shane taking britneys advice for puzzles is like taking ians advice for dating..ZING.
      OMG LMFAO! Ahahaha and i LOVE BRITNEY so dont make fun of her

      1. I also loved that zing! hahaha

        but Britney is the most truthful in the house compared to most of the other players, so?


  4. I want to second that – THANK YOU, SIMON AND DAWG for all your hard work!! Can’t imagine how difficult it must be to watch and listen to these people 24/7!

    1. Absolutely love this site!!! So happy to have stumbled onto it recently, very well done! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

        1. Google–checked out a few different sites starting from the top of the search results, liked your blog the best by far. Thanks again, you do a great job!

  5. Frank probably won something in a Pandoras box today during trivia. Also, what was up with them talking last night about the votes going down Thurs AM?? Did they vote this morning you think??

  6. I feel like shane has this HOH in the bag..boogie and dan will give him a run for it but I think ultimately shane will outlast them

      1. I would love if he put up boogie and frank to knock them off their high horse but who knows what is going on in shane’s head lol

      2. If Brit has any influence, hopefully, Shane will put up Mike, though he did stupidly say a few days ago that he would never put Frank or Mike up. By the way, don’t you think that Frank should without a doubt recognize that Mike is in it for himself by going for $10,000 and not HOH? I thought he was supposed to be so rich with all of his restaurants, etc. He certainly isn’t looking out for “his boy” tonight.

  7. Good Evening & Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights. The PoV record chase is still on. Right now Shane has 3 PoV wins, He needs 5 PoV wins to go. Also let’s review the Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012:
    -The Four Horsemen Alliance (BB5)
    -Zingbot 3000 (BB12-PRESENT)
    -Howie Gordon (BB6 & BB7)
    -Jun Song (BB4)
    Let’s meet the fifth member
    The Brigade (BB12:Matt,Enzo,Hayden,Lane) will inducted by Britney & Ragan Congratulation The Brigade inductee into the Big Brother Hall of Fame. Tuned in two weeks. We will have a final member inductee of Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

      1. @simon, you guys comments the Hall of Fame. They deserve it. Next year, I’m expect all of you to comment next year of Big Brother Hall of Fame.

    1. Hey Guy.. you disappeared last year once Rachel started kicking butt been wondering if you would ever come back.

      Usually when watching the feeds I stop paying attention to Big Brother Alumni news.. This is the first time hearing about Rachel and Brendon. I’ll look around. thanks.

      1. Rachel had her bachelorette party in Vegas last weekend. I think Chelsea and Porsche were there. Also, Porsche said on a web broadcast the other day that she would be at Rachel’s wedding next month. So, I would guess that September is the month for Brenchel.

      1. The need to let me give em some ideas, their might be some major injuries, won’t be catered to any HGs advantage, someone could die if they fall, may be even eaten, but it will be great entertainment and the 1st time someone actually earns 500k

        1. The Comp Survive This!! with them hanging from a rope, holding on to with nothing but their teeth, over a river of hungry Alligators … the winner Wins Big Brother and 500k

          FCC won’t allow it though, they have no vision

      2. Yeah. This is the comp in which they have to slip and slide back and forth and fill up a fish bowl.
        =Count on Ash to hurt her back immediately.
        =Joe will be last. Brit second to last
        =Dan and Ian will fall all over each other to throw the comp
        =Danielle will constantly be looking over her shoulder to check the size of her a$$
        =Expect the unexpected Jenn will win, no not really
        =Shane has this one

        Who will he nominate??? Will he be loyal to the Shh Six and Quack or what?

  8. I really wanz a non-Quack Pack non-Silent 6(shhhhhhh) non BDDS member to win the HOH. But I doubt this will happen

    1. If they win HOH, it was catered to their characters Catty will a chance of lice -Wil Disgusting – Joe Drugs-Ashley

  9. Yeah Wil is my favorite. I don’t like Boogie, I never have. He likes to tell other peeps what to do, let me see him win something. I don’t want Shane to win, I just want him knocked down a peg into a reality check. If I had to pick a second fave it would be Brit, I like her sarcasm.

  10. The 10,0000 incentive was put in so Shane.doesn’t get HOH. They know he is desperate for the money. Jenn or Danielle wins now. JENN is really fit.

    1. I feel like that’s a really stupid move though! Taking prize money publicly is never a good idea (unless you’re Mike Boogie, I guess, but he wasn’t in the running then, so….) , especially when you’re already a huge threat in the house.

    2. Money is a great motivator. Maybe it will ignite fire under the a$$es of some of the HGs who have been indifferent to winning comps. This group either loves, needs or wants cash. Guess we’ll see the results here in a while.

  11. Joe’s family (especially wife) telling him to stop yelling…I want him to get some money just so they get something- that was definitely needed.
    And Jeff? Ugh….please don’t bring him back again. Don’t hate him, it’s just too much :-\

    1. Did they mention washing his hands b4 he cooks for others? if they didn’t they could be as nasty as he is or victims

      1. No Joe’s family didn’t mention his hygiene, but Eli asked for America’s help in getting that thing of Joe’s chin – LOL!! I screamed at the tv for Eli to mow the lawn! :)

  12. As much as I disliked Jeff last season the only thing I’m glad about is that he is endorsing Ian. So to all you cat lady Jeff fans, vote for Ian as fan favorite!!!

  13. WOW this was an awful episode, full of filler! I gues sthis is what happens when a huge alliance runs the house, NO Drama, just ZZZZZZZZ

      1. yeah I did.. This is why I have been against the whole huge alliance thing from the beginning! Kind of why I wish Janelle was still around. Its much better when the house is separated and power shifts.

    1. Absolutely agree. The Joe’s family thing, the absolutely pointless Jeff returning thing, so much filler this episode.

      Im absolutely ready for a member of the “Quack Pack” to go home. Having a huge alliance is the dullest thing ever, in terms of entertainment.

      Until one of them turn on each other, these upcoming BB episodes will continue to be boring.

  14. after seeing ashley participate in the HOH…seriously, she needs to be booted off the show…i really hope BB screens people better for next season…what a pointless waste of space in the house…she wanted to be on a dating show….atleast the lunatic danielle actually won a cpl of things

  15. I figured Boogie was going for the money!!!!!!! I hope that puts a target on his back. I saw Joe going for Safety…what is everyone else going for?

    1. so far boogie is going for money and joe, ashley and brit are going for safety not sure who the fourth one is and no clue who is going for hoh

  16. Boogie is such an asshole playing for the money when he knows Franks ass is on the line.

    Your a millionaire, already won 6000$, and you can’t even try to win HoH for the person you call your boy? Chilltown 2.0?

    I was rooting for the guy but that really turned me off.

    1. my thoughts exactly! the only reasons i can think of him doing it would be 1)he’s cocky enough to think that he and frank are seriously super safe with any of these people winning hoh or 2)he’s just a selfish asshole whose only motivation in life is money…i have a feeling it’s kind of a mixture of both.

    2. could be because he wants Him & Frank to compete during double eviction next week, which they likely know is coming…or he is just a big douche….

      1. I vote for big douche. Like he needs the $10K for a college fund. He’s been saying all week that “we” need to win the HOH. Who is this “we” he is talking about? Oh, yeah, everyone else in his alliance, not him. He doesn’t WANT to do anything, even if it helps him & his alliance because he said he & Frank have already won. I assume AG told him not to worry, they would fix this one for him like they did the last one. This just proves that he is a self-centered a**hat that only cares about money. Oh, and he hates women. I guess that’s why he can’t get one.

      1. I think this HOH Comp seems easier than last year’s similar HOH Comp (the washing machine). The washing machine had lots of bubbles – without the bubbles the HG’s can crawl which is why I think this year’s is easier. What does everyone else think?

  17. well, it looked like it is joe, ashley and brit going for safety and boogie is going for the money not sure who the last one going for safety

  18. so with boogie going for the money jen is the only one who could be in line to be HOH. means, dan will throw it and let ian, shane, danielle or brit take it and do some dirty work.

  19. Does anyone realize that they’re trying to portray themselves better, but all they’re doing is annoying us? Ashley is trying to be the ditsy, “what-am-i-supposed-to-do-in-this-competition!?”-girl, and Boogie is trying to be the “MONEY MONEY MONEY! IM GREEDY, BITCHESSS person”. I liked Ashley, but now I want her and Boogie to go home.

  20. hey simon, i thought they were only allowed to go for 10 k or the safety of have nots…or is the safety bowl something different than the have not opton?

    1. During the live show America voted whether to offer $10K or Have Not’s pass for the rest of the season. America chose to offer $10K. HOH and safety for one week were already included in houseguest choice of options to go for.

  21. Pls get rid of boogie based on principal only!,,,,
    Wat a c**** sucker!,, the money pls???.
    And joe playing for safety wat the heck.
    these people are really stupid!!!

  22. So Boogie is going for money show he wont protect Frank money is more important I hope him and Frank are on the block, notice Dan going for safety letting newbies battle it out HaHaHa Frank

  23. nice to see britney goin for safety what a useless liar…after she complained to dan that he needs to win it so bad….im getting so sick of britney..dan u need to win dan u need to win…ya britney u show ur true colors and danielle won’t be able to keep up the pace….shane will outlast everybody in this comp

    1. There is actually brilliance to Brit going for safety, if the assumption is that Shane will win this comp – I think Jeff won this one last year and I think Rachel was 2nd. With Brit claiming the safety prize, if Shane wins, he completely controls who he can nominate and who can be backdoored.

      1. I agree, plus if she’s not HOH she won’t get any blood on her hands nominating/ backdooring people, that will be Shane’s job this week if he wins.

  24. So, most people thought it was a good chance that tonight would be a double eviction.Well,this worked out perfect for Frank.He’ll be able to compete in the double eviction HOH.

      1. @Team 10K. From what I’ve read on this site.Boogie&Frank have no intentions on taking out Dan.They plan on taking out Britney&Shane.With Shane looking as though he will win yet another HOH competition,which will make his total of wins add up to 5.Boogie&Frank will be targeting Shane now more than ever.

        1. I get the feeling that Mike and Dan are two Cobras just facing each other, waiting for the other to strike…Though, Dan seems to love Mike–dumb move on his part…Dan is gone in 2 weeks if they don’t get rid of Mike…

    1. It is a big risk. Frank can only play in double eviction HOH is he isn’t nominated and evicted by this week’s HOH. Since Frank made the grave error in talking with Ian about breaking the alliance, and since Shane (and Dan) thought that Frank might use the veto and nominate them, I can see Frank and Boogie getting nominated. I don’t think Shane would backdoor them – I think he would give them an opportunity to play veto. Either way – one of them needs to go this week – preferably Frank as he is more likely to win the next HOH.

    1. Yes! Thank you for saying this! It is true (tho still strategic on her part).

      Plus, now is a great time for Boogie to make a grab for the money. He knows he has to go to end with a coach, otherwise he won’t get the big money. There is no way a coach will win the money unless they get two to the end.

  25. So quack pack already have the HOH in the hole, lmao. Ian better not win and put two floaters up, though.

    I think I’m going to make it my own prerogative to root for the people that are going for HOH and are not afraid to ruffle feathers.

  26. brit won safety. shane is killing it and boogie will win 10k. so the question is…will shane put up frank and boogie. i ll predict he ll shy away and that will be his downfall next thursday.

  27. Go Britney! It was probably smarter for her to get safety. She can get Shane to do what she wants anyway without getting her hands dirty, and now in the off chance that something goes wary this week her safety is guaranteed.

  28. I think brittany going for safety was pretty smart, because yes she could’ve been hoh but that would mean she would get blood on her hand. And another thing good about her getting safety is that she will be able to play in the hoh next week which is the double eviction.

  29. Shane has got to put Frank and Boogie up – one might come down, but one is sure to go. This is sooo important with a double evict coming up and him unable to play in HOH. The best thing would be for Frank to go. If Shane gets nominated during the double evict – he has a better chance of winning veto if Frank is not there. Last year the veto comp was the clown shoe comp.

  30. Any results yet?…I don’t get live feeds, but I have a feeling Mike wins the 10K with as Shane as HoH…I couldn’t careless about the safety prize…

  31. Can anyone awnser this: Are they not allowed to smaoke anymore? Or are they out of ciggerettes? You would think BB would give them stogies,if so.

    1. I believe they bring their own smokes & if they don’t bring enough then they’re just SOL. Which is why they were trying so hard to get JoJo’s smokes before she left.

    1. sad but true. he will even not think to get out frank. because frank didnt backdoored him this week. my prediction. jen will be evicted (frank or boogie will win POV). right after her brit will follow!

  32. boogie is such a greedy pu$$y he’s a fu**ing multimillionaire and he’s going after the money after already winning 6 grand in an earlier comp and earlier in the day he was talking about backdooring britney, what a chicken sh*t apparently he cant’ go one on one against a woman instead he has to backdoor them first janelle and now talking about doing it to britney what a big man he is, smart move on britney’s part to win safety and keep it from somebody else so now if shane wins hoh they meaning joe and ashley will have to come and make a deal and if shane doesn’t put up boogie and frank then he’s an idiot, boogie really showed how much he has frank’s back by not going for the hoh he should remember that so hopefully britney can talk shane into putting them up because she can tell him that they almost backdoored dan this week and that he was a possibility too and they may not get another chance and well dan he’s just a waste of space always throwing comps or not trying for the right thing like tonight, that may have worked last time he played but i don’t think it’s going to work for much longer this year though.

  33. For the second time, if Shane wins the HOH, he needs to put up Frank and Boogie up on the block. And send Frank home already for good.

  34. oh my god now boogie is saying the money is for brady’s college fund, does he think that will not make him look like a greedy (insert word here), come on really he’s a multimillionaire and he needs 10 grand for his kid’s college fund, yeah ok whatever.

    1. In his defense, he probably has a lot of assets but not a lot of liquidity. And, yeah, it’s not going to Brady’s college fun.

    2. Exactly. He doesn’t need any money for his college fund. He’s just a greedy f*ck. He shouldve tried for HoH. These past few weeks, he’s been claiming to be Chilltown 2.0 with his main man Frank, and now, you have the opportunity to actually do something in this two man alliance and you do nothing but go for the money and then make some BS excuse?

      He’s playing for himself, and I hope Frank sees that, because im really rooting for him.

      I cannot stand this bullshit Quack Pack, and Ian’s getting on my nerves.

    3. I liked Britney on her season but im so ready for her & her entire looney bin of an alliance to go home.
      The Quack Pack? I cant even deal.

  35. I am not impressed with this season BB. I don’t like any of the players for the first time in 14 I am bored watching BB wait a whole year for this?!?!? I could not care less about these people!

  36. Let’s say Shane goes ahead and wins HOH. Now, Frank would be smart to work with Shane against the coaches. This is the second time Boogie has betrayed Frank. First he gives the safety net to Ian from the coaches comp. Then he goes for the money showing he doesn’t give a flip about Frank. Frank is smart and is seeing this. I think he will try to distance himself from Boogie now as he is at risk with Boogie only wanting money. 10,000 tonight and $500.000 to win and to heck with Frank and the others. Just my 2 cents…

  37. So Simon – will Shane win HOH before Boogie wins the 10k? Since Julie said that the game ends when HOH is won that would mean Boogie wouldn’t win that $$ for Brasdy’s college fund (yeah, right). I really hope Shane wins before Boogie.

  38. In regards to the Jeff comments, yes he is definitely CBS’ “Golden Boy” But…..who can blame him? He is one of the only people on this show that actually got a great job from it with the network. Kudos to him.

    Shane’s going to win HOH, nominate Joe and Jenn (because him and Ian are the only ones in the Quack Pack that wouldn’t put Boogie and Frank up) and then in the event that someone wins the veto, he’ll put up Frank because clearly Boogie isn’t winning anything except $$.

    At first I thought Brit totally wasted going for the safety since clearly that twist was put in there for Boogie to be tempted by the $$, so she could have gone for HOH and won. But after thinking about it, it’ll work out good for her because the next HOH will be Q&A of some sort and she’s good at those so she’s safe for a week and then she can play in the next HOH which will be a critical one since next week’s a double eviction.

    Glad Boogie went for the money, as I knew he would. Go Quack Pack! (Seriously……the name needs some adjustment. If I have to read the feeds next year where they options are 1. The Brigade 2. The Silent 6 or 3. Quack Pack- and the answer is “Quack Pack” I’ll have to seriously rethink my obsession with this show.)

  39. Brit was super smart to go for safety. Helloooooo ability to play in HOH next week and no chance of Frank/Boogie to back door her if Boogie won. Although, I knew Boogie would go for the money. I’m afraid Shane won’t put up Frank and Boogie. That would be his best move. Backdoor one of them or something.

    Shane/Brit FTW

  40. ag and crew used up all their new competition ideas on the coaches comps, although the morph comps are always fun every time.

    the safety and $ twist to the fish bowls is a nice addition. so….

    boogie gets $ – shane better get him or dan out before jury
    brit is safe – dumb move or smart move on her part with shane as hoh???
    shane gets hoh – hope he makes another big move, it may be his last

    hope to see frank and boogie sweat a little this week…

    1. Dawg is 1/2 of he’s also a front runner to be on Big Brother Canada.. He chills out here late at night and in the early mornings.

    1. You know now that you say that, Julie’s words were (word for word) “Can not be nominated or evicted on Thursday” so I think that pretty much means even if it is a double eviction, Brit is safe. Sweet! I bet she’ll be super glad when she realizes that going for safety was the right choice!

  41. If Frank and Danielle were smart, they would be pissed that their “best ally” in the game went for the money instead of going for HOH. Frank has done all the heavy lifting for Boogie, but now that Frank is vulnerable, Boogie goes for the money instead of sticking his neck out to protect Frank. I kind of expected it from Boogie, but Dan I didn’t. I really hope Shane puts up Boogie and Dan. Boogie is the biggest douchebag in BB history.

    1. Dan didn’t go for the money boogie was the only one who did. Dan went for safety and then went for the hoh and ended up in 3rd place right behind danielle so danielle has nothing to be mad about and since shane won i pretty sure she is happy since more then likely both dan and danielle are safe.

  42. ashley is a complete waste of a player, does she not realize how many people would do almost anything to be on this show and she was actually moving backwards down the lane are you kidding me she’s a complete joke of a player.

  43. Please win it DDBS, Mike is protected for another week, and Mike walks away with 10K lol…He’s right real morons in this house

  44. Shane need to make big moves. If he don’t put up Boogie and Frank he is a joke. If he put up Ashley,Jenna, or Joe he is just plan dumb.

  45. That was smooth of Britney to go for the safety. Even if Shane wins the HOH, Boogie & Frank might sway him to backdoor Britney as his “big move”. Shane isn’t the brightest bulb in the house. Boogie convinced Danielle to get out Janelle and he convinced Frank to get out Wil… who knows what he could convince Shane to do! If Shane wants to make a big move then he should backdoor Boogie and then get out Frank because next week is for sure double eviction.

  46. Hopefully, Brit has done the math in her head and will convince Shane to put up Mike and Frank together. That way you can safely guarantee that one of the will be going home. If one wins POV, then he can pu up Ashley who Jenn will not vote against. That leaves Dan, Danielle, Brit to vote out the member of Chilltown (puke) without fear of Ian flipping. If he nominate anyone else, you may just give Frank the money now.

    1. You cannot plan on a backdoor until after the veto comp. If Frank or Mike win veto, how are you going to backdoor one of them?

  47. With Shane winning HOH Danielle is going to be even more stalker-ish… I sense a fight coming soon. :)

  48. Mike is an a-hole! If I were Frank I would be PISSED!! He needs to cut his losses, make a final three alliance with Shane and Dan, and take Boogie out this week!

  49. Seriously Joe may be annoying and loud to some but i honestly think he needs his own show on the food network or cooking channel, he has the personality, raw talent, the aggression (which could work to his advantage and be apart of his show feel) and passion to honestly be a celebrity chef.

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