Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Denial sets in, Joe: “He’s stupid enough to put up Frank and Danielle”

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8:58pm Cam 3-4 Janelle and Dan Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Janelle tells him that Frank is very dangerous in this game, they need to try and get Frank nominated. Janelle points out that Frank is putting on the charm with Britney. Dan thinks they need to interrupts them as much as possible. She keeps stressing how dangerous Frank is. Dan points out that they need to make sure Boogie doesn’t win the coaches competition because if he does Janelle will most likely have 2 players put up

Dan mentions to her that Boogie looks really scared. Janelle says she has a team of floaters because they never win anything. Dan says he’s now convinced there will not be a twist that involves the coaches. He’s with ian where he thought if they got into the game it would be this week. Dan:”the only thing that will keep Frank off the block is a deal or an alliance” Dan is thinking that Shane will make his own decisions he’s not sure if Britney and him are very close. Janelle is really worried that Wil and Joe are going to be nominated. Dan points out that those 2 players haven’t won anything Janelle can use that to bargain with. Janelle: “And I don’t think Frank is very smart”

9:10pm Cam 3-4 Wil and Janelle.
Wil is really worried about the nominations this week he’s certain that one person from Janelle’s group are going up if not 2.
Wil says that Shane is a idiot.. “I’ll backdoor his a$$ when I win HOH”
Wil doesn’t want to offer Shane any deals until he knows where Shane’s head is at, “I don’t really want to offer him a deal at all”
Janelle tells him they need to make a deal because Frank will make the deal. Wil thinks because Shane is so macho and bravo that he’ll want to work with Frank instead of Janelle. (you guys were jerks to JOJO and him for the last week that is why he doesn’t want to work with you)
Wil: “He’s stupid enough to think that Frank and Ian will win the next HOH.. he won’t think I will.. I don’t really think he see us as much as targets.. He’s too A type” Janelle reminds him that it’s only been week three there hasn’t been many competitions. Wil calls JOJO a idiot because earlier today she was going around telling Janelle’s team they were making a mistake this week just like voting out Kara week one was a mistake. Janelle agrees with JOJO thinks they should have gotten rid of Frank week One now they are stuck with him.

Wil wants to propose a deal to Shane that they will keep him safe for 1 week if he nominates one person from each side.
Janelle warns him not to start telling Shane to put up Frank because if Frank wins POV he’ll be coming for them. Wil tells her she can go talk to Britney if she wants but he would rather negotiate for himself.

9:20pm Storage Room Wil and Joe
Wil fills joe in that Janelle is going to go to Britney and negotiate with her to keep Joe off the block. Joe is starting to get pissed at janelle he doesn’t want mistakes she makes ruin his chance at a ½ a million dollars. He wants to talk to Britney for himself.

Wil is going to offer Shane a deal that he gets 1 week of safety from Wil if he splits hi nominations between Boogie and Janelle. Joe adds that they need to wait until Shane reveals more information before they start making deals. Joe and Wil think Shane is stupid enough to put Frank and Danielle up… Wil hopes it’s Frank and Ian. Wil: “He might not be smart enough to target us” Wil mentions that nominations is right after the coaches competitions tomorrow. Wil figures they need to talk to Shane in the morning. (Joe please cause trouble this week before you get evicted) Wil is ready to drop Ashley he doesn’t want do anything with her, whatever they tell her ends up getting back to the other side. Joe says before they do anything they need to see where Shanes head is at. Wil: “I’m not making a fucking deal with him unless I have to” Wil: “I believe he generally thinks low of us.. he might not target us” Joe starts pushing that they need to tell Shane to target Frank. Wil is going to explain to Shane if janelle is doing any deals for on their behalf it’s not what they want.

9:40pm Cam 1-2 bathroom Shane and Danielle This is the fake showmance CBS tries to sell to the viewers to grab ratings. The showmance does not exist take it from me I watch these 2 a lot. That doesn’t mean it won’t but as of right now these 2 individuals are not in a showmance.
I am not capable of listening to Danielle fishing for compliments 24/7 this week so I’ll stick straight to game talk and when the showmance starts it’ll let you know.
Game talk = Shane tells her she is safe this week
Showmance talk Danielle asks him if he was having a showmance with JOJO. Shane says no they just flirted.
are they in a showmance not yet

9:50pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Boogie

Boogie plans on keeping it cool this week and not go running around. Boogie warns Dan if Joe goes up he’s going to start causing trouble.. Not Willie sized trouble but in a smooth running house like this one it’s going to be big. (Thanks good.. JOE BRING ON THE TROUBLE)

10:25pm Cam 1-4 Shane gets his HOH room OMG!!!Watch NOW FREE TRIAL!

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78 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Denial sets in, Joe: “He’s stupid enough to put up Frank and Danielle”

  1. Either give me all newbies or a complete All-Star season. I am tired of all this mixing between vets and newbies. I will still watch BB because it’s my favorite reality show no matter what, but it’s like I am experiencing a diminishing enthusiasm and interest for the show with each passing season. It’s like each new season gets worse and worse from its predecessors.

    1. I so totally agree, and it seems so does the majority of fans, so why does AG keep bringing back vets to play with newbies! Newbies are always at a disadvantage for a number of reasons, and who knows what their gameplay would have been w/out vets being there. Please, AG, no more mixing vets and newbies.

    1. LMao Simon. “Backdoor his a$$.” Tff…luv the innuendo. Is it just me or is wil the meanest whiniest gay man in the history of BB? I’m fed up with him more than joe…which is pretty f’ing bad!!!

      1. Wil reminds me of Joshuah from BB9. He hasn’t has a full on “your dad committed suicide and i find that funny” moment, but it wouldn’t surprise me. He seems extremely catty and just plain mean.

        I find it interesting though that he has the balls to be so mean for a man who walks around with THAT HAIR and THAT MESH SHIT. like good god. we get it wil, you are gay. don’t worry, no women are going to rape you in the night.

          1. I usually do not do this on a blog… but, I am gay and that was not homophobic.
            He flips his hair, has the braid, mesh shirts, whines a lot, is bitchy, condescending
            and I must admit when he said “When I am HoH I am going to backdoor his a$$..” I went
            to the same place everybody else did…. ok, maybe not the same place.

  2. What do u think the coaches will do I think all but Brit would want to come but then what would they do Brit couldn’t be the only coach but she was freaking and crying saying she didn’t come here to play she came to coach and I can’t see Dan boogie or janelle passing up a chance to play again

  3. I am so hoping that Janelle goes to Shane and campaigns to put Frank up, and then Shane tells Frank and they create a secret alliance.
    That would be awesome. It looks like most of Frank’s “teammates” are going to throw him under the bus – awesome!

    It would be even better if Frank didn’t let on that he knew (I think he has the fortitude to keep it a secret), and then wins HOH and nominates more of Janelle’s players.

    last thought….please don’t vote to let the coaches become players! I think it would really suck, not only for TV, but it totally wouldn’t be fair to the actual players.

  4. Think Shane will be around for the long haul. Looks to be America’s fav. Production won’t let him go too soon. Has Squabble been around?

    1. I’ve been waiting for Squabble, too. Am I sour-graping when I say “Who needs Squabble when you have Simon?”

      Oh no! Now I know what it feels like to have my lips attached to someone’s arse.

      Go, Team Squabble/Simon, yo!

  5. I want to see both Joe & Wil Squirm and better yet, they see how does it feel if you mess with Shane (Tom Cruise). Your A$$ is going home. I hope Frank & Shane will Make it to the end.

    OH! If Ian volunteer of Havenot one more time. I’m going to bash my into the wall. Shane, please don’t pick Ian as Havenot for the week. Let Janelle’s Team be Havenot Plus Jenn as a Bonus.

    1. I agree with Shane, but screw Frank. He’s too cocky. Cast is one of the dumbest in gameplay that I’ve seen in awhile. I propose they let coaches get thrown into have nots. Janelle could use a break from munching…such a bitch. Anyone with me on this?

      1. fatnelle could use a break from food (especially the HOH food) for about a month she said shane doesnt even weigh as much as her implants ha that means shane is in shape (check out his 6 pack) also brit may be a shit at coaching but 2 of her team members won HOH and 1 won all of the POVS take that fathelle

  6. Watching BBAD right now and I feel like I’m re-living BB11, because the other side is just b!tching and moaning over someone who just won the power to keep himself safe for ONE WEEK!

  7. I think Frank is safe initially, partly due to their “deal” last week. My gut says a Joe/Wil nomination with the opportunity to backdoor Frank. Now, one thing I’m not sure on, does Britney get to play the coach’s comp to try and block somebody else from winning, or can she not play since she is unable to save anyone?

  8. hahaha to above saying frank will lose his team. no. sorry. team boogie is rolling strong. jenn just got her reassurance as playing “perfect” ian asked “what are we doing this week, whats the plan”, and is content with what he got, that team is the tightest of the bunch.

    funny, boogie says watch joe begin to unravel

    30 mins later

    joe begins to unravel.

    keep the coaches out but put boogie on amazing race with will, that would be something to watch

      1. that could be funny watching booger have to walk through shit to build a wall out of it while will sits back and tells himn to hurry

  9. Watching the first episode, I was inclined to like Wil. I thought, “he is a hilarious gay guy with gorgeous hair, I am going to love him!” but he is acting like such a diva and playing too dirty and personal now, I can’t stand him for that! For some reason, I loved Colton on survivor even though he was mean just because he was still so funny, but Wil is too mean, it’s not even funny. As much as I wish I didn’t have to hear Joe yelling at the camera anymore, I really hope Wil goes this week.

    1. Oh, and I hope the coaches do come in, so that I can cheer for Dan without having to rely on Danielle…team Dan!!!

  10. It will be straight forward this week I think Wil and Joe go up and whoever doesnt get pulled goes home. The target should be Wil.

  11. i’ve broken this house up into high school cliques because that’s what it reminds me of (based on all the events of the past few weeks):
    janelle, ashley & wil (possibly kara but she left early)=the populars
    britney=the ex-popular girl shunned by the popular clique (but now she’s more popular than they are:D)
    shane & frank=the jocks
    willie=the bully/troublemaker
    dan=extremely self-conscious girl desperate to be accepted the populars
    ian=the nerd
    boogie=hard to place… weird principal?
    jojo=the school slut/girl with a “reputation”(lmaoooo)
    joe=lunch lady
    dan=pe teacher/coach

  12. janelle bitching about frank being an ass kisser, stupid bitch u could have voted him out instead of kara and now it’s gonna bite u in the ass.

  13. I see how coaches coming in can be unfair, but it also has the potential to create a lot of interesting drama for the viewers. For instance,

    1. Frank does not want Boogie as a competitor, he knows his strategies and he has already admitted that his gAMe (emphasis in that word like his accent…am I the only one who notics that?) would be screwed up if Boogie came in. I don’t know that Jenn and Ian would become any more targeted than they are now.

    2. Janelle’s team would be screwed all together. Ashley has admitted to Janelle that she fakes being dumb as part of her strategy (although sometimes I doubt it’s fake) and word could get around to Janelle that Ashley always talks behind her back. Janelle knows how ruthless Wil is, and how stupid Joe is, but one of them will be gone anyway so it doesn’t matter.

    3. Danielle hasn’t really given Dan any secrets to her strategy (because she doesn’t have one, unless you think her delusional showmance with Shane is a strategy) but, Dan knows how weak Danielle is because she always depends on him so he could potentially use that. Or, he could back door her because she trusts him so much, but I don’t see Dan playing dirty if he doesn’t have to.

    I don’t think Shane has to worry because he doesn’t seem to talk that much game with Brit…he seems to hide most things from her, so he may actually be the smartest player now with the coaches twist.

    1. The only positive about the coaches coming in is it will dissolve this “team” mentality. Which is why AG and production are going to rig the votes to make it happen!

      Don’t believe me? Vote no 10 times!

  14. oh my god people saying that janelle and wil are whining and how they shouldn’t? have you not seen your “god” Britney mope around for almost 2 fucking weeks? wth is wrong with you people.

    1. no the bigger question is wtf is wrong with u what u don’t think britney didn’t have a reason to the last 2 weeks with what she’s had to deal with it’s about fucking time someone else feels that way now and it just so happens it’s wil and your “bitch goddess” janelle now ever heard of karma look it up

  15. Oh god. Shane isn’t the most strategic player. Watching him talk with Dan (one of the most strategic players ever) is so embarrassing.
    Shane needs the plan spelled out for him, which as long as he keeps winning the comps, is okay.
    Brittney is really plotting right now, but 6 vs 2 is a hard hole to climb out of.

    1. Danielle is surprising me right now, she actually has some sense!
      When the coaches come in, her and Dan will be interesting!

      1. I became a bigger fan of Danielle after the live show tonight, in spite of her dress. She said ONE LINE to Janelle and it got the ball rolling on getting her to stay. She didn’t have to kick, scream, and beg for votes like most people do. She had one piece of information, said it to the right person, and that got the ball rolling.

  16. Brittney was defenitely a large A or small B cup before her implants. I bet she has tiny pencil eraser nipples, muffdiver likey. Just shove a sock in her mouth to keep her from ruining the good times.

    1. If breast size alone determines a coach’s ability — big being worst, small being best — goodbye Janelle. Hello Dan! Not very strategic, admittedly, but I’ll roll with it ;)

  17. I wish they would call Boogie and Frank in on this game talk. Would be neat with their dynamic. It should tell pig nose and her crew something that Boogies crew all went to sleep.

  18. Simon… have a question … have you listened to the interview with Willie on blogtalkradio. … very informative and it shows just what kind of guy he really is…a note to all the Willie haters…lol… he is gaining more and more popularity .. and shows he really is a nice guy…. who really likes a liar .. i know i dont .. anyway give a listen . thanks

      1. It should say something that he picked up almost 10,000 followers on Twitter, ha. You couldn’t even get that many if you tried especially in 6 days. And don’t hate otherwise it will only make you look worse, we can’t have that happen. :)

    1. Yeah, who doesn’t love someone that solves his problems through violence (kicked out of the BB house) or alcohol (recent DUI arrest). What a role model.

  19. Wil caught in another lie. He just said his hemorrhoids are caused by stress. Wil and Joe-Double eviction, my dream come true! Dan cannot throw the coaches comp!!!

  20. Brit and Shane haven’t talked at all yet? And I hate that Team Janelle is alone with Team Brit right now. I hope Shane doesn’t fall for whatever they’re selling. They are such floaters. Now they want to float right on over to Shane and sellout Frank. Little do they know, Shane is aligned with him.

  21. I called it janelle is soooooo predictable I said it Simon she just moves with the power know why she has a team of floaters because she is one

  22. Why do team boogie and team janelle think they have the votes if he was to put up two of a one team then one would have votes but if he was to do one and one then Danielle would be deciding and shane controls her so shane has the votes

  23. Janelle needs a reality check. She knows this game, I will give her that but she is so transparent moving from one ‘camp’ to another. She calls Britney a bitch within the last 24 hours and now she needs her to make a deal. She is such a bad role model for anyone, trying to stir up a fight last night. First she tried to get Danielle to yell at JoJo which didn’t work and then she moves on to JoJo/Britney to try and get a rise out of them. What a piece of work

  24. Danielle just totally mounted Shane in the HOH bed. And it looks like she woke up, she’s talking game, and making a lot of sense.

  25. I think it will be awesome to see Janelle’s manuevers when both Joe and Wil get nominated that would be awesome. They haven’t won a single competition so have very little chance of getting themselves off the block. But that is only if Boogie, Dan and Britt all agree to a 3 way alliance to get rid of the snake team.

    I hope the coaches get into the game. We have had all newbies, All-Stars, and now a mix it up should be action packed!

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