Janelle says when Willie walks out the door she will throw Froot Loops at him.

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 22nd (Sunday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots /Slop ?
Coach Competition Winner ?
Next Coaches Competition July 20 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara


1am Wil, Danielle, Ashley and Jenn are in the kitchen talking about ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. Danielle starts talking about some guy she started to have a connection with and then had to leave without saying goodbye. She wonders if he would wait or if he is dating someone else. They tell her how what she focuses on is what will happen.

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Meanwhile, up in the HOH room Boogie, Frank Dan and Janelle are talking. Janelle comments on how when Willie walks out the door she will throw froot loops at him. Mike wonders if Willie will be all defeated tomorrow and if he will even fight for votes. Mike says that he could swing one maybe but that he can’t swing two votes. Danielle confirms that Danielle will not switch sides to them. He says that she can potentially get two free weeks out of this. They start watching Ian on the spy cam. Dan wonders how much they were spied on last week. They all say oh constantly. Janelle comments on how paranoid Willie is. They continue to talk about Willie bullying people and being paranoid about everything. They rehash all the events of the week. Danielle comes up to say good night and leaves. Dan says that she is smart, I told her not to get trapped by Willie. They talk about how Kara said in her speech that if you are voting for him to stay he probably has a final 2 deal with them. Mike wonders why she would do that, it just didn’t seem like her. The conversation turns to talking about Kara being in Playboy. They talk about how screwed Willie is and wonder if he will even try to get votes. Frank wonders if he will try and make a deal with him or not. Dan comments on how Willie was making “if then” deals. He was running around making deals on the premise that this might happen or that might happen.

2am In the backyard, Ian is on the hammock talking to himself. He says that he hopes they don’t backdoor Willie. He says he feels bad for him. Ian says that he will be cool with Willie outside the house, but he’s got to go. He says the truth is Willie really did bully those guys and it’s not right. Ian gives props to Wil for voting out Kara. Ian gets up and he and Janelle play the corn hole game. They start talking about the coaches competition tomorrow.
In the have-not room, Danielle, Shane and Ashley are talking. They are talk about how the vote flipped six times this week. Ashley says the all guy Brigade idea wasn’t Willie’s it was Boogie’s. Shane agrees and says that it was Boogies idea and that it could have worked, but Willie blew it all up. Ashley tells Shane and Danielle that maybe Frank and Joe have a final two deal. Ashley comments on how Janelle is always talking to them. They talk about Kara’s speech, the part of the speech were she said how people have final 2 deals. They discuss who it could have been. Danielle says Dan didn’t even know she was going to say that.

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Meanwhile, up in the HOH room Frank tells Boogie that he does not want Willie on the jury, so they have to get him out now. They talk about how jury could start after this week unless someone comes back or coaches come into the game. They start going over who is left in the game and time frames. Boogie says that they have a solid thing with Janelle and Dan right now and they need to stay tight and not waiver this week.
2:45am Back in the have-not room, Ashley comments on how Ian has an evil side to him. Danielle says he got snappy with her for turning on the light in have-not room. Ashley says yeah see that’s his evil side. They talk about how they will pull a prank on Ian. Ashley gets a piece of orange tape from Ian’s bag, turns off the light switch and tapes over it so Ian can’t turn the light on. Ashley says please no bad karma for this; it’s just a little joke. Danielle and Ashley are giggling and Shane says that when he comes in here, we can’t crack up. Ashley tells Danielle and Shane that she would vote Ian out of the game.

3am In the backyard, Janelle, Joe and Ian are talking about Willie and Britney. Ian wonders why Willie is so important to Britney, and why she gets so upset over him. Janelle says because she’s friends with his brother. Ian says that he will give Willie respect as a human being even though he doesn’t agree with what he does. Joe says that doesn’t want Willie in jury. Ian says that he isn’t convinced by the key slots next to coaches name means that they will come into the game. He says the slots are there simply because it’s a new memory board. Joe comments on how the new coaches ability to trade makes him think the coaches aren’t coming back. They go back and forth about whether or not the coaches will enter the game. Janelle talks about the contract she signed before coming. Big Brother tells her not to talk about production. Ian then heads to bed. Janelle comment to Joe that she is really worried Britney is going to trade Willie to her and take Wil. Joe tells Janelle we are going to have to get Frank out. Janelle says she is so glad to hear him say that and she is happy someone has a brain and sees Frank is a threat.

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Joe and Janelle continue to talk in the backyard by themselves. They talk about Ashley. Janelle says that Ashley seems okay now, but that it was really hard for her to vote out Kara. Janelle says that Britney is mad at her, but that she is not sure why. Joe tells her he heard it’s because Janelle moved out of HOH. Joe says that it’s because Britney told you (Janelle) all her secrets and then you left her. Janelle says that she had to leave because of Willie and that she had told Britney that was why she left. I had to leave for my team. Joe says that if Britney wins the coaches competition she will have to get rid of Willie, if she doesn’t she is stupid. It will only buy her one week if she doesn’t. Joe says if she doesn’t trade him it will tell you that she does like Willie more than we think. Janelle says ewww…no. Joe asks Janelle if she would make a trade if she won the coaches competition. Janelle says no, no way! Joe asks her if she would trade Ashley? Janelle says no. Joe says Good. Janelle asks him why he is asking? Joe says that he just wants to know where Janelle’s head is at. Janelle says that Dan gave his word he won’t trade Danielle if he wins the coaches competition. Janelle says it would be bad if Britney won and traded Willie to Dan. She says that when Willie gets voted off and Dan leaves. Janelle asks Joe if he thinks Boogie and Dan will team up. Joe says yes. Janelle says that she thinks they will too. Janelle says that Dan is tricky. She says that he thinks the coaches will be returning to the game, but he thinks they will have a chance at more money and that it could be something like giving up a power for prizes.

4am Joe and Janelle are still in the backyard talking. They both comment on how Shane has a nice personality but that he is quite, and boring. Joe mentions how pissed Jojo was this morning saying that she was going to break something. Joe says that Willie’s entire HOH was worthless; he got the whole house against him. Janelle and Joe laugh. Joe says the thing that sucks is they are going to be such kiss a$$es. Joe talks about how he doesn’t like Jojo. Janelle says that she likes her and sees the good in her. Joe says at any point he can just save up 4 or 5 beer and Jojo will send herself out the door. They comment on how the three of them (Willie, Jojo and Shane) walked out into the yard thinking they had this HOH and then how defeated they were after. Joe says that the two people going up will be Frank and Shane. They both head inside and realize what time it is. Janelle say oh my god its 4am, I have a coaches competition tomorrow. Joe comments on how fast it this game changes and how they could have lost it all over a fart. Joe says that one thing about Frank is that he feels like I saved his life. Janelle says that she has met a lot of big brother players and Willie is the dumbest. He was addicted to power and just wanted more and more.

6am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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Joe is going off at the mouth about getting Frank out. It will be his demise. After the coaches comp i think Joes statement bout Frank will hopefully blowup. Fingers crossed


Yes Joe talks to fking much..I hope it does blow up in his face.


I thought joe voted kara out and wanted fank kept in? why is he going after him now? I really don’t like joe at all. want him to be next in line even over frank to go.


I can’t stand Joe..

We know the coaches competition today will be tailored for Britney to win.. Hopefully she does trade Willie for Wil and cause some craziness in the house. This is the path will leads to exciting feeds.


I think if Britney really wants to stir things up she should trade Willie for Ian or Jenn, putting Frank and Willie on the same team and putting Boogie in a tough spot.


Because the house got blinded by their lynch mob mentality towards willie, so everyone eyes got off the ball and fail to see that frank needed to go and deal with willie later, truth be told i still dont know how good at comp willie even is. so they wasted a week getting rid of a hopeless girl, instead of a strong able player all to spit willie for standing up for himself when frank and wil were spreading lies about him. and joe fell for it. Typical BB players


Danielle needs to burn that Bama sweatshirt.


To cry about it like your man Tebow did when he lost the SEC championship to Bama. Roll Tide!


Wow, Ashley attacking Ian is a LOW super low move. Didn’t I hear Ian willing to be put up before Ashley when he was talking with Willie? WOW, what a b*tch move!! I feel sorry for Ian because he really likes her. And Willie is mean and paranoid, but at least you know where you stand with him –especially if he doesn’t like you. But Ashley –was, so sad that she’s talking crap about Ian.

If Britney wins, she could trade Willie for Joe or Wil and hope that Shane wins the POV. By doing this, Britney will have a strong player in her team that the other side will not vote out and will go after the other players. And Willie goes out next week.


yea// really how can you go after Ian at this point…plus he so nice to her..starting so the tip of ashley rat tail


are you kidding? Brit trade willie for joe or Wil cause they are strong players? have you been watching the same show (sober)


Well, Joe, if you wanted Frank out, you should’ve voted him out yesterday! Wil probably wouldve won the HOH if Frank wasn’t competing. And then they could’ve got ten Willie out.


Joe is being a classic floater, playing week to week. Unless Joe, Wil and Ashley are really a solid team; they will only last until jury.


Hmmm.. Maybe I am seeing things wrong/poorly, but I disagree completely & I think joe is playing a GREAT BB game . Several reasons but not typing all on a touch screen! I saw joe referred to as Shelly & I REALLY disagree there. I think he is doing very well


Honestly, I don’t really know how Willies Rep got so fucked up. Oh…right it was Joe and Frank. He really didn’t bully anyone. He came after someone when he felt attacked like most humans do. If anyone bullied anyone it was the coaches. But it’s okay cause they’re the coaches right. I feel bad for the guy. But if Big Brother can tell us anything, it’s that they would want him to stay around, just like they wanted a shift in power. So by some token, he will stay this week. I can almost guarantee it.


Thank you..i have been trying to tell these people this for some time…This willie a bully shit is the biggest lie i have evern seen in my bb viewing history. It was wil and frank who started this shit..and Joe fat ass backed it all up. Willie had done nothing but try to be nice to these losers…yea he went over board with the makeing deals..but shit other people were to. and how they all turned on him after the meeting was classic back stabing…during the meeeting everyone had something to say and agreed. Talking about bullying, how you gone tell someone that if they talk to another person they are dead. thats what joe was telling ashley, thats sounds like bullying to me. And wil had the nerve to get mad at willie for mocking him, and all wil do is talk about how “redneck” and “uneducated’ willie is.


thank you .. i think you are so right … i keep going over the so called bully moves and if that is being a bully then what do you call the things JOE AND FRANK are doing … oh yeah LIES .. i dont think they would know the trueth if it bit him.. TANKER (willie) is not Russell .. all he ever did was think of the newbies… joe and frank had better watch their back when it comes to jennell .. why hasnt anyone told frank that it was jennell that pushed to get him nominated…and that it was willie who went against her, then her and joe started this major crap … i can see that willie has a good heart if lieing and saying aweful things about someone sets him off like that … please let joe and jennelle get BUSTED … GO TEAM BRIT


marianne I couldnt agree with you more. janelle should be at home with her baby.( even mothers who go to see the dark knight take their babys) and i really dislike joe he is an odd person and he even wore his chefs jacket to play the HOH comp. WEIRD and also i would like to see brits team and dans work together. let janelle ( the horrible mother) team with booger ( so booger can play her again) thats all she deserves


Willie isn’t a bully but I can see how he’d be viewed as one. Yes, he did mock Wil. And yes, Frank probably took it further than it had any right to go. Is it the first time a lie has ever been told or something was exaggerated in the BB house? Of course not, Willie is guilty of it himself. But here’s the deal: we’re privy to conversations that the house guests are not. Many of them heard what Frank or Joe were saying and had no reaction to it because it was the typical BB crap. What they did have a reaction to? Willie storming outside and yelling.

Combine that incident with the house meeting where he came across as a paranoid control freak, I can see how the HGs view him as a bully without the aid of live feeds, flashbacks, and boards like this one.


willie did not mock Wil he just said that Wil said he was gonna not talk game for 24 hrs and within an hour Wil was talking game ( or in her case Janelles the bad mothers game) watch the cbs live show they show willie and there was no mocking whatsoever. even if there was last i checked its still a free country and people are still allowed to react to something anyway they choose.


He did mock:

There was no reason to change his voice. He chose to do it. I can completely see how someone else (Frank) could view it as mocking.

And, by YOUR logic of “even if there was last i checked its still a free country and people are still allowed to react to something anyway they choose,” Frank had every right to react the way he did since it’s a free country and people are still allowed to reach to something any way they choose.


reach = react


oh sorry cj i guess you can react anyway too and if it is getting mad then mad it be have a nice life


I’m not mad. You used the logic that Willie can react to Wil however he wants and I used the same logic to defend Frank reacting to Willie the way he did.


cj i have been reading your comments and you seem to have a whole lot of opinions about everything everyone writes on here! maybe you should take over for simon since you clearly know it all when it comes to BB14


Thanks for posting this clip..just shows me how they all took that comment out of order as i suspected. He mock wil, jus how they mock jojo with her brooklyn accent,, it had nothing to do with him being GAY..wil told everyone he was a homophopic for that comment..oh come on people.


and jojo is mocking the people of brooklyn it just goes on and on 🙂

deathtobrenchel Team Willie YO

That’s not really the point?
the point is that it was used against him in a way that lables him as a homophobic pig, which wasn’t the intentions. Joe flat out lied to Wil about the intention. He wouldn’t have gone up to let’s say, Danielle and told her that Willie was imitating your voice. No they chose Wil cause ti was the perfect way to lable him as the bad guy. Joe is such a pos.


i agree with you it was to make the house go against willie. (and it worked ) it’s spelled label sweety 🙂

deathtobrenchel Team Willie YO

lol! I know I just type quickly at work so that I don’t get caught LOL.
I’m normally a mild grammar nazi, but this is an exception.


What Willie did was no different than someone repeating what he says in a southern accent, or what Jojo says in a new york accent, or any accent for that matter. Its merely the fact that Wil is gay that this is an issue, when if it was anyone else, it wouldnt be. People changed up the way they speak when repeating what someone else said because it puts emphasis on it. It’s not that serious & Frank blew it out of proportion.

Dark Horse

I have a feeling that Willie’s not going anywhere this week…I think it may be Shane if he doesn’t win POV…if he does then JoJo.


Willie= Toucan Sam
Joe= Kenny Rogers from MAD TV
Jenn= Anthony Kiedis.


wil could be riff raff from rocky horror and janelle could be any of the real housewives of oc britknee could be a BRAT dioll and booger could be a troll from the briidge and shane could be josh brolin or christian bale

deathtobrenchel Team Willie YO

Might I also add, that the conversation between Britney and Willie pushed me even more over to his side.
What a snotty little brat. He’s apologizing to her, and basically accepting the defeat and all she can say is “I thought you were an asset, but you;re not, you’re going to ruin it for you’re othetr teammates and I’m going to lose someone this week if you get the veto” WTF, this isn’t a team game. Can’t beleive she’s actually pushing for him to throw the veto and let himself go down without a fight. What a selfish c…..word.

Gosh I hope he wins this whole god damn thing.


I think what Brit might have been trying to show him is that what we all do has impact on other people. Willie doesn’t seem to understand that. He has some good qualities but he mostly thinks only of himself which is a reflection of our society. This is a good tv show because it is a mirror for society. When we all get angry at people on this show there is a deeper reason.


I know this has nothing to do with getting the 100K but based on what we saw yesterday Brittney doesn’t deserve the money. If it were based on how good of a coach you are she’d lose, I mean she shouldnt have put down Willie like that and tell him basically he’s a cancer to the team(she didnt use those word but you know what i mean) Although he did make a good amount of silly moves that made them a target she should act more like her title of coach and keep their spirits up and such. Honesty is good but she always puts people down and makes them feel like sh!t when she’s honest. Just a terrible coach who shouldnt get the money for how sore she’s behaving. I would’ve thought she’d matured a bit more but she’s still bratty. I’m on the Dan/Janey/Boogie side and am glad Frank stayed and won HoH but dam I feel bad for Willie having such a bad coach. That’s why I’d much rather see Hojo or Shane leave this week.


I feel so bad for Willie but he brought it on himself. I largely blame Brit and Janelle’s breakup on Willie’s situation. Things would be better for him without the coaches… poor Willie 🙁 I hope they switch him to Team Janelle for Wil, because if anyone can save his image its Janelle.


It would be sucked if Willie being r-trade for Dan team. He will be screwed if he goes home. Oh! It will take a miracle if evicted houseguest will return to the game. Will see.


SUCKKKKKSSS FRANK WON HOH I HATE HIM, if only stoner ashley and dumb wil “with one L” voted him out we wouldnt have to deal with this (and not to mention wil would have been h0h, crappy.


Geez joe, you want to keep Frank and now you want to get rid of him. That’s really stupid. Be careful what you said. Because he will come after you.

Red Lampshade

I’d like to see Britney trade Willie for Ian, basically throwing Willie and Frank onto the same team. Lol. What would happen then?


that’s funny …….I had not thought about that!!

Dark Horse

OMG I thought of that last night. Even though I do not feel like Willie’s leaving this week.


i think they should go for danielle just to get out dan too. if frank were to push getting dan out and play boogie and janelle working together without dan interfereing, then willie would still be a bigger target than him. from a bias standpoint i want willie to stay because i think they’ve made him look worse than his is and alot of these people talk way more shit than he does. and i actually like britney though she can be whiney, but i think she’s been real about everything and i think she’s funny, so i’d like her team to win. if they get out danielle, they get out dan’s influence on everyone as well so it’s a 2 for 1 deal. it would also work in franks best interest so that dan and janelle don’t team up later because franks a physical threat so he’s high up on their chopping block..


Willie didn’t slur against Wil. Frank exaggerated and when he told Joe, Joe exaggerated what Frank said and by the time the house heard about it Willie was a homophobic pig. I understand Frank was doing whatever he could to sway votes and repair the damage after his fight with Willie, but Joe didn’t have any reason to take the lie and add to it, except that he likes stirring the pot. The whole house makes fun of the way Jo Jo talks, but they don’t call that bullying, but a comment imitating Wil got blown out of proportion. The people that are hating on Willie should at least be consistent and get angry when they imitate Jo Jo. I’ve heard Joe imitating Danielle with the ditzy southern accent when talking about her and nobody got on his case. Willie deserves to be in the spot he was in, but not for that reason. He didn’t realize that once the POV ceremony is over, the HOH has no power. He needed to step back and let everyone do what they were going to do. He didn’t have a vote and it was silly to tell everyone to play their own game and then try to make them do what he wanted. Brit should have explained this to him, though I doubt he would have listened. I like Willie because he has made this season nuclear so far, and I can definitely see Frank turning into a tool this week. There is something about that HOH room that makes people power crazy. I really hope Brit wins the coach competition and trades Willie to Janelle’s team. That would really piss her off. I am not liking Janelle this season. I wish the coaches would just leave.


I think Joe had a reason, Joe knows how the house will react to Willie . Who does Willie want out? Frank! So by exaggerating and telling wil, they are getting his vote to keep willie’s enemy (frank) in game. That’s how I see it anyways


But here’s the thing: they didn’t have a fight until after Frank said what he said. Frank was safe at that point. Maybe Frank was genuinely offended by Willie’s mocking and decided to share it? I mean, at that point, Frank was safe and in good with Willie. Unless he wanted to cause chaos, which wouldn’t make any sense considering he had the numbers without all the hostility.


Feel so bad for Willie. Yes, he did let the power get to him, but his reputation was ruined by Frank and Joe. I’m hoping that Joe’s saying to get rid of Frank will come out soon.
As for the coaches competition, I don’t think it’s wise for Britney to trade. If she trades Willie, Shane and JoJo will be targeted even more. I think she should just save Shane. And I do hope she wins!


@jamie. I hope your wrong and that doesn’t happen.I want Dan to win this entire thing.Hopefully,Dan will win the coaches competition and guarantee Danielle’s safety.By the way,does anyone know when they will have the coaches competition?


When janelle leaves out the door I hope someone throws a free coupon at her, for her face to get fixed..ugly duckling


I have only been watching BB since Season 8, but I think Willie’s HOH plan was typical….Frank was the pawn and Kara was the target. Everyone knows Dan’s strategy and based on his picks, his players would follow his game play. Lay low, float and make to jury at least. It’s Week One…you aren’t really making waves with a move like that.
For some reason, Joe chose to break away from his alliance and become a spy for Frank and Boogie.
Willie mocked Wil, but not in a negative way…is it only offensive because Wil is gay? I mean, if he mocked ANY OTHER houseguest, everyone would be cracking up. But, Frank saw an opportunity and ran HARD with it. He DID lie on Willie and exploited Willie’s obvious flaws/defects.
I have no idea who I am rooting for….I do like Dan and Brit, absolutely LOATHE Boogie and am ambivalent when it comes to Janelle.
The houseguests….I dislike Frank (and I found it hilarious Janelle is thankful someone has sense enough to see Frank is a threat and needs to go….you JUST HAD the perfect opportunity!), Joe and Ashley. The rest of them, I am still trying to get a feel for…and is it me, or are Willie and JoJo building a showmance?
All I can say so far this season is the best is a long, long time…


I completely agree. When I saw the mock thing –it wasn’t in a negative way. Willie was showing frustration that Wil said that he didn’t want to talk game. He didn’t have to do that, but I guess it was just a knee jerk reaction for him. I like Dan and I like Britney (but after she started going after Dan then I became Team Dan all the way). I hope that I’m wrong, but I don’t think that Dan will win the $100,000 –BUT I do hope that he goes really far in the game.

Side rant:
I think that Dan’s initial choices for his team wasn’t a bad one. I think he realized that after watching several seasons that people go after the bigger threats in the house (in this cast that would be Shane, Willie, Frank, Wil, and maybe Joe). I don’t think he anticipated some of the coaches (ahem…Britney) wanting to target his people just because he won and practically everyone in his season liked him. I wish that they kept the coaches identity a secret to the house guests and other coaches for a while just to make it a little bit more of a fair playing ground (I know that fair doesn’t mean entertaining, but as someone who doesn’t really like seeing someone getting screwed over because of a game, I wish that it was a little bit more fair.) Especially since the players did put a hold on their life to play the game –getting screwed over on an uneven playing field is just cruel.


They weren’t bad choices for the reasons you mentioned but the first night eviction threw in a major monkey wrench to whatever he had planned.


Ian was stimming bad last night I feel for the kid.
Glad to see the Son of ‘Sycho win the hoh.
JoJo and Willieare are this years Cappy and Yvette.


I hope this happens….
Britney wins coaches competition, and saves Shane. Willie is not going to lose the POV competition. He will want to win it like his life depended on it. Then the nominations will probably be JoJo/Ian. Or JoJo/someone else


It would not be Ian/Jojo but probably Danielle and Jojo. That would be an interesting fight for votes.


In HOH should lay low and listen. Form some friendships and guarantees. The coaches IMO created too many scenarios for Willie and he overplayed. It makes good BB but Willie got screwed and I hope he recovers. If not, he should have a chance to compete to come back. He should repair his image for America’s vote to return like Brendon did last year.


Unfortunately, he won’t get that opportunity more than likely.

Look at Eric from a few years ago, he was hamstrung by that America’s Player crap. He never got the opportunity to ever play his own game.


It would be biggest mistake if Britney trade her team member like Willie for someone else. Her team will be targeted and boom!

Eric CA

People this is Big Brother, there is no sense to it. It is the chaos theory in action.
Common sense for all of those players, except Ian and Jen (they would need Frank, to distract the
others until the dissolving of the coaches. Or be the next Boogie to go.), is to evict Frank.
Unfortunately they allowed emotional manipulation and Willies mouth to make heir choice.

Now considering that Mike Boogie is the coach. I see before nominations Boogie and Brittney making a deal.
Chilltown always makes deals with what they perceived as the desperate and operated on the “So you want to
loose to a “likeable” person?” Mark my words Wil and Danielle will be the nominees… for the back doing of Willie
that will never come. Boogie firmly believes in the cover a good villain


@Robin. I was thinking the same thing,about Joe and Janelle saying how Frank is a threat and he needs to go.Anyone that doesn’t ride the short yellow bus,can see that Frank is a threat.For some reason these people decided to vote to keep one of the biggest threats in the game(Frank),over a girl(Kara)who they were more likely to beat in competitions.They had a golden opportunity to evict a huge obstacle(Frank)from the game.It’s still difficult for me to get my mind around,what logical reason they could have to keep Frank in the game,over keeping Kara.Leaving Frank in the house only benefits Boogie and Frank.I’m rooting for Dan,but I was hoping that if Frank wins HOH,he would turn on one of the idiots that voted to keep him in the game.The idiots that I’m referring to are,Joe,Wil,Ashley,Ian&Jenn.The reason why I picked these people is because Frank will be more difficult for these people to beat in competitions over Kara.Why would house guests want to make it more difficult for them to win the money,by keeping a obstacle like Frank in the game?Like I mentioned before,I’m not buying the excuse a few people on here has been giving Ashley for not keeping Kara.All Ashley had to do was say that,she voted to keep Frank and blame the flip vote on Wil.She could have convince people that Wil voted to keep Kara because they’re friends.It’s not like this has never been done before in this game.It’s also not impossible for Frank to turn on the people that I mentioned.Willie was trying to get votes for Frank to stay in the game,but for some reason Frank felt the need to try and turn the house against Willie.By telling them Willie made fun of Wil.I watched the show last night.Willie did what almost everyone does,which was when you are trying to tell someone what another person said or did,you will try to talk or move like them.How in the world can anyone have a problem with that?I doubt if anyone did a voice with a strong southern accent,that people would have a problem with that.But because Wil is a homosexual it’s a problem?Give me a break.Some of these house guests and people on here,might want to stop being so sensitive.


Your comment honestly just gave me life.

Frank is the biggest threat there. He’s so sociable and everyone loves him & on top of that, he’s pretty darn good at comps too.
They had their chance to get him out and they should have took it.

They should have listened to Willie, because honestly, I think he was trying to help them.
He told them about the possibility of the coaches coming back, when he didn’t have to.
He could have kept it to himself, and when that time came, could have been 20x more prepared for it than them.

I think everyone was basically eating up the poo that Frank and Joe ( ugh ) were feeding them, not basing their votes on who they think they could beat in the game, but essentially trying to prove a point to Willie, which is pretty dumb.

I also don’t get why everyone is dying for someone from Britney’s team to go home, even if it’s not Willie. I don’t have the feeds so can someone tell me?


The outcrying in here for Willie makes me laugh. Willie overplayed his HOH and as a result the house turned on him. Seeing Willie and JoJo’s faces last night after the HOH….PRICELESS!!! I guess CBS should realize by now, it doesn’t run in the family. Russell may be good with strategies and manipulation, the other two Hantz that I have seen clearly aren’t. Keep the excuses coming Willie fans, they are HILARIOUS!!!


i dont know why willi didnt bring up the fact that the votes being split was to get rid of frank,lol janelle the fake bitch wanted it to be a 4-4 vote and willi to vote out frank,and willi didnt want to do it so he said lets have joe and will vote the other way ,so boggies team thinks joe is on there side,the coaches are just mad because willi is as smart as when the coaches enter the game,how stupid the newbies are going to feel when they get knocked off 1 by 1,and willi will be at home laughing sayin you dumb fucks should of listen to me,

crying out loud

Not evicting Frank was beyond stupid and it looks like the HG are realizing that they were drinking the kool-aid. Such a shame. IMO.. the only reason they kept Frank was because Willie wanted him gone and they didn’t want to vote how Willie wanted. STUPID STUPID MISTAKE! I feel bad for Willie.. I am not a fan of his but damn he was screwed. The 1st HOH of the season with these arrogant coaches who ultimately played with his head, the burden of everyone figuring out who his bro was and trying to overcome that.