Big Brother 14 Double Eviction Results

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Speculated Vote results
Boogie goes home

Tonight on the live feeds
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Actual Votes

Ashley Votes to Evict Jenn
Danielle Votes to Evict Boogie Boogie
Joe Votes to Evict Boogie
Dan Votes to Evict Boogie
Britney Votes to Evict Boogie
Frank Votes to Evict Jenn
Ian Votes to Evict Boogie

Boogie is evicted from the Big Brother House

Big Brother 14 Double Eviction Results

  1. First HOH Winner is Ian
  2. Nominations are Frank and AShley
  3. POV Winner is Frank
  4. POV Used YES
  5. Replacement Nomination Joe
  6. Danielle Votes to Evict Boogie Ashley
    Dan Votes to Evict AShley
    Britney Votes to Evict Ashley
    Frank Votes to Evict Joe
    Ian Votes to Evict
    Shane Votes to Evict Ashley
    Jenn Votes to Evict Ashley

  7. Ashley is evicted from the Big Brother House
  8. Second HOH Winner is ???

7:07pm Cam 1-4 Feeds


7:36pm Storage room

Ian: “II will work with you we have the odds.. “
Frank: “I know it was dan that made you do it”
Ian says he doens;t know what he just did he was confused. .
Ian: “you know what kind of shit must have been in me to send her out..”
Frank: “Are you with me or are you with Dan”
Ian: “I’m with you”

7:40pm Arcade Cam 1-2
HOH is tonight BTW
Shane and Britney talking.. Britney says if they win HOH they should put up Shane and Ian and they are golden
Shane leaves.. ian comes in
Britney says she really wants to win HOH tonight.. She explain how Boogie will not be mad at Ian after the show. Ian knows.. says he just spoke with Frank in the Storage room and Frank is still rolling with Ian.
Britney tells him she will put up Joe and a Pawn and if POV is used they will back door Frank.

7:48pm tears yo
7:57pm Cam 4 Shane tells Danielle that his loyalties are with Ian and the quackpack

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378 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Double Eviction Results

      1. told ya – LOL!! Perhaps tonight you should take a drink everytime you’re asked for the link. :)
        Go Jags! Will watch the show after/during BBAD but checking in for updates!

        1. Rough night for the Jags but I still love them!!! MJD might be on the verge of ending his holdout like he should. I’m from Jax. but live in Atlanta. Do you live in Jax?

      2. Hi Simon,
        I’ve to load and it says the channel has been closed. Is there any other link that you know of?? Thanks for everything you and dawg do!!!!

          1. I just tried the link you posted again and it says that it has been closed at the request of the copywrite holder. Guess I’ll just have to wait for your post or until it is shown here at 9. Thanks

    1. nope, but I only been watchin since BB10, so regret I wasn’t watchin a year earlier, all the boobies were out and they were proud of it,

    2. I have a feeling production is scrambling because of Willie’s premature eviction. I wonder what the game would have been like had he not blew his lid and had Joe not flopped like a European soccer player.

      1. They should’ve never evicted him, it was bullshit, he didn’t even do anything to warrant eviction, especially since they deliberately refuse him entry into the DR. Then they turn around and let Frank cheat and get away with it? Bet any amount of money had it been Frank in the confrontation with Joe, he would’ve stayed in the house.

        1. i so agree with you … what they did to willie was unjust .. they were just as bad to let it get that far as it was for those who egged it on .. enough said there .. then they go ahead and allow cheating …. they must think of its viewers as IDIOTS .. and how far will they let the kind of bulling that booger and frankinstine did to go … would they allow the other guest the same luxury … OMG … in my eyes its just not right … i hope the canadian version has a few rules that will NOT allow such crap to happen.

              1. yes he did .. and like i said the clip was on youtube with him admitting it to boogie …. and BB had it removed… geeeeeeee i wonder why … oh yeah .. he CHEATED ..

                1. Removing BB clips isn’t anything new. Someone told me to flashback to 12:06 BBT on Saturday to “prove it.” From the conversation he had with Boogie, here’s what’s gathered:

                  1. Frank drew HG choice chip right after Boogie did.
                  2. Production called for a redraw.
                  3. Instead of dropping the chip in there, he just palmed it, put his hand in there, and pulled it back out.

                  At that point, what is production supposed to do? Tell him to put the chip back in after he already drew it twice?

                  Let’s keep reaching though.

                2. BTW, with as much hatred goes on towards these HGs who have never, ever done anything personal to viewers, I wouldn’t blame the producers for thinking their viewers are idiots.

            1. there were two . players choice and there wasnt suppose to be … he got it .. put it back but didnt .. he palmed it .. it was on youtube …him telling booger that the way production was acting that he was suppose to pull it again .. even in the cut for tv you can catch a glitch in the tape …. there are two kinds of people i do no like … a cheater and a liar … dont care if this is a game there is no good reason for it …

            2. He “cheated” because he won POV and isn’t a favored houseguest on this site, so of course it can’t be legit.

              1. He’s not a favorite of those in the audience as well. Unless he is in the final two, he spent the entire Summer and will walk out with NOTHING since he’s not winning America’s Favorite Player.

        2. I think the eviction was more about the possibility of violence rather than that particular act. Willie said he was going to get kicked out and the fact that he made contact in an aggressive fashion (no matter how much Joe flopped) was enough. I think BB more or less evicted him because of the threat of perceived violence rather than that actual act.

          1. Yeah, if BB had allowed Willie to get away with his quasi-headbutt, then BB would be effectively saying that it’s okay to push people, and there would certainly be more pushing in the future, which would certainly lead to a real fight. So BB takes a zero tolerance stance on violence.

    3. And is anyone surprised that production’s favorite piece of crap, Frank, wins POV!!! Of course he does because production will cheat or do whatever it takes to make sure this piece of scum stays in the house!! GAG makes me sick, but so happy that BOOGER was thrown out and Ashley after him. Just hope Production figures it out that the real fans of BB want them to stop helping that scumbag and he goes home next week!!! Cannot believe that FRANK is so STUPID that he still has not figured out that it was not DAN that sold them out even after Booger told him not to trust Ian that simple minded Frank has not figured it out. Seriously, he needs to start using his brain just a little!!! Feel so sad for Dan that Frank, aka BOZO, is still blaming him for Ian’s underhanded doings. Please Production send that sleezebag cheater Frank home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. frank wins the pov’s because he is just that damn good. it’s the whole house against him so sit the hell down be cool because he will probably go pretty soon. he can’t win them all. you stupid dumb shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Frank is very competive and has the drive to win when cornered. Ian did not try to win the POV. It looked like he wasonly searching the top of the foams and looking at everyone else. Frank is a bully and calls his house mates names, why would anyone vote for such a rude bully…

      3. Why do you get so angry? I know it’s a “reality show” but it’s not really real… It’s tv… I am scarede by whAt is going through your head if a silly little show like this can get you so fired up…

    4. in season 6 (Janelle’s first season) there was a double eviction just like this one, where the second person sent packing was the first member of the jury. Kaysar was evicted first (after she lied to him to win that extremely long HOH where they had to press the button for as long as she could), and then Janelle won the live HOH and nominated Jen and Maggie, and Jen was eventually evicted.


      1. And the nasty feet and nose he constantly picking at . If he does get a restaurant someone call the health Dept ASAP I could not eat anything that man cooked and I would be very vocal about his Nasty Ass

  1. 1st time commenting all season long. Double Eviction, i am kinda conflicted tonight. Got a feeling Frank could be walking out of the door after Boogie. But usually or should I say lately, on double eviction night, the side that loses somebody at the beginning of the night gets revenge at the end by winning HoH and returning the favor of evicting somebody from the other side. I hope that i’m right. Pulling for my boy Frank (repping Memphis Tigers Basketball). If he leaves, there’s no more drama really. Quack pack minus Ian (Even though i like Shane Danielle Ian and Britney) will run the house. The last time that I can remember one side getting 2 people out on the other side on a double eviction night was from Dan season i think. If I’m wrong, somebody please tell me.

  2. @Simon. Are you going to give your prediction for the house guests that will be evicted after Boogie,during the double eviction?I feel pretty sure it will be Dan.

    1. Double prediction is TOUGH to figure out.. remember last year and the clown shoe.. I’m thinking Production wants Frank to win the first HOH .. My prediction is Dan and Shane nominated Shane goes home.

  3. So was Boogie really crying again today? Heard he was last night too. Guess I was a little shocked since he always tries to act like a tough guy & makes several comments about his image to the viewers

  4. I wonder if productions love Frank because they had him pegged as the new “Dr.Will” Or because he father is well known. But I don’t think viewers actually like Frank. Dr.Will was the best. Frank doesn’t even come close.

    I kinda want to see Ian win. And then see what side he chooses. I want Dan to win again. bit if not….any of the quack pack besides Danielle that girl is crazy.

    Hope Frank leaves right after Boogie.

  5. Jenn and Danielle, go home! Frank run the house, everyone save boogie! This scenario would make for more entertaining television… My fingers are crossed, this is my dream ;)

  6. We will know who the second evicted person is tonight, correct? Just won’t know who the final HOH is until the live feeds. I think I am correct I seem to remember Jeff walking out on the live show last year.

  7. This year I have no real favorites. I’m rooting for Dan and Britney (I think Brit is this year’s ultimate underdog) but for whoever goes home tonight, I think it’ll just be ehhh. I remember for BB8 I was crossing my fingers and toes and everything in between rooting for Dick and Danielle in every episode!

  8. I would like to see Jenn win – she will put Frank and Ian up – and if that fails, probably Joe as replacement. I think her friendship with Dani would keep her from putting up Dan or Shane this week.

  9. Awww….. how gross both members of the Frashlut are wearing headbands….. i wonder if the other house guests have noticed?

  10. F8ck Dan: “…my vote went for Janelle!”
    F8ck Br “…I’ll take a message for Boogie”
    F8ck Ian: “…I learned from the best”

    I hope anyone wins but those three. I will even root for Ebola Joe!

  11. I don’t understand why Ian gave himself up right before Frank is going to win this HOH?? He could have blamed Boogie not having the 3rd vote on Ashley!!!!!!! I hope Ian wins HOH!!!!!!!!

    1. I found it hard to believe the Exsqueeze Me comp took less than 7 min to complete, especially when both HOH contestants were guessing around 18 – 20 min.

      I went back and looked at that episode as it was brodcast on CBS. From the starting horn to the end bell – 4 min 19 sec (24:31 – 28: 50)

      How many seconds did Julie say it was? 419? Just wondering if AG got her way again!

  12. Very odd, I thought they couldn’t go over? They should have played another question.
    But, very curious to see who Ian votes: can’t hide as much … still the backdoor option. He’s going to put up Jenn & Joe.

    1. LMAOOOOOOOOO Ian is such a idiot, why would you out yourself to boogir before he is even out of the house! I think you need to be worried now as everyone in the house now knows you have been playing both sides! I am going to enjoy watching you get so very close and then have it yanked out from beneath you! Get to stepping is some advice you might want to take yourself! lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  13. I am slowly starting to root for Ian…..may be one of the best this season when it comes to game play which is what this is….A GAME!!!!

    1. SUCK IT IAN. enjoy that HOH where you removed ashley from the game. good job ian LOL

      Frank, in the game, can now take his rear end out

      I love it, and to boogie’s request, hes taunting. Love it

  14. this is a nightmare for the game. its going to be so obvious from now on out.

    ian, you sold out to people who will cut your throat faster than boogie would have. #fail.

  15. I actually think ian should have stuck by frank a bit, had an ally. frank would have stayed with the kid. just a massive failure to see beyond this week’s double eviction

  16. watching the live show and i am so super happy right now …… the choices that were made were the ones i was hoping for … hopefully the POV will also be won by ian
    keep the noms the same

    1. Well the rest of shittown did not go tonight but hopefully production will stop cheating to let the remaining shittown member win and we can finally get his gross lying cheating butt out of BB on next Thursday. Please production do not rig it to let that piece of crap win HOH!!! He really is so unintelligent that even after Boogie told him to not trust Ian BOZO he is still blaming Dan!!! GO, GO, GO to Jury BOZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Yesssss Ian! I called it. Though it really looked like he wanted to throw it to Danielle. I loved Ian and Britney’s goodbyes to Boogie. If this kid makes it to final 2 he’ll win.


  19. watch no frank is going all alpha male on his ass….. so if anyone other than frank wins HOH ian is safe…. if frank does ian is going to experience the block he prolly wont go home with the QP support they still would have the numbers even if both nominees are teh QP

  20. They need to check Shane’s bin to see if his clovers are in there!!! LOL just joking, don’t kill me with responses!!! (maybe he should check over the edge to see if it ended up where Jeff’s clown shoe was)

  21. The haters think they’re mad now…. just wait until Pandora’s Box brings Boogie back into the house! DDBS is officially screwed!

    1. If Boogie comes back into the house, it would be for 24 hours only and it would be as a punishment to the house like Rachel in Season 12.

    2. It won’t happen because they revealed everything to Boogie. If they didn’t, that would have been a great week to watch.

  22. Sad to see Boogie go, expecting boredom.

    But, with Ian as HOH who nominated Frank,
    and now Frank winning POV, it could be quite
    entertaining to see Ian try to deal with Frank

        1. Of course Frank is being nice to Ian, he has no choice. Plus Boogie isn’t there to encourage Frank’s asinine behavior. You know, everyone keeps saying that DBSIJJ are Dan’s Bitches but what was Frank to Boogie??? Frank couldn’t have his head any further up Boogie’s ass!!!!

    1. Agree Part 1 Eviction was epic, Part 2 was ok but production probably only put 2 shamrocks in Frank’s so he would definitely not go home this week. Production just play honest so Frank can get his butt handed to him as he walks out the door!!!!!!!!! Frank is such a disgusting vile excuse for a human being!!!!!!! Please do not “RIG” it for him to win HOH!!! Love my boy, IAN!!! If he makes it to final two would have to vote for him to win even though Dan is my man!!!

    1. It sure looked like it too me. I liked how Frank was out of camera view most of the comp? From what I could see both his clovers were in the front section? At least the comp wasn’t pulling a 200 pound rope through a maze…LOL…but lets just stack his clovers next to each other…ya that’ll work.

      1. Ashley was out of camera view more than Frank.

        But that’s just because she had completely buried herself under her ball pit!

        LOL, at one point I thought she had found a shamrock and was putting it on her pedestal. Everyone else was digging through thier ball pit and she was nowhere to be seen, then her head just pops up from underneath!

    1. I love it! I hope they keep wasting the summer on Frank, and Frank just keeps winning. IF he makes it to the end, they have to vote for the guy. All summer has been wasted on them trying to get rid of a guy who lapse them in competitions. They should be running to get him in a secret alliance right now.

  23. ian’s cocky attitude is going to cost him. you can’t start doing that out of nowhere, and now the rest will quickly remove him. no one will want to sit next to him. no one.

  24. Wow ts is going to be an interesting votes, BOTH Joe and Ashley are USELESS to everyone … this is truly a toss up

    I think it will be Ashley

    1. I think Frank said something after Boogie left – Ian exposed himself and went guns blazing. I don’t think he wanted to win HOH – I think he was trying to throw it to Danielle, but she threw it right back. She wants to play in HOH.

    1. Of course they weren’t and you know Frank’s were side by side so Production’s skanky darling would not go home. CHEAT, CHEAT and CHEAT some more should be written on Frank’s ass since that is his and production’s motto!! Please lord get that vicious ugly thing out of the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

      1. if i were the other players i would have demanded to see that they were 2 shamrocks in everybody’s bin.

  25. Well at least Frank wasn’t able to pull Brit & Shane over – I can handle him being in one more week! LOL!!

    1. Right

      I been wantin see how Frank do without Booger in his ear, but it looks like he will continue to play Boogers game, you saw him wearin the shittown jersey , he shittown for life

  26. Bye Bye Frankie’s girl friend. Only one member of Team Headband left. Tick, Tick, Tick….Quit crying Frank you will ruin your makeup.

    1. If Frank gets rid of the scumbags that means he is getting rid of himself since he is the only scumbag let in BB this season!! All the others are pretty decent human beings except Frank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    1. It was not a waste. Ashley was an ally of Frankie. Now redneck is all by his lonesome and will only have the mirror to talk to about how awesome he is.

      1. It was a waste! She would be the only person I’d want sitting with me final 2. Who would give the win to her? Besides Frank!

        It’s plain to see Ian wanted Frank to go, when that didn’t happen his only option was Ashley because she’s the only other person who isn’t a part of the “everyone alliance”!

  27. Why send that poor girl out? seriously dude? she was useless to everyone in comps and in social game, you just mad that was your only chance of gettin pussy in the house.

  28. guess what frank is blaming everyone but Ian… i really think he should win it because of how ian still staying under franks radar

    1. Just proves how unintelligent Frank is that he has not even figured it out even with BOOGIE telling him. Brains are definitely not in Frank’s repertoire!!!!!

        1. Seriously would not believe anything that comes out of the stupid wrestler’s mouth. I would even doubt that BOZO, Frank, even graduated from elementary school with his inability to talk without using the F bomb in every sentence. Sure he was on the deans list LOL!!!! So now we know that his father is a liar just like his son no surprise there and now we know that he is a lazy piece of crap on top of being a liar because he does not even work just lays on his lazy bum all day. I bet he collects money from the government and that we support him even though he is totally capable of working which he is at some type of job!! McDonalds has openings all of the time so get a job you lazy bum!!! Oh yeah he is something to be proud of and his dad is a laughing stock as all wrestlers are!!! Those wrestlers that do those FAKE matches are a joke and the majority of people laugh at them. His dad is not a celebrity but a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. All that proves is he has books smarts not common sense and Frank has NO common sense. All he would have to do is think about the past couple of weeks for a few seconds and he would figure out that Ian, not Dan, said they were coming after Brit and Shane. Which by the way, THEY DID SAY!!! The last time Frank was HOH he told Ian WAY to much about his game play, which Boogie questioned him on, then him and Boogie ask Ian who he is going to put up if he wins HOH …right before Shane wins it and comes after Frank and Boogie. Then Boogie tells Frank not to trust Ian as Boogie is walking out the door and low and behold not even a few minutes later who is Frank all buddy buddy with…..oh that’s right IAN!!!! So you tell me, how is ANY of this proving he has any common sense?

  29. frank against the house. those are really rough odds.

    he needs the power to fall into his lap.

    or….AG could bring boogie back, and make chilltown 2.0 complete once again :)

        1. Of course Frank will because Production will see to it, and then I stop watching because if they are going to allow this cheating, bullying, threatening skank to stay in the game then done with this show, Amazing how dumb frank is that even after Boogie told him don’t trust he is still blaming the wrong people. Guess when Frank was asked if he wanted brains he said No because he certainly is not using his if he has any at all!!!

        2. Simon, you can write the script.

          Frank wins HOH and takes out either Shane or Dan.
          By the time Frank is up on the block again, alliances will probably have changed several times.

          Who will be on whose side after Shane or Dan are evicted?
          Who will be on Frank’s side? poss that force that is Jenn? Maybe Ebola Joe?

          Perhaps Frank should win HOH and put himself up!

  30. Wow. For those production loves Frank people, production sure left him to be an island unto himself. That’s if I believed production has as much to do with things as some others do.

  31. i cannot believe frank won pov…again! can anyone stop this cat with nine lives?

    at least ian gets an hoh room tonight! hope he gets lots of goodies…including the ability to lock frank downstairs…

  32. So, apparently, Ashley needs a script in order to put 2 words together that make sense. Maybe she really is an actress.

  33. wow… my blood pressure sure rose up watching tonight … i can not believe how frank behaved after …. he is one negative and nasty person…. please please please .. anyone but frank win the next HOH … he is gonna have one loney night .. no more cuddles with ashley … too bad .. lmao

  34. And is anyone surprised that production’s favorite piece of crap, Frank, wins POV!!! Of course he does because production will cheat or do whatever it takes to make sure this piece of scum stays in the house!! GAG makes me sick, but so happy that BOOGER was thrown out and Ashley after him. Just hope Production figures it out that the real fans of BB want them to stop helping that scumbag and he goes home next week!!! Cannot believe that FRANK is so STUPID that he still has not figured out that it was not DAN that sold them out even after Booger told him not to trust Ian that simple minded Frank has not figured it out. Seriously, he needs to start using his brain just a little!!! Feel so sad for Dan that Frank, aka BOZO, is still blaming him for Ian’s underhanded doings. Please Production send that sleezebag cheater Frank home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. After the last veto comp, if I were a HG, I would want proof that every bin held 2 shamrocks. Full disclosure to the HGs. This is sad…it shows how poorly AG and BB has disguised their desire for Frank to end up at the end.

    2. im a “real fan of big brother” and I hope frank sticks it to each and every one of them by winning hoh and pov throughout

    3. @Sharon. I feel the same way as you.During the veto competition,I was yelling Go Ian!Then smelly Frank got the veto.Will smelly Frank ever be evicted?This is ridiculous.Do you guys know when the next HOH will be?I hope Dan wins this HOH.Oh,and after Frank got the veto,why was Britney&Shane listening to smelly Frank?The both of them make me nervous.I notice Danielle wasn’t listening to this bully.

  35. While I love Boogie, I was laughing my ass off on Brit’s goodbye message. Classic!
    Frank is just a beast. Ashley well…… goodbye.

      1. The first HOH competition was the one that Ian won. Now that one of his nominees, Ashley, has been evicted, Ian’s reign is over and another HOH competition has to happen.

  36. It’s the House vs. Carrot Top…he’s gonna need to win another HOH so his dad can send him some of his steroids…he’s gonna need them bigtime, poor guy!

  37. when is this next HOH. frank needs to win to really shake things up

    sadly, ashley had to go, I wish she stayed and jenn left. im not sure jenn understands the game at all

  38. Simon

    When does the next HOH comp start after a double eviction? Tonight? Tomorrow? Can we see it on the feeds?

  39. I HATE HATE HATE Frank but DAMN SON HE IS A WINNING MACHINE WTH!!! He is truly a very very good player. I HOPE DAN WINS HOH! OMG HE NEEDS IT. Even after Boogs tells Frank to not trust Ian he still says I’m going after DAN! What his friggin man crush on Dan about WTH I don’t get it.

    1. No, he’s really not. HE won because production cheated for him, if you didn’t hear about that, in the POV last saturday and there is video proof too. Then tonight was fishy also.

      1. I agree…they could have definately planted those shamrocks so they were easier for him to find then the others…i totally believe production has a hand in determining who is in power every week…

  40. Even though I am a fan, the game is so boring to watch when the whole house continues to target one person week after week. If Frank doesn’t win HOH he will be right back on the block.

    1. Yes but it’s my dream (drink Simon) that Frank is out this next week and it will get a little interesting as they have to start turning on themselves.

  41. Interesting episode. Boogie went out with class, boogie style. Every Boogie hater thought he would shit on Ian once he saw the goodbye message but he gave props and respect where it’s due.

    Ashley has a serious lack of brain cells, but judging by her nomination speech, she seems to be aware she’s missing a few brain cells that would give her the capability to express her thoughts without such a delay. She was the last person that should of been evicted on a DE night. Still made me laugh though.

    Ian might have screwed himself now. He pretty showed Frank he’s against him and if Frank wins HOH, DDSB will quickly throw poor little Ian to the dogs and inform Frank that it was him that orchestrated Boogie’s demise.

    Britney’s message made me laugh, I’ll give up to her she really can make it funny once in a while.

    Gonna be an interesting week. But all you Kid Vicious haters, be careful, Frank has actually 2 chances at safety (assuming they put him on the block originally) and judging by his win/loss ratio, the odds are in his favour but who knows, right?

    PS: Why haven’t CBS security removed that tattooed girl from the house yet? Can’t they see her on the cameras?

    1. I think that Ian’s good-bye message to Boogie soothed the beast. He praised him and said that he had learned from the best. What can you say to that? Boogie went from being pissed at the beginning of the interview to tickled and proud of Ian. I am glad that that is the last thing we shall see of Mike – not the foul mouthed bully of the past week. I would hope that he issues an apology to Dan for everything and that he understands that Dan was protecting Ian.

    2. Seriously!!! What’s up with that? Maybe she only shows up on camera like a ghost? Sometimes, when the players are alone in a room and talking to themselves…she sits next to them and acts like she’s part of the conversation. Lonely tattoo ghost girl =(

  42. i aint one to say the power of veto was “staged” or “fixed” but…did anyone else notice franks 2 clovers were both up front? did anyone see where danille or joes were?

  43. Did anybody else notice that they zoomed out from Frank for five seconds then zoomed back and he was running with his shamrock? Suspicious, maybe production handed it to him, and maybe not eveyrbody had two of them… And here Frank goes crying and complaining and raging and it’s like everybody else gets past being nominated but you can’t. Grow up, production is the only ones that like you. Outside of bb you may be nice, but inside you are driving me crazy! HE claims Brit and Danielle hid behind people? He did everything Boogie wanted him to! And Brit has come in second in her first and second HOH’s, would’ve won her third but won safety instead, and then came in third tonight! She’s a great player and Danielle won an HOH and POV so he needs to stop complaining that hypocrite!

    1. I agree that Frank could very easily have been “assisted” in the POV comp — especially since he was conveniently at the end.

      1. I am sure he was assisted and would not surprise me if production did just hand it to him as you said!!! Why does BB like this horrendous creature that they have probably doomed the show for by their admitted cheating. Guess BB likes the scum of the earth more than decent people!!!!!

  44. Can’t believe he is still trying to bully the house. They had ever right to vote Ashley out. Why wouldn’t they? He has no one now. He will win hoh this week. Watch.
    I have to give Mike credit he handle Ian really good.

  45. Frank better win HOH next because it’s obvious it’s him against the whole house. love him or hate him, frank bounces back. this guy is half man/half cat. how freakin’ stupid is Ian, Joe and Jenn? they’re still drinking the DDBS kool aid.

  46. GO FRANK!!!

    If Frank makes it to the final (as it will require him to continue winning HOH or POV, considering that the entire house is now against him), he will easily go down as the greatest competitor in BB history!

    He may not have much of a social game; but he’s a beast of the highest order!

    GO FRANK!!!

  47. Now what I would like to see is Dan leave next,
    followed by Britney.

    Time to see the newbies battle it out among

  48. Nine lives yet.. Frank…why did Ian put up Frank 1st, he should of back doomed him. Then frank may had not played so hard or he may not have been picked for veto…WTF!!! NINE LIVES IM TELLING U….

  49. i wish cbs would buy off ashley to just go home. boogie then gets put on jury


    people fear frank even more. as he is then 2 votes.

  50. It’s odd but, I like both Frank and Dan, I want one of them to win the whole thing, Frank more though because he’s never one and I think so far he’s won many things and gotten out of a whole lot too without Mike he should be a better player. I wish they would make a secret alliance! No one would ever know since it’s public news that Frank hates Dan! It would be awesome.

  51. Feeds coming on shortly.. What does everyone think of tonight’s show?

    Are we going to see a complete breaking up of the alliances or are they all going to join forces and get Frank out?

    1. To be honest, I’d like to see the quack pack start separating. It’s starting to get repetitive seeing them always try to get Frank out, week after week. Hopefully he wins HOH just to shake things up and put Dan and Shane up against one another. It would torn Danielle apart. Even if Shanes wins POV, he would still have multiple other choices. Ian can be a target for a later time. Breaking up the alliance should be priority for Frank, wasting an HOH on Ian (if he wins of course) would be a waster as Ian is 5th string to his alliance.

    2. as good as frank is, the odds are against him…he has to go eventually, just taking into account the odds of being on the block so many times. his only hope is to work with shane to get rid of dan, but i don’t think danielle or brit would be up for that.

      1. What is going to happen is Frank will win the next HOH and get Pandoras Box, which will be Diamond POV…Production loves this guy for some stupid reason. He isn’t a beast, he is the one that production has chosen this season to cater to…

    3. I’d like to see Dan grow a pair, rediscover what made him great last time around, and start Chilltown 3.0 with Frank.

    4. I hope the join together and get Frank out. I can’t stand him. He is going to win just watch and see. And he is not a member of chilltown. Someone need to take that shirt of him. Dr.Will how do you feel about him wearing that t-shirt?

    5. I think just b/c of how verbally nasty Frank was last week & tonight that they’ll work to get him out then break up. I don’t think any of them want to deal with Frank & would rather he be in jury. Perhaps if he hadn’t let his emotions get the best of him & kept himself from going off on everyone he might have been able to rally a person or two, but he continued to burn those bridges so who really wants to work with him, much less try to take him to final 2.

  52. Stop whining about how Frank “has nine lives”. No, he just competes and wins competitions instead of hiding in a whole-house alliance and making Shane do all the dirty work.

    Dan, Britney, and Danielle are the most overhyped group of floaters I’ve ever seen. Dan fell off bigtime compared to how awesome he was in his season. Janelle’s been gone for weeks now, stop fighting her delusional War on Frank, grow some spines, and actually make this season interesting.

    1. If you are in an alliance you are NOT a “floater”. A “floater” is a HG who “floats” with the power never committing to anyone or any group.

  53. LOL all of u frank and boogie/ Boring BB lovers are saying that was rigged. Pathetic Team Frank all the way. SEND DDBS HOME!

  54. Did you hear the people in the stands upset that frank won. I guess a lot of live feeders go to the show because BB has been giving him some good editing

    1. From what I heard the people in the stands were angry that Frank won or else they saw what we did not see and that was production helping him to win, and it is pretty easy to win competition when production cheats or rigs them for you. That does not make him a beast it makes him a CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. they will join up to get frank out. i wish they would play for beyond that, its funny the few seconds they thought the hoh was right then, they were ALL silent, scared….it was awesome.

  56. @Simon when is the HoH and can we see it on feeds. +++ If frank survives this week i think he will mend relations and survive awhile unless everyone holds a grudge

  57. Hey I was Team IAN since the beginning but in the last few days I seen another side of him and I dont like so now I am Team Frank gotta hand it to him he pulls out a win I love a fighter GOOOOOOO Frank kick sum ass

    1. Yeah he is and now that ashley and boogie are gone maybe he can play his game after all boogie talked him out of doing the bestr game move for him at the time

    2. YOUR SON is the most vile and contemptible human being if you can call him that has walked this earth in a while. He is a vicious liar, bully, cheater and an accessory to laughing about a man wanting to sexually assault a woman. He is vulgar and disgusting and decent fathers would be ashamed and horrified not proud, and just so you know it is easy to win competitions when you cheat or other people cheat for you. You and your son are pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      1. I dare you to say that to his face…. and see how quickly he puts his foot in your face….and if you are a woman then his wife would do it

    1. So whats going on I am dying to know should
      be an interesting night if Frank wins HOH Damn Shane will be playing in this one

  58. ian made a massive mistake tonight. cocky on the live show usually = hg’s target you.

    ian showed a different ian tonight, and that will scare dan to death, as he was already worried about the kid. now hes seen him win a comp when he needed to, and is just too well liked. he is going to be sacktown’ soon

    1. Ian sucks, but hey, I guess he’ll get some quality time with his girl Ashley at the jury house soon! Don’t go away mad, Ian, just go away.

    2. Ian did make a mistake tonight. He had come public about being the brains behind eliminating Boogie and making that bold move. But what would have been more bold is if he grew some more chest hairs and back doored a Quack member such as Shane or Dan. He is still #5 in the pecking order and after Frank won POV, Ian could have shown an even more powerful side and being the mastermind behind eliminating two strong players in one night. Frank was the no brainer choice to put on block but really Ian could have set a mark in BB history tonight even more. He would have had a split 3-3 vote after the back door and then got even more satisfaction sealing the deal with the deciding vote. Quack pack will eventually crumble and this was his time to swing back the other way.

  59. Frank may get to finals but I think he will only win $50k. His little temper tantrums and sore loser attitude will hurt him in the end. It would be different if he would quit claiming to have played a clean game & crying victim though. He needs to own his a$$holiness! ;-) If he can’t help himself from crying & whining like a bit*h then just stay that way & quit being fake nice later.

    I think the Live show Boogie with an audience is his “show” personality…I think the disgusting prick we saw in the house is truly who he is. So him acting for the audience was the only way he knows how to be classy…otherwise it doesn’t come naturally. Do you guys think he’s broke from him ruining all his businesses & getting sued? Gambling addiction?

    I’m impressed with Ian, I gained a lot more respect for him tonight. Tired of hearing people bitch about him…at least he’s playing the game closer to the way it used to be played rather than all the “run to the power” shifters all the time. He had strategy, he executed, what else do you want him to do? A kid like that up against all those people (strong personalities & strong bodies) – it must have been extremely intimidating for him. When the show first started, I cringed at the thought of how everyone would chew him up & spit him out. The strong roll over the weak. He has held his own & not just by floating or flying under the radar. The kid has been playing the game!!! I am happy for him that he’s had the guts to do this…it took guts for someone like him to do what he did. Frank & Boogie thought they could control him with intimidation & it backfired. (they are so high school for real!)

    The fans that think the way Frank & Boogie play are what makes the show must not have watched the show since the beginning seasons. The bad girls club crap is getting old & ruining the show.

    1. Seriously? I’ve been watching since Season 1. Frank and Boogie have played this game the way it was meant to be played.

      1. Um, what? This may have been the dumbest comment I’ve ever read on this site! There’s no specific way to play the game. And you may like Frank, but he hasn’t played close to perfect, and he certainly hasn’t played the game “the way it was supposed to be played”. There isn’t a specific set of guidelines to follow on how to win Big Brother (though you know that if there were, AG would gladly give it to her boytoy Frank).

  60. I think Ian has game-his true alliance is still the quack pack but he is preparing and saving himself incase Frank wins this upcoming HoH.

  61. Ian: “I will work with you we have the odds.. “

    PATHETIC! So much for your “all-time BB villain” act, Ian… crawling back to Frank after you tried to scumbag him and screwed over his only ally.

  62. frank winning the pov remind of of rachel last season everytime u think u have her out she comes back again something like frank …………on tv tonight i love how frank said danille and brittney are hidding behind dan and shane franks going of on ian tonight ….. i cant wait for afterdark tonight …..britney message had me roflmao …….

  63. It looked like Ian was trying to throw the HOH competition.

    He nervously looked down at the empty house guest game

    Then he (quietly) asked Danielle if it was just the 2 of them
    and Danielle said yes.

    Then Ian gave an answer which was not even close to correct.

    But, Danielle (who says she is great at math) gave an answer
    more incorrect than Ian’s answer.

    Looks like Danielle’s attempt to throw the HOH was successful
    and that Ian’s attempt to throw it was not.

  64. Does anyone know sign language? LOL Can you translate Joe’s speech for me? I think the last part was: You’re outta’ here!

  65. Hmmm – since there’s no way they’ll do the HOH comp if it runs into AD, I’m guessing that the HOH comp will also decide the Have Nots – first ones out are have nots or some such…. Just thinking out loud!

  66. I Havent even watched the show tonight… But can we put to rest the Frank Bashing? That kid is a Beast

    1. The bashing stops when he stops being a whiny screaming bullying foul-mouthed ass. He’s the opposite of Shane….both are beasts at competitions but Shane’s a good guy, Frank’s just an asshole. Plain and simple.

      1. Shane isnt a good guy. He’s nothing but Britney’s bitch.

        Frank has been all the block this entire time. This hole season of BB was about getting Frank out and he still isn’t gone !

        Frank is a beast.

        He had every right to be upset. He thought Ian was on his side, nope. He was targeted since week one, on the block every week for no reason. They just evicted Ashley, which was a complete and utter waste being that she was a threat to no one. I wouldn’t consider Ashley franks ally, but she was just a person to keep him sane in the house; being that she wasnt an asset to him in terms of being a competitor or being smart for that matter. Two people that were on his side so to speak just left the house back to back.

        He’s completely on his own.

        Gettin Ashley out did nothing for their game & it wasn’t right. I couldn’t even believe it. Instead of backdooring a competitor, he gets out Ashley? Lmao he is such a loser for that one. What type of mastermind is he?

      2. Shane has also never had his back against the wall and Frank has been a target since Day 1 before he even offended anyone or pissed anyone off. He’s been on the block five times, more than any other two remaining HGs combined. I’d be a little sour too.

  67. Danielle or Dan needs to win tonight’s HOH.Britney&Shane make me nervous.Danielle seems as if no amount of bullying that Frank does,will make her betray Dan.

  68. dani is cryin cuz of frank sayin shes hidin of course shes lyin n sayin its cuz of the nurse thing so sik of her get her out asap

    1. So Boogie did call her out on being a nurse? I must have missed that. I never got the point of lying about that anyway. I mean, nurse or teacher, who cares? You can be just as naive nurse as a teacher. She needs some help with her self confidence so she doesn’t feel the need to lie so much

  69. Ian now has serious motivation not to send Frank out.
    Frank would shag Ashley for the whole week in the jury house!!!

  70. Is frank dumb enough to work with Ian still? Really? I mean really…….,


    I’m rooting for frank but he has to be smarter.

  71. WTF?!?! Frank is still blaming Dan to Ian?!?! I swear Dan is the reason his hair is red!!! What is with frank and Dan blaming, I’m sorry but that sh!t is getting old! Learn a new name frank….like Ian!! I thought it was funny seeing Ian thinking he threw the hoh but won it!!! Ha!!!

  72. Loving how everyone is sad or quite lol. Lame goodbye message Britney. Wouldve preferred u had danille or Shane with u in it

    1. you’re in the minority on that one because most people think it was awesome obviously you didn’t because frank’s butt buddy was on the RECEIVING end of it.

  73. I have to agree with Chilltown member, Frank just is awesome and keeps getting by, if I was in the jury even tho Frank speaks out the guy is money when it comes to saving himself. He would have my vote.

    As for Ian spilling the beans in his goodbye message was awesome, You can see Boogie was ok with what Ian did. Beat him at his own game, even tho at first you can hear Boogie say to Frank “Ian can’t be trusted” You know Boogie is gonna forget what Ian did. He learned from one of the best so Boogie has to respect Ian for that now.

    The Britney and Janelle fake chilltown call was pretty funny.

    JOE man lately he is pretty awesome, the silent speech killed me with laughter.

    Was a great night, loved how when Ian won HOH they all ran to get back in the house. I hope BBAD has the results of who won the HOH comp

  74. I wonder if BBAD will just show the aftermath of this as i think the HOH comp willl be going on at the same time as BBAD

    1. it was emotional for her? If anyone should be crying it should be Ian after all he lost his mentor and his flirtmance all within an hour…she should be kicking up a storm … now she will get all the attention ( which was what she was accusing ashley of doing)

    2. Lmao Simon. Danielle is truly dumb.
      She’s in the alliance that controls the house right now and she’s crying?
      She got who she wanted out.

      It’s Frank that should be weeping right now lol.

      What is wrong with this girl?

    3. hey Simon & Dawg, great job again tonight. this is the best place to be every night, but always the best after live eviction. no other BB fan site comes close to be this entertaining.

  75. Are you guys kidding me? Shut up about “production rigging” Frank won fair and square, he’s one of the few people left that deserve to win. Hope Frank wins HoH.

  76. Seriously, if I were Danish’s alliance I would put her up on the block just for crying tonight. They have another HOH to play that they need & this stupid bit*h is crying again. Not only does she not have her head in the game, but she’s dragging them down too! Ok sorry bout that – it’s the first time I’ve posted something bad about her even though everyone has been fed up with her for quite some time now. She is on my last nerve & tonight is the last straw!!!!! As a female, I can’t stand girls like her….she gives us all a bad name!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah it has become quite a sob-fest…. you knew what the hell you were getting into and that is to every single player in there…….
      Ian crying yet has always wanted to be in there
      Brittney crying because she was missing her husbands birthday…you knew getting into this when it was going to be taping at this time
      Danielle crying for who knows what with her , she cries for many many a reason ,
      Ashley crying for who knows what , sympathy tears with Brittney
      Jenn crying because of Ashley while starting to ream her out ( which she never really dead)
      Boogie’s Crocodile tears glad he’s gone

      Frank , Dan and Joe are the the only ones who I think can actually mentally handle the game

  77. If Ian gets evicted, his high school puberty will be complete.

    Come in as a dork
    Try to get in the popular crowd
    join the popular crowd
    turn against your friends
    kiss a girl
    start acting like a big dog
    popular crowd uses you
    popular crowd tires of you
    popular crowd ostracizes you and kicks you out
    your old friends don’t want you

    you lose your virginity (in the jury house with Ashley)

  78. All these frank haters saying boogie and him r sore losers! Look how sore losers u are haters! Get over production helping out frank conspiracy! He won pov tonight so we get another week of frank. Ian needs to start breaking up the quack pack cuz he will be out if the core four win hoh

  79. I am following you guys on Twitter now! as long as BIG Brother is on TV your guys site is always going to be viewed by me for everything Big Brother!

    Once I get more money I may just drop you some money just cause of all the hard work you guys put into this!

  80. Wow, so Frank is STILL rolling with Ian??? REALLY? Ian is proving to be an awesome player… that or Frank is proving himself to be an even bigger buffoon than I thought!

    1. lol. frank ain’t falling for that Ian BS. boogie went to Frank and told him tonight before he left to NOT TRUST IAN. Frank knows its him vs the rest of the house. Frank is playing solo now.

  81. Wow. I had to work tonight and missed the show. Watching it on DVR right now. I know the results cause I’m here. I quickly scanned to see who had posted. I have noticed someone missing. Where is Captian Wedgie? I can’t believe that your visions were false.

    You should come on and admit that you were wrong.

  82. Joe almost had a heart attack on Live tv tonight…I kinda felt bad for him…Team Powerhouse!!!–the lone wolf…

  83. All I have to say about production is they’re idiots if they keep putting in competitions that frank can win because every person in the audience screamed “NO!” when he won the POV. Well, at least boogie can see how much America hated him and frank…

    1. no matter how anyone feels about Frank and no matter how long Frank has left in the house, I give total respect to him for winning that POV tonight. I’m not a big frank fan, but I’m rooting for him to win the new HOH tonight. it’s him VS the house.

    2. @Jess. Well,atleast the audience doesn’t like him either.Why else would they scream, No!Frank situation isn’t how it was when Janelle was actually winning(production wasn’t helping Janelle win competitions,like their doing with this bully,Frank)the viewers were actually cheering her on.By the way,I was never a fan of Janelle,but I’m aware that she has a huge fan base and most viewers were happy when she kept winning.Hence the reason why she was voted America’s favorite.I want Dan or Danielle to win this HOH so bad,then one of them needs to win veto.But Frank is in a alliance with production.Lol.So,it’s starting to seem like they will never get this smelly bully evicted.

  84. I have to say Boogie LITERALLY tippin his hat to Ian was impressive. If they really can see this as a game then I applause that but it’s a rigged game. Aren’t there game show laws that protect ‘contestants’ from having an unfair advantage, such as Frank ensuring he chose who would play in the veto game????

    As for tonight, I was super stoked to see it all play out but what it really did was show Ian the quack pack has chosen Joe as their 5th member, he made it clear he wanted him out and they all voted Ashely out. Now the lines are drawn. Kudos to Boogie, his original picks, Jenn, Frank and Ian now have no choice but to band together. I always cheer for the underdog, now it’s team Boogie against Brit/Dan and their minions.

    This might turn out to be good t.v. Afterall.

  85. Does Frank actually know there is a camera and mike? We can hear you spew vile things and then act all “ooo-I’m so honest and good-Dan is the devil”! Hate to tell you but Dan makes no personal attacks-it is all you a*****e! Feel the love Frank?

  86. Everyone on here that says the comp was fixed for Frank go F$&K yourself bc Shane was another physical threat in that comp and didn’t win…and I bet you’re the same people who say the Clown Shoe comp was fixed for Jeff which he LOST

    1. actually nicki ian threw the coimp to him as he was haphazardly looking for the clover and when he saw frank running he just stopped

    2. FRANK AND BOOGIE HAVE admitted to cheating!!! IT was on youtube until BB had it removed. The whole world now knows that Frank and BOOGIE are nothing but cheaters!!! Can you not read as it has been on youtube and on all of these sites or do you not believe their own disgusting vile words!! Wake up and smell the coffee!!! Hope someone else puts it back on youtube!!

  87. OF COURSE…

    I flip over to BBAD only to find SHO 2 is “unavailable”, I only have SHO and 2 HBO channels. None of the other movie channels are working!

    Charter cable sucks!!!!!!!!!!

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