Big Brother 14 Double Eviction Results

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Speculated Vote results
Boogie goes home

Tonight on the live feeds
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Actual Votes

Ashley Votes to Evict Jenn
Danielle Votes to Evict Boogie Boogie
Joe Votes to Evict Boogie
Dan Votes to Evict Boogie
Britney Votes to Evict Boogie
Frank Votes to Evict Jenn
Ian Votes to Evict Boogie

Boogie is evicted from the Big Brother House

Big Brother 14 Double Eviction Results

  1. First HOH Winner is Ian
  2. Nominations are Frank and AShley
  3. POV Winner is Frank
  4. POV Used YES
  5. Replacement Nomination Joe
  6. Danielle Votes to Evict Boogie Ashley
    Dan Votes to Evict AShley
    Britney Votes to Evict Ashley
    Frank Votes to Evict Joe
    Ian Votes to Evict
    Shane Votes to Evict Ashley
    Jenn Votes to Evict Ashley

  7. Ashley is evicted from the Big Brother House
  8. Second HOH Winner is ???

7:07pm Cam 1-4 Feeds


7:36pm Storage room

Ian: “II will work with you we have the odds.. “
Frank: “I know it was dan that made you do it”
Ian says he doens;t know what he just did he was confused. .
Ian: “you know what kind of shit must have been in me to send her out..”
Frank: “Are you with me or are you with Dan”
Ian: “I’m with you”

7:40pm Arcade Cam 1-2
HOH is tonight BTW
Shane and Britney talking.. Britney says if they win HOH they should put up Shane and Ian and they are golden
Shane leaves.. ian comes in
Britney says she really wants to win HOH tonight.. She explain how Boogie will not be mad at Ian after the show. Ian knows.. says he just spoke with Frank in the Storage room and Frank is still rolling with Ian.
Britney tells him she will put up Joe and a Pawn and if POV is used they will back door Frank.

7:48pm tears yo
7:57pm Cam 4 Shane tells Danielle that his loyalties are with Ian and the quackpack

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hey simon could you post the link to watch the episode live online again? MANY thanks in advance!

Carol & Steve

told ya – LOL!! Perhaps tonight you should take a drink everytime you’re asked for the link. :)
Go Jags! Will watch the show after/during BBAD but checking in for updates!


Rough night for the Jags but I still love them!!! MJD might be on the verge of ending his holdout like he should. I’m from Jax. but live in Atlanta. Do you live in Jax?


Hi Simon,
I’ve to load and it says the channel has been closed. Is there any other link that you know of?? Thanks for everything you and dawg do!!!!


I just tried the link you posted again and it says that it has been closed at the request of the copywrite holder. Guess I’ll just have to wait for your post or until it is shown here at 9. Thanks




Anyone ever remember a double eviction BEFORE jury?

The Real TMZ



nope, but I only been watchin since BB10, so regret I wasn’t watchin a year earlier, all the boobies were out and they were proud of it,


I missed 2 since bb4 due to being in Iraq so was wondering about them….thnx for replies


I have a feeling production is scrambling because of Willie’s premature eviction. I wonder what the game would have been like had he not blew his lid and had Joe not flopped like a European soccer player.


They should’ve never evicted him, it was bullshit, he didn’t even do anything to warrant eviction, especially since they deliberately refuse him entry into the DR. Then they turn around and let Frank cheat and get away with it? Bet any amount of money had it been Frank in the confrontation with Joe, he would’ve stayed in the house.


i so agree with you … what they did to willie was unjust .. they were just as bad to let it get that far as it was for those who egged it on .. enough said there .. then they go ahead and allow cheating …. they must think of its viewers as IDIOTS .. and how far will they let the kind of bulling that booger and frankinstine did to go … would they allow the other guest the same luxury … OMG … in my eyes its just not right … i hope the canadian version has a few rules that will NOT allow such crap to happen.


How did frank cheat? I don’t have the feeds! It’s ridiculous that they let that happen.


He didn’t.


yes he did .. and like i said the clip was on youtube with him admitting it to boogie …. and BB had it removed… geeeeeeee i wonder why … oh yeah .. he CHEATED ..


Removing BB clips isn’t anything new. Someone told me to flashback to 12:06 BBT on Saturday to “prove it.” From the conversation he had with Boogie, here’s what’s gathered:

1. Frank drew HG choice chip right after Boogie did.
2. Production called for a redraw.
3. Instead of dropping the chip in there, he just palmed it, put his hand in there, and pulled it back out.

At that point, what is production supposed to do? Tell him to put the chip back in after he already drew it twice?

Let’s keep reaching though.


BTW, with as much hatred goes on towards these HGs who have never, ever done anything personal to viewers, I wouldn’t blame the producers for thinking their viewers are idiots.


there were two . players choice and there wasnt suppose to be … he got it .. put it back but didnt .. he palmed it .. it was on youtube …him telling booger that the way production was acting that he was suppose to pull it again .. even in the cut for tv you can catch a glitch in the tape …. there are two kinds of people i do no like … a cheater and a liar … dont care if this is a game there is no good reason for it …

Team Frank

He “cheated” because he won POV and isn’t a favored houseguest on this site, so of course it can’t be legit.


He’s not a favorite of those in the audience as well. Unless he is in the final two, he spent the entire Summer and will walk out with NOTHING since he’s not winning America’s Favorite Player.


I think the eviction was more about the possibility of violence rather than that particular act. Willie said he was going to get kicked out and the fact that he made contact in an aggressive fashion (no matter how much Joe flopped) was enough. I think BB more or less evicted him because of the threat of perceived violence rather than that actual act.


Yeah, if BB had allowed Willie to get away with his quasi-headbutt, then BB would be effectively saying that it’s okay to push people, and there would certainly be more pushing in the future, which would certainly lead to a real fight. So BB takes a zero tolerance stance on violence.


And is anyone surprised that production’s favorite piece of crap, Frank, wins POV!!! Of course he does because production will cheat or do whatever it takes to make sure this piece of scum stays in the house!! GAG makes me sick, but so happy that BOOGER was thrown out and Ashley after him. Just hope Production figures it out that the real fans of BB want them to stop helping that scumbag and he goes home next week!!! Cannot believe that FRANK is so STUPID that he still has not figured out that it was not DAN that sold them out even after Booger told him not to trust Ian that simple minded Frank has not figured it out. Seriously, he needs to start using his brain just a little!!! Feel so sad for Dan that Frank, aka BOZO, is still blaming him for Ian’s underhanded doings. Please Production send that sleezebag cheater Frank home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u don't know what the hell ur talking about.

frank wins the pov’s because he is just that damn good. it’s the whole house against him so sit the hell down be cool because he will probably go pretty soon. he can’t win them all. you stupid dumb shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow off the meds or something? You run your mouth more then Frank and Boogie combined.


Probably that disgusting Frank’s equally disgusting father posting or a family member.


Frank is very competive and has the drive to win when cornered. Ian did not try to win the POV. It looked like he wasonly searching the top of the foams and looking at everyone else. Frank is a bully and calls his house mates names, why would anyone vote for such a rude bully…

Relax peeps

Why do you get so angry? I know it’s a “reality show” but it’s not really real… It’s tv… I am scarede by whAt is going through your head if a silly little show like this can get you so fired up…


in season 6 (Janelle’s first season) there was a double eviction just like this one, where the second person sent packing was the first member of the jury. Kaysar was evicted first (after she lied to him to win that extremely long HOH where they had to press the button for as long as she could), and then Janelle won the live HOH and nominated Jen and Maggie, and Jen was eventually evicted.


Gordon Ramsay of the BB House--Joe

Team powerhouse!!! and Sid Vicious’ son :)))

Gordon Ramsay of the BB House--Joe

I want to see Joe win something tonight just for the comic relief lol…

Carol & Steve

You know the second HOH is gonna be Hauling Bricks! Joe’s a shoe in! LOL!! TPH4L!


And the nasty feet and nose he constantly picking at . If he does get a restaurant someone call the health Dept ASAP I could not eat anything that man cooked and I would be very vocal about his Nasty Ass


Team Powerhouse1 DEEP, yo


1st time commenting all season long. Double Eviction, i am kinda conflicted tonight. Got a feeling Frank could be walking out of the door after Boogie. But usually or should I say lately, on double eviction night, the side that loses somebody at the beginning of the night gets revenge at the end by winning HoH and returning the favor of evicting somebody from the other side. I hope that i’m right. Pulling for my boy Frank (repping Memphis Tigers Basketball). If he leaves, there’s no more drama really. Quack pack minus Ian (Even though i like Shane Danielle Ian and Britney) will run the house. The last time that I can remember one side getting 2 people out on the other side on a double eviction night was from Dan season i think. If I’m wrong, somebody please tell me.


Power House Yo!!


Can someone tell me…how many times has Frank on POV?


Frank has 4 Povs and 3HOHs including the POV. he cheated to Win!


. Are you going to give your prediction for the house guests that will be evicted after Boogie,during the double eviction?I feel pretty sure it will be Dan.


By Shane goes home, do you mean he goes to jury and wishes it was just he and Kara? :-P

Jen W

So was Boogie really crying again today? Heard he was last night too. Guess I was a little shocked since he always tries to act like a tough guy & makes several comments about his image to the viewers


it’s fake, probably for the edit


Am I the only one pumped for this double eviction tonight? (Probably) Lol Simon will you watch tonight?


Wow this afternoon has gone sooooo slow! Can’t wait for tonight! Go Dan!!

This is for entertainment people!

Jenn and Danielle, go home! Frank run the house, everyone save boogie! This scenario would make for more entertaining television… My fingers are crossed, this is my dream ;)


Take a drink.


Yawn. Go DDBS!!


Go DDBS time a thousand!!!!


I wonder if productions love Frank because they had him pegged as the new “Dr.Will” Or because he father is well known. But I don’t think viewers actually like Frank. Dr.Will was the best. Frank doesn’t even come close.

I kinda want to see Ian win. And then see what side he chooses. I want Dan to win again. bit if not….any of the quack pack besides Danielle that girl is crazy.

Hope Frank leaves right after Boogie.


I have a hard time seeing Ian wining anything. We will see.


Ian isn’t gonna win anything. He’s too much of a chicken to do any dirty work.


he won the hoh and did the dirty work!


hahahaha Well said SK….people usually think they KNOW IT ALL….pick your face up off the floor now Katie!!!


Oh please!!! Everyone instructed the lying, two-faced mole what to do!




We will know who the second evicted person is tonight, correct? Just won’t know who the final HOH is until the live feeds. I think I am correct I seem to remember Jeff walking out on the live show last year.


This year I have no real favorites. I’m rooting for Dan and Britney (I think Brit is this year’s ultimate underdog) but for whoever goes home tonight, I think it’ll just be ehhh. I remember for BB8 I was crossing my fingers and toes and everything in between rooting for Dick and Danielle in every episode!


I can’t wait for Boogie to find out what a sellout Ian is. I hope a plane with a message gets to the household.


I would like to see Jenn win – she will put Frank and Ian up – and if that fails, probably Joe as replacement. I think her friendship with Dani would keep her from putting up Dan or Shane this week.


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, The shows on

Ashley's Glitter Fluffs for the Win...

I’m still hoping Boogs gets to stay…..


are you having problems with


Jenn City arrived late… Awwww SHIT


Bullshit Artist to the End…. Right on Booger

Zingbot Fan

Could someone please hand Boogie a towel to dry off the Quack Packs piss?


He gonna need 3 towels


Awww….. how gross both members of the Frashlut are wearing headbands….. i wonder if the other house guests have noticed?


I seriously hope Frank is gone tonight.


I also think Ian is a huge sly snake and I hope he is exposed sooner then later. He is seriously detrimental to DDBS.

Zingbot Fan

Brit you rock!

This week...

Britney’s goodbye message was AWESOME!!!

Zingbot Fan

I hate Boogie but I have to give him credit for taking the high road about Ian.


Ian outed himself? LMFAO why not keep it under wraps for as long as possible??




I have a whole new respect for Ian. Ian FTW! and Britney was HILARIOUS!!


F8ck Dan: “…my vote went for Janelle!”
F8ck Br “…I’ll take a message for Boogie”
F8ck Ian: “…I learned from the best”

I hope anyone wins but those three. I will even root for Ebola Joe!

Jen W

I don’t understand why Ian gave himself up right before Frank is going to win this HOH?? He could have blamed Boogie not having the 3rd vote on Ashley!!!!!!! I hope Ian wins HOH!!!!!!!!



Zingbot Fan

Back to Hee Haw Frank.


Boggie left with his dick up

Jen W

I can’t believe it!!!!!!!! FRASHLEY OUT!!!!!!


The look on Frank’s face is like …………. Boogie, I’ve failed you

This week...



Hats off to Ian, His good bye message to Boogie was Priceless go go Ian


Wow. Ian won HoH.



Ian tried to throw the HOH competition, but Danielle threw
it further!!!!!


I found it hard to believe the Exsqueeze Me comp took less than 7 min to complete, especially when both HOH contestants were guessing around 18 – 20 min.

I went back and looked at that episode as it was brodcast on CBS. From the starting horn to the end bell – 4 min 19 sec (24:31 – 28: 50)

How many seconds did Julie say it was? 419? Just wondering if AG got her way again!


ian is hoh!!! hope noms are frank and ashley, not joe and ashley…


Ian wins first HOH?! NOOOOOOOO


Very odd, I thought they couldn’t go over? They should have played another question.
But, very curious to see who Ian votes: can’t hide as much … still the backdoor option. He’s going to put up Jenn & Joe.


Woah! I’m totally wrong. Imagine.

Team Frank

Welp, no reason to watch the rest of this borefest if Frank goes home.




LMAOOOOOOOOO Ian is such a idiot, why would you out yourself to boogir before he is even out of the house! I think you need to be worried now as everyone in the house now knows you have been playing both sides! I am going to enjoy watching you get so very close and then have it yanked out from beneath you! Get to stepping is some advice you might want to take yourself! lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Hope production bought extra “air fresheners” Frank is on the way.


I am slowly beginning to root for Ian….he may be one of the greatest!!!!!!


Woo Hoo!!!!!!


Frank AND Ashley?? HILARIOUS