Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results Frank Vs Janelle

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Speculated Vote results
Janelle Goes Home

Tonight on the live feeds
A lot of unknowns what will happen next. Really depends on who wins the HOH. Most Thursday – Friday – Saturdays are usually really exciting on the feeds

Actual Votes

Joe Votes to Evict Frank
Shane Votes to Evict Janelle
Dan Votes to Evict Janelle
Britney Votes to Evict Janelle
Boogie Votes to Evict Janelle
Jenn Votes to Evict Janelle
Ashley Votes to Evict Janelle
Wil Votes to Evict Janelle
Ian Votes to Evict Janelle

Janelle is evicted from the Big Brother House

HOH Winner is Frank

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246 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results Frank Vs Janelle

  1. I don’t know about anyone else but if janelle gets evicted then part of me hopes they get what is coming to the from boogie cause she warned them all. The other part hopes mike and frank go down in a big big way.

    1. honestly, Frank and Nike may be a danger as a team, But Janelle has been the route of most issues so far. So choosing to boot Janelle is just as effective as booting Frank and Boogie except that Frank and Boogie haven’t been running around stirring all the crap Janelle has.

    2. What Danielle has done has been pretty bad. Janelle really hasn’t done half the stuff they said, but she has been the major pot-stirrer this season and she just got half-footed by Boogie. I watched. It was brilliant gameplay by Boogie. It went from him for sure losing his buddy to basically an HOH with none of the blood and dirt in a few minutes.

      Janelle and Britney were also Day 1 campaigning hard against Boogie and dragged his and Frank’s name through the mud. She is not innocent at all. Boogie has been relatively tame this season, he and Will used to be pretty bad together. Just saying.

      1. Danielle’s original idea was to put up Janelle, but she had no support for that move until Boogie’s offer. Getting out a coach was the best move for Dani.

        1. exactly, this is a great game move for Danielle, janelle is very strong in competitions so taking her out is just great gameplay.

      2. Janelle’s biggest eff up was trying to make the coaches team happen. The when confronted by Boogie about how he doesn’t trusty her and how all she will do is protect her players and use them against him she denied it. Then when given the option to prove it by sacrificing Wil , her believed #1 in place of Frank she balked then when given a second chance to do it to Joe, her believed number 2 instead she was tongue tied. She was essentially proven a liar in front of those she wants to align with and as such lost hard.

      3. I have a whole lot of respect for Mike’s negotiation skills. He was clear, clam and reasonably hammering the nails in on her coffin. I was really impressed. I’m sure he was edited and think it is highly hypocritical to call her out for lying, (they’re all doing it) and feel for the girl, that must have been uncomfortable for her: not knowing what to say to defend herself. I’d very surprised if Shane and/or Danielle aren’t up next week…if Frank or Mike win HOH, they’re fine otherwise, but damn, that was stone cold oration on Mike’s part, that was.

  2. Pignelle is going out hard and I love it. I wonder who will win HOH, I got money on Booger or Frank it would be best for production. They will probably turn on the silent six which will make more drama.

    1. best is still a double eviction, joe goes, and THEN chilltown frank wins the hoh. that would cause the house to go into complete scramble mode. or a wil hoh. im afraid shane will backdoor boogie, and id rather not loose the entertainment and future awesome backdoors that boogie provides, hopefully if chilltown gets voted out, its frank first so boogie can then go get revenge

      1. Generally Julie will tell you if their is a double eviction one week ahead of time. its not like those are surprising for viewers at home.

        1. Um…. I don’t think it’s that funny. People need to back off of Janelle. Seriously, it’s becoming really nasty the things that are being said. You wouldn’t like it being said about you (i’m sure)

        1. lool , wow , jealous much ?
          she is not ugly at all , she is actually very pretty , the best looking one that was in the house ,
          jealous b*tch.

          1. Are you on drugs yo? I don’t really care one way or the other about Janelle. I started watching BB on season 12, so I can’t speak to her first seasons, but that chick is hideous.

        2. You are blind as a bat. She is the prettiest, in that awful bunch.
          I’m sure if you looked in the mirror with your glasses on, you would see a horrible person.
          You have no life or you need to up your medication.

  3. I can’t believe Boogie and Frank would turn on Dan or Brit this early and nominate them. How stupid are they?
    The two sides will fight each other and the floaters will be at the end.
    They need to get rid of a couple of floaters first.
    It’s a shame because on his own I think Frank would be smarter than that but, Boogie wants to be stupid and make a big move.
    If the get rid of Dan do you really think Shane wouldn’t win another HOH.
    I do think Britney and Dan know that Boogie and Frank will turn but, they won’t expect it that quick.
    It all depends on who wins HOH.
    Honestly I will be rooting for Ian bt, it would be entertaining if Joe pulls something out of his ass. That would be insane.

    1. dont think they would if its a double evict or anything, if its not like people seem to think, then yeah its possible. I dont think they are even talking HOH this week, I think its more after joe is removed by whoever wins this week. I see them throwing the HOH.

    2. OH YES THEY WOULD !!! It is already in the plan and when it happens the others are going to crap ……. Janelle warned them to not let BOOGIE and Frank get into their heads ……. WATCH IT AND SEE

    3. They won’t do it right away I bet. They’ll get rid of Joe and one of Team TITS before they mutiny. There is still a week to two week window before anything big happens. Just my sense of the game right now.

    4. Going to love love love to see Janelle leave- don’t let the back door hit ya where the good Lord split ya- LOL!

      No double eviction this week- not yet

      Frank and Boogie should not get HOH- should be Dan or everyone throws it to Ion because he’s homeysick.


  4. I gotta feelin’ that some greedy blonde who should be home with her extremely young child is going to get sent home to where she should be. It was telling when she didn’t even offer up Joe as a sacrifice for the alliance with the coaches. Boogie (at least made it appear to be) that he was willing to give up Ian and Jenn and it showed how Janelle wanted both sides.

    She overplayed her hand and Boogie then manipulated Dani by playing off her low self-esteem and body image issues into doing a blindside. Now he and Frank are in an alliance and we likely throw this weeks HOH to someone in the Silent Six and then wait out a likely double elimination/fast forward scenario and then gain HOH. Basically what that will mean is that Dan or one of SaD is gone.

    1. NoHouseForDumbMen
      Wow! Shouldn’t Boogie be home with his new baby too? Why has this been such an issue with Janelle and not him? What century do you live in? What a biased and ignorant comment to make!

  5. I know it’s not going to happen, but I want to hold onto some glimmer of hope that maybe Frank is going home…I just cringe at the thought of Dan trusting them and getting burned. I am so nervous for tonight’s HOH, hopefully Dan or one of the Quack Pack will win and I won’t have to worry this week.

  6. i have always liked boogie and all his versions of chilltown. this might be the “bro” in me, but i feel like he and his allianves have always been unpredictable and entertaining.

    1. Yeah. I like Boogie and all versions of Chilltown. Very entertaining. At least they stab you in the front instead of the back!

  7. Silent 6 alliance will never turn to each other. They will stick together to the end. There plan is to get rid of Joe. And then Wil.

  8. Dan is not going to “get burned” by Boogie and Frank. Dan is behaving just like Janelle, sneaky and manipulating people. On the other hand, Boogie and Frank come right out and say what they want. At some point all the houseguests are going to compare notes and Dan will be out, just like Janelle.

      1. Simon – I think you just like saying T!T$ – LOL! You know Joe & his Powerhouse alliance is gonna win it all – NOT!

  9. If britney throws Janelle a sympathy vote- she should go next. Anyone else tired of her whiney voice?

    BTW Boogie and Frank should have DDSB or TITS do their dirty work by getting rid of Shane, Dan, Britney, Dannielle… That is of course by some miracle Ion , Jenn, Will or Ashley can win anything!

  10. does anyone know how to watch the show on the east coast when cbs is showing the falcons vs. ravens football game? Will it come on after, or is there a way we can watch online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thx to Simon and Dawg.. best updates for BB, period.

    1. Hey Jody! I’ve got the same problem here in Atlanta. Falcons, ugh. It’s coming on at 3:05am. I’m staying up to watch but if you can’t stay up that late, set your DVR.

    1. well, as far as this week he is! now he has to find the right moment to get rid of shane or brit. this should be in 2 weeks. if he turns on them tonight hell get burned.

      1. The thing that Boogie doesn’t know is that Danielle’s first instinct was to evict Janelle. Boogie may think he is the mastermind, but all he did was help convince Dan that Danielle was right in the first place.

        1. What convinced Dan to push for Janelle’d eviction, was that he finally realized his dream of a coach alliance was dead. Once he knew that, he had to weigh his options; sit next to Janelle (a great player that has never won) or sit next to Boogie (a BB winner). He knows that the houseguests are less likely to give him (Dan) the money twice, when Janelle has never won. He’d be equal with Boogie, so it wouldn’t be a factor. His best shot at the money is to sit next to Boogie in the finale. He knows that, that’s why he chose to get rid of Janelle. He has to try to keep Boogie happy.

      2. Agreed, unless he wants to put the blood on Frank’s hands. Getting rid of Joe and or Wil would be the best move at this point.

  11. I am nort a Janelle fan, but why is everyone coming down on her because she hasa young child at home. I believe Boogie also has a young child at home only a couple months older then Janelle’s child. I think they both should of stayed home and enjoyed their babies when they are toung..they grow up to fast

    1. boogie=guy who doesnt have custody of young child who needs the mother who is there
      janelle=mother of a child missing said mother in major time of kids life.

    2. Because it’s still a baby and a baby needs momma , but mommy is a fame whore, who would leave to be a 3rd time loser, she HAD to know she was gonna lose again… Boogie is there LMFAO

      I really do wanna see her come back for All Stars 2, when her and Rachel can go at it, both in comps and in social game, so Rachel can steal her title, and beat her ass with it, while screaming, MY NAME IS, BIG RED, BOW DOWN BITCH

      1. such a double standard! Mothers leave their children all the time for work! Leaving them in daycare and what not. This is such a double standard. Janlelle’s child has a nanny (your mother figure) and her husband is taking care of their child as well

        This whole, you need a mother is BS. Its a slap in the face to all single dads out there

        Bashing is person is one thing, but bashing their children or parenting is not necessary! We have no idea whats their home lives are like!

        1. so say janelle doesnt know til they vote, does she try to take boogie down on the way out, say over and over “you cant trust him” or something? or does she say it to wil, who she thinks is behind it? or does she take it on the chin and just go?

        2. was really expecting a double eviction to get joe the heck out while they can control it. hmm. this should be an interesting week

          I would sit back and let joe continue to self destruct, but I hope boogie doesnt end up on the block

        3. LMFAO how is it a double standard? hows does work which could be a few hours to a few days, compare to being on a TV show that’s not her job btw for 3-4 months????

        4. Janellous, thank you for saying what they will not post for me. It is such a double standard. Nothing is said about Boogie, but Janelle gets heat for leaving her baby. It is not 1950 anymore. Thanks again for saying, what I feel.

      2. if they do all stars 2, there is such a long list. I just hope they leave certain people off it. such as anyone in the brigade.I cant handle another summer of enzo. there is no game there. none.

      3. ILL WILL
        You are an ignorant person. How dare you call Janelle a whore. What facts do you have to entitle you to make that statement? You are a pig and give intelligent men a bad name. Women don’t deserve to be insulyed in such a manner.

        1. Attention whore =/= bottom bitch(real whore). Nice way to take something out of context. I can do this to.

          “Patty, why u so ignorant???? Not all women r whores!!!!”

          Is essentially what you just did. Try again.

          1. You are the one that called a fellow woman a whore. I watched the show and did not see Janelle have sex with anyone for money. It comes through loud and clear that if a woman acts a certain way, she is a whore. What is it when a man does, whatever it is you are claiming?
            It is funny how you want to be literal all of a sudden. Think before you speak. I took offense to what you said. Ignorant man are always making statements like that about woman.

          2. No House For Dumb Men
            Your semantics mean nothing to me. You are just another chauvinistic man. In the male part of the bottom of that barrel, where do you come in and what is it called? Obviously men have a different interpretation of things than women do. Think before you speak because your statements are seen as generalizations. You are the second man here tonight that made offensive statements about what the definition of a mother is and who is a whore. You both seem to think they are one and the same. I pity you because you a sad and pathetic man. Crawl back into the hole from whence you came.

        2. do you have ANY clue what a “FAME WHORE” is?… her let me define it for you, since your so hurt, and are pretending I called her a whore(prostitute)

          Famewhore –

          B level celebrities who seeks as much attention as possible. They will reveal facts about themselves that most people would consider too personal for public consumption.


          1. A whore is a whore. As a female, I can tell you how I take the use of the word. You did not use “fame”, when you first made the comment. Don’t try to manipulate words with me to wiggle out of what you said. There will not be another word from me because I can see the type of life form that I am dealing with here.
            You have made several chauvinistic remarks along the line. I hope you do not have children to poison their minds and effect them with your stupidity. I would pity any woman that would bear your children. She would have to abide by high standards to live up to being home all of the time to do the “mothering” and not be allowed out to possibly become a fame whore or just a whore.

            1. SERIOUSLY??? I guess so since, you obviously can’t read….

              Personal attacks on me? DAMN OK…. My future wife will be a whore?? My kids, will have a whore for a mother? LMFAO guess Cat People have evolved into “twisted psychics” ?

              There’s one thing if I made attacks on YOU or other posters, which I never do, UNLESS they attack me 1st, then I will light em up), but I’m talking shit about HGs on TV like EVERYONE ELSE DOES, on this site… I’m no different than them, but unlike you pathetic Cat People, I don’t take things said about my favorite HGs seriously or personally….

              1. Obviously you are too young to know, what the real world is really like or your attitude has held you back.
                I just hoped you did not have a wife or children with your negative comments towards woman. If the time ever comes you will hopefully have grown up. No educated woman or someone with an ounce of sense in their head would deal with your

          2. Ill will just ignore the people who get offended over anything that they dont agree with I get attacked too for saying what i feel as opposed to saying what the sheeple are saying shit can’t say anything anymore even as joke without someones panties getting in a bunch

            1. Jason,
              First of all I was not talking to you, but if you want to group yourself in with the other morons, then so be it. Obviously you know you are guilty of some attacks that people have taken personally or otherwise you would not have chimed in.
              I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am a married woman with one son and I am a successful business person and I do not need a man to support me. I have a wonderful open-minded husband and I have taught my son to respect women.
              Another disappointment to you, may be that I do not owe a cat, not that it would matter if I did. Cat owners are just more of you stereotypical assumptions.
              Your attacks are sad. This is a game, just grow up and try to be mature enough to watch your words carefully. You are in for a rude awaking because the real world will not be accepting of these types of comments. Remember political correctness or you will not hold a proper job for long.

              1. LMFAO @ you thinking Im talking about Cat People in general, another pathetic assumption( i think this was the 10th)…… Just a nickname we gave pathetic Jeff and Jordan fans last season, who said some horrible things, and personal attacks on people who didn’t like them, and they also took it as far as making threats to Shelly’s family and their comments posted on here, were similar to yours.

                ONCE AGAIN since clearly you can’t read… I like to talk shit about the HGs, like EVERYBODY else on here, if you can’t handle that, don’t reply to any posts with your pathetic personal attacks, when you don’t know me or anything about my life or my future.. The Cat People thing was just jokes, of course, I can talk shit about your family and your life, but unlike YOU, I won’t take it there…. I made a lil disclaimer for people who like to take what I post about HGs seriously like idiots …

              2. and Just to prove how much of a Big Brother goofball I am, here’s some images I made during the past season


                Rachel & Brendon

                ^You had to watch last season to get it…. but to fill you in, Brenchel left cum stains on the bed Jeff and Jordan were going to sleep in while they were HOH


                All The HGs, from last season

      4. Actually Janelle && Rachael are friends,Rachael was actually rooting for Janelle. I could see a great allaiance if it was Brandon,Racheal,Janelle&&Kaysar

  12. Simon and Dawg. no need to post this but this is the first time in two seasons that i have had full access to your site on a live Thursday night show. Usually there is too much traffic and it gets all wonky for a couple of hours. Just letting you know in case you added some software or hardware and are wondering if it works because its working perfectly…cheers.

  13. What a pathetic bunch! Frank playing a gentlemen’s game? Huh? Britney crying because she hates lying to Janelle’s face but then sits around and talks crap about her. I used to really like Danielle but this week has completely changed my mind! She is horrible and seriously needs some self-esteem therapy. I don’t really watch the show much mainly scan this site because I can skip the crap!

  14. Since when did Dan ever try to Save Janelle?? LOL he’s playing everyone including the audience and Fans. Probably hoping to get a fan voted power.

    1. Dan just wants to win & he might be able to do it going to final two with Boogie! And I can see where he maybe tried to save her by keeping Danielle from nominating her from the beginning, but when she screwed up in that coaches meeting that was the end especially when everyone else (but Joe) wanted her out. I have this feeling that Dan & Boogie might have a final two deal….

    2. Can’t wait to see Joe “avenge this eviction” – LOL!!! Poor Joe – wears that chef uniform every Thu – LOL!!

      1. Sad part about him “advertising” his culinary skills is that he is also demonstrating his inability to cook using “serve safe” standards…..So why in the world would anyone want to hire him as a business model, or a chef? Would you like a little e-coli with your fries? Just curious…..anyone??….anyone??? I cringe every time I hear about him going to the bathroom and go back to cooking without washing his hands, everything he has touched is contaminated. Many chefs cook without gloves, but they also wash their hands frequently and follow strict procedures. In California you have to get a food handlers permit and its like an 8 hour course, but I guess where Joe comes from all you have to do is wear a chefs jacket and you can call yourself a chef. I think its funny that these houseguests can talk tough about backdooring, and blindsiding each other but they dont have enough nerve to tell the guy wiping his ass and cooking their food without washing his hands to cook for himself from now on. I tell you I would be with a bucket and some clorox after he was done with the kitchen before I even made a sandwich…..EWWWW…sickening.

    3. He tried to save her before the coach’s meeting. After that he didn’t care about her anymore. He didn’t want any coaches gone before jury.

    4. I felt so bad for Janelle and I didn’t even like her this season. Boogie was disgusting to her. It’s just a game no need to get personal. You only got where you were on season 7 because Will brought you along while he manipulated everybody else. The only game you did was with Erika.
      But, she held it together for tv (of course until Mike did that message)
      I didn’t like your gameplay this year Jani but, you will always be one of my Big Brother favs.

    5. Lol at everybody saying Silent Six will never break. Boogie is playing personal and is pissed at Dan making him almost look like an ass on tv. He has a big influence on Frank who I feel would realize he needs to wait a bit before attacking people who wouldn’t nominate him yet!

    6. Dan is by far the biggest game talker in the house.

      He is very slick. Have to watch the live feeds to see his entire game.

      1. Just what he said to janelle after she got evicted may have been one of the biggest screw yous I have ever seen in those goodbye videos. In my opinion.

        1. LMFAO how exactly am I bitter? because I called her a fame whore, please let me know when I’m lying, her and Rachel gave good interviews because LIKE I SAID they’re fame whore for the camera….. and Did I say anything about jojo, sooo why bring it up?? sounds like your the only bitter one….. GET OVER IT

        2. she was about as classy as an old stripper who gets booed off her pole calling Boogie all those swear names yeah a real lady

          1. You have to understand the dynamic between the two of them. He was kidding and she was kidding. There was no animosity that I saw.

    1. @SK.I was rooting for Dan and I’m still rooting for him to win this game again.But,the moment I found out everyone except Joe would vote her out.I was hoping that she wouldn’t act a fool or cry.I didn’t want her to give Boogie the satisfaction.So,I’m happy that she kept it classy.I agree with what she said about Boogie after she watched his good bye message to her,and it seems like the audience agreed to.Even Julie was laughing off of what Janelle said.Lol.Oh, I also like that she said she hopes Dan wins,because so do I .

    2. Janelle left with class. And there you had Danielle yapping her mouth for days that Janelle is some monster that’s going to start a fight and that she was preparing to fight her. Blah, blah. It’s all some imaginary BS in her head, just like the fat thing.

  15. He’s such a loser. Lol. He really is He’s also one ugly MF. He’s just jealous because janelle would never go for him. Oh wait no it’s because Dr will wouldn’t get with him.

    1. but hes not. he was hooking up with erika all season. its sort of ridiculous, all the attacks on how he looks. how does that change how you feel about mike boogie the player?

      1. I hate mike boogie the player. He hid behind janelle and Dr plastic face. And then if he was so smart he would have never went after janelle so soon. She would have kept him safe and if she made jury she would have voted for him to win if he was up against a newbie. He had her booted for personal reasons. Not a smart move

    1. Ian is an ass, Janelle is the most powerful person on big brother, Boogie knew she was that good, the only way to get her out was to back door her. Hats off to her, she was in their to play people against one another, just watch the fucking show, and stop talking about people. Big Brother is about game and game only. Boogie will get his in the end with his old ass!

  16. CHILLTOWN in the HOUSE. will they take out joe and waste and HOH in the words of boogie, or will they backstab

    loveeee it

  17. should be interesting to watch boogie try and turn the target off dan, and onto someone else. Id take shane or brit out, and put both of them on the block if I wanted to go dirty

    if im playing legit, then I put up joe and….wil

  18. I hope Boogie is smart enough to stay in the Alliance, getting out Wil is the next best option! Boom gone, especially with the numbers of the Alliance. Either way, way to go Boogie and Frank!

    1. He thinks its cool. I keep waiting for Julie to tell him, “The name is Mrs. Moonves!” Now all those who trusted that Mike was “so honest” will get just what they deserve. Yes, I’m talking to you, Silent 4!!

      1. LOL that’s what I thought when Dan called her Mrs. Chen, after her reply I would of said, ” Sorry, I meant Mrs. Moonves”.

  19. It would be suicide for Frank and Boogie to turn on the Silent Six. Yes they would get a major threat out but NO ONE would trust them again and they would be targets next week no matter who wins. Boogie’s smooth talking will do them no good if they turn this early but who knows, it’s Big Brother anything can happen. LOL

    1. that’s a good point. i’m glad Janelle’s out but hope the HOH doesn’t go to their heads (frank and boogie). get rid of the joe creature next and leave silent six alone. an aside: not so silent anymore when you think about it, since it was an 8-1 vote to get rid of big blondie.

  20. Janelle left with grace and dignity, regardless of how you think she played. Boogie’s good-bye message is just a hint to everyone (that jumped on board with him) of what they have coming. All hell is about to break loose. I hope they will all be happy with the decision that they made. I still think they should have sent Frank home and crippled Boogie. Janelle could have gone in due time, but now the two headed snake remains.

  21. Never did and never will like Boogie… he’s arrogant and has no respect for anyone but himself.

    Janelle should be evicted tonight, so she can go home and take care of her baby… her priorities need to be addressed.

    And to the poster who claimed Ian is a moron… I truly disagree! He is probably the nicest and most respectful person in the house. It’s unfortunate that he was forced to be on slop for 3 weeks. They took advantage of him… without question.

    1. whats awesome here, is boogie and frank will take someone out here, and frank will get the blame and taken out as the threat at some point, while mike boogie keeps sliding by. week by week

  22. Could it be karma for the core 4. God I hope so. Boogie knows it would be a waste to take out joe or anyone from the castaways. Shane or Daniele would make this week a fun one to watch.

  23. yes frank won hoh!!!!! its was so dumb to keep frank a 3rd time, these houseguest are dumb hes gonna backstabbed his so called alliance anyways

    1. if he s clever he ll not do that now. it would be a slugfest after that. and floaters would go deep into the game.

    2. Well Big Brother players how bad do you regret not getting out Frank now one good thing he doesn’t play next week so enjoy 1 more week I can smell a backdoor coming

  24. dont be shocked if a backdoor takes place. this is ian’s week to prove to mike hes on their side. if they get word from wil that its otherwise, or word from wil about things brit has said, things might get interesting

      1. Ian did basically volunteer to be on slop. At the beginning of the season, Ian made it be known to everyone that he wouldn’t care if he was on slop the entire summer and every time someone has to pick have nots Ian is the first person to raise his hand. He volunteers every time. But he needs to stop. He’s too thin and needs food to keep his strength up for the physical challenges.

        1. Ian did volunteer to go on slop /have nots as well as keeping that dog suit when he could have traded it for others including pov he is a retard and shouldn’t be on tv instead in some special camp for “special” kids

  25. They’re going to regret keeping Frank in this game. They’ve had 3 opportunities to get rid of him and they completely dropped the ball. This is essentially Boogie’s HOH. Great.

  26. I hope frank and boogie stab the silent 6 in the back. Plz put Danielle on the block. Janelle will get America’s favorite player. IMO

  27. Great victory for Frank. Wonder if he will go after Joe or turn on his alliance. I think it be a bad idea to turn now.

  28. Well, Janelle leaving was anti-climatic at best… Seems obvious that production told her she was leaving. She didn’t even pretend to be surprised. What a disappointment.

    1. Pignelle seemed tired and defeated and ready to boogie on outta there LMFAO
      julie was smurking and had a shit eating grin on her mug the whole time she was interviewing Porknelle
      Goodbye Fakenelle dont let those implants hit the door on the way out (or that mush on your face you call a nose)

  29. I hope Frank won’t turn on the silent 6. But you know production made a comp that boogie or Frank would win, so the could turn on the alliance and cause drama. Ugh! Team Quack!!

  30. I think frank will put up Dani because she put him up tit for tat and booger is right so far this is his game hahahahaha he got janelle again maybe she will take a hint and not accept anymore BB show offers and just go to hasbeen BB member status :)
    and I was for Dan but after seeing how sneaky he is I believe it or not am Team Frank and booger I am going to put my personal feelings aside and go for the players actually playing a good game Booger anfd Frank

  31. Frank and boogie stab silent 6 in the back. Put Danielle and Shane on the block. IMO Janelle will win America’s favorite player. Very classy interview on Janelle’s part. I guess Danielle will say bb doesn’t like her and thinks she’s fat cause they didn’t show her goodbye message, but FYI its cause u are a non factor

    1. That ridiculous interview was obviously staged, and Janelle didn’t even pretend to be surprised, so obviously production told her she was leaving. There will be a lot of players more deserving of America’s player this season than Janelle, starting with Frank!

  32. It was so obvious Boogie threw the HOH comp hoping Ian or Brit would win and F and B would be safe. Instead Frank wins and can’t play next week when it could be a double eviction. This HOH could be a bad omen.

  33. I think Boogie will be restrained this week. I think that Joe will go up. He may nominate one of his own to hide the alliance though – probably Brit. The house won’t think Brit is a big threat to them so will vote Joe out.

    1. I agree except nominating Danielle instead of Brit makes more sense. IF Mike and Frank are sticking with S6 this week and I assume that they are then the smart thing is to nominate Danielle to hide the alliance and make it appear as a “payback” from Dani nom of Frank.

      I say nominate Joe and Danielle with the approval of S6 that Joe(or Wil) is the final target. Easy Week.

  34. In the coach meeting Boogie never agreed to work with Brittney. He made a loose deal with Dan.
    In Boogie and Franks minds Dan, Danielle, Brittney and Shane, all wanted Frank out. He was only saved by the reset.
    Boogie was so ticked off because he did not hit the reset to save Frank, because Dan and Brittney told him Joe was the target.
    Frank was saved by the other coaches greed, not their teams votes.

    Frank will nominate
    Shane and Dan

    He has been saying all last week that has NOT forgotten that they lied to him, when he was saved by production.
    Boogie and Frank are so twisted, Frank or Boogie would through the competition to Danielle, so that she would have to choose between her imaginary boyfriend and her father figure. I hope that doesn’t happen because that would make that little girl snap.

    They have been very lucky to this point, but hey are not stupid players. Last week was the third strike for Dan, Danielle, Brittney and Shane.

    1. Boogie and Britney are both in the Silent 6 alliance. However, unless the alliance was disclosed on TV during the few minutes I was out of the room, the Silent 6 has not been shown on TV.

      1. I agree. Those are the two biggest threats to Frank. It seems like they should stick to the Silent 6 at least this week though and put up Joe, otherwise Frank / Booger would be the #1 target next week. I really hope they don’t turn for Britney this week.

  35. I think no matter what happens to Boogie he’ll be fine with it now. I think the only thing he wanted to do was put Janelle out a THIRD time, which he succeeded in doing!

  36. Good Evening & Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlight. Right now, The PoV record Chase is still on. Let’s take a look at PoV record chase
    1.Janelle 7 pov wins
    2.Brendon 6 pov wins
    3.James (BB6 & BB7) & Daniele 5 pov wins
    5.Jeff 4 pov wins
    6.Britney/James (BB9)/Michele/Shane 3 pov wins
    Also let’s introduce the fourth member inductee.
    Jun Song (BB4), First Asian-American female win Big Brother. Congrats Jun Song into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012. Jun will be inducted by Jee & Allison (BB4).

  37. LMAO! Mike and Frank is going to steamroll in this game unless Dan unites the house against them, he has the guts to do it…Seems like the other hg’s are afraid of Mike lol…I thought Mike would be horrible from the start this year, even as a coach, but boy, he has played well so far…Makes a major move, keeps Frank safe again, and now they have the power again…Mike and Frank were down last week, but as far as I’m concerned, Danielle’s HoH week was Mike/Frank’s…

  38. I guarantee you Brit, Shane, Danielle or Dan will go home next Thursday. There is NO way that Booger will stay true to Secret 6. I won’t be happy until Booger is out the door. He is SO cocky he makes me want to throw the remote at the TV.

    A confident person never toots their own horn. A cocky person always toots!! Their own horn. LOL

    Ian, Shane, Brit FTW. (Dan let me down last week telling Boogie that Frank was the one leaving). UGH

    I knew Frank was going to win HOH!!

    We will now see how well Brit, Danielle and Shane can play this game without having any power.

    I’m glad Shane gets to automatically play in the veto comp this week.

  39. I missed the exit interview and goodbyes……was Janelle surprised (that she said)?…..And what comments did people leave for her, specifically Boogie?

    1. I missed the exit interviews to Janelle, too. I was on the phone at the time, but had BB on in the background. Not sure there were any exit interviews shown…

    2. boogie said this was for will and aaron called her a 3 time loser always a bridesmaid never a bride in the big brother house and waved his chilltown shirt at the camera then janelle called him a loser and douche bag and said she hopes he goes home

    3. I felt Janelle was sad and subdued. Not a fan of hers, but thought she handled it with class. Nose Booger was a gloating A-hole in his goodbye to her. Joe vowed to avenge (hilarious if by some miracle he did).

  40. I still think these nominations are based on Jury Hse votes. Who give Frank and Boogie the best chance to vote for them and who doesn’t.
    IMO=who doesn’t Wil, Joe, Ashley

  41. I have a feeling Frank will target Danielle , Shane, or Brit….. Cmon do you all really think Boogie will stay true to the “silent 6??”

    1. Yes of course he will stay true FOR NOW Boogie is not an idiot–11 people left in the house is WAYYYY too many to be double crossing them yet. When he does double cross S6 in a few weeks he will puppet master someone that is not named Frank to hide it better.

  42. No more BACK DOOR’s. Only a punk aka Mike Boogie doesn’t face his opponet face-to-face.
    Frank and Boogie would be STUPID to evict anyone from the silent sixhey are safe this week, but he will not be safe next week. We all know that Frank is

    1. I 100 % agree, Back Door is the worst cop-out. Can’t handle competition so you basically cheat so they can’t win against you to save themselves…What a “power move” that is…

  43. No one should eat Joe’s food tonight, he’s getting out his secret stash of Ecoli tonight….It would be hilarious if Joe won the POV, but probably wont happen…

  44. I think Frank might just target Boogie.
    Most of the newbs are still anti-coach.
    They probably feel they have learned all they can from them.
    Watch them rally the next few weeks and take back THEIR season.

    1. Targetting Boogie in this HOH would be the stupidest thing he could do considering Boogie is his number 1 ally and is the one who essentially saved his ass and is loyal and honest with him. He’s the one person he can trust and vice versa. If he takes him out then he’s alone for sure, so for now he has to keep him around and advance himself until the right time later in the game to cut him loose. And turning on the rest of the Silent 6 is a bad idea coz they’ll come after him hard. For now he has to play it safe no risky moves. For us viewers it’ll be beautiful watching a betrayal but for his game that will be like committing suicide.

  45. frank’s best bet would be to nominate danielle (if danielle/dan win pov danielle will probably come off) and shane (if brit/shane win pov shane will probably be removed) but because i don’t really see britney winning pov especially if it’s physical there’s a bigger chance of shane staying on the block and leaving although he is a beast at those comps and i’m sure he and boogie could spin the decision to come from dan’s loose lips (very credible source) spilling that the plan between shane and danielle all along was to get rid of frank and he no longer trust those two (it would be better to say he doesn’t trust shane bc it was his hoh/nominations and tell dan that danielle is not the target but bc she knew about the move he chose to nominate her) & he could still cut a deal with britney and/or dan…i’d say dan/danielle more so than britney because if he works with dan he won’t need her and she probably won’t be up to it if shane leaves then he could let wil in on the plan and ashley will more than likely come with wil and jenn will be up to it and since janelle’s gone frank and boogie could easily scoop up joe aka mr.powerhouse alliance bc he’ll be looking for a new master. the only problem would be if shane came off the block but either way one of the two (shane or danielle) will go home. oh and ian could be an issue if they let him know too much bc he’s in with brit/dan/shane/danielle but if he’s smart he’ll play dumb and let it happen.

  46. Ah, now the the 3 time loser is gone… LET THE GAMES BEGIN…… Next week Psycho(Danielle) and Her Stalking target(Shane)

  47. lol…man boogie and frank is about to turn this house upside down, already want to backstap Dan and Danielle. They can not be trusted, Dan is about to be sooooo salty thinking he safe this wk….they should have know boogie is up to no good when he was telling Danielle in her hoh room a couple nite ago, why waste a hoh on joe or a will, duh he is gunnin for big targets, and i think Shane or Dan days are numbered. This is the turning point of this game.

  48. Did boogie throw the competition? When he was up with frank, it seemed like he threw it cos he just answered right away before the song was even heard. Weird.

    I have a feeling the Silent 6 thing isn’t going to make it through the week.

    1. Boogie’s ability to sway everyone to vote out Janelle was masterful, otherwise he doesn’t seem to really want to play (he threw the plank one too I think). Seems like he’s playing for 2nd place, wants to protect Frank and wants Frank to win.

  49. @Simon. What was Julie’s problem tonight?She seemed mad that Dan said,“Mrs.Chen you look ravishing tonight”.After Dan said that,she said,“excuse me,but Mrs.Chen is my mother’s name”.Well,people know her as Julie Chen.She goes by that name.So,what’s her problem?Lol.I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come in Big Brother/production trying to screw over Dan,because Julie seemed like she had a attitude with him.

    1. I said a few night ago that production is in the tank for Mike/Frank, but I also think Dan is one their favs…I suspect they want Dan/Mike at the end if they can, just so BB history will be made with having a X2 winner for the first time…

    2. julie was just playing with him we all know she secretly wanted him to call her mrs robinson (would you like for me to seduce you Dan)

  50. Boogie.. 2006 called.. get over it!

    Will is responsible for the cheating. He said they broke up! Now LET IT GO! the man is obsessed!

    1. I agree that c town shit and wearing all those tees that say wheres will etc… he needs to live in the now I can see when he’s in an old folks home 20 yrs from now him rambling on to the other old folks what a BB star he was and how great c town was etc…

  51. Please, this show is so rigged. Signing off until Frank and Boogie are out. AG needs to keep Booger in so she can keep feeding her face.

  52. I’m so freaking scared for Dan right now. Hoping Frank doesn’t stab him in the back. At the same time, I’m glad Frank won because that means that Ian is safe. I would love Frank if it weren’t for Boogie. I hope he doesn’t listen to what Boogie has to say. Though I was a fan of Chill-town, I was never a fan of Boogie. I loved Dr. Will. Frank if you evict Joe this week and stop him from cooking (poisoning the house-guests), yelling in the DR, and manage to shave that thing off of his face. I’ll give you a billion dollars and vote for you as America’s Favorite.

    Go Dan! I hope you survive this week.

  53. If I was shane and Frank and Boogie decided to nominate me, I would have to pull a flip on my alliance. It would just have to happen, assuming I didn’t win veto.

    Shane could then proclaim that all of the other side of the house is trying to form some kind of coaches alliance and use the newbs against eachother. That would lead him to get Wil, Jenn, Joe(who’s already loyal to him), Ashley, and hopefully flip Danielle or Ian with him as votes. That would get rid of whoever is against him and he would then have to rely on the newbs to help further him in the game.

    That’s just how I would play it if I was shane. I’m rooting for either Dan or Shane, but at this point my eggs are in the Shane basket. Dan has won this thing already, and I don’t think he needs the win again. I’m also PO’d that Dan would even remotely trust Boogie and Frank because now Dan or one of his alliance are probably headed out the door. Boogie should have been the one going home last week. Free up frank and they would have had the whole house against Janelle anyway. Now, Boogie is going to run this game and honestly I’m laying a lot of the blame on Dan because he knows better than any of them that Boogie can’t be trusted.

    The look on his face when he knew boogie or frank were probably going to get HOH was priceless. Dan may have very well dug his own grave.

  54. sheesh how is boogie going to “run this game” with 11 people in the house, and only him playing HOH in a likely first part of a double eviction. they make a big move now, or will go down for being too loyal, go figure. shane is so anxious to turn on boogie and frank. really they shouldnt have won hoh this week, then could have formed relationships with “tits” but instead…..tough sledding for those two

  55. Awesome gameplay, very entertaining! Really appreciated the ideal of Boogie’s alliance negotiation rationale–wanting to play with those whose game he respects, unlike Janelle’s this season. He stroked the Silent Sixers’ egos masterfully. Kudos to Danielle, the newbie with the kahoonas to dirty her hands with the biggest play of the season. Would be a complete waste bothering to take Joe out–there’s no way that’ll happen this week. I think Ian and Jenn are aligned with Boogie just as much as Frank is. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the final four. Would love it if Ian turns out to be the dark horse that takes the big prize, he’s playing an outstanding game, really seems to be having fun and enjoying everything about the entire experience.

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